The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1934
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t Served by (He United Pre»» VOL. XXXI-' * BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBS OOKOUNT NKWBPAPm OF NOftTBUlT ARTANBAB AMD SOOTWttOT MISSOURI BlytnerUle D»llj New* BlyttCTlUe CouiitI Uitttsalppi Valley Leader BlytheTt]]* N Her»ld L J.INGER GANG ROB BI,YTHEVI1,LR ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNE an, 103-1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS INDIANA Hitter Quells Storm Trpop Uprising White House Daughter-in-Law? RULED; flTHERS | JftlLED Mutiny of Nazi Radicals Suppressed As Leaders Are Trapped BERLIN. June 30 (UP)—Adolf Hitler suppressed a Nazi storm troop, mutiny, before it was well started today, at. the cost of the lives of Oen. Kurl von SchleEchnr, former chancellor and iplehswchr commander, and several nf his own best men. Schleicher was shot as lie resisted arrest as a conspirator against the government. Leaders of tlie millliiou. 1 ; cle- rneht in the stbi-m troops were also killed, or committed suicide as they fncfd arrest and court martial. ' Thus cnm'e to a hend a series of sweeping and bloody maneuvers, ^tn'ch have marked the imrest and sporadic, grumbling that, has 'tested the strength of the Nazi chancellor's regime In recent Weeks. Koehm Under Arresi Storm troop - headquarters all over the country were occupied by state police or gendarmes — the picked black uniformed bodyguard unit of the storm troopers—and r'elehswehr soldiers. '; There were reports from Konie. places of disturbances which meant i resistance of.the.mutineers to'ar-j •rest,";;-i ' ' x '. Jfenes t jpoeh m, HI ti er's close i ; _. Jriend,- .r.hlrf of waff of all Nazi I ~~slorm""7roop units, was dismissed .from the party and arrested. Also , .., ,, ,, „ , arrttted were Karl Fj-nst, com-. Wl11 Frank"" P- Roosevelt Jr. marry Miss Ethel,dli Pont,-(above)? mander of-storm; troops in Brand-1'If parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene dn Pont,' have 'denied a-° report "of «,H,,«, ofld others.- All face court their engagement; .bill young HooEevplt, who-has been• "n • frequent Sliest ai tlie du Pont home In Wilmington, Drt., was nmong' the'guests 'w"ho attended hnr tlebut the other night. HP- has ofteru.bedn-fleen7*in lier cnui|itiiiy while slip attended a private'school" In ."Cdhhecl'rcul." F01 PLEDGES One Way to Earn $10,000 rtolor Company Ends Long Controversy With Recovery Administration WASHINGTON. June 30. (V|P)The Ford Motor company today sent a certiorate of compliance to national recovery admlnblra- tlon, Clen. Hugh S. Johnson' an- >f uiiceu. The certificate . complies v.'itli (lie automobile code, which Ford heretofore had refused to accept.. The certificate was accpmpaiued by a letter in which Ford told Johnson he would comply with all code provisions. The ' letter was submitted to Assistant 8ecre(ary of War Harry H. Woourlrig. • ' The submission of Ford's compliance certificate brings to an t end the long legal wrangle over the Detroit .automobile manufacturer's bidding on government contracts Under- the president's executive order of March 14 flims which were not willing to certify code compliance were prohibited from entering bids on government business. This ruling was estimated nt that time to cost the Ford Motor company the loss of several '. million dollars of business in-, trucks purchased each ye»r by the war department «nd other fovcrnrnm 1 " •'•'•- agencies: comment was: Johnson's : polj - nt. mce Viktor 'Lilt* named to 'succeed made. emergency plans to uddress the'.notion, .over a.wireless hookup ionlght:. Schleleher .was indicated lo have tried to take advantage of a crisis In the storm troop ranks to effect a coup. •Involved also seemed those left wing Nazi leaders who started it all by their criticism of conservative elements in the country ns grumblers. Hitler rapidly revised his tactics. He had ordered all storm troopers to take a month's vacation, starting nt midnight tonight, while he considered their reorganization, Roeliin, inplr commander, demanded a showdown at a conference at Munich yesterday. He got Traps Matlny Leaders Hitler, hearing of the plan to mutiny, specifically to suppress the Stahllielm or Steel Helmet—organization of world war veterans- summonsed all storm troop leaders. They went Inside this morning. Relchswehr men and armed S. S. men quietly surrounded the building. Machine guns were turned toward the street. U was a coup but by Hitler. He had-) found that the S. S. men. the state police or gendarmes, as hlglily disciplined "as the army, and the army itself were loyal lo him. He ordered that the storm [•litre! I Provides Funds for SfflEFKKTH Campaign Cattle ease Dis- | June Record Month in State Gas Tax Collection* LITTLE HOCK.' ji'i nc. 30 .<UP) —An increase of »1580.237 gasoline lax collections during the past flsrnl year as compared With 1 Ihe previous year was shown today in a report of Earl R. Wiseman, com- UTTLE ROCK, June. 30 (UP)— Funds to fight the spread of an- missloner of revenues. Collections amounted : f>!>7. Gasoline tax collected .limp was VJ41.6SD. the largest col- lecllnn for any single month since the department was organized. . glad '- : (iiJi\ • i . agreed lo comply with NRA." Uneniployed Man, Soon lo Becohie Father, Faces Burglary Charge Joe Costner, 2-4, niwrnploycd, was trapped inside Oberst Store com- puriy, 115 .West Main street, about 8 o'clock last night shortly aftej JOHN HERBERT DILL1NGER ;.***". St'ywn; »1^V> f tot r-l/l Ufwtl ::sr«t»t. WJ **t»| MM, atim: «ur., * ewila *kMICMt;-fi«*, pw(.C"**«l<«i ~ . : :»llm: ««*><!*i,»>»ulH| oak* mi • '•'«•«», l/» IMfe M«t-t«it Wt hMA, '«Mir '• V- • •uu. <•* U>, »»•• «l« MiM»'<f*;.- :•'. ;. :-;Sp:l ^*&*~m&'' : ' Fliers Span Atlantic but Fail of Goal I'.AItIS, Jullr 30. (Ill 1 )— Benjamin JIM) JuMr'pli AiUmowki, Kruuklyi bcttlrr*, lauded ,it Flc-rs n'l.nrur, near Alenron, io- THREE 5 HOT day, fur : hart of .was Warsaw. Ihrlr |0al. Futrell Denies Proposed Amendment Means Increase in Properly Tax LITTLE ROCK, June 30. (UP)— Governor Fntrell today defended his proposed constitutional amendment Insuring grade school children an education iigainst Ihe attacks ot W. C. Luke, of Stult- cart. Luke has warned fanner's un- .lons that such an amendment will Increase property taxes. Today Governor Fntrell emphatically dc nlpd • uny Increase In taxation would be .made, stating: . "In no case would I permit uny Increase In the property tax." He explained that, under the new plan, state funds would insure children In back counties an 8th grade education, Instead of snp> porting high .schools v,herp. few children attend. Local taxes wl!\ go toward upkeep of high schools, 'he said. P, M. Dickinson, Fanner's Union head, said that Ire understood the proposed .amendment meant no Increase In taxes, for 'any locality irgantiatlon had Machine Gun Bandits FleeJ From South Bend W $25,000 Loot SOUTH BEND, Intl.; June/ (UP)—A murderous gang of i innimen, believed headed by-^ John! raided the Merchant*! UnllonnI bank here today, shot, aottl allied n policeman, wounded two! jank employes and an Inuocetotl bystander, and escaped- with loot I cfttmatcd nt 125,000. Howard Wagner, a poHcemaSvI wns shot down as ho approached! Iho bank with drawn "revolver.. Hi I hod heard the sound of shots "idI (he bank and was approaching'to luvestlgate, The bandits opened lire nnd ho fell after shooting.«eV- crnl limes. Two Shot In Bank Inside the bank Delos Coen, son of the president, and Perry G; Slnhiey, n vice-president, r hot down because they the gang. Neither' wns wounded. They foiled to comply with the onng's orders fast enough, were told, and received bul* lets. Caught, between the cmw ..^ if gnnn bullets and "a blast from Patrolman Wagner's gun was Jacob Solomon. HP was struck In the A' HD.IMKI was placed by the Depnrtment of Justice on the Iwirt of Jphn Dllllngvr. No. I onllav, as federal officials launchwl a new'.campBigu figalnst desperadoes, supported'by 'la«a iiufsert recently by Cflngrew. More "than 70.000 of theie ixKter.s linvc Ireen (lls- trlbnted. .Only small rewards previously • hnd l»en offered for capture of the oullaw. thr.ix in 13 counties were made' An improved system of collec- nvailable by Governor Futrell lo-." on and war on BUS "bootleggers," day. Cattle are dying at the rate of . , combined with the general bail- u P swin «- b ™ u 8ht the In- 70 to 75 Vday* In t affected " ' ««»"«« to Wiseman. Hi areas. DI-. C. D. Stubbs. slate vet- A ' C *"°™ **«'"« "* "P™ 1 "? '" crinarlrm. estimated. " ^ «j«eclIOM would retend Within an hour after the govcr- '° •"""Divisions. nor issued his order Dr. SUIbbsj had Dr. Walter Mnrlin of Joncs- bnro en route to Hickory Ridge, In Crors county, where the disease ls| making the greatest ravages. Doctors will be appointed In each police-had received a report that aivunldcn'llfled man had been seen for "lipping in a side door to (he feed store building. Costner. wlio was unarmed, gave himself up after police had surrounded the store and pla'oed a watch over each door. Patrolman Thurmen Atkins, watching a front door, heard the knob rattle, and slipped up beside the door, directing the beam of his flashlight Is the intruder's face nci forcing him In open the door. The youthful Intruder said he Georgia Leo Ts Winner of Trip lo Chicago Fail troop vacations should start at noon today instead of Astor Heir Married at Newport Today coTinly""to"'vaccluaic""cnTt'lc J ," burn NEWPORT, R. I., June 30. (tTP) the dead ,and supervise gc-neral ~ whlle disappointed hundreds .-•imitation. craned their necks outside ancient With the cooperation of herd ™nity church late today John owners. Dr. Stubbs expects to con- Ja ™°_ Aslor HI - <>"« ol America's' tmld- " Ol tne °P ldemlc with!tl at mia-i., a (laj , s hg ^^ ' Cmintta where the disease is At 12:30 p. m. Hitle'r's new force, cooperating for the first time in '{"g; J*«$"L t »« . ried to Ellen Tuck French, whose father drove a New YOT k •«' CraiBhcad, <lurin S lne Iatc depression. the 17-months of Nazism as a unit , Jactecn. P'nsett, Cross. Wood- Tne wedding was the outsUind- ™«- Mo » r «' Arkansas. . Prairie.''"? cvenr ot the social season nt "' lonablp resort. To hnd (oiind a side door to the store, opening on an alley, unsecured except with a flimsy hasp, and forced it open. Inside he dropped a bolt in the hasp, fastening the door well behind him. Costner hod been, unemployed for some time nml his wife is shortly to be confined. He said he was In desperate need of money. The store's cash was locked in a safe. Costner has no police record although he has been under suspicion before. He has been tentatively charged with burglary, and id the leader tx>mn movintr " '• M0 "™». Arkansas. Prairie.'"'» lltlu «' l "e s VozKlh rCS ^« Kmon-chlcot ' I ' incoin r^rr!; 1 ^' i^^.__ i i i n_. _.!_»" ,.-.— •>?^ports 400." Closing Stock Prices and storm troop headquarters. By mid- iftemooh Ooerlng was nble to announce: "The second revolution has begun and ended. Hitler is stronger than ever." It all happened so quietly that none in the streets of Berlin knew what It was about. Mlect held In jail. of ««1 « Stewart's service station store on North Sixth stree Miss Georgia Lee. daughter of ,fr. and Mrs. Simon P, I.PC. won he contest sponsored by the Rit?. .heater and local firms, which ended last night. She will leave he middle of next week for a five days Irlp to Hie Century of Progress Exposition nt Chicago, nccoin- xinlrd by her sister. Mrs. C. Ii. :iol(. both of whom will have nil expenses paid. She selected Mrs. Holt as her chaperonc. Votes were given for merchandise and theater tickets with Mis. 1 ; receiving 37.7C0.6CO. Miss Dixie McDnnicl was second with 29.297.000 and Miss Marie Leggett was third with 27.172.100. Fourth place went to Miss M«ry Alice Freeman with 26,770.,'HK): fifth to Miss Sue Stewart wilh 25.8C3.000, nnd'Sixth lo Miss Lois navir. with 18,772,100, OKeola Church Will Install Pastor Sunday back by n bullet. Hustling into small green se- dim bearing an Illinois license, the gani fled HIP scene, with two policemen, Edward Henderson arid Hnrrv McCormlck,- In pursuit. ."'•'• Thoy poured bullets after- the fleeing car and reported one,-shot crashed through a-rear "window 1 ) uossllily-wounding one of th« lliugs. Company M. Will Spend Two Weeks in Training Near Little Rock Company M, Btylhevllle and Mississippi county unit of the Arkan- All nvallabla state""jSolIce- were ordered to .tnke up trie search for the gang. Barricades were set uj> along Highway' 31 soutli',-"the-rout* on which the bandits fled.-. : ^;^If the identification of tMlilngir ns .leader of the gang is correct, jlhe indication Is that lie has'r«« turned to the inldst of a hlghS nrmpd sector to perpetrate a chai- acterlstlcally bold coup. '-' The bandits' carried machine gnris and flourished "automatic revolvers, Dllllnger wns the first man to cnlci- the bank, Coen said. More than $5.000 had been dellverea=to the bank Just -before the b&tifllt isas Nallnnnl Guard, Ins Broad Powers Under Recently Enacted Labor Disputes Act WASHINGTON. June" 30. (UP) — President Roosevelt, in an executive order today, created the national labor relations board under the Inbor disputes act. composed of Lloyd Gmrison, of Wisconsin, chairman; Henry'Alvln Mlllls, of Illinois, and Edwin S. Smith, of Sunday for camp Pike, Ark., nenr jltUe Rock, lor Ihe annual two i-ceks encampment of the 153rd nfnnlry. Cupt. Wendell M. Phillips, com- nanding officer. Flint Lieutenant Arden B. Crowder, Second Llen- cnant any T. McHenry nnd 01) men will make (lie trip. CARUTHERSVILLE, .Mo. — p Kay and Peal, defense counsel. Also attending the encampment'announced Friday that a nc-v trial will be Major Ivy W. Crawford lor Raymond Mlehie and Johnny and Captain Norman F. Moore of Yonnj both of Steele, scnlencedfto his city. Nfajor Crawford. ntlach-|25 ycnrs In prison at trial In Nsw Mossochasctts. The ' cxistins board, headed by national labor Senator Robert open 1-2 New Orleans Cotton NRW ORLEANS, June 30 (UP) —Trading was quiet on the Now Orleans exchange today but prices held firm. 6 to 8 points above last. night's close. Some bullishness was Induced by the AAA announce ment that ten Texas counties htd been placed on the emergency drouth -list. open high low close Jill 1218 1221_ 1218- mi Ocl . 1236 1244 1238 1240 Dec 1254 125S 1252 12A5 Jan 1263 1203 1261 1260 Xfar 1268 • • 1269 May 1282, 1292 1282 1278b SpoU closed steady at 1336, up 8. NEW YORK. June 30 (UP)— Today was the smallest Saturday session on the stock exchange in July .„, ten years, and so far x? price sept 60 i-2 changes were concerned the market might as well have been closed, ns were all the minor commodity exchanges, A. T. and T. us Anaconda Copper 14 3-4 Beth. Steel 33 Chrysler 39 1-4 Cities Service 21-8 Oen. Am. Tank 363-8 Oen. Electric 19 7-6 Oen. Motors 30 7-8 Int. Harvester 33 Montgomery Ward SI 3-8 New York Central .... M 5-8 Packard 31-4 Phillip Pet 12 1-4 Rndlo 67-8 Simmons Beds 155-8 Standard of N. J 43 7-8 Texas Co 23 3-4 U. S. Steel 3S 5-8 U. 3. Smelting 13* Chicago Corn high 59 3-4 61 1-8 low close 58 1-2 W 1-2 60 1-4 61 New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 30 (UP)— Colton closed steady. open high low close was entered some time last night! nnd a money sack, containing' about »12. removed from a cache where the proprietor had been in the habit of secreting his receipts over-night. Entrance was gained by breaking open the front door of the store building. The thief,evidently aware „, „ „, of the exact hiding place of t liel Bl! "" evlIle ' vv)l ° w111 cna w money sack, did not disturb or re. congregation. Ross Stevens P. Wagner, New York, was nbol islied. effective July 9. by the new order. President 'Roosevelt described his action ns establishing upon a firm statutory basis Ihe addillonal machinery by which the government will deal with labor relations anil prtlculrly with dinicultlps arising in connection with collective bar- gnining. tabor elections, and labor I representation. Tlie Rev. R. 13. Adams, pastor of "This tornd." Mr. Roosevelt cx- the First Presbyterian church of plained In n statement. "Is given Little Rock, will preach the scr- the ixjwsr to.make Investigations raon at the installation of the to hold in!»r elections, to hear cns- Rs-v. Marsh M. Callow-ay ns pastor -s of discharge of employes, and "f the Presbyterian church at Os- to act as voluntary aroitnuor. ceola tomorrow night at elghl "In addition the board is nuth- e'clock. Assisting Mr. Adams will bo jortod to recommend to the presi- dcm tllat fl > f " c1 ' ca "' ; . Ihe Rev. Chas. if. Cnmpbell. of dcem ll <>«irablc existing labor Conway, wlio will chnrge the Harris, such as the industrin tor, and Judge Z. B. Harrison, of toard already created In tho cot- move other articles in the store, police were told. Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar May .... 1222 .... 1243 .... 1257 .... 1263 .... 1373 1281 1225 1248 1263 1267 1275 12K 1217 1240 1254 1260 1271 12*0 1222 1242 1257 1262 1273 1212 10, Spots cluostd steady at 1245, lip Chicago Wheat July open 90 high low close 90 1-4 89.5-8 88 5-8 I Sept, M 3-4 91 J-l M' 1-5' 90 5-1 Held to Circuit Court for Autonobile Injury CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., — At his hearing Friday W. L. Medlini waived examination and was bound over to July term of circuit, court under $500 bond. Med- llng, former of the Chute 16 community, was licld for running down \Valt«r Buchanan, also of the Chute community with nn mobllc on the streets here some months ago. Buchanan was badly injured. BlvlheviUo will give n solo. thc of Tin ton textile Industry, snd such fls Osceola Presbyterian congregation OTtllorlt -y 0( invites their friends and the -> usl P a "™ friends of Mr. Callnwny to tilt"; service. The Rev. Mr. Callaway wns lias- tor of the Pitst Presbyterlun church ot Blytheville for three 1ft various regions •hould b? reestablished under the the joint resolution y nnd approved by me on .Tune ID. 1931 and also to recommend that ad ilillonal hoards of a similar character shouiil be dul vears, before taking up the work nt Csceola lust September. He recently accepted a call as pastor. enI rain raid. arrived. Apparently they, had been outside until the currency ' Michie and Young Are Granted New Trials Madrid County two weeks lias licnn granted. \fichio cd to the stnff of Col. Hebci- L. McAllstcr, commander of Ihe 153rd Infantry, will be range officer In charge of machine gun training. ...„ , ^ Captain Moore, member of the | Home. Slkeston, reserve corps of the regular army,; March 12. About will be one of the senior reserve officers at Ihe encampment. All members of Company M have ago; slid Young were found guilty of the highway robbery of Frank Van near Steele, MO -was taken from Van Hornc. He followed the highwaymen, Identifying them and bringing about Ihelr arrest. been Innocnlated and vaccinated I Mlehlc is now under sentence of 1 for disease prevention by litnjor 1& J' cars for nls P" 1 "' '" the "^ A. M. Washbuin of the medical bery of the Bank of Steele last reserve corps, prior to (heir do-'""'" parlurc. Preceding their entrninment for cpmp S850 has been distributed- among members of Company M by Capt. Phillips. This represents July. He wns at liberty under peal bond at the time of the Van-r Home robbery. Bond for the two pending the nnw trial has been set'at ' $7,500' order effected some time after Attorneys Me- •ommnv will i ;i Mtt7orSS I !«««<«, opinions In the cise prior to the trial been rctacd" to the' oxtenT thnl ^ •« Pea> had submitted affl- starting July 1 the company wlllj^ vlls tnat two. Jurors had ex- be on 95 per cent ol payroll. Also the number of drills for which payment is made will be again extended to 48 for the fiscal year starting In July instead of 30 as In the current fiscal year. During the current year the company staged 48 drills hut only received pay for 3fi. Preliminary Hearing for Young Postponed Piann Keepsake Cost SI • FITCHBURG, Mass. (UP)—This city sold a piano for $1. Miss Mary ]E. Hartley, retiring as principal of the Kolan School, asked for an old piano In the building as a kc2n- sake. Tlie school board was prohibited bv law from glvlnj. away the piano, but so!d It to her for}! Tom Smith, of Norwich, Enjland, bathes canaries as a full-time oc- CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. - Tht' ci 'P itlo »'__ preliminary hearing of A. B.j .Tiir-n Youn?. 31, Caruthersville account- 1 WEATHER r.nt, has been continued until Fri-1 day July 6. I Arkansas-Moslly clondv'jnd un- Young, formerly employed as ac- 1 settled tonight and Sundav. coimtant by the W. J. Peck Au- Memphis and vicinity — Mostlj CAHUTOERSVILLE, Mo-At a dltlng Company, was velurnad cloudy tonight and tomorrow. pVo- ...cetlng Thursday night the Car-j from Miami. Florida. Tuesday to bnbly local thundorshowers. ^ S ullicrsvllle Retail Diistncss Men a stand trial here for hLi port In The meeting of the American' As.soc».itloii was formed with Oor- the alleged theft of $51,000 worth i The maximum temperature here ?gion scheduled for Monday eve- r.on Wiiglu as president, Ell Sa-|of St. John Drainage and Levee yesterday was 99. nilnimum nlng has been postpone* for a phlan as vice-president and Robert District bonds from New Madrid clear, according to Samvcl F. Nor- Legion Meeting Put Off Gordon Wright Heads CaruthersviUe Group week, It was announced today, 'Mehrle as secretary-treasurer. County, ' rls, official weather observer..

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