Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1977 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1977
Page 12
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U—The Pharos-Tribune, jgpnsport. Ind. PEANUTS ~ BLONDIE Monday. October 10, 077 FOR AW FUTURE CAKKX. 1 HAVEDEClPcPTOBE A ' AWPAPI5A5ARBER, lDl/Sc£,ANPlF"lSORT OF FOLLOW IN HIS FOOTSTEPS, THAT UOULP 0E SHEAR PELIiSHT! HAHAHAHA JU5T.A LITTLE HUMOR THERE, MAVW1,8EroRE WE BREAK FOR LUNCH FRANK* ERNEST FlWflLLY ffErfM GMl *£ OF MY SAILED INTO THE OFFICE ( I'M GETTING ) > MARRIED 'Ot I ( WHAT GOOD IS 39<SOiN<STO • OO YOU? BUZ SAWYER FPAPDY.' LET'S TAKE Twe"\/ r SUT HOW~! f PADDY -^W BUT, PARLIMS, EGG SACK. TO ITS MOTHER.) COULD YOU CAM FIND T THERE ARE ' THERE'S A &ABY BIRD ^/ PIMP THE THE RlSHT J HUNDREDS BEETLE BAILEY VOIJ KNOW WHAT THEY'RE SOINS TO PUT ON YOUR TOMBSTONE, BEETLE? PO YOU THIMK YOU (SOT TO HIM? C&I6H) HE WAS COPXINS IT POV/N ON A LITTLE PAP WHEN t LEFT PUCKY. THERE'S A HIGH WINP. i DOUBT WE MARY WORTH TO ESCAPE THE UNUSUAL HEAT, KAREN HAS TAKEN STAN TO A | IAKESHORE BEACH FOR SWIM— I'VE REAP THAT LAKE ERIE WAS BADLY POLLUTER KAREN/-'- xcu'Re LUCK/ TO HAVE A CLEAN BEACH NEAI TOUR HOME/ yes.' THE COUNTY RECREATION' PERARTMENT •HAD A CAMP FOR GIRLS HERE LAST SUMMER.' KERRY DRAKE SWEAR r HEARO In the ferrow house, Papa Has begun to remove the ^ Renoir camas ftem its frame. 'ffft n £?" ' SOMETHING' < Upstairs, Peke has gone into hie governess' room... fl WWN' SOME MiLfc-PL£AS£-| UH..HUH?.,. ? / WH — UH ,.. UK.. tVHA' ? BORN LOSER MSSGINSER-/*&»??, ^ ^^ THAT'S PISCRIMINATION.'-" SOYS NEEP A PLACE TO SW!W\, TOO/ THERE WAS A CAMP FOR THEM--ACROSS THE LAKE — UNFORTUNATELY.' y 'UNFCRTUNATELY'i YOU SOUND LIKE A FEMALE CHAUVINIST, STEVE CANYON ? 2vl But tke nurse drops off into dead sleep again/ ^UcLOPewrW&fts WH.LSEJI5T A56000ANV- WHKte! BflT-WEREAL ...B'< REASON POU.Y LOW3NI6HT5 WINTHROP 3 Great quantity 4 Slip up 5 Wicked 6 Last Supper cup 7 One-time Mideast initials 8 Motor 9 Employs 10 Spanish painter 14 Algerian port 17 Cut down 18 Hip bones 19 Italian painter by THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 2 lawyer 1 Gave relief to (abbr.) 6 Indian holy men 11 Cubic meter « Contact by radio 13 Favored roomer (2 wds.) IS Jackie's late mate IS N'- - cepas? 17 Store special (2 wds,) 22 Gridiron number 23 Brief report 27 Like some notcpapcr 28 Rambled 29 Anagram of nail 30 Hit the sack 31 R.E. Lee's horse 33 Priest's vestment X Colorado Indian 37 Marx Brothers film (2 wds.) 43 Mete out «!Arg.,Bol., Venez., etc. 15 Loony 41 Cheer DOWN 1 Ending (or lion LAW YOU'LL Saturday's Answer 20 Happening 21 Ham • it up 24 Satanicai 25 Bare 26 European river 28 Setback 30 Evaluate 32 Baseball's Staub 33 Spirited horse 34 Ms. Falana 35 Secede 38 Witticism 39 — d'Aosta, . Italy 40 "— Ramblin' Wreck" (2 wds.) 41 That (Fr.) 42 — long 25 OUR BOARDING HOUSE 't^T.ASIRLLiKE y0u. with Mojor Hoople RIPRIRBY WHV CWN'T YOU PUT , PONT L.0NS T. CAN OPEN. - .. _ BA>CK OFF THE TOM! CO£>M> \ FOR PENNIES.' YtfU A. .S0FA, AMP UP X OI0HTA HAVE TIME BUT WHEN I >T TO .SMELL "ME <Ck TrtE FRIPSE. FLOWERS; ROAM FREE FOR A FEW MINUTES VELVEJ. XDU'VE EARNER IT... REX MORGAN fiifW YOU'LL UNDER DR. MORGAN'S CARE, MISS GLENM COMPLAINS ABOtSr BEING SEEN AT THE . .. . ' OR, ADAM ^ ADAM, sr-f WILL SEE * ONLY AT THE TIME OF" ' PLACATE HER! \ AD/VISSION MONDAY AFTERNOON ; BUSINESS By Roger Bollen Is /IS IT^AV|WA^I^)ATlG^i-..OR I DC? TPE B^icS SEEM TO 8E Oise A<^0sss.ftte: t THEN DR. /VIORSAN • WILL SEE ME ON' TUE5D4X CORNING ?. fi? i you SHOULD NEVER y X>RE I HAVE TOLD vi-* >OU ON? < MRS. BARSC3NS Ys^ND HE»? ^ THAT YOU WERE S^fUFFY SMITH DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE- Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R U LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In ihis sample A i* us«d for the three L's. X for the two O's. etc. Single letters. apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all bints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES KRT AKXTHOH ROEP KRT LXOPSTH, JKB ESKA 'PY CNP YOSBCP JKB HPP 'PY, - AORR XKFPXH Ciyptoquote: DESCRIPTION IS ALWAYS A BORE, BOTH TO THE DESCR1BER AND THE DESCRIBEE. -BENJAMIN DBRAELI I DESPISE SOMEBODV LOOKIN) 1 OUER MV SHOULDER WHILE I'M WORKIN 1 HI AND LOIS t F«|ym S* r. Int. IS THE BI JT ONE I REALLY 1 *4OO W&ULP BE WANT. ^/^ OUR OUTSIDE LIMIT. BUT WE ALSO KNEW THAT IT WOULD PROB ABLY COSTA LITTLE MORE THAN WE EXPECTS?- AND THIS IS ONLY A BIT MORE THAN THE »T Ato OVER WHAT WE EXPECTS? IT TO BE OVER OUR - OUTSIDE LIMIT.

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