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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts • Page 15

The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts • Page 15

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:

North Tranicrtpt, Tmtdav. Dc. 6, Cheshire Howard M. Rlchardsea Jr, 74H38I WnnnfisDiiDiisitapwim EJews Two 4-H Leaders Inquire McLain Granted Garage Use For Alton Believes School Needs' Solution to Cost $1 Million llpllfailif If i7 Mower Sharpening the' fact feel the present buildines art or recommendationi of By HAKULl) K. The petition of Ralph D. McLain to use the Bowe Oil Co. could be made adequate lor finding committee. About Monument Project Dsvid Kittler and the boulders removed if they ap-Charles Rand, leader, of the pear to Interfere with winter Busy Beaver 441 Club', appeared maintenance, before the Selectmen last night Mr. Johnson will talk with to request more information' Ralph Hutchinson, who la plan-about the proposed work program nlng reconstruction, work. Jn the at the Stafford Hill Monument, area of Ingalls Road, and; will They indicated that they had familiarize himself with th preplanned a work project in this posed work program. tame area and were endeavor- Before adjourning the weekly ing to discover who bad juriadic- meeting, the board, indicated that tion over this site in order to se- a special town meeting will be cure permission to begin work in scheduled before end of the the spring. They were advised to year and, as won a. all de-talk with Edward Rand, local tails are available, a warrant Scoutmaster, to discuss the advl- will be posted. Aw adequate solution to Wit- George Howard, also declined nA. m4 whit n.v'. heed, would BubrWd to voice any oplntona pending a id, hU lawn mower aharo- cost between mimon ana sz BuhrisW pr0: full report committee. enlng business ha. been approved unanimously by the Zoning rnuiioo u. ju tt committe mem- utner Biuinets "fact finding committee" tow ynnM, their In other business a communica- SLT Vt. a Bvauu niAniMi member, of the School Commit- endorftemfnt 4 mt Alton, pro- tion was received from Recreate. lt night, id had come to the tion Commissioner Milton Card. Area Zoae4 The board had taken the peti-'. ft Mat kill af Oaf Sell imaiMMefrtU vtnOiialvt that rw nr nronoalnff that a Dart of Mit of 4-Hers and Boy1 Scouts working' together on this project. They will do this and will keep the Selectmen advised about the progress of arrangements in this regard. Seek. Permit Board of Health. Requires Permits Philip M. Alton who is also jchool facilities needed. chell Field be flooded for use a. tion under advisement following chairman of the school commit- MrSi Mason, however, a skaUng rink. He said the com- a hearing NOV. 10. At that time, tee in making his report aald he l8jd she thought it was "prema- mission has $300 available for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giardlnel- was speaking only for himself ture" to state an individual this purpose. la of 31 Bridges Rd. next to the and was not giving an official opinion until- all the facta relating A communication was received tatton objected strongly to the recommendation of the fact find- to the school need, problem are from Walter Galusha, finance petition. They were particularly ing committee, the committee, known. committee chairman, announcing opposed to the noise and the be ssid, would meet on Monday Walter Lamphier said he did that hi. committee would hold a operation of a garage next to at 7.30 p.m. at Southworth School not want to take a position be- budget hearing on Tuesday, Dec. their house. The -area is soned to assess iU findings. fore hearing the findings and 13. residential. Mr, Alton said it was his opto- The station has been operating Ion that a new elementary school in, as a non-conforming use and ad- ahould be built, if the land can iHCl if UUgCl If OWII ation of the proposed new busl- be obtained, on a five acre plot ness required Appeals Board ap- ment to Dr. Gregory R. Anrlg, right, superintendent of Mt. Greyloclt Regional School. Looking on are Maj. John M. Bortoli, second from left and Maj. liam M. Kirby Jr. (Transcript photo-by Dolores Crosier.) CIVIL AIR PATROL OPEN HOUSE Held in observance of 25th anniversary of founding of Civil Air Patrol was anc open house program last night by Wil- liamttown squadron. Sgt. John Hays, left, expleini communications equips on Church Street, now owned by Williams College. He estimated the cost of such school for Grade. I through 6 -Wl w.w ln tpprovln the petition, the D.J-1. I 1 A07 b0rd tipulted the followinf from Charles B. Whitney for a For Sewer Work; Junk yard permit. Such an establishment would be called Whit- The Board of Health has an-ney's Auto Parts and would en- nounced that beginning Jap. 1, compass an area ot soma fin .11 sewage installation, planned acre, on the right band side of this town will require permits. Brough Road. A hearing on this Upon Inspection by the board, matter hu been scheduled for if the Installation is approved, Dec 27 at I p.m the applicant will be granted a The board received an invita- certificate of compliance. A copy tioa to attend a meeting Thurs- of both application and certifi-day night of the Berkshire Re- cate of compliance must be sent gional Planning Commission. The to the State Department of Pub-meeting wiU be held at 7.30 at He Health for its Forms the Court House in Plttsfield. may be obtained from board A letter was received from member Wallace "Newton at his Rep. William Kitterman regard- borne on Outlook Ave. The fee Ina nmrmtA wrilululli Will 11 VJIUbb UUUeTi JJ 4UV-TJ conditions: at acorn ia.t muiion. Oo-rtion of th builnesa Civil Air Patrol Program Marks 25th Anniversary Planning Board Favors Joining Regional District An open house program held tend any of the weekly meetings last' night at the Southworth so they may better understand School in Observance of the 25th the program. Anniversary of the founding of Squadron Commander of the The envisaged, Mr. Al- $638,744 gross budget was Comparisons Made shall be conducted in accordance ton provide, for the use of tunnimomiy by the WU- A comparison of the various with the plans presented by the the present Grant School for kin- uamstown School Committee last Item, in the new budget with petitioner at the hearing; dergarten and administrative pur. night new those in last year', budget, with Is valid as long cv Weher to 1968 budet- the 1966. 'igure to Parentheses' th, method of operation of Broad Brook School would also tocnaseA expenditures how are as follows: the garg, tnd mtig rtitlon continue to be used for kinder- ever, are offset, by even larger Administration. $32,043 confined prmntly to the re- garten through Grade 3. anticipated reimbursements so Instruction, $456,373 tlll ass oil tire, auto Soujhworth and MltcheU, the that the net budget actuaUy other school services, $54,350 ICCM90riM, engini tune-up, two oldest building, in the $2lS5 less than the old budget. operation and mainte- 'q iubrication. re- aystem, would either be raied Rereaue. Te Be Up nance, $72,595 fixed piiCement of muffler, and tires, or converted to community use. Anticipated revenues are ex- charges, $315 acquisition other minor auto reoalrs- He proposed the Southworth pected to Jump from $115,386 for of fixed assets, $16,416 nd' 1966 to 1W or increase of M); prorsms with other sys- to operate the public library and the Mitchell $82,792. terns, $4,650 buslnW1. -rted period School as a community center, in 1966 anticipated revenues re- The new budget results of two years after which time The committee chairman duced the 1576.306.23 erosa bud- arose cost per student of $603 or highway. He assured the board The septic tank, according to the Civil Air Patrol was held by Wiluamstown Squadron, Maj. piannin- Board voted to hi the law must have a minimum the Williamstown Squadron of John M. Bertoli closed the speak- recommend that the town Join WJ, I- Jl' CAP. tog POrtkm of the program and the Berkshlre Planning STtU. located on the "property that it Lt. Perry Hamilton welcomed explained the merits and availa- rjigtrict. rLt m. m- is least 20 feet from the dwelling the group of about 2S friend, and bllity of Hying to Th. board', recomm.nd.tlon and feet from th. bouZry relatives. The program began the group. He also discussed how WM in a letter to the uL'vu pVulL mtlU lines of the lot. If the lot is aft- with a demonstration in first aid the CAP program locally is handl- Board of Selectmen, Chairman KSSS SS near a lake, the narrated by Warrant Officer ed on a limited budget and ex- Herbert S. Gordon reported. rf" Tlllly u. disposal works must be located the liquor license renewal appli as to drain away from the lake. Frank Wile, and demonstrated plained the plan, of a beadquar- voter, at th. last regular town i I 1 1 4U. imrrrmv ArftA ftl TrAn. 1 1 MMm get to $480,922.23 for bud- net cost of $434 per student. SMSmi tA WAff.A A that u.lJ IImA 1 Aet mwu. mu mam cations as presented and this Further information concerning Further Information concerning be reviewed by the board. -v ia unuu uv jet, lor. U1W Cuming JW glVM vu ATr "WU- in with the 16 acres in the pres- year are expected to bring the dent was $567 with the net cost ent school complex thai is now new budget down to $458,566. at $450. across the street. OJ Laaci verna uiunui, hi mccuni voiea agauw nitmoer- W1, Thm proper way to seta broken wrist, rlman Airport with ground ahip ta the Regional Planning nowbe Warded to' Boatun this law may be obtained from Superiateodeat ef Mt. Greylock ing ceremoniea expected to take District on the recmmendstioo tZ approval Mr. Newton or from the Board Dr. Gregory R. Anrig, Re- place by May 1, 1967. of the Selectmen and town coun- fuA Matter. of Health secretary, Gerard gional School, was Introduced A film atrip depicting the CAP set who contended at that time A johnaon Marcil of Farnams. and wished the'crganliation sue- cadet program waa shown and that Information had The Board of HeaKh baa also cea. In Ka J5th year. the program concluded with the not been obtained. Tat wded mSe and announced that food handler, and Guest speakers also Included presentation of colors by the en- The Selectmen subsequently hrouht to caterers, who are required by Maj. William M. Kirby Depu- tire squadron with Sgt. John referred the question to the tey in7 Uw to be Ucensed, should obtain Other Reasons The Appeals Board also gave the following reason, for Its decision. "The board grant, this petition for an extension of a nonconforming use ln a residential Preliminary Town Budget Expenditures Reviewed Mr. Alton said it was his thinking that the present school buildings generally do not lend themselves to the type of education that is needed today and that any additions to the buildings would not result in an overall improvement. district in the belief that the Vlannlntf KAarri A niimhAP eg I Commander MaaSacnusetts' Havs in cnarn, their 1967 Ucenses as soon aa pos-aible after Jan. 1. Wing, who spoke on the "Why'a Refreshments, consisting of a local question, on regional plan- Af- The tap laree decorated birthday cake, nine were answered at a meet- rZ 1 "I Preliminary expenditure, in ceived the final 1967 budget for fle' nd storage of the proposed town budget for th. Wilhamstown Public Schools, Regiooallsation He alsoTucTthat an, 157' rTore" 'T to the Tech. Sgt. Bruce FormhaU, were served by U. Norma Hay. ing in October with Joseph Han- fore St railroad (xscks 4-H tO Aid Commandant of Cadets, spoke and members of the uor staff non, senior planner with the state 'S briefly and invited parenU to at- officer. Department of Commerce and JT ALSAC DflVC plana for a new building must reviewM meelul 01 the Selectmen the full budget rnooa man wrmv take ln consideration possible fu- Board of Selectmen with Town picture. Also, a number of com- llowJ which include all ture regionalisatioa. The building Manager URoy Picard last night, mittee and department budgets ''fi? therrfore should be constructed in Recmmeedattoa. Made being revised, it was report- 'J' Board granted permission to ed. economic ueveiopmem. at the Walter Nilea nroo- At a meeting of all 4-H duos St S. lkZ Cheshire, RT-d w. formed last year to provide and Mrs. George Crabtree rt- ssixsszzsi SaJSffars --rijrr rTS: j. mm. Blink liul VUkat Winn The Selectmen made a number cuch a manner to give it flexibility for setting up new grades, Report Card Questions Are Studied by Committee 1UI1UI1K UW UUUKn L.LC.UI ICB li. 1. IJIll 1 or in making it a middle, rather recommenaions, inciucong a which- the atrri than a strictly elementary school number of areu they felt could reductions last night werTthe ZLf Although the pneent need la be cut, during the three-hour Department and the Sew- Sl.jISl't.Sl SSLIbU for accommodation, for Treatment plant. wud over BOO students Mr. Alton aug- Mr. Picsrd agreed to consider M6 000 Free Cash h. gested a building to accommo- their auggestiona in preparing 'V lv. LZ dst. 1,000 udenu ao th.t there hi, fm.l'Lget which ust JJ TZl'JT TW oompWxita of daving a Philip M. Alton, committe. ph-tag, SS SfS jft.Tf'S report card that answer. aU per- chairman, Mid report card, are dory tf mmu- the for and where ttnent qu-tion. a mple un- ZZ 2 Zt prssent mrch In thi. fi.ld carried Ject that received conaiderabl. Mid conference, ahould be thrust Planning Rord met with cn nm th, following attention last night from the WU- upon per so that they would Rehearsal Slated f''J wouia oe room lor future ex- submitted to the Finance Com- 7 rz. oansion. k. twT 1 tTw tnds now, ia "Since the petitioner hu aa- Piion. mittee 000, exclusive of taxes to be col- surtd the board that lawn mow- lected by the end of the year, er repairs and sharpening would liamstown School Committee imstown School Oommittee. farced to race un to tneir re- T- irom rii ti wa; new soning bylsw being prspar- For Yu Proamitl Chr-toi. Centerpiece; Silver Anouier feature Mr. Alton pro- aheeU and budget summaries posed was a swimming pool to which were used in last night's be a part of the new building. He discussion were not made avail- The certified free cash figure be conducted inside two of the lUhMtvh FnA A tMiaaUtn mar LM lk Mtaaa al tmawia MakAt- Thar, will a raharu1 Xat. Thimbles, net Christmas tree; TV Hmwi avrMHl that mnfMi 3 tl '1 r'rz town 11 wu reported. side the third, the board feels evolved from a report made on ing In February. manager at the meeting. tion department cooperate in making a town facility. The the the aubject by Supt. of Schools Allen J. Hansen resulted in no, definite conclusions, it waa the figures were provided by The town manager also report- that the spirit and intent of the Smith 19' decision is preserved. ing system but that there are no easy answers to the problem of providing proper evaluations of Mr. Alton admitted that the town manager this morning but 1 TTTu? nronoaal ha haH milling nJ estimsted that UM town ed that Assessor Harry B. will "finally, the addition of a urday at 1 p.m. for those who Cheshire Chefs, decorated aoap; have a part in the Cheshire Bap- Snt n9 tist Church Sunday School Styrofoam cups- Busy Beavers. Christmss propam. Mobile, Tidy Tanorettes. Sunday will be white gift Sun- Christmas centerpiece; Talkative day and all gifU to go to the Ly- TaUorettes. felt Christmas Tree; man School for Boys and the Happys, earoUng Bethel Christian Center will be ChrtJma Sing and Punch Party Attended ttneeneue that teacher-parent id committee a 1 v. Hwif wsia iuiic Wllipitv not a Kcommendation of the fact the totals or any of the changes finding oommittee and that some which had been proposed, members of that committee still Mr. Picard also had not re- By 150 Persons iunct to any marking er aval- Un" on the problem and would con- uatinf aystem. cam up Dr. Hansen reported that the with fairly laatisfsctory aolu-two-report card aystem now tion. use had caused no appreciable n. collected. All gift, to be ana me sew n.ppy receive between $140,000 and Uwn mower equipment business $160,000 more this year in bud- to th. auto service and repair sidies on the cherry sheet. He busines. would provide the com- said that he ia trying to confirm munity with an additional aer- these figure, with the state but vice not readily available ln the acknowledged that the sales tax rea and would enhance the and school revenue will enter chances that the property can into it. be operated economically and Mr. Picard emphasized that maintained properly." -the budget still is in the working thVomen'. lOab wrapped in white paper andark o.m tree day alng and punch party at and on. Hear St John. Church Saturday eve- clPlwt. nnounced. LIOOS TO near ning. About Capon Project Jerry Bidlack directed the JV-WA 1 OOp aub wiU "sing through" of Handel's Mas- J0 Museum night at Grange Hall at .7 Junkrettea JCDA of St Marv o'clock. Speaker for the evening R.HMr.TZi'.fem Everett Martin 4-H Ralph Herne, Mra. Robert Kern- for Berkshire County. Students Chosen For All-State Band Auditions negative comment from parents. He said however no contract for printing the cards would be giv- en until he was certain that no revisions would be proposed. Mrs. Dagmar Bubriaki ssid she wished the cards could be made more simple and include some provision for Indicting a student effort. per ana Mrs. Anson Piper; ana Thiirsdsv after- Mr. Martin will explain the 4- atsge and that he will confer with town department heads on the proposed cuts. Not covered in last night's discussion were proposed cspital outlay projects and the Selectmen agreed to consider them and any other changes, if necessary, at their regular meeting next Monday night. altos, Mrs. Lee Hlrsche Local Grange Open House Tomorrow Night Williamstown Grange will hold an open house and booster night program tomorrow evening at I. at the Gram. Hall on Water noon. Transportation will be pro- v-apon project ana w. The following music students at Mt. Greylock Regional High Mrs. Collier Wright; tenor, MscAlister Brown, and bass, vided for a field trip to the Berk- companiea Dy memo- w. She said aha was "very much" shire Museum in Pittsfield by panicipaiea um projr Daniel O'Connor. for parent -student MMiferencea School have been aelected to but waa opposed to the present audition for the Massachusetts Th. Tthirtv troP leaders and volunteer driv- yer. The youngsters wui ptesem The thirty member orchestra capona and along with IIE17 SURE-GRIP SKOW TIRES Don't get fn the snow-buy noiv while pricsa ore Jo and full Built deep to hits deep -190 tractor-type electa designed to gat you through even in hubcap-deep snow. Built wfti nyfca cord for extra body transl2i and extra eoefy Ha. Tusya robber, th extra mileage rubber Free Balancing And Mounting arrangement a setting asiae one AU-siaie nana, urcnesira anu rnmlataH rJ abulia from th. Last night's meeting was the Lions from Lanesboro, will be guest, at the dinner. first open meeting on the budget in observsnce of the 100th week for auchcenferenoe. and Chorus Saturday. as well as student, from BftftLt mixing up echool achedules. The auditions will b. held at Bennington College. Button eW 000,15 anniversary of the founding of the grange. New books received st the LiaaW to be conducted by the Selectmen and town manager ln over two years. Their meetings pre- I wouiu inc Miti, nopaina ncaucmy, niaiej. School, and William. College, "that conference, be at an op- John Bernard, clarinet; Mi- Follnwimr th nrfnrmanr. a Cheshire Ubrsry include the, h-m it.mi. The program will include the tlmum time tor both teechci-s chael Geroulo, flat soprano holiday nunrh waa irvH at editions of adult fiction: Panic A iJ ri l. nj.l edition, of duK fiction: Psnlc in ton John nickaon Carr- viously were scheduled closed Heptanes, a group of area worn- wnl wuo met Tuesdsy afternoon at the administrative meetings but a en who aim barber-shoo stvla harmony; a skit, "The Christ- aiiu parviiu aim uiai mo iracn- viaiuicij okcjuiauia nuaa, iiui, Faculty Club. era should invite parent, at will." Peggy Howard, bassoon; Paul Mrs. Arlene Mason felt the re- Olivier, trumpet; Giant Donstl, port card designation, of French horn; Margie Kristen- College Information "abovt, "below" and "at level" sen, French horn; Robert Peck, aj- ifc C-: The Price of Blood, DorU S. Ad- home of their le.der, Mrs. Lfla ams; Nurse of Polka Dot Islsnd. Mrtln. Beginning immediately Jeanne Bowman; In a Glass Prepared a Darkly, Janet Calrd; The Be- complete dinner which waa eerv- aulled. Thomu Cullinan and raUowing moth- recent opinion requested of town counsel by Mr. Picard, ruled that they ahould be open to the public and the press. Before 1964, the Selectmen served as members of the Fi- mas group singing, and the story of the grange today. Silver star certificate, will be preaented member, who have had contlnuou. Grant, mem- trombone, and Hilary Alton, "'yi uvcunig were often meaningless, Colleie Information Niaht will Th. Serjwt Santa vittoHa era were guest, at the dinner: flute. be held at Mt. Greylock Region- Robert Crichton. Mrs. Chester Blslaa. Mrs. Jerrold Vocal music students nance Committee and subsequent- bershlp for 25 year. tannra riavlri Haulil Ti'ru al Hlfih School this CVBninS St particularly in the latter case. "The term, 'at level work' does not answer the question of whether a child can do better work," aha said. She aald she also believes con ly reviewed the budget at the a business meeting for ssme time as the committee. grange member, will be held Davis. Mrs. Lysnce Littlejohn, Mrs. William Malcolm, Mr. Robert Rathbun and Mra. Clarence Tucker. After the dinner, Mra. Martin gllsh, and David Neumann. Baa- 7 30. Holy Day Plans ses: Nicholss Filler. Paul Mc A review of the college ad- confessions wiU be besrd Wed- Fsrland, and Neil Lawrence. mission situstion and msthods at 4 and 7 in St. Mary of at 7:30 p.m. Mr. and Mra: Ronald Baker and Louia Etman will Social Security ferences between parents and rcu iwuctii. ai. aeiecuQ siuaenu mr ine ah- vv "in tn Assumption Church in preps sVa milmMmmmmi at I mm mt tmi aaiuaa fwuunAwu wmubu Ul only ,.00 OOVslOill tuktl.u klacliwall (1.14 U. Tin tir Grundy's Garage, Inc. 17 Wt.p St. Open Wtekday. 'til 8 P.M. pitym- Ii.n. tK mm Agent Due Tomorrow of refreshmenu. The public ia Invited. Miss Pauline Mahar, socisl se teachers are very helpful and music orgsnisauon iouow- u.uu. wllu rttioo Dly should be continued. udlUon wiU participate and vallable financial aa- a f(Ut a Marvin Gangeml, principal of the Mas. AU-Stat. Band. Wiet. conception, holy day of th. Grant and Southworth "reheat and Choru, conduct- -Jimea acting obligation. Mssse. in Cheshire SchooU, who helped devi the Mass. Music Edu- dlwctor of luldance at Mt wlll tM 7 tojtjt gU had 1 mad. Em- -w r. th. cators Conference to be Greylock, wlll be on a panel of Dm broiaered upon the yardsUca bold e.pepoc.?rd,.'dml" held in rahTTi. laar reoresentatlves of vsrlous col- Pm' er are aU the that the curity representative from Pitts-field will be at the Williamstown Ssvings Bank tomorrow from 11:30 a. m. to 130 p. m. to answer questions on Socisl Security and Medicare. lnf sL. girls hava learned. In the Hospital marring. Town Calendar "Thla," he aald, "la not the Mrs. Raymond Moray of East Dinner Deadline last word. My thought is for a Fishing, Hunting view Tourist Home Is recuperet- TONIGHT questionnaire to be aent to par- IT" Licenses Available riZ? that ri ticket retum. ---'a i uig, wiuiams inn. mtru wv tony nw ni.M if, and theh have them form a par- COLLEGE dwormatiom lahlng and hunting licenses tal In Boston last week. She wiU .7 Him wioiii iuiiii I INFORMATION tl ul owui mm, wwvm. aim wui SIGN UP NOW FOR YOUR 1967 AUTO REGISTRATION OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL NOON FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE! nte committee to give us their NIGHT7 30. Mt Sk Re- now available at be confined to Baker Memorial JL ZS ffl sL th, town clerk'a office in the mu- Dirkion of the hospital for the Commenting on remarks about BOARD OF DEACONS, First building, parent-teacher conferences Mr. Congreaatlonal Church, 1 1 to be borne for Christmas. 2 on Guidance Staff At 2-Day Workshop Two member, of the guidance stsff at'Mt. Greylock Regional High School, Maynard L. Mul-holiand and Miss Nancy Flake, sttended a two day workshop last week and received certifi-catea qualifying them to administer the general aptitude test battery of the U.8. Employ ment Service. The workshop waa sponsored by the Department of Education at ita regional office In Pitta-field. The program Included instruction ln admlnlatration and correcting of the teat, con version of scores, and determination of occupational patterns. According to a new ruling, only counselor, certified by the Department of Education may administer the test. Formerly, the local office of the Division of Employment Security wss responsible for this testing In area Pownol will i be held Sunday evening at the County Squire. Town Dump Holidays The town dump will bo closed Christmas Day and Dec. 36 and also New Year's Day and Jan. If you recently moved to Massachusetts, auto registration for each year begin. Jan. I. Stop at our convenient office on Spring St. and let us review your coverage and assist you in obtaining your plate's. Avoid the last minuta rush Stop Now I Mra. Geerge M. Gangeml aald that no other at church. Upen Vieering schools have as good contact be- AMERICAN LEGION AUXIL- There will be an open business tween parents and teacher, aa IARV, meeting, Legion Home, meeting of the Wllliamitown have the Willlametown schools. Temorrew Cooperative Nursery School 1 have heard only praise of MOTHERS' CLUB, Second Thursday evening at I at the our close teacher-parent relation- Congregational Church, aupper home of Stewart Jones, ahip from teacher, av other and Chrlatmaa party, 1:30, at 100 Park St. antanla Hwm wUh I ftli.ii ivuiM l.iit.Mk I To Hold Work Bee The women of Pownal Center have something like we have." BOARD OF TRADE, meeting, To Synagogue Community Church will hold a i work bee tomorrow at 7.30 p.m. AfOUna I OWfl Raymond Sullivan, principal or 7:30. House. wtlllamatown r.lrl fenut Troon ''J Ci i jii ma frni i. TTimamiivwn nae-aiT the Mitchell and Broadbrook SENIOR CjlOIR, St. Patrick's' will visit the synagogue In the home of Mr. Charles W. William Ogden Post, American achoola, gave a report listing Church, at church. North Adams tomorrow after- Round. In preparation for the Legion, will meet at the Town both the advantages and dtsad- BOOSTER NIGHT, Williams- noon, The girl, are asked to holiday sale being planned for Hall Wednesday at p.m. Re-vantage, of conference, and the town Gr.ngs, Hall, meet at Broad Brook School at Saturday at the Pownal Center freshmenU will be served after different retort card aystem. Water St. I p. m. A fir Bouse. the business meeting. i

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