Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1977 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1977
Page 11
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Monday, OctoOOT 10, i The PlMras-Trtbone. Lofaiuport. Ind.-ll MONDAY 12:00 MY TV KEY O— Wnv—Indlanapolii. 4 on Cobl» Csl—WMAQ—Chicago. No) On Cable 1 O —W»TV—IndlonopolU. 6 on Coblo C^—WLS—Chicago. Not On Cob!* O—WISH—Indlanapolli. 10 on Gobi* O—WON—Chicago. » on Cabl* <D—WTTW—Chicago. 11 on CobU ffi— WTHI—IndionapolU. 13 on Cobl» ID—-WNOU—South B«nd. 2 on CabU OD—WLFI—Lofayutt*. 7 on Cobl. ®—WS»T—South Bond. 8 on Cobl. 0D—WSJV—llkhart, 12 on CobU 12:30 tt> SD ALL ILDREN BOZO FRENCH CHEF GONG SHOW HERE'S LUCY AFTERNOON SHOW JIM GERARD SHOW O 03 DAYS OF OUR ES 3 © AS THE WORLD TuflTTs m PAINT ALONG WITH NANCY KOMINSKY LIVE 12:58 1:00 0 MOVIE (R BRADY BUNCH JE ROOM 222 ©MERV GRIFFIN © MY THREE SONS (EXC. A0C Afterschoo! Special (WED.) 'Hewitt's Just Different' 4:00 OFLINTSTONES r7l ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL (WED.) 'Hev/itl's Just Different' GILLIGAN'S ISLAND ELECTRIC COMPANY VARIOUS _JRAMMINQ BONANZA STAR TREK (EXC. =D.) L/e^llt; If! tflG DUSl \i»iyn.j ( »i^i^.f •The Bramble Bush'(TUE.). 4:30 Q THREE STOOGES •Top Secret Affair' (WED,), reMOPwis The Story of Mankind' (THUR.), 'The Old Man and the Sea'(FRI.) ' [7] 03 @D $20,000 PYRAMID O BEWITCHED (EXC. MON.) . Columbus Day Parade (MON.) O) DICK CAVETT SHOW (EXC. MON.) Television Highlights 7 p.m. CBS, Young Dan'l Boone. A monster trails Dan'l and three traders. NBC, Laughln. Beatrice Arthur and Roger Moore, guests. ABC, The San Pedro Beach Bums. PBS, The Age of Uncertainty. "The Colonial Idea." 8 p.m. CBS, The Betty White Show. John tells Joyce their divorce was not valid and asks her for a new one. NBC, Movie. "Killer on Board," starring Beatrice Straight. A virus threatens the lives of the passengers on a cruise ship. ABC, Football. Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears. PBS, An American Short Story. "The Displaced Person," 8:30 p.m. CBS, Country Music Association Awards. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, hosts. Live coverage from Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tenn. 9p.m.PBS,"Kaddlsh." Sports 7p m.—CH 44—Championship Boxing 8p,m.-CH 7,13-ABC Monday Night Football (Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears) Mark Russell Special (MON.) 1:30 r-fj Q (H) DOCTORS (7) <B QD ONE LIFE TO O ODS) GUIDING LIGHT O LOVE AMERICAN STYLE (EXC. MON,) (D MOVIE •Rind Hearts and Coronets' ' (MOM.), 'Hobson's Choice 1 (TUE.), 'The Queen of Spades' (WED.), 'The Lavender Hill Mob 1 (THUR.),«'Encore'(FRI.) 2:00 rf) O 03 ANOTHER WORLD O (El ® ALL IN THE FAMILY 2:15 ® (B ® GENERAL Q^eoiTAL } MATCH GAME KlTSTONES (EXC. 3:00 0 / MicKEY MOUSE CLUB (S) GONG SHOW (EXC. TOE.) Unicorn Show (TUE.) T MIKE DOUGLAS (f) 03 EDGE OF NIGHT "I TATTLETALES (ARCHIES J BIG BLUE MARBLE (JOINED IN PROGRESS) mBUGS BUNNY P © TATTLETALES (EXC. Winners (THUR.)'I Can' 3D BATMAN 0 O COWBOY BOB'S CORRAL ® ROBERT YOUNG, .FAMILY DOCTOR (EXC. TUE.) Special Treat (TUE.) 'A Piece of Cake' Cft MOVIE (EXC. WED.) 'Guess Who's Sleeping In My Bed?' (MON,), 'Secret Life of An American Wife' (TUE,), Hot DOB (WED.), 'Divorce American Style' (THUR,), 'Playmates' (FRI,) O DINAH O NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB (D MISTER ROGERS (B MOVIE Which Way to the Front' (MON.), "Cinderlella 1 (TUE.), A8C Afterschool Special (WED.) . 'Hewitt's Just Different.' 'The Errand Boy 1 (THUR.), 'Way, Way Out' (FRI.) ANN LANDERS CAROL BURNETT AND IENDS ROOKIES IDREAMOFJEANNIE SESAME STREET I LOVE LUCY (EXC. ' YOUNG PEOPLE'S ECIALIWED.) •Joshua's Confusion' Comedy 4:56 QD GREEN SIDE OF GARDENING (MON., TUE.) 5:00 O © AW GRIFFITH BNEWS ' ( ,™JILY AFFAIR >EMERGENCY ONE iABC NEWS 5:30 O ODD COUPLE (7)(B ABC NEWS (IJflDfjS CBS NEWS OMYTHREESONS 85 BIG BLUE MARBLE ©NEWS • 6:00 O EMERGENCY ONE (f)O NBC NEWS O DTCKVA'N DYKE SHOW 35 AS WE SEE IT 'Anderson' from Austin, Tex., (ells how a boycott by white parents against busing their children into a black neighborhood caused the closing of the. black school but did not shut out its memories. 6:30 (5J PRICE IS RIGHT O WILD KINGDOM 'Eagle Island' O ODD COUPLE CD MACNEIL-LEHRER :PORT 7:00 (B NBC NEWS cr « TO TELL THE TRUTH ©00D LAUGH-IN Bea Arthur is the special guest, star and .Roger Moore, Henry Fonda, tennis star Ille Nastase. Seals 'and Crofts and Rodney .Allen Rlppy, making cameo appearances will join the 12- mennber repertory company. m OB ©THE SAN PEDRO BEACH BUMS 'Godfathers' Five' When .Dancer lakes a job with a private eye, the Beach Bums find themselves hjding a baby from a powerful Middle Eastern sheik. O OD 60 YOUNG DAN'L •The'Pride ol the Yankees' T942 Gary Cooper. Teresa Wright. Biographical drama of the life, ot Lou Gehrig. the 'iron man' ol baseball who was also a fine and humble man. (3 hrs.I ff)NEWS 7:30 HNEWLYWEDQAME X INTERVIEW Guest: Jessica Mitfprd. author ol 'The American . Way of Death.' 7:58 C70ABCNEWSBRIEF 8:00 OMERV GRIFFIN ?s5 O NBC MONDAY NIGHTAT THE MOVIES 'Killer on Board' Beatrice Straight. Claude Akins. A mysterious .virus, that caused the deaths of some ol the crew members and passengers, spreads terror and panic on board a luxury cruise ship. (2 hrs.) (T) (B Q3 ABC'S MONDAY. NIGHT FOOTBALL Los' Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears from Chicago, Illinois. O fp DD Q) THE BETTY When John Elliot learns the quickie divorce he and Joyce obtained in Tijuana. Mexico, was not valid, he is put in the humiliating position of having to, beg • her lor another divorce. (First half of a two-part story.) m EVENING AT SYMPHONY Seiji Ozawa conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Wagner's Overture to Tannhauser.' Pianist Andre-Michel S c h u b solos in Beethoven's Piano Concerto No, 5 in E Flat. 8:30 O OP © 11TH ANNUAL COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS Host: Johnny Cash with his wife June Carter Cash. The special broadcast will honor outstanding achievements In the country-music field. Guests include Roy Clark, Mac Davis. Merle Haggard. Loretta-Lynn, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, Live, from the Grand Ole Opry, Nash. vllle.Tenn. 9:00 O* AF(:ERTY In the midst of a .startling epidemic of an 'extinct' disease, polio, Dr. Sid Rafferty. confronted with a critically-Ill girl displaying polio symptoms, defies the odds, his colleagues and his young patient's hostile parents by diagnosing her ailment as deadly botulism. (D FIVE RED HERRINGS In episode one, Dorothy Saysrs' aristocratic sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey and his .right-hand man Bunter stumble across the corpse of Sandy Campbell. Before long there are six suspects - all local artists who recently quarreled with'the dead man. Ian Carmichael actor and writer returns to weeknighl.ly television in a I new interview series.f Actors Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, stars of the new film 'A Special Day.' are the premiere) guests. 10:30 si O 03 THE TONIGHTf SHOW Guest host: Steve Allen. Guests; Pam Grier. (ac-l tress). Ken FiskeJ (musicologist). 8 IRONSIDE MOVIE •The UFO Incident' 1975] James Earl Jones. Estellel Parsons. Fact-based drama! describes the experiences! of a husband and wife whol claim that in 1961 they weref taken aboard a spacecraft! and examined medically, (1| hr. 67min.) (D MOVIE 'Morgan!' Warner, Redgrave. „„„.._ plays Wimsey. Three'traitors seeking a 9:30 'OJJEWS lost shipment of gold, hire 10:00,QGU™§MOKE Daniel as a guide and find ©(3 O 0 03 ffi © S^tm^ous aSd fccAVETTSHOW, ^rify^onster. . ^^^S. 1966 David V a n e s s aL A delightfullyl mad' painter goes about! trying to win back the af-f fections of his ex-wife. (1| hr. 40min.) . <D ® THE CBS LATE I MOVIE •Unwed Father' 1974 Joseph Bottoms, Kay Lenz. I i An unwed teenage lather! wants to, keep his child, | which leads to conflict with | his family. (R). 10:45 c?")03©NEWS 11:00 O COLLEGE FOOTBALL Michigan vs. Michigan 'State 11:15 m MOVIE , The Whip Hand' 1951 Carla I Balenda, Elliot Reid. Better-dead-thsn-red era film about government agents who expose a Communist plot to wipe out the U.S. (ihr;43min.) (B MOVIE ' 'Lifeboat' 1914 Tallulah Bankhead, John Hodiak. Dramatic story about a freighter that Is sunk by a German U-boat. Eight survivors of the wreck and | (he- Nazi U-boal commander must survive | together in a small lifeboat. S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE THE CBS LATE MOVIE •Unwed Father' 1974 Joseph Bottoms, Kay Lenz. An unwed, teenage father! wants to keep his child, I which leads to conflict with his family. (R) Cs]<B TOMonnow Host: Tom Snyder. . . m ELEVENTH YEAR! (CAPTIONED) This film chronicles' the.J .experiences of Robert Lai Pierre, a New Jersey manj paroled after serving 10 years ol a life sentence In I prison for murder, and his I subsequent adjustment lo[ the outside world. § WGN EDITORIAL NEWS TOMORROW Host: Tom Snyder. Q F.B.I. O PERRY MASON O NEWS , 0 FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE 11:30 12:27 12:30 1:00 2:00 3:00 3:05 NETWORKS AND | STATIONS RESERVE THE- RIGHT TO MAKE LAST MINUTE CHANGES Hints from Reader Applauds The Working Wife : 'i)EAR HELOISE: •''^My grocery store advertises ;!<hree-legged fryers in their •Jneat department each Thurs'•day- -'-Are they manufacturing a ! -chicken with whom someone '."lias figured upon how to grow i ;one with three legs? ;>'My old man and I have a bet ' jon this. 1 say noand.he says yes, i/tneed that live bucks. Who's •>i'ght? — Dosie and Fred Moore *.,' » * * <t)EAR COUPLE: • J • Don't argue with one another. 'Taint worth it. .. >A Ihriwtelged chicken Is • Nihen you buy chicken at a store ;^nd it has already been cut up O«o parti. Grocers nowadays ; -often put three legs Into a •^package of cut-up chicken ^ -because they have customer* '^whose children just love -;chlcken legs! \'~ Thanks for sending the ad -jfrom your newspaper. You are I tine of many who sent them. S- ' So the answtr is. they are not • irowmg three-legged chickens :-iy>w, but 1 don't get into family •Arguments, so you and your kiss and make problem. So I took the aerator insert out of the faucet and the pressure seemed to increase considerably. ' We find the dishwasher works better now and the dishes seem to come out cleaner, —Mr. T.B, THIS COLUMN !fc wrilttn lor you . mihomenwktr. if youh«vr4 hint or • problem wrl'e lo HtloiM in cart ol Ihlt ntwilMpf Becaulf Ol the trtmtn doui volume cl mail, Hrlollc It unjblf to answer individual lett«r». Snt will. htjwtftr, tm*er your Qutftlioni In htr column whtfflfver pfeiiblt. Dear Ann Landers: This is for that nutty housewife In Dallas •who wrote to say how hard she works just "raising a family." i;he truth is that Ihe American housewife is a glorified parasite. She does nothing but amuse herself 95 per cent of Ihe time. I wonder If you know how many hours the "average home-bound slave" spends looking at TV, yakking on the telephone, kaffec-klatching with neighbors and reading trashy magazines.. It takes only a minute _to change a diaper. The cooking They'll Do It Every Time . -;>And that means I have I-thoroughly checked this out. — •Heloise •.' . * * * HINTS FROM HIM ',1>EAR HELOISE: • - - 1 like to consider myself asort •y handyman around the bouse. H*e have a portable dishwasher •5hat we have to hook up to the I jink faucet X However, getting enough •^pressure out of the faucet in I^frder for the dishwasher to •^operate properly was always a Orfcr l.P.'t CAM HAW ll-f lOOAMPOtr *•»>.*.•' MRS. S.ASKEPHIMTO [0OKINS fOR. PIANO STOOL BUNON POE3 APOUNP THE HOUSE THffT HE CAN PC? S|TTINS DOWN THIS IS HARP WORK FOR HIM-HE USUAUY USES AROU.ER ON EVERV- THIMS WAITU. HE PAIN1S THE MTU. LAY RXSHT COWNAIONS sipe OP IT ISIS HEATER ENDS THURSDAY can't require more:than half an hour for supper. Most husbands don't come home for lunch any more, Laundry takes atoout! an hour a week—and the machines do Ihe work. So they clean the house (maybe) and wash a floor or two'. This uses up an hour at the most. Big deal. The real heroines are the women who run the house and hold down an eight-hour job besides. I have a lol of respect for them. They also seem to have .independent, well- behaved kids who know how to do things for .themselves. What's more, their husbands do less running around and their marriages seem to be working. So let's hear It for the little lady who can run a home and help her overworked husband pay the bills, which -are staggering these days. Thumbs- down on the lazy complalners who call themsleves "homemakers" when in reality they are "freeloaders." —Seen ItAll Dear Seen It: Since your mind is not only' closed but nailed shut, I wouldn't attempt to point out the foolishness of some of your statements. You make no, .distinction between the woman who has a single child and one who has six — and when:, you say cleaning the .house and,.washing a floor or two takes an hour at the most — oh, well, what's the use? I've let you have your say because this column represents everybody's point of view, but since it's MY column, I'reserve the right to have the last word. And my word to you Is BULLFEATHERS, Mister, Dear Ann Landers: You are • probably sick of letters about toilet paper by this time but I hope you will print'one more. 1 should put an. end to the hassling once and tor all. My husband works for a paper company. They sell the best known brand of toilet paper in the country. (I won't name it because 1 know you won't print it,) When he read all those letters from people who were explaining the "proper" way to put the roll on the dispenser, he lauglied and said. "The correct way Is so obvious 1 don't know how people can miss It." Then he pointed out,that the fancier toilet tissue is' embossed with designs and color. U is made so the paper comes over the top and rolls down on the outside —, not to the wall. If placed the other way, the design would not show. U would be the same as\ hanging your printed .draperies with the pattern to the window arid the lining on the outside. NOW do you understand? — Sign Me Right Side L'p Dear Right: Gotcha. And this , is the last letter I am printing on. the subject, so If anyone has anything more to say - tell it to somebody else. recognize love, especially the first time around. Acquaint yourself with the guidelines. Read Ann Landers' Booklet. "Love or Sex and How to Tell the Difference." For a copy, mail 50 cent's in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed en- velppe with" your request to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, Illinois 60611. Now You Know Chinese is spoken by twice as many people than any other language in the world. ihcmoyi at ca//plaza CMS SHOP. PLAZ»,RT.Z4E«Sr| 752-1300 It's not,always easy to ZOUBUL'S FAMILY DINING ROOM COMPLETELY PRIVATE BANQUET FACILITIES for up to 80 p«rton> STUDENT ISENIOITCITIZENS OISCOOKT! (Sun.tfiruTnvn.>| . TODAY 7:» :The l ^ . Lincoln c Conspiracy Now thru Tu«t 8:00 P.M. INNIEMIESK AHUDG Don't Forgvt our NOON LUNCHEON Serving Man. thru Fit. HAM to 1PM _ PACKAGE LIQUOR STORE US 74 W AT LINIHN AVI TODAY 74S ft till lit* ('•OfMTMtUvM VALCNTlMCrl Your Individual Horoscope - Frances Drake — •--' • FORTUESDAY.OCTOBER 11.1977 What kind of day will I tomorrow be? To find out what the stars say, read the forecast given for your birth Sign. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Curb a tendency toward wishful thinking. This is a day in which to stress realism and practicality. Imagination is great — except when it runs out of bounds. TAURUS H/r^? (Apr. 21 to May 21) "TOT Home and family concerns under highly beneficial influences. In fact, a recent domestic problem wID finally be straightened out satisfactorily. GEMINI n^f- (May 22 to June 21) *™y? r Others may be overly aggressive, pressing for their "rights" to the exclusion of yours. Watch your own interests. Don't let anyone push you around. CANCER . A£-& (June 22 to July 23) ^*-J Avoid activities, ideas or people who lean toward the bizarre. Don't let curiosity overcome your innate good judgment. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) You have good reason for optimism now. A superior's enthusiasm for your efforts not . only pays off, but further spurs your ambition and incentive. VIRGO -0V/V (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) "r il A curious suggestion may be made. If you have even the slightest doubt about it, reject summarily. Your hunches are usually correct. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) A great day for presenting ingenious- ideas. Don't let "stick-in-the-mud" types dissuade you. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Natives of Scorpio rarely put themselves "on the defensive," but a complex job situation could tempt you to take such a stand now. Don't! Assert your rights. SAGITTARIUS */ r isJ& (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) ^ <Kr Avoid present tendencies toward lethargy and inertia. Self-discipline is an innately Sagittarian trait Stress it now. CAPRICORN Vf£r^ (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) ^ W This day's progress could be furthered by joining forces with someone outside your normal circle. AQUARIUS , -v^^i (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) -aw Get together with associates who share your interests to discuss ambitions, hopes, plans for the future, new "ideas in general. PISCES W^P 7 (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) ^feA Stellar influences extremely beneficent. You now have a chance to cash in on good will, to increase your prestige. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a fine intellect, creative ability, an outstanding intuition, fair-mindedness and unusual sympathy for the underprivileged. You are gregarious, too, but tend to be unyielding at times, thus alienating potential friends and aides. You are reserved and dignified, but always ready to lend a helping hand. You may have a fine singing voice and, if so, should spare no effort to develop it Fields in which you could achieve a notable success: music, -writing, the theater, the law, statesmanship, medicine and education. Blrthdate of: Samuel Clarke, Eng. philosopher; Eleanor Roosevelt, U.N. representative, writer, wife of U.S. President. Oswald and Jim Jacoby Go for that extra chance 10 NORTH <D» *K86 VAK8 «A643 .* 10 9 4 WEST EAST *2 ' A43 VQJ 10974 V6532 • KJ8 «Q109 *AJ3 •" +8752 SOUTH + AQJ10975 9 — »752 *KQ6 North South vulnerable West North E»st ' South 1« Pass 1* 2V - 2* Pass 6* -Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — QV By Oswald & Jamei Jacoby Oswald: "One of the'real benefits'derived from membership-in the American Contract Bridge League is the monthly bulletin that includes a great deal of valuable bridge information." Jim: "Undoubtedly, the ones of greatest value to the ordinary player are Easley Black wood's series of hands showing basic play. Here is a very good one." Oswald: "The slam bid is a perfect one, but many players would. lose it because West holds.both the ace and jack of clubs." Jim: "The winning player sees an extra chance. Maybe dummy's fourth diamond can be.established. So he starts proceedings by discarding two diamonds on dummy's ace and king of hearts. Then he cashes the ace of diamonds, ruffs a diamond, enters dummy with the king of trumps over his own queen and ruffs another diamond. Everyone follows and he has a parking place for his six of clubs. If diamonds faffed to, break he could still try the club play." Oswald: "Note Easley's bidding. South did not use Black wood because he had a void suit." (For a copy ot JACOBY 'MODERN, send $1 to: "Win at Bridge." c/o this newspaper, P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station. W8«v Yo'rk. N.Y. 700T9; TUESDAY NITE I FAMILY NITE CHOPPED SIRLOIN 1.79 RIBEYE STEAK 1.89 |i INCLUDES: POTATO klMARRON LOAF AND i ALL YOU EAT SALAD BARI ; HAVING A PARTY? GIVE US A CALL I WE HAVE A LARGE BANQUET ROOM IMftRftOM j! FAMILY !! DIMIW 3101 George Mi. 753-0317 U NEW HOURS ;, MON.-WID.-THURS.-SUN. 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. tu*(. 11 A.M. to 9 P.M.. Fri. C Sot. It A.M. to 10 P.M. 1iMllilili.:ll i i i;<;<!m.lll/i|| : ,i/l;j( :(id •i L *

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