The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1945
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FKBKUAUV 2-1, 19*15 Combat Losses Exceed 800,000 Hew Casualty Total' Given By Stimson In Weekly Report ' WASHINGTON, 1'eb. 21 (UP) — American combat casualties have passed the 800,000 mark. Thus, there . arc more American fighting men dead, missing, wounded or prlsoneis of war limn there are people In the city of Boston Secretary of War Stimson an- ilomiced Hie now casualty list in Ills weekly re.oort. The new list reflects the hitter righting wliich took place on batik-fronts through the middle of January. Slimsuii .suy.s Army casualties on all fronts through Feb. 14 totaled 71M97. Of this number 138,723 are dead, -120,405 were wounded, over GO.OOO are prisoners of war and 92.000 are inisslnjj in action' However, nearly half of those wounded have now returned to thity. In the tunic period, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard casualties have totaled as.GGS, And Ihls total includes 33,862 dead, 40,783 wound- Mi, 10,500 missing ami almost 4 500 as prison!!] 1 .? of ii'ar. Stimson also gave newsmen the ilhcr ildc of the picture. The Secretary of War says Allied armies have captured more than 900,)00 Germans in western Europe since D-Day. And that figure docs not include the thousands of Na/i troops Al- ied Midlers have killed, wounded ye isolated along the French coast. Slimson reveals that fresh Amor- can dlvlsl-jns have been .uouring nlo llic western hatllcfroiit since :he Allies opened the Belgian port >f Aulwerp. The War Scwelarv says the r.ermans tried clcsncralclv to hit Antwerp with rockets and V-bombs, out their efforts were ineffective. Soldier Accused In Robbery Case Georgetown Merchant Is Forced To Drive Couple To Secifcy SEARCY, Ark., Feb. 24. (UPl—A jrivalc stationed at Shepherd .'ield. Texas, has been charged vilh kidnaping, highway robbery ind attempt to kill. Prosecuting Attorney J. H. Moody if Bald Knob Thursday filed the ihargcs against Prt. Gilbert G. Simmons, nnd preliminary hearing las been scheduled for" Monday lefore a justice of the peace at 3carcy. Private Simmons is charged with 'orclng .1 Georgetown merchant, j«e Akers, at the point of a gnu to irive Simmons an ( i his wife from' iensell to Searcy. And also with "iring three shots at Akers. According to officers , Simmons, vhen arrested, was threatening Aku-s wild the gim lv hi)e the mer- :hanl culled a Eearcy business man .or $500 to effect) his release '.Simmons'nnd his wife. >,dio is be- ng held as , an accessory, are in he White County jail at Searcy. Jeven New Members foin Clear Lake Club A meeting of the Clear Lake 4-H 31ul) was held Monday with Betty x>u Fesmire presiding. Tu'culy-eight :lub members were present. The group sang, led by Mary Lee jmsford. Reports were given by the follow- ng captains: Jue Neal Davis pig :a|ilain: Mary p. ijall, garde'nin" md canning; p n t, sv iraync.s room mprovr-ment. Keith Bilbrcy, comity agent, gave BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Visit Cs In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. 1.1. SEAT MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts & Service 1Z1 E. Main Phone. ZI22 FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIXES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceola Tifc & Culvert Co. Fhone 691 OsccoU, Art Save 50 % On TRUSSES Sled and Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 it you »»ni to Bny more W*r Jonds SELL US THE FURNITURE 'OD ARE NOT USING, for ought 1150 liberal trade-in fcUowanoe for ild furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. E. Mala I'hone «02 Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main American Wins Life And Death Struggle Against Two Germans HOME, Feb. 24. (UP) _ u was kill or die And Pvt. Horace Drlehnm of Washington, D. C., of course, wished to live. So when he rnn Into two Germans, It was hand-to-hand combat, with no quarter given. It happened when Brlgtiam, a rce- connalssance trooper, volunteered to wipe out a machine gun Dint was holding tip his patrol hi a liltle town on the Fifth Army front in Italy. He was moving cautiously tliroviRh the ruins of an Italian home behind the enemy. He was planning to jump the gunners. Two Germans had let him go forward toward the house, bud let him BO past the hole In which they were hiding. And after he walked beyond them, the two Germans crawled out of their hole and ordered Mm to surrender. But nrlghnm had no Intention of surrendering. They were still mumbling | n German as Brigliam whirled toward them. He threw his gun hard Into the first one, and the Nazi toppled back in.his hole. He then nuutc a flying tackle at the other one, "and brought him to the ground. And as the Nazi fell, his rifle, went flying. Kicks Foe In Face Here Is how Brlghatn describes tlic next few minutes of thai life and death fight. "I got to my reel. And I noticed the Jerry I had just knocked Into the hole wan beginning to crawl out again, so I kicked him hard in the face, and he never did come out any more. "By this lime the other fellow began going for his pistol. I grabbed him to keep him from eel- ting it." Then the fight reached a new pitch of fury. The object was to kill any or all means to that-end was fair in war. Brlglism says, "I got his head under my arm and began pum- mcliiiB hLs face. I called for the men in my patrol to come hcljj me —but the Jeny machine, gun was keeping them down. I guess the reason the Nazis didn't fire at me was they were afraid they <vou!d ml the German I was fighting "Somehow Jerry got a hold of my parka and by pulling back began cutting off my wind. I broke his grip with my free right hand, bul he got it again. This lime T pushed Ins face back with my hand. He .siink his teeth into my hand and chewed up my jj ngcr ^^ B little." The men struggled oil their feet then finally fell on the ground. Brijlwm landed on" lop of the Gdr- man. He yrabbed the Nazi, by the collar and demanded that he surrender. The German said he would so Brlglinin lei him loose. And (imt, he says, was the worst mistake of his life. Because us soon as the German was up, he Jumped on Brlgham again. B*als German Unconscious But Brlguiim got him In the same position again, and this lime he didn't take any cliimcos. He bent the German's head agnlnst a heavy beam until he was unconscious, and then he ran. He Bol back to his patrol. A sergeant told Brlgham that American troops farther back were about to start flrhiK mortars at (he enemy machine gun postion ami thai nrly- linm nnd hl.s palcol would have (o gel out of range. So Brlgham started to crawl 200 yards in the open while the Germans sprayed a deadly fire at him and his patrol. The Gennniis laid down a pattern of machine gun bnl- lel.s, morliir nnd phosphorous shells And then (he Yanks to the rear let loasc n mortar barrage In an effort to cover Hiighimrs patrol coming back. Brlgham says. "AS I crawled along, I kept thinking .how I could get out ot my clothes fust enough in case one of the phosphorous shells cnme too close . . i (;iies.s I was more tired tha i thought because every once In a while my leg would kind of double up on me, an<i I would shnnp into the snow." His sergeant kept saying, -Keep going, keep going, yon "can make And he did make It. n e crawled across the open field and rea ched cover. _ Antj the only marks he had from hk attempt, (o knock out the machine Rim were cut.s In his hand from the teeth of one of the desperate Germans-who had slugged it out with him in that life and death struggle. Memphis Plans Picked As Best Committee Says City Outstanding In Work For Postwcir Program MKMl'lll.S. 1-VI), 24. (UI't-MoiH- phis h:is won a dtslim-tlve lionor for Its past-war plimnim.;. The CommitUT for Kcononilc l)e- velopiiu'iu says ttu> city hus IK-MI selected as th,. oiitstandini: example miurnn some aatiii lowtvs mid cities rom|)i-(iij i: for the honor, A few ri-usoiis for [he selection, .says Die cimmiltkv, nrc these: for one thhic, the Memphis survey of ,100 major Jonil Industries which einplny ill) ]lc .i ronl. o f (he city's Industrial workers. Ttu> survey shows how these plmils ran convert fmui war to civilian production in th,, sliorlt-sl, possible lime. Ajiollu-r rcusoii Is the Momplils plan Kir co-ordination of agriculture niKl industry for MiilSontli crops and products. rtnd .still miothcr Is the city's reliance npnn sound scientific advice coiiccrniiii! post-win' piodui-ts. and not just wishful thinking mid dreams. Human hair grows n t the rule of six iiK-lirs a year under normal conditions. Servicemen Given Edge In Buying Tax Lands LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 24. (UP>- Arfcnii.ras Land Commissioner C. A iRankln says service men are lieiny .given every po?sibble preference in buying tax-forfeited and donated ; lands in Arkansas. nankin says that if » .service 111.111 and a civilian submit, the same bids for a tract, the service man's Wcl Is considered highest. And (lie land commissioner says .service men miiy also count iimc j spent In military service as all or -, part of the required two-year residence period, providing the .service man has established residence within three months after the slate land Is issued to him. ii demonstration on swine management. There were seven new members added to the club this month. They were: Ola Mae Alford, Mary. K: tollard, Maxine Heason, James I bourns Alford, Mac Dean Newman, Hiram Heiison and Gene AT FIRSf SIGH OF A P/epcrrad'oni cr* directed BACK IN STOCK (Formerly Very Scarce) PEEL V^pLjNi,LB. : PACKAGES, v Pore Shellac, -; : Aluminum Paint Padlocks Electric Solder Irons. Hawaiian Wigglors. Shannon Spinners. —AD In rienti/aj Quantities At PLANTERS HARDWAROE CO. 126 W. Main Th« Complete Hardware Store Flionc 515 FOR SALE 1 H Fnrmall Tractor on Rubber 2 Sets of tractor. Cultivators (one for M and one for If) 1 Tandem Disk Harrows (one heavy, one medium) McCor- mick-Becrinff 2 Tractor Stalk Cullers, Me- Cormtck-IJcerinR 1 set 3-row mlddlebnsters for M (ractor I No. 25 Tractor 'Mower, Mc- Cormick-Uccrihf 1 HM 1M planting allachroenl, for H or M Tractor 1 Tractor Side ' delivery rake, 1 12 foot Soil ttilTcriwr, Vnlcan (Double roller) 'i wooden peg harrows for tractors 10 walking cultivators, 2 horse, .'ohn Deere ' 2 Walking cultivators, 2 horse, A very S Yrllow Jacket 12" heavy beam Middle Busters, Avery 10 9" lurning plows. Horse drawn Avcry I ,U row Horse drawn planter, 1 Xo. 7 McCormlck-TJeering horse drawn mower—5 fool 2 10 foot dump rake, McC'or- mick-nccrhij; 1 horse drawn side delivery rake John l>eerc 1 164A one row horse drawn planters, McCormick-nccrinR 2 horse drawn slalk cutters, I\lo- liue I horse drawn small grain scfdcr 3 trailers, heavy duty, Jolm l>ccrc, on rubber I (wo wheel trailer, on rubber i Wagons 3y, Pclcr Shulkr I two wheel dump carl I pickup hay baler, Case 500 bushels of corn 130 bales of Alfalfa Hay 6 sets of 4 up ( rcc!i ) sets 3 up trees 3 Hcclion Harrows, Vulcan I 2-horsc Wooden harrow t Blacksmith shop outfit com- .pi etc 200 Sweeps, all .sizes 16 Mules and Harness Walking Horses, Plantation Allen bred Jersey Milk Cows and miscellaneous small tools and equipracnl. 160 Acres of land-id miles west of Osceola on Hicluvav .10 T Und is bordered on 'the Norlh by black-lop m e hiS? ^ to u l modern seven room rock house wllh balh on ihls land Also "o° mLah r° e rbaT d ITV 0 ™ boU! * »»' »'«« «.-.IWlbff which h ID. Large barn, black-smith shop and several outhouses -irr- -i n a wafer!" " SCh °°' r ° U(C ' i mUC n " lh ° f houscs hav!ns: " as d run- 1 High- «a(cr , f '° CatCtI onc b'"* from Posl . House furnace licaling will, nulanc Gas. SEK J. Fred Smith Osceola, Arkansas Tom/insons Attend Funeral At Magnolia "'•• "ml Mrs. V. B. Tomllnson it ml children returned yestonlay from Miiimoiia, ,\rk., when- they went n wiH-lc HUO lo be with Mr. mer. who ,n,,,i -nie.sdiiy 'nloht ut FuiiiTnl services were held nl Oiilrul li:ipltst cliurcli in Mii K nullii "I 10 o'clock Thursdny inurnhiK, foJI<nvi'd Ijy burial In Mniinolln Mrs. i>almor. w | 10 w ,, s 4^, Wlls wctl-kiMwn in niytiirvllle, when- sue ofli-n had visited the Tomlln- sons. Slie hud been 111 for (lie past ycnr. Survivors In Addition (o her biolbcr here. hu-Hide i\ son, W. II ironies of UK- Arniy Air K.irces stallnnod in San, Antonio, and two flstcrs, Mrs. Ih-nry nice aii;i Mrs. Noniinn cii-vcujjor, both of Mni;- iiolta. PAGE THREE Mctnphians Sentenced On Robbery Charges MARION. Ark., Feb. 24.-Tlirci- ri-sldciiis of Mpiniihts hiivc hccn t'ivoii prl.son sciileiiccs In rantu'c- llon wllh the roblic-iy of Wiillcr O. Huffstniicr scvvrnl'nionlhti nuo. '['he lilo orlitlnnlly Inul plcndcd not Biillly but chniiBCd Iholr ulcns nftw tiluls were In prmrr.s.',, Tlw-e convicted nrc Murli- shir- Icy Wolf, ivlio van given three ycnrs; Kvnns W. Klnp, to yturs (tiiti HoUcrt B. nynn, 10. New Livestock Bill Introduced Measure Would Call For New Liquor Tax For Next Two Years UTn,t<: HOCK, I'Yb. '.M. UJI'I ~ A compiomise .stale nnd count v livestock show bill WHS liilioduccd in Ille House Tlmi'Mliiy. The meastire replaces oui' inlrn- (liif«l Wednesday by l!ri:u>.wutiil!vu 1'iuil Van Ualsem. I'erry County. Van Dulscm's bill wus ullhdiuwn because of lechniral niislnke.s which Oovevnor lien l,;mcy said mude II iinwoi-kiible. Thursday's measure Is known n.s (he liivadrn. Krwln mid Vim Diii- sem measure and places n new tax of 38 cents 11 oiillon on whiskey for the next two yours. H provides for n tolnl (if $30.000 in im-mlimw for » siiitcwldif llvc- stwk show and $!>0,000 In picm- Itmii for county shows. . ()ni> clmisc oi the- mcnsure pro; vldes £10,000' for the iipi<rii(lon ol the Livestock Hunltiiry llnaril for the Insiiectloii and vimlrol of cut- tle diseases. Another clause provldc.s tor a lolnl of SL'.W.WK) for the of prnmids and (he m'dlim of hulldiniis for u sink-wide' slunv and at I In- same lime nlvcs nn nddltional 4200.000 for the aid nf Ihi) 1-Mucnllomil Vocational Fund, The House uh Thur/idny passed n rcrohilloji by nepjesottld- tlve ixjimlc Ackonnan ot stone County petitioning the federal BOV- niiim-nt to Mlabllsh a Velcrnns Hospllnl for soldiers injured In World Wur 2, within the borders »f the slate. Brown 4-H Club Meets A mectlnu of the Drown 4-1! Club was held Monday, wllh 1'Veila Wnnner (iresldlnif. Twcnty- seven club members ami 4 lenders were present, The uroup sam;, led by Pitsclllii Kobtnl.s. IMcm I'lnkcy, pin cnplnln, re- liorled elijlit incmhm In , Hint, Kroiip; 'iiiin Ainc (iiiilcKly, cookery captain, reported l-t; ['esjuyBar- rett, eldlhlns: captain, reported in; and It. T. Harmon, poullry captain, four. MlKK Cora l^c Coli'mmi, counly demonsliatlon aKonl. nave ilcinon- slrctlons on iiinklnit Wsctllts nnd inaklni! Pol IKteia, \VAHN1N<1 OllDKJl In (In- Chancery Court, Clilcka- suwlm nWricI, Mississippi Coun- ly. Arkansas Mi-lvln I?, Alley, I'lnlnlirr, vs. Nti. 9011 Wary Vlgiiurlt-li Adcy, DcfendaiU. The dctendnnt Mnry Vlsnovlch Adcy 1.1 hereby wnrned (o appear within thirty days In tho court named In Iho caption hereof nnd answer the. complaint of the plnhi- UII Mclvlu E. Adcy. Dated Ihls 0 clay of February. 1945, HAflVEY MORRIS, cleric • By D. Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pllff. Cliuidc P. Cooper, Atty. ad |Ut«m 2[rM4-3J3-10 WAHNING ORDER In llic Chancery Court, Chlcka- Hawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, John Dudley Ncecc Jr., Plaintiff, vs. No. 8001 Anno Hello Nccce, Defendant. The defendant Anne Belle Neecc (Is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days In the court named in the cnption hereof and answer the complaint of the plntnllrf John Dudley Neccc Jr. } Dnlcd Ihls 5 day of February 1945 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk liy Doris Mulr, D, c. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pill. C. F. Cooper, Atty. ud Lltcm, * 2|!0-17-24-313 WARNIfUi OROKR In Hie Chancery Court, Chleka- sawli.i District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. 1'nlmcr A. Yoakuni, PlahUlff, '.'::. No, 0007 Mary E. Yoakuni, Defendant. The (IcfciulHiil Mnry E. Yoakliiti Is hereby warned to appear within Ililrly days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of Ihe plaintiff. Palmer A. Yoaknm. Dated this 1 day of Pel)., 1015. IIA11VKY MOnniS, clerk. Percy A, Wright, Atty. for Pltff, C. F, Cooper, Ally, ud Utcin, a|!7-24-3[3-lO smart have ymi been -for the past3 years? T HINK, for n mimilc, nbout wlial'H !i/i|>- i»nc<l to most of U3 ni liouic in llic lasl llirec years. Chnncca arc, you've had all llic work yen could luindlcat liigher wngos ihnii ever Ijcforc. In spite of higher (nxcs nnd .sonicwliut higher prices, you've nolUxi more liiird cash than ever l>cforc. You've made more money—you've had less time to spc'hd it—ond, for a couple of years now, there's Ijccn less and less KltifT to spend it on. On lop of that, you've had thrust, at you ill every turn tlio finest chnnce this world Jms ever i;een to save and invest Hint money. You've- been asked lo invest in Wnr Honda which, when held to maturity, pay yon hack ?•! for every Ijf! you put in. Through Ihe Payroll I'Jnn, it'.s been mnde cnsy for yon lo Iniy those Jionds aulomaUcnlly—lo suvo bidgi-r aiiuinntH wilh jjrcalcr rCEiiliirily than most of us ^vcrc ever nble to save l»forc. In I lie hwt three yeiir.s, in short..; Yon Ye htxl llic chance of a lifetime to neat- m nloli: mon cy! Man cy for you r old ngr.—m oncy for emergencies—money lo sclyou tip in busi- ness—money that can /ic//j mnfre Ihia a hcallhyj prosperous country for your boy when lie coma home from war! t Did you grab the chance? Have you been backing Urn war lo the limit with your dollars—have you been buying all the War Honda yovi could and hanging onto them like grim death? If you have—fine; ' If ybu haven't—well, it's not too la(? to slnrt right now. But you ought to get in and pitch doubly hard, lo make up for lost tim« ; —hnd moncyl Keep faith with pur fighters Buy War Bonds for This space is a contribution to Arkanja, Grocer Co. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkini Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro t Co. Barksdale Mfe. Co. Blytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implement*, Inc. Loy Eich Cherrolet Co. f — mm^9f IDC* Guard'j Jewcfry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery ft MkU Hardaway Appliance C*. Herrick'j Jewelry Hubbard Furniture C». America's all-out war effort by «* * »• ' Huddleiton ft C*. Jiedel'i Langstqn-Wrotei Ct. Charlei S. LCUMJ Planter* Hardware Co., Inc. The New York' Pat O'Bryaat Palace Cafe f J. C. Penaey C*. PJiillipj Mottr Co. ITTii - WAI SAfllM Robinion Drof Co. I. Roieothal, Inc. Tom W. Jacktti Rustic bo A. G. ShiBley Whole»ale Grtcen C. G. Smith' FloydA.WM e Zellner'i Slipper Shop '" j ' ttiiii

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