Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 31, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 31, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted D ID YOU F.VEK ^ulTcl• from n>:il ncr- VUU.MKIK!? U'ouu ovcry uurvc sccmud to uuivar with a peculiar, crocpy focllnj;, llrst In om! place, and tlicn aiiothor and nil svcmuit linully to conccuti-aio iu a vritblu!;,Uimolo lu tho brain, and you bc- coinu irnia'.itc, fretful aud nccvl^b; ;o bo followed by an impotent. wuaKencci coadi- ttoa of tho nervo cenlors. i-ln;:iug In the cars, mid sleepless, mlscniblc uiirhts? .Mr.i. Ku^cno Scarics. 110 Slmunn.E St.. Elk- hurt, luu., says: "Ncr- vo'JJ troubles had raaae me noa.-iy insnno and physicians vere unabie to iieio me. My memory was almost pone and every little thing worried mo until I \v:is nioiost distracted, I rualty foartrd I was uucoaiinp a maniac. I imagined all sorts of evil thlnps and voiUd Cry over nothlns:. I commenced taking I):. ' Rcsioratlrc Nervine and four bottles of this wonderful remedy completely cured me. and 1 am as well now us 1 over was." . Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on cuarantcc, Brs'-.botUo w!U benoflt or money refunded. fir. Wiles' Nervine Restores Health...... THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good;Machine. ihlgli standard of excellence. .Matu 'isera of the "3IUD»on" connlder It THE ,BEST. You will find It 8 valuable asslstaut In jour office. Address for particular* THE MUN50N.T.YPEWRITER CO JIANUFACTUKEBS. -244 TToitt Lnk« St.. Chlcnica, 111. STATE NATIONALBANK LOOANSPORT. IJfD. • S200.00O J. r. Johnson, President. 8. W. TJUery, Vice Preaident H. J. Holtbdnk, CMhler. DIRECTORS. . F. Johnson. 8, W. Ullery. J- T. Elliott. VT. M. Elliott. W. H. Bolder. Buy «nd i"" 1 ! Government boiila. Loan noney »n personal geourity and coilater- 11 Issue special cerUncatea of deposits •alto? t per cent. Interest when left one Mr; 2 per cent, per annum when depos- Md six niontbs.' Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults ol this •nk for the deposit of .deeds, insurance •llcles, mortgages and etber valluables, •nted at from K to R5 ?«r year. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- Haxinknckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE uly ipth, 36th, and August and, 9th, i6th, Fare for the round trip $1.00. Train s Vandalla station at 0:50 a m. CHAS.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :-= N» «7 Market Street. ' Calli »ttended to promptly, a»T L. G. PATTERSON THE RAICROADS : • ! What Hall Hatter May be Carried Free. CIRCULAR FROM LOREE General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Hu opened & ^Ir^ and Accident Iniur- nc« office at 410 Broadway, up »talrs, and rilolti a •hare at tl» public pttronav*. on» but'nnrt Claa» Companle* Beprt- inted. WANTED. 88!^============== TANTED-5.000 A«nM tor Humell's antho- / riai "LIVES OK SrcKINLKI and HOBART" , elegantly lllnstrnted. Price onlr $100 ..-nod cbea»Mt,.«nd outaollsiVnotherii it to Agents nna frelgtitpalU.t»-Book» •m rouJT. Save time bj strndfllK 50 cents In nmtK (or "n cnllH nt one". Address, P "VWOBTHINCTON4CO., Harttord, Conn ,j*Harry Frank's.fnrewcll' sale we let Hn<m pants and .rests, DOc; ?2 Al\ca coats, $1; best white ?!, ana $1.23 undered shirts, K5c. GuiKTfll Manager Lorec, of (ho I'IMIII sylv:iiiilii lilies west of Piitsbm-g, 1ms Is swxl :i notice, calling the attention of all oflidalfi mid employes to tlie order Is sued by the president of the Pemisyl vrtitti railroad regaa-diug tllt! bundling of railroad nwiH ninitter. In stating what class of ma.il matter can be curried over tho company's HUM lli« p-n oral-manager says: 1. -Mail perUi.ln-iiig strictly to Ihe \niA- Inesii of Uie line, exclmii-giil lioiwet ollleonj and agents or.HIP Traffic association of whl'cli linw in tl»> system are memlHT.s, may be (urrled. '2. Let tens or packets containing iiisin- iftvits. bills of lading, ('rc'lg)rt. tariffs, pasi'iigpr rare sheets, loss and damage claims, trace is anil Joint t-u 1 report.* exchange between ngents of oilier rmids oven 1 which the tralHe to whlcti Uiev relate pass may be carried. o. C'oiis!giiinc"iil.s iniide by r.he liiiinu News company 10 ilioir agents located cm the system may be carried ;ii? per contract-. ?is tlie I'liion. Kmpire and Green lines are owned by and are part oC U;e system, their officers uiul aguiit.-; will be povei'iil'd by this circular, and the lei- UTS and packets bearing ilielr ma:rk,« will lie twntod ns other railway• matter, and will be subject hi the same cnndl- timis. KAII.KOAD NOTES. Munso-ii A. Heal! of the .ranh:ind',e tin (^hop 'is sick. Tile body of the la to John llobei killed In the Coral wreck at Suga Creek on :ho Vniijl.-ili.i. nrrrveil in tli city yesterday, and w:i,= . taken to tli Heber homo on tlie "N'orthside. Tli funeral will lie held from tho resldenc at 2:.'!0 rhis afternoon, service* conduct •ed by Hie Rev. Mr. Tirmcusteln. It is sn.id .tlint the annual report t> the Wabash nilli'ond will not be on nnljil September 1. Tt will .show alion $08,000 earned above fixed charges. T.ln conipnny puircliased 10,000 tons of steo rails and has been adding to its equip incut, making .payiupn-is In monthly in staHmentP. It owes about ?4uO,000 President Ashley says Hint rates are be Ing maintained better'in the Southwest than In the South and West. THE BOAJJDING HOUSE BATI- TUB. Chicago Record: This Is the season ot the boarding house bath tub. In-the morning it smiles to greet the first gentle comer, who tills it -with water tiii-iiing on both faucets, and who sticks her foot into tire water as aforesaid, and shrieks amazingly, awl promises in liys torleal language, that she will quit tlie place mile.*? they connect rhe lake .with the furnace more frequently. And auou comes the late sleeper, and he pounds at the door and rattles at the knob, and goes away murmuring discontent at the third-floor old maid, why takes her summer vacation In the jior eelriin depths of the tub, TO me great illM-ess and malice OH all other.*. And. Inter, the time is noon, anil It !s ironing day, and the tub Is' exuberant because It undea-stamds full well that nil the boarders fire'clownstair.i in hot office.? or stuffy department store*, and that .although ; there Is mnca warm wherewith to steal the chill cf the Alaskan liquid ordinarily provided in board: lug, house boilera In summer, nobofly will be hojie until the shank of eveniug, when again the ice house will be con 'nected with the bath, tub.' And the evening comes and. grows apace, i'nd the bald, tut man from the parlor floor wallows a>ud shrieks nnd turns himself Into a sort of anatomized Ice crenm, nnd goes away lamenting. And as tfte night draws ,on there is gurgling nnd n frequency of thnt noise which is like that made by some persons Inserting soup into rtieir systems, nnd wet reproductions of the footsteps of the man Friday nre upon the painted floor. ?• And'fifM- off into the night the Inebriate boarder comes In after tlie manner of uls kind nnd charges upon'the .tub. nnd. there is much splashing, and the married man three floors above hears "and revJles, and so'do all persons between and bctwJxt—and then-there Is more ot it for an hour or so. Amcl nt ?, o'clock In the morning the boarding "ouse bathtub falls into a sort of tranquil, tubblsh desuetude, and a,pence settles doivn over all the boarding house—but there still Is not, nor will there ever be, any hot water, for of.such sort is the manner of the boarding house bath tub. IN THE NAME OF DECENCY. New York Tribune: There' was liopo that this would be a clean nnd decent campaign. Thorp, was no room for offensive personalities. There -were n unsavory scandals- to be bruited. There.would be no mud-throwing. The fighting would be'dorie by argument, on grounds ot'Tcnson. That was the hope There seems danger now that'll will prove to be vain.'Tin: Fopu!o-DemO- cratle Repudiations have already Introduced in-to the campaign an. element of •grass indecency, one of the most revolting in Hie history of American politic.*. Not content: with reckless bkuspheni- les of speech-, they luive transformed the most sacred nnd solemn emblems of Hie Chrlsrlan religion Into Insignia o-f- part}; warfare. Last weft me country was treii.led to tlie ."peetnele of n half- drunken, howling mob parading be : liijid nn uplifted Cro^s and Crown of Thorns. There is now promise thnt the pert'ornianee will be repented Innumerable Hum's, all over the land. The symbols of Our Lord's IMfwroji, which Christians regard with ycuenillon and others with respect, are l-o be boa-ne aJofl by i)olltical pamders, smotig torches and transparencies and pnrry banner,*. 1'lie Cross and Crown of Thorns nre lo be hung in every barrcum window, nnd Haunted at every mass meeting, aiifl in; added (o tlio pollfical carronn- Ist's stock-in-trade. Is it possible that such sacrilege can be tolerated in :i civilliwd—not 'lo say In Chrlsiiaii land? The Presidential erinilidale, whose .name and for whose •ulvniitage these things arc being done, Is himself a professing Christian, nnd an aiMlvc menibiM- of one of the lending .•linivhe,*. Is It possible that he can regard stu-h doseerarii'in of holy things ivivh any fueling o:l:er than horror and leteslnrion? • THEY PACEIKA RACE. Welch Won in the Match Pacing ' Race. '• ( •••••', Drawings of All Kinds Made by THE COJIJC .BL-TTON. Chicago Uc-eoril: AVithin the las! few i!(intli.< iLe inaiiui'aettii'OTs have made a ;pcci:i!ty of coniii: bill tons.' ' The one rhat has met with Hie great'«v snece»' is worn so that only the back it the button shows. The Imiiiisilive lei-sun who lir:* the lapel of the coat to <w what is -on tin;.oihcr side sees the nscripliion "liublier Neck" which Is aipposed to apply to him. Three •"comic" buttons are bought by aiinateu'i' hmmoriist. Mere are some of the iuseriptjflns: ]ioy wanted.: " Dnn't kict. Girl wanted. Ml. 'This is on me. Tell me your troubles. . Ah there! (rood thing—push It along. There arc other's. You make me tired. ' The best thing .tln.it ever happened. Tell your troubles to a policeman. Never touched me. When you read this—buy. I don't think. That's no He. • Keep off the grass. These specimens of town humor are tiuposed to be slirJeklngly funny. At any rate,there is a good dema-n'd for he "kid" buttons, and every new piece of slang or cateh-phrase or tlie street 1.5 at once put on n.button, and the button Is purclnised by a young man of the roguish and worldly kind. There were probably two hundred people out to see the maieh race between Pat G-nuiey'iS mare and C. W. Welch's uolt yesterday afternoou. They saw a hoi'se race, anil, tliough- the thus made wa.s uot fast enough to cause:very great excitement, there was cousldev- i n Me spccninttou on the result, Mr. Welch's ci>lt won in straight heals, t.iioiigli H was evident rhnt Mr. Granpy's miire had more speed-ami .!•£' she hail kept her feet, would have givra the colt a much tighter argument. 1 Tlie race wa.s -for a purse of .$1.00, each owner putting up JfijO. An lulmlssiuu fee of 2.1 cents wa.s •iha.rged at 'he gnte aud tho receipts covered the expenses of tin; "swipes" ami tliu pro- I'i-uiiniii-.v ti'iiiii'lng the horsi;-! hail i'e- Oelved. Graney's mart was in ihe best condllion (or a race, but Welch's coll: proved to be Tlie steadier animal. In the lli'Sf. hear tliu horses were sent away to a good start Mini paced neck ami node to the tliree-nuarver po.?t, where G-i'aney's mare wi'iu off licr fear, and before her-driver could get 1 her s;e;uli<-Ml down the lir:it \v:is lost to her. Time nf ilrsr lieat, '2:~i~. The horses ^c-orixl twiee on the seeoirl bent and \ve.reseutawayou even terms. Gr:\ney iniiied Welch ihrouglunu the course until I ho hor,«e» entered tlie slreich. when he began to draw up mi the colt and If the m.-iro li::d kept hpr feet she would have led Vi'eloil to the wire In hollow style. Welch wa.s onto his business, however, and as the 111:1 re shoved her iiose ar. the coliV Hank, lie nourished his whip and urgeu Ihe'coll ou. That settled !:: the mure f-mtlil not staml the sight of the whip and again broke, tlie colt winii-lug In 'l-'Wi. WAS OUT OF MIS MEAD. Young Han From the Country Claims a City Han's Morse. tli BUGS TELL THE TIME. Portland Oregouian: A jewdcr near this .-Junction'lias a novel clock la nrs ;liow window. It puzzles and auniscs crowds every clay. There is simply a dial a foot, ami a lial-f square, apparently lying on a box no Inch in cleptn. There are no bauds and' no holes in the dial. In spite .of this the clock tells time perfectly. .There nre .two little Mexican beetles ..of toe ureen-Ui'OJBise variety that have been more or lew popular' as scarfpius, etc.( nud they iwl a.bout and mark the minutes and hour? accurately. One of them rests on tliu outer circle of the dial aud mov&s from one llgnrc to another ouch hour. The other btiR marches ou the dial's inner circle, anil-- inwres onc- D.fth of the space bctweeu-tlic figures every minute. Wliat tells tue Tmgs when and bow for to move is a mystery tl.'at 00 out o£-every 100 wuo look at hem give up.ln despair. The biiKS arc plainly enough alive, jlse how could they walk? And there ire uo strJnss on them, so why do^they uot walk off about their own;affairs, as any oiillan'ry buy would do :n no'tlme? "The th.iugVs simple enough," said the nan who knows It nil, fitter-planting at :he clock yestcivlay. "The bug* art lend' its .Tullu9 Caesar. Each of them s merely a shell and lias n bit of shell Into its ba.se. Thee lock lias hands, only they are underneath • Instead of rbovo the dla-1, and they are magnetized. very time the hand, forges, ahead its, itrractlon carrics-tu'e st'e"ei ; aD<lHhe' -little 1 irceii'btis shell along. ,Put n-couple'of itcel plus on'h sheet'of papV and move i magnet armim!" underneath and you'll ice ,1u,?t how It works. It's'too easy." The man. who"know Jweat on to sny, .hat the jewfiler .w.as!a'.Blircwdi)fellbivJ "See," he sfaUl, "he thought he'd .head jff all suspicion of magnets by setting hose fine watches on the four corners if lils mystery^ 'Just note, plense they ire non-magnetic, wiIU yon? 'Oh, It's n rlnch bow the thing works." A-mis'uiiik'isr:iiiding which came IHM proving .serious for one of the parMi involved, oi:cnrrad last ^vt'ivlng benvoi- a yonng married man of tin; \Vesrsid ami-a youiif: man from the country, t'.i .sou -of a prominent farmer. The youii mau from the country wu.s slightly ill iltr thc'liiilliu'iice of liquoi-: in. f:u:t, h was so far gone that he imagluiHMha the horse nf tlie young married mail In fore iiK'nlitoned was liis propprly.-an was in tlie act of 'unhitching tliu aiiima from the jnwt to which it was fled wli the young married man appeared on scene ami In ralhur emplniiiC' tour asked wha't the young man from th country w;i.-> doing. "I'm takln' my hor.se, what d'; s'posc?" the countryman answered. "That's my horse,".the town 111:1:11 as surtcd. Words led to physical demonstratiou nud as the coiffltryman seenioil dctci mil'iicd to claim "tlie aidma.1, the AVe.?t skier was compelled to hit him a jol In the jaw. and, jumping In the wagon started-to drive away. The country man was twmelous and hnng to the back end of the buckboanl TO wb'cl tlie horsp was bitched, while the aulma "was driven througii the stroats at a gallop. Tlie countryman's h.old was Duallj broken and' he wa^ left rolling in thf street. Tlie Wcstslder cnme. over to this side of the river and secured assistance returning and taking Uie countryman to the Jail, where he was locked up to pVevcnt his claiming some other mnnV horse, and possibly being charged wJtl: being a horse thief. No names nre given, for neither of the parties w-111 prosecute, aud the young man rrom the coun try will, be released this morning after he lias regained -bis.sober senses. ^^^^^ - / A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, wnen In need of a laxative, and If the father or mother be costive or bilious, the most gratifying results follow Its use; so that It -Is the"'best family, remedj known and every family should Lave a bottle. BYRON B. QORDON.t £ y Draughtsman «& Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport M of en able i:ur i 1 ^ 11 Artificial Gas Sills d j i tie Firs c-i m ,)ath, ten day's grace. All b:l!s pay at tn^s office of the'Compan/. 317 Pearl . f f r fc >. Slilrt waists, suits, skirts and parasols vent out lively nt the Trade Palace ycs- >rdhy. No .wonder,' Hie ...ridiculously ow prices they are mnlclng..on tliem-.. ,ud iiuo.beautiful line you. have to select rom. Same .prices wiU 1 continue today^ .ml tomprrow.'-; • • ' ROBBERS. AT FULTON. Fulton was visited • by rLieves on Wednesday night. The store of H. M. Woods was entered-and also the store of Milton Snyder & Son. The postofficu 1* located -hi Woods's store, aud the books of Postmaster Reed were scattered about Uie floor. The drawer was empty and it Js not known whether any stamps wero taken or not. Woods's .money drawer was tapped for ?1. He was also robbed of a box of cigars. Entrance was gained through the front door. TEACHERS" ANNUAL INSTITUTE; .The Care Cpuixty Teachers'.Institute will be held In this city at the Central building from Augiist'17 to 21. Thursday evening Superintendent, of Public Instruct'on Di M. Geeting will deliver a'u addrfe. There will also" be addresses by the followiug.persous: E. B. Bryan, Indlauapoll*; D- W,.Dounic, Earlham college; A, Jones, .Marion, aud- W. K Bryani oC the State university.' .Geo! Harrison ha* the finest line of hammocks In the city. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. MOORE BROS. FURNITURE CO. 287-289 W. Madison St. Chicago. Largest House Furnishers in the World. w-irr 9 iyr j \.f**ntt\ ^ we furnish up a Cozy, WC I*C INOI Air«-Iil conifirtabJe home for you you're not f»>ing to run away. We.trust you to pay us. Come and see us—get Credit without asking—pick out the Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Refrigerators, Bicycles, Baby Carriages, in fact anything 5 ou want to furnish your home, and pay for them as you like. Weekly or monthly. Correspondence invited. MOORE BROS. FURNITURE CO., 337-289 W. Madison St., CHICAGO. !/5>£££ G. A. R AT ST. PAUL. A LESSON FROM A NEIGHBOR. New York Tribune: -Xlessrs. Bryan and Sewall-Wivtson, the lejiders of the Repudiation Le,l?ue, wan; to f\\t the monefcuy system'o( tliis country ou :i Silver basis. This Is their demand, junda at Chlenjro on July 0: t demand the free aud unlimited j colnag-e of botl) sllrer and pold at ihe present lepil ratio of 10 to I, without, for the aid or ,or.,,ont of any ! route through Chitago. Special Rates via Pennsylvania Liuos for National Encampment. August 30th, and 31st and September l.st arc the dates upon whicli low rate j round trip' tickets to St. Paul will be I sold via Pennsylvania Lines, fuo short Tickets will be oilier nation. We demand ihat the standard sUvtr dollar shall be a Cull legal tender, equally with ?old, for all debts, public and private, and we favor inch .legislation 'as will prevent for the future the demonetization o-f any kind of lew' tender money by private con- Tact." •Tust a few days earlier, on July 0, the little Central American Republic of Costa Rica, which had becu on .1 ;ilver ljfl,sl.« for some years, mnde this lecree:.. - • "The.-Coiistitutionnl Co'>-.rress of the Republic- of Costn Rica, considering It be for the economical .Interests of the country to prevent, as far as po.s- <ible, any increase In the sliver coin of ;he country on account of Its fluctnatln.s ralvre, which ronders it flimctilt by le?al enactment -to fix a rate at ivlilcl! the silver coins of other nations shall be •eceived in the Republic, nnd also difficult for the Government to establish new monetary system on a more solid basis, decrees ns follows: '"Article-I.—Ponding the adoption of i. new monetary system uo national sll- ,-er coin shall be minted." Has It come to this, that' the United States is to full behind Costa Rica in me of the prime essentials of civilized ociety? . . good returning until September 3.5th, inclusive, and if deposited with the joint aseiit ait St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will be extended to include September COth. The rates for this ^occasion will be-exceptionally low via Pennsylvania Lines, tlie only system of railways over which trains run. from VFcstera Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, Uie natural gateway from -those States to the North-west. Dally trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis aud Louisville make convenient connection at Chicago with St. Paul trains. Arrangements may be made by G. A. H. Posts or .parties"of friends to travel together, on special trains or.special cars that will go through from starting point to the Encampment without change, if the number justifies it. Information on .tlie subject will be cheerfully burnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Llues. St. Joseph Is a most delightful -resort luring this extremely torrid weather, 'are for the round ttip, $2.00. Train eaves Vandalta atatlon at 7:00 a, m. very Sunday. ; , - : > HALF RATES TO OSfAHA. Via the North-Wcstern Lin; (Chicago & Nortn-Wcstern R'y) August 13, 10 and 17, 1SOG, one fare, for the round trip. On August 24 excursion tickets at very low rates will also be sold from Omoha to Denver and the famous Hot 'Springs of South Dakota. For full information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern. G. P, & T. A.; Chicago, hi. Subscribe for The Journal . r | ' j

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