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and fellow workers drive her BROOKLYN EAGLE, MON OCT. 16, 1950 6 frantic and, half unbalanced, she refuses her fiance's offer of immediate marriage and runs away from noma. Screenings in 9 On a California orange ranch. Mala Powers In 'Outrage' Mala Powers, latest film discovery, will be seen on threw Broadway screens this Fall. The.

19-year-oid find of Ida Lupino surs In Filmakers' "Outrane." to which she finds her way. she gets a job, and meets a young clergyman who takes an Inter- in ner. Knowing mat sne running away from some thing. When, at a ranch party. 'Walk Softly, 'Outrage' Latest New Pictures to Arrive released by RKO Radio and one of the workers attempts klss her, she nearly brains him with a tire wrench.

Her "Walk Softly, Stranger." the new RKO Radio picture at Two Openings on Broadway, On in Brooklyn This Week story comes out in the ensuing the Globe Theater, which teams Joseph Cotten and Vain, who played together so successfully in "The Third Man," is a story of a gambler and hold-up man who reforms when he falls row at the Criterion Theater. She plays the sweetheart of Farley Granger In Samuel Gold-wyn's "Edge of Doom," now in Its 11th week at the Astor Theater. And she portrays Roxanne in Stanley Kramer's "Cyrano de Bergerac." coming to the Bijou Theater early in Novem- brush with the law, and the clergyman persuades the authorities to release her, and Three new productions arrive this week and all three of i hem shape up as pretty substantial prospects John Steinbeck's Burning Light," Bernard Shaw-in-the-round, the occasion being Arms and the Man." and a new musical drama that will open in love with a crippled girl. talks the girl into returning toJ1 limWiiil ner nome ana nance. The film offers 81 minutes of suspense, since, in addition to in Brooklyn before settling' The first part of the picture CE in New York, which the moments of tense action, there is, until the very end, a is the exciting part, ana mere MIg Lupin0i wno directed are fearful moments as the -outrage picked Miss Powers her that he had just become a grandpa and that she waa his first passenger since he received the news.

That, according to the doubt in the audience's mlndi upertmous Mr. 1evy, meant that the gambler really is try-Inn to reform. sulks the helpless girl. With the meeting with the clergyman, the film takes on a different aualitv. as he tries to that the passenger's next venture would be a success.

Cotten, as the gambler, intent on lying low In a small town, flips a coin to decide where it rton will know If he give her a new philosophy of her as an actress of consider-; able resource. Tod Andrews is-fine as the clergyman, and there are good performances by Robert Clarke, as the fiance; lite, and to make ner km uhi 11 be. and turn- in she can't run away forever, but has to stop and solve her own At the Criterion nVo Kedle. lml4 br lee Leelee end figured correctly when sh-e reads the drama pages next Wednesday, the 25th. "Mrs.

Warren's Profession," co-starring Estelle Winwood and John Loder, opens at the Bleecker Ohio, telling the sentimental widow from whom he rents a room that it is his boyhood proDiems. home. Lillian Hamilton and Raymond Bond, as the girl's parents; Rita Lupino, Kenneth Patterson and Angela Clarke. Valli plays the daughter ofl the girl, and her performance Id this difficult portrayal marks St. Playhouse on the 24th.

Mel, Fnwan Free Rodeo the local tycoon, a shoe factory owner. She is a cripple, having Mams mi square Garden will been hurt in a skiing accident. "MY BLUE HEAVEN," Technicolor musical starring Betty Grable and Dan Dailey, opens Wednesday at the Albee, with "Sierra," be turned over to 15.000 under in persona marks the first time this sort pre-Broadway event has happened in the borough in years. The week's premieres begin tomorrow night at the Flatbush Theater with "The Barrier," co-starring the Metropolitan Opera's Lawrence Tibbett and Muriel Rahn, who scored In the title role of "Carman Jones." The musical drama has a libretto by Langston Hughes and a score by Jan Meyerowitz and was adapted from Mr. Hughes' Broadway hit of 15 years ago, "Mulatto." For the week's engagement at the Flatbush, the orchestra will be conducted by Dr.

Herbert Zipper, conductor of the Brooklyn Symphony. Steinbeck Drama "Burning Bright," produced by Rodgers and Hammerstein, will open Wednesday night at the Broadhurst Theater. The four-character cast, directed by Guthrie McClintic, stars Kent Smith, Barbara Bel Geddes and Howard da Silva and features Martin Brooks. The out-of-town rotices all agreed that the Steinbeck work is an unusual drama. 'M p.twnli RAY Feeling left out of tnings witn i UNA TURNER her own crowd, she is quick to privileged small-fry today for a special free performance of the silver jubilee rodeo.

No tickets would have been sold for to MILL AN ANDY RUSSEtl JERRY jCOLONNA RICHARD HIMBER Anne Baxter Dressy In 'All About Eve' Life of Her Own' respond to cotten attentions, and when he takes a job in the father's shoe factory, a lowly one In preference to a good position, both father and daughter 'Dark City' Tells Fantastic Story day's affair, the entire audience nsisting of orphaned, criopled Mrt. Miller Lot Ft' Breeder Office Worker Jojre McClaskey Anne Baxter, whose film roles i capitoi Of Underworld impressed. One last holdup is Cotten's The dramatic story of the op or otherwise handicapped youngsters invited by Gen. John Reed Kilpatrick, president of the Garden; Gene Autry, star of the rodeo, and Everett E. Col-burn, Its managing director.

The rodeo continues at the Garden through next Sunday undoing. With an old pal, he hijacks the collections of a bin time gambler, played by eration of today's underworld is the background for "Dark usually call for just any old clothes, gets the glamour treatment in Darryl F. Zanuck's "All About Eve," the new 20th Century-Fox satiric comedy in which she is co-starred with Bette Davis, George Sanders and Celeste Holm. The film is at the Roxy. MGMS TfCHNKOtOet MUSICAL HfSTA KATHtYN MARK) DAVID GRAYSON LANZA NIVEN THE TOAST Or NEW ORLEANS U' 4 LOWS eVOOOUORrTlOM Ida Lupino, film star turned City," the romantic melodrama Howard Petrie, and makes off producer, has a new film, called with $100,000.

Petrie tracks Cot wnien opens at tne in. x. paramount Theater Wednesday. A Outrage, on view at the cri ten down. Lotten has told valli terion Theater.

As in "Not Hal Wallis production, "Dark City" exposes the fantastic net- he loves her, and confessed everything to her. Then Petrie's nigni, tne na, wnn matinees on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Wanted." in which she dealt In "All About Eve" Miss Bax-r. as an aspiring young ac Work of crime behind gambling with unwed motherhood, Miss men catch up with him. M-G-M' Gj J-tialHlffJJLflg Musical1 FRED RED HV Him tress, wears no less than 28 dif anri oookie operations.

Lupino here has another un Wild excitement takes over In addition to "The Grapes of Wrath" and several other fine rovels, Mr. Steinbeck will be lecalled as the author of two ferent costume? all verv chic Spencer Tracy Set usual subject for a movie. 1 Charlton Heston, who makes at this point, and Cotten, in a and some designed to off, ASTAIRE SKELTON ELLEN AHL three untfiiivtwigSgl rage" tells a story of rape, its his -'TM) debut in "Dark City," Spencer Tracy has been set bold move, manages to come out alive, ready to pay for his "11 1 tin- m. for the first time, the Baxter figure. EE Vg smtT jffi BROADWAY superior theater pieces, "Of Mice and Men" and "The Moon Is Down." and suggests a new method of promising actors of the 1950 sea- crimes, in the lawful way.

'GET HAPPY' MUSICAL I hope for his romance 1 procedure which mignt it hers starred are L.isa- results for all con with Valli too, as tne picture iff! Judv Gene for the starring role in a baseball comedy, "Angles in the Outfield," at M-G-M. The picture will be produced and directed by Clarence Brown from a screen play by Dorothy Kings-ley and George Wells, based on Jo Mielziner took care of the rets and lighting for the pro 'Leathernecks' Robert Ryan will star in "Flying Leathernecks," first Holly beth Scott, Viveca Lindfors, Dean Jagger and Don DeFore. William Dieterle directed. enos. cerned, even the psychopathic criminal involved.

Besides the two princi The Paramount Theater will duction and Aline Bernstein designed the costumes. Four-Sided Shaw wood feature to use actual scenes of the present Korean conflict, it is announced by Ed- an original story by Father R. present in person Morey Amsterdam, the new comedy sensa Mala Powers, who has been seen before but is still a "new" face to moviegoers, plays the. unfortunate girl. Working late at her firm's office in a lonely who handle their roles with a skill that makes their story fascinating, the picture has the advantage of such players as Spring Byington, as Cotten's urady.

tion; Richard Hayes, singing Gr.unu'er, wb is it. (dur "Arms and the Man," opening Thursday night at the Hotel Edison's play-room, co-stars ing it for RKO Radio. MOVIE TIME TABLE star of Songs for Sale Dick and Dot Remy, America's No. 1 Eddie BRACKEN Gloria Da HAVEN kind landlady; Paul Stewart, an is cun ntiv on the na I Francis Lederer and Sam Wan- Cotton holdup partner; tion's screens as star of this saxophonist; Charlie Venture and his orchestra featuring section of the city, she is attacked on the way home. The shock and, later, the notice she attracts from among neighbors amaker but not in the roles you'd probably expect.

The Jack Paar, Jeff Donnell and studios "Born To Be Bad, "Flying Leathernecks" ALBKR 'MDar Very OWA," J. -5. FOX "Between Midnight and Dawn," 11:27, 2.38, 5:49, '9. "New Sounds in Music," and. as John Mclntire.

ivut will be scon as the prac an added attraction, Jama Paige, be directed bv Nicholas Ray tical-minded soldier of fortune Broderck CR AWFORD tjjjjJjk BAY RIDGE lARIARA STANWYCK BREVOORT THE FURIES' ep! lovely Hollywood singing star, and will come to the screen In and uanamaker as the roman IV tnr.c..! It with witn jerry i arr at tne piano. Jack Lait Jr. is on vacation. His Hollywood column will be resumed about No. ticizing Bulgarian.

Also in the hitherto unpublicized phase of cast are Lee Grant, the fine il 1 1, pr.i an young actress, who made "GOING PLACES?" PHONE MA. 4200 FOR IDEAS A.M.-5 P.M. quence which brings the action vivid impression as the shoplifter in "Detective Storv" and up to the present moment. ASTOR "Ed re of Doom," 10:15. 12:07, scored another personal hit in' last year's "All You Need Is One Good Josephine Brown, Anne Jackson, Will Ku-luva and Fred Stewart.

First George Kelly, with "The tickets on SALE BEFORE next Shakespeare: "lulius Caesar," then Menotti's Itmn- reajore blind. '9, 11:12,1 "The Medium" and "The Tele phone, and now one of Ber EACH SHOW! mWwKK I A SSraSr STOCK" bV mJf yi0f2tl'm H'uHWwAf, aw. 0nd "CAWOO TO CAPETOWN" PPT "HftfeHllmftAt AVAION CECILEAUBREY TYRONE POWER Mb tiflSmlL milU BLACK ROSE" EJIrftTJ-. MARINE K.n.b"J!iAr. "the threat" MUSIC HALL "The Glaee Mensrrrir," I 9tel.VVI.BV EVERYONE ASSURED A SEAT FOR nard Shaw's most delightful comedies, it's a rich, well varied bill of fare young producers David Heilweil and Derrick Lynn-Thomas are serving at their theater-in-the-round at the is10' 11:241 3:36, I Hp H-Mttl IMtt'lUHft I We.Vy20,612:02.

2:03, S-U Km-Wi. viBiAlprt iViatfisisa! KM Arena. Nice Superstition MFB WmmimZJ "THE AJB PATIO, St K. T.e..rr..-CM.M:-: Hr BR VOSTRAND K.e,.M,.Nolt'4A. TIGERS' and "FIGHTING SEABBES' jfmK'C brook, -A-na, A- prices-henry MAYFAIR.A...

I.I. BROKEN ARROW and BI N. I MSgjP E1JH. Avenue et Ee.t 17th THERE'S A GIRL IN MY HEART'; 'SIDESHOW Louisa Horton, who will be seen shortly in the Shaw comedy, "Mrs. Warren's Profession," is hoping the supersti tions of cab drivers at least ofl one cabbie hold true.

Several nights ago the young actress was in Brooklyn and entered the taxi of a Flatbush BIO SHOWS I Plus a wonderful Stag and let Show I BAT" NOW'-FIRST FU A A I 19 Knmem Avenue and 93rd Street BEG WED': The" ItASMoJ PARK. 44th Street and Flfttl Aye. MARLON BRANDOTU IF IIJIE'klF BERKSHIRE. 60th St Md MA Ae. 4 FRANKIE LAINE "WHEN YOU'RE SMILING" '11 G5S3 TOI.1SH 52nd St.

FAME! 'KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE' "RETURN OF THE FRONTIERSMAN" (TechnicolorV LeeeMfm.liil-l-ll.lM AjjQjAB MW VktG IBM SCREWS TODW '15 MW aiC TIMU'-WolfrV. Stanley. Ath nation Tokyo; RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL Showploc ef Hi Nation Rockefeller Center JaSLS.MAYfAIR! LISA WRK rJwJa BENSONHURST I St. BE. 6-JI3I The Ape; also Revrnie of the Zombiee Utretht Story of G.I.

Joe; also Jackie Bflbineon Story BOROUGH HALL AND DOWNTOWN "Picture of fht) montn''-i(EOOOK JANE WYMAN KIRK DOUGLAS nnnmumun ZgWMI MW GERTRUDE LAWRENCE ARTHUR KENNEDY jrigwofAi7Ai Htunwt inrra im li THE GLASS MENAGERIE" ST. GEORGE iSg," Broken Arrow; alio Bunco Squad TItoIL Fulton St TR. V-7197." Abtnitt u7 Ctt' ethe' Original A TenMstw Wllllimt STAGE PLAY8 STAGE PLAYS HENRY FONDA A New Comedy LOUIS VERNKUIL with Pul STEWART nimiu "i-W tSSSSSSl. WiDI" HARRICAN Dick VAN PATTEN St ef Clr I "mm AtVIW. W.

St :3. W.U Set. EXCTINO, IMPUDENT Rai ltfi T'rpADicPARD0N0UR FRENCH ftLLt I 3 ae ARIi wWt demise parcel CARMEN A ucoaUE Men.) olio other ballet, tint time tn America 1 Mu.get.2 .1 1 Sff.oVn;il.,) Mati. TODAY, Tom'w Wed.

L.I.,. present, Je" ARTHUR Bori, KARL0FF ETHEL MERMAN PAN PALL ME MADAM MmieitLirici by Leonard Bernstein lbMjvlSERLIN 14 Ricba'rdWHbTFnTKE IN THE SUN A New Comedy by WOLCOTT GIBBS I "Mill Ennikrlnai ileryte the C0BT Thetre, 48lh St. Et of B'war EDITH EVANS 40 Mt- wed, a sat. cecil parker mary martin Daphne laureola ray middleton 1MUMA5 MITLHELL majestic th st. West of Death of a salesman 'ZJZZZZZJZ Rt wm.V ffi THE COCKTAIL PARTY 1 by T.

8. ELIOT "Cerol Chennlm', Lorelei Lee li the HENRY MII.I.i-R S. 43 St. .1 BR 9-3970 tlribllloui eomlc creation of this Em. SHARP.

Men. THURS. A SAT. 2:35 RATHB0NE TAYLOR GI0C0NDA SMILE 1 by ALDOUS HUXLEY ANNE JEFFREYS george RELPH Kiss me, a m': Afu.i. 4, tfrtN bv cole PORTER Luxurious Humor! woT-tVu The happy time Lyu.

at 8:30. Mats. WED. SAT. at :80 PLYMOUTH Thee.

45 St. West of B'way LEGENroFsARAH 1IrP (MICHAEL TODD'S RJMjf nt peepshow hiili SU4ti OJ HAflSAHD SHORT II.20.4.M. Mati. 8WED. SAT.

2:30 lt.10-9.S0 SaUN" BRIGHTON BEACH ton Siarh SL Down to Earth; alao My Girl Ti BROWNSVIIXE a Hitklnnn Mad Emperor of Russia; They Met in Moscow BISHWICK mWWwwnw LATE FILM OPENS I ON THE GREAT STAGE "SKETCH BOOK'-lo Willi I II Kill ill hell im r.V with Itock.ttM, Corpi Ballet, Singing "QaJ5J RATING" dliw nSmtlml I HO The Titer FLATBL'SH FAIRBANKS, Jr.SlBBL 7 enyecT DmiitUnDl. 5 iohns FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT! Howard Barnes, Herald Tribune VOGUE IZITWIZA. Charlie Cha'plin in City Liglits EAST FLATBL'SH HAWKINS Mflj-Jw! iBWrSWl. '5 Aipmrwo iirl In My KINGS HIGHWAY SARAH VAUGHAM rl Flatbui PABK iniiiiti.inEdAvwiuTmHi maaaoBwaBkwtmita inoi. mi.

i-rnr MINERVA "nd The Secret Fury; alio Wagonmaiter I syins oSJTi'n storm I tr? 55f 7fUUYr SANDERS Island; So Proudly We Hail: I-aimtn MIDNIGHT artDAWNj -Th FUUIR IIUIH "iniWWrilTTriHillll r- SECTION Aeenne C. Annae II 1 E. ifth St. The Men; also When You're Smlllnc RIDGEWOOD wfiffl! irVitl'e? 8lbM kLo1" Smlf'nGallant Be SHEEPSHEAD BAY JILLDWYN Resents am AtarrMf DANA ANCStHJJ f4 FARLEY the Men; alio When You're Smilinf- I CTK H)A EVANS th St. A Stb Mary Ryan, Detective; alao Blonoie's Secret VALLEY STREAM.

L. lArlSNOwS AfTdT rjears.

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