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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts • 8

North Adams, Massachusetts
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EIGHT THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT FRIDAY AFTERNOON. JUNE 17. I960 Drury High Seniors Win $65,600 in Scholarships at Class Night Run to 190 in Cap-'n-Gown 1 1 1 1 i r-'i WW 7F M- Scholarship! in tht amount of ion's scholarship committee.

$65,600, which includes grants ranging from $35 to a full four-year award of $7,600, were pre- the amount of $100. In addition, the Davis boy, who is a high honor pupil and among scholastic achievement winners, was awarded the Rensselaer '-X, ry 1 nr -v Ur'v I t--, 1 IX Polytechnic Institute Medal for aented to Drury High School aeniort at last night'i traditional Claaa Night observance, Prizes The scholarships, prizes, and memorial awards from local, county, state and national sources both public and private, excellence in mathematics and science. The latter award and the Bausch Lomb medal for honors in science was presented by Francis J. Noel, mathematics 7 IK pr, V- iiiiMd kd Lui--UiUiLJ LliL I i LJlJ LANCEDAVIS FRANCINE MANTELLO SYLYIA PIANTONI ROY ASHLEY ROBERTA HOCKRIDGE SYLVIA OAKES STEPHEN DROTTER JR. 11' i I I I 1 1 were presented to 56 seniors and department head at Drury.

Stephen Drotter Jr. Stephen J. Drotter son of Drury Principal and Mrs. Drot ter of 88 Pleasant was among 1 0" 1 fv -m, sr 1 um 1 sr the high honor students and scholastic achievements award winner, he also was presented by Mr. Noel a scroll for high achievement in a mathematics test conducted in May by the University of Massachusetts, and a certificate of excellence in scl ence and mathematics from the Future Engineers of America.

From his father young Drotter received a Student Council mm mm wzm wm tm award. He had served as vice recent graduates now in college. Presentation of the awards highlighted the annual outdoor ceremony held on the steps of Drury High School. Attending were several hundred spectators who saw the 190 soon-to-graduate seniors attired in caps and gowns for the first time this year. Following a policy inaugurated last June the amounts of the individual awards were not announced.

According to figures prepared by Miss Katherine F. Cody, guidance director, whose office was instrumental in obtaining the awards, 103 students, or 53 per cent of the class, will attend institutions of higher learning. II Per Cent to Go to Work Sixty graduates, or 11.41 per cent, will go to work; 16 (8.37 per cent) plan to enter military service; and 11 (6.29 per cent) are undecided as to future plans. Of the 103 planning higher education approximately 70 per cent will attend four-year institutions, 10 per cent junior colleges, and the remainder will enter other types of schools including nurses' training schools. Robert Benedettl, son of Mr.

and Mrs. William Benedettl of 54 Bradford senior class presi president of the student govern ment group, In addition, the Dora A. Rad io Memorial Scholarship was presented to Drotter by Edward I A I f.l i i I i 1 1 J7i i Noel, a member of the Class of 1935, and a scholarship to Am herst College by Miss Cody. The Drotter youth also was the re GEORGE LAFOUNTAIN JULIA CREEK DAVID BROTHERS MARGARET CHALMERS MARSHALL FERRIS FAITHESTEs' ROBERT BENEDETTI cipient of a Pro Merito certifi -j t--'-- -t" i cate. jr Roberta Hockerldge Roberta' Hockridge, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. W. John Hock ridge of 75 Bradley won the following awards: School Committee scholastic achievement award, high honor student citation, Pro Merito certificate, a dent, opened the program with a welcoming address followed by a scholarship from the North Adams Travel Club presented by reading of the class history by Judith LeBeau and Michele Cote. Mrs. Norman D.

Schulze, president; the Delta Kappa Gamma (national society for women in Class Ode The Class Ode, written by Cyn thia Blood, was sung by the en tire class under the direction of Walter Getchell. director of music. Following this was a read education) award; and the Carrie A. Cusning Scholarship of the Eastern Star. George LaFountain Jr.

George L. LaFountain son of Mr. -and Mrs. LaFountain of 46 Meade was the recipi ing of the class will by Linda Steinberg, Ann Caron and Susan Saunders. i jfeaasjMsAaasMisstaBssMhMawsjBwM fc.

a ent of one of four Fort Massa Young Benedettl introduced nuMAn ncoaic nAKLtiNt v-AKilNU MAKIMA IrlOMANN JAMES rOSTER MARILYN LASHER ELIZABETH PARMENTER JOHN SHERMAN -r i i iL. ij I- T--r. s- mmmmmmmmmmmirmmmmmm mmmmmmitmrmmmmimmmmmmmm Drury Principal Stephen J. Drot- ter, who presented various me morial awards, civic and frater- nal prizes and trophies. Miss chusetts Historical Society Scholarships, a School Committee scholastic achievement award, Pro Merito and high honor certificates.

In addition he won the Daughters of the American Revolution Medal for excellence in history. The LaFountain youth was named as a winner of a scholarship Cody then announced the recipi ents of the various scholarships The program closed with the of the Drury Alma Ma ter. Recipients of scholarships and to Assumption College. SylvU Oakes Sylvia Oakes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Gordon Oakes of Clarksburg, won a Fort Massachusetts Historical Society Scholarship, a Pro Merito certificate and high honor and scholastic achievement awards. Av W-'B Bf -i- 1 Tfc I a''. 1 1 ST" I Sylvia Plantonl Sylvia Piantonl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Piantoni I777.

THOMAS ZAPPULA of 330 E. Main is also among prizes were announced as follows: Franclne Mantello Miss Francine Mantello, daughter of Mrs. Martha Harvey of 227 Protection received a scholarship from Hood College in addition to a $500 per year, four-year Scholarship from the Sprague Electric presented by Robert C. Sprague, chairman of the board and treasurer of Sprague Electric Co. One of the nine high honor pupils at Drury this year, she will give the "honor essay" at Sunday's commencement exercises which corresponds to what has been the valedictorian's essay the past.

President of Pro Merito, the senior honor society, she received, with 38 other recently inducted members, a certificate of membership. Miss Mantello also was a winner of a the select nine and a school committee awards winner. In addi MAYNARD HODGDON CATHERINE DELNEGRO SALLIE GORCZAKOSKI WILLIAM WOOD LINDA KASSNER MARIANNE DUFFY tion Miss Piantoni, who is member of Pro Merito, was pre sented a Conrad H. Mausert Me morial Scholarship. Church.

Miss Thomann also received a Pro Merito certificate. Marshall Ferris Marshall Ferris, son of Mr. and The award, donated by the local lodges of the Sons and Daughters of Italy, was presented by Mrs. Samuel Spagnolo, president of the women's lodge. Through Miss JuHa Creek Julia Creek, daughter of and Mrs.

R. Glen Creek of 232 Mrs. Ferris Ferris of 23 Chestnut North received from Mrs Clarence E. Stoneham, president of Fort Massachusetts Chapter, Eleanor M. Battista, Italian teacher at Drury Miss DelNegro was presented another award for being the top ranking Italian student for two years.

The prize is sponsored by the American was the other winner of the Adams Supermarkets Inc. scholarship, awarded for the first time to Drury students this year. He is also a member of Pro Merito. Margaret Chalmers Margaret Chalmers, daughter Daughters of the American Revolution, the DAR Good Citizenship scholastic achievement award Assn. of Teachers of Italian.

A member of Pro Merito, she was also presented a scholarship from Local 523 of United Textile Workers of America by Miss certificate and a $25 defense bond. A member of Pro Merito she was also given a scholarship from the North Adams Hospital Staff Nurse's presented by Mrs. Marion Wildman, R. president, and a $100 award from the North Adams Hospital Auxili of Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Chalmers of Clarksburg received the Briggsville Parent Group scholarship presented by the organiza from the school committee. The nine honor pupils are those who have maintained an average grade of 90 per cent or better while at Drury. The program, an Innovation this year with the awarding of prizes by the school committee, replaces the traditional selection1 of a valedictorian and salutatorian. Cody. -Anne Mullen 1 tion's president, Mrs.

Daniel Rounds. She also was given a -ii 1 a Anne Marie Mullen, daughter ary, presented by Mrs. Maurice Pro Merito certificate. G. Spitzer, president of the or of Mr.

and Mrs. Leo Mullen of 155 Pleasant won the second Elizabeth Parmcnler Miss Mantello was among 16; aasMiiBsaawiSBi 1 usTimi- mrmmmmmmm "'V1- ui 1 1 1 ganization. Miss Creek, who plans Elizabeth Parmenter, daughter to attend the nursine school at place prize for two-year excel WILLIAM GODDARD DOROTHY GIUSTI ANNE MARIE MULLEN HOWARD SMITH LAURENCE ADAMS of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parmen lence in.

Italian from the Sons seniors on the school committee awards list who had a choice of receiving a bronze statuette or school blazer ter of Clarksburg, won one of and Daughters of Italy Lodges. A Pittsfield General Hospital, received from Edward M. Lamarre, president of the Drury Faculty two Future Teachers of America with the University of Massachu scholarships presented by Mr Joha R. Sherman Jr. John R.

Sherman son of Robert Benedettl leroun. one of four scholarships Stanley Spencer Stanley Spencer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spencer of Stamford, Pro Merito certificate winner, she was also recipient of a two-year scholarship given by alumnae of the Katharine Gibbs' School in Lamarre of the Drury faculty, Mr. and Mrs.

Sherman of 58'i Robert Benedettl, who holds jpresented by the faculty to stu who is the group's adviser. In ad acholarship to Middlebury Col dents who will be attending other Central was the fourth re was announced as winner of dition, -Miss Parmenter was presented a North Adams Teachers' lege, is also among the high honor pupils. In addition he is a winner of a school committee cipient of the Fort Massachusetts Historical Society scholarship series. than four-year institutions of higher education. William Goddard setts.

John Dunsmore John Dunsmore, son of. and Mrs. John S. Dunsmore of 28 Summit was awarded a scholarship to Ohio-Wesleyan but, it was announced, "-will instead attend the University of Massachusetts. In addition to the schol Boston.

William Wood William Wood, son of Mr. and Assn. scholarship by Francis Noel of the faculty. a University of Vermont scholarship in absentia. Laurence Adams Laurence Adams was the second senior to be presented a scholarship by the Independent William Goddard, son of Mrs Sallie Gorczakoskl Mrs.

William L. Wood of 35 Fol- Marianne Duffy Sallie daughter of som won the Thoreau Liter prize and a Pro Merito member ship certificate. Roy Ashley Roy Ashley, a high honor pu Marianne Duffy, daughter of ary Prize, donated anonymously Elnora Goddard of 23 Frederick St. was the recipient of the James Hunter Machine Co. award which goes to the outstanding Mr.

and Mrs. William Duffy of arship award he was a recipient Condenser Workers Union at ard Bullett of 43 Wesley an Joy Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Carter of 102 Cole Williamstown; Miss Cote, daughter of Mrs.

Valmore Cote of 41 Highland Ave.j Diane Derawayj daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Deraway of Hudson. Brook Farm; Bertina Dorst, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Stanley Dorst of 82 Galvin and Mary Lou Estes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Estes of 54 Chantilly Ave. Also Fernrdaughter of Mr.

and Mrs. of 82 Maple Margliertle. Field, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Field of 1322 Massachusetts Robert Henry, son of Mr.

and Mis. A. L. Henry of 230 State Elizabeth Laino. daughter Mrs.

Angelina Laino of Curran 139 Prospect received the to the student who displays an understanding and appreciation pil and scholastic achievement Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gorczakoskl of 133 Reed was one of three recipients of Alpha-Beta-Tri-Hi of the YMCA scholarships presented by Miss. Patricia Preridergast of the Mark Hopkins School faculty, American Legion Auxiliary Dis of a Pro Merito certificate. Norman Heggle Norman Heggie, son of Mr.

and trade school student in the graduating class. In bis absence, the trict'l scholarship from Mrs. Ig awards winner, received an Adams Super Markets Inc. scholarship, presented by School Supt of literature and for facility in written expression. He was presented the award by Miss Cody natius Jezyk and from Mr.

"'Drot award was "presented his his Robert N. Taylor. He is the son brother, Donald, by Charles the group sponsor. She was presented the Alpha award. for Miss Edna Lunney, chairman of the English department.

He ter, a Student Council award and gavel. She had served as council president. In addition, Miss Duffy of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D.

Ash McCann, directof of the North ley of 20 Montana St. A recipient Adams Trade School. is Sprague Electric Co. His award, presented by Mr. Levy, amounted to $200.

Young Adams is the son of Mrs. Helena Adams of 105 Cliff St. Dewey Caron Dewey Caron, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur of Stamford, received a University of Vermont scholarship.

Denlse Perrault Denise Perrault, daughter of Mr. also received a Pro Merito certifi cate. Dorothy Ghistl-Llnda Kassner Dorothy Giusti, daughter of Mr. was presented a Pro Merito cer- of a scholarship to Northeastern and Mrs. Loren Estes of 517 Notch won the second $100 scholarship, sponsored by the North Adams Hospital Auxiliary.

Howard Smith Howard Smith, son of Mrs. Eugene Fortin of 4 Fortin was presented two scholarships, one from the Eagles Memorial Foundation and another grant from the Veterans Administration for four years as the son of a deceased war veteran. Richard Chenail Richard Chenail, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chenail of 40 Cady St7, was the recipient of a University of Connecticut scholarship to a Pro Merito certificate.

William Vareschl Jr. William J. Vareschi also a member of Pro Merito, was announced as a winner of a Brown University scholarship. In addition the son of Mr. and Mrs.

Vareschi of 83 Cady received a School, Committee scholastic achievements award. Evelyn Netherwood Evelyn Netherwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs: John.D. Netherwood of 150 Rich a 1959 graduate of Drury who is now enrolled at North Adams State Teachers College, was presented the second 'North Adams Teachers Assn. scholarship.

I tuicate. Mrs. Norman F. Heggie of 14 Jackson was the second winner of a grant from the Bement Scholarship Foundation. Gadsby Scholarships College students who attended last night's ceremonies to receive the Dr.

H. H. Gadsby Memorial Scholarships, awarded by Mayor Louis J. Diamond were Mery presently in the U. S.

Air Force. Maynard Hodgdon Maynard Hodgdon, son of Mr and Mrs. Bruno Giusti of 145 University, he is vice president of the Pro Merito Society, and David Brothers State won the Beta award David Brothers, son of Mr. and and Mrs, Gilbert Hodgdon of 12 Meadow was presented the Mrs. Ronald Brothers of Stam while Linda Kassner, daughter of of Mrs.

C. Martin Kassner of 24 will attend the University 'Of Massachusetts. Lance Davis Lance Davis, a son of Mr. and ford, won "a $500 Sprague Ronald Alpert Ronald Alpert, also a Pro Merito member and a scholastic achievement winner, received an award to be used at the School of Pharmacy, the University of Connecticut, for four years of the Doane's Ln. and the late, Mr Kassner, received the Tri award Richard Stanton Memorial Trophy for excellence, in track and for displaying outstanding character Electric Co.

cooperative engineering scholarship presented by Mr. Ann Coughlin, a Boston Univer and Mrs. Ernest Perrault of 30 Temple was named a winner Mrs. John Davis of 184 Prospect Marilyn Lasher sity student; George Hamer, who Sprague who briefly explained both on and off the athletic field Marilyn Lasher, daughter of of a scholarship to Pierce Secretarial School in Boston. Miss Per the" history of the company's scholarship program.

five-year course. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Alpert of 230 Church St. The presentation was made by the trophy's donor, Rudolph Bene-detti.

Young Hodgdon was also Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lasher of 17 Park was presented the ii 1 1 1. ii 1 1 rault, secretary of Pro Merito, will hold a position as Mar(ha Thotnann viiiru jjrury lacuity scnoiarsnip. Highway; George Lambert, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Louis Lambert of 22 New and Stephen Light-holder of 192 Notch Rd. Alsol Judith Montgomery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Montgomery of 24 West End Jane Nissen, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. F. Victor Nissen of 173 Church Judith Pat ashnick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Patashnick of 52 Johnson Linda Steinberg, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Sydney R. Steinberg of 37 Blackinton and Diane Sut- (Concluded on Page'Nine) siortarv at lh Knrstrn FWlrip Martha Thomann, daughter of Charlene Carsno James Foster James Foster, son of Mr. and it was announced. Mr.

and Mrs. Fred Thomann of attends the University of Massachusetts, -Judith Williams, also a student at the University of Massachusetts, and Patricia Davine, who attends North' Adams State Teachers College. Absent was Robert Desnoyers, a student at Temple University. Pro Merito Certificates Others receiving 'Pro Merito certificates were Nancy Bullettj whose imposing list of arship awarded includes a $500 per year four-year Sprague" Electric Co. scholarship, presented by Mr.

Sprague; another from the Cornish Wire Co. Management-Labor School Fund, presented by Kenneth Casperson. of Cornish Wire; and yet another; from the Independent Condenser Union at Sprague's, presented by Clyde Levy, chairman of the un Charlene Carsno, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Carsno of 17 Rand received the fourth 298 Franklin was one of the fokir winners of a Drury faculty scholarship in addition to a Be- Thomas Zappula Thomas Zappula, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Zappula of Florida. recipient of a Pro Merito certificate." Catherine DelNegro Catherine DelNegro, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John DelNegro of 46 Johnson won the first place award for excellence in the study of Italian for two years.

Mrs. Daniel Foster of 103 Eagle was awarded the other Future Teachers of America scholarship in addition to one of the four Fort Massachusetts Historical Society scholarships. 1 ment Foundation Scholarship was named recipient of a General sponsored by the Western Massachusetts diocese of the. Episcopal Electric Co. apprentice scholarship conducted in cooperation daughter of Mr-, and Mrs.

Rich- and final Drury faculty scholarship. Faith Estes Faith Estes, daughter of Mr. vt If, 1 1.

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