The Modesto Bee from Modesto, California on July 15, 1924 · Page 2
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The Modesto Bee from Modesto, California · Page 2

Modesto, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1924
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TtU MODMTO mKQ H1W1 TDWIAT JULY 15, 19 ASSESSEMEIVT ROLL SHOWTlOSli iuuki kuum ur NEEDHAM NOT TO BE MOyED lus Mtlit riur roan will remain in the Schafer imilding at 'IVntli ami Kye streets, it was dc - tided by 'hp board nf supervisors today. For voms lime the board has conteui - . plated removal of the court into :iOOtlier building because of Jack ; of accomodations in the present "location. It was said today, how - j crci, tiiat the Schafer company liasj meet the requirements of Superior! Judge Needtmm and tlie super - 1 visors. I Asked to Cut A committee representing tho j Taipayars' Association presented ; the supervisors yesterday afternoon: with a petition calling for elimiita - i tion of the Farm Bureau extension ! service and state lair expenditures. S. K Courtney, - . K. Utile, for - : mer supervisor, and Johnson, jf .Mountain View district, appeared before the board with the petition. The Farm Bureau extension service includes the (arm advisor and his assistants. No action was taken on the poti - 1 iota - The board took tiif rr:ritf' - - "Oder iidvisnu'iif uniii - h - ril.xt budget is roade up. Today the board set August, U h. - s the date to receive bids lor tin Hoberts Ferry union school district bonds, amounting to Jii.OOO. The Jones school distrirt lfhrarv " - as made a branch of the county: library. , Tai Collector Whitmore was r.l - ; lowed S500 and Countv Auditor Keeley ST.orjo for additional help in their offices in the collection of' taies, as provided under government act. Total Valuation In Stanislaus County Over $57,000,000 Stanislaus count 1924 aiMMment roll, public toc'ay by County Assessor Gee. A. Threlfall, shows an inereie af st,38P,a0 over last year in property subject to county taxation. The assessed valuation bf non - operative property, on which county taxes are raised, amounts to $53,339,035 this yMr, compared to S1,SS8, Taking into consideration both the operative ar, nen - spsntlvo roll, the total assessed valuation in the country this year is $57,708,1 - 10. Real estate in Stanislaus this year is assessed at poetically the same figure this year as last, the roll shows, improvement, outside of incorporated cities and towns show a gain af 9660,710. Modesto improvement, on real estate gained j1,225 in the past year. Other cities and towns show a gain of $87,180. The total gain in personal property in the county amounts to $418 275 over the 1923 finure. ' SAYS STORY OF 'DEVILS' IS ALL BUNK WOODLAND. Wn, July 15... - I Deputy Game Warden Justus Murk, wno naa spent years in the Spirit Lalw restrict, where the "mountain devils," or gorilla like ajiimala were reported to havs attacked a prospecting party, terms the reported discovery as 'iall bunk." Murk said he has never seen signs of such animals nor has he ever heard of thtstn. FOREST FIRE BREAKS OUT IN MOUNTAINS NEAR PASADENA PASADENA. July 15. - A forest fire broke out this afternoon on the west side of Sun Gabriel canyon word telephoned here by forest ... TI:ii fir as reported to be gaming headway. No lurther details haye been received. ' TJ9 fire was first observed by taekout at the Mount Wilspn observ. ry, who telephoned Ui alarm to forestry officials here and in Los Aitpeles. The blaze is midway between Opiif's camp and Mt. San Gabriel according to word Irnnj tna resort Fifty firefighters have been gent irom Opid's camp and othe ui They are not making mnfr headway anJjist the flames, aecerdim tn latest word. A stront west wind la spreading the blaie. i HAGEN COMING HOME SOt - TIIAMl'TO.V. Kna;.. Jul, - 15, - Ahoard the Leviathan when .tho Slant - liner sailed today for New York via Chrrbourf was a group of stats and htfclciSo raluhriMoo i. eluding , Walter Hen with the Brit - on upen gon cuampionatiip tropnv; GU Nichols, - who competed for the same: Tei Austin. Ttnnr Fairhntv. Mary Plckford arjd Qloria Ewanson' HOUSTON SELECTED AS MEETING PLACE FOR ADVERTISING MEN . LONDON, July 15. Tha board cf presidents of the Association of Ad - rartislnf Clubs now In session here tonight unanimeuFty neipritpd Hoiis - ton, Texas, as the meeting oiace of the neit world convention in 1935. ., Ratijioation by the coBrtntion majtibars themselves whioh mniri mate Houston's selection final, 1? rsgarau m certa.n. READ THE EVENING NEWS BOB MINENI AGAIN IN TOILS; .POLICE CHARGETRANSPORT Bob Mioent, Italian, who has been caught in the prohibition drainet in MrvA&niri nn TiTimRPiifi npfaxinnm was arrested for the 'steentti time bythf ponce last njlit on ft cnarge oi traniporting imuor. Minent also faces a charge of possession of liquor, ponding against him in the justice court. He has been lined a number of tim for bootlegging - He was arrested in his garage on Seventh street. SUBSCRIBE FUR THE NEWS ModestuB valuations this year are: Real estate, $2,6 - 17,465; improvo - ment.s. i3,fiii7.155 ; personal property, $2,110.2!5. The total assessed valuation of .Moripfto property this year is $S,593. - 40, cnmpHred to $8,101,275, a gain ovr - i - .?.UiJ.ilnr. (jjir cities and I'. - lv;;.. - iil li. - i - iumty ;in - ; 'i'uriock SJ.T77.1i'". - 192S rtiverbank 1924, S263.S30: 1323 :i4.;,70. BIG OIL FIRE IS iffi 1415,515; 550S,2SJ; SS33,2S0 ; 1B23. 1!)23, 1923, SPRING SURPRISE iNnvNiunT inmnrn - iitusauiLiiH prosecution today sprung its sur Prise witness in the rtvnamltn murder case of J. J, Maguire, aged Los Olivos blacksmith, killed when his small shack was wreciied by a terrific explosion. Fred Estrada, a San Luis Obispo county powder man, testified Hint lie gave Postmaster W. H. Downs, of Los Olivos, twelve sticks m" dynamite a few days before ila - suire was killed. Downs was m - - r - troduced to him, Estrada said, by ... - mny layior, a brother - in - law of z Downs, Postmaster Downs, Taylor Downs ',is father, and W. y. Crawford a lancher. joint, defendants in he ;",trfa!, instantly lost their Bon Cha! - i'&M appearance when Estrada took ZB witness stand. His testimony - Tfas the first Intimation that the :;)roiecutlon had discovered the jraource of the expiosives. S01"83' a Buelitoo rancher, . Ustlfle4 fiat the day before the - yaaaiitin; he overheard Crawford to Postmaster Downs; "Nov ;. I)ewBS, don't get cold feet." Deputy Sheriff John Longawa ..teatlfied he heard Crawford, say rWff Ms arrest that, "if Bill Downs any guts he'd have done the i? Jjatl'a" Loogawa also said Crawford offered to omrtnpo guilty man if the prosecution would ; - to two Downs men. I unerai iNoucesi ."TERN In ModeBto, July 15, Wii - : liam C - , beloved son of iir. and '. ' Mrs. Eagelhardt Fern of Mo - v desto. A brother of Mr - s. C. M, Bisbes of Modesto, Arlo A. Fern, Modesto, Randolph H, Fsi - n, .Ml: - deBto and Luther H. Fern of Mo - Qesio. Mrs. Emma Nelson and H. W. Fern of Sntitafiald, Utah, Mrs i.; - O - T. Edwards, WiUard, Utah, and Mrs. Bertha Kraft, Stockton; a ntiTt! ot Los Angelus, age 35 years. j Deceased was a member of Wil - f. J' I - O - O. F. of Modeato. - nd Modesto Camp Modorn Wood - j n of America, and Oakdale lodge : .JSative Sods. Tho remains are at! 'the H. W. Fields funeral homo i JTourteenth and li streets. I'nttorson 1S2. . S::,645. :Jul;dalc - - 1921. i?SSa,91S. ; Newmfia 1S24. :?Sftf.075. r'i'rt - s lr.24, $235,640: 1923. $254 - . c.:;r. Gain In Autos A substantial gain in the number oi automobiles assessed is Ehown this year. There a - re 13,522 autos in (he comity assessed this vear, valued al - 2, - irtL52S, against "ll,S19 in l!2:i, assessed at. S2,S63,195. The decrease, in assessed valuation is attributed to the greater use of necond - , uanu carp. i Gains in livestock of various kinds are also noted in the 1924 aesess - I merit roli. Dairy cows numbering jui. - ji - t arc assesseu uiiu year, coni - , rnred in 53,453 in 1523. Their as - jsessed yalue is 1,742,470. ! Hogs assessed this year weieji pounds in 1923. The assessed value ;of the hogs on the rolls thip year ,:5k 122,810, compared to' '829.885 in ; 1923, when they were assessed l higher. 1 Pure bred cattle number 1,736, compared to 1,564 in 1323, and are assessed at S1A5.17.". Stneir i - at. tle number 12,322, assessed at 150, - 130, compared to b:241 in 1:13a, assessed at J13(i,ill). A great gain in sheep is noted this year. The rolls enow 38,915 sheep, assessed at (102.390, compared to 9,241 in 1923, assessed at 113,610. Large Grape Acreage There are 20,717 aeres of hearini , grapes of all varieties in Stanislaus this year, according to the report, and 3,555 non - bearing. Fruit trees assessed are as follows: j Nou - Bearing bearing' Apples 2,950 3 700 APrieot3 155,250 169100 Cherries 3,200 725 ?a MO0 6S.S00 2,lve.s 21.600 53,500 geachea .524,70!) 553,500 Pears 1 s rim '.a 37,100 i6j300 ?hlms 9,700 5,600 Oranges 7i300 ,.. :onds 525,800 6f,450 ; wainuts . 7 enn 1 Pecans m 'E1df1Ia acreaee assessed totals , 64,5b2 aerea L iis von - ! fh h?re '291 pe''sons Within j tion i 774.0fi0. SIGNAL HILL LONG BEACH, July 15.Five rit derricks in the Signal Hill field were ablaje this afternoon and the flames are still spreading. Starting from a fire which ig. nited at. No. 7 well of the W. H. fisher Oii company, the flames, at first thought, under control, are now entirely out nf bounds. The loss to date is from flSO.OOO to $200,000, with no estimate as to when the holocaust wil! be in hand. Two of the derricks already in ilames are Uie Marine N0 7 the Evans No. 1. " The Union Oil company's Signal1 M - Wto 60,000 barrels of oil, are til'" :"" iinway of the flames, with a nrobab'litv they Cau - ' not be saved. ' I trJ!eJir! 8.3 Jih0JieIil ader con' - - "bich ignited the Fisher, we'll,"imt at 2 p, m. the flames spread to adjoining derricks and gathered headway rapidly. , tire is in the center of the ?Bta"fMlVefc SlSn;l! H,J1 fiei(i - co" - talnlng hundreds of derricks, all heavy production wells. Stick To Story KELSQ, Wash., July 15. "Wa ei - pected that people would dtebllre us. put we ran into the " beast whatever it was four times and finally packed up end left a perfectly good mine to get away from it." TMs is the Etatemenl today uy Roy Smith, Fred Beck and Gabc Lefevre, three of the party of five prospectors whose reported encounter with the "mountain devils," gorrlllas, or wild men ot Spirit lake has already sent an investigating expeditionary force im flip slopes of Mount St. Ueloti?. , Heck denied the reports that were current here of spiritualistic seances held by the prospectors during the long winter evenings la their cabin. ! He has, bowpver, pepri the "moun - j tain devil," he declared, on four 'different occasions. ! It was about July 1, Beck days J it's hard for a prospector to keep ! track of the exact date when he ';fnd Marion Smith liatl - gone to the springs for water. Smith was walking ahead on the trail and as I they came to a precipitous pitch Beck stood on the edge while Smith descended. i As he stood on top of the slope Pack saw a huge black shape moving among the tress on the oppo&ii side of the canyon, but sMv feet away. ' ' " 1 "Look, (here i tho thf" - " 5.. I called to Smith, and gun, urea. The "mountain devil' aoged behind a tree and stared .a . . MILBUBN COMPANY Tomorrow Morning Opens Onr Annual UUm I IHIiL'llllflltifKJJfill I ' IT. - - mm 1 f NEW YORK MAYOR GUEST OF W. R. HEARST AT SAN SIMON SAN FRANCISCO, July 15. - May - or F, Hylan of New York city, and Mrs. Hylan reached San Francisco today enroute with Wm. .Randolph Hearst and Mrs. Hearst to the Hearst ranch at San Simeon, Calff. Both Hvlan and T - Tenre were. In California for a rest and thatthe trip to California or the in sight. The flatnosed fnc - 07.0 surrounded by an encircling .halo of maun nair, mixed with white, and I tho ears were hues, mmn' : pointed, said Beck today, ia gjv - ! Trio - (h. ,. . , . I p 9 u liujucaaiou ne naa received i of the beast at the first encounter. ; None of the prospectors seemed 'perturbed because of the scoffing with which their tale had been received, as the prospectors themselves had scouted the same stories as they have heard them during the past fifteen years. Spirit lake, the asserted bahn - t of the 'devils" got its name from! me oiu maian legends which placed aeviis there. fact that they are traveling togeth - el'Ju with"it Political significance. The Hrlan s came west in Hearst's private tar. . - . - c .uji., :.A.O:m 11 - On nronertv n,..,; GIVEN DIVORCE Mary C. de Luca has been Kranted lrc - m Eugene de Luca by Superior Judge .Needham on the grounds of reme cruelty. She was Tvep CUS tody of a minor child and S25 a month for its support. Notice! Dr. C, V. Jones DENTIST Has resumed practice nf dent i im,, iu oiucca rooms 1 and 1, JtamoBt sidg., Eye & nth 1 See Us About Winter COAL At Summer Prices Lst"st advices from the mines indicate an advance in prices very soon, - J j Buy Now and Save ' TV - ! yoa not obIv nv . I saviag, but Arrangement may b UB jot very liberal K iff a, Fuel Is Our Business Consult us about yow Mtl problems. VnM St. frjm M is N ats. IKODAKSI TW Take a Kodak with clB . " K BUAUI JL - i m rrm .P iiai nisssasiM rr irini ssw rrivrvK pr Htm B BOmMn Ptftithina 9 ilslsBH iisHH M t r - i : i I t "Yes, I often serve a This Wonderful 1 1 I - All seem AWT A I I ll I to iiniov liirjr . ihX II I J J. J. LJ - r i 1 : aJPV mmr mm A W Ml I m Mf sarve, to and I mM 'paokcra' or In Motcstd Milk Co. JSGSmam cam Seasonable Merchandise at Prices Most Unusual! Striking Values in Silk Dresses! 111 una gu - ai - amiuai Uicarance bale wo ve grouped our splendid assortment of new Silk Dresses printed crepes in odd patterns'. and pretty colorjnirs tub silks in clever sport modelscanton crepes in dainty summer shades. The values represented this Once - A - Tear Sale are up to $290. CHOICE $4 1.95 1 Fibre Silk Knit Scarfs Odd weaves in bright color combinations. Special at 91.69 New Sport Sweaters at f 1.93 Our entire line of Sport, Sweatf - rn, including the clever little "Kid Boot" models lovely colon to select; from. For this annual clearance sale we've d AC marked them all t one price 7v9 Sleeveless Sweaters at $3.95 Sleeveless Sweaters in fibre tilts. novelty weave - excel lent assortment m the season's newest colors. Values were formerly to W.50. For this Great Clearance, Choice $3.95 I EVERY TRIMMED BAT, regardless gf former prftes, $1.95 Remember - This BIG CLEARANCE Starts Tomorrow! SILK HOSE Utia top broad Jim. SplewUd Mtk. talte t .... flFV J. J. MILBURN CO. 809 Tqth Street Modesto 1 1 r 1 M

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