The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 13, 1945 · Page 1
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 1

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1945
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1st and 3d in Artillery Range of Leipzig As Simpson Forces Sweep on Berlin BROOKLYN EAGLE LATE NEWS WEATHER Fair, mild tonight; cloudy, warm tomorrow. 104th YEAR No. 100 DAILY AND SUNDAY The Brooklyn Eagle. BROOKLYN, N. Y., FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1945 3 CENTS NATION IN MOURNING TWO ARMIES IN GUN RANGE OF LEIPZIG Simpson Spearheads Roll Toward Berlin; Early Capture Hinted By BOYD LEWIS Paris, April 13 (U.R American flying columns were reported rolling across the Berlin plain within 49 and per- Truman Sworn, Pledges War to a Finish REDS FIGHT WITH 3D With IT. S. 3d Army in Germany, April IS (UP) Red Army troops went into action alongside American doughboys for the first time today when some 20,000 Russian soldiers broke out of a prisoner-of-war ramp near Weimar. The Russians overpowered their (Hards, seized German weapons and established a contact with Todav they are fighting alongside units of the 3d Army's 4th Armored Division. haps 16 miles of the wrecked German capital today, and alarmed German spokesmen gaid other Yank forces were storming the Elbe River 61 miles northwest of the capital. To the south, two other American armies the 1st and 3d smashed nearly two-thirds of the way across Ger many to within heavy artillery range of Leipzig, transporta tion bottleneck through which Nazi troops were rushing south for Adolf Hitler's Alpine redoubt. First Army tanks were 16 miles or1 less southwest of Lemzm Third Army forces were 17 miles from Leipzig and 70 nulc.s Horn Hresde To the north, the 9th Army 'a (Hell on Wheels Armored Divisi was rolling across the Berlin pit F.D.Rs Body En Route to Washington Today for 4 P.M. Service Tomorrow; Burial at Estate in Hyde Park By MERRIMAN SMITH Warm Borinss. Ga . April 13 (U.P Franklin D. Roosevelt leaves at 11 a.m. today on his last journey to the White House. His body rests in a copper-lined, mahogany casket. Four service men stood watch as a guard of honor over him as the special train that brought him here was prepared for the sad return. The train will make a slow run to Washington. It is scheduled to arrive in the capital's Union Station at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Mrs. Roosevelt, bearing her sorrow bravely, flew here to make the journey back to Washington. The President died at 4:35 p.m. yesterday of a cerebral hemorrhage that struck him 2'i hours earlier. Death came to him in a small bedroom of "the Little White House" at the Warm Springs Foundation, his "other home." He was 63. Funeral services will be held in the East Room of the White House at 4 p.m. tomorrow. At 10 p.m. the same day, the funeral party will leave Washington by train for the ancestral Roosevelt estate on the Hudson at Hyde Park. It will arrive there at 9 a.m. Sunday. The President will be buried at 10 a.m. Sunday in the sunlit, garden between his Hyde Park home and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library a garden bordered by a hemlock hedge and a profusion of rose bushes. Warm Springs Processioi Those who arranged f parture here made certain thai ihe other family members at the ( patients at Warm springs like him irf,.s w,;i include Col. and victims of infant lie paralvsis would ,j;1m(,., Roosevelt and Brie. Gen. have a chance to say goodby to the Mlv Kliioti Roosevelt. Elliott is i man who was their champion and illg jrom Europe. ed it the recession ! Army, Navy, Marine Guard to the train would drive Mowlv patl Until the bnria Georgia Hall, the main building of'b(Xi, the foundation and the first place, the President always went when he 5 came here. The patients will behste lined up in their wheelchairs. Mr. Roosevelt ailing health for 'Comm. Franklin Jr., e guarded 2' I posted at each of I will 1 t he v Continued ( Page I weakness. The first foreshadowing 1 Planllpd of death came at about 2 p.m. U p. Brooklyn time) yesterday. Last Words He Spoke in ret:':;, vas the only guard of honor for the President to lie in state Washington. White Secretary Step! ho accompa Inauguration Third Held in White House Washington, April 12 U.R President Harry S. Truman's inaugura tion was the third in the White I House. The first was in 1877, when Rutherford B. Hayes took his oth a: successor to Ulysses S. Grant. Sixty- eight years elapsed until President Roosevelt took his fourth term oath in the historic presidential residence. Hayes took his oath in the Red " Room, Mr. Roosevelt on the South Portico and Mr. Truman in the Cabinet Meeting Room. The President suddenlv pin lv.s Roosevelt here (rem Washington, and to the back of his head and said she bore her grief "very nobly iiri he had "a. tern ir headache m lad. she Thev were the last words he ever Shortly after she reached the fainted a few minutes Lmle White House Mrs. Roosevelt later and never regained conscious- i Tf'ter the services in the White Continued on Page 4 :lude t heads of Gov- But Work Goes On neies. a group of Re pre-1 Rear Admiral Preelftnd A. Daubin. sentatives and Senators. Supreme commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Court Justices, members of the 'Yard, has announced all flags In family, and some of the President's the Navy Yard and all institutions close friends. connected with the yard, including summoned to Washington. Two sons mast today. Production for the funeral Lt. John and Lt. ever. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 31st President of the United States Jan. 30, 1882 April 12, 1945 Orders 30-Day Mourning, by Europe A. E. F. Pari?, April 13 fU.R) Gen. Dwighi D. Eisenhower ordered a 30-day mourning period for American troops throughout the European theater today in memory of President Roosevelt. Eisenhower (lashed back the or- Suprcme Headqi U. S. Leaders Mourn Passing of President War's Greatest Loss To Peace-Loving People, Says Mayor Herbert Hoover Says The Grieving Nation Will March Forward 'Will Prosecute 2-Front Fight With Vigor7 as Roosevelt Would Have Wished; Cabinet Stays On By LYLE C. WILSON Washington, April 13 (U.R) President Harry S. Truman took up the burden of the world's most powerful office today wnn a pledge to win the war which Franklin D. Roosevelts leadership had carried to the verge of victory. Shocked a.s all others by news of Mr. Roosevelt's death. Mr. Truman spoke his promise to the world a few minutes after taking the oath of office last night. "The world may be sure," he said, "that we will prosecute the war on both fronts, east and west, with all the vigor we possess to a successful conclusion." Conferences with army and navy leaders are understood to be high on the new Presidents' list today. The new President took the oath of office at 7; 08 last night. Mr. Roosevelt, at 63, had served 12 years, 1 month and 8 days in the office whose cruel exactions killed him, but also stimulated his desire to stay on. No other man had served more than eight years. Mr. Truman will be 61 on May 8. Twice elected to the Senate after a career in Missouri politics, Mr. Truman had been Vice President only since Jan. 20. Then in the sequence of a heartbeat yesterday, the unassuming man from Missouri became the head of the greatest going concern on earth. The taking of an oath merely formalized a fact. The White House has its common man. Service at White Hous In the East Room. Roosevelt so often had been host, there will be a funeral at 4 p.m. Saturday. Then t President WU here Mr. , rvel North on th ral train. The Cab-rmv and navy lead- figures of congressional e Park The Rt. Rev. Angus Dunn. Epis-ipal bishop of Washington, the ,ev. Howard S. Wilkinson of St. Thomas Church, the Rev. John G. McGee of St. Johns Church will conduct the White House services. Present will be the elect of officialdom, a choice 200 persons of the thousands who would do Mr. Roosevelt personal honor here if they but could attend. The Rev. W George Anthon-. "fSt. imes Church will conduct the burial jservices in Hyde Park Sunday after noon. Simple as tne White House funeral will be, the Hyde Park services will be simpler. There on nri judicial Our new Pres:nrr.' asy-going fellow like I i put will i his c Pre-ir Cabinet to Attend President Truman and his fan::; linnet, gray-haired Mrs. Truman at; sum, omnae naugnier, Mary Mai ! man up wan get toward so left-of. will be my effort," Mr Tru-announred a few minutes taking the oath, "to carry on believe the President would done and to that end I have i the Cabinet to stay on with ' Humble Man Above all. there e new Presiden will be n Page 4 Here's Right Way In Showing Flag to Mourn President of t display of mourning for Presider -It. according to the 3 Service Command headquarters l Manhattan: On an upright or horuinr.t d :":a aff the colors should be displave half-staff for 30 days. If the flag is displayed flat on MAYOR LAGIARDIA HERBERT HOOVER 'which does not permit o lowering the colors, a bt ishould be attached at outside corner of the itl This The n the NEW PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER IN CHIEF Horry S Truman, hand on Bible, rands before Chief Justice Stone and takes oath of office making him 32d President Sadness Abroad Word of the death of the President spread rapidly through Supreme Headquarters and Paris, leaving sadness and grief in its wake. Gen. Charles De Gaulle, provisional President of France, cabled President Truman that the French government learned of Mr. Roosevelt's death with "great emotion and deep sadness." He ordered flags lowered fo half-staff throughout France. In the cabarets, at the Red Cross rainbow corner and along the bou- Continued on Fa 4 greatest loss loving people have suffered in the of Its entire war. Our leader has died, but ences t he lives on. His mspiration is with in the us. His leadership is with us. An tunate additional duty and responsibility has been thrust upon us. a duty to hgn carry on. Mr, Roosevelt' Franklin Delano Roosevelt is not march forward. dead. His ideals live. That pattern is so definite, it is so permanent. What differ ing fringe of the flag. Sunny, Warm Weather it is for- Seen for Late Today id n.i'.ies are under again early today lifted later an leadership that we: the rest of the day "Will be sunn . While we mourn i and warm" with highest tempera death, we shall ture about 75 degrees, dropping t ;the mid-50's tonight, according t i the Weather Bureau Tomorrow GOVERNOR DEWEY will be cloudy with showers. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR FUNERAL TRAIN Washington. April 13 (UP Her is a tentative schedule of the funeral train bringing the body of Franklin D Roosevelt from Warm Springs, Ga., to Washington to- Leave Warm Springs. Ga . 11 a.m. Arrive Atlanta. Ga . 2 p.m. Arrive Greenville. S. C. 6:50 p.m. Arrive Spartanburg S. C . 8 p.m. ;. Va , 4 50 a.m. WHERE TO FIND IT t magnifier e rio r- President Roosevelt's death will be1 i Yesterday 571. At 3 not avoid it. Centuries and centuries JAMES F. BYRNES from now, as long as history is re- Former Director o1 the Off orried. people will know Franklin! War MobilaaUm Delano Roosevelt loved humanity. J knew Uie President when i Berlin, Munich Bombed of London. April 13 U P British Mosquito bombers made 'hree separate aa attacks on Berlin last night and also raided Munich in southern Ger- s 7 many. 6 IWenu 9, 13 11.11 r Word 8 3.10 In order to present all the news about the death of President Roosevelt, the Brooklyn Eagle todav omits all display advertising.

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