The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1934 BLYTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Ci4s§if IED SECTION - Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»lly rule per due tor consecutive Insertions'. (Five average, woias to » liue) One time per line; 1*: T»'o times per lino |>er day .. Die Three llmc» per lln* i»r day .. Me E!» thne* pjr UM pel day .. 06c fonth r»te per lire* We Minimum charge bOe ' Ads onlerea :o r liiree or w nines »tid slopped betore explr* t ; on will be chargco for the uuui ijer ot times the til »[ipeared »iifl ot bill made. FOK HENT—House at 1131 Walnut St. Newly dccoraKd Inside j and out. D. W. McDearinan. *?£ *JE^5EL ILawnder on Old M'USOH,! Rcvivetl Old abl« prices. Mrs. •'!'. It. !lU tut Cherry, I'liunc (i illi ever were; Ircc-. ] ConWIn. of IX-eljts nnd Allx-il Brl- R e «» Went ,v their couruhli] I w ot Newark, The hrlde- ndinll- V led having iviu-lie-d lisr lain I Koom With Haiti, }.5fl, $.75, ?!.»». Or *2.5» »P tu If3.50 * week. 1'i-a- > Hotel «vtr lieu Franklin Slure, Maiu and Broadway. B-ck-l-o |, I'llKLI'S. N. | N. Y., lar:ii.-r. i-ourli'd the ' 1,-r 01 ;e lanner neur lu-re, elH'i -- .Sixty IrlhLV. Nrwiirk, d:r.i£h- whlrli pie- plolsied thai if boll lircy would re-new nnd iw^ibly mitriy Ht-vpu yenrs ago Ililsec-i ivlU-dlcit. Ki-V(T;il months ii(!ei, In- locutril nnd e'.UU'd ii|Xjn his ritil' siveet';ie;ut. llk'ir cemilshi|> line) ilee-ieLcd lo mar. IV. havlim ila illc iviu-lie-d t hinting Jils 81." . In National Park NATIONAL, 1'AIIK, APARTMENTS: FURNISHED 3 looin upslni.s; UNFURNISHED room elownsuilis. 11113 W. W:il- ml. Phone 303. • I M»nl. iUI'»— Hours cry Jusl like hu- Ile-njainln Vrmiklln nllcnilnl [mans, only lliey slicd larKfr Iwrs. cliooronly'lwo jvin-s — bctwcrn Uccordlns to linngi-i- lien C. Miller. K- iiBe-s of 8 uml 10. | Miller henrd n cry '» Die |>;iixi roccnlly Biirt trained his binoculars on a niollicr bear and two cubj. One \v»s being left behind and wa* crylne; He displeasure. Miller .says, "Tears us big R'S baseballs were rolling down the cub's diccles." Read Courier News Wain Ad*. Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. lck-11 NOW, WHO'S CRA/Y? VMV," WOTTA V MUG'N ME ? I GOTTA TBU5T S'A OWE/ By Huilta / AVI, NO VA ( TWOUION'T flE .._ <t Vro«VA,OOP.' 1 GOT rl y A \ TOO MUCH ON VM I / . ^. ' ^.s All' UlftKiined Aflverllsiinf copy ii'bmltled by pcrso!^ residing out- »lde ol llio clly irusl be »ccoui- pcnled by ca&li. Kates may be etclly computed torn above table No respoDiiollltv will be Uken lor more tlinn one Incorrect In Kitlon ol any classified ad. Adverllsuig ouiuea Jor uregu- *r Insertions uik>- tbe one tune PHILLIPS' USED CARS SEE OUIt liSKI) CAKS AND DOSIPAKE rUIULS HKFORK VOL BUY - - KI:AL BARGAINS! '33 MKS. L. M. BUKNKllt announrts tilt; upenin^ of boninier in lyjiing, btiorthand, bookkeeping, fall" CHKVR01.KT COACH. Looks and Jluns Like New SU7 FORU TUDOR. A KcAl Buy S171 •J8 CADILLAC (.'OUTE. New llubbtr, Kuns Ciwd 5101 •29 GKAHAM I'AlfiE '" OUUOKC1I , SE1>AN. A UargLiiri 511- by 7D PLYMOUTH lleal Buy ... COACH. A ? 93 •29 FClHD COUPE. Ken- Tires. No Jiade ................ » 6D TRUCK SPECIALS '30 CMC TKUCK. Large Body, Guod Tires '52 CHEVROLET TKVCR. CC. A Baisain •31 FORD CLOSED CAB uf. s r'j 'i'" cs ........ •• '3U 'DOHGE PANEL TRUCK 5 1 ' 89 * USKl) CAR LOT Cnrncr Isl ^ Walnut Sis. I'hotc BIO - 811 The Opportunity You Have Been Looking For We arc hiring men ana women v,ho arc interested In cither parl lime or lull time work. Our new sales plan lor selling the Household Magazine is very lucrative, and our offer Is so attractive that experience isn't necessary. Your opportunity unlimited. For further information write R. L. Harrington, 46li6 Cap- SALESMEN WANTED—No layoffs, wage cuts or hnrd times for Hcberling Dealers. We offer steady- year around employment-soil direct lo farm trade full line home remedies and household pioduccs. Many make S40.000 weekly or more. Write quickly. G. C. HEBERL1NG COMPANY Uept. 62, Bloomington, 111. 30-c-k-4 PUBLIC nm uu\v operating the lilythc- vinc mile iiu ol .ice Isaacs' formerly oppos jiAKTNlCK l-'nsto bialion L^dies^Bcautilul Silt Hose. Slightly Imperfect. 5 pairs Sl.UO. I'osi- paid. Sa'listarlion Guaranteed, fconouiy Hosiery Uo.,AiheUoro.N.C. WondciTuI Tarjiains in good used ckclric rclrigcnilors and ieo boxes. new electric lans Also fan repairing. Used and CHEAP. Bargains in used Ilclco light plant and batteries. K. 15. GEE SALliS CO. len JLiin Si. i-iuKLiNO pEi\ciiiiS & TLUMS. DR. L. S. BRISCOE. 23-Ck-ll Second Hand LUMBER. Al old Creamery I'ackarjc Co. Oak. Gum, Pine flooring: Uriel:; ti" roofiiia. See J. Mcll Biooks, C. M. Haxtcr, or City Engineer L. E. Tull. 12c k'l-12 Second h^nd furniture houghl and sold. Inqttirc I'nrlihurst Co., 103 E. Main, Ulyllicvillc, Ark. 1e-k7-l HEI'7\llllNt; Kaclorv .luthoriied FIUGIDAiRK SEItVICE Factory Trained Mechanics Day 67—Fhonc—Nijhl 33i E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. Free Home estimates Roofing. Painting. Repairs. HIE ARKMO LUMBlill CO. 10-cl:-7-10 Tcruils Itackcls Uestrung Oveinlght ^rvlce, 4 grades Hnbbard Hardware Co. c-ck-i-e KEEP. YOUR HOME IN GOOD REPAIR When it needs a prescription Phone E. D. Ferguson, "Th? House Doctor." Phone 100. FOK RKNT Mcdr-rn 3 room FURNISHED apartment, 217 S. Uikc. Phone 469. ' 23c kit 3 rcoui FUKNI5IIKD Apartment piivalc hath. 401 S. Lake. Me k2 FURNISHED Apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 633. 5-k-1-5 CirciuusUiK-i-s . vi'iilfit ilii'lr iimrri<i);e-. Kuril mar Uii|Xilnled TUB ARK-MO Hhiinly iiru-rwiuUs there OUR BOARDUNG HOUSE HI . MUG .' Uoviz/% ALONG ANY GUS' "PO-0 "BOYS, SEVEN / PASSES \N A "ROW- WOW I MODERN a room [urnislied or unfurnished iirmrtmenl WEEP—OR, AS THEY SAY IN TV-\t HIGHER CIKCLES AND Drug Ctorv. I 1 ". Simon. Call 161. 30-ck-tl FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dou- Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30-ck-7-M CLEANERS, TAILORS I.lnen suits, hand Ironrd and tailor ed shaped are nice and root tbcse hot days. 1'honc 171. Unique Clcanlnz Service IM NOT \ VOU'RE 6ONNA BIZ.' &UPPOS1N' { 1 VJAS TO TEIX QUEEN ROBBED OUT TH' V INCfJlfAiNMIMG rOOTPRlHTG Op \ TIV PARTV W\\O BEftNEO V PRINCESS, VIONDBR VF THEV VJERC. OOOUS'S ALTOM01IVE Save 'lime and Money uslns our complete stock Auto Krplacemem 1'aris llubbard Hardware Co. \utulnutivL' Dept. - - I'honc 476 U-ct-'l-ej SALESMAN WANTED LJCKL9 NU66ETS BOOTS AND HKR KUDDIF.S VitVV DREAMT A,\\ DE . V\E ^Vi' Wfv'b AU WOVt .159 , OKI licr Bids;., Topeka, Kans. OT DE A.M., Dt TOOT "VOE eoMtTv\\vi' AWUY. A, UP O^^ A-Y.-V AV.OWE. WASH TUBUS SOMETHING BETTY L/VJC'S BIRT.VRAV? ) LriTEtl, SOU GfiP, I'M ' / TRVIHS TO SOLVE A MVSrERY. KASY'S SI,KKVKV / WHY, BUDDIE, HW I ON THE VERV DAY HER OLD MAN y\'AS V BUMPED OFF. I HAPPEN TO K1IOW. ,BLAMED IP V,llA.r HER BIRTHDAHAS TO 00 WITH WHO KIILED HER CUD MAN. SAVf MAVBE . YOU'RE SMfWTER'N ITllOUOHT VOU WAS. JUST WOHIJLR'MG RETTV AV IS. C«,HII.>: v.r, sy GOLLV. i'n VVOT I'eiRuMovr A'to HER WIIH A PBF5ENT. SALESMAN SAM ' DON'T STAMD HERE uIKU ) A OOMM-/! G'WCM ftFTER THW / R.06BBP.! / OPOP THATcSOW ER I'LL LET FW WITH THIS BOMB', ^,_ jf f y 3H.OH! WHM f\ FOR MEf THftT STORE'S OOT' TH 1 UE.RY THIMQ I NEED RIGHT,SUV! :OME-AN'GET ME! THAT'S DH'TBRENT YOU >M3'J FRECKLES ANI> JMS Sd'.PLV T SHALL I GAY? ^ :• .;Ll ':. iA/.'l'M 1 KiCKED YOU^ OR SHALL I SAY,'' I'M AIM so GOOD"...COSH.... 1 DON T kMOvV HOV/ TO SAY IT !! >tXJ kMCY/, DADDY HAS BEEN TSOUBL= V/ELL, THAT kICK JUST ScEMSD TO WtWK A MIRACLE... PADE>Y'S VERTEBRA ^ BACK INTO PLATE.... WASN'T THM Xs LUCKY /BoVoeoy IT SURE OH, FRECKLES T.'M SO CtAD CAME....DAK3Y I JUST TALKIf.' ABOUT YOU VERTEBRA FOR WEEKS.... AND : IAT YO'JRE ASKING O? I'/E uo you REMEMBES WHEN You KICKED HIM? Old I,iue Eastern Life Insurnnce Company wants high-grado man to represent them in Biytheville. Must have wide acquaintance town and county, good background, and successful record of production. Send replies % Courier News. 29pk2 ANNOUNCEMENTS Tlie Courier Ne*'S lias been au- Uiorizcd to announce the following as candidates lor public off Ice, subject to the Democratic prlmar- next August: For Kepresentallre IVY W. CRAWFORD CURTIS J. LITTLE For Conntr Judge ZAL B. HARBISON OEORGE W. BARHAM For Member of Congress CLINTON L. CALDWELb For Sheriff «nd Collector CLARENCE II. WILSON for He-election Jor Second Tern For County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH H. B. (SKEET) STOUT For Cauity Conrt Clerk FRED FLEEMAH For Re-Election for Sod Term For R. L. (BILLY, OAINE8 U. C. (1K£) HUDSON For Constable of Chtfkwwtaa Townihlp JACK ROBERTSON

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