Suburbanite Economist from Chicago, Illinois on January 6, 1952 · Page 29
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Suburbanite Economist from Chicago, Illinois · Page 29

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 6, 1952
Page 29
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DOGS IN DEATH WATCH -TODAY'S OTHER'HEADLINES: SACRED HEART SHOW NEXT SUNDAY.... RESCUE S9UADS ANSWER 3,432 CALLS.. WHATS YOUR REST ANSWER? NAME OUR REDEEMER CHURCH OFFICERS... SERGEANT WINS SILVER STAR.... SMALL HOMES u Member Accredited Community Keuspapers of Chicac* : VOLUME 50--NO. 93 All Jhtili «nr4 SOUTHTOWN, CHICAGO, SUNDAY. JANUARY 6, 1952 MAX PATINKIN KILLED BY CAR SEEK BEAUTY QUEENS FOR AUTO SHOW --Economist Photo GL'AKU WOMAN'S BOI)V TWO DAYS IX HOME. Appearing docile in Ihis pit-lure, two terriers tlul belonged to Catherine Koome. found dead in her apartment at 7U59 Vinceiiiics »vr. last Friday morning, are carried from Ihe building by Bill Bailey, left, and Allen Gliseh of ll:e Animal Welfare league. The dogs stood guard over the body uf their ouner and prevented police from removing il until Ihe ollict-rs coaxed Hie doss to the bark porch with food. Miss Koomc. 80 years olil, died of natural causes, police said. She lived alone with her dogs and three cats and was dead two days before her body was discovered. Fiml Woman Dead in Home Guarded bv Two Pet Do^s · Girls, 16 to 30, Eligible To Compete "Miss Soiitlilowii" Will Hi-One of 20 Who Will! 2 Recall Seeing 1 Early Pictures !Of Uncle Sam Busbey Addresses Business Men l{nii'iiilf-r Mrs. D. JIarrv! ". ' Hammer as First Presi-j drill of Coverlet Guild.] HP Participate in nnal Kxpo-ilii I l l h ' Todav's Puzzler A customer hands a ci:iar clerk » So bill for $2 worth of cigars. The clerk doesn't ha\ e eiiou'gn change, so he gives the S3 bill to came concerned after Hiss Roome a grocery clerk next door for five had not left her apartment or 51 bills. The customer leaves with answered the door for three days. which the grocerv clerk n , s h e s H e ca!ie d police, who found Miss in with the S5 bill, which has been i Roome s bod :-' guarded by her discovered to be counterfeit. TheH wo terxiers. cigar clerk gives" him a good $5' Policeman bill to cover his loss. How much that the docs All- By THE ART CONTEST EDITOR. '- j Mis. Robert Bagbey, 8042 Lang- jley ave., has supplied the Econo- T \venty glamor girls are bein«!misl with some information re-, sought io take part in the pageant i garding the once famous hobbyist,: I which will feature the 44th annual 'Mrs. D. Harry Hammer, an early Chicago Automobile Show Febru- resident of Hin.-dale, who at one ary lli.through February 24 in the time owned the remarkable col- Aii in-rcar-olcl woman Fridav International amphitheater. One'lection of Uncle Sam cartoons was found dead in her acartment of 'he g'rls will represent thisj kn ° wn . a .f ' he "Yankee Doodle, - """-"· ,, · , .collection --tne only collection of: ai ,3o9 Vmcenncs ave. and police community as "Miss Somntown. its kind ever known to have ex-. had to l u i e two barking dogs to, The young women will be selected'. isied. ' tbe back porch before thev could f^om vaiious Chicago communities. I This collection was fully de-| safely enter to remove her body. The committee of judges said, scribed in a feature story entitled j The woman, Catherine Roome. * na * photos of entrants must be i 11 -,.^, . p." t T" "' ' 1 t : had been dead about two days the »' hands by January 21. Each Wednesday's issife of the Econo- j when he was found, police said, entrant should place her name.'mist. j She apparently died of natural address, age. height, weight and! Collection Has Vanished. j causes. Police notified a sister. f color of hair and eyes on the back' -Mrs. H- W. Phillips of Arcadia °~ her P noto - Singing, dancing or; £ . ' ~ * dramatic talent will 'sidered in judging the candidates- Dan Pimozzi, Ihe landlord, be- i e ,,, 30 Years of Age. AH of the young \vomen who are io represent their communities will h a \ e been named \vithin Interest in this cartoon collec-' lion and its piesem whereabouts* be con; anses from the Economist's 55,000 ' national art contest for a non-; cartoon uortraii of Uncle Sam, i based on an essav by Paul Har~;C°"«- Fred E - Busbey, standing Driver of Car Arrested Oii4Comits : President of Peoples Iron and Metal Company Diea of Injuries Suffered on New Year"* Eve. --Economist PhDtt TELLS OF TRIP THROUGH EUROPE. shown here as he told members of Eiistlewood Business Glen's noted ABC *rad*io and tele- 1 association. Englewood Lions and Engleuooil Kiwanis of his four-month tour of 13 European coun- 1C5 j vision commentator entitled "\''~ tries - lle sPo** at a luncheon meeting of the three organizations last Wednesday in the Southtcmii I p *ra~T " IT ( 's " -h : "h' Y^ICA. At the speakers' table, left to right, are Frank Burke. Kmanis club treasurer: Raymond nd ;i or trail 01 uncie sam : w.n,cn ; B | unt Sr t past pres idtnt of the Kiwanis: Congressman. Busbey, Ray Blunt Jr.. president of the first Kiwanis rehearsals will begin under lhei w a s 3irst Polished direction of a producer who w i n j magazine in September of last stage this" years pageant. \ ycar ~ ~ - ! Candidates must be from'16 to! "The-Economist's featiire"story;--- \ stated that ''despite the size money did the cigar clerk lose in threatening!v and money and cigars? The answer will be found elsewheie in this column. Tony Scheid said snarled and barked * 30 years of age. five feet two prevented po- · fame of lhe Doodle * Definitions A wido'v is a person who finds it easy to marry again dead men teli no tales. Flattery is something you say inches to rive feet seven inches i n a m e o l e a n e e ooe coi eigh from 110 to 130 | Action, it had disappeared without i « ^«- « TM £ ^Ham^" wner - Mr =" °- Harr Hammer, i ami he and the other squad mem- ' advance and also must be avail-! Founded Coverlet Guild. bers coaxed the dogs onto the aole for appearances at matinee' After leading the article, Mrs. back porch and shut the door anc * evening performances d u r i n - Bagbey lice from removm- the body Of- "eight and tor Scheid bought a can of dog. Pounds. The young women selected! food at a store across the street TM» si be free for rehearsals called the Economist to because Then they went to the front en- tnc Period of the exposition. A!!; sl 'PPb" what information she trance and removed the botiv. j costumes will be provided. j could about Mrs. Hammer. Bill Bailey and Allen Glisch «?' Professional models and married j O t Busbey Scores j Wasteful Use Of U.S.Funds 1 even if you don't believe it. and the Animal Welfare league which the other person believes tiie dogs and three cats 'found in dead woman's apartment to even if you don't say it. A pawnbroker is one who live.? on the flat of the land. · Alioy The Chicago Power Squadron, a non-profit association of boat ounei;. and other .sailing enthusiasts, will conduct a free course in elementary pi! .ship and small bi 10 weeks stalling at S p.m. Fob- ruarv I I in the U. S. Customs f · jriuicsi-iuiiai moaeis ana married : Mrs. Hammer was tne fir^i ( ",; women will not be eligible to enter; president of the Colonial Coverlet; the competition. j Guild of America of which Airs.! Where to Send Photos. 1 Bagbey is a member. This organ- j It is required that ihe candi- izaiion wa s incorporated under dates for the honor of being "Miss 1 the laws of the state in 1924 and Southiown'* must be residents of' v -' as organized by Mrs. Hammer Southtown. Photos must be ari-, u " ho w " as lls president from 1924 Encased in Snow and Ice j dressed to the Chicago Automobile!* 0 392G !Sho\v, 35 E. Wackcr dr. Photos! The S^ild the ihe lea woman's apartment ue's -shcl'er ..... Coiigressiiian A dtl resset, Business Men. Lions and Kiwaniatis. Liiidriilifiod Body Found \Vilh British Prime Minister Wi " ston Churchill on his way · l ° tne bnltcd Stales seeSin « more meets regularly in American aid. Cong. Fred E. Bus- T3-,e body of an unidentified m a n ' will be returned, if possible. Two Marshall Field and company's fc e y Wednesday warned of the about 70 year old was found last complimentary tickets of admis-i Wedgwood room. Its object j* to »-,. a ^ efu i use -» l?le mone v would into show will be create an interest in the preser- each entrant. 64th st. and Say re ave. . "Glamor girls from the various, Chicago Lawn police were no- · Chicago communities will be given" , t a f-'ce cou-^e * »tar oi« \\as jounn iasi compnmeniar iloung, seaman- J hursda - v encased in ice. snow and sion to the oat handling for *TM? e " d l r t in a vacant kl ncar Presented io . house 610 S Canal st. AH pert i f i c c l °- v 3 passerby \vho discovered a more extensive pail in the 3.052! sons who are interested in boat- use" vation of coverlets, to collect pho- be P ut lo in -^^"si Britain. (Continued on Page 3) Busoey spoke at a luncneon of , : the Engle\\ood Business Men's association. E n g ! e w o o d Kiwanis Ing are eligible to attend the classes which are held each week from to 10 p.m. by specialists in each of the subjects. No fee for the course or the materials is charged by the squadron, which is organized to promote siifely on the water. the body lying barely \isible be- pagcnt than heretofore," said Ed- Police chopped the \\ard L. Cleary. managei 01 the removed the body,, (Continued on Page 7) ncath the ice- ice a\vay and still encased in a thick layer of frozen d i i t and ice, to the County Elsie J. Frcllcli* Ilclired morgue- Pol-re said thai the man may have been dead in the ice-covered { prairie for more than a month. A 'date for an inquest will be estafa-j Ji?tressed' Plane Lands Safelv wilh 17 Aboard recent storm. club and Eiiglewood Lions club, t-'leared^ but meeting together in Southtown streets." YMCA. i === "In my tour of England during 1 j Funeral set vices for Max Pa! tinkin, 63 years old, 1247 W. Mar- · quetie rd- president of Peoples Iron and Metal company and a director of Chicago City Bank and Trust company, were held last Wednesday in the Piser chapel, 6935 Stony Island ave. Burial was in Waldhelm cemetery. '. Mr. Patinkin died lasi Monday 1 nigh: in Southtown hospital after j being: struck by an automobile ; earlier ihat evening in front of i his company's plant at 59th st. · and Loomis blvd. Mr. Paiinkin left the building shortly after 6 o'clock and was crossing 59th st. io get to his · parked car when he was struck by an eastbound automobile driv- ' en by William T- Delaney of Blue , Island. | Police Pursue Driver. j Delaney was a nested after a j two-block chase by a park dis- 1 trict police squad. He was charg- | ed with reckless homicide, drunk, en, driving, running a stop- light l a n d leaving ~the scene'of arr ffCci*' : dent. His case \\ as set for Jau, udry 24 in Criminal court. I Mr. Patinkin was born in 1888 ' in the liitle village of Sokolo, Russia, near Bialystofc, on -what 1 v/as then the Russo-Polish border. i After World War I, Mr. Patinkin'i | native town became a part of Po. land, biu it was seized again by ' Russia in World War II. He worked as a blacksmith in ihe village D. C. KIoos. 6649 Troy st.. plant Mrs. Irene Kaczorouski. 6418 «'hen he was 11 years eld. guard: **I would suggest to Mayor; Artesian ave.. homemaker: "Our' Came to Chicago in 1907. Kennellj* that \ h e undertake an! city firemen and policemen aie ^ n *905. ai, ihe age 01 16, Mr. n^^ervin 9 of a P^ii'^kin left -Russia and \vent to decent \a:^e in Bremen. Germany.'from where he ·wages. I have n o - w o r k e a his passage on a'ship to relatives v. ho ai e on the forces but through a ;ei- sonal experience with a f u e depait- meni rescue squad. I knov/ the type KACXOKOWSKI o f wonderful ?crv- ce they lender. Many good IKPII Kiwanis; Gordon Hepburn, president of the Lions; Virgil Eckert, program chairman of the EBMA; Krrnis, president of ihe EBMA, and Art Himmct, secretary of the Kiwanis club. A PENNY for Your THOUGHTS Each person is Riven a sJiiny. new penny for his thoughts. Today's interviews were conducted at 63rd st. and Western ave-- The question asked was, **0o you hax'e any Misgeslions for Major Kennelly?*' i n v e s t i g a t i o n t o ' determine w h a t has happened to ihe city's snow removal equipment I had heard that Chicago has 274 pieces of snow re- moxal equipment and it all wasn't in. evidence in our Main streets were hardly any tide aie [jawing ".he chance to get (Continued on Page 7) * Sage Advice When a man wants a woman to share his lot in life, he .-houldn't be surprised when she wants io know the size of it. When a man becomes engaged, the lucky woman .is his wife's mother. hed omorraw * jdied Thuisdav in her home ; J W . 62nd An American Airlines airplane wilh 14 passengers and a crew of the elections last October/' Bus-' j three aboard last Wednesday af-.bey said. -I got the impression i Teacher. Is Dead al 90' lcrnoon circ!ed Midway airport that neither the then incumbent] ^ I for 33 minutes while the pilot Labor party nor the Conservative ' Funeral services will be held iried lo 3 " in d out if the craft's party wanted io win ihe election., Sunday in Wakcman. O.. for-EIsiep andin S Sear was down. xhe whole campaign was a 'me- J. French. 90-year-old retired! The plane had taken off from ioo - affair. The Conservatives school teacher and autho; Plan Body's Proposal Would Set Up Another Authority Tiie Chicago PJan* commission's' for the to auihon/eci Hoh Delivery Man iifc S I I in r. who 'Chicago and was approaching for fpo ke long and loud about ousting SI.500.000.000 plan for reconsinic- Chicago lo create a Public Ser\ ice h j ; at 507 a regular landing at South Bend socialism, but the only non-social- lion of the city's central area can authouiy \vh ch v.-jli have t ; ie .\vhen an instrunient which i? sup- j ? ^ plank in their platform was to be put into motion only by legisla- power to issue bonds and I Miss French lived for the past Posed to indicate that ihe landing revo ke nationalization of the steel lion enacted in the General As- project-. The City council would · " "" .10 years at that address with her Scares down and locked failed to industry. sembly and the City council, Carl have to pass a similar oidnwiu-e. Tv.-o men robbed thc driver of nephew. Cyrus T. Read. Her orig- recisler. British Public Housing. L. Gardner, secretary of the com- Ma\or Kennellv then \\ou!d nn- a Biscuit company de-final home was in Wakcman. The captain. D. C. Duncan, and '-The Conservative party pledged mission, said Friday" point" director.- of tne ai:;'ho.iiy livery truck of S41 at 3 o'clock! In 1946 Miss French wrote a fiit officer, J. H. Shimon, both of lo build 300.000 public housing The \asloperation waslevieu-ed j n the same manner as Chicaao Second sight is the only cure Fi iday afternoon in front of 5757'series of articles for thc Economist DetioiJ. turned the snip around un j Ss j n Britain during 1952," in motion pictures at a special Transit Authority appointment* for love at first sight. . . . Answer Ashland ave. !in which she described a trip to' an * headed back to Midway. B l]S ijey said. "I don't know how j showing in the City council cham- n ow aie made. =ubject :o approval cigars The driver, Lester O'DonnclI, 745!Europe in 1S9S. : where belter emergency facilities thcv can do it They just haven't bens Thursday. ' bv the council w - 103rd si - (old P° ! ' ce hat the| Miss French went to school i n .arc available. r . 'the material or the money." ! creation of a Public Service " w ,th the neu- authori'v -et up -two thieves seized _ h i m when h e j h e r home town and then was grad-1_The ,f_'j''»^_ C|rclcd _.he _neld Congressman Busbey returned amhori ty io direct the huge city ; he voier s then would bc'asked to " the United States. When he'ar- rived in New York, the boy waa greeted by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid society, an organiza* tion 01 which he was later to become a director. After working at various jobs in Xew York for a year, Mr. P a t i n k i n came io Chicago in Several relatives had come from , Europe before him and settled in the city. j Kis first job in Chicago was : as an usher In the old Palace 'theater, wheie he worked nights | while working days in a cigar factory. Later he sold cigars and- s made enough money to buy a horse and wagon and enter the jtnik business. In 19S7 ilr. Patinkin opened ill i-l wholesale salvage shop (Continued on Page 7) Shoots Man 3 Timos: Surrenders to Police to Today's Puzzler: S2 and S3 in cash. John Reardon. 25 years old, 6801 Parnel! ave.. was reported in a critical condition yesterday at S:. Luke's hospital where he was t«ken after being shot three times TMTM" S From Dnnafo I. risnaio: '-Who remembers when, during World War I, we experienced a blizzard ·s we did during the past couple weeks? Such kids as Matt Neary, Oliver Carrol, John Henderson. Dick Wolfe. Mel Engstrom, Willie Snydcr, Frank Neuel and Jimmy Morriscy had a lot of fun building horn isloes. We also had a lot of f u n ; a n r i digging out of the cave-ins." ; hydraulic .rols the ajme. j pressure, which con- - Tne p rcs i dcnt claims that his indicator, temporarily ob j eclive in spcndins huge funds; ;as low. The landing gear func- m Europc is to blockade commu- tioned properly, he said, but the ni;;m - Busbey said. "I'm person-; indicator^ was wrong. j a U y convinced that it's a lie. We| haven't used all the anti-commu-1 nisi weapons at our disposal in 1 William G. Dohrrty, 7-1-j Europe.'' i " i Avoidance of Spain. j Funeral services for William G.; The legislator cited the fact that! in South- a husky eight pounds, 10 ounces at | Doherty, 74 years old, 650 \V. 59th Franco now has in Spain one First Baby Here in 1952 a Girl;;:;; Twins Arrive New Year's Day, , · Funeral Kilos Hr-lil for !":;Coroner's Jury Unable to Find Cause of Norwood Hotel Fire The first Soulhlowri baby to be'baby was born in Soulhiown ai in 1952 arrived one hour! Evangelical hospital. He is Robert 4!) minutes after the begin- Basil Eutterworth who weighed 1 of thc (Picture on Page .) .'fire was reported, after Lambert Gcrin. 57 year.- old,-'"" ho i''". '" a wvcrn. When he front door of the. County jail where Miller said he had gone to gue himself i;p. Miller told Deputy Chief of Detectives John T. O'Malley that he drove his automobile into th- Monroe it. parking lot after seeing Reardon's car parked there. Mi'* ^ .^^ sn | ( j j lp cn t e!cf ) Rcarrion's car. .spending a [ ler breaking a window, to wait tor the latter's return. Gerin was thc occupant of room 249 where, the lire first was dis- found the napsidc of the|in Roseland Community hospital, rived at 9:30 a.m. and his sister, j widow, rujj a distinct advantage. About that time our parents warned us ·bout wearing knee-caps to save ·UT itocklngt." David weighed in at five pounds, ounces. Fourteen minutes after David's i arrival tht third N«w Year'i Day Marlenc, four p o u n d s , eight. William L., 6642 Troy, st, Elmo, ounces, 21 minutes later. The first New Year's Day ba- (Contuiued on Page 7V 13913 Michigan ave., and Bert of Germany would produce a'terrible Minneapolis, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. threat' to European peace and se(Continued on Pagt 7) turned to his room around 3 a.m., Miller was being ; Cential police head- arters on an open charge while waited to see if Reardon about, one-half hour befort the| (Continued on Page 7) [Lecovcit Irom his wvmd».-

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