Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1977 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1977
Page 10
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Ifr-IT* PtmroevTrtbune. u>gan»port, Ind. Graham Marsh Wins Match play Tourney The Agony Kansas City's Fred Patek sits dejected and alone in the Royals' dugout after the Yankees won the American League .pennant Sunday night. (UPI) Lasorda Has A Way With Players VIRGINIA WATER. England 1UP1) — Australian Graham Marsh strode down the Burma Road and said a big. thank you to the United States. The dour 33-year-old came fresh from his first full season on the U.S. golf circuit to outlast a lop field in the World Mat- chplay golf championships over the famous course at Wentworth and overpower Ray Floyd, 5-and-3, for the $52.500 title. , Then he spelled out his dent to the American lour. "It has helped me a lot in.a situation like this." he said, "When you compete against the same guys every week you, become very familiar with their overall games." Marsh also defeated U.S. Open champion Hubert Green ; and Hale Irwin on his way Co the final. "I always thought that if I played well and won over there. STATE OF INDIANAI 1SS: i COUNTY OF CASS I Notice NOTICE TO AU. PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF DONALD A. BURNS In the Circuit Court of Cass County, 1977 Term Cause Number P76-IZ3 In trie matter of the Estate or DONALO A. BURNS, decwsea Notice Is nereby given (hat Ardotl Burns as Executrix ol the above named estate, has presented and tiled her account in final settlement ol Mid estate, and mat (he same will come up lor the examination and action ot said Circuit Court, on ll)e ?71h day of Oct.. 1977. at which lime all persons interested in said estate are required to 'appear fn said coun and'show cause, il any there be, why said account should not be approved. And the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are also required to appear and make proof ol their heirshlp or claim to any part ol said estate. Randolph G. Lanning Clerti ol the Circuit Court for Cass County, Indiana Hjnna. Small, Sabatinl S Becker Aitorneys when I came away to another country and was put against the Americans I would have a better chance." added the Australian, currently 19th in the money-winning list. Marsh's victory was a fitting end to four days of near-flawless golf over the testing 6,969-yard;.< par-73 course which was swept' by torrential rain on'the last dav. STATE OF INDIANA) . • - ' . SS: COUNTYOFCASS I , • Notice NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE Of FRANCIS W. MINNEMAN. DECEASED In me Circuit Court of Cass County, 1177 Term Cauu Number F TT-aV In the matter of the Eatatt of frenela W. Mlnrwman.decMavd Notice Is Hereby-given that Dorothy May Lancaster and-Dorta-Joan Bovar at Co- Execulrices of thealxM.nemeaenale. has presented and HIM Itwlr'account In final settlement of sa«d aslata. and tnat m* same will com* up for tM •unlnaUen and action of xid Circuit Coun. on me 2m day of October. ff77. at which tin* aJi persons Interested in Mid eslate are required to appear in safe) court and wiaw cans*. II any tltere be, wfiv uid account ahouM not b» approved. And tfii nelrs of and decadent and all oinera uinreited art alao required lo appear and nuke proof of their AMnMp or claim to any part of said estate. / Randolph O.LMnlno. Cler* of NieOrcultCoun lor Caaa County. Indiana Miller, Toloert. Hlrscnauer* Wlkfcneri Attorneys , - By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Editor PHILADELPHIA (UP!) His hair matted down from all the champagne his players had poured over it. Tommy Lasorda suddenly remembered someone he had forgotten in his ecstatic excitement. : . Without a word, he slipped away from the rest of the celebrants in the noisy Los Angeles Dodgers' clubhouse some time after they had beaten the Philadelphia Phillies for the National League pennant Saturday night to find his wife, Jo. He found her patiently waiting with most of the other Dodger players' wives in the corridor outside the clubhouse and he embraced her and kissed her. Seeing the other wives. Tommy Lasorda said to them, "We would've never made it if ilhadn'tbeen for all of you." He lingered only a moment or so and then went back in the clubhouse to be with his players. After he left, Jo Lasorda, married to the Dodger manager for the past 2" years, somehow found herself thinking of their life together. She thought about how they first met at the ballpark in Greenville, S.C., where Tommy was one of the pitchers with the team; how brash he was, asking her for a date before she even knew his name; how they were married shortly afterward; how he had struggled for years in the minors and how much he had lived for this moment when he would be the Dodgers' pennant-winning manager. Jo Lasorda, a vibrant, gracious lady whose whole world revolves around her husband and their two children, Laura and Tommy, Jr., thought about all these things and couldn't keep the tears from coming; "Why are you crying?" asked Dodger President Peter O'Malley, emerging from the clubhouse and putting his arm around her. She tried answering, but couldn't. "You should be happy." he told her, "If you cry, you're going to make me cry." That's the kind of chain reaction effect Tommy Lasorda has on people. Some consider him an elf. others a cornball and still others a better teller of funny stories than Pat Cooper. He has a way of making you Fair view Girls Top St. Joseph Fail-view's 8th grade girls defeated St. Joseph 24-10. Renee Costello led Fairview with 10 and Licia Gibson lopped St. Joseph with eight. Summary F-Sutton 2, McGuIre 2, Hess 2, Beauchamp 4, Coatello 10. Smith 4. SJ-Glbion 8, Spltowgk 2, Rochester Is Victor In Tourney Rochester won 'the girls volleyball tourney , at LHS during the weekend. Rochester downed Peru 15-17. 15-8,15-2 for the title. Cass look ' the consolation over Loganspori 15-5,15-4. Dawn B a s t h r i c k led Rochester's scoring with 11 points while Kim Murphy was high for Peru with seven. Sandy Layman topped Cass with 12 and Tammy Smith got five for Logansport. In preliminary games Rochester handled Cass 15-10. 15-2 and Peru-defeated Logansport 15-7,15-11. laugh or making you cry, but best of all, especially from the Dodgers' point of view, he has a way of motivating ballplayers, getting them all fired up so thai they can hardly wail to peel off their jackets and jump off the bridge for him. "The man said we were going to win on opening day and never backed up once from thai," says Reggie Smith, the Dodgers' outfielder. "There were no 'ifs' the way he said it and no qualifications. All year long, he said the same thing, He- believed it and he got all of us to believe it. 1 hadn'l heard confidence like that in 15 years. It so overwhelmed me, I went to him and told him so." Of all the Dodger players, none is a stronger Lasorda believer than second baseman Davey Lopes, who played for him in the minors. ^'-' "He started getting us ready to win before we even began spring training," says Lopes. "Last winter, he made a special point of taking each one of us to dinner, talking to us. building up our confidence and im,pressing us there was nobody any better. "We're here now and; .we're gonna go all the way. You almost can't help it when you listen to Tommy. Oh, sure, I've heard his same jokes now for seven years, but 1 still laugh at them. It's like listening to Don Rickles. Everytime you listen to him, you laugh. We let Tom know when we think he's corny. We tell him . the punch line before he gets to It and we razz him, but I have more respect for him than any other man In baseball." No matter how little or how- much Tommy Lasorda accomplishes, he always tries for a little more. He never gives up, A perfect example of that took place in the Dodgers' clubhouse right after they had It clinched. While all the other Dodgers were rejoicing over what they did, their manager was asking them for a little more. "Four more yards!" he pleaded with them over the noise of their celebration. "We're only four more yards from the shore." ' .Next time the Marines need someone lo recruit for them, they should come see Tommy Lasorda. He can start a war all by himself. NHL Will Conduct Waiver Draft Today MONTREAL. ,fUPI) - Only the rich will : be able to afford the National Hockey League's 18-team waiver draft Monday afternoon. The draft, designed lo strengthen the weaker clubs, allows each team to protect a maximum of 23 players they do not want to lose from their farm club rosters — 18 skaters, two goalies, and three "special" players, with two or more years of pro experience. Rookies are exempt from the draft. The waiver price has been set at $65,000 for goalies and $50,000 for skaters and involves a complicated sliding scale that alters the price by the number of years played professionally and in the NHL itself. All teams filed their protected lists on Friday and the 18 general managers studied them. . all weekend.'.No team can lose more than three .players unless they agree, nor more than one goalie. , The defending Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens will probably be the only club to lose three players from their unprotected roster.- Their power-packed Nova Scotia Voyageurs' farm -team has several players. Including two goalies, who'could easily make first string on weaker teams. Goalkeepers Ed Walsh and Dave Elenbaas both have extremely impresssiye records in the American Hockey League. Through a technicality, Walsh would not be available but the Canadiens have. cleared the way to make-him a member of another team; Only one of the drafted players can be a goalie, but Montreal will waive thai rule also. , "They're both excellent goalies," said Montreal Coach Scotty Bowman. "1 can't tell which one will be taken first. but they are both excellent choices." There are several other players with big names available Monday — )f anyone is willing to take over their contracts. The Chicago Black Hawks have made Dennis ftull. Pit Martin and Bobby Orr available. However, Orr, with a, : history of bad knees and a mullimillion dollar contract, Is sitting out the coming season and no one is expected to lake a chance on him. Several veteran goalies are; also available, including Wayne Thomas of Toronto, Bernie Wolfe of Washington, Ed Giacomtn of Detroit and Ed Johnston of St. Louis. Also on the block are the well- travelled Derek Sanderson of Vancouver, now in the minors, and Ernie Hicke of Los Angeles, recently acquired from Minnesota. STATE OF INDIANA! )SS: COUNTY OF CASS I Notice NOTICE TO AU PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF MATTHEW J. FREY. DECEASED In the Circuit Court of Cass County. January Term. (977 Cause Number P76-1W In the mailer of the Estate of Matthew J. Frey, deceased , Notice is hereby given tnat The National Bank 01 Loganspori as. Adminlstnraior ol the above named estate, has presented and tiled Its account In final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court, on the 31 si day of October. 1677. at which time all persons interested In said estate are required to appear In said court and aha* cause. If any there be. wfty said account should not be approved. And. the heirs of'said decedent and all others in* terested are also required to appear and make' proof ol their heirship or claim to any pan ol said estate. Randolph G. Lanrifng . Clerk ot the Circult'Court • lor Cass County, Indiana Richard A'. Mollque , 212 4th, street > Logansport, Indiana «M7 Attorney STATE OF INOtANAI ISS: COUNTY OF CASS I Notice NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF GEORGE R EMSY In the Circuit Coun ot Cass County. 1977 Term Cause Number P76-I7< In the matter of the Estate of CEORGE fl. EMflY. deceased '. • Nonce Is hereby given that Stella M. Emry as Administratrix of the aoove named, estate, tut presented and filed her account in final settlement of said mule, and mat the same will come up for the examination and action of uia Circuit Coun. on tie Kin day of October, 1977. at which time all persona Interested in said estate are required to appear in said court and (how cause, it any mere" be. why said account should not be approved. And the nelra of uid decedent and all others Interested are also required lo appear and make proof of Ihelr helnhlp or claim to any pan of said estate. Randolph G. Umning Clerk of the Circuit Court for Cass County, Indians Hanna. Small. Sabatinl* Becker Attorneys STATE OF INDIANA) 'ISS: ' COUNTY OF CASS I JAMES .A. WADDUPS and BOBBIE J. WADDUPS: and JOHN L, ftYAN and TRUDY A. RYAN. Plaintiffs' VS • CITY OF LOGANSPORT, Defendant . lnlheCaS5ClrcultCourt l t977T6rm Cause No. C77-4tt NOTICE OF FILING PETITION ' TO VACATE ALLEY Notice is hereby given that the above •named Plaintiffs • have filed in the Cass Circuit Court, a petition praying and requesting the vacation of the following described alley In the City of Loganspori: An alley ten (10| feet in wldlti running north and south from Spear Street, north a distance of One Hundred SIxly.Flve (l«5| feet: lying and being-belween the East One- hall C4) ol Lot Number Ten (tOi and Lot Number Eleven (111 In Satan Tipton's Addition to the City of Looansport. ' ' . Notice Is further given that Ihis Petition will come on lor hearing on the 25th day of October. 1977. in the Cau Circuit Court, Court House, Logansport. Indiana. Dated this 22nd day of September, 1977. at Logansport, Indiana. ' Randolph' G. Lanning 1 • Clerk ol Cass Circuit Coun Frederick.L. Bowyer Attorney at Law . 400 North Street .' ' .Logansport, Indiana 46M7 ' •' Telephone: (Z1»)753-!773 ORDINANCE NO. 77-4 WHEREAS. The Board of Trustees Of the Town ol Galveston, Indiana, deems ft necessary to sell real estate and inv , prove mentj now owned by trie Town; and WHEREAS, the Town has appointed three (J) disinterested appraisers wflo ham fifed • tnelr appraisal with the Town Board: and WHEREAS, the Town Board of Trustees has accepted the appraisal. NOT, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED by the Board ol Trustees of the Town ol Galveston. that the Town shall sell and convey the following described real estate located In the Town of Qaiveslcn, cats County, Indiana: East Forty-Three 143) feet. Seven (7) inches ol Lot Number. Twenty (Ml. in the Original Plat ol Qalveston: commonly known as . 209 East Jackson Street, Galveston, Indiana. BE IT. FURTHER ORDAINED that the, terms ol the me of the above-described real estate than be as follows: A. The properly will be told to the highest bidder, but In no caw shall the • property be Kit lor teat than the ap- pralied market value of ti9.000.ao. Written olteri lo purchase may be submitted to the Town Clerk prior to the regular meeting ol m* Town Board ol Trustees on November 7.1177. Offer* to purchase may alto be submitted tt public auction, at 7:30 PM, November 7, - H77, al the regular meeting of the Town Board at the Town Hall. B. Every offer to purchase shall be accompanied By at lean ten percent 110%) of the offered purchase price In cash or certified check. C. The total purchase price, will be pak) by the buyer by December,1877. O. Buyer shall have possession of the real (state on December 5,1877. Notice It hereby given to alt regwered voters of the Town ol OaJveston that any remonstrance against the sue of the above- detcrlbed real ettale mould be tiled wild th* Clerk-Treasurer ol the Town of Galveslon, on or before November 7,1977. BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE TOWN OF GALVESTON. INDIANA •>, Wayne DeMott Eugene E. Boring Florence I. Parka George A. Flveccete .ATTEST: MatYE.GoldtMrry Clerk-Treasurer Town olGirrtilwi, Indiana Three Shut Outs In Youth League College Football Scores PUBLIC AUCTION The Red Devils, Meteors and Rams captured Cass. Youth League football victories Sunday afternoon. The Red Devils defeated the Redskins 36-0, the Meteors handled the Cowboys. 14-0 and the Rams shut out the Packers 22-0. Travis Minnlck scored twice (or the Red Devils on runs of 29 and 20 yards while Kenny Copenhaver scored on a 10-yard run and Steve Rldenour on a two-yard plunge. • Joe Smith took at 15-yard pass from yard run ior the Meleors and Kip Williams tallied from five- yards out. Each added their own conversions. The Cowboys' offensive standouts were" John Becker and GregPomasl. Gary Clayton scored twice 1 for the Rams on runs of five and three yards while Bob Rozzi added a five-yard tally. Clayton ran each" of his conversions while Rozzl scored on'a pass from Tom Strahlem for the extra two points. The Rams also tackled (he Packer quarterback for a two-pohit safety. The George Belin for another tally, tacklers were Tony Hay-den and and Derek Forgey intercepted a Joe Snider. ... East Albright 20 Gettyabg 9 Allegheny 13 Hiram 3 Amlwru 14 Am Intl U Army 34 Vlllanovs 32 Ban Coll 3D Tulanc tt Carn.-Mlln 41. WasttiJeff 0 Colgate 31. Holy Crou 14 ' Dartmouth 3 Yale 0 Delaware 23 Citadel 7 .Del. SI. II Howard 0 Edlnboro 3 Ind. Pa. 3 Fordham 21 soon Hall 10 Harvard I? Cornell 7 Lafayette 34 .Bucknell 7 Uetllfh .42 R1U 11 Maryland M Syracuse 10 Mas* 41 Boston u. it Navy 10 Air Force 7 Norwich'14 Ban SI. 0 Ohio Walyn- 47 Cal. Pa. 7 Pennsylvania 14. Brown 7 Penn St. 18 Utah St. 7 Princeton M Columbia 7 Rutgerm 42 Conn.' 1* Shppnsog ao Slppry Rck U Upaala ».WIlke» 3 waynwbg M Geneva I W. Cluster 20 Btoomsbg 7 W Va, » Temple if pass and ran 50 yards'for the final TO, '..•••: x Chuck Bullard blocked two punts for the' winners while Kevin Bullard and Dave Todd w«re defensive standouts. • Joe Meyers scored on a 7S- The league standings with a week to go Include Rams 4-0. Packers 3-1, Red Devils 2-M. Meteors 2-1-1, Cowboys 0-4 and RedsklnsO-4.. A Peay.JI Morehed St Ca) S»-r«rU).3i NE La Clemaon -,3r Virginia ;o " Dute IS So. Car, 21 B Car. M So. III. 0 E.Tetin.Sl, M Appy St. Ma. St. 14 Clact o STATE OF INDIANA) ISS: NOTICE OF MJIK TRANSFER Nonce wnuiant to Indiana Coos M-t4tC3 la hex*} ' OMK ID ail cfMiion ol Hu«»IBaus)an (roe. itping » utg. Core. rTrwtreW) an Indiana •corporation naMng in principal place of pusmtu at W Part AMIM. L»«anapO(1. ln»«ne aHV ' Mat-on ine »n day ot September. t|77. Translator 'snail Mil and transfer aub- s«s/i!ia»» e» ot Its easels, both red and e»torva>. to MirtWdauaen Brat. Spring 1 Mtg. Corp. rTrenstMM"). a. OeUMr* corporation heMna W principal place of puMneaa * 901 PaA Annu*. leamipon. Indiana aJMr. in co«sidera»oft ol such ranafe'. aa ol even oale Transferee «ffl auuRse antoaaie* to. pay or-ptrlom Ttaaay niF-a»an »s«lu COUNTY Of CASS NOT« Of ADMINISTRATION CtuaeNo.P-77-1*) In the Cats Circuit Coun 1»77 Term Notice ia hereby «t«en thatThe National Bank ol Loeanspoflvaoaantpofl. Indiana. was. on September, ;?. im. appointed executor ol me estate ol Daisaie EiUanetn QoUaeernr, deceased. 'All persona hiiing claim against -laid' estate, tyfielrie/ or not now due, mult Me tne time In tax) court within Ihre IS) months from tne date of the »rn publication ol this notice or tax) cialrna will be (waver barred. ' Oared at Logsyteport, Indiana, tills Sep- temoerff, 1177. - . *r4c*j*)0. laming Cler* of me Oreui! Conn ' Attorneys tort stele STATE OF INDIANA) ISS: COUNTY OF CASS I CAUSE NUUUR f 7M4S IN THE CASS CIRCUIT COURT t*r7 TERM NOTICE Of ADMINISTRATION Notice It hereby gton thai Mtidrea R. Foaler wee. on « day of October. 1*17, appointed EXECUTRIX g( the ESTATE Of AUEN W. ELDER, deceased. AU persons having cieimt against said estate Mwthet or not no* due. must (lie the same In tax! court within lint (S) montne rromthedtMOtHiellrtlpublictnonoftnit twice or aejd elakna eMl be forever barred. Daiett at LoBsmpon, Indiana. Ihls'l day of October. 1t77, RandotprvQ. Laming ~ -* deikoltliearcullCoun «xCesaCounty.lndUna s CheriealLIMeneel r14Four*gereet leoaiiapM,Mds>na««aT "• Attorney tor Estate Geo'lwn Ky. 47 Ohio No. 34 Georgia 14 Mississippi 13 Oa. Tech 24 Tennessee. 8 Ky, St. el Cent. SI. B •'• Uwlavllle 33 Tulaa 0 . LSU 28 VanderblU 15 La. Tech 21 SW La, Jl' Maryvl 42 WashaVLee 0. Miami Kla. 14 Kansas'7 No. Car. 24 .Wke Font 3 No. Car. SI 17 Aubm 13 W.Tra.Sl. 27 So, Mils 14 No. Ala. 2* Ala. AfcM.7 Pitt 17 Florida 17 Sthrn U. 28 Bishop 3 '' Tenn-St. 2« Orarnbllng « VMI » Richmond 0 Va. St. 52 Shaw « Va. Tech 17 WmeiMary a Va. Union 21 EIli. Cty 6 w.Va. Walyn « Glenvl o ' Midwest ' Adrian M Alma •» • Akron at Dayton M Ark. Tec*. M Evangel is Belli St 17 III SI .16 Balcer M Cent Meth 21 Swing Grn J) Teredo 13 Caae Weatcrri 33 ThM 17 Cent Mich. 25 No, III., 31 Chicago U 21 ,Bek>li 14 E Mich 31 Ohio V 14 Evamvl .10 DePauw o FranKltn 31 St. Joe -7 Hllladaje 7 Wayne St « Ind. 2t Narthwttm 3 Ind. st a Drake so Iowa u Mlftnoou 6 Iowa Si 7 Mlsaourl o Kent St 90 W Mich 16 Miami O. 29 Marshall Id • Mich. 24 Mich. St. 14 Mdlnd Coll 47 Neb. Walyn Nebraska 28 Kan. St, » No.-Mich. 39 W, Ky. 0 Ohio St. 48 Purdue o S.Dak.St.' 44 Mrnlngade 20 sterling e Kan. Walyn/fl Whealon 10 III. Walyn I Witconaln at Illinois o Souihweat Angelo, 14 S.F. Austin, o .Arkansas St. 10 Lamar 6 Arte.St. 45 New Mex, • 24 Baylor B SMU e - E. Tex. »1 S.Houaton 17" ' No. Colo. 21 Cent Okla. 7 Prairie View 19, SW Tex. 7 SW Okla. 17 NE Okla. 14 SUirn Ark. 29 NW Okla. 27 'Texas 13 Oklahoma a TCU J5 Rice 15 . Tex -Art 24 McNeeae St. 7 '• W. Tex. 17 N.Metr. St. 14 • Weal Ala. it Southern Cal 20 Boise st 43 Mont 17 . Cal.-Oavla t Hywrd St. o Chlco St. 32 S.F. St. 0 Colo. » Oklahoma St. 13 Idaho SI 34 Idaho 14 Fresno SI M S D St. 14 HmbUt St 21 SactoSt 21 Mont St. 27 Weber Si 24 • Oregon St 24 BYU l» Ore CoJl 42 So Ore 21 Pac Cal. 37 Hawaii 7 Stanford 32 UCLA 2* Texaa Tech 32 Arliona IM .Utah 23 Wyomlnj 13 Washington M Oregon o Waal) St 17 Calll 10 Sale Calendar i '^ * Oct. 1-2—Gordon ft He)l«n Brown Anfll* & Aaron Oct. 13—lourewice) & Gladys Ryd* Angle S Aaron Oct. 15-iBoawt.il Auction Room.. 7 Wejmfcll.Kuhn Oct. 15—Cfavdo Eorl HcndM Eft ;. 'J*rr>WM«« Oct. T5 7 -WiTi.HB.'Wirion .. £ .....;.,'.... Vanlu*t Crjrw- Oct.-^ S^Grovir Rhin«)barg«r Eit. 1 AnglirA Aaron'. Oct. 18—Alfo VYlUon ;....., Angle « Aaron Oct. 20—Old Sawmill Auction,. _ 1 Col. Paul Couch , (Back Acres) State Road 24 East -'- mile east ot Logansport Mallon: Wednesday Oct. 12,1977 at 10 :OOA.M. ANTIQUES AND COLLECTABLES: Many Original Paintings and original Limited Accents; Hair Floral Design in Shadow Box Frame; Several Pieces of Roseville including Creamer and -, Tea-Pot; .Few Pieces Solid Pewter; Oval Stand; Drawing Tables; Lots of Frames; Easel and Mat Board; Horse Collars; Assorted Leather WorkingTools; Jugs. Bottles, and Jars; Small Walnut Desk: Iron Garden Bench: .Cut Glass Salt and Pepper, silver top; Caned Straight Chair: Walnut Wash Stand or 'Cabinet: 4x6 Linen Shag Rug; 6x9 F16kati:Rug; 25 years of House Beautiful Magazines; Lois of Pottery including Boone, bybee, Frankoma Pitcher and 2 glasses, some Raymore, no longer : made: Several PCS. at- Crystal; 4 Fostoria Sherbets, Center Piece and Candle Holders, Other Pieces; i Kerosene • Pottery Lantern; Old Adding Machine; Barber Pole. Glass Top Jars. Pis. and .Qts.: School Desk; Old 3 stack Bookcase, less glass; Oak Deacon Bench; 72 pieces of Apple Pattern Franciscan, including many serving pieces that are no longer made; Otherltems. ' .'-••; . . . ^_ FURNITURE AND MISC.: 7 PC. Bedroom Suite (FranklinI including Bookcase Headboard with side by side twin beds complete, 3 drawer Night Stand, double dresser with Mirror, Bookcase, vanity and stool; Pedestal Kitchen Table, 4 Upholstered Chrome Chairs: Pink Marble Top Mahogany End Table, Beautiful; Pale Turquoise Velvet 84" Sofa;'3 PC. Matching Willet End Tables and Long Coffee Table: 1 Leather Insert Coffee Table. Pr Large Brass .and Wood Table Lamps; High Back Fireside Chair. Arm Chair; Spring Rocker; Bentwood Rocker. Zinn Maple Wall Cabinet: Imported Twin Bed Spreads: Bates Spread. Other Bedding; Redwood Settee with Cushions; Modern Bookcase: Baskets: Macrame; 'Chflds Wicker Settee: Assorted Lamps; Extenspl, mah. painted; Portable Singer Sewing Machine: Pedestal Restaurant Type Table: Card Table And Chairs: Plate and Cup Wall Shelf; Mah. Window Bench. Pr. Twin Beds on Roller Frames: Westinghouse Heavy Duty Automatic Washer and Electric Dryer. Avacoda. Lots of Unusual Items. BARN BEAMS ANDJHISC,: Hand Hewn Bam Beams: 4 Burner drop in Electric Stove; a Anderson Casement Glider Screens,. New, 21x72: Heavy'Duty Saniway Sweeper: Roof Exhaust Fan: Flood Light* and Splicer (pr Movie Camera: Scott Seeder: Dog House: Jacobson Snow" Blower: Snapper 21" Mower; Many Other Heffls>Mrs, Brown-Is a well known Local and Indiana Artist This'Auction includes above average Furniture and many unusual Items. Lunch will be served.' TERMS: Cadi ' ' Not Responsible for Accidents DR. GORDON AND HELEN BROWN ^ Gene Angle-Larry Aaron-Jerry Weeae -. RobuwotKingBry Auctioneers. Phone i-Jl#7SJ-548l< derts Monday. October to. l»T7 NOW • i ON ALL PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS LOGANSPORT 314-4th

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