Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 1, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1942
Page 5
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NAUGATUOK DAILY .NEWS, .MONDAY; JUNE. 1. 1942 byBILLCOR won'Conyincingiy, Not Brilliantly. ' ' nd Also Hurt tfis Hand. '• -,.-. •.. •. • . • servo Stands on His 'Own Feet, and Insists n in on Eob^naon *$*$ Rea^; ^^^^^^^^, m ^ m ^^m^mm^m.m^m*^m-mmmm ^^ ^ ^^ sWOllCIl lofl hamirwhlifth ho §olijl'-lic»*«M "r .^ . •-• ' • ._; " ''• ' i „» iil>^ l.mxl mud to me thai, l.\ay his ton-rpund .dgb.l In Madison Square iHKlil convincingly mil one of his tot il ; II v l>««tt»so or Ho'sun ^v. 1 >i)vloi.s willingness li l • Us nml mnkn « light oC !" L-v i -M of IHn wfty. .I'ai'lially '^ wblnson wan l.oodlo»B and b , . -m well as htmdlong. - 1U R !!^mi with His long arms and n l a(Usl.ylo, likely would have n- »»»»«»y by - lusl , 1)OX "* -i sv 111 HP bftft r«^ni Sclioncola- - llll • IU»y, gave. tu>v , boon I'uSlIng !!"s U assiduously. n ' ' lr his press And, poa- NV ho insist on comparing 1IaI .|, m spued boy with Joe l" -il this stage ol' Ilobinson's .ionliHM'l. do him no service. v can box and he cum punch hf.-s f-isli-r than a dusky ghost windblown alloy. But "JVC aln'l niiis vol. 11 brothers. ,' ha ',l 'the i:horLer -arid sturdier t L'uurd baltlnr rocking back forth l ? k ( ' grandma's oasy on more than one occasion evening. Hut'afsuoh times, IH , went flailing and flying about k( , a lilU'i'biiK »' ft Ooodrnan eon- Jp,.t n'<- wouldn't slop long enough to catch his breath, much less the Snarlous Servo. With the result that he couldn't, and didn't, stop U, ft tousH-haircd up-SLater, though hc : lrl«i manfully In every round ot he li-Fi Then lively and lambasting roiimls'lhcy were, loo. You can't Louis going out to finish a opponent with a scatter gun arul'a sort oi' leaping lizard, hIt-lirat- niid-look-lftUM 1 altack. At any "He, you can't If you didn't hnnpen' U) see him do just that in his light with ambling Abe Simon. For approximately a round and a j.alf in (hot fight, Joe did wing puhohoH from absurd distances.,But those four or ilvo minutes were HonuHhing that oamo put of Joes heart ftml not 1 his flghMng brain. Ho was trying to do something lo nlcuse old Jack lilaokburn on Jack's tofsick bod In Chicago. 1 imagine Unit'almost unerring -Instinct;.-ol .loi'lfi told him thai he wasn't going to J/ivo many more opporlunllics to rnnko Blackburn smile his BOarml, crooked srnlle. -Nor.-did- he. Bill when "Chappie's round" had Kone without the hoped-for knockout, Ihe champion quickly scltled down to the business of being 'a champion again. HAV'S UOli.NI) TO (JMO\V OLOIW 1 .hold.thal one oxhlhition of \vil<l nnd.wooly punehinj) hy, Louis inora; ror'llirin Hunlnsl him. H hrouqlit out. UH>,humnnos.s ot wliicli lio h»s '«, full .share,' oven thouyh he <loc.s Jook tiiul ubr liiore iiko spine sort of .donjlly mill (lestiHictive inriehine in (lie rhi{/. Willi Huhinson It Is nn excess or eiu'i-oy and youth, Hny wasted more motions in ton rounds on Servo (linn Louis ivoi'mnl^y \YOuhl in UHX rounds. ' ' "' ' ' K -Is reusohnhly coi-tnin, howovor, that whfllhei* or not Kolilnson ocls hflltcr,. he will (jet older. U hi\p- jirtns thnt wny, doesn',1 i.tV The CJinlnnoo«n Choo-Cclioo clout- came out or last ni»l»l'.s slllf IMXII VllllV ITlMIHIH.i -.• !••!.»»/ ,...^ ; pi-ovionsiy had niintHi|ncod for, the nijjljt of, iluijo" 1 '11.' ''" '' 'In s«ttin'ii roVt|i what swunod tp nui to he Hobinson't 'slioi'tooniiiuiP In this l)oul, I don't want lo overlook Servo's virtues; Tho* slioi;U;r and slui'diei' Schenec- ttulyile lifis sopped -up plenty ol 1 the iVnoi'jjy for which his homo town is Famous. lie is iui nflo'i^ssive little fiiiy nnd n haivd one to 'handle, al- tlimifih h«. shoxvod nolhinfi Friday eviMi'in'o "thnl'Iftil' you to holleve \\<f cni'i'ied a licnyy punch.. SRIWO IS A 110HN »COME-QNK«." lie is just ft-born u come-onor" and he keeps on coming. He annoyed Ray considerably and angered him several times. 'Which also helped explain some ol 1 the Harlemitcs wild fluiTies. Both the crowd and Sei'co were "on" the as yet. undefeated Ray and wlu'ii his Lemper flared, bo pop- formed more like a'fellow fighting olT horneLs than .anything 'else I can think of tit the riiome'nt. It must have been these boring-in tactitis of Slgnor'SevLH-ino's (Servo's., real name), which led Referee Bolly. Gavanaugh to make him'the winner on his scorecard. The third inan .In llie ring gave only three rounds lo Robinson, live to Servo and call- e.d two even. Since the rof also took tho second round—his best of the fight; it. seemed to rue—from- Servo 'for an Australian puneh, he hardly had, Robinson in the light. A distinct. 1 contrast Lo the,card of <3ne of the judge's., Gurloy,who made it nine, rounds to one in -Robinson's favor. Judge 'Mealy split, the difference! between these extreme views-with; six rounds for Robinson, three for' Servo, and one even. • . 'i'h boxing; as well as more important things, Lhe eyes of-men obviously do not always see' eye "to eye. They say that makes horse racing.. Perhaps It also makes boxing. {n this instance; nobody: was hurt. Robinson\:presery;ecl his unbroken string of 32 prp.fesslohal and 89 amateur' 1 vlotpr.|es.r The coast •guard "kid made a showing for; which he'-has. no; reasoni ' Co be ashanied. .." ; . ! : > . ;; : 'SCIANT CAUSE / -.'•'..> FOR-'CO.MUIIAINT: 4Au.d Uncle i Alike .Ilncls l^msolf \v)th'n dnndy remalcji on. his Itnnds, I»r'obiif> t ly c ovor the'.lS-rouiid route. So 'iill -inust he well that-ends well, even AI VVeill, Servo's Ppi'l l.v^ pilot, who Ul«l nothiiMl more than lHjfl' ni]«l mill' n hit over tlie. 1 adycrso verdict. ' '•* ;-" '' -'- ; ''; : •And, oh, yes, those who l>et on SIM-VO at odds that climbed to C to 1 at post time not n tin-ill. No money, thouoh. The ymlict or the press Vov^vvns. -thnt the decision wiis decidedly okny? It wns. Bowartj of '"They Say." He's a no- good' guy 'to '.the'roounlry, the; community, or. to himself. He is a pedlpr of' poison ' 1 erate Now York 1J, Philadelphia 7 • .- -..-. j.- 0 .f • . ;;v(nrs-|/gamc). Philadelphia 4, Navy .York £:'•' ' •" ' • ' '•' ••" r ' ". -''"(Bebdnfi, pmo^ Boston 11, Washington:'!' '" ' '.' ' ;'—''"•• •'• '."•;• .': VI V (f;l:r??t gamp). ' Boston 4, \yashlrigJ9Ji' '3 ' ' • : '-' 1 "- '' ' •' 'cn St. Louis 5, Cleveland 4 ; ' ' '' v •-."••"•••'' ' ' .('fJrst game}. St. Loujs. 8, CJeyQland ; 3 / (second 1 game), Chicago 8, Detroit '4' (first game). Second game, -postponed-. , The Standing r V- — '\V. L Now York . ....... , . 31 11 Detroit ....... ...... 2<5 22 Boston. ......... ..... .23- 20 Cleveland '....,.... .24 21 St. Louis ...... .....23 24 .Ghleag-o .... ------ '.,. 18 2.0 Philadelphia ........ -49- 30 Washington ..... ..... 17 27 pet. !535 yjsk ,*3'8& .380 Today's Guinos, I'ltchei's 3No games scheduled today. NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Hesult.s Brooklyn 10, Boston 2 ' (first game). Brooklyn 3,. Boston 1 (second game). New York 3, PiUl'adelphia 2'' • (first game). New York 7, Philadelphia i (second game), .St. L'OUls. 3,-Ohi-cago 0 - •'.' ; . (first ,game), Sec-Ond game, postponed. Cincinnati 8, PlUsburg'h 2 (first game), ClnclnnaW 3, Pittsburgh 0 ' (second game). .500 .467 .413 .304, The Standing... W. L. Pet Brooklyn .32 13 .711 St. Louis ,,..,.,.... 25° 18 .581: Boston 25 22 .532 New'York ....' ..23' 23 ,500. GinciriJiatl 22 ,22 filVlcagp .,21 24 Pittsburgh ',: 19 ,27 . Philadelphia; I/. 32 Today's Games, PHciiors : "'No'-"gariies scheduled' today. BIG CROWDS WITNESSED MAJOR New York, June 1—(UP)—Major league baseball 'had another, ."big turnout Sunday with • a total ' of 11)3,6.89 at tending tho. clgh t'' ga'mcs. Saturday's Dcconation Day double- iheaclcrs d.rcw It)8,l-i7. '"•''. ' Sunday's attendance figures follow 1 : - . ; ' American Lenfjne Now York ''at Ph'il'adelpliia .. 35,137 Chicago at Detroit ..;:...•.... 29,152 Washington at Bos-to-n .'...••.. 23,137 Cleveland at SI. Louis .8,181 Nntionnl Lenijue St. ,Louis ,al; Ohlcftgo;'......' Bosl.on at Brooklyn Ph|l:idqlph:|a • at 'Ne\y :--York Pittsbur'gli at Cincinnati , . . ;'Tbtal both leagues '. 05,007 34,185 29,104 18,072 16,7,21 98,082 193,089 JOHN (GK/VRFJELDi, NAN€Y dQLEMAiN TODAY - THRIUS TH» SCRIIN HAS NIVIR if IN «'THK IMSItFECT SNOB" * « v i t "» B US Y,,CHAMP, ,-.,', ^ >'«•)', v tu I f *1',< By Jack Sbrds, Yarikeesi lexers lunning 7 :.- 1 ".'^'"": ..• V" € ;^^kX:-;-^~-.-'..'-:...f :-'^. -•-K-•..•. t ; J . v , i -r ' . ^i•^i••^^V> i ^,^^i^^•'^•'•^ • ^v^'itff»,bfi '- ' • '^^^ :f ^|p:^ii^^ Golf Course -,Vs>And In Fine & West Hartford,*"- Conn., June 1—,. (UP) — TJie . New. England, tennis cliamploris'hlps -fiegaii 'iodaV on the cpur ts pf, -lib e 'Hartford. G P.lf cl ufc. ' tiafdrier ' Mufioy, ', Coral Gables, Fla,, was top-seed in the men's division; folloSved' l by -Fratifelstto- Scgura, KcimdPr; Chauncey D. Steele, Cam- rjiMdge '-Mass.; Harris Everett, Jack- so-hvllle; ; Paul' GulbpHI, 'Hartford; £eymPur Huhter, ' 'Me^rpse', Mass.;' Dpiy ' iVlchardson, Springf.iel.d 1 J cpl- 'ierfah'.'cb'11'cge;. .'', . "'Hope' Knp>yles,.. Avon, \v-h,o won title Con necl'icu t''s t ate champ lonsn.i p. last >yeek;,''heads the women's,, l.I,st; Leaders in The Invincible; > '• '• i v.-""' " -.i'-V .'.' ! ,•'- .i;^^ clone;; aJ3put' ;; tlic 'vyarilcees '' are running. could be and the . ^---.-, . ... away with the .pennant -races. , . The Yanks, ..wftji, an: eigjit- game/ lead, look- invincible, .even;/'with; lliiblr liower : 'hi(tbrs,' Joe" DiMaggiO; and Charlie °-Kdller,/; in:,; baiting slumps. DIMaggip^iH bitting. .25o and Kelleiv .2'37:. ; ;. ,.','.J".' ;-" ';'• '' . "•//;."•,-,,'"• Th e D ocigers,. w'i th J a slx;-gam e • 1 cad; can't; .seem do"-no-. wrong.:; Some- of the .clubs'and ' phiyers; ; in • the, league already'ba ; ve-; l iV;^p.:.Tim>-- my- Wilson,- Gub pilot, ; lias :been; cIub ted th a t 'nobo'dy'v'ea n 'stop Brooklyn. 'Lloyd- "Warier,.' Phils', veteran; predicted yesterday- :.the woul.d w'iivby 10 •games.',,.... One' of the .main' reasons Yank's and-'-;Dptigers .have- ing leads IsHheh;/ability^ .. , offv the weak.' Tlie %hks Jh :the ;r -niglHc£i>S^fe^^ "Harris 1 ' fourVliil^^lVltch'Ihg. .'JQ^^'Oor 'rt^',\ "WAr'- !> -fWnA 1 iii v "*mia- .,Jrir'lhe fShnrinft : bi£yemiitt •In'tb^puntl^ placV'by' fcak ; •|ng-' a^:pair: ? f.i;pi1i; 5tlie/ Indians,.' 5-V atitl: S-3.' .b'lcjofr '',' Aiiker -hurlfcd.. Ji'is 3pvei}UV Victory' aiidj 's tar ledf,-th£ 'wlri- niiig"; : "r,all3'" Mh;;'th§i;qpeiter,>Jphnny ,I^igge!iV,g ! - h'u.hg^Vip'; hi.s_. ^fl'fll^'Avrn'^.Jn •*\ - ',.:,.-.i ij.^. 1 ••:• ^| 1 ct;\oaabf3;.and > ,y,cr- and' "the ; ; p odg.erp clUU "l.lUUJ{*iV ,irii>v u "'" ">". -^Y - ., circuits witft; twp mates'^ on in., the 'ni^iicapV';. yM: ;^ ,'";.;.'', •. . • ' :.. .'.'= Altlioiigb:::]p9ing'to : ihc WhiteSox, Detroit "gained 1 second -place.:' A- i.lve- vruui rally in the"lOt-h enabled Chicago to%trim- ; tlie"TIJgQrs, .;9-4, ; wit!) Ed ^yo'ns : -irelping.\wiiv- Ills: own .game "witli : a> two-run/single.: The 'second •gam'e'\yas; : cancelled. ; K . . ••"',;•?-; ! B,osto;V^tted, Sox v grabbed "- 32 ; victories -from, 'the':: and -Phils ''and ha. games' tp'that:, tviPi ;..•.< .- :.••.,:^ /-.•.--/ Boston/ is .Brooklyn's , dee.p-djsb. apple .pic, : The Dodgers ^valjp'ped the Braves twice 'again yesterday, 10-2'and 3-1, nad 'didn!t have \>-to : work'rip a-sWeat ;to'do-vit.'Evete close decision 'went''a.galnsji .Brfs;tPn- anfi llmiflyThe Braves got so hot and, bothered Manager ; 'Casey ^ Stengel' and .catcher'ClydC':Klutt^^wei;enpss,^ ed 'put of . : J,he ^pener.;.a.nd^P^P.R; Eddie M;iUer'glyeu; the./gate', liv^e- niglitca^ :Max:'W.&tv'wa^^uck^ wSin't elected^tPb,: v ;fpf;"thp dQm'Qn- v sta;tron he'%ave: artor'/yr^lre^paJ?^. I ,.4-JIO JJUOlJ^FI^t-J^I ****** t-'^-r "-\ tJ »•••»•*• -f . _ . . - .- dbublehe'adeivfrom 'Washington, 11-1, and 4 -3 (8' i ri n I ngs,. called i) e eau se p f .Sunday Jaw}, 'moviiig / third ; p'lacc;' Scoirfng $ix runs ; off Buek '^OwsoiTrlir the; first iniiing,ythe Heel; ;S&x^hamimered hini for .14....hits'.'ror; V22^ ; 'bases. " .Toe; ; Grpni n ' h pmer.ecr Ay I th 1 siiigle ''with ; the bases. IpadecK liv. the "' "'ntll' vyph r tlie ! .-nlghtoiiR. 1 •.\, ;'..,.'..: ' "" •• ppUet-.buldue'led Vei;n "Ql- I^ouis ..Cardinal 3-0 vlc- • 'Ch Icngo .'Cups..Weath,. uv ,. .,..3 second -£ame;, ip.-tlie ; iirsji hiriing;.Although tajDped for; 10 hi ts Pollet -kept' -them "widely- scut- J,erecl^ Johnny.. Hopp's;,^ihgle';^oVc .in' tire, JMg 'gun.' ;'Stan. Musjal, card o:utnelderv i'wlatecl-his. ankle^, sliding Jn],o home^arid-liad to bevc-arricd o|T •• l;h"c' ; i\ e 1 d: y e m ay-, ret u i;h t o', th c 11 ne- ;.up": against;- Bo^t'on tomo'r,ro^;..,' .; •'With-' BliokV 'Walters 'and Ray J J JlieUl Cuiiuj.i-'U -wan J'.y-.',,'• <<^ •.-•;:-.•'v,.- • fenbe good^tor ^nly v two .'b'as;es.,^y-. ery'bpdr.iri' tlie park: tliought it;was cither a 'bomer''or v a ; fou^baJL,,yl', was the^ecdricl: tinier th is' seasoirrl?C' 'had a T homer ; tatceii 1 fro:m'him ; .liy ,,t/he. un-ips 1 : CiirV BavisV winning, Koy, 7,, and Wliit : 'Wyaft,:winriing'Wo,-^.md 'the': jiodgm- pi,4h!Hg. kPI*)VW^ r ases '.oTri'SSi" -: swe}it : . ; ';'itv,;ty;'irr'' -.t5'll'l.( Syith ^Pii;t8i?urghVJ8^n'd 3-p; Th'a Pirates Mvnvh' 1 tirtw- •Ibs'fc shine straight, .Wai- : l i^?;-, a^lVoiflpr^ypr^^tlio^.'depIng; 1 rqh ^^P-htj'K 1 Giants^jslxared fourth"place ^yitlr.theVpeds,''taking two frtimM-lve f ' P.h j is 3-2 '• 'fincl 1 7-1 i ; .W 111 ar $ Marsh a 11 hVl'''norn^r-'N : 6 : ;"-Y r ^Uh i Y t\vo--.on, inHhe (ViiuJ'f'P ^-"-"i ri- t 1 r.- ^-rA •• 7 v /fL;' ' " " ' ' ~ i'nihV :: N6/^'.aiH' ^nightcap;. 'B * ' * , * ,O V, \ -•• * '*.'.. ' "„ ••-•'«,» i i - * •. pitcihlii^^tfi^e-'^ vlilwl . w I;de'';the -pjVi'lc witrh^ ^e'^'ioa^d^in'vthe^ope.ner. •:'.",.. A^ftev "'j'u^rtin^;;":^!!; .A^j/" 1 !^ ^S'lilSI!?i&Ife m^^K^m™^^ mcjrj gvtfW^i:.-.pi;-.^S^:-- A --; .%: •; .;,;•;;. .;; -•••.:---^..^l^-;; r.-- ' -''.-.7^;', ... •.v.... y -..^.-.v. fe -^.'rM^.,^^v .^;A:..-- ..:•:-'". ' h^l^li^Sf^Si^;'; Atianup' : Gui^N.;--a;;.,^ i he lanyaepyy.^!!;: fiw? SNveater.had,cieeP t circles .^b, l his ^ey-es:?: ,"He' washed, .^nd us '^oi' '-three .'h urs -.;&* $$&> ' , nervous '^oi' '-three .'h purs -.;&* $$&> ™' :. his ^rJ^V>iMuJev:. v .^, : , . - ;; ' vV'U'S' lira ,ui «'('»vi»i ,••'• -". vv<'f.v-i-•''• • '• it:' The ?sun^'---^ win^d : :W^s'^n'Sitis 1 '^^^^^'' V ^S^' X,,^ A- limvn*' as'^-bigv^ -you^^t. lanltv : fe•-D\V->>M: ,/J^>\V ,^-^ ' ^^^^Ibwi'yeliberiite |novemen^ ' * -i •" ) ' '•' i k ' ^ '• - v ' "l l" '"*'"-"" 'ni fll' t i n * M 111 ill iT^if w" ! 1 ooketl ;a£::tlie;' cup, < 2 Tee t InSA'iiv;'' '•••;' •'.'•"•'" •-.'- '>., '•-•''•.:• v,. •-:•;. • WON SOCCER TITLE ' ' ' Paxytucket, The Oai-a't-ln R: I.,: June 1— "" .OSCA1V-FRALEV St«JV Quests Allowed Once A ... , ._ ,.,:•>,< •.•Vi,,-v\ ••'•i f t >*•'.-•* ' _, (Pa.)"" Tigers ruled as 1 Nationa'l,-Dperr spcci?r e-hanipions' for; the' 'first ''time.'tpdf(y ' •after' defeat- 'in'g•'e "Pavi'tiiclcet Spacer' cluji, : de-: fending 'titllsl-s,'"^'-?," In Hie".".\yindH ' 'lip. 6i' v 'a/two'-jgame total-goals' series. . : \iW«»!|i | l-'-. 1 <v v -M] i •>••''- ^--r-M it .'•-«•• Ji i •"—«»« wi mm$. -^^te ^?'S * ife%affi^^;i;i?te ^^^^->SSfc ^^''^^-?r^ { v\?fem^^mnew ia?M crowd k r ne;W It, top. VThe : lanky fellow stepped up IP the InQrQdJbly little 'ball and he ,44.uSn;ted 'along the 'path ,tp the Incredibly tiny pole in the v^st sweep of green.":He'stamp.edMhis,fop^ He jerked; at bis ';hat. -''He g^])ped ills club l -untll ! -his' knu'ckles crackeci faintly^'thrbugir tilfe 'Inish then, after ft ''pause that seemed :tp last un-' til the •silence -was strai.nea to a., breaking'; point, 'lie/tapped the ball and;sciU, it .rolling, pn.^its. way: . Stra'jghV"•'•'for- llie p.i.n..' the little' ban''$ped.- As it ii;pproached its 'goal ii/slowed and i>y. the .11 me.;'it.,was- an : MriclV' i: away It seemed, to falter, arid ''cpiTje'-'-al-most.: to a standstill^ ln ; tba r t fraction .Of :a second thatf makes or'"breaks a iputt, .it ^yasS on the lip;'over'and in. It fell with' the sound of a bucket Iropplng into a'well: aiid, as lV-'.Tcll. Mie' ; frown, 6\i t'he lanky'.fellow's, face, itiqlt^ away, "and" in its."place there, carne; a grin. ': .'",-, ; .. • . ... : "The crowd broke out wiM.i a cheer, and surged on -to the tee aheadj! but the lanky ••fellow l.oo.ked again; at:'the sky ^ri'd ,h'6. •saM"/£o Him-, self, r ln : •'&/ small',-, higli voice/ Uiat. hof'Si>i ot:'the-'3;0pp' peopievhenrd; • "•• "Ah's' got it;' A1^s"Teany got. It; now." -.'" ,.'. • '.' -.;' . ," - -•;. ':."And §aniuel Jackson; Siiead,. t^ie, questJqn-tnYarkv-.nian^v^bf? golf, was ; J ; Tius 'time 'h-e really iha'd' It. JSp-i;' more than' a dozeii people, kneA\' he 'Had Hi' i'Pr the .end: of the, rainbow was s!.U.I'over the hill. Sam. wVs 't\vo down when 'he sank thai; 12-fopt -putt -and tlie 'amazing Cprp;' Jim'my'a was showing.: rio: is'lffri of : spnVUng at 'the :se'ams. 'The: .swiirlta cprppra'!., playijig'. w i t,l>. 'ccim'plete .*d0ta0hmeiH o.f a twp-j year-old c'lvild,' .was*'giving'(is good; as :he'got and he. wasn't giv-hig any-'; 'thin'g'-'for free. : ; .' ; .'/.-'.- *' •But by, the time Sam turned the,, three-quarter (pole -be had won two:: mPre holes and. as -be and his stocky; rival 'crossed ; the 'highway, to. be->: gin"' ythe lasi; la;p on "the. 28t'h -tee t/lie mAtoli \vas' all squared ia\yay;;! In ''andliber three (holes' ; . Sam whs', two up himself, .and. then,' after a; few dodged, bitterly fought halves,he ciinch-ed his first national -.title;. Avlin'^n'e of tlie truly great s-hots, fiv-^ihis silver anniversary 1 P..O.-V crlllns, be- persons In By u. r. Atlantic City, N.,'J., .lune l—(UP). —Samuel Jackson Sneud, the slop- shouldered •"lli'lV-billy" who cahie down "out of the mountains of VI r-. ghiia \vlth the smoothest swing in ?olf. : history, prepared today for in-, .ductipiv iri'to tlie navy after winning golf's"-' greatest, prixc—the PGA .Championship. '. •'•'.Only a; fe\y hours before lie .was 'to be called to the colors—and after 'seven. 'years of trying—the sweet-swinging mountaineer Jlnally crashed through tq. o major goll. chahipJonslhip 1 'at. f^eav lew "Country club" ycstle/rday -'wheiY lie ^efe.ftted Jimmy 'Tun)esa, the 1 little coriDpral from If.ort D,lx,-N..l, 2 and. 1. . ' ! Th Is victory was ••particularly sweet to'Slammin' Sam,'one of tlie game's' longest. liiUcrfi, iris blow ups—such as t.hat eight which cost • him'tlie'19.30 ^National Open cbam- •iiloiishlp—iVa'd earned liim a repu-. tatlon as strlotiy a front runner. But tlie 1 lot!Springs,"'Va., profession nj threw" the 'lie at his f o re" a' ga 11 er y of 4 ,OCK1 yesterday's PGA llnals. : '"Sncatl made them moi^e .than eat Inc'ir AVords. For he was three doWiv -.the way through the 30-holo IJnal with tlie steady little corporal, u, giant-killer who had turned back 'two vavorltes—little Ben llogan and. liig Ryron Nelson. The. Virginian r,e- fused'to yield, however,, and be 'evened the match at the .27th and then won in the strctch. ' The shot .that gave him the title was probably tlie most sensational of' : the silver'anniversary tournament in which/ i02 professionals teed off a'weekT*go. , ., ,..,. 'Snead had the conquering corporal .dormjed' ,on tlie 34th, down and two to go. Hut this the same spot that Nelson, standing tournament favorite, •had Turnesa in on the.previous day. Nelson dropped: the last two holes, evening tlie-'matcli and then lost to .theSNvar thy'soldier on .the :utn •hole. ".'.,/' ,. Slammin' Sam's drive on this..3itb Sole was over ^the green,' behind a mound, 00 feet from the pin. Tur- nesa drove tire green on this snort, 'hole and was • the cupi H was tl.ien billy hustler chipped cup for a birdie two Turnesa's putt for a tory. DK'A. E. Aiider&on, Henry. Glcs* , ski and Rred Xph'iho were narneji- Iho new tournament committee 'at .the llopbrook country club <at axni^tliig or the hoard. ol> dljfeclQra lieUt,: w«t, TUursday' evehing.' , All : (Actors we're present, .y)th the^pxoeplion of Cong, "adseph^E'/'^raltiot'Ih'd'-Ally. Thomas Neiiry. . V \ v, The llopbrook epurse J|tts been compicjlqiy rqnovatetrand berating expenses/ have,, hep^ r.ea^ced to;, .«conditions. '"Tlio.^rcch^/^aftil^-^t? way.s are i n epccelfon t, ^qiiql-M.^AW*?. plans have been 'inacje. to quorate W»e ciuh continuously ,'iu)ti) Novertmer 1st;' , ,.' ' ' v -.. ;" :., • ---^.-V^lV Green" fees for guests ^av^ij^en set for $i.OQ, Ht ^ times a\id they will .be a\pSvcU Co pi Ay Vhj?;:C9.we phce a mpntli. MdmDo.p dfj'tUe, um^ \ylvo'' ore suhjcct to. selective 8^rVTc,c call \vj.|l l>e. aHp\v t cd't^' bay.diifieujr ° Tlie imilcbies liv the, U. ^..^ub^r tournammii: 'Will stoVV .'-tomorrow avcniiig ' hrirt vwjil M-'.P.^^ilAi?^™ TuesdayVeveniiig \inlll. 1 the,' Hcb^d^e 3s'completed; , ;.",'.-•. .:.,.>]. 1 Johh -Ciesiewskl; cUairniai| of; the handlcjappbig .' ct)mmn.t«io, has I 'ajti- nouiiced that the h^u^lc^Pf : ^V boing figured ami' ^rHnj^a -A^i the % liandlcap'Vourhament win start as soon as l-hi-s work Is. completed. ''• ' ' * -"•-'• * - .— + • »——.— ... . two was out- bad Foleymen Have at Two, More: ftamai to, Wi'th NaugjiCiick'high sehpoln victory FrJ(iay ovor AVilby hlgh\.by ? i» score .'of 8-3 the .Polcymen. .are ,n/ 'leading the, Valley ' ha.sehall league >ylt)> nix a Dingle defeat .for a . . . , That' was ''a '60-foot chip wtyicli. -purled )rt to Wie' cup 'for a birdie t>*b i; o'ri : - the 35th. , Thai \vas tihe shot which .officially; Won the big silver cut) .aqd the. $2,QCK) : whlclr Sam' prbmpUy' invested «ln ' Defense- bonds. \lj, was a terHfic. shot, bu't* to Silm 'i : t wasn't hajf \tlve '•shot thal' : 'he had made^back' on', tli-e 24th. He sald%s rhu6h> himself a|3 ihb.'.'fouglil 1 throng' h; the 'crowd: and' headed for '' 1 - " ' ' '"" ... :>yhen thai- chip' '.'roiled i ; :hp'm^,". 'hedrawTed. "But- 'a'h felV'mM.^MhptteV. w|.ieii, a'b i made, \<\itit' .putt -oil"' 'tflVe ^cphd; nine. Ah: Uya4p'.'-l^'^ spijr a p p i cs ii n U 1 ' ' then s 'a'n d .a li •'•• k n 6>v tli fit ir ah didni; shVk. •'$."'*$. mi^iit hot 'dity. Ah 1 'Just. Sia(i; Weil^-he ;dld'. dp^Jt 1 - and how/; we; car|'•:file-away those 'that" Slam-» miii; 'Sani " is :vth«"''greatest natural' ;golfer', ,Iiv : th'e- world—mat .$'< ! ";.frqnt-' -25 feet from Ihat the. bill- one .Into, the nnd conceded 2 and i vic- o'clocb I n : league con testa. : postponed' gam 6 ' with ' h'lgli-wii also be played l)we - : if Jit- I.H 'possible to \vedge v ^iu.^63nllii8.1| % '3i). v on the' closing week fl League standing: 1 "" . '" Naugat-uck. Wilby .. Gilbert Crosby . Torringlon Ansonla , The Bluebirds >of iNaugatuck lost their first -j?ame in -the Pom^eraug league at '.Recreation field' yesterday afternoon when the Bethany •'Hilltops touched up Hube MUior >for ten bi.ts 'and Ms tcnnvmalcs add- M to the Bethany victory, 7-i, by ' 'OCprding $ costly errors, Reg Grab! o\vski ol Bethany allowed 'the Birds only three ..scattered'hi.Is, and fanned ! 14,'"''However -he allowed nine free •.passes .bu{ was able to tighten in !)he pinches and' 12 of the Birds Averc left on Iwse. Slle of Bethany scored a triple and a 'homcv and lohnsoh also made .a circuit clout for tho Mill tops. 1-n'a len-inning contest Middle\bury defeated Sandy -Hook, 8-3, and the* Naiigatuck Grays made <It a complete day of defeats for borough .aggregations by a one-sided score of i/«-2. the standing: . _ : • .W, L. Pet, J3ethany ' 0 j.opn. Middlebury 1 0 i.CHJO Woodbury, } ° - 5( ^augatuck B.B .....'1 1 -5] Sandy 1 look i 2 .:w N Y duga,tuck G ............ 0 •« -000 SPORTS- ttOB'lNSON ......... ROBINSON WINS IN ',.-. - ' •' r\*. ;-i^-.••:••• 'ji-J 'f -500 TO NEW PRESTON .. ••, --' .••-.,•;.; -' :••]. <<>'<\V>-'is'lh ' ',}• : • -^ i. - \\ .• • .•- v :.-...i. s -\ \ f n.. .wnr ,\y ; Qn\t'i)e, ;ennpTl;[ng"7iii:;'m)|l'tary 'abryl^e Sam' li a s ;a6 ( (ed sCriclly according '|b;' character;'""^Asj.d^f'rom^^iSi/goltvQUK p'erstitjons, he. has' only pnc- ijrdlija. iThat i.s^a^r; ; ; ; §aj|ri: )ras l^ieeii sick Myeiry llm«" lie .'fcye^.';..?ji.^'s-.''..«tep.pfcdf Jii'tp'; a.;J56 ; /it ;-;an4; V h,;e/;"liates '"the'- very-; sou rid of vthe seav' ;• 'B'ul)'. '-ti-ijie''' to Siiea<j triidition> Sam -has;; :ii^yy',":['.'L : •''"•' •'-/;-...V' ; " M A moco , 'The secpn<£i round -of the Kickers' "Tournament' played a-t the. Hop B.i 1 o ok Co u n try' club Sa |,u rdo y was >ybn by 'Pliil Rotolnsoi) wilb Henry .Cioslewskl finishing In second place. The' nex-t round'in this tourney will b.e\-])laycd on "Saturdo.y of.'11)is week. Thai odd piece, of ijd a hn.vcr if; you use the Classified incdtiim. t . • . • ' I Chrysler and ,plympujBli S"? fr '^>' f "•"•' v -'l.^' '•'.,.,•<"•' 'N'" "' '•* . , G.M.C. Trticka § if, C. Rayiikwich i -'*.,,";:•;» ^ § ACJCESSORIES IDC soijf ii A 6 to 2 lead at the cn4 Ot second jnning-gftvo the Nr>< ~ ton Hi Hies an easy vibtbry;^^. r v - Higlilanders of ]sjaugfll ! uc^ In 4iCop? tral league game piayc.f yp^-»-»' uj'ternoon at \y^lil|^t'-- with Naugaluck falling l,, T . . ler the- first- ihn|ng, .Timely ;nlttjpg, bv the HIIlies and costly '?rror« p Wclsman\s men \vero ,responsible for tho rout of the localsV'\yhlcii ended 0-2. ••' •';,.-.; ., ^ .• Manager Ray Cborniske had'a po.r- feet day, three hits and tw6 walks to. lead the attack. ; PeJ,^]lis, tyi two Jilts for tbc;jilghlandc.rjjV. v,;' Bert Calhbun' struck 6u\, elgfii. and allowed six Jilts.. M^'lfjo fanned' six and gave \ip^ eigHU;.^{er tics. The score by Injiln'r""' ^ vv New Preston ..\.. ,152'00. ^ Naugatuck ...... 200.000 0 B. Calnoun and ;|L ,Vj Cliernlskc; Mariano 'and \y»i The standing: Bristol ....'.., •••••, Oakvllle ..'..' •••••',: Naugatuck Winsied ••New' Preston -• • New Britain * New Milford ......... .v7 Merideii ,,...,...-.,,.,.. In other Central league.. Bristol Townies' defeatC'd ah), 0-'}; pal den, J-0 anci:^ from the Nc\V > * • • .; .'•"" '^ .Br fMV fe Hartford, EVBN- , Cphn;v ^j^ •Hartford nn4 "SprUigflcld Eastern' league d^J^ 1 ' -.-. ' • ,•-v -r i<-- .', r ;,.'•". • . v / \ •• 409<

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