Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 13, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1895
Page 8
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Easter Kid Gloves All $1 and $1.25 Kid Gloves only 49 Cents. All $1.50 and $2 Kid Gloves only 74 Cents. GOLDEN RULE, W. D, PRATT, Trustee. A GOOD GAME OF BAIL. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Ratatl Dealers in FURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BROflDWfVY. Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phone No 99. THE FINEST LINE OF SPBING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. KROEGrER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 613 Broadway. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wftntod, Oiaap Cottages Foe Sale. Wanted tola and Acres For Sale, i •Wanted Small Parma rot Sale. Wanwi! Biwlrwss Bloelsa For?9ale.: Want*! to Exchange Farms (on City Property. WiuiM llfrolmndLia to Trade (or Farms. DDBK33 .H. .11. CtOBDOtt, Spry Block Logansport, Indiana. J. M. McKINSEY, General Firo, Life and Aooldint lasuranoe. Money to Loan in Small Amounts. 413 BROADWAY. DAILY JOURNAL ALLEGED MURDERER CAUGHT. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIR 13 NEW HARNESS SHOP. I have moved my harness and saddlery *hop to 636 Twelfth street, where I will tarn out the best; goods for the least money. 6EO, W. FOSTER, iNVHIHMTfl, D OPKKA HOWIE. B. PATTKBSON, ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tuesday April 16th Onui* Eiutar Attraction. The creator the season. Tda (harm- Ing attltta RHBfV. Supported bj W S. HART In Tbe New Magdalen. Rhe*asMetc7Merrlct Seat sal* opens Stturtaj morning »t Joon- ston's Drue euro. l3tftooTSl.75c.SOc. •biraa IWCB8, New potatoes at Rothermel's. Easter parasols—Trade Palace. Strawberries and cucumbers, at Rothermel's. Royal Ruby Wine at Johnston's drug store. Try It. Ellas Winter has the finest lino of $2 shoes in the city. Kid and fabric gloves at bargain prices—Trade Palade. Stevenson & Klinsick are showing the handsome new style shoes. Harry. Davenport is eald to be recovering from an attack of lagrrlppe. Royal Ruby Wine, the purest and best spring-tonic at Johnston's drug store. for millinery novelties direct from New York, call on Miss Jessie Cum- mlnga. George Cuppy, the professional ball pitcher, is putting up a house on Erie avenue near Fifteenth street. Robert Rankln has just completed he Interior decorations of Jacob Herz's tailoring establishment. My new style shoes and slippers have arrived. Call in and see what can be done, at Murdook's shoe store. The Easter services of the railroad Y. M. C. A. will be conducted by the lev. F. M. Huckelberry of Madison, !nd. Eaater Millinery—Go where you will we have the largest stock in the city o select from—Spry'a, Broadway and 'earl street. Mrs. Kohtz baa enlarged and made handsome Improvements In her ice ream parlor on 12th street, and in- vltea you nil. Mrs. Harry Nioodemus ol Washington township, while shopping In the • olty one day recently, lost a purse containing $9 40. The array of neckwear we show .will at once captivate and fascinate all who see It—Dawenter, the Hatter and Furnisher. Great preparations have been made for the Ninth annual ball of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, which will be given Monday night at the Broadway rink. It will pay you well when wanting life or accident insurance, to see the agent of the Travelers Insurance Co., of Hartford Conn. Don 1 ! insure until you get the Travelers rate. If you do you will miss it. They have a local agent in Logaasport, Emory Moss, the colored man, for. merly of this olty, who was recently sentenced at Marlon for two years, for an alleged conspiracy against Milton Garrlgus of Kolcomo, was taken from that place to Michigan City yesterday. The Broadway rink will be beautU tally decorated for the ninth annual ball of the B. of R. X.. which will be given Easter Monday night. Tho banquet will be served at Learners, and Steinhart's orchestra will furnish the muiio for the occasion. Daniel Keller, Smtd to be Implicate* In Ike fount Murder at Anderson, IH Taken Throng-Ii Here. Deputy sheriff Z. T. Dean of Madison county, was here over night last night and left this morning for Anderson, He bad in charge with the shackles fastened on his wrists, the much sought after and badly wanted Daniel Kelley, who has been, by a confession of a woman of the town at Anderson, implicated In the murder, July 7th of a man namad Foust. Kelley was found at Lelter'a Ford, Starke county, where he had been employed by a farmer named Poller. The Starke county authorities secured him, and be was taken to North Judson. Tbe Madison county officers were notified of the taking of Kelley and deputy Marshal Dean, who has been for fifteen days 01 the trail of Kelley, was called in from Blaokford county, and made the trip to North Judson. Thsre he found Kelley confined in the railway station, where the excited citizens had guarded him all night. There was nothing in the shape of a steel bracelet to be had In Judson, and when the Madison county man reached there the custodians of the alleged slayer of Foust beaved a deep sigh of relief and got eut from under the responsibility. Sheriff Dean shackled Kelley and afterwards placed him in the calaboose, taking the Irons off his wriata. The prisoner made a determined effort to escape, and .was in a fair way to succeed when he was again taken out and placed aboard a a train by Dean. The confession of the woman,, wbo claims she fired the shot that killsd Fouet, with Kelley's revolver, wasj'ead to the latter, and Sheriff Dean eays he cried like a child at the recital. He o'aims to be Innocent. He will be taken on to Anderson this morn, ing. TRACKED TO CONVERSE. Farmer Frank Intfle's Home, Taken From Walton, In Tracked to Converse. Marion Chronicle: Marshal R. D. Bell and Silas Morgan, of Wai ton, lad., were in Marlon last evening looking for a horse and buggy that was stolen from Walton last Monday evening, belonging to Frank Ingle. The horse and buggy was tracked as far as tbe Marlon and Delphi pike, nes.r Con. verse, at which place all trace of the vehicle w&s lost. It Is thought that he came on in this direction, but all efforts to locate the man and rig proved unavailing. John Bowers Released. John 0. Bowers baa been released from jail on his own recog« nlzance. Bowers has been charged with the theft of an overcoat at the street display outside J. D. Ferguson's clothing store. Amid Cire-AUi. Zoa-Fhora is compounded solely for diseases of women. In its sphere it a no equal. For testimonials • and advice, address H. G. Colman, Secretary of the Zoa-Phora Medicine Com- piny. Kalamazoo, Mich., or ask jour druggist. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Coulson & Co. • - Death of Mrs. £mma Fry.. Mr*. Emma Fry, wife of Solomon Fry of Jefferson, died of consumption at her home at 1:30 a. m. yesterday. The funeral will occur Sunday at 2 pr m. from the Crooked Creole Christian church. . •' ' They strolled along the broad parade, John Jones and- pretty Miss Maria. Tour teeth are awful. John, "she said; "Why don't you buy the besutlfier? See mine! How white! Yes, 'tis my wont To polish them with SOZODONT." THOUGH WE'SE FELLOWS DIDN'T MAKE A SCORE. George Cnppr Pitches Agalnat His Friend* Bad IB Supported ky the Cleveland League Players—He R«eelr«B a Uold Headed CMC— Cleveland 18, bojtananorl 0. About eight hundred cranks and others who enjoy seeing a good game of ball, were at the driving park yesterday afternoon and yelled for the borne team, nntil they piled up dark blue Easter eggs In a way to discourage and choke off all enthusiasm, and then the rooters shouted for George Cuppy, the Logansport boy who hae made a national reputation as a sclen- tlfic puzzler of all classes of batters. He showed up In excellent form, and his friends were proud of him. Mr. Cuppy was presented with a handsome gold headed cane at an Interesting point in the game, Mayor McKee making the presenta tlon remarks on behalf of fourteen of Mr. Cuppy's friends In the city. The pitcher, who has faced the wickedest hitters on the diamond without lowering his colors, was considerably overcome. He Is very proud of the gift. The first inning the Logansport team failed to score and the Clove- lands put down two marks on their aide of the card. Neither team succeeded In placing a runner in the clear in the ensuing; pair of innings, but the Cleveland sluggers improved amazingly on their work before the game ended. The Loganaport boys also did some creditable work, and tried heroically to make a showing, but without much apparent result. One local runner succeeded In plant- Ing himself on the third consecutive cushion, but he died in his tracks. Tbe boys made a much better showing than can be drawn from the bare score by innings. Their work was^auoh as to encourage their friends to believe they will play better ball this aeason than any team In this part of the State. When the game closed the score was as follows: '123450789 LoKansport 000000000— 0 Cleveland 2 0072480 »-IS Batteries: Logansport, Bebse aud Vannlco; Cleveland, Cuppy, Tfouncand Zlramer. Struck out, Beebee, I; Cuppy. 3; Young, 3. The Cleveland players went to Indianapolis from here. IMle-Yeruon. George Hlle and Mary Jane Vernon both well known young people of Jefferson township, were married Thursday at noon at the home of the bride's father. The ceremony was perforated by the Rev. Solomon Clovls of Royal.Center. A wedding- supper was enjoyed by the assembled company at the close of the ceremony. Bucklen'M Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cute bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup tlons, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price ZSJcentB per bor. For Bale by B. F. Keesling. Druggist D. E. Pryor has a novel Easter display In his store window on Broadway. To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed of Noble township, a daughter, The Days of MIRf\GLBS Have Come Again. Impossibilities become Possibilities and t e world looks on in wonder and astonishment, while we cl- our eyes to loss, and sacrifice our legitmate profits. We are unable to get possession of our new store in, time, and in order to save laboi, we will slaughter OUR ENTIRE STOCK Prior to Removal. Children's suits from 98o up Men's Cheviot suits from $5 up Children's pants, 2fic Boy's Suits, long panto, from |3 up Men and Boy's long pants, 50c Men's ribbed shirts and drawers, 35o A New Line of Hats! And caps' neckwear and gloves just received and all go at Slaughter Prices. Can you ask for a more OpportuneX)pportunity? HARRY FRANK, TO BE, SURE,. ALL THE LATESTTSTYLES IN Summer Suitings AT 4i8 Market St. An Easy Way to Clean Tan and Black Shoes. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It'wlll pay you to be particular as to whose seeds you buy. We are now in the market wi.th a full line of Landr.eth's seeds for the s'easoo of 1895, and [ wish to say to the gardeners and 'others using seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some others they are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no other seeds except those grown by Landretb. & Sous of Philadelphia our customers may rely on petting'nothing but the very best. I believe that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to tho crop, and when a person baa the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very best. We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, wo have almost the entire trade of all tbe gardeners around Logansport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more. than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line of garden tools and field seeds. Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years In tho occupation of seed growing^ George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. «rud Social B*U Given by the German Odd -Fellow* of Logansport on Easter Monday evening. April 16, 1895, at Kreuzberger Hall- Admlision CO cents. What Is there that spoils the appearance of a nice dresi or suit more than a dirty or rusty pah- 9f shoes. The way to keep them looking nice is to have Filling's artist clean them for you. No charge. Surely It is the easiest way to keep your shoes nice. We will clean your rubbers and shoes, and polish them free of charge. We keep a man who is an artist at the business, expressly for the work. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls all are welcome to free shines as often as yon want them providing you are Filling's customers. If we forget to give you a Bhine card ask for it, we assure you, you are welcome. Lnro W. PIMINO. ' 413 Broadway. , The Columbia single tube tire seems to have established a rscerd for holding air. A Toledo rider reports that his tire was pumped up in Oct., 1893, and did not need to be Inflated again natil April 14, 1694. Surely that tire knew how to hold its own. ; See samples at LING. W. FILLING'S, Shoe Honse, 412 Broadway. If yon want your lace curtains to look the same as new, send them to na for laundry] ng. A long experience in this line of work enables us to guarantee satisfaction. ' ' Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trousering* Novelties all in waiting for you to coifi and select them. If you are hard to pleaje our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. S1O BROADWAY. 429 Market St, See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases Deformities. Disease i of Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful result*. . Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Long _*,' Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased apots and cores wbem , -"• everything else falls. Call ard investigate anyway. It aorta nothing for .consultation. Drs. CMstopfter AUongenecker, AtjT&e MedicaUanfl SorglcaHlnstimte. • 417 Market St. - - Logansport. Ind.|

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