The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1941
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1041 Popular Decorative Motifs Are Easily and Quickly Crocheted By NEA Service NEW YCRK-Hearts are trumps on Valeniine's-Day. and so mere's no belter lime to blossom out with the cute heart decorations that style previews indicate, will be .so popular this spring. Hearts iii-e seen on dresses, on Hats, in jewelry and accessories The woman who likes to crouhei (•an get right into the spring fashion pierure by making- herself a bcutonniere of three hearts and a harmonising- belt. The boiuonniere is smart on the sleeve, at the neck- linear on a liltle items don't take long to make, so you can have ihe.rn in plenty of time lor Valentine's Day. Materials nee-Jed arc: For hearts, one ball each ol' "brilliant" crochet cotton in two colors; i ball ot" a third color for embroidery and cords; l skein of six-snand embroidery floss for overcasting hearts: a steel crochet hook No. 9; a piece of cotton crash or felt • in any material desired). 3 inches wide and 2 inches longer than waist measurement; belting same length as wnist measurement; lining material. Here are directions: CROCHETED HEARTS: Starting at upper part of heart, with 1st color "Brilliant" ch 10. 1st row: So in 2nd ch from hook, s c in next 3 ch; in next ch make s c, ch 3 and s c; s c in next 4 ch. Ch 1 turn. 2i.d, 3rd and 4th rows: 2 s c in. 1st s c tan increase made), s c in each s c across to within ch-3. In ch-3 make s c. ch 3 and s c (2 more increases); s c in each s c across to within last s c, 2 s c in last s c (another increase). Ch 1. turn. 5th and 6th rows: Work on" 2 s c as 1 s c (a decrease made); work across row as before, decreasing an s c at end of row. Ch i. turn. 7th. 8th and Oth rows: Dec. 2 s c at both ends of row—to dec. 2 s c, work off 2 s c as 1 s c twice. Now work a row of s c closely all around edges, making 3 s c in last ch-3 sp made and si st at base of 1st ch-3 made. Join and fasten off. Tliis completes one heart. Make 11 hearts in all in" first color, and 8 in second color. Overcast edges • ot hearts with Six- Strand (do not split thread). 'BELT: Pin .under short encis of] belt fabric so that piece measures same as waist measurement. Leaving' one inch free at ends, arrange alternately along center of belt 5 hearts of first color and 4 hearts of second color (see illustration). Sew hearts neatly in place. With double strand of 3rd color "Brilliant" work a large cross stitch between henrts. making a small cross- stitrh over center of each j In Hie cross stitch. i .Line belt to measure 2 1-8 inches wide and same length as waist measurement, inserting belting between for stiffness. Then with double strand of 3rd color "Brilliant" work blanket stitch along both long edges of belt. With .same color, work 3 eyelets. 1-4 inch in diameter. 1-4 inch in from each shcrt end. .CORDS: Measure off six 3 1-4 yd. lengths of 3rd color "Brilliant: 1 Twist strands tightly. Now double strands and give them a second twist in the opposite direction. Knot open end of cord. Lace cord through eyelets, tying at top into a double bow. Place two hearts of first color also, cally If, (ARK.) roiTRTER NEWS Newly-Popular Beige Creates Lipstick and Rouge Problems : PAGE.THBEE COURTS J^N-^Y W ^vW^« ••• ^y^ ir ^;>^ »\.<w j^V 4 *?& T ITIAN- HAIRED Carol Deis, radio star, wears three crocheted hearts on her sleeve and an unusual PC belt which tarries out the heart motif. Uoth can be made easily „ by any crochet ?y enthusiast. Hy ALICIA HART NEA .Sorvii-ts Stutl \Vi'ltr»r if you stick 10 spring's old .standby. navy blue, you cnn sii»k to your favorite ciear red muketip resohin-.', to apply it .-irti.sti- ;vnd sparingly. however, you deckle to iry or ;i:iy ol the \r t ;l\i, widely- touted puuy shncles. solving the uuikeup problem isn't ^oai^, to be -so .simple. Beige hu.s :t tendency to "wash you out." With it you'll need powder with deeper, rosier in it and lipstick ihui is t either bright, clear ivd or rusty. I brownish red. You'll have to remember i.o apply iresh powder, rouge and lipstick olten. in navy bine, you may be able to net by with briny slightly laded looking .'or an hour or two. Bei«e is be- only when ihe nice is lie.shly made up. r/j; -ritii back to back and sew together around edges, inserting on? end of cord between hearts at top. Sew together 2 hearts of second color, attaching to other end of cord. BOUTONN1ERE: Make a cord as for belt, cutting strands 1 1-2 yds. .(instead of :ri-4 yds. long. Cut off .'M-2 inches of this cord, and knot all loose ends securely. Tie longer cord into a bow. Sew a double heart of 1st color at each end of cord. Sew the. 3 1-2 inch cord between ends of bow and sew a double heart of 2nd "color at free end of this cord. the outration of an ;lu United Stales. Almost all of tin' new greens akf the .skin appear i.o be movo • J w: ila.n it uctuuliy i*. Here unuin, foundation and powder in rosy lorit'.s are indicated. Don't, for ^ rei.son. be piM-suiult'd to tveiu' white foundation film and yellow-,. ish powder with a green dress, One of the chief charms of purple a.s a costume color lies in the • ' that i; makes the skin above it seem whiter. If your spring suit How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you arc to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis '• k > ROUl". ID h(' pllPll'' dj'ji jls fhurni- :uid your own--by WIMJ-- "^ ionndatioi) filn; :nul "powdei uliHi ure one .shade Hv,hier ihju: .vour muuntj .skin lone.s. DKICSS is .u;i:i.\<; i Co'.uruvy lo popular niiscoiu-ep- I , • ; ' I;ly is > 101 » Uili'k-uli 'color jo \vcm-. CJener.illy speaking it's 10 a»V \vomim, providini; e ninounf oi ,-lrar vod rou«i- ii On the other iuuul i "Iways in sty) ( ., bhu'k is JJ> l)f H (iiiti'.'uu eolor. A black ) ( - } <>•>••". on the rivera^e woiniin. is j '"on- burominir W lu'ii u ims •( I whur or bri;:hl. colored n.Uur or j '^tiicihiiv,. Uy!a iH-xt in her ru;-,» i As » nile. an ali-bhiv.k Uivsr. )i t' I'l'IlH 1 ! 1 X.MI K -•> 1! - >°u arc mor<» iliiui ' t". bcttc'r I'enieinbei' (hi.s. i Conner Two Divorces Asked Two' divorct- c-o:nplain'U; weir filed Monday in Chancery Court. They included . Robert Lslnard Moser vs. Dorothy D. Moser, and Percy White vs. Olijia Wnite. Divorce complaints filed today included: Earnest Potter vs. Mandy Potter, uud John A. Albritton vs. Charlh-e W. Albritton. PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET FKEK OKL1VKUY B1R1VS' KYE IMIONK Fruits, Vegetables'. Fish and Shell Fish: GET YOUR EXTRA SAVINGS IN . "GUESS IT WILL HATE TO BE ONE OF THE LOWEST PRICED THREE AGAIN..." ^Ws^/J- f^i^u *o'D?4?S iiOMF Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 and 4 P.M. Every Night 7 P.M. Always We - 20c TONIGHT & THURSDAY Judy Canova j The Jenny Lind of the j Ozarks in 'SGATTEHBRAIN' A jiirtLTc for the entire family Also Cartoon and News OLDSMOBILE IS LOW-PRICED TOO ! Olds prices begin at $S52 for Special Six J9us/ness Coupe. Sedan prices start a f $898, *c/e//Vererf at Lansing, Mich. State tax, optional equipment and accessories—extra. Prices subject to change without notice. FRIDAY-SATURDAY ADVENTURE! ACTION! THRILLS! The 3 Mesquitcers in- tOVERED WAGON BAYS' AND SEE HOW'MUCH MORE YOU GET! 100-HORSEPOWER 6-CYLINDER ECONO-MASTER ENGINE 119-INCH WHEELBASE • BIGGER, ROOMIER FISHER BODY NEW INTERIOR LUXURY * COIL-SPRING RHYTHMIC RIDE - FAMOUS OLDS QUALITY THROUGHOUT I H ERD'S the correct way to say it! "Why should w e be content with one of the lowest-priced three, when Olds is priced so low?" For it's a fact — the big, quality- built Oldsmobile Special costs only a tew dollars more than deluxe models of lowest-priced cars—but there's a whale of a big difference in what you get. Come in and see! ALSO AVAILABLE WITH HYDRA-MAHC DRIVE!* Hydra-Matic saves half the effort of driving because there's no clinch pushing or manual gear- shifiing. You savu plenty on gasoline, too! NO CLUTCH TO PRESS ^•Optional at Extra Cost fivmgstcn. Raymond Hatton, Duncan Rcnaldo Also 2nd Chapter of Fu Man Chu TUESDAY IS PAL NITE OLDSM 305 E. Main St LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Phone 329 wiuu UK- peace" charges have loatarcci thi' week's Mil- uiripal Court dockt-i, v.'ith $l(j lines a.s.s(.'xscii i,, (UK m»id<.-ami HresiMMii Cobbv, n, (1 onlv co ,i v i c . (ions. Kvi'lyu Hunr|«-;.s w ,, s f mi}i{ , U)L ol tii-siurblni-. t.he pe ( ' t( -,- ,.|; V y. Disturbance charts were <llM.iiv.s«'(i .ijiniiiM I'M Vouch, Hcrlhu Veach,.0rvil R PW e and je.sMe Uavidson. An jissuult and battery t-h-irao iH'.alnsi, Lol, Wiley \v )1S dJsinkstxf. A woij'lil. of itfu pounds j s C on- i Mtlcred the desirable W i»J«)» j or IIOKK ai market. .Selected iij.-ln, i no«s, wi'luliinn from 155 to i|)5 pound.s. arc ronNidered i m ,. 0n j, ORS , IS EPILEPSY INHERITED? WHAT CAUSES IT? A booklet containing the opinions of f*m. ous doctor: on this Interesting subject wilt Lo sent FREE, while they lasf, to any r«Ad«r wrltlru; to Ihe Educational Division, 533 Fifth Av*.. New York. N. Y,, Dtpf. NOTICE Garage Owners Until further notice or until our stock of auto parts is reduced we will give *jr iv f\tf 25'° Off Wholesale prices Make your arrangements to get your needed parts here and save one-fourth. Special orders handled at 10'< HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY CO; Phone 414 Phone 23 Phone 789 ANNOUNCEMENT: We have been selected the exclusive t!rug store account for Main & 2nd Main & Broadway Main & Division REVLON Pearl Glo Nail Enamels and Accessories and Revlon Lip Sticks. Complete assortment just arrived. CIANT PO-DO SHAVING CREAM TOOTH PASTE sgr IODINE TINCTURE Bounce Bottle.... MINERAL OIL Light, White, <»4 USP Quality PINT ^* VICKS VAPO-RUB 35c Size Jar. . . , Nervous? Rundown? TRY OLAF8EN VITAMIN Bl WINE TONIC 16-ounce 419 Bottle ... JL II yoxi'ro ntrvoui, rundown Ju» lo ViUmlti Bl dificieney, try thJi! « Six* HILL'S COLD TABLETS MURINE For the Eyes Me Slxt Bottle . 49* ADEX TABLETS I1SQUIBBS . • HAND CREAM Perfection ^tf 3-oz.Jar 3* ANACIN TABLETS 15c -^ Size . A KREML HAIR TONIC 43? BUY YOUR FRESH FILM AT OUR STORE OLIVE TABLETS If* MOLLE SHAVING CREAM SOc S«e TUBE (LIMIT i) MILK OF MAGNESIA SOc BOTTLE (LIMIT i) IRONIZED YEAST LIFEBUOY 79c OR LUX SOAP FOR ft DRENE SHAMPOO 79 C ATOLiABDG] VITAMIN CAPLULES Bottle as I-TEX TOOTH POWDER SOc Size (LIMIT Box 440 TOILET TISSUE FOR IRRADOL-A Parke-Davis ib-oz. J[— LADY ESTHER 4-Purpose Cream 3«c Size OS Fight Sort Throat Mtnac*! 75 C LISTERINE AF^TISEPTIC and 75 C Throat Light With $1.50 Value . LYSOL Disinfectant 6-ounce Bottle RAZOR BLADES Double-Edge PODOPkg. 10 . WK^ ASPERGUM a$cD111ardf . Milk of Mivirnesia Pint $1.00 ASIMRIN 50c Gillette iiluc OS r> HIadcs, 10 iilades. . . 03 100 Vitamixcfl Yeast Foam TaMels with CQ C Iron 03 SCOTT'S EMULSION 1.20 Slzt Bottle 98° Genuine Welch's Grape Juice WHITE I 2sc Size PINE & TAR I LIFEBUOY Cough Syrup Ishave Cream! L°aie XJ C |2 (or 33 C "25nrc * 0 7 POWDERS IJ SOc CASTOR OIL 75c CAiyipHORATKI)" OIL, Pint KPSOM SALTS 5 II). Kajr T>0c CHAMBERLAIN'S' HANI) LOTION... S1.25 PINKHAiVrS VEG COMPOUND.. $1.50 KOLORHAK fide MAR-0-OIL SHAMF>00. $1.25 PERUNA bathing Alcohol KLEENEX TISSUES 7SC BAYER ASPIRIN BottlelOP . 30c POLIDENT DENTAL POWDER . . FREE! LIBBEY Safe-Edge Banded DISH with 25c Size PHILLIP'S Tooth Paste Economy Box Of 68 MODESS Sanitary Napkins Nylon Bristle Tooth Brush Orlis Mouth Wash. I't... BOOK MATCHES Carton $• . ISC CASTOR OIL 4-ouact Bottle Values £or Everyone! • •—' -^ • •• » r-»»ii SYRINGE 39c Molded Jn on« piece] c«n»»ruction. No tetmsl or crkck. THE RING ALARM-CLOCK Vacuum Type Coffee Maker 6-cup. Heat" proof flatt Bgy a part 39c Get a Pint FREE A Real Buy! , MORLEY (Professional Style) HAIR BRUSH and RAT-TAIL COMB Both * 19 for , . On* Burner TaMe Stove

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