The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK. COURIER NEWS Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Missionary society of the First Christian church ineeltnt; wllh Mrs. E. M. Terry, 2:30 pm. Execiillvc Board of Woman's auxiliary of First I'rcsbylcrhm church meeting at church. 3:30 l>. ra. W. M. U. First Baptist rluirch having mission study nl church, 3 p. m. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Eastern Star meeting at 7:30 p. m. VVEDNESDAV'3 EVENTS Picnic supper nt country club, *? p. in. Miss Emily Tompkins Weds Hays Sullivan Jr. It's Up to the Women 11V MKS. l''RAiS'KI,IN 0. UOOSKV'KI/i 1 A Violrnl liovolnliuji'.'' j If ralad I:, llic main tush of hmiih- jCiin, make Us accompaniment an imiwilani part ol liu; meal. 1-Vjr 1 Instance: Cheese Hulls Ruiiove cnisls from fresh, close- 1'olitical new:; in papers has Iw-i party's backlm;. anil UITJIM illy , I * UI1O ) IJ c ' nisls "'0111 fresh, close- ccinc liuerestinis; books on ecuii- uhcii Hie ncn.d arlsi-^ women will I , ..'."'" bratl - ™ Kf l1 "" l< > 1 "' omlcs and on sovcrnincnl are can- reject liteir party and us t-iiuli-'!j'' ( " onc 'I 1 ' 81 ' 11 ''' '"th thick), erly read; there Is 11 revolution In diite.s, hpii-ad each slice lisjlilly with soil IMPREGNABLE. Br Ht)t» WAilrwr TiJJ"' ''""'•'''JKe lo "V? kirl 's dost'l sturdy, flic to I Is drawn, ami I have tel Ihc Icy. £0 olhcr kruta BIVM entrance lo my fortress, I lie moat Is ikcu, you c«nnot c ro« lo IIK. I ihal! not y/alJi again at cucnicnl windows. Nix- wo |> llic mgliu I wail on your titlay. 11:c lanlcm ol Ibc Bale is out (mew, Hie walclunaa unit— lonight you rick miy. Ton-many days I Icfl my lm-i unsmnloJ, loo nuny nijjliln 1 IMcncd for NIC ilank Of armored mail raoundiiiij Ihroucli the silence, As your s»ift horse canic rlurfiiiiji down Hit tank f>ow you may conic willi uiooiimc or Hi poing, Nol any tiiorcyour knoik «ill IIHTO my bleep; llic draubriilfic lo Iny lic.lrl is rniscd securely, Hit bolt is drawn, ami I Invr locked llic liofji. erly read; there is 11 revolution in thinking nnd ttial always prcr«iycs n rcvohilion In action. One ciin have a bloodless rci'- ohillon if one can count on lead- of sufficient vision lo Miss Emily Tompkins. daughte. of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P. Tompkins. of Burdsltc, became the bride ot Mr. Hays Sullivtm jr.. in « ceremony iO]cmniz?d last evening at Ihc bride's home. The l!ev. E. C. Cole, pastor of the nn.ptist church at Opccola, [wrforincd the ceremony tetove members of the family. " The Tompkins' country home was decorated with mld-sutnmer flowers with baskets of daisies and corn flowers marking the Improvised nltar. The bride wore a navy blue ensemble with touches of while in the trimming of the shsrr crepe, fiock and lior accessories were in navy. After a honeymoon in Tennessee Mr. Sullivan' nnd his bride will spend the £umm:r with Mr:;. Bul- livans parents. The bride attended Central college and State Teachers' college, at conway, nnd recently has b^en a memcer of the Burdette school faculty. The brldcyrocm, wlio Is the son of Me. nnd Mrs. Hays Sullivan of Lonoke. Ark., received ills Inter education at th; University of Mississippi, Oxford. For lour years he has been a teacher in the Bur- ciette schcol. * • • B. Y. P. U. to Jlcrl. Th? "Just Friends" B. Y. P. U. will have a devotional program Sunday evening entitled, "Cinisi Must Reign in Our Palrlolism." Miss Mildred Hood is in charts with the following dtonsslng these topics: "Christ Musi Rcisii in Law Ob- tervonce,". .Miw Mildred Hood; "Chibl 'Must Heicn in"Tax I'ny- Alvin Huflmaii jr.; LI3 ITl .lULIillVIlt M.1IVII \\J b"*->l' l.'lmlllo, the toal for which the mass ol j Next 1 believe women >i- ix-oplc Is ollen unconsciously suriv- for oflice and uccepl. v s IIIR. and courage enough In the I defeat In u spoillne snii ;. and courage iKtlon as a v.holc lo accept l\K f u-ccsraiy changes to achieve llu 1 iesircd ends. Some women have boen educal- ng them.selves in Ihe pasi lonr- .c-cn years; the mass of Iheir .sls- leis Is now awake. Arc tlicn: w<>- ucn ready to lead in lhe:.c new nallis? Will oilier women follow :hem? We do not know, but onc .blng is sure, the altitude of women towards change; in society Is Roing to determine to a great extent our future in this country. Women in Ihe pasi have never their political sticiuuh ' " |. •"•*>'-> .»*. in UIMIleLS WllelC II Ulll tliey wake up to II now? Will i is almost Impussihle for one hold- Ihey realize Unit politics in Ihe old liu; their political beliefs to win- it-life, a inline played for .selnsh In other words, a woman who Is ends uy :i few pulltlcians, Is of no wlllim; 1 0 make a \sc-ll-iilrh hone' raiccrn nny longer to any onc and lets light is welcomed by a local lender lo nil out his licket. The "' '"" nttiludc towards women that recognition in (he .sense o! leceivint: a ]>o[ltiral job is perhaps necessary but only imiwrlant Must Reign in Tiplon; "Christ Voiinu Musi Jimmie Rcisni in Tills will not be disloyally but will show thai as members nf a parly liiey arc loyal first lo NIC lino lliinas for which the parly Mauds will run •iclory The prupoitlcm of women hold- tiic clccllvi! office is small. There are Iwo reasons for this: one is flint .many women have dreaded and lake of a campaign, liiey have dreaded Ihr- public ciit- Icif-m, liiey have not 'learned lo discount Ihe altucks of Hie opposition; but business and piolKi- sinoal life is pal-inn the way and this reason will not deter them much lunger. The second reason Is lhat as rule nominations which arc Biven I undo: women by any of (lie political' H-p i I panic,-; arc in dim ids whe -,'lly thi'n with softened, seasoned yellow American chccie. Hoi I up. either diagonally or' .straight, and faslen with u lo:>lh-! lilck. 1'lace rolls In pan and toast' 'Illicitly under broiler. Turn until evenly browned, itcmove tooth-. picks. Serve fresh and hot as an i accompaniment to .salad, or for afternoon tea. Toast Kings and Cmrtnls i Remove trusts from day old bread and slice one quarter inch thick.! Cut with small fancy cutlcis—crcs- j rents, hearts, rounds, etc. Cut rings I HES SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1934 Ing can truth be sal""*. ... It this spiritual perce|)tioii of Hcrlp- lire, which lilts humanity out W iVme and death and Inspires r aitl>" (page 6*7). In general may bring a ; • * — f" &«-"' i in uiitj- in ini- a ClliUlCP In of Ihe opportunity II M- |hl s . We | mve |;00(1 , b | £ lords a woman or a man lo flmw ;l!lcal cfflcc loday and much dc'.-hat liiey conceive to be. the duty | pi-nte on their succer" The. are 01 a-uovcrnmciu servant? | bin/Ing llie new palhs and "what If our government offices are not [ ^ f ar more Important (licy arc urtiiii; |wo sixes o[ cutters. (Two or I throe conncclinj; rings c;in | JC cul! out of one piece of bread.I Cul H)w strip-, |wo and one |-,alf Indira; loihj and pull lwo ships through i one circle. I'lac.; dilTcrenl! u I shapes in a shallow pan and toast; the broiler, tinning so that. Ike bread browns evenly. Or. plac them in a hot oven, -iSO degrees 1 ;| mid brown. Brush them with but ler and lo salad ilfelba Toast Hemove crusts from day old bread nnd :;]lcc very Ihln (one eighlti lo one nuarter incli thick.) Cut slices C STKEET METHODIST CHURCH 1 W. J. UKoy, Pastor Sunday school. 9:45. I'A'achinfi, 10:15. Hi. Allen, from Memphis, will preach at both hours. 10:45 lun. and 8:00 p.m. Don't miss these good services. Dr. Allen will bring you two meal messages. hii'ryljody cordially invited. FIRST CIlItlSHAN CIJDIICH K. K. Lalimrr. Minister Sunday school, 3:45 u.m. Holy Comimuilon and Sermon .1:00 a.m. Vesper service. 6:00 p.m. j\ conllal welcome always. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school. 9:45 a. in. There will be no preaching. B. y. P. U., 6:45 p. in. Teachers' meeting. Wednesday, :30 p. in. followed by piMycr nieetln;; nt 8 p. in. j u n n- 4-H KalllCS The minimi rallies of Girls and • - ..... . . . ROMANCE?, held in llic nest few yeai.s by men and women with new conceptions of public service, then our revolution may not continue lo be bloodless and changes may not come gradually as they are coming now, out violently and suddenly as ihcy come in the past in France and in Russia and we will go back up the pieces exemplifylns whal wu mean by the new lync of public servant. I ,e"° N " AV: Tl ' e Ncw Swbl Or - (Copyrlglil, 1933. by An[]n K | cl(nor Roosevelt; dislvilnitcd by united Feature Syndicate, inc.) Private Service," Miss Margaret LaNelle Moore: "Christ Must Reign in Public Service," Frank Huffman; "Christ Must Reign ii Military Service." Miss ~Amv.- Tompkins. All members are urged to aitend. C!.iss (o Give 1'iojTani. Herman liimcr Is in clunre ot the program to b? given Sunday mornuiB, 0:45 o'clock, at the Firs; Methodist church for the Open Door class. Max B. Reid will be the principal speaker and other numbers will include a vocal duct by Mrs. J. E. Critz and Mrs. Gco Henry with R. N. Hill jr., at ill? piano, and a violin solo by Earl D Shyder Jr. Bits oj Netts Personal before we either and move lorwnul So In icviewing Hie p.isl fourteen ycais let us acknowledge that women have made a lew changes i in pollilrs. u n woman wmils to] work , si ic cm) be part of almost j any party activity except the In- I ner ciicle where, llie really lui]ior- tanti decision in city, county and stale ]>o]lllr.<s nrc made! Shi: can get into this inner circle in "The Proper Thing" _ys 4-H clubs in Mississippi coim- ty, .scheduled to be Iicld July 5 at IJIyllievillc nnd on llie followius - — day at Osceola. have been iiost- Kl _servc as an accompaniment • | poncd. Tlie dale will be an- nounued later. . in halves, cr narrow strips if de- Half-Hloon Air. and Mrs. Charlie Nlchob an- r.r.uncc (he birth June 10 of a ulreri. piufe on shallow nan or"," ," ' cooky sheet. In moderale oven Al-• l "" IBl ' 1 " 1 ' 1 Bo '' mc Jmf ' (:ill!U(;il OF THE NA'/.AIti;t\'K ^upha U. Beahlcy, Paster Hmiday school, 0:15 a.m. K. L. Ivans, Supl. Morninc worship, H:00 a.m. S;imon subject: "A Christian':. Inventory." N. Y. p. S., 6M. Evening service, 7:45. Sermon subject: "The Lost Christ." Philadelphia Plans Popular Concert Series 'illLADKU'lHA rill')—Ten popular Sunday evening concerto will fea'turc t!:c 35th season of the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Academy ol Music here, beginning Oct. Ii. In addition to Leopold Slokgw- ski. guest conductors will include Olio Klompercr. formerly o[ the IJcutclies Landstheater lit, I'rajue; f:iigeue Ormandy. el (lie Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra: and Jose llurbi .Spanish pianist. Face powder was iiscii by -Jreek women a,300 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. rxx-k Higl^im an- il June . e en. - : M , ,. r low (o dry am i become dcllcnlelv j V',' r . hrown. Turn cccaslonnlly so they ' 10 " me th ° blrll: will brewli evenly. Serve unbutter- ] f '°"' ed as an accompaniment to salad. ' Mrs - ot ' s WooUlrldec and chll- Anullirr Clicrsc Itnll lil(ln ™' e spendine tills week at Kemorc cnisls from a large loif! lcrt - v ailc ' Ei 2' lt *"l"i Mrs. Woold' '' of bread. Cut in lengthwise slices ' • t '"^ u ' li 1'arests. one third Inch thick, and six cr •-..v^ >*.i^ miLMy \\uii yellow sou-1 n spreading cheese. Roll up, the full 1 round Iciiulh of slice, like a jelly roll. 1 , Wrap each foil with a slice'of ba- ^ 24 16315 "When Ihero ave no usher:: and no reserved seals, should T or (he , n - , • . P° :lll f s '"in! easily (Iran in | aisle nrst?" 1 am with B o down llic " state. county and city. Women have made no great changes in i:oiilics or government and Hint Is all lhat can be said of the past and now for Ilio presenl. Women arc, thinking and lhat is Ihe Brit, step toward an Increased Mostly At the movies, or wlurcvcr th;re are no reserved scats, you go first; and mil'ss the man you arc wilh is your husband or dunce or someone wilh wlium you RO often and know where you both like con. f: Toast under broiler, turnins CIIARLI5RO1, 1'a. HJPl— Twenty-four years ago. John Kisakevich in (lie front, of his home. Alter j the job was finished, his wife. Aty- i tliornuirh search. Jiilly. so (hat bread is evenly toasted and bacon well broiled. Oranpc Toast Kemove crusU-, from bread slice «., °" c ' r l tc >' to cue third incli thick, (d'lii prin"' l 'After and cut in lii.inglL-s. Toast- and, C:e incident was iorsoltcn. butter hjhtly. and spread wilh or-1 Since that lime, llic husband CltUKCII OF CHRIST Couil Mouse Auditorium Bible school, 10:00 a.m. Preaching. 11:00 a.m. Communion, l!:4S a.m. Pleaching. 7:30 p.m. Come and lie, willi us. J. A. Taylor, minister. SKCON1> BAPTIST CHURCH J. II. Fitzgerald, acting juslor Sunday school, OM5. Tommy Bo- euii. Supl. Preaching. 11:00. Subject: "What Our Churcli Needs and What We Stand For." B. Y. P. U., 7:00. 1'reaciiiiig. 8:00. Subject: "Pressing Forward." Eaeli 0112 is given a lie-arty welcome 15 all our services. Come and lake your part and let us worship the Lord together. Remember, the regular business meethv; is next Wenesday night. Let's all be there. DELICIOUS Hot Weather Specials Served Daily BLACK CAT COKFEK SHOPI'K I'rircs Rfasouubln ' angc muriiialadc. i err Toast Slice bread as for Orange Toast. Cut into strips, tonsi. butter IHit- ---i —. i....M., Lsui.kt.4 jigm- I LilLlxLU KIJV l.V. and spread with Ciinger Spread.! mind weiit " •'reserved Kinaer. add a few j time her . died, and the family lias grown up. They chipped away the crumbling concrete w'.-llc Mrs. Kteakevich talked idly about tliis and lhat. Her FIRST METHODIST CHURCH W. V. Womack—Pastor Church school. 9:45 a.m. Leagues. 7:15 p.m. Church worship services. 10:55 a.m. nnd 8:00 p.m. The pastor will preach at both hours. Communion service will follow the brief morning sermon. A welcome to all strangers and visitors. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Hione 797 Kpc'edy on tlic matrimonial 'runway'as well as on Hie track, PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Kleindiensl, Ti'Unr Sunday school tcacliers' \mcetinz 1:30 a.m. ' ? Sunday school session, a a.m. Reaular morning service. 10 a.m. Theme of sermon: "The Wonders f;ien CuiininEiiam, holder ot tlio of God's Grace in St. Paul's Life." back 24 years to Ihe. was laying the! world inilo ruu record, soon will march lo the altar wilb Miss -Maifarcl Spcir, shown here willi tay hia cmlcgo friends. "Blessed are they that hear the Word of Gcd and keep it." Luke 11:28. | IV1 n . •, . .". " " " '^"(LMJ,^ J.Ll IIK.^U.IIIU \v.t.-> l.lylllP Hie I hn, Ka v bll rnlloco S «f «-v-« °^^-H^ ^x^'^i r w-"S"^ : n arsS/r±ro' „„„^KSS±!ri-r^-*?» --™^^r£ one and one which to Ml. you generally turn to him mn e " cefore taklm; „ seal and ask su^ar and [«-,i tablesrioons ciima- Courier News V/ant Ad3. John Allen Moore, of Tuiielo. Miss., is the guest of Frank and Alvin llnfliuan jr., today. .Dr. nnd Mrs. George Jcrnigan and sons. George jr., and Jill, and daughter. Julia, of Rector, Ark., have teen guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jake Huffman and family during the past week. The Rev. H. J. Klcindlcnst has returned from St. Louis where he attended the Pastoral coiifsrcncc of Ihe Western District o! the Lutheran church. While there he also attended the. summer school for pesters at Concordta Seminary. Mrs. H. 1. Kbmdlemt and Iwo childien aro spending a month ii St. Louis with Mrs. Klfindiensl's mother, Mrs. Wm. Halz. Miss Lola Vanes, of St. Louis, is visiting her parents. Rev. and Mrs J O. Vance, of Blythevillc. Miss Louiie Fulgham. of SI. Louis. Is also visiting.Re'v.' and Mrs. Vance vho are her grandparents. The Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Lati- mtr and daughter will leave Mon day mornins tor Augusta. Ga., to: a visit wilh relatives before goini lo the Isle ot Palms, S. C., fo two v.-cehs. being away from 111 city about a monlh. Mrs. Fred Smllh and Mrs. Frc da WatiUand rclurned lo Ihci home in Dcxlcr, Mo., ycsterda njler several days wilh Mrs Smllh's tlster, Mrs. Rodney I Banister, and Mr. Banisler. The were accompanied home by the! mother, Mrs. Mary Little, who wi visit there tor an extended timi Mrs. Eupha b. Beasley, pasto of llw First Clmrch of the Naza rcne, will return home loriay fror Hujo, Okta., where she has bee virftihg-. In seme tpecics of oysters, tl males tnd females are separate- in dtvJdu»!s, J while in-other specie tECh.oyslsr represents both Jud g Blames Fathers When Girls Like. These Turn "Gnu Molls" CHRISTIAN .SCIKNCE SOCIETV "Christian Science" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon lo be read in Ihe Christian Science service Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The Golden Text is. "Laying aside all malice, and all guile, and liyporrifcs, and envies, and all evil speakings, as newborn babes, desire Ihe sincere milk of the word, that ye may glow (hereby" (I Peter 2:1). Among the citations from the Bible is the following, "And the fipiril and llic bride say. Come. And Ic'i him lhat henreth say. Come. And let him that is atliirst come. And whosoever will. Let him take the water ol life freely" (Revelation y^:iv>. The Lesson-Sermon will also include passages from I Im Chris- ,tian Science lestbook. "Scienceand. ileailli with Key lo (he Scriptures." by Mary Ilaker Eddy, one 'of which rends. "The Scriptures sic veiy sacred. Our aim mn.,t bv to have them understood .spiril- ualy. for only by Ihis imdcrsland- ^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^•••••Mh O • i/l Saturday Only MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 25c Off To The Races! In a wild burst of fun, fury and fireworks! "CALL IT LUCK" with 'Tar' Pallerson, Herbert Miuulin Charles Stan-ell Gordon Weslcoil SKItfAI. - - CAKTOQN Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-33c CAIin OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends! and neighbor.-, for llirir kindness' rendered during the sickness and death of our darling Baby Ro- iMtia. We arr also lliankful for Ihe beautiful floral offeilngi. p.iicnlv Mr. and Mrs. John If. Halm: Grandparent: Mr. and Mrs. Rube Dcvill; Mr. and Mrs. Ben f. Balm. Her nun: Jolin llillingcr JI:A\ Her IIMIU Tommy Carroll NOHMA . Hrr man: Murton .Milieu Hrr man: Clyflr Harrow U a'.mosphnc and rave a ! chance to straighten up. htllr Tall Talking" Gangsters ^ I "'v~'i il Mil IT tllO'.i^IK. OT'!;:," 1 Appeal to Adventurous Spirit 1^^°^^™^^ •*- v I ! > r : own. granlcii it it 11111151111 re; 'l"e:-t. and hfr fine was s'.ill h;ln- l" M.1RGAHKT alvBliTDF. i been a different story, instead Ii? ?l! w 'Hi the hop. tint •:onie!hin: crvire Start fnrrrrnonclrul I !5 i 0; , often strict, lorbiditini; and '"ay b- done lor I he p!rl wi-en sli" \OHK.-The pencil most} almost a r.Uanser. .-.poking io Irr 's free a-ain. cllen to blame when a frirl of pcvrf !F -ldo:n except to register a prolii- 'Ml have iKr come lijht bark 1?,'"1^J"11?' 1 "? u" !™! "".'f' 1 " 1101 ' ; '3 ;1 "'st romcthiug she. to me." phimrd busily. KATIIKVN KEI.I.V Hrr man: '.Ihirhinr (inn 1 Kelly unman's moll is her lather. Al wanl.s to do. :east that's Ire conclusion Majis- trats Jcanne'.l^ G. Unit has rra-h- ed after years of watch in; pirls who became companion, of criminals. and their lathers who appear before her Oliver lo weep over their daughters or tc complain about them. l-'s generally too Sale then. Judy Brill thinks, for tr.e father lo accomplish much In the way ol help since the daughter fears and olten dislikes him by that lime. Dut it he had made a companion of her as he often docs her brother, if he had. told her te things about life and men that every girl needs to Wlli l.llk OVCI.H. ,,,,,; ; Rrfonu I her in a few dollars e ate many more girl.s Ih.iu licv " I''- 1 ! nirl will :ore. nl supjMsedly sood up- i thmp ot !\-v.:el(." "Wr -. I'll stake make .so:i'.e- tie a (ran. the Rirl i=, fajcsnalcd. for two jvars ami r.he wn? bright. And prriiy .soon, the v.rond appeal : ambitions and pr»tly. Jobs were laws cfl.Ti. Hrr maternal instinct hard to find, l.o-.vcvcr.'and she spent ir- aror-. ri and s!;,- \v.inu to pro- ; all her money. Then she met a tcct or rvrn leform t' c youns man.' handsome youn; man. The young "He iiKikr.- her [,-vl lhat t 1 ^ • Irealcd her as if slip liad been" uov:d is n;ain-t him. And a micen. look her aboui to night wm!c she knows he dncr, «-ron=.. clnt.v sjwnt money on iicr as it siir find.-, c xrirsrs lor and b:- ! ttiere could be nr end lo his reliever- that no., uul.ilriy irealrd. r-- ' sources. Then one day he to!d her lierlatly when (lit- police S M. after ; ;ibou( a "job" he had 'done a stick- him. Often ;!u-'s led a sheltered, i up job ' """ ' " J ^ Ri "'" i5 ™«* ''"Wlllr 'r . brii-mc. lurnlnr lo lues of ll'.e-e tiav, o- at 1" a. co, r, m? with cnminih " si H I,,d '' alter an 'exhau Ivn l.!lh:n j Will! Court' ' l-n.-lr-i-^iK- ,i n , •, i ,• . In vie MiV i,V- .,- • ^ ,' >f ' J-i wom.m Apppal of tbr Oi »••• strr »« i I to the prob- Ib.? pingr.trr tvo wpn:aM J i i --L (sn i >> iv.> u;n 11 n- u. in ir-ornblr. "We linn!: tin miirli foi* our cliil-l She wauled nothing more to do • drfn. We nujlit io pive ihriu liir ' with Mm. tlic said, .ii nrsl But al- lr..t pvii[ier inforimiion ;m-l Ihi-n Irt : Irr all. she liked l, im . lifc-d j nm a r.r- ill-em make ricci^ons lor i lot and gradually i-he came lo look tv:v, t :rmselvc?. I \\niild liavo. to retire : inxin bis crimi-s MiHi >\ [esr. prrju- \l all par?::!-, d;:l Ih.ii!" | diced eye. She wa.\ urvcr actual- I 'Hie case ol Norma Mitkn. Hie ly iuvcived in any o( (liom. bow- in the Brooklyn Hr-rC'H'l *»«'", "'^""^'j I™, '"••' ^l.-brough-inVyr^inow beniV'tricd''^^;;;^ „ v™- I n,Z "' ' " E ' "h ' V !lf r C!tpl ". r - wl ^MMI..!]^! ll, e crimes „, hrr Hukim. 'no, \ i Ii n' , '• l ' f '"'•" I' 1 ' 1 "- m ^ >•"••!"« unusual. Jiii" Al least thicc ol llie six had ; peop'.o ai c bv lialur- ! girls have Va yoiilli. Anil a rockv . only not so FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. Paramount News Alusirnl Cometlv Shorl ot llie six to see IV.e .uxiiro alone «n:l tol:l her their <:or le- | cm- ! i inn ih " p:cle frankncs. One had even ask- a- ii , ed to bs "sent a -ay"' 'to • " fc- ! hi m'-?f o-, " ° :~ imnr-icr'o dauchtrr: cvrr. nnd wiicn hr w.vs cauiht. a fympallwlic soeni worker manajEd — ,.! .."^ to keep the pirl'.s name out of the I Brill SAJ-.V Many ' caw and finally i-ad her sent hi pericnccx like licif. Not 1011,7 aso. she married her cl i hood swcclliearl ,iurt is happy. , ---------- , o ........ - -. n a -ay' 'o • c- m-f o- know, thenltwouM probably have | months tint The n,H" let o'lt o" V.-^H «1°. " ' l ' ' "" . . .. ,"? i * ° '' HI ^ W " S ' '° r im ^ KC - tllc Ml(1 - 1!ul for ° !lc slor - v lllat - ™ d " s likc "1° ""« "" '™ i:C dlc Wcstern ?irl who can:e lo New that, there arc ten which end with o^'-,^" ?' ¥? ^°'\\' XO y ," : l a j° to E( "' a " cf - ^ lhe Blrl who ihouM h *« known « ai.d is a lit- Jl:» Job. Sh; had gen? lo eo'.lsge. tetter brought :ni 0 the courts. NOTICE Fines on all delinquent city taxes, including street tax, c.av .tax, dog tax and privilege taxes, will bo raised, after July 1st. Signed: C. A. Cunningham, ' '; Municipal Court Judge.

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