The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 14, 1944 · Page 13
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 13

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1944
Page 13
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BROOKLYN EAGLE, FRI , JULY 14, 1944 13 Hips Regain Favor in First Fall Showing ppftStoll JCrabs Appearg O C I E T Y ONE OF WOOL, one of soti Included in the show, Wedding and Engagement Announcements In Market which all dresses were priced at under $50, were the two Br MABGABET FETTIOBEW Of Interest Here and on Long Island Miss Dorothy Graham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John nraham of 195 Beach 115th St.. Rockaway Park, became Warm weather friends ft shell crabs now making a grad-il aopearance In local markets below. At the left is one of the dressy junior styles made of natural wool jersey treated the bride of Lt, Joseph L. O'Connor, Air Forces, Army of the United States, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O'Connor rf nfi r. 38th St.. on Saturday Delicate of texture, rich In flavor and highly pleailng to particular palates, soft shell crabs are a prime shellfish for the sunny seasons. the St. Catherine's Hospnal Bern crepe, bold fOR FALL Three of he can-pidates shown yesterday in Convention Hall (the Hotel Astor), where the "Chic Party" was organized. The name means Congress Honoring Inexpensive Clothes, and among its promises are "less waist and more hips " At the right is a sulphur-toned wool surplice-crossed tunic top with O brown crepe skirt. Hat and shoulder bag are in brown vvith metal spiral decor. St. Francis DeSales Church, Belle The soft shell crab Is really a issauerader without a mask. As a of Nursing and receiv ed her M. A. i degree in Public Health from Co- lumbia University. She has been with the teaching staff of the Amor- lean Red Cross for the past five years. Mr. Cosentini is a graduate Harbor. The Rev. Micnaei nra-gan, S.J.. cousin of the bride, officiated at the ceremony which was followed by a reception at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club. matter of fact, the soft and the hard shell crab are one and the nailheads stud it for a touch of spectacular trim. At the right, below, is a black crepe dress and jacket. The bodice of the dress is in black satin, tying in a big bow to show over the jacket ot the throat. The bride was given but at dinerent stages oi life cycle. In order to grow. holds rngineer- She 1 lath by 1 the hard shell crab must first dis mw m BBBBbVEsBB! Mil Bthel Mary Sellig as mai card the old shell and then fashion of honor, the Misses Marie Hart maids and Sheila Cowan as flowi wider girth. The period of molting or sluffing (crab terminology for girl. r daughter. Miss Cap'. Edward J image BETROTHED Miss Margaret r. infan.'Erickson, daughter of Mr. and nf 'Mrs. Otto Erickson of Staten shedding a Winter onlv when the water Jniied S; Kenneth O'Connor and Kn.-in . seph McNamara, U. W. C. O., w Mrs. Emil D. Br soft shellers are crabs that have shed their old coats and are about Fori Bpnning.1 Island, is engaged to crnesr Mrs O'Connor is a graduate G Meiklc Jr.,. son of Mr. and These Summer-time treats should Blshoo McDonnell Memorial High of Bav. be alive when purchased. Trans E. G. Meikle of 550 Ridge High School. Capt; School and Mercy oecreraiy jui College. Lieutenant OConnor graduated from La Sail' Mij- c..t. n Pnrkwnv porting them and keeping them alive and happy until they are ready tended Bishop Laugnun Memorial for the kettle is one of the difficulties of shellfish specialists. How- Wextheimer Dinhoser and Mrs. Snlouvn Wcv Ik-iui- Hfch School ana St. jonns univei-sity. He is now stationed with the army air forces at San Angelo, ,Texas. The couple will make their according to the Fishery er of 505 West End Ave, Manhat Council, a fine system of pamper-) ing has been periecied oy tne nsn horn" there for the present. Weitrtk Hudson Dr. and Mrs. Jacobus H. A. Westrik of DouglaMon announce the tan, announce tne engagement oi their daughter, Miss Claire Mina Westheimer, to Milton Joseph Dinhoser, son of Mrs. Jay Dinhoser of Brooklyn and the late Mr. Dinhoser. Miss Wesiheimer. who is a grand for sise and packed in orderly in shallow wooden trays. A of parchment covers each tray and engagement of their daughter, Miss that goes a layer oi seaweed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lydia H. Westrik, to Apprentice S man Clyde Hudson, U. S. N. R.. and each crate is hurriedly, though; !of Mr. and Mrs. A. P Hudson Coconut Grove, Miami, Fla. carefully, speeded to market. 3 ipeed is oi me essence, mosi oi Miss Westrik attended schools Holland. Dutch Guiana and v crabs are at your table the the Scovillc School and was graduated from the Leonard School last month. After studying at La Cha-taignerie University in Switzerland, Mr. Dinhoser entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y., where he will be graduated next graduated from "once de Leon High fter they leave the water, low to Prepare School. Coral Gables. Pla. Mr. Hud- There are few tricks to preparing attended Oeorgia institute ot soft shell crabs for serving. They Technology and the limveisnv bite so dont foe afraid oi Cut off the segments that; .North Carolina in training for commission. nder the rear of the body; The Children's Milk (7 tasks so grand, The bcslcul milk in all (he land! f the face to a point about Cosentini De Stefano half inch back oi the eyes ana The l the gills. Wash the craos Cathedral was the setting for thoroughly To prepare soft shell crabs for frying (1) sprinkle with it, pepper and lemon juice, milk, then in flour, or (2) i few minutes in milk to which and pepper have been added and marriage of Miss Rose T. De Stefano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ettore De Stefano of 1272 Prospect Ave., to William Randolph Cosentini. The ceremony was performed on June 24 by the Rev. Dr. Edward Lodge Curran. Escorted by her father, the bride wore a princess gown of white satin with long eyeletted sleeves embroidered with pearls. Her tulle veil 'was sprinkle with soft bread crumbs Place in hot fat and fry until golden brown, aoou Besses!' BNm L Eessi HBiSalM broiled but they take to the broiler To oron crabs, clean them thoroufhlj lip them in melted butter. Then iDrlnkle the crabs with lemon juice lalt, pepper and cayenne and roll hem in flour. Broil at a moderate fastened with orange Blossoms ana she carried a prayer book covered with white orchids and markers of bouvardia. Muss Eleanor De Stefano. sister of the bride, was maid of honor and Joan Tirassa was flower girl. John W. Cosentini, assistant professor of French at St. John's University and brother of the bridegroom, was besi man. The ushers were Gerard Ebert and George Triano. The bride was graduated from leat from 8 to 10 minutes, vhen half done. Allow on. rabs per portion. borden's homogenized "The Children's Milk' Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Mark; 5 Sterling Place. Lawrence, an guests at the Waldorf-Astoria, Man- The Menu Jellied Tomato Juice With Cm Creole fried Chicken Scores Blood Donor Laxity Red Cross Chairman Warns Need Is Great Reveals Many Appointments Are Not Kept ment of his dt New Potatoes s flov ind other ml ! war is far Vanessa Ward, to Boatswain's Mate Second Class George Albro Horton Jr. U.S. N R., son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Horton of 530 Park Ave. and Spring Lake. N. J. Miss Ward, who is the daughter of the late Mrs. Ward, attended Packer Collegiate Institute. Her father i;; president of the Interna Cantaloupe Cup, - ing lal RECOGNIZED BY THE A.M.A. COUNCIL ON FOODS ... LIBBY'S ARE is donated. To v each day's qtiot s. Stern added. TPS that D-Day was the begin- after i ng of the end and that, the end this flo fast, approaching. That is the met, M n.'idcred onimon of Mrs. Albert! A IS 2 teaspoons salt tional Paint Company. Mr. Horton Stern, blood donor chairman wounded in several engagements the Central Queens Red Crass and who received 15 pints of blood 1 enough plasma before he v Owpvr ;:: .I;,ir, uca 1'; cups cract 2 eggs ',i cup milk M cup flour EXTRA EASY TO DIGEST! CUMMER "On D-Day and for two weeks to ue sent afterwards, we had plenty of regis- , tral Quee trations," Mrs. Stern said today. 1 offering t "We were able to take our full i had been reimv hf given. He rehahi'n. quota of 180 pints each blood donor, his way to a DISTRESS , cay, Dill I or me paM, wcck we nar puai ior lunnn Lira slipped back into the same old resuming his place in routine at la?t 60 and some days "If this boy who can ' 70 unpredictables. Unpredictable? give his blood at thl are those who make a. blood donor so strongly about wai , appO.ntment, and fail to keep it, and what he considers a d .do not nvi let us know in time, that prospective donoi ' to qet a substitute donor." I up the telephone and in this n hours. T browned. Jlt Mr and' Mrs Bruce Wallace Wil- Yesterday at the Red Cross blood appointment if prev liams of Northport. formerly of bank 73 people failed to keep their coming so that we ri Brooklyn, announce i lie birth of a appoitmenu. resiiliing in 174 pint- donors in time to k rhea, take o . Reromm.n fnl r fUu::ter. I?:-, ..i V:U,..m. J:.h 8 a I 1 " ar iw l"i, i.k. iuh:mi.) iio disclosed. The is Huntui-i'on J I o ,p. t . i laxative, non-alkaline. pleasant-tasting. Brings gentle relief - helps retard gas formation. Tastes fod end I Birthday Party . lT.riu.-ard Cnslann of 283 K. good. Ask your druggn supply on pepto-bismol when your itomach and lower 17th St. entertained at her home it uptaU ' of Ridgrfielri, Conn., and of Mr : The Market Neiison Olcott of Manhattan. Meat There is I cull lamb and r Butter produced in the Summer is grades of beef better source of vitamin A than market for this Winter butter. supplies continue al in the recently in honor of her daughter', v Tiler STRAINED AND Vegetables Snap beans, beets, i to 10; cabbage, 3 t ing); bunch carrots, 8'i ti Shampoo Without Water AM A HI DRY SHAMPOO 0t ;eil- HOMOGENIZED ceilingt; celerey. 15 to 25; eggplant.9. END BODY ODOR FEAR BABY FOODS i THIS BETTER WAY WWW r"l ''"iT ,M0""mU IB 'lllftelil BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsl Hi tTM Ti'N II Hem (H Bl niuf ssuaiss k ( I REJEEBKeX ?oBEEEEEEEEEEDj; j W hroTfn P""'h",'; I 13-WtBl fOOl J """Bti.- -V "l CUTICURA TALCUM to 18 a lb : escarole, 7': to li; Kaie.i 8 to 11; iceberg lettuce, except hot-1 ing' ' less than 10P ounces,' 7 to 9 (Celling); weighing 10 to 13 ounces. 8 to 10 (celling); weighing over 13 ounces, 13 cents iceiling); onions. 7 to 9 (celling); 3 pounds, 25 (ceil-ingl; green peas. 12 to 20 (ceiling i ; potatoes. California, 5 pounds, 27 to 30; local potatoes, 5 pounds, 17 to 19; spinach. 9 to 12'..; tomatoes, 19 to 33; sweet corn. 6', to BV4 an ear; yellow squash, 4 to 15; green squash.1 9 to 15: cucumbers, 7 to 9 a pound; (ceiling); green pepper, 18 to 30; scallions, 8 to 10; radishes, 6 to 10. Fruit New crop apples. 9'i to 15; bananas, 11 to 13; medium grapefruit, 9 to IVii each; lemons, 32 to 3fi; medium Florida oranges, 36 to 42; medium California oranges, 63 to 72; peaches. 15 to 29; apricots. 16 to 19'i (ceiling); red raspberries.! pint, minimum weight, 10 ounces, 29 to 33'.. (ceiling); Bing cherries, 37 to 43 i ceiling ); seedless grapes, 35 to 49 a pftiind; cantaloupes, 15 to 29; plums, 17 to 18'i (celling). HOW AVAILABLE AT ALL B0HACK STORES Only Libby'i Baby Foods or both strained and homogenized which makes them easier for baby to digest. Bohack's now offers you a selection of eleven varieties including four delicious fruits. CONTACT Girls, Women Keep your contact with the A EI by making Electronic tubes NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED TUNG-SOL ELECTRIC CORP. 55 NASSAU AVE. FRUITS STRAINED APPLE & APRICOT STRAINED PEARS .... STRAINED PEACHES . . . STRAINED PRUNES .... 3"'"27( VEGETABLES STRAINED GREEN BEANS When Libby prepares foods for your baby, there's an important exlra step after strain-int: a special hamogen 'unlion that breaks up fibers and cells. The American Medical Association's Council on roods and Nutrition that this homogenization makes Libby ' extra easy to digest! You see, vegetables and fruits being fibrous, cellular foods--present a new prob- STRAINED GARDEN VEGETABLES 3&23 AT YOUR STRAINED MEATLESS SOUP STRAINED VEGETABLE SOUP lem to your baby's inexperienced little Stomach. Libby's exclusive method makes that dipcMion problem easier. That's one reason why Libby -fed babies arc almost always smiling, happy, thm ing babies! Only Libby takes this extra precaution of homogenizing fruits and vegetables. n Libby's cost no more. So make up voir babv's feedings from Libby's 1 1 'varieties. The Libby label means nutritious, carefully prepared foods ith the added adv antage of extra easy digestion. Libby, McNeill Libby, Chicago 9 STRAINED CARROTS STRAINED SPINACH STRAINED BESTS stm STRAINED BEJJTS nuw NEIGHBORHOOD STORE. TAKE SIX BOTTLES HOME, TODAY! ONLY BOTH STRAINED AND HOMOGENIZED 0 ARE

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