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North Adams, Massachusetts
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BROWN AGAIN ELECTED MODERATOR CURTINS PURCHASE GLASS SAND QOMPANY HERO OF LEE FLOOD 2 DIES AT AGE OF 68 HOME OF HUSBAND At Annual Meeting of Uni venalut Church Acquire Valuabl Property iu Cheshire Gave Warning of Freshet in Wife of Former PitUfield Potmaiter Bids It in INPITTSFIELD Lee and Dalton Also Get Benefit of Lower Rates by Voluntary Action of Com-panics, Dr. 0. Brown was unanimously Qhbut it's good a. 1 when it's piping hot! The Berkshire Sand Glass company located above Bowen's corner In Cheshire, has" been sold to C. 3.

and T. J. Curtln who conduct the Farnum-Cheshlfe Lime company, according to announcement made late yesterday. Henry Haynes of Seabreeze, K. V.

Wood of Cheshire and the Rlch-'ard A. Burget of wh'cta Judge The home of termer Postmaster Clifford H. Dicksoii of Plttsfleld, Is sought on embezzlement charges alleging that he appropriated thousands ot dollars ot government funds to bis own use, was sold under foreclosure by the Berkshire County. Savings bank to his wife, Mrs. Florence Dickson who, on Tuesday was granted a decree of desertion and living apart Irora her husband.

The home Is located on Lincoln Terrace In Plttsfleld. Install-Canton Officers NONESUCH Mincemeat Cbar'es BT Hlbbard of Ptttsneia is executor, we're the former owners ot the concern. The capital stock of the company consisted of 187 shares of a par value of 100 each. The Burget estate and Mr. Havnes owned 80 shares each while Mr.

Wood heM seven. All of the stock was acquired by Mosnrs. Curtln who were represented in the wight Baker, ti jears of agl. hero ot the flood at East Lee In 1881 when he ran ahead of the rushing waters and warned residents ot Chestnut Lodge, East Lee and Lee to flee to higher ground, died yesterday morning at bis home In East Lee from the effects of a shock. Mr.

Daker was born in East Lee where he spent all of his life. On the morning of April 29, 1888, be was on ot the first to learn that the Mud pond dam had broken away and that a flood, bearing death and destruction was coming down the valley. Abandoning thoughts of personal safety, Mr. Baker sped, afoot, through East Lee, Chestnut Lodge and Water street in Lee, warning people of the approaching waters and saving many lives A poem eluogls ing him for his heroism was written by Fred Curtis of Lee, andwas widely published. Mr.

Baker was also noted, in bis youth, as a baseball pitcher of ability nnd for several seasons he carried the East Lee baseball nine to victory. He was also famous as a Voon hunter and fisherman and, like Ms father, was prominent In Masonic activities. The elder Baker opened his attic to the Masonic meetings held In recret, during the Morgan disturbance The funeral wrll be held this afternoon In East Lee. ''LIKE MOTHER USED TO MAKE" MERRELL-SOULE SYRACUSE, N.Y. reelected moderator at the annual meeting of the Unlversallst church, held last evening.

The usual reports ot the officers and the beads the committees were given and showed that 1922 had been a busy and successful year for the church departments. Following Is the. complete list ot officers elected to serve for 193: Moderator, Dr. 0. J.

Brown; clerk. Miss Carrie Hinesj treasurer, W. 0. Snyder; chairman of the visiting committee, Mrs. R.

chairman of the flower committee, Miss Laura Ripley; assistants to chairman of flower committee, Miss Faith Carley, Mrs. D. A. Hoxle and Mrs. Hodecker.

Frank Eaton was unanimously elected as deacon for the regular Mrs. Schouler, as chairman of the visiting committee, was empowered to select her several anslHtantS' and assign the work for them for the year. By rote of the members, It was decided to postpone the other Items of business until this evening, after the regular parish This annuual parish meeting Is to follow the annual parish supper at 6.30 o'clock. transfer by Attorney Walter C. Kel- Reductions of 10 cents per thousand cubic! feet In the price of Illuminating gas were announced yesterday by the Plttsfleld Coal Qas company, which supplies Plttsfleld and Dalton, and the Lee Qas company, the new prices to take effect on February 1.

The. new reductions are the third to be announced la these communities since the wartime peak. The new price in Dalton and Plttsfleld after February 1 will be $1.60 per 1,000 cubic feet, while in Lee the price will be $1.80 per 1,000 cubic feet. Bills In both places will be subject to ,10 per cent discounts if paid before the 10th of the current month. Users of gas meters in Lee are to benefit by the reduction as soon as the necessary adjustments on their meters have been made.

In Plttsfleld, where reductions were made on August 1, 1921, and on April 1, 1922, the following announcement was made; "The close of business on December 81 shows a material gain la the sales of gas for the past yew; this gain is reflected in our earnings and In making a change In price the company is continuing the policy which it has consistently followed for many years. It has voluntarily reduced the price to the consumer whenever conditions have warranted so doing." loffs of Plttsfleln. The formal transfer was -made Tuesday In the office of Jndge Hlbbard at It Is understood that the new owners of the are to condnct Its operation, Local Intelligence Canton Colfax, Patriarchs Militant, met last evening and' elective and appointive officers were Installed by Major William J. Ross as head of staff. He was assisted by the following officials: Lieutenant Elmer F.

Staples, Captain O. E. Stevens as aide-de-camp and Captain W. E. Montgomery as aide.

These officers Installed Robert I. Carson as captain, Arthur 8. Osborne as lieutenant, Pierre H. McCord as ensign, Elmer F. Staples as olerk, and William J.

Vosler as accountant. Plans were made for attending the annual meeting of the state association on the 27th In Worcester. The local canton Is to be represented by several members. Committees were named, last evening to have charge oHhe work of the several, departments for 1928. The next regular meeting of the local Canton Is to be held the first Thursday In February.

The Red Cross home service office has movod from its former Hce in the main' city hall Into City tall annex. The office is located 1 the second floor. The same hou' will be maintained: Monday and Start- the New Year Right by Systematic Savings BOLT MAKES TWO DUMB Cherbourg. Two sailors on a fishing schooner were rendered dumb when lightning hit the vessel, and have been unable to speak for' six weeks. Wednesday, from 9 12, 1.30.

to 4.80. The secretary requests that calls be made during the afternoon to make sure of finding the worker who is often required -to go out In the morning. Everybody Is going to Odd Fellows' hall tonight. Be one of them. Best of all times.

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