The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1936
Page 2
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^Social Odeockr 'WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Church of Christ Bible study meeting »lth Mrs., Tommle Shel- Ivn, 2 30 P M Central P.-T. A. meeting at school, 3 P. m, EunbcJniii picetlng at 4 00, First Baptist jjhurch , ^THURSDAY'S EVENTS Armorcl , P. T. A meeting 3 15 P, M, at school FRIPAYS EVENTS Mrs J W. Adams nnd Mn Charles Alford liavlng benefit bridge and rook inrly at Adams home, for U D C, 2 30 P M j'V-J-suNDAY'S EVENTS y ' "' Blonie)ei-CooVe~»e<ldhiE to bo ,!fllciHiiiz(d at the Blomcjer rest' deuce, fl A" M~i', V 1 i ^..^ _ f ' t.' i v , i ^..^ .1-iin'Bcne 'fll * (Mrs J \V Adams and Mis (Chaiks Alford .pill be! •to T benefit, bridge,nnd rook parly 'lo f bc giicn for the Flllott riet- -cher chapter of 1*6 United Difl- 'Eliterj'or (he Conlcdeiacy Friday . afternoon, v 3 30 i o'clock, at thc Adams/ house > s Phj~ will begin ^aij 2 30t o'clock , Rescnntloiis may .be nmdc b> calllngo-Mrs Adam? 11 V **• '*/**•'' , ^Marr kJizaneth f , ^w |Borum Is nrfnored^I ' ! Miss M«>j.."EllzalKlli~Bonrm, (daughter of Mr iintl Mrs Fdgnl [Boruni was honoicd b> thc Bun- 'day school of (he rirsl iTosby- i terlnii ^church Sumln\ * In appieclalion for having terved ns jilnnist for me jears finnd foi her other acliUllos she THE POPULAR LAXATIVE BLACK- DRAUGHT Was presented book cuds, prior to her leaUng for Mndcmvocxl college, St Chiules, Mo. In mtik- lii'g the presentation, S. E. Vnll Buperinlcmlenl, stated that. Miss' Ilbvum was nho iccelvlng hei pin foi liming attended Sunda) schc'pl fo'r five ycaif: wlilioiit tnlislne aivl Hint In that prjlod she hncl nr-vei been laidj The • names of oilier Presbyterian (-Indents going mvny tills year were announced by (lie superintendent in a brief farewell address In which ho stated'Miss Bcrum hail been the most'out- standing of these. * ' » * To ll.i\e I'hj 'llio eiadimtl"? class of Uic, In Immediate <lepnrimcnt 'of liio-First Baptist chinch Sunday school lUll fyicsent li piny, 't T | lc VJS | 011 nf Mlssloiib 1 ' at thc iliurch nlglit s6n!ce Wtdnc^lny Pinilng, 7 30 O'clock Mis W A Grlmmctt K the Icnchei ami Miss Eveljn Smart,' .president. • • * (Jlvni -'Parlies , Mis Flmci Polts, of Only, 1ml, ^vlio has been \lslllng her ^par- 011(4, Mr nml Mis H C Curler, hns been (jncst of honor at several pnrtlts Oiift of these (jiMmib) Mi's Ohtirles II Hill of OanilhcrsUllc, who had a bridge pnrty Thursday night <iP, hci home l \ but of Icmn Buctls Wic Mrs C. L Jaokson, Mi and Mrs B, J (Steward, of Memphis ; ;| Mis Pods will leave foi liomo Thin srtiiy night , ' * * IJik'c Street Church Women lime Mcrllng .Twolity members-tif the Lnku Street Methodist church Women's Mlssldnniy Society met Monday afternoon nt the home of Mrs, frank rield foi u social mcellnc Mis A S Dean flffeied prajer In Ihc duolional period In which Mrs Allen Van Winkle read from John 15 fpi the .Bible Jewon Mrs IVerson MorrK and Mrs Dcen Baic talks on (he theinc "The People's Central Inslltute' Mrs W L Green presided In Ihc business session Mrs Field «ns assisted bj Mis Arielma Adams and ,Mks, Stella Rcccly In sen Ing icfieshmciiLs of snlnd -irmdwfcliws and iced tea Mrs Norman Kjle dismissed the I group. i Bits of News Mostly Personal a*adCourler Ntus Clftssltled Ada Miss Peggy Long has returned from thc Memphis Methodist hospital, where she iimlmycut an operation for appendicitis. Mr. and Mrs. C. C5. Rcdnmn have tor their guests Mrs. Recl- mrufs mother nnd sister, Mrs. Jennie Walker of routine, Mich., and Mrs, Chnrlcs R, Page of Knnsas city. Mrs. jolm 'O'llrleh. nccoinpanlcd by Mrs. Mary ;O'nflcn, of'Chicago, anil her children, left toila'y for fian Antonio, Texas, to spehcl the ivlnlcr. , , • . Mr. mill Mi's. .Frctj. Dorilgiin, of St. Louis, who have been ^visiting Mrs. Dotilgan's niothcr, Mrs. Henderson C. Hall, have returned home. - , , M\fs Jane Mcdlln has iclurncd from Memphis, wh'erc she underwent, a lonsllcutomy. Mr. am! .Mrs.. Doyle Henderson will Imve •«»', (li'clr .guest for several weeks, Mrs. • Henderson's mo- lher,. Mrs. .II."», Moore, of El Poso,. Texas, .who . will 'arrive this afternoon.,. ' - •. Miss'Betty-Ix;c-,McCutchcn arrived home •'th'l.s Miiornlng from Memphis. 1 where she-' represented Mississippi-,county In the annual beauty cmitcsV.of 'the Mid-South Fair, she was. accompanied by' her mother, Mre. O. W. .McCut- lihcn,- who went down with har Sunday, and her escort, Jnmcs Terry. Miss Pdilyann Buck and her escoil. Jack Flnlcy Hoblnson. >Vho' also attended (lie numerous affairs by reason : of Miss Buck having Won r secohd honors iii thc final contest last year.- also rc- turiied. A tea. radio, broadcast, visit to Ihn (air, limclieotu. dln- 'ncrs, Ilienlre parly,arid dance were Included In the .affairs given for (he bciul} qucen-i ,Isick -Wilson," who' has -beet: em- llojcd bv the hiLlmav depail mcnt at LltllD Rock has enroll cd as a .sophomore.'at''the state university, .'•Fayettc.vllle. Willis Bowcii of L-iclnllle I a indent at the Memphis Bap list hosplhl Miss Audlcy.,Bl.vllu:. has rcrav- end fiom n toiisllcctomj perform cd at (he Blv(he\llle hospital Mrs O I Morrlsctt has gone lo Edlnbiirg Texas to spend lli» Sample Low Fare^s Now you can travel anywhere by — in utoty and comfort— and eavo xhorifty Hcrcer» a few samples Frcni Bljlhe^ille KOUfxD *» California Chicago, III, Dall^Trj. Denver, Golo ^ Fl. Worth, It*.' Coach 'Pullman 334 OS AS82 to . . 18J)S 2Uo 21 7o 3515 2293 j_ ISZ5 3375 17«o' MmncapolrJ, ,Mmn 2845 28 -»3 Mexico Cltj.Me* 7121, North Pacific Co-i-it 5060 II M"o StIwil5,W(( ' ..,'i.5S 050 St. Paul, Minn ., " ^ z« 45 28 45 'Sleepjnj c » r stmcc charge c\(ra A Tourist Siccping Car Fare $05 Oo B Tourist Sleeping Car iare $12.75 A GOOD NEIGHBOR Railroad men are good neighbors. Every merchant likes railroad families for customers-churches and lodges like them lor members. Steady and responsible, roost railroad men own their own homes. Tliey pay their bik meet Ihe.r taxes, keep.up.tKeir.ihsurance." borne ol them live m your neighborhood'.- For the'"railroad is a home industry. '. . . • -..-. When you travel or ship via train you help your own community by making more railroad jobs .'fpWoc'al men, supportmq localfamihes, patronizing local'busmesses. • Froa rf cl OB t ack tf » appncMt ih, j The railroads themselves are good neighbors. They ' pay huge tax bills They buy 70,000 commodities from factories, stores, farms, mines, quarries, lumber com- w 65 d'versihed industries. • .'. • • We invite you to use our services-fast freight with tree pick-up and delivery of LCL- world's 'finest passenger transportation m sleeping cars, or. coaches at lowest cost-substanhal savings on round; trip tickets - air-conditioning _ dependability - comfort - safety. . . . 6ee the railroad agent, . • . • , .''"'-I - '•• • ' ,'„'<( WESTERN RAILROADS AND THE' PULLMAN COMPANY ' winter wllli her noil, L D MoV- rlsetl, who came up to bo with . —._ „,, vv , ^^. ^ H fnthor, who died recently' •Miss Miriam Sinllli left, iLt, nl£ht for Coliiinbln, MO, whefo filic will nltcncl the academy tif "Icpliens colleBC. Mr. and Mrs. Ixnils Auplebaum avc taken Mrs. Eslcllc Cooke VollmfT's lioiiso at 1120 Chlcka- sawbn nvcniic, tind will':. niovc there Oct. 1. Mrs. Fred Gnldncr and (Iron, Normn Louis,- UeU _, lu Frtd Jr., or Nnshvlllo feini were week-end jjiiesis of Mi and Mrs Walter. Roscntlial, who nccompan- icd them to Memphis for Sunday. Mrs. Goldner and Mrs Ros,- en|lial arc sisters. Mr. anil Mrs. : ill Mits Mary Jo Flslicr has been III for a week from malaria, Mr and Mrs. K. p. Belt, arc SEPTEMBER 16, i03<j Mcmplils have ccrtnc (o Osccola make their home. Mr. Fogg u cmiiloycd in the real estate of- ^'loncUpeaker Directs icos of G. L. Wacldell. Mrs. VlsllliiK in Ca|ic airardcaii and'iiey Ol 'I null- tlili- ..,„'!. . . •. . I "••" Is a sister of Mr*. J.' A. fiwalt- week. Mrs. Mary Dean spent t) ]e week end In Memphis wllli her son, Bob Dean. Mr. mid Mrs. J. A. Pigg l ra( | as their guests Sunday Carl ami " 1C Klnle of thc traf " c ' recclve Blrin Maxwell and Miss Mnraare '' e| ?'', Ls from , Vilrlous )lu P cctors Slogan of Memphis and Mr and "'"• " travelcl ' s inf«»m'ed about Mrs. Roland Green of Blythevlllc lhe tr Mrs, Inra Short of Blythevlllc lias accepled a position In the London 'Station Crowds • LONDON (U{>>—A, "crow's nest" lias been built high above the rilnlforiris of Waterloo station to help direct, travelers during heavy traffic. From H, lookout men will see the state of the traffic, receive , , "" •' travelei ' s the tlams ' l )lat 'o''»» and Inside the lookout, Is a microphone which Is connected with loudspeakers In all parts of the station. ORDERS -TAKEN FOH "BERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS PKKB Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Htley 1139 Chlckasawba Phone 192 -• ~ | »» s accepted a irositlon In the Myron Nalllliisj returned ycstcr-! alloralton department of Wcalh- ilay from a business trip to Ala- ersby's Cleaners. ta " m - ' Mr. "i«l Mrs" R. E. Waliwlc of , Mr. anil Mrs. S. L. Glndish spent , u - Sl f° TO1 'iimcnt forces licre Ihc week-cut! with the "former's ravc 1>ocn '''ansfcrred to Mcll- motlier, Mrs. Wash Gladlsh in! W0011 ' Ark - Tlle y lcft yesterday. JntUoii Mo. nu molher return-1 ,, MrSlII ' a Wl ''8''l ""Jd snmil son, «l wllh them for an extended ,' Dlt ' kc y. returned yesterday visit. •• | ; .;«|'.jjii.i| i " um n visit to relatives In Texas Mrs. Hale jawsta «f^.±i nlld lo thc Tcj! «s Ocntennlal.' Mrs. Hale jawscii Tjtiirnedl uonwnnlal. yesterday from n visit of three I "'^ " ''"" '.-_ . ~ wctks with her parents, Mr nnd! Ttll! "Statue of Liberty has- a" Mi-. I I.. Vandcrvoort at the''"I" tl ' ree recl widc n " ti »»i!er- Ha/el Giesl Apartment, Hotel in!"" s 13sl() Inches. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blum jr of Union City, 'i'enn vseie giiesh of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bui,m and Mr. and Mrs. E. A Fisher for week-pud. Mrs. D. ,C. McLCMii of Ymbro ill nt thc nijthullle hos pllnl. , .'Miss'Orc.ll rate,-of Union City, Tci)h.,. was the .giicst of her luni, Mrs. E. A. rlshcr and family for the week-end. Mrs. Mary i'hllllps Robinson 15 Questions Thai Some Folks Ask About Card lit FOR MAb NUTRITION I'liousands of \voineti testify Cir- (lul has helped them (o"~oveicome inal-nntritien and to ciso many of the -functional puns of men 'ruation. ''Wlult Is meant by 'liciiijng to Of'crccmn •malnutrition'?' Cardul toiitalns extnch of t«o nltiilts which arc clisscd amOli" ihc. "bitters" In medicine bccansc Ihey arc known-to increase ". tlie flow of digestive Juices—to" 1 ;ini- liore dltcslion — so there-''(si ii laUng foi sutflcIcnL .food for""!^ body's needs, and by tlielr action uore energy (or .strength} ;is"''6b- alned from :thc foori eaten.' A'\\c food of (muse brings Ihc addl- lonil Mrcngth but 'Canlui serves is thc menus to this end '.-by-iu jood Influence on Ihc 'digdsUvc Js'c' 1 ' —Adv. 3O101 Osccoli couples who attended' t h o Osccola - Ltixora - Blytheville Iridfce club In Luxora last nlglil ucrc Mi and Mrs. R. o Bryan Mr ind Mrs. W. C. Mason Mr' and Mii S. L. aiadlsli and Joe E. Montague. .. Mis A n. Fogg and eleven year old, daughter, Lcla Jean, of Get Rid of Malaria! Banish Chills arid Fever! To conquer Malaria, you must do two tinny (I) Destroy the infection in (lie blond. (2) Build up Hie lilood to overcome Hie cffccls .and lo foility against further attack. There is one medicine dial floos Muse two firings anil that is Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic I: The tasteless quinine in Grove's TasteicM Chill Tonic dc- f troys Hie malarial inleclion in UK blood while the iron builds up ttic Wood. Thon- FanriVor people "have conquered Malaria, will tne aid of-Grovels'Tasteless Chill Tonic. In addition lo being a noted rciii- i.'dy for Malaria, it is also an excellent tonic of. general: use;- Grove's Taslcltss Chill Tonic is lake antl con- lams notliui" lurmful. liven children like it and Ilicy can lake" it safely. For sale by all dm* stores.: Now two sizes-Sue aim 51. Hie $1 sut contain:; 2'/, limes as nuicb as (lie SOc size an'd gives yo nmro for vour inoni-v. 7: DONT LET" It WORRY •YOU MAMA HE JUST ': DRANK'A il.ASS OF PEP GIVING MILK F(?OM * SIPT. 18 S. PRESIDENT- 200 I,, taj, ,0 //, ,14,. 2 SACRED HEART YOUNG MEN'S CUJB P. E. 0. SISTERHOOD AMERICAN LEGION POST No. 88 MOONLIGHT EXCURSION : it. Caiurtitnrille...:•...;...; :•.'. ,••'....;.'.»>»• pm--Tltluti lit ' ••" ; OHAS. .- i.y/"""""«" : ;. FXTE' ' ' ' • CREATH, .,, ."«i«. -,: MA^ABLE ' : . "and tfitir famous ' ^"'(t" ' TICKERS" BAND ,:' Enjoy Ifiir Moantithl Outing on the' '. . ' ' NEWEST,••'iMSeST.'. flXUST Mb ONtV MISTEEL •MISSISSIPPI fASSKHGm STEAMER Riltlly Imnithtd loun£fr' — tusutioui Pc*dtr-Pv§ Rocmi tMlMlic Dtto'tatton, Th,aushc*l ... PNI.Y "rBEsiDENT" EXCUKSION TIIIS FALL IDEM] ?rA'.-.-:<^rlg, The vitality quiililics O f WIIOI.K- SOME -CRAIG'S milk will help to keep your rhililren liurstiilp; wiih .vifsruus life and eiicrgy. GUADK A R/U\' MILK- Quart lOc I'inf (j c Etutlonnilk, Qt. (ic NOTICE Any arliele bought of'KUItKE HAItrnVAKE CO., not satisfactory [ n every way we'.will refuiul your money, lulnplit -.question, ..prnvidril you return it in the sains (•<iiiilillo.ii as received and in a. reasonable length of liuic, suy a week or ten days. Qiir first iirlcc is our ocst price-, and We Have One. Price TO .ALT/..' Biirke Hardware Co. ."Riythcvillo, Ark. I -Its a Liqht Smoke! ^E^*.-,.. ^ . : • • ; , FOR YOUR THROAT'S SAKE- A light Smoke! Because your voice is procious...whether or nolyou happento sing ...itpays to guard your (hroat against Irritation... ogainst cougS. Reachfora(ighf smoke ...reach for o lucky! OF RICH, RIPE-BODIED TOBACCO UK, nt tociltui Ttblcco Guard your precious voice A light smoke, with all thc throat protection that "Toasting" offers, is not.merely for the singing stats of radio, talkies and the stage. Your throat is just as tender . . . your voice is precious, too. Well worth guarding against .irritation and cough! Hctc is a light smoke of rich, ripe-bodied center-leaf tobacco, as gentle with you as it is delicious. In fact, Lucky Strike is the only cigarette that offers your throat the welcome comfort and protection of that famous process, "It's Toasted." So for throat protection as well us, pleasure, reach for a light smoke... reach for a Lucky! ** NEWS FLASH!** Receive "Sweepstakes" Prize on 15th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bomm of Milwaukee, Wise., were delighted when their entry won in Your Lucky Strike "Sweepstakes." ButasMr.Bommwrites: "Imagine whar a kick we got when (lie cigarettes arrived on our fifteenth wedding anniversary." Have you entered yet? Have you won jowtuckics-a flat tin of SO delicious Ijicky Strikes? Tune in "Yotirltit Parade"- Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Study the tunes-then try Your Lucky Strike "Sweepstakes." Andifyou'renoulrMdjr smoking Luckics, buy a pack to Jay, and: try them, too. Maybe you've been missing something. You'll appreciate thc advantages of I.ucktes-A Light Smoko ot rich, tipe-bodied tobacco. IT'S TOASTED"

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