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Brooklyn, New York
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Thursday, October 24, 1912
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I r THE WEATHER. Cloudy and colder to-rteht; Friday, fair. THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE Complete "7. Stock Market LAST EDITION. Volume 7iA Sit. ZlHl NEW YORK CITY, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21, 11)12. 28 PA(iES. THREE CENTS. BULOARS TAKE BIG FORTRESS Capture i. Kirk - Kilisseh the Key to Adri- anople. j Servla. My father, our supreme war lord, hag commanded me to lead you. I "Follow me, my gallant men, not In the path o( annihilation and death, but on the road which will bring liberty and new life to mankind and civilization and progress to Scutari. In this great work of yours show yourselves to be worthy of the knightly reputation of the Montenegrin and remember that every step you take is followed by the eyes of the civilized world. Do not allow yourselves to be carried away by feeling of revenge for the wrongs and violence which our fatherland and the other Balkan States have had to endure for five centuries at the hands of our Eastern foe." At the conclusion of the prince's speech King Nicholas embraced his three sons and bade them farewell, wishing them and the troops good luck and rapid success. FIGHTING IN THE RAIN Turkish Dispatch Says Bulgarians Fell Back Yesterday, but Sofia Today Reports Success. BATTLE IS ON NEAR USKUB. Victory Claimed by the Servians and Ottomans Montenegrin Troops Are Advancing on Scutari. CHRISTIANS MASSACRED BY TURKS, SAY GREEKS, Sofia, Bulgaria, October 24 Kirk-Kills-Beh has been captured by the Bulgarian army, which has been fighting against the Turkish troops In the vicinity for several days. The possession of the fortress opens the way to a Bulgarian advance on Adrl-anople. London, October 21 A news agency despatch from Sofia says the Turkish fortress of Klrk-KIUsseh has fallen. It Is regarded as the key to Adrlnnople and Is the headquarters of the Turkish Third Army Corps, commanded by Kenaan Pasha. ' Constantinople, October 24 The great battle between the main forces of Bulgarians and Turks was resumed this morning along the entire line between .Adrlanople and Kirk-Klllsseh. Drenching rain hindered the members of the troops. Despatches from Adrlanople report that the second division of thHUtrtRitrlan army crossed the frontier yesterday. Its advance guard encountered serious resistance and suffered heavily, being finally compelled to fall back. Serious fighting also Is reported from Kadlkeny to the south of Mustapha Pasha, which ended In a victory for the Turks. Fighting on the Way to TJskub. Another fierce encounter is In progress around Kumanova, on the way to Uskub, both Servians and Turks claim the victory. The Turkish ofllclal report On the one hand says the Servians have been completely routed, while the Servians assert that they hflve taken one part of the town and- continue to make progress. It Is possible that the reports refer to different parts of the area, which Is an extended one. Tho Servians suffered enormous losses, according to en official dispatch from the commander-in-chief of the Turkish western army. The Turkish troops are pursuing them energetically. The Servian Army is believed to have comprised four strong divisions. Other Indications thnn the Turkish report show that the Servians have suf fered severely. A call was issued loony it Belgarde for all retired and reserve officers, as well as military employes, lawyers and engineers to Join the Seventh Servian Regiment, the era dt corps of Belgarde, within forty-eight hours. Pome doubts nro expressed In Bclgerle whether the cartridge fnrtcrlcs In Servla will be able to Issue rnrtriltrcs fast enough lo supply the r.ceis of the hard-fightlng troora. There hs nlso been seme severe fighting In the Struma Vnlley, where nsaln both sides claim the victory. For the time being operations have slackened In the Xovlpazar district where the Servians and Montenegrins are attempting lo make a forward move with their forces. Tho capture of the town of Novlpazar by the Servian troops advances this object considerably,- but the troops who have passed through a terrific battle must be allowed some rest. The Greeks also for. the moment appear to be satisfied with the capture of the Turkish town of Srrvls, although their cavalry Is pursuing the retiring Turks through the valley of Allakmen and attempting to cut thrm off. The Montenegrins who have been waiting for some time are apparently prepared now to make a great effort to secure possession of the Turkish stronghold of Scutari. Whin Cn-rnl Mnrtlno-vlteh Is bombarding Tnrnknseh, Princes Danllo ami Mirsky , are putting their armies In order for a general advance. Montenegrins Near Scutari. Ttlcka, Montenegro, October 24 The Montenegrin troops, advancing In a southeasterly direction, reached a point about eight and one-half miles from the Turkish town of Scutari yesterday afternoon. Military operations have been greatly Interfered with by rain during the last two days. King Nicholas, whine headiiusrlers had been established hero provisionally, crossed Lake Scutari yesterday and Joined the troops at the Mallssorl village of Skin, where lie met his three sons, with whom ho held a coi II of war. The outcome of (his was that Prince Mlraky was appointed commander of the Montenegrin brigade, which distinguished Itself i Detchltch and Tushl. On assuming command. Prince Mirsky addressed his troops, saying: "We are almost at the walla of the ancient anil anions town of Scutari, with which sre bound up some of th uost brilliant pages of the history of old Washington, October 244 Seventy Christians and a prlost were massacred by the Turks before their retreat from the town of Servla yesterday, according to an official cable from the Greek Foreign Office to the legation here today. among tne prisoners taken was one Turkish colonel. "The Fourth Division of the Greek army," the dispatch states, "occupied last night the town of Servia and the only bridge over the Allakmon River by wnich the army could pass to Kozane. The Fifth Division with the cavalry oc-cpplcs the heights along the river. All the Turkish troopa have retreated along tne right bank of the river. "In Epirus the Greek army ha3 occupied Calafa and the pass acid village of Coiimt- sades. The Greek army Is In pursuit of tne Turkish army through all tho mountain passes of Camvounia and the valley of the Aliakmon. The Turkish army is quite routed." REMOVE BULLET FROM MAN'S LUNG FATHER A SUICIDE AS SON FACES COURT Edward Holton Brooded Over Charge of Assault Against Youth. NOTE EXPLAINS HIS RUSSIAN CAN'T BE IRISH. "Couldn't Stand Disgrace" of Accusation and Believed Charge Was Spite Work. The night before his son's trial' before Judge Lewis L. Fawcett In the Cornty Court on a charge of assault in the sec ond degree, Edward Holton, 4S years old, a machinist, committed suicide by inhaling illuminating gas In his home, 124 Dlkeman street. A brief scribbl, his last message to the world, told why Holton took his life. "I cannot stand the disgrace,' it read, "my boy is innocent." With this done the grief-stricken father carefully made plans to die. His body was found stretched out on a bed. a gastube iu his mouth and the other end attached to an open burner. Even a piece of cord held the tube in the man's mouth, and the length of rubber was twisted once around tho bedpost. This was done so there would be no question as to his plans being successful. An hour previous to the discovery of the dead man, Holton had talked to his accused son, Edward, jr., watched him dress for a dance and in a cheerful manner volunteered to give the boy spending money, so he would enjoy the even ing. The mother, Mrs. Sarah Holton, a son, Arthur, 17 years old, and the two daughters, Esther, 1C, and her 10-year-old sister, all kissed Edward good-by, re- Mr. Lakin, Who Wanted to Be Lar-kin, Has Hopes Dashed. Lark In Is an Irish name. Lakin Is a Russian name. Should a man named Lakin, who was born In Minsk, Russia, be permitted to change his name to one which would indicate he had come from the Emerald Isle? That was the question propounded to Supreme Court Justice W. J. Klly yesterday, and the answer was "no." Edward Lakin of 604 Sackman street, a 21- ACT.i yeur"old Iaw student, applied to. the Jus tice for permission to change his name to Edward Larkin. One of the .reasons he pave why permission should be granted wa3 that the two were pronounced similarly and that when telling his name to anyone he always has to spell It out. He also stated that he never has been married. Justice Kelly thought the reasons Insufficient and without commenting upon It denied the application. STATE SUES TO WIN BACK CONEY ISLAND BEACH FOR PEOPLE $4,000 JOB FOR SCHNITZSPAN. "FEEL BULLY; WANT LUNCH" So Says Roosevelt as He Walks Downstairs and Joins Family at Table. Remarkable Surgical Operation Performed by Internes in Williamsburg Hospital. NO ILL EFFECTS ARE SHOWN. Laborer, Who Was Shot by Countryman, Will Now Recover, It Is Believed. "The internes of the Williamsburg Hospital, Bedford avenue and South Third street, performed a remarkable surgical Oyster Bay, October 24 Colonel Roosevelt was still in seclusion today, but was Ruining strength so rapidly that It was expected he would 30011 be pcrmitud to resume the work of the campaign. Dr.. Scurry Terrell, who 1b staying at tho home of W, Emlen Roosevelt, near Sagamore Hill, visited Colon?! Roosevelt this morning, near Sagamore Hill,, visited Colonel Roosevelt this morning and found the. patient in excellent condition after a long night's sleep. Tho Colonel arose soon after he had had breakfast, and dressed in a lounging robe, walked about the house more freely than at any previous time his return. He felt not pain, although whenever he raised Demands Removal of Obstructions Preventing Free Passage for Purposes of Bathing, Boating and Fishing. Appointed Assistant Appraiser of the Port of New York. William Schnititspan, Republican leader of the Twentieth Assembly District, was today appointed an assistant ap- praiser of the Port of New York, by President Taft at a salary of $1,000 per I year. Mr. Schnltzspan, who was a trans-j fcr tax appraiser until removed through the Democratic administration, takes th place of MIchaelNathan of the same Assembly district, who resigned about month ago to go into business. .Mr. .'a- thati had held the position for the past I ten years. Mr. Schnltzspan received the recommendation of the Republican organization of Kings County for the p'.ace. ACTION TO TEST OWNERSHIP. Defendants Include Steeplechase Park Co., Emilie Huber and Others. "Will Fight State's Claim to Finish. CHARGE 10 JURY ACCUSES GUNMEN: HARD 0 SMOKE COST ONE DOLLAR. Albert Lesser Didn't Heed Warning on L Platform. IL cost Albert Leaser of No. 4 Stuyve-sant avenue $1 for the privilege of smoking a cigar on the platform of the Broadway L, at Broadway and Myrtle avenue, this morning. Special Officer Terrence Leonard, employed by the B. it. T., told Lesser he could not smoke on the platform, but the man continued smoking. He was arrested by the officer and taken to the Gates avenue court, where Magistrate Dodd fined him SI. I Krisr. vallnri anrl WoKhrn' Termed Accomplices in Rosenthal Murder, questing that he should not worry about j hi3 r(,ht ,rm or brpath(1(1 ,Wcpiy ,lc the morrow, when he would be tried for assault. Then the two daughters left the little home on the third floor of the building 1 njB right u was reminded by tre grating ends of the fractured rib. It probably will be several weeks before he will have full use of and went downstairs to play while Ar thur went on an errand. The husbnnd and wife chatted for a few minutes, the woman finally deciding that she would visit the president of the concern that was to prosecute her sou today am" plead for mercy. Father Erooded Over Son's Troubles . andCarefully Planned Death. Alone in his home, tho elder Holton sat and thought of the trial of his son, visions of the impossible coming before him, as will In timca of trouble. From the time of his son's arrest he was deep in thought, and together with his wife had operation last night, when they removed come to the conclusion that Edward was a bullet fired from a .33 caliber revolver, from the right lung of a male patient. The operation lasted Just fifteen minutes, and today is tho chief topic of conversation among the surgeons and physicians of the Eastern District. Nicholas Caponln, 1:6 years old, of 72 Greenpolnt avenue, was the patient, and although up to late yesterday little hope was held out for his recovery, his condition today Is such that the staff of the institution believe that he will recover. Cocaine was the anaesthetic that was used for the operation. The patient was placed on the operating table at 5:30 o'clock, after tho Burgeons had carefully studied an X-ray picture, which revealed plainly the locution uud position of the bullet. Tho actual removal of the piece of lead was done by Dr. Strahl. hla assistants being l)rs. Eberle and Lubrecht. From the time thnt the powerful lights were turned upon Cnponla to the second when the bullet was removed, registered Just fourteen minutes and fifty-three seconds. The putlcnt did not experience any bad effects, nor was he In pain at any time during the operation. None of his organs were Injured by the Instruments used with the exception of a slight laceration of the lung, which was necessary ir. freeing the bullet from the tissues. The three surgeons who figured In the operation are all young men who have studied the modern methods of surgery. Caponla was of great help to the surgeons, because of his excellent physical condition and his confidence In the men for whom he willingly underwent the operation. Ho Is a young and healthy Italian, a laborer who through hard out- . it woik built up a massive frame, The man was shot by a countryman several days ago. during an alKrcatlon. His a:-allant, Joseph Delbachl, -5 years I ' . , o 1 374 (Ira ham avenue. Is In the tlaymi.nd street Jail, charged with felonious assault, and held without ball to await the outcome of Cnpotila's Injury. o- MISS G. O'BRIEN ENGAGED. Popular Park Slope Girl to Marry Thomas Bnlfe. Miss Gladys O'Brlrn has announced her engagement to Thomas Halfe. The engagement Is to be formally announced at an afternoon ptirty given at Miss O'llriiu s home, KM Prospect Park West, cn Saturday. Miss O'Drlcn Is one of the most prominent of Park Slope girls, and It. a close friend of Miss Helen (iuyiior. Her sister. MUs Margaret O'Brien, mar- After Dr. Terrell left. Colonel Roosevelt dressed himself in a khaki riding suit, his favorite costume when he is at home, and walked down the stairs unassisted. "I feel fine," he announced. "I feel bully. 1 want some lunch," and for the firts time since his return he Joined the family circle at tho dining tible. Robert Collier, the New York publisher, was expetccd at Sagamore Hill this afternoon. the victim of an act of spite. An hour after the children bad gone downstairs the odor of gas was flotected and at once the other tenants of the building started an investigation. This led them to the rooms 011 the third floor occupied by the Heltons. Repeatedly they rapped on the door but there was no response. The Janitor was summoned and he decided to break in the door The party were driven back by a rush of gits, but again resumed their search and came across the body of Holton. Ho was not yet dead and Dr. Singer was soon on the scene In response to a hurry call received at the Long Island Tollego Hospital. The surgeon examined tho man and found him dead. As the ambulance was leaving the door the wlf; returned. It was not necessary to tell her the news, for she already understood. "I feared all the time" she snld, "that he would do It, he worried himself sick over the whole affair." Today when she was seen. Mrs. Holton stated that her hush-ind killed him self as he had threatened to, for he believed hiB soo Innocent and the charge against him an aft of spite. When the rase of young Holton was called In the Count)' Court today. Attorney Worthley, who appeared for the accused youth, told Judge Fawcett of tho death of the young man's father, and requested that the cafe be prsipinrd. To this the court consented. Young Holton Denied He Was Guilty of As.i.iult. Young Holton ib 111 years old and Is a mo 'lil'iin employed In the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It was while he was on his wry to r. hut us known as the Bos-I 111 I lock that he en (iinitereil Patrick Foley, nn 1 1'.inloyi of the It'ihins Dry lioek 'oninany, who, throunh tho company. Ir, nlii Red to be prci-sin-? the charge Holton. Accordlnu to Edward he accidentally brushed the sleeve of Foley's Jacket, which wa of whit, material. Foley stopped the youth and argued with him. suiting that hlf Jacket had been spoiled and was now too dlrtv to wear. William Murphy, a friend of Million's, happened along at the time and made an effort to cull his friend away. The result was that he, too, was drngged Into the dispute and soon he three were iiKlng their lists. Tli arrest of both Murphy and Holton followed. rled DrWIlt Peterkln. and another slit-1 miner 01 iiciion was at one nme .er. Miss M'Mrcd O'Hrl.-n, Is engaged lo 'employid by the same com ern as Knl-y. IMwnr.l K. chinaiin. The Ollri. 11 girls i" w Arthur, the younger son. Hut nr the ilmmhif ( of Dr. and Mrs. Hi my 'h-n a strike wim ri lar.-d ri really, the JUELL IS FOUND GUILTY Was Charged With Forgery. Wife Said to Be Daughter of Norwegian Millionaire. Christian S. Juell, indicted and tried for forging checks, was declared guilty by a Jury before County Judge Dike today. He was remanded for sentence till Monday. Juell was arrested In Bnltlinore, charged by Patrick Manning, a liquor dealer at Degraw and Court streets, with passing a worthless rheek for $12. To show fraudulent Intent on the part of Juell, other liquor dealers and restaurant mnnagers took the stand and showed checks which they had cashed for Juell, and which had been returned apparentlv worthless. Tile Jury went out before noon yesterday, and did not bring In Its verdict until this morning. Juell srang Into prominence last June. On May 14 he had b"a married In City Hall by Mayor 'iaynor. It wbs said that the girl's father, a Norwegian millionaire, had asked Jacob Wagle, a relative, to protect her from Juell, and so Wagle spirited her away from Juell and took her to his home nt YVhltcstono, L. I. Juell Immediately obtained a writ of hn-beas corpus, took her away from her relatives, and disappeared until September 2l when lie was arrested In Baltimore. With the filing todav in the County Clerk's office of the summons and com- ! Plaint in a suit begun by "The People of the State of New York," is started a new proceeding to clear the ocean front at Coney Island of the obstructions there maintained by the various alleged owners and lessees, who are named as defendants. Attorney General Thomas Car-niody brings the action and the defendants he names Include the Steeplechase Park Company, Steeplechase Company, Emilie Huber, Georce T. Tllyou, Elizabeth Burgess Hogg and the Tllyou Realty Company. Several thousand foot, of the ocean front Is at Issue In the suit. The summons and complaint has Just been served on the severul defendants. The date of the action Is October 17. It Is said that actions against over forty other defendants will follow this one, Iu hlch a test of thse defendants to the ownership of the land now used by them will be matie. The real object of the action appears to he to force the de-lendants to remove all obstructions between high and low water mark for tae entire stretch, called in the actloi "The Beach." Complaint Says People Have Right 10 use ijeacn Without Restriction. The complaint proceeds as follows; "Thnt among tne rights nf nniri i.e.. pie In Bald beach, they have always ha.l aua now nave the rignt to use the same at all times for the l.urnoHoH nt boating and fishing, and lo pass over th.; Biinie free from unnecessary and unreasonable obstructions or interference. 'I'pon information and belief tlvit heretofore and before the commenceineut of this action, tha delendants placed, erected, constructed or maintained and still maintain upon said beach, a superstructure erected on piles approximately 15 feet In height with diagonal cross bracings between said Piles, and two fences across said beach, each being approximately 10 feet in height, made by Betting or placing close togethor Piles, posts, planks, boards, dead trees, barbed wire and other materials. "L'pon Information and belief that said structures were wrongfully, unlawfully and Injuriously placed, erected and constructed upon said beach, and were and are now being wrongfully maintained thereon by the delendants therein, in that said structures entirely prevent or unnecessarily and unreasonably Interfere with the right of passage of said people and their rights, particularly the right of passage, and tho said etr'uetures aro a public nuisance and should he abated and removed." Demands That Obstructions Be Removed. Attorney fleneral Carmody demand that Judgment he given against the defendants and the structures declared a public nuisance and abated and removed. He also asks that the defendants be forever enjoined from obstructing the right nf way or passage of people along the CAPTURE CLIENTS WITH TALC POWDER DOUBT AS TO SOHEPPS Caso of State Depends on Acceptance of Rose's Evidence, Court Charges. CASE REVIEWED AT LENGTH. Cigarettes Also Used in War of Lawyers at Raymond Street Jail. ATTORNEY PERRY IS WROTH. Appears for Negro Murderer of Mrs. Bell, Who Is Claimed as Client by Another. Jury Is Warned Against Finding Verdict Based on Unsupported Testimony of Accomplices. Something about the rivalry among awyers to secure clients in the Raymond , street jail came out In the Gates ave- j nue court today when the ease of George Bishop, tho negro who murdered Mrs. Margaretta Bell in her home nt &3 Fort Greene place, was called. Rufus L. Perry declared that he was Bishop's only legal representative, despite the attempts of other lawyers to get his client away from him. A few minutes after the case was called and while Lawyer Perry was at the bar, Vincent A. O'Connor appeared uod stated that Bishop had engaged Mr. Ross as his ((ounsel. Bishop was not In court and Lawyer Perry explained that the accused hud been Indicted by the Grand Jury yesterday. Magistrate Dodd remarked the de fendant ought to be In court and that ho could not deal with the case with him absent. He ought to be In court, he said, even to be discharged, as the proceedings could not die of their own accord. It was finally decided to communicate, with the District Attorney's oftleo. It waB at this point Lawyer Pi rry declared he was Bishop's counsel. "And 1 do not intend to be committed to the county jull to hold my client," said Per ry. "Bishop Bent a letter to your honor and to the District Attorney Btatlug 1 was his counsel." Magistrate Dodd said he had received Btich a letter. The court also stated that Bishop when last In court said Mr. Ross was his counsel. Mr. O'Connor said Bishop had telephoned to Mr. Ross to come over or send over to the Jail as he want- At 2:23 o'clock thin afternoon, Jmtlea Goff completed his charge to the jury and the case of the People against Lieutenant Charles Becker was placed In the bands of the jury. Jii. tice fiofi' started to charge the jury at 10 : 3i o'clock thlR morning, and his address of more than three hours reviewed every aspect of the law governing the ec.--e and as lo the evidence produced. In carrying out the charge of Justice GolT, the Jury will bring g either a verdict of murder In the first degree, which will mean the electric chair, or else a verdict of murder In the second degree, calling for life Imprisonment. In his charge, Justice Goff ennlyzed only the two degrees mentioned and Inquired of the counsel for the defense It he should go into an explanation of manslaughter, Mr. Melntyre answered that he was satisfied with the charge, but added that he would like It mnde known to the Jury Hint a compromise verdict wus something that would be unsatlslai tory. The verdict will be either of the two charged by Justice Goff or cIfo Becker will go free. Justice Goff spoke so low at times that It was almost lirpossible to hear him, and even the jurors had to crane their necks and lean forward to catch hi utterances. Text of the Chnrge. "Gentlemen of the jury," Justice Qoff begau, and then lapsed Into silence for nearly two minutes. "After a trial of more or e, excitement, we have reached a point where it is required that a final ed him as counsel. Mr. O Connor said h had gene to the Jail ill respones ti this word should be said to you by the court message and had appeared for B.siiop . your consciences are about to be exer- Ised, and you will consider Impartially In court on Tuesday. Lawyer Perry said he had Bishop's Big-nature to a retalnerahlp given hlin the lay following the alleged crime. Furthermore he had written on the jail register that all lawyers who had i.oilihig to do' with the cae were reip -Med to keep' O'Brien. Mir Gladys Is the first daugh l"r. Thomas, or "TonV'Hulfe, Is a son of Mr, end Mrs. Horry lla'fe of hi:! St. Mark's uvenue, nicl he has been very promliwiit Heltons went out and tile father was a picket. Several of the neighbors ef the Heltons gathered In group loduy and talked of Hie suicide of the man. Mrs. Mi Kennu ROOSEVELT DAY IN PARKS. hi ach The Isiues raised In thin suit It Is Pway rr"m Bishop. Der.nlte this fnct a said, will squarely determine 1he ones, lawyer two days later was attempting to tlon of ownership of "the beach." The all questions presented to you. The trial ha been exnctlng in bo far as the requite, no nts of your undivided attention wrru om erned. The 1 ' 1 1 !1 11 11 1 r 11 1 of you gentlemen since the trial sterted ms been a ImnMilp, 1 know, 1 111 It Is 11 duty that had to be performed. And your and added' ' 1,1 t'unir mum nave necil ittAVU "Why, your honor, lawyers are send- Oiroiighmit this trial. get the rase. perry said the rivalry defendants claim tn own th. f... of 11.. '"ung "'" 111 me jail was siai'llllli: - . nn,l ...1.1. A- uplands and the riparian rights or to 11. inn "in i""'i'i in niiiinii mm 1 ifc.ii n iii'iv 11,1.1- iii'ii n i n i i y -1-1 4 11 1 Wfc- ncssi'S so far, and exclusive of some Women Progressives Make New Finns for Saturday. The woman's finance committee of the Progressive patty of Kings County have given up their plans to cidebrate Colonel Roosevelt's birthday on Saturday, October 2h, with a ,mk it iy programme, mid In Its Btrnd they will hold a series of open air I nieetim-s nn that afternoon In .teveral I city park:. This ws .L i d at a tlnr iht tltnPnnu floiwesl I 1.1- ,,iin. fnrmn n,nii. ,..h ,.,.'...i! I "'! rlwirpltes to prisoners 111 the Jail in ',i h ,h- jf ,,. v.. ".' I trying to get In their good graces In ordi reeds by declaring thai for more than ion years last past "the said people" have been and now are the owners of the land under water between high nnd low water mark and beyond low water mark, "being the land adlacent lo or fronting uiion ihe uplands nf the southerly side of Coney Island In snld Plate, which land ruder wa'er, for convenience of reference. Is hrfeln called 'the Bench.'" to win liuni as clients. A lawyer has Italians dlntrihiitlng cards among prisoners In the Jail,'' Magistrnle Dodd remarked that nn effort w-as belli.' made lo do away wltlil the nuisance and for that nason I he munis of attorneys wire now placed on ":ourt papers when prisoners were ar raigned "What am I to do?" asked the court. Lawyer ITnnK Obernlcr of 14 Court i , ,... ...... . ... ... .., i farts , " '; tli. I will have to ask you to wait until meeting held her said today that he had been served ; . ,. .,,,, ,,. wh .,. i,,..,,,, ... ri marks by counsel, i.Tt'i pages covered by the taking of testimony. You gentlemen must have a clear reeollei tlou uf Ihe testimony adduced nt the trial. "I ndi r our bjs'.i in of i.'i'. i rune nt a I'.Vndiint Indicted fur nnird'r In the first legree is entitled to a fair and Impartial yerterday aft' rnnon at the "" ""' I' I'" lh" While he IllMlrl.l K'l Cnrll""" "'" ' 1 " " I'l'"' "III.. IO Slimy ' ' 1 ilhe case lie was at a loss, b I torney. of th" V rst street, nod I low, chairman noiineed nedy ha ! permits to h Hall, Carroll. Iliimnhurg Br Another incomplete ti'.e held tomoirn M Court ir Mrs. Charles II. Wins-1 Knmv (, ., ,...lIln ,). ' I "If i-ftiwl 1 1 1 nit :irn n h am t rllioil In . " ' whim, "Mil,,. ii (f H ;, n .iupr-nrhniMif on tho bur MHt Will1,. ,', ul t rb,..l L.aeerl Ke.n IHim ... I r . ....... it i ...... 1 ...lm i.t. lTVMmrt- .. ." 'iitltiV'I to Unit. 1 din iiiiiiiiinmimiT rvfii-,""- " u- tnn. u, .,rv Hfirnn. Mivt. n II ir-" l n't t !- Tli b i.rnn iri.H. This il-'r.' Iikh tia-1 a fair trial. ::nv you ari- th- exrlunlvp Jii'Irch of tho Th" law In)- down certain rules for the i-roM'iuMon nii liiys ijimn certain lawn for tlx- pntrtlon of t tin U-frnla:it. "Throutdioiit a trial th-rn miiHt be ft v rv rmirtpomly clvm them I 10 ,n" "1'ianos nnn lami ntnn-r whut or t nxnUm n In th" Rni'MvuII . . . i .loom un ui in ncii' ii nii'Mlng In 1 DK of (iio o.iimltlro tf -:;tftn for thr- d.iy will b I to lf 11 Mi id Ills' to Imv 1 h" rnvi-riiiiT frum ltu inii:ri ! rrtv III Irimtvl. nomi of th nthf-r (In- . ... m. .ri flrfw.ti.. U...1 ih Wll. . .: ... ...1" ... ,. . . " " " ' ! I n III IIIIH IK lllin. IL 1H H II. IH'IIIK I th" IrHfCVK. "Wp errtnlnly Intrul lo fiht tho mat Inlm to n finish, " fluid Mr. rnlr, this iiflrrnrwiti ! af. rnooo at A 0VIork at j T:,t nrt(n u PnMrIv ,,,.,, ,,,,, of tho anil lirntiKht to recover iltiV to ronv . Itilnnd Innd by nrvornl rtaltnantn. tuiHfil on old lined to tho properly. I r- d Hi h.'-vo St 1 Is eMr:ed lt":iHtal li-Tir" JOHNSON ATTACKS WILSON. PRINTER TAKES HIS LIFE. ence; the defendant I ntll his unlit Ii . si nblMn 'l. that prei!iitptlin nniht prevail, and If It t. tin 11 1 1 . : t T. 'sumption is overt!. ro 11. Th" liefemlrn Is not iiilli d upon to i-MaMlrh Ins Innoi euco. Th" hurdi 11 of provinit unlit rests with thi. prtM 1 ui Ion. I "Yen iuiois nr.- the ev IiikIvc fudgs if ill" fii":r; tin- court Is the rv lualvn j'l hi" nf nil (tin siin lis of law. You aro duty hound to in 1 1 pi all of tin- court in the soelol wnrid. Ills brother, Harrv, l stated that she wis Blmoft n rtnln an fur married .Vies Veronica C.ibhon. The f,i- hi' k an a vnck bk that Ihe man would tiler, ll.11 ry Halfe. is oi.e of the leadliiK tnkn his life nn lii ihe wholesale groi cry business In Manhattan. LAKE IRON ORE MOVEMENT. Plttsliurir, Oi tobcr HI Iron ore is moving down the Crml Lakes at a fast Kalt. and October I i expected to show a m-ord tonnaau for Hint month. Practically nil of the ore Ii being handled In roiitricl Vessels. Our Next President The Sunday l:afl1 October 27 will print two pajjes of special political dispatches from the jjreat lei.lay nlrlit." snt.l the noninn, ' wlten the news of Toby Tyson, n fifteen-yiar-old boy, eiimmllilnit su'i Ide, emin cut :i th" papirs. Mr. Holt. in spoke to in. about Hi., ii..', H111 his reinnrl.n rre against suicide, h ' s object, I believe. In Inn to t'iro'v off snv suspicion that might be dlrecteij at him." J CHOLERA IN ASIATIC TURKEY. ROOSEVELT LEADS POLL. Body of Grovpe W. Fuller, Gnu Vic tl.u r..nH til T-T i T nnm ' Fcnr Thnt. Soldiers Mny . . ... .if ....... tf tr..ll... - 3 IPlini!Viii'i,iK' '..riii'i,Niiiii-i 1 h . . ,. 1 1 , . , I F neuc Throuch Europe. r .,..r. 1, . was found on n lird In Pj " 1 n furnished roovi at ?M ! nu street to- j Washington. October 54 -C... ra nrnln dnv. The pol nf the . rz-n street ; l swe.plim India, Bc.nrdit fin report station had n r.olif!e, by the landlady, l!l" ' "'' I'uhll,- ll .ilfi S. rv- Mis llnrlow. there was leak of I'"- ' A"':'. Ihe provl;ne of M i-pus,' and that the door s lo-lfd. '!" almi". th'To w. r ':i.:!.i.. .ams i I'alroliiinii K U:ird Iionohue broke In 1U.B2H ileal hx. an. I In other par's of lii" nnd found Kuil.r .l.n l His rife, who i empire an iiiiully ominous mortality I'l limn, .liilt4., WHS IIO ' ou'iS' 1 aiWrcsseil ay He Is Only M-.n Who Could . "" ""' .- I "AH ii'K'Kinntu of tin tli" court munt I" (Hi r"i;nrd d by "'nu 1 (, iv. rnor 1 1, u a 1 k matters of law and B I mii. d by ll;irri li'irii, Pa . Di (oln r Spretld i V'ndrnw Wilson today i.i.vernor Joiinson nt I: mi: : in-ill 111 III" 1i li I .. i 'i. the I; month t ! .i :'!:".'il till ; !'. Ti !. P. "T'ii. one man . !:o 1 n . I t': '' all , c I i ( i I" v ' i tiie .n t . ! t -t . o mo lit l:v : II'. ..' ..i i i. old hne (II-I . : , Hit. !: T ' m . v ' :.H t if oil ' III., I tWell-' Vl d th illWer Of trn-H In 111" mil. . Iv .1 th" ' i :. t, mi l In lilol ' in I." ik'ti iiii opinions by ihe lives Ht M.irHll'. tided. Before ritil'ilt Fuller hud carefully Rfglntered Voters tn Shoe Factory closi d all v. in'w, and stopped up cracks StronKly Favor Colonel. "" ' h". '""V, VoT.', .'t' 1 "i as one of nit- !' As to tile irofvn. A poll w.ia taken yesterday of the ' notlilnn was kin"n by the police. Puller wo:l;nun Bt the shoe factory of (leorie bad lived nt tin Inmie but a few inontlis. linker A Hons. Mi; l.exlimtou avenue. Th" n'"1 "" """ h" '' ""l of pull urn conducted by Walter linker, a Wl,rk- in iiil'i r ol the firm and only the wcrknii n ' v., re mi".. lh.. bookk. . ,,. rs t! DIAMOND PRICES HIGHER. otli. r ( I' !(.;(( Iiclnir e.ine'l. , i ti,. (.i,.e. i h'" "' roiiKn il'am.ucU only . ! al voters ttere pi rt.i tie 1 o ' I" ' cur.:', f " . .1... . I Tli,. P, ...'I. u'.r.. .... ...I i J.H lltl IflM .( '' doubtful states upon! no.n.v.n. 21. 'I''"1"', l'r:".1"; VUII.OI1, 11. Tuft. II. 1 .. I s. 4. pn vailed. While the i.'iiurn.' Is not so severe s In previous years. It Is Mxinftii! a heavy toll. Cholera nlso Is said fi be prevalent In AslaMlo Turkey, and wrii Turk-lh iroops heliiit horr.i d !nt t amuttii-r-i K"rope bee disc of the Halknii the ii. a I 1 vi'i v 1 ' r ;i l-l I ii.t 1 mil Mention, wim ,.'(. in .' Wilson," be snld "iM, i'l' r. c'l that time be remain' d , '.. 1. V.'i''. this ra rd of silence nnd .1. ( '.rv 1:1 Ms p.irt. w in 11 be was i tic '. Iran In all Hi" world v. Iio intent '; ale ci ellipllsll'd risulH III t ic IhhI llli'lnls f.-er tho throiikil ICurope. planue may rpfad 1 whose vote the I'rcsiden tial lilection hinges. There will also be some interest ing straw votes published,: llullrr Thnt'i supirlnlKe "..-,e, ., showing how the wind is) ",nM'-""r' ,o 11 nj mun." , , . " . , , lard-rani si A'krr, M-irnll li ( ( mill Oj ' wr- i, n. . Kij blowing in uruuklyn. u or,.ir .,w vrk.-Ad.. '-A4v.t from fi II Iu '.i The prediict Inn I,, il... I'MOtlllted to '.! p. r C( III . iilile of til" ait. 1 1 . 1. 1 . Ill" rile! ftnnite I' rei Mm., 1 ... h " .1 1 r 1 tin 1 11 k one. nun d me i ' in.uiiini: :n mil look fur I he illninoli 1 K MX (lid K'lod (M l. i (III- KERN OIL INCREASES CAPITAL. Ofniliil ndvlos IlllVe be. II tills all V III the effect Hint til" III. Iilplt.ll still k Of the K' .did till Coin, niny from ll.'inu. Ive.l III In. r. ise In Trading to f ln.- irs. do ou think It He; Ills advocates to criticize lloosi vrlt ? " with In m Th.'od'.i" ru THICK FOG IN CHICAGO. CIiIi'hko, in lober 14 - number of per-sons were Injuied In seiodi nts on ulreet nnd sii ntn railroads here I Ills moi iilnit. per cent" is li In. 'I I" llcinn , illl" lo S dense fog which ( llVelop, i the (Hy There was in icli di lnv nn nit the transporliitlon sysiems. the f.-n nil i enr-sv.ay until well into ihe f iri noun. .'miii bus been ratified. It Is luiiossllii In lesl'll 1(1 M lln the ptdcii.H from this i ;i 1 1 1 1 la 1 In. rense are to be n. .. nl-; thoilKh II limy tie olln In II'.' st. If'l thai , none of th" na-wr stm k . w ill'lie ort' r"l for j fine in me in.-irnci, i ne ronnricrn I'm till i Ca.iiipi.ny, Ihinugli th" Assm Isted (ill ! Ci.iiip.inv, owns the K rn prn."rtv It Is ley' "llrnl-t nrr" A "kiaerlnl t.rc I ,h r.' t'ins. i Hpamr , rilt,.ri ihai the Incrdse In csplt.illratlon i ' H- l-l"". ': i . 1 (' ' .tai'lan Ian is purely ti.i Ii. side mstter nnd should n-.t T 'X '. I1' tulimi i , f , , IB njr nn) lotvrcst the outside public., -A4v. not court. All , nn nts mil ken from th.. rei urd by Ithe coi:rl's order ni'it also l.e dlsre-i;'al .!ed. AllV SUKlii el ten that would af-I ( el you Tll'lht also b" illsri' di d. but you irmi-t Kiv.- d on n,. rn'lnn and i lull iiiieiully all i'i' allmia of l. l," i Jiis'lie ll'iff lnn'rim.,1 th" to id the rnord tt'' i hi. tul ..rufii. t th'S p'l'Ilt his h in U' fink oi '.Mi. mi to niskc In.lir.'i I fl'i' tn to t hat put nt Mr M.lntvr.-s n..i"s nf y . -. . i ..i y In lii.ii I'm lawy.r v.arni'l t!" J'irors, 1 , Ihi V s'loul 1 tin' e th. In lii ( il-... ni,;t I tlt.i'ig'it the .1. f. ti' suity not to nV .in:' I 'ml o.lnloii for t in I r own. Jul-,i.i. c n ;. ! .in n 'itit 'You inn-''ii!i r Cut s l;n! snr.s : fl'.il .1. I, I'll) "I t' St 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 V" l.l'e II I'lllttrr of . in w hiiI let of op' Tiiey si e not. In i" y . .i o . lo 1" t ik' ti ..s expressive of nliy v e in i l " 1 "" ' "uri Hie Jii-lK" iik.'l t.i" lurors not lo ho Ihtl'i' to "I bv iinv slat. Hi" nt or sukkch-ton, or too rapid uiisv.t, v.'iiili was sf-li rw.-ird rub d out bv Cm c oir;. You must rem. mm r." tlm Court sliit.'d. "tiint In your ...po'liy us Jinlu.'S nf Hi' ta M you iniisl p.i, s on the ,n '.r and u'mlny "'f !! 1 at I nt m il na the facts contained In the . l-,iii :i. Vuu tuut weigh the qunlltjf ( V

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