Suburbanite Economist from Chicago, Illinois on July 31, 1974 · Page 37
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Suburbanite Economist from Chicago, Illinois · Page 37

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1974
Page 37
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10 Swtion II K Arts-Crafts- Talent contests open Aug. 6 U"M)MIS'J M,V\S|'\|'l HS VM'DM SDAY H I N, i l , 1974 Ford Citv Shopping cm ter. 7601 S Cicero ave is conducting its annual Back ToSihool contest for per forming talent and arts and crafts Auditions for per f o r m i n g t a l e n t a n d t h e s u b m i t t i n g o f a r t s a n d crafts will begin Aug fi K n t r v blanks for the (on From Cartoon town Dirt Dragon and B.J (Bill Jackson) will take over ihe Center Mall stage at Ford Cit., Shopping Center, \ug. ,}. starting at 11 a.m. "Youngsters w i l l receive an autographed picture of B J. and ihe Diriv Dragon during their appearance ai Ford Cilv test are now available at ail Ford Citv stores and at the F o r d C i t v M e r c h a n t s a s s o c i a t i o n o f f u e i n Peacock Allev All com p l e t e d f o r m s m u s t b e returned to our office bv 'Xug 2, accompanied bv a p i c t u r e of the contestant The contest is divided into t w o g r o u p s P r e T e e n s (ages 6 to 12) and Teens (ages 13 to 19) Auditions w i l l continue through Aug 13 and will be followed b semi finals and finals for Pre Teens and Teens Entries for the arts and c r a f t s d i v i s i o n w i l l b e limited to three items in each calegorv, and all entries w i l l be on displav, in the Center Mall, for viewing bv Ford City shoppers through Aug 29th There will be separate c o n t e s t s a n d s e p a r a t e pn/es for each age group and category and the w i n - ners will receive prizes of I S Savings bonds (a total of $900) on Aug 24th at the \ w, a r'i s P r e - n t a 11 o n u remunv Center r i a l ! f 00 p in 'School belles' to 'ring' in fashions The latest fashion new-, for thi \uungi-r itt ' \\ill be s p o t l i g h t e d M o n d a v August 5th at 6 30 P M HI Ford Titv Shopping Center 7601 South Cicero ave The Fshion show r u n w a v will be in the Center mall featuring a selection of fall ans ,v inter ideas to help mothers plan school and partv wardrobes One of the joung models w h o is alreadv set for school is d e f t ) Melisa Seklecki 4624 VV 128th St, A l s i p I l l i n o i s ( - t ' , o n d grade N a t h a n Hale school) green dress and jacket w i t h hood from Ler ner shops Ford Citv and another is Tamm V i r mond 57.5-! Allemong Mat teson (first grade Seidan P r a i r i e ^chool) w e a r i n g s l a c k s u i t a n d checked blouse from Lerner Shops in Ford Cit.v Both girls attend Charmame Dance Studio in Ford Cit Admission is free to the Back-To-School Fashion Show at Ford City Clydesdales to perform, parade Aug. 2 Bring the family to Ford City Aug 2. for a closeup look of the B u d w e i s e r Cl.vdesdales a magnificent team of eight horses, and the shining red Budweiser 3'-j ton wagon the Clvdesdales will be on display in the Ford City South parking lot from 3 P M to 7 P M and will put on a performance, parading t h r o u g h the Ford C i t j grounds Officer Robert Macke of Oak Lawn police department reviews bicjcle safetv rules with Jim Greene: Gregg Crosselt; Dennie Scott, and Ra Wilk Discussing bike safety regulations Good for 1 lollypop Noel Durham and mother , Patricia Durham of Beverly- bank make out the "Vip Kiddie check," printed by Deluxe Check Printers and good for one lollipop. 'VIP Kiddie checks' gain in popularity While Noei Durham holds t h e p e n h e r m o t h e r , P a t r i c i a D u r h a m o i B u v t r l v b a n k Chicago hold- the check that the little miss is learning to write The VIP Kidd;e Check" printed by DeLuxe Check Printers, Incorporated, is "good for one lollipop " B o t h the p r i n c i p l e of correct writing of checks and the principle of checks as A m e r i c a ' s foremost means of exchange (next to money, itself) are taught by the bank in distributing these checks to families, Scout troops, and other organizations Created in 1963, by Lois A Busch, former vice president of Beverly bank, the checks have become increasingly popular in the last decade This fall, Beverly bank expects to expand the distribution of the checks to p u b l i c , p a r o c h i a l a n d p r i v a t e elementarj schools in their primary market area "Many teachers have asked for kiddie checks as a means of instructing their young charges in basic money management and arithmetic" states Victor Apa, vice president of Beverly's Consumer group, "and we are happy to furnish these checks to the schools without charge They are so real that our own tellers have to look t w i c e a t t h e m b e f o r e producing the 'legal tender" they call for, one lollipop in any of an assortment of exotic flavors Beverly bank is also known as the bank which distributed dog and cat biscuits to our customers who bring their pets with." Apa quipped. Dommick adopts new price protection policy Dommick's Finer Food Stores have started a price protection policy T h i s m e a n s t h a t Dommick's will no longer increase prices on items a l r e a d v price marked However, if the retail price on any price marked items should drop in cost, the prices will be lowered and Dominick's customers v-i!l pa the lower price If a can or package shows more than one price mark, the customer will pay the lowest price. "The only exception to the policv will be our advertised items and we will m a k e sure t h a t these specials are prominently identified in the stores." Dominick DiMatteo, J r , president of Dominick's said "In these times of increasing prices, it should b e e v i d e n t t o o u r customers, that we are doing everything we can to help end the confusion with price m a r k i n g If the market goes up, we will sell the price marked items at ihe old pnce and thus pass on the lower costs to our customers "We are a familv oriented business and we want to do even-thing we can to make it easier and more pleasant for our customers to shop at Dominick's. to get full advantage of the lowest possible prices at all times " A JACK E. KLOCFE Lottery tickets available Jack E. Klocke, Walgreen vice president of Drug Store operations, announced that "Illinois state lot- ter tickets are available at all 140 Walgreen Drug Stores in Illinois-from Rockford to Chicago to East St. Louis " Tickets are being sold at either the main checkout register or in the Specialities department. 110 stores prepare to mark anniversary I n A u g u s t o f 1952, E v e r g r e e n P l a z a i n - troduced a new trend in shopping to Chicago and suburbs F o r t h e f i r s t t i m e , residents of the South Side need not travel downtown to shop at their favorite stores. Forty-five stores provided shoppers with a full array of their shopping needs From the b e g i n n i n g , Evergreen Plaza has been a unique combination of large and small shops including such shops as the Lerner shop, Chandler's, F a n n i e M a y c a n d i e s ; Kresge's, Kinney shoes, Singer, Walgreen, and Watlands August of 1971 brings another exciting event to Evergreen Plaza. During the month of August, the center will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary' All 110 stores will join in the festivities, offering excitement and value to every shopper who enters the mall The fantastic anniversary Circus will be s t a g e d in E v e r g r e e n Square Evergreen Plaza things that this is the most important event of the year--and invites you to celebrate with them Twenty-two years of ex p e r i e n c e h a v e m a d e Evergreen Plaza a total shopping center Comp l e t e l y r e d e c o r a t e d , Evergreen Plaza offers many comfortable shopping conditions, such as completely air-conditioned malls and stores, ample parking space; strollers for young children, and 110 stores to shop in F o u n t a i n s , f l o r a l arrangements and conver- s a t i o n a r e a s a r e a l l provided to make a visit to Evergreen Plaza more pleasurable and relaxing Business Shopping NEWS It's a familiar sign What's more fun than monkeys? What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys 9 All you have to do it ask anyone who visits the Jetts Petting zoo at Evergreen Plaza They will tell you that llamas, goats, giant turtles, anteaters and a kangaroo are more fun than a barrel of monkeys any day. During its stay at the P l a z a , h u n d r e d s o f youngsters visit the zoo daily to pldy with, pet and feed the wide variety of animals. In addition to playing with the animals the children can ride the mini merry-go-round in Evergreen Square. The Jetts Petting zoo is the most respected of its kind, not only for its wide range of animals from the far corners of the world, but also for the special care and attention shown to all of the animals. Parents en- j o y t h e z o o f o r t h e educational experience their youngsters receive and the children love it because it is so much fun. This is the 10th consecutive summer that the Jetts Petting zoo has delighted y o u n g p a t r o n s o f Evergreen Plaza. The zoo is open during all store hours. Never an idle moment Petting and feeding animals--that's what it's all about when youngster--and old-sters--visit zoo in Evergreen Plaza. 'Sound generation to appear Aug. 3 at Lincoln Mall for the future, but John Brown's university's "Sound Generation" will appear Aug. 3 in the Lincoln mall The group is under the direction of two young men--John Coates and Roger Byrd, 0 who were both students at John Brown university when the group- was formed. The 21 members of the group come from 12 states, from various backgrounds, and have diversified goals they have on thing in common: desire for presenting through music, the certainty that, despite small minorities to the countrary, you people today still cons t i t u t e a ' Generation." Chauncey and Christopher at Van Dahm Check-up to climax Bike Safety week i» B'ke s-iMv A*H-K in Oak L a w n M1 Of a -afeu ' h v K Ajg · it the VFW ,j., r Kiii«. Jo: Charles ** ,i£ 11 ** i Ti?3u cF *n x pt*C lion ua-n from .".'hn-i«r Pheip- Po-t =5220 The first 2fKK' bike- pa--me the inspect.* n will receive a f r e e s a i e t f l a c coin- Dljmen'- of Oak Lawn TruM i b d l n^s Htntact Bank G e o r c e W a s h i p i.: n S a v j n t - i n d C o 11 n i a 1 of t e t J i n i c a l i v v i o l a A nether adutt- or .uj!d bt -jo.eci 10 resident- \.lla..' d' 'he ^ , - h ( u i d h a . LKt-n-c av a 1 jact Hall or . Dike in-petti on C f M C«jpi Gewcc K u ; . ^nd Robt-n M the *3 -equiro ] "i 'u- b'k- r^j- 1 n ^ t orakt-- ^ood t n n u j h 10 tau.f 3 i.r^ to Aid on d~v p a v e m e n t 2 \ hirr r bell w h i c h car. Dt h t a r a up to 1 /" ft t t - w a v 3 If vou nat at niiiht v n u m j v t n « \ t a h e a d l a m p visible fur oM feet and a c k a r r efieTtor or the front and a red -· fiec'T on th f re^ar 4 \ ou nrj-t kn P A and u b t v all ira"«. " I C n d h :Pd -iCTl- " ^ U mu-i -icna 1 an u~- and heavv D \\atch for cars pulling out into traffic or car floor- opening Buvcle Rule- of the Road bxiKlet- art available at "a\ Lawn - -i\ bank- and -jvirii,- j-tn. idtn'ii- There 1 ,»"u al;-o j-ee the i\ O t j u i u u 10-Speed bicvcles fnm Pitrcf'^ Bike Shop. that w i l l be raffled off Aug 4 The bike*- have been dnraied bv the Chamber of C o m m e r c e O a k L a w n Tru-i i j-aving-. bank. Fir«t Na-uonai bank, and Oak Lavn Federal savings Ttou can register at the banks or associations or at Chamber inember,- displacing the Bike SafcU \\eek posters Winding up the week will be a "Bike Ride In" Aug 4tn ai i p m starting from Heritage bank parking lot. 95th and Mc\ickers Local members of the Barber S h o p p e r s (S P E B. S Q S A ) plan to nde and mg old favontes along the route So decorate vour bike and join in the bike nde in t -nee D e p d r i r n e n l h a v e w o r k i n g c l o s e ) v w i t f i Merrill btenbom of the Chambei of Commerce in developing the plans for Safetj Week The\ stress that the State of Illinois has definite laws concerning bike operation and that J j Arc ,r centra) tf ~ * r ndinc - a f t ; . 4 OnJi ,me nder for each -eat (no doubling up on h a n d l e b a r s o r b a n a n a eatt . B Stav clov to curb and nfle single file C Be particular]} careful at intersection-. W a l k jour bike across if traffic :s Report on tests D u r i n g i h e r e c e n t Diabetes Detection Testing p r o g r a m a t R e p u b l i c Federal Savings and Loan association 6222 S Kedzie ave it was reported that 225 tests were conducted, with 39 borderline suspected cases detected These borderline cases were recalled for a more intense glucose tolerance testing examination, also at the offices of Republic Federal!, in cooperation with the Chicago Board of Health A television celebrity celebriU with a flair for a snarl will appear Aug. 3 at Van Dahm Lincoln Mer- cun. Inc . 10201 S. Cicero a v e , Oak Lawn Chauncev. the H-year-old cougar star of Lincoln- Mercun division's Cougar XR 7 and Sign-of-the-Cat c o m m e r c i a l s , a n d C h r i s t o p h e r -- t h e t w o - m o n t h old cougar cub featured in Mercun Comet commercials The cougars are two of 150 wild animals orphans who Ihe at Ted and Pat Derb"s Lo\e is an Animal, a 300-acre f a r m near Buellton. Calif Some of their animals were found wounded and -icjf in the woods, .-ome were brought b people who h a d t r i e d in v a i n t o domestic a it the It costs them $5.000 a month to feed their 150 animals The orphanage txpenses are paid bv supphmg exotic wild animals for television and movie appearances "That's where it all really began." Pat Derb said "Shortly after Ted Pat married, they worked with a larger firm that did much the same thing. Thev disagreed, however, nith the techniques used to train and handle the animals. The\ w e r e sure t h a t animals would respond positiveh to lo\e the same way people do Although they own 13 cougars--along with an assortment of leopards, bears and other exotics-C h a u n c e ) , whom they raised from a cub. is clearlv their fa\nnte "He's a veteran of six years in front of the camera and he loves every minute of it," according to the Derby s "He likes to snarl and he knows when he see the Lincoln-Mercury sign he gets to go on top and growl. He's the only cat I know that really reasons" Chauncey's dedication to familiarizing American car bujers with the Lincoin- Mercury name was the reason he left the brijjht A visitor in Oak Lawn ChauBcey, 8 year oM coagar star of Lincoln-Mercury and Sign of the Cat commercials, along with Oiristopbe-, two month old Cougar cib. will be in Oak Lawn A«g. 3. lights last fall for a month- long nation-wide tour on behalf of American wildlife. Chauncey, Christopher and the Derbvs shared the spotlight on the tour with white 1974 Cougar XR-7 which was autographed along the way by famous political, sports and stage and screen personalities and then sold by auction at the Detroit Auto show. ··Lincoln-Mercury officials offered to sponsor our tour, donate the Cougar XR-7 and a Colony Park station wagon and assist with the auction." the Derby s said "The proceeds from the car were shared bv The Fund for Animals. Inc.. and Love is an Animal Thev said that Chauncej's been a hardworking cat and it was time to return the favor We couldn't refuse Those interested in contributing to the preser- v a t i o n o f w i l America may mail contributions to: Chauncey's Cougar Caravan, 140 W. 57th St., New York, N.Y. 10019. SPAPLRl SPAPLRl

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