The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1936
Page 3
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.WEPhjfiSDAY, SEPTEMBER. 1G, .1936 " (Continued Prom Page, 1) I'!? tlial he woi]|d not grant in- lervle^s to prospective applicants .(or stale'portions." He still 'maintains a political headquarters In »- local hotel where applications are being received for the jobs. - 'Meanwhile, Former ' State • Audi- to'r Osca'r Humphrey, who again »on . IhV Democratic . nomination 'for hit old position, denies that Paiil Sunimers, deputy revenue commissioner, would he immcd chief, deputy. Summers' friends say that he lias been making' ah effort to land a. Job with the Federal government, effective after Jan. 1, 1937. It was reported that lie had failed In this attempt and his friends are said to have started Ihe rumor 'that 1 he would serve under Humphreys. Advisors of Bailey confirm rumors that, a clean sweep of all stalehouse offices will be made when the attorney general moves up to the governor's post. . Following Bailey's nomination last month several state employes started mending their fences ,in brjjer to retain their present Jobs Upon, receiving encouragement Irom followers of the attorney general, at least two of the em- ployes started bragging to their .Wends about holding their Jobs under the Incoming adminlslra- llon ,- • • . ' i M !?*v V t;,' C M!'^ memb * rs of Bi >'$ awffiSe o/Gw.' J^M* f,~- trell would be retained after'next January. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Calling Jewry To New. Year Reunion or min's horn, It synagogue — by one lo spur llicm on to vir- Uie." "The tiliofnr, blown In Hie designated for (hilt purposi-— iliii 1 I"B tlie Awesome Duys. In nn- r-lPiit times, Uic liorn wns mod I'nr vnrlous roiuniiinul |>ur|x>ses, such us HIP stiimdlng of nlurm (Amos 3:0). u aill to war (Nii.lO), to [iiuimimw Uic Jubilee (Lcvll, 25:9), days of nflllcllon Uocl 2:l5i', etc. The jjre.senl, day • sy- iiiiBinsnl use of Uic i-nm's Morn servos, both n.s 11 link to Uic past, mid ulso Iwcuuso of the peculiarly piercing miles which ensue iheiefi-oin. which, according to one cruise the heiirt to O., from which he crniluntrd Mils yenr us pivsklenl of his class. In iHldlllon to his studies there ho tins also studied In Voslilvns Rnl)- tame Klclmnan, N. Y., Ycshi- vas Adiis ivnnl Israel, Clwluml, nlMi In Ihe Holy Mind from l" 11)19. <vi, m , Ul , s ,,[|- m , ( |. mui'li under the 'IMrklsli regime being exiled together with iiiiiny civilians from JnlVn lo IVlticli Tlk- vah. later to Cfar Sabbali, and tai'ii to Klclmm Vaakov. Whllii In 1'iiU'stliiL- Hnbbt Lyons witnessed iiiiii'h lliiluhig between the PAGE.THREE irul imwers and tin- iillle.s, until Plan Community Fair ..Hanila September 22 t^Arlt..—Tliere will be a ; at the Manila f:i - .on September isof the Commuh- • - -••-• ->:-,-°-jra.y* opened for dis: Plays in :coolcm£. sew'ing, canning, : fancy work nnd antiques. The • .yard will 'contain displays of farm .produce, •• poultry and live'stock. Tliere will be a baby health show •the. same. day. . All babies from one to, six years may ccmpeto. i Tlie judges have been chosen : from Jonesboro and Blytheville. This .fair, the first of its kind , to be held 'in Manila, is sponsored by'the 4-H Club, the Wo The .shrill blasts of the "shofar," or rain's horn, will resound 1 Ihrough the synagogs and temples of 15,000,000 'Jews throughout the world tonight when ihey reunite for the beginning of iheir .nnual ten-day period of atonement. II will be nosh Hashnnah, the Jewish New Year cf 5698, culminating on Sept. 2G with Yom Kippiir, the Day of Atonement, when the Jews fast, and pray for absolution'' of.their sins. A major feature of these holy clays will be the annual call for a strong, united Jewry, by means of the "shofar," as shown lere. Only the pure and sinless, as exemplified by the patriarcli above, may put his lips lo this symbolic bugle. ... , , . Temple Services Tonight Will Open Observance of Holidays man's Honie Demonstration ami the Recreational club. club for Disturbance Herpian... Jewell was . fined $10 and tiven a in dai jiil sentenc if>r distillling the pence bj Municipal roiht Judge Do.,le Hend trson t]ils morning file 1 jail sentence was suspend ed pending good behavior t lorest tut War Goes On AVASHlNGtON. (.UP)—Contract's for tii« purchase of •'Oil trucks |4'0 tractors 133 lookout towers to be erected in timber areas for fire protection, and more than 400 oilier items of heavy equipment and machinery needed In the con duct of the Civilian Conservation Corps work programs have beei awarded since July i The Editor's Letter Box SMS Communism Cominj (To,.the. Editor:). Well, Mr. Editor, all the W slates favor teaching; the facts about. Communism as well 'as olher forms of government in-the schools. The nation-wide vole In favor of this teaching is 62 per cent; to 38 per-'cent. ' NQW : if the people want to know about •' Communism I would be ' glad lo tell them. Christ said-'to '.the : rich mavi, :"Sell all that. .th'ou . hast • and distribute unto the poor jrid thou shalt have a treasure iri heaven" -(Luke 18:22).. Christ was a Communist and'no person could get to hea- ,Yen without, being n Communist he knew what it was. Cpni- u. - means . dividing up ol ,.,.,. but' most all tlie so- called religions .Ignore this. Tlu • fault is not In God, the fault is • in the ignorance of the • iieople— and fear'to-face'the truth 1 . : But yet, the people are going to, wake up. • late in life to the fact that the devil is ruling the earth. Communism has .got lo come and it's going to come, but ye are not going to have it In the United States as it Is applied In Russia. Russia has. got the best government in the World If, Ihe nders would only get rid of. that Infidellsm. Oh, that awful Russia. ; ; '•'.''. '• -. ; A. J. Maim, ''.•v'.". (I ?om a Hollow Log) PARTS * SERVICE DEPT. NOW OPEN UNTIL 9 P. M. Repairs for all Can and Tracks Washing - Grtaslnj Wr«*« Serrkt Phone (33 TQM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO . commentator, I mil bio In . '•'I'll* blowing of tlio trumpet likewise recalls for us Clod's testing of Abrtilimn'.? fnitli, with reference to the sncriUce of Lsnnc, ns rmrmled In Clencsls 22. the .substitution of the divinely ordnlnccl nun, nnd of Clod's covenant with Ihc patriarch conecrnltii; his offspring. IR. II. iu, Lcvlt. Knbbnh 25. J'esiktnh. (l)nch, II.))." '-The sliofiir is blown ihrtn limes dnrlni; (he service.';; the first being culled Mnlclikn (recognizing Ciaa as the Crcntor of the universe); the second Is Zlehronos ircmcmberinij that Clod Is uoth Kiny u ml Judge, nnd Ills promise lo the patriarchs concerning their offspring); nnd, ihially, shofros 'trumpets,- to call God to remembrance concerning 'the theo- pliany at Ml. Sinai which was lieralded with trumpets (Ex. 19)." Rabbi Lyons is jjlimning special services for other Jewish holidays. He hns been given wticular Irnming for these services at the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, ll»> IOIKJIICM of Palestine by Oei. Alli-nby. dlslng firm for Iho benefit of first year students distinguished for "high wholnvslilp nnd intr-nsp In- fnrm life." Another Missouri winner \\MS lllnson. Blkeston, \t\ soiilhoasl lliuclil c. Keiser Sudents Enroll in Schools and Colleges Ark.—Ben Moo'iv, vnl- cdldci Ian uf • year's Kulsi'i- high fchuol tjiiitl'iuillnti class, K'ft Tliursdiiy moinhin for Hiyette- n freshman nt tlie University of Arknnsns last ycnr, has entered UruiiKhoti's Business college at Memphis. Frwl Robinson has left for rilversldo Mllllary academy, Onlnesvllle, On. Henry Bradford, accompanied by his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. .11. o. nriulford. of the Hiitchi-r community, went to Memphis lusl TiiiMdny to Join ti 'group of Ktudonls frgm the Tri-Stnlfs who were going by lary academy, Gulfpprt, Mta. Henry won a partial scholarship al the academy In a lecent contest conducted by the Conlmeiclal Appeal. , , V , KU1 " K 'tf "CCT. The lusks of.old elcnlwi special ^ialii to ciulfenasl mueh wear from digging Ucphauls use their tasks more In the manner of tools than of weapons. They tisfi llicm for digging up roots, and In conjunction with the litinft, In breaking dov,n tices. The lusks of, old elcplwnt.s mlng nl will- .sliuly .. Unlvci-slly of Ar fiornersville Youth • Scliolarsliip Winner rrn UMHIA, MO. — IMSSOII M' Wllklns. llornersvlllc, is one uf 2'J In-lmii-n In UK: University t,( Ml.'.-ouil wiio will rrrvlvi! SIS per ccMouc; mr.iiih for ihr- cnlhc scliool year irtirw «' Ijlfl of S3.750 lo the oam prl ty hy a national inerchan-i Maraiierltc Others. of the iU3(i airidiuitlnij class svho are nolng uwny ID M'liool lire: Virginia Hcliols, Dyi'ss, who linn onrollHl HI Arku'usas Jrlale cdlle^i 1 . Jonc.sbciro; Hnrj-y Hull, snlulator Inn, C'lillllcotho liuMni'.-.s (!o!li'yi>, Olillllcolhc, Mo.; Olcnn Jellries. who will study for the ministry nl l-'iwcl-llHidemuii O. c. anil ovcllsi Miir- Johii Urown iinlvi'rslty, "i|n-IH3.s, Ark, We Pay Cash For 2nd Hand Furniture 'Phone in.'tl Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Nottr GoiT .Hotel The.'Jewish people of this section will have a'special service at Temple Israel -tonight in observance . of Rosh Hashanah first :of the Jewish high holidays, which begins at sunset tonight, It Has been announced by Rabbi Maurice Lyons. ' : Rosh Hashanah. or the Feast of Trumpets, marks the first day of the Jewish .year. It falls on the first day of the ; month of Tishri. in: accordance with rabbinic interpretation of Levit. 23:24. which speaks of the memorial of 'BlowinjC, trumpets and Numb 29 1 whicli speaks of a_ dij of .the .blowing .of..the'.horn. * Rosh ' Hashanah iiihors In for the Jew the Yomim Noraim (Awe some Da>s) which end ten days lalei with the fast of Yom Kip pel <DIJ of Atonement) In ekplammg the Jewish hoi! days and their significance Ribbl Ljons said According lo the Talmud (Rosh Hash a nib 1 2 I6b) {he first ol Tisbn wis regarded as the be ginning of creation and as a dn> of judgment al which lime all mortals pass in judgment before the thionc of justice even n sheep pass nuclei the shepherd rod. Says Rabbi Jochanan. 'Three books are" o'pened on Rosh Hashanah: one for the completely wicked one for the perfectly rightf ons ind one for the middle class The perfecllj iighleous ire inscribed and sealed for eternal life; the completely wicked are WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- M&kttkt-' *ST.CHARLES home Tistefully furnished rooms Beautyrest mattresses Simmons beds - Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights ".' Well lighted bathrpoms These comforts ar* yours whether you occupy an expensive mite of a mmimum priced roohi. And the same friendly and efficient service toes to EVERY guest. Olnctttn' DINKLER HOTELS CO. • ' " ItlCORPORATEO ' ' CMLINC DINKLER ' fRtSIDEMT AHO GENERAL HKHAGIH : 'The Husky ATLANTA Hie $t Charles NEW ORLEANS tl» Savannah SAVANNAH • ThtTntwIer IIRMINCHAM fefftrtM Dam'MbNTcoMEur NASHVILLE inscribed and sealed for eternal perdition.' However, with reference to the middle class, judgment of them Is suspended during the' Ten Days, of Repentance Interim I between Rosh Hashanah and the fast day Yom Klppur (Dny of Atonement). Tills year Yom • Kip-1 pur begins on Friday, Sepl. 25,' and continues 24 hours in order p tot ,f BcJ ii iW M*»TR| Riria' ti Cf The ][¥«r ihould pour out (wo poundi of iquiil btte Into your bowels daily. If this bll* (• not flowinK f rpely. your food itoeAii't dikut H Ju*til«c«yi In the bowelg. On bro«lB up your Btointch. You net coniiipitml Your whole iya(ern 1« polsonH «nd you fMl taut. •unV «nd th« world loolti punk. I^xalives ire only mmkeshlftj. A rn«m bowel niave merit doesn't E et«t the cau»e. It I?,,**. ««•« inwd. old Carter's I.Utlr Liver nils to eel these two poumUofbLJ* flowing freely rnrid mEkeyouf«?el upan.lun" Harni- test f B«ntlt. j-el .amulnyfii nuking bile flow freely. Asl< for Carter's LUtl« Liv« i'lilibr nime. SluLibornl/ refui* «.,ythmg »!»*. 2£c. TEHKY ABSTRACT & •UBAI/rY GO. 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