The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX OF CELLI IK II Pastime Falls Before Bo Grimes' Crew; l.ilxnly •Still In Sled. . Slate l.lnm; aurl I. liuildcrs face Arl:-Mo Power riiiuiiany tonight In g.imrs pmsl-wnrtl frnn nljhl. Team lioblnsou Itayner, Ttrry Flughos Paxlime AiU-Mo, l' Kail Ark Tlie pHiiiniiL aspirations 01 f.lroni: I'aMimc Billiard parlur ic- cc-tved a .fO\ore jolt lust ijlijhl wlien a U-lalod sixih inniiig nlly fi-ll short, n. IX Hughe.-, ftlnning,' ti-S. l:i the Coiniiii'ifhi] mfl b.ill piny. lii tiie ih-M UIIIKC »l the bur- ERin bill East Ar>:aii5as liuildevs vacated the cellar and In turn fhovcd Libei-ty Cash Cirocei.s In by hanimei'lni! their • uce rlglithnnder, ScniiiBs. In three bis InnliiR.s lo win 8--!. For four innings Tulmiio'Re Huey.. Hushes c-i-ack KWiihpnw, had the "injim" sign on 1'iistbne, allowing no lilts nnd but three men --"--•• '-- • • c-n'or BY ART KRENZ In (he firth Puckett retired Yar giVn.Ie., (.ARK.) COTJRjfifi NEWs DF GtTIT TIGEB JBucky .ambasl«J Team Ho In Spring gettlni! on bare vlii the t-n'or bro ' Phillip.'; and ScrnBss on mule. On the other hand "Jim- NHkes. Scruggs sllp|>eri the last ir.y" Smothc-rman was liavhiK his '-'-'''Ike by elghl, Filend falling a troubles on the mound and his v| cllm lour times. D. P. Urogdon, were guilty of nun-support, horrowi'd wlien ;;ome of Ihe liulld-' , _ A;, 'a result of some timely base knockinK nnd mistues the Clolh vcrti iletaiiicd, poled out a ln lilc fourlh. "Uikc" Phil By Harry Gray son •—j- • '"o And Managed Last Year f!V IIAttllV flRAVSON S|ioHs Kdllor NKA Service NKW YOHK.—Slanley Raymond Hums is chewing coiiloiis consonants uttered in thu spring. Tile ! will, concerned Die Detroit Tigers, ! and weren't complimentary. I Harris, iwky In !iLs nr-n- berth as | innnager of the enormously wealthy j iiauon R.-.i sox. ntitf havinj; been |<liu|>p:-il US B'iSdti »1 the 'Ilipj-.s. rc- m.irkocl tlmt Michael Cochrane : u-ould have a tough tsisk on r.Ui Inindri. The linstnn IXKS called tlio lit'iiiiiita 11 biiiu-J) of something or . olhr-r, and eliai-psl tnut they quit . on him (turhiK th« hi-t?ht of tiie : l!i:i:< cninpalifiJ.- i llim-is contended that the 'risers. i Cochmne or no, were anj'thliiB but . an miistniiLlliiE tas«l>;ill Hill), and ! thru lie. jlucky. mid Ills iiPv.'-ionnrl • i-liarge.s, would lata: It nimii llic-m- :telw;s to demonstrate lo tlie addicts ! (hat Detroit no longer was in (ho I American League, i If memory .serves. Harris' .storm i brought one equally us frothy from •tlie Mick of Hank Ford's town, and the verbal combat, hac all the pros- pect.s of developing into a barroom brawl lit ilia first collision of Die teams. ways. Owen heard so much aljout his aggressiveness that he commenced to believe It himself. You ought, to s»e him Woclc run- irrs at Ihe fur turn now.- When Hie Oetrolt club look ih* lefl<l (he oilier day. he snapped ul Cochrane' "Now thai we're up Ihere, see that you keep us lliere!" Mickey \ ra s arnasml. but adored It. He simply didn't know his Marvin any more, Managers frequently wHi to make .suaueflltoai that, coming from tr.e head man, might nut be taken too nicely by u j>!ayr-r. A coach's hint often brings better results than IJilot's conimuiid. Buffers sm amiinsf the more- Important persons v-lth ball dubs, an-1 Perkins Ls on Weal one for (ho chap bioke in. , ,^.,v uiiir.iii/, iiimi iviujjii jt'emy k his original and soincwhut "Ownvrr. (he outfits have met, synthetic claim to the crown, then i antl lln "R-" 1 ^ u 'ere forthcoming, wns innnngcd by .Joe (Tools) ! IIal '" s l! as changed his tune, for Mnntll, partner of Curloy, nnd sloo<l well with the union. When fjlilkul demanded another i edition, his voice wan heard, ami " lp ' I ' 1 8 C1 '- S linv 'e n. substantial 'edge 'In victories, and here's how nnc!:y \ is v,hlsDIng now: Tlie entire side batted around In Whittle booted hfs drive. C. Led- KnEl Ark. llulldtrs better n-alked. Bevill forced Barnes 1 Friend, c. at third. "Tiny" Glover lined u Moslcy, ss . terrific home ran into riulit cen- "' " ter. ycorins behind LiMllx-ttrr nnd ^cvill. Jenkins was wife when J. C. Kinnlngliain failed lo com? up with bis bounder. Browning dropped one into right for a hit, Jenkins pulling up at third. Bunch singled through the box. scoring .Jenkins. E. LcilbcLtcr popped : to short. McAfee singled through (he box flillnjj ;,lie buses. Smother- mnn's host effort was n 'w'ickcd IV.ISUT !o :hlrd. B. Luics mnkiiiK a. nice play to "retire Busch. Hughes scored one' in the first when Barker decorated a car In fleid with a triple, scoring "liuv ue:;i wun n triple, scoring '"""-• •» Joe Applebnum «'ho had singled tb cr "BB5. P Lindsey. ss Puckett. p Wiggins, tb McAfee, cf Calloway, 2b T. Brooks. Kb Biogdcn. If NcvEns. rf Totals l.ihrrly Cash 'Oroirrs Ab H PO A Cnlvln. rf Foster. 11) Ynrbro. ^l Plillllp.s, • <: Purlle. M with age. , Lnndos wasn't the first grap- ipicr lo learn tluit the show ts the Ab H PO A;lhliiB, but long since has proved 404n' that he possesses a keener dramatic sense than any other behemoth who ever applied hammers U and locks. And that's saying a lot C 0!'" a Held Hint down through the 0 o'"Ecs has oul-Doothcd the Boriy- shownwiiship unqiies- !„ (i,- ,.... „,, .,,, . -. i -Marvin O«-en. at third base. Is d " S '°, H Wlnill>w i spending hLs second Not a few of the bettor cards, majors, and uaf.irnl such as McMlllen, Hay Stcele, and 1 fd with experience Gino Garibaldi, left the fold with "Charley Gerliriii^er alwav- i Lonclas, nnd one n r n.n wttn, n ., 0.™.. : , _...-^..,.. ..•;•. "'"•»J" a PRinAY, 23, 1934 Big Righl. Hander Wins Ninth Game; Tigers, Macks Are. Hoi Tlio New Yolk Yankees : In Impressive, fashion at the held of the Amcric:!!! !«a-.;ue pmstde ves- ferrtiiy as Cuarlle l<iiniii» blaiiiied the Wauhlngloir Senators! All National league mint were idle, having opr-n dales. 1 Huffing held ihc Senators 10 throe scattered hits and kept them com- ipletoly undfr control. Wciivi 1 :- 'A;IS [the losing Tim score vtn WO. Detroit's Tigers turned back the Chicago White srw, is to 7 at. !)»• troit.. The game went through 10 Innings v/lth Oerlilnger end flre?n- hcrg supplying liic winning ininr-h in the extra period. Tlie Philadelphia Athletics defeated the Boston Red Sox 7 lo 1 ai Philadelphia, jimmy t-vixy. hit 'ills 21st homer ot the. '.season find Johnson smashed out a-.eircith blo'.v. one a homer by Rollers. Chicks Beat Twice; Smokie, .Hurling Duel; Rocks Idle ' Tiie Knoxville, defeated the Birmingham Barons yesterday •i'ith Sent! winner over Murray in an old.fashioned JmrlliiiT iliiol. The score was '2 to 1. •Murray kept the Smokies' hits , — - — scattered except In the seventh and Dletrlc " held the Sox to five hits -'g.ilh Inning!!. ...-..-. . The Memphis chicks tonk two games from t !ie Nashville vols Southern leaders. The scores were 3 to 2 and 5 to 0. In the opening game Harry Kelley allowed but five mis. 411 H.-M. sccoml Touciistonc turned back the league leaders with three blows. The Chattanooga I,ookou!s did some heavy hitting but last a e to 5 drclston to tlie New Orleans Pell- )w:;iers failed to put - . (he Lookouts ahcnd. The Idle. Travelers were Ouosl For City Tennis Titles SiiH Underway .Sewn teams are left in His nin- " !e rto " b ' M "^ '"he imn-o n\ M '"he P BIythevillo tennis tournament and ond round and undefeated yet Those already jr. the third round include Bill Crowe, Carl Gansfcc and Wirapy Bums. Doubles teams s'.U! in the com- ]>etitlon at various stages of the tourn3y are: James Terry and Carl Ganske. y/impy Burns and Charles Brogdon, Wiison Henry iinrt Morris Moon, Charles Frllzius and John BnnieUc, James Barksdale an-l Butler Barksdale. Bill Crowe and •John Holland, Freeman Robinson and .lack Robinson. Courier News Wnnt Ads. mat wars on one of the bitterest star, is enjoyin- ^i record, raged. There: '"The success of t best s the sn \ .-? i" 1 - 1 """ i-umm,-. wuum IIOL nave '"»*'n^ LI prediction as to where it ,J| i ^ M been reinstalled as head man, with I wil1 finish." ZJ^-i/ ">-) n clearer title than anyone has had, * • * - ^T &/% '" scvcral 1'fnrs, had not the busi-' Spenkin; of Owen, there's tvsweet *-^J ' N^v s\ ncss " Mti<!<1 «n artist 'ike him as sentimental story in Cochrane and ^ jf\f\ n s . llnw window. 'Cy Perkins. Ihe gracious gentleman ^% (vlt^X ti) IjOndcxs. [lie ucerlejw im<^r '. Kejicialh- rredifcH \r;ni ni« ^-.._i fuut uiuuy ciubc observers -sus- ' pitM^i- 10 wait until An°iLst befor 0 ti f; ivii ^ V». ««v«uLtru ix-ct that Lomlns would not have "'"kin.; a prediction as to where it ,,, »,,Vi r< S" Cnarle ^ ^i^i- becn reinstalled as head man, with I will finish!" LS and James Terrj' are in the scc- "*V~ •»|^|/ii-uiiuLii (i iiu IIMlt aUL^Lcll UO sthrt-' the game, 'nicy were dorint- .ecj nne in the fourth.when C. icd- beiter made an error mid'"a wild throw, nits by MimveH. 'j.' o. Wn^ ningliain, D. nilcs, a couple oT ficlders's -choices nnd a 'error by WsAffee netted four. A nice catch ni:d'a bcnutifiil throw to Hie plate by : Frnesl Barnes throttled the rally.- Bnnrli vs. Rnnrh One of the pretileit catches or the sea.son WAS made ; by Norman EuncH'when he jumped up and speared Clyde -Bunch's drive in the seventh. Whittle • turned in some fielding gems for Hughes. After. : a home run by Jlcrnard McAfee with two on had erased a three run lead by Liberty, in the first. "Ace" Puckelt settled down and pitched brilliantly, allowing but one hit ihc- remainder of the Bfemc.- Only three lifts wore «,r- I'.ercd by the Grocers. "Sharlie" Scruggs also hurled a winning brand of ball but was touched for hits with men on bases. The Lumberjacks gleaned him for six blows but bunched flvi of them in three innings, which together with free transportatloi , nnd errors, netted seven of thcii .tallies. Calhway, Sr., Hot Although the Builders were guilty of ten bobbles, they were ac curate, in the pinches with rrei on the patlis. Marsh Callavay; Sr. had a banner evening alicld-.Jc cc-pling eleven chances out o twelve. In the seventh he lhre\ out the entire side on grounders Nevlns. Runs batted In —Phillips, Scruggs. Crook. Lindry. PucMt 2. McAfee 4, Nevlns. lomr? run — McAfee. Three base June acHF~ PubenS, Flemish artist "born If I.utes. .ss ivd. Mi Lutes hompson, cf Totals Score by Innings: Ark. Builders . —• ""*• t;..i^iuii^ yi'iiiifnian . [he peerless poser, .Keneiallj- credited with lh<. d-vel- Is bowing, llirowlng out hls!°P n «>nt o( the third bn.'enian now 3 1 o {jjtionably has much to do with his ,.j vn "] 300 o ' )cins bilclt °" '°'' n 8 n '"' which i5 : i[ (1BE •j n 5 n 'where his victory over the chest, strutting, swinging on the ropes like a big monkey, chucking out among the portables. n ° 1 2000 1000 other nlcl ,,« h, 034 100 0 - 8 , London ,.„,„. thc d - vll '« ° ^ , " 1K Pal " Rncl "'"Wine role of . . - Iberly Cash Grocers 300 001 0 - Those who the anllqiiEited cial peak couldn't understand why ; Ihe Jack Curley and Haul Bowser • forces Joined hand!, three years * j i'.^o to squeeze out the Golden i was like .Tex Rickard ch»m|)lon. co " lbi » cd »» »"* , r 8 „. ,.. v ....LIU Utl£CllUIU rated right along with Frank ing, gin-,, the young star of the AAAA's. Perkins had caught 806 games for' Connie Mack when Cochrane put him on ihc bench in I925 Mickey got much of his Muff f r0 in Cy and didn't foi'jjcl. '• of employment « * « ' j while. Cochrane had Inndcd'the po- None olhei- ever left the cus- 's'tion in Detroit. And Ihe first fel .^li'LM, 8 . 0 ? 10 ; 0 ^! 1 *!'."! fSfl** 1 ?'? « nt '* was the man i ,legs were good, or golf giving Rolwrt Tyre Jones the Rale. Tlie nolden Or«k Londos Is one of the most phe- battlc. idelphla. Regardless of the authenticity I Owen wasn't in the best of health ii the fadconLs of Ills nuuclies, '" 1033. ami not a few close observ- thc bronzed son of Argcvs never jer.s got, the idea that he was too falls to (urn the trade oul Into biickwnrd lo become n major le.i"iie the night satisfied. . I luminary. ° ... Double plays-CaI-! lcrv . Fcw cv ,' " oway to Wiggins. Base on balls—i '• It Puckett. 3; o(f Scruggs S.' ;truck oul—by Puckett 4; by i ^"\ ' cniggs 8: Umpires — Browninx . f^'M nd Taylor. Time of Bninc--l:15. ».ie&i :nors—Foster 2. Eiirtle, Crook loslcy, LlnoXv 2, Wiggins -t, Caloway. Brooks 2. Second Game been able R. n. Hughes ^pplcbaum. ss 3. Lutes. 3b Liite-s, c "Barker, cl V. Kinningham. Ib iuep. p Maxwell, rf C. KInntnghmn. 2b "Vhittlc, ss :. Bunch. If Ah II PO A 4120 1 It was Perkins who tackled the timid soul The Victoria and Albert Mu- .seum in London luis acquired a "«^ ui uuimurming a tnn'c beautifully caned statuet of thcjtnto a tiger. This he did by liav- yirpm and Child, apparently made Ing the other players reiieatcdlv lell iroiu :i walrus tits kin the !2thlOwen how rou»h an athlete r.r eentury. U vnis found in n store.' really was. and in other subtle I ^ u 4 1 3 2 to go from town lo town and pack j 3040i places like lie does. Four win- , 3 1 00 lcls «BO tlie trade actually broke 0 6 0 in the Garden doors to see him 113 practice his avtlsiry with one 200 Fcrciic 120 Totals P. . Barnes, ss Ledbettrr. 2b 3cvlll. cf ilover. ih Jenkins. If Browning, rf N. Bunch, ss Ledbetter. :tb McAfee, c liuothcrman. p Holuban, and the doors Iln<l to ^ 'oeked and the riot 3 D 3 4 sf l»nd called when he tackled Jim 3 Q Q o , McMlllcii. Gates of $60,000 got lo -- „ __ I be a common tiling. 32 7 21 u ! -^' s difficult to imagine promot- jcis oslraci7ing a bucks office mag- Ab II PO A ne; like that, but that is what 4041 happened. 3020 Londos refused lo engage either 4000 Richard Shtkut or Ed Lewis. 3120: The ruling powers didn't cnrc n 3020 v.'hoop what he did in regard to 3200. Lewis, who was fat and well over 3 1 7 i • - ---------3 1 1 3131 3001 Totals 32 6 21 4 Score by Innings: R. D. Hughes loo HO 0 - 6 Pastime B. P. 000 014 0 - 5 Summary: Runs—Applcbaum 2 Barker. Maxwell, J. c. KinnlnR.' ham. C. Bunch, C. Ledbetter, Beull. Glover, Jenkins, Bunch. Runs batted In-B. Lutes 2. c. Lutes Barker. J. c. Kinningham. Whlt- Ite. Glover 3. N. Bunch, McAfee. Home run—Glover, xhree base Int—Barker. Double plays—Whittle to A. Klnningham, Barnes to McAfee. Base on balls—off Huey 1. Struck out—by Huey 2- by Smotherman 2. Errors-^-BarXer A Klnnlngham, J. C. Kinningham 2 Whittle. 0. Ledbetter 3, McAfee] Barnes. Umpires—Blackard and Taylor. Time of game—1:03. PURE I Chilled By Frigidaire Sale - Sanitary CRAIGS DAIRY Phone 7<1 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO INSURANCE POLICY HOLDERS Complying with the demands of all companies dial Hum- balances be paid promptly and in full each month; it becomes necessary that our agencies conduct their business on a basis to meet these demands. Therefore, effective July 1st, 193-1, the premiums on all policies are due and payable on the effective date of the policy, and unless iiaitl in full or financed, bet ore the 15th of (he month following the month m winch they avo effective, Ihe policies will he canceled. Example: All j>olieies written during- the month of .July, must bo paid for in full not later than the 15th day of August. As above stated, this rule will become effective July 1st, IflS'l. and we must insist on prompt payment of premiums, and \vo ask our good friends, and clients, lo give us their co-oi>eration. Blytheviile Insurance Agency G. G. Caudill Agency Clark-Wilson Agency Farmers Bank & Tr, Co,, Ins. Dept. First National Agency W. M. Williams Agency i includin S •">* Rob?' * fe f alng chai "P i( >", remain r ?"" S com l >etltto n- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. WALLHIDE r brings you One-day Painting! Cometh today and tee the 15 beautiful Willhlde color*. It COOKS In the popular satin finish for wall* ud railings; in >etni-«Io» for woodwork, bathrooms and kitchen*. One coat of Wallhide b usuaOyenough. Buteveh with two coals you can hang pictures the day patatia; (tarts. Qaart t*an-i-k* 1U113U mr 85c PURE TURPENTINE Gal... $1.00 Beautiful high glosj PLASCO PAINT Suitable for interior or exterior surfacvi.BnisVi evenly; has exceptional covering quality. 24 colors. $2 >.50 Gallcn CALCIMINE, All Colon,.... Per Lfa 12c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL... Gal. . . $1.10 Quick-Drying WATEISPAI ENAMEL Mates it easy to beautify furniture and woodwork. Dries in 4 hours—one coil usmlly rnoiiglu 24 riih colors. '/&~Pt« . WALLPAPER CLEANER Each 1Q C UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart ... 70c LADDER Strong. 5-ft. tlw with shelf $1.25 BRUSHES Par* hritUtt, tttta nM*r W Enur.el Bmsh . . 20c 4* WjJIBrmh. . . f,5 c I* Ctkjmint Brush . $1.50 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH Extra durable. For interior or exterior me. Will r.ot turn white.Dries f«i. Steel Wool Cleans pots & pans easlerl 5c 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITfSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY NOTICE TO ALL CONTESTANTS Alt votes in the World's Fair contest must Iw turned in at Uio Kit!-. Theatre by 8:30 P. M., Friday, Juno 2DHi. Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 7:15, 10-35c The most daring—courage- ous—forlhriirhl role Kay Francis has ever played! liven more sensational than "The House on !>filh Street". Cnrtoon—"Reauly nnrt (]IP Ifcast" N'ovelty—"Across the Sea" Travel Talk—"Egypt" Saturday Only MAT. & NITE—lOe - 25c Off To The Races! In a wild burst of fun, fury and fireworks! "CALL IT LUCK" with "Pat" Patterson, Herbert Mimdiu Charles Starrett Gordon Westcott SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday-Monday MATINEE & NlTE_10c-35« f^f^mf&^ ^^^M^i-t^M/^ Paramount News Musical Comedy Short

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