Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 11, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1942
Page 4
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F*f* Torn hllHlKMl ;Mvoi<y Mvmiln* (Mxuopt Sunday) by TIIK NAIIOATIKIK NKVV8 COMPOMATION ut .11 Norlli Main Si-lout, NAUOATIH1K, IIONNI'OTILIUT XUHl M, IIKNNICJN, iM'UHldonl uiul Trcfuuiro nAU'l! H. PA8IIO, VIuo-lMTHlflont WAHn tt MNOKNW'II.O, Aslant Trmuuirnr LDHI'JD HOMiANI), Sonrolury, '.s xiaa Payfcblu In Advance J month ,,„',',„:,....» -TO "month* a months ,M ....... ..•**•«'» I W 1 i wnok-i8o ny Oui-rlor ycmr-W,M Tho Unltwl PI-OHM hay Lho oxelimlvu HK»»I to UHU for ropubllwUlon In any form, all n«wH (llMimlwhoH •opodlloU- to MilH.pftpor, It IH nlHO oxolu«lvoly on- tlllnd to mu> for rnpiibllcallon all Iho looul or undated nowH puHllMhod horoln, 'ao~o<f Aflornoon, AH tWlsvi'on (lompiilHlon and voluntary imllon Hi" inltrr IM ulwnyH In hu profum-m!, Where fi Hlluallon nnn ho onmml«d without WUHIIWJ to fowi or lo llm jaw IhfM'O Ih oftUHu I'oi- Hi-atlUidc, And HI!H KWnit pp , n( ,lpl., l.oldM I'm- llm labor MlUmLlmi llml in HO'VCX- hiK Hid nullun, Tim Sunnlu h«» wu-uriMl a pOHlpon.- nu-nL of «ol»mi until April 20lli In llm h<.|"' Mini mum- voluntary »Ki'(>oiin»ijl nun. ho i-uacln'd,-~|{HMto! Pn.'>w, THE OOMINO REGISTRATION ' Oii Monday, April 27, all men ol ! "«tu«k between tlio'atfdH of 4f> and ()4, m- ol'tiHJvo, will huvo to rogUior nnder Uio Holootivo norvico law, On that day ninnlar regiytvation-s will take place throughout the nation, ,' • It will bo a Holemn and important occasion and it will bo the Hi'»l time in Iho natton'H hiHtory that men between 4» and 154, inohlHiye, have been required by law •to regiHter for snob aoryieo in the nation H defonne that I hoy'may bo called upon to perform, , •' Junt how many of them may ho Called rorrmtnH to l>o neon, but the prolmhtUUoH lU'o that Homo will ho roquirocl to im>*\ tho government, in that partieular kind ol ciofohHO work for which they arc best (ittetL • In order for A.morica and il« allies to win tho war, ah all-out effort must bo made and for that effort everyone who IH phyttioaliy ahlo'to do defenso work, will ho Huhjoot to call. . ; All who roginter on April 27 will real- ise lust what Iho rogiHtration act moans to thorn and to our nation, Thoy will ro- Holvo that oomo whal may, they will do their part in preserving tho rights, liberties and,freedom whioh they now enjoy Under the host Constitution in all tho world, : FARMERS OUT 36 PER CENT Inefficient distribution is tho only (hing that agriculture lias to worry about ( today, says l)r, I'JraoHt U Nixon, oi'.Phila- dolphia, ugrioultuVal export, who asserts that t-lio avbvage farmer, gots but thirty- five ooniM'Of tho oon^uruor's dollar, Most;farmers will agree with !.>r, Nixon that "this is not right," Tho farm export says thoro must bo botfcor oopporaliou bo- twoon producer, consumer and distributor HO,.that tho producer .will got eighty• livo mm Is wturii .out of the oonsumer'B dollar'/ ' ' Apparently, tho spread between farmor- producor and tho cotisumor, whioh takes up sixty-Uvo per cent of tho money spent for t'ft^m products, is roHponmblo .for much of tho high cost ol' .food and some of tho'ihifll'ortunos of agriculture, Farmers should understand, however, Hint thoy oawiot got any where by verbal dcmuuuls for a greater part of the con- Biimor's dollar, Thoy must 1'oarn to grade, pack and market their supplies, This in" • ' ' '' work and somo iutol- B will bo nocos'savy, of course, for farmers to ostabliBh certain definite standarda aricl rigidly adhere to them, This will moan money in tho farmers' pockets and protection for tho buying consumer, >Vo would also, liko to point out tbat thoro in no Inw in.thia country which prohibits farmers from organr/ing a ooop- orntivo to bridge tho gap between producer and -co^umor, thus eliminating somo of tho v 6xtjpasiivo spread deplored by Dr, Nixon,'" ' - \ ' , . . ,, • Naturally, it will bo impossible to cut-it down to aovo bocausW, AWor, all, middleman Imvo boon performing .aomo service in connection with distribution, DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of Tho News (M , 20 Years Ago . i- .umK'.ly, "TwolvH Old MulilH," WHH svoll ulUMUl-^' luuuu),, KnllH, II- WUH Klvon' »l Top Notch TMo- iindi'i-'uui iuiH|)l(sus or SI,' Ann's (iulKI, 'Tliop; g ,mrf svoi'o Clum O'Shou, Po««y nnssldy, nelln, ort., Annlu (/.oulil, M«y JolniHon, K.nlly ,lnopl>Ua, : ' Clnuld, Mamai'ci Mooro, AnLonullo Xnlln, Y«M;O-! KoHt-OHUy, KHll.iM-hu. NVoocKs; Plioo.Ho nolron ;i ulccM! Clussy, .Iniuil llaniol, MJirgni-ot Wilson, Nci-- o— O—o- Mrs. Win. UftKBOily; ronno.-ly.or Ihl.s b6rougU, was tundniMMl u Hiirpi'lHO jKirty^il IMo l.omo of HOP P^nl*, Mr, and .VJivj, Wllllmn llnrvoy of Norlli Main Hlroot/ o—O—o fioow W, Androw rcoolvcd .liy P^'^'l P°»'. onc IhoiiHiuKl bnliy clilukH, o—o—o JIO YKAKS AGO , Minn l,oruUu Gruoc, diuighlor ot 1 Oovornor Cruoo of Dkliitioiiiu, IKIH pt'f.nKt-ocI a pi'oolnimillon oulling upon the, p,toplu or llmt Hlulo Lo oljHorvn Molluu-'H liny on. iUuy Hill, o—O—o Dnllft PI Ki-alnrnHy'H dmuu', hold In Hoil Men's UnH, WHH M HOOlnl HLIBCBHH, Tll« following OOHpl'ISOfl M»0 il,,np ooininlttMo: fioimul Hnrn, MrltcgH Hnhbcll, Han-y H«luli-oH, Ki'mnonl lloadlo.v, lUiyinond Pnul, (.'.oulBon S(iull'ON, Shlnuy Kdwards, Koiinolli .Inhnsnn, Koniud.h Snuculni-H, Loi.l.s Kli-lt, Hnyuiond llnrrliiKlon n.ul Tm-n- dorc Slahl. NOTES AND COMMENTS ThlH NVUP IHIH profluoml Hiren iiillllai-y liMuloi-.s of ll,n IU-HL r«uk-(l«riornl iNfoc-Ai'lJiur of. the Unltwl h'luU'M, Mnrnlial Tliiio.Mhonko of Um-SovU'.l Union, niul nnniTullHftUno^aiilaiJtf K«l lihuk of Ctiiini. The IIIHL him ii parlliuilur dlHlluoUon, in Ihnl.ho Is h«od «»' !>'« KOVornmoMl, u» w«?II- IIH HH iiollvts cotninaiulrr In inlll- lary ulTiilrH,—An.HOiila Sentinel, and ti'Ut.hl'ul publicity ooncnrnlng Ihc nc- HvltU'H a I 1 KOVnninHMU JiK'M)(5i'«'H IH .somnthlim to ho rln- Mlrcd, hut OVIMI a Hood.,UilMK mny l)« ovcrrinn« : ^ '« rcpurlod In SVuHliliiKlon Hint fuHy-HO million dpllm-s IIUH hoon ypunl In Iho UiHt -VI inontliH In p'roiuolloiml work, How nuioh of UI!H wan nmiHsary, -or ovnh rn- mnluly .pi-oduotlvo of Uio' wlsiu'd 'ror_om.l,.l» proD- ,—Ootroll iNowH, ' , . .. ... /.- no biiHlntflS activity 'of any kind'Is-rp- lUM'.lod In othor ronns of prosporliy, \yc ; ln -Nn\v EnK- lund mny rojolnJ,' lo somo oxtonf til-/loriHl, ovm- the rinwfl Ihnl tho'Port of HoHloni N lo ho, roatorbd io lhliiK Mho 11 pOHltlon oonfllHtont wlllir-ll« mnrl- and ndJiioniH Impprlnnco, .Ihi-ongh UHU IIH a polnUof Hhlpnuiii'l of muiVIUorfs-, 'Icnd-lonHu la, ftiifl IroopH.-WaUoncId, MUSH,, Dnlly Hem. FACTS To conserve rtyos while pnlnl will HOOD he for fjolorod, pnlnl on Irftfllo nuu-kors In many Manufacturer* Hint ordlnnrll-y ' mnko woman's. druHHOH nru now Lunilng out llagH and pancln that ai-o UH(!d for .signaling In Iho armed Prodiiollon of rnrm muohlno ropnlr pfU'ln Is fit lonsl pur cont htg.hoi 1 than last year. ;•••-. AiuJordlng lo prcsonl Indleutlona, live automobile ln- dUH.lry will bo completely opnvorledlo war production by September I, . . . . vory Hlool rnll- that !H made In tho United Stnjtcs rlOH UH own biography Imprinted on It-whcn ,and ji'n'l-l WI\H manufactured, jho proooss 'used, and lo olhor c'sscmllal factH about it. Aircraft manufacturing IIH an IwJuHlry hognn In -JO JO, wfton -nfooill 'J'.OO: pianos were produced; by 'mahufac- Uii-Gif,, '-Today's goal I»'OQ,000 plilncs, with oven morn ,|.o ooma next your, ' ' UNCOLLEOTED SCRAP 'An estimated - three, million tons of scrap mgtal, available for war uses, is •now laying ihrovmv* American homes-.and. •farmyardii, although some open hearths and electric furnaces are jdle for .lack'of scrap. • _ ^ Despite much publicity,'there has been no prgani'/ed collect,scrap metal in many sections of the United States, particularly in the ; smaller towns and cities of tho Middle West and South, In many ot: these places, there are no commercial, dealers in scrap metal and, ^con,- Hoquontly, many citizens are uncertain as ,,to tho procedure tp'be followed in making Hcrap motal available for 'the >yar effort, ..The same situation exists, to'ivlarge extent, in regard to efforts to. salvage scrap paper, fats and other materials. The program developed by those in authority may .he ideally doyisod. for metrojpolitan areas, but apparently, overlooks,conditions '.that exist thousands;: of: small cities and towns in the country; <> ; ; '' :StariHariisbn' of-Qiiiriii street IsCsiatefl to : go into.the army *oto,* : y* ! he&:**^ Supt; Leo Sbully these ^aiy^ is ^r^^bly^diie to tlie fact Msr department will ; '"sh'^ year, and coiaseq^eiot^;vi&ff^ '( ; ^ Local :merch^nts^port;t^ well mgh a record one, ^ certain supplies, Vy. early••';Sia^ , : '. Gomnidir-Pleas 'Coil^.Judge. J^Jin, F; :McDoirpugh |get^ the ^pporiuirit^ to, r$^^ * e x>ui't sdftiir requiresvjii^ state thrciugh^t'i)ie,^fe-iap o-roup of frie,i)ds ever sulce^li^-iime ; man^,years.; ago, when he was in the Vtftfev-^a^'^ nui'se^has had her hands fpll/i-e^ have hean ill/SvrtH.meaaes-^^^ to?- ing to pj'everit furtlieiv••spi'.eafi, of the';sickness. . . . ; - Joe Salafia-i son 'of Mr. and Mrsv Christopher Salafia of Gorman street, has resigned his post in the civil service at Washington, P. C,?.ahd; jplaris;to enter the U. Si; army soon. Joe's brother, Sam, 'has a .headstart on him, lor Sam younger.-of the two,'"^^enlisted in 1940 and is now.a sergeant, stationed .'at Hawaii, V , Joe ,Talbot will return' to Washington Monday to restime his duties as congressman after an enjoyable breathing spell here, . . Congratulations to. Joe Hanley on 1 his re-appointment a^s dog war : den. Joe gets this post without opposition no matter what party is in power, for he has proved his 1 abilitjy in it lor' many years in the past/. , Tony : Tangredi wants 1 to be cer-- tain that auxiliary firemen ,bf the defense council are sut- ficiently well equipped to put out firea^ in case there is an air raid here, ;'., . , ;. ... Our congratulations to 'John E. 0'Donnell of Highland avenue on his promotion in the. TJ.-S. .Rubber company, , . Day .and night, without,i'anfare, the. community ambulance is performing-a real .-service to- local residents. Ted Brown is one',qf,the,ino3t<a.c^,.members of.the Young People's Fello^yti]uJE); p.f St, : Mich^el^s; church. , . It'fc a louo : 4ump froii) Naugatuck to^tlie BritLgjlvWest Indies bui -we'hoav that - Sidney, Waving of ; the U. S. army, soi oi"Jnbk Weaving, loca.] iireman, : made .i.t, .Sid's a cor. •pornl now and 'already has seeii--muplv oft-the; world. . , In tiie group of "old men",>vh;o.>yill,register this month 11 •the-seloetive service We wll -be many veterans of the World War, They aren't/to-be called on for active serv-. .ice,-however. . ._..:-,- -r 'if'•.•.',•.;}.<.•'»'.' -^'-"-.' -'i-'.'i "",'•••' '".' ,'', ,..V'. '; If there is a/law:^irist misleading an officer of the law, local co<ps could •arrest Mother Nature, if they could get her, Last Tuesday was; such a warm day that the cops suffered with their-winter coats on. Wednesday they doffed the wiinter coats and^came out in summer attire. Thursd>y, however, they^were shivering 1 in the cold and then to top it all, there .'came an April snowstorm that afternoon. Doesn't Nature, respect the majesty of the law? -, Local friend's of-Private PaulBeardsley are hop- in* to cash in on the Kentucky Derby this year. Paul, who is at -Camp Stewart, Ga,, has- let them know he will 'rive them in advaiice^ the winner of the famous race, apparently figuring that being in- the -South, he wUl be able to get all the dope. Paul can't be wrong forever so maybe he'll hit on the right-horsedJoe Dinneny, also stationed at Camp'Stewart', recently saw: the sights at Savannah, Ga, . Club Seventeen anticipates a fine attendance and swell time at its dance tonight at St. George's hall, * , , • IJ> ' " . ,. , - f ' '.' • . . .''.... We hear that 'now observation tower for the plane .observers at Millville avenue is'something to be proud of. . . Speaking of this post,. George Lewis, chief observer, deserves plenty of credit for the fine job-he has done,m or- ganising things there. . . We^ hear Martin..Garrick, Jr., will soon take .a responsible post at Providence, R. I. Bis local friends are wishing/him the^ best of .luck. A hunch is a funny thing, some put their faith in it entirely; This is a short: yarn ^iJJOUt a local boy who had a hunch. The local boy is Ed Adamski; son of; Mr. and Mrs. Bronislaw Adamski of Johnson street. We were talk. ing with Eddie about six weeks ago and he was talking ir a somewhat guarded manner; of his,experiences on an 01 tanker, where lieH,li^d ; served for some ihonths. At the time, Ed -wis home on : le^; but iaki^o go back in a few days, and it wais obvious liS: was worried, News of Another tanker having been sunk; had jusrbe<en-announced. Eddie knew some of the men abo^rith^t 3hip;>(they were giving the names brihe^sMps;^^ We asked hini how he -feii^qityfi^ kn °w exactly but I've g-ot-a hiinch^f,» He didnjt finish/the sen. tence but we could tell from the, look on his ;face he had a- hunch his ship might go down 'soon* i victim of Ax:fe submarines, Well, as we know jiow/vEddies hunch was right but he's safe, havingviandied at a southern port, Yes, Imnches are funny things^ iyou can?t ; disnaiss them lightly ail of the time. ,, ; ^•• : ^;';« -IT '•"•;;' ' •••?'"^ '••'• ':'.•';' . ;; V '' it r -&'*««;jC V. •\!&p, |.^S; r*/// / « r^ ^7~~ .*»,•:•,• Dies Anti-Red lures " Probe Gommittee By CHARLES I>. STEWART Central Press Columnist .cent*-'in' live year following! roiinVtmg 6i' a (joys' club. • • .;?•<• -. y ..••.•'. ? V*^ : • i;-• CARELESSNESS AS I1A» \S .• €DNGRKSSMAN .MARTIN D.ltiS, wliD's .'being- ferociously panned-on a-cqount- .ol'/his recent, cjiarseb^'of. Communistic- sympathies' • ;ft-'.nvo"n & meiHbdrs. of Lire Board of. Ebpnom.- ic'AYnrfarc, of which Vice-presl- .rlcnl.-\V-nlJiiob- te chairman,.made, his great -mistake -In- tolling .Lo adapt ;,s legiHln'tive-.ciuix • into un-Amcr- lean... acUvl lies in :llie United Slutcs- to .ohan-gcd 'conditions abroad -If he'd .done that his. Jnvosl.igalion undpirbtcclly ,•\vould be a .very pg]> ulaV ohQ'n'ow', ins-lend"or \vhiuh tlic 1 vice president rcl'crs Lo 'sonic of his ''statements 'HS-'abouL what, might liavtj, .beeiV- expected, 'll'rom. Goi'.bbwls. himscl-f." • Tho Dic'y coin-mi lice' stai'ir;d it* inquiry ciullc.-awlillc before tnc war bo'a'i'ui?" Us mission was l,o look into all ,sorts o-f un-American acl'.vitius, rbut -Ihc ..TCXOS' lawmaker,'' its chairman, wrts chiefly/interested in the . ConmiimlstHJ- kin.d, . and he pretty much'- ran the \vholc inquisition, without' much regard for I lie half- 'clo/ioh other roprcscn.UiLives' included in its inenTbership. . 'The' other co-mmjttcemen didn't give i the, .inquiry the attention'that Dies did, having additional work id occupy them.-Dies, though, concentrated on -U to the cxclusio-r of virtually . Qvciy-thing. else. The probe wu.s his inspiration in the 1'irsl •place ^ und .it's .putting it mildly io. say. • that lie.was- an -enthusiast;. oiv the subject of, niaking'it ;i-howling success — that is, uncovering and: conclusively proving the'• existcucn! of all the un-Americanism, in'our ; midst,-that was available. : ;. One Good Probe?,. By un-Americanism -the Texan; .apparently meant Communism. . ; Dies had no objection i,o catching; 'Subversive 'Naxis, Fascists, Pal an-. .'^ists.. or ,lap ; Blotters,. bu.t-.Commu-' aists were' t'he • folk lie really,,\YJ.S il'ter. " ..' "•'•' - ' ' • •'-.'. •:' . Well,''- that was/ .0. "Iv. just' t hen, plenty,'' of ."'.folk', considered .Communists' ^dangerous.; .'^hey may have felt ..that Dies, was- ;s.u'mc\Y.l.iafc*'.n'cg.-_ 'ecting 'Jli'Llcr's,', Mussolini's, ,Fran r (jo'sl-diid 1 Tokyo's..•foVms of, suiivcr- .slvcness;' but they'd iio fault to. find with Dies' 'poking j-into ' Cohirad'e Stalin's .''braird- .of it... ( They all were generally.'classed.' together at/that junolurqt-"' . '-,. -'.;, J( '. '. • . ' • • '•.' • But, . oh !—what .-a' difference ?tp- That -sprjiVg isoeiaKaMvdarice' ;of tjie. Junior Woman's 3l : ii : b- : n'ext 'Fr.fSC^ a^uceeiss;;, Mary, Margaret Donovan,' who, heads^the::-cqinmittee,;;; is a go-getter iom the .word "go". \ .•; We/tiriderstand^Francos.Lucas' ;«heart:" is in Lonisiana ; now;.. '-3$ ^ 0 ^^gV:Virn:Wing ahout : ';ome 'sacrifices you haW v t£ ' : 'ead ; Jpsepli'.^-G^ j kirscl^^'^ which ..jiells us> how' much G^rrnhiis;gave;Up t wo ^y ears: before the • Buy -;I)ef ense '"' ' ''"' >-Ru.ssia- 'Is one .of the United Nav 'Clans, and. a darned: erect i table onr ; , on the., basis of '.Its. showing .against. Mi n Nazis, not. to "me ration', its. ant> .'Japanese possibilities. ''I/t!s too bad; j u: it's -still 'Communistic, but.•there, ixrc .hopes that It'll democratize Itself.' .Anyway,. 1 - It's tactful -to;".-put ,a .on- ^Gommunistialalk' about it forvthe. present. -. / " v . - :' ; : •-!, 1 ••• Congressman, Dies, .^IVavyey'er,.• has' np.t assimilated .this idea.'••'••'. ;. , He's so. anti-Communistic 'that'he' can.'t !qui't harping ; oir it. -. ., ' It,:.Qui to . naturally Snakes the E/vo- npniic Warfare Board's memberr .ship sore' to have'the Tcx-an (Je~. scribe i'hem (soirn.c 35' was the flg- . ure; incntlonedj as. past, or present Communist affiliates, and. it likc- •wise is natural for .Vice,. President ..Wallace to resent It. \ , .••'••' Comnuinisin Still' Tai'flfct , ^ But • it. isn't alone that '• Henry 'Wallace 'and his 'associates are:.»5n- .raged •bri Lheir--6wn ; account. The tiling •'tli'at- hurts on ''- a -larger •/ .scale : .Is that pies• implies•'. 1 t's such- a terrible.'offense to."lie-a. Communist—- wlHi;:.' Russia, Commuhistic, -ai !pres- ent, anyhow, but in arms'- aga'.vist the more im'mediatc-'-threat of-Hilj-- •'leri'srn. ••'.-. v " " / ' "•'.•'.. ; -'! i V '.'-V] ' makes »a. sufficiently conclusivb; case • Qoncerning. one of. the wa':v fare 'bonnJ's economists who favoi^ all-around nudity. The chap pul> lished-a book advocating it, illusl- tra-ting -it w'itlr a' number of ritid- dling suggestive-looking phoVop graphic' reproductions, so he can^ scarcely ... defend- himself .convincingly, , But how , his nudistic p'ro- cli-vltie« :(w c a t h c r - • permitting^ proves that-he's .a'Communist alslt) isn't- altogether obvious/- Seemingly anybody- with a cuckoo '.notion, •and 1 don't argue,that nudism isiv'it one, is : a likewise,; in Martin ' Dies'- opinion. .\"*4'-. » •If the 'Dies coinmitlce; following Ihc Russo. - Gernian'."clash,- h a d swi'tc'hed from. Comm-unism to Na^r .'ism and iPascitfm .as un-A'i.iie);!}, can r it uiuiuestionably would have •made a great hit,- Dies didn't sense the altered situation .though, 'jfiij, already was so predbniinantly anjlf Communistic, and hot much else; that he hadn't-the" judgment to call off his anti-Communistic : dog for a spell, arid .sick him onto the Nazis and Fascists, as more urgent game to chew on. - ".'•:- .; The trouble with-'Martin Dies is; that he doesn't keep up with the : He's a- bug on one subject and can't get onto any new ono, no matter if it' appeared good policy for-him to do so. What lie has is a complex, that regulates him ab-! solutely. . o -^ : , ,^ —-b Prom Other Newspapers i navy . events- cities duririg> BOYS' CLU« WEEK (So.uth Norwalk Sentinel) /: ' More 'than 400,000 boys will cele- 'l.>ra!.c ! Boys' cl Wbeeku Tgstwonce' 'brate Boys's.Cluh week from April ' 13-19,-by', 'demonstrating how ih'cy. arc preparing themselves for'-scy-!- ice to. the nation. Exhibitions 1 of Jiandcraft work: which train 1 boys' for defense jobs, health contests,' practice air raid, alarms-—to.»sho\v< -how Boys' : club 'members .function 1 .in an .emergency—stretcher races.i .'Quix contests on army and. tactics are some .of \ the . scheduled ';' to -be . held in throughout the ndtion Boys' Club .week. . Ex-Presl'dent. Herbert-- Hoover, is; • the chairman • of", the National--.Board of :bircci.ors of, Boys' Clubs' ;-of America,; a : philanthropic organi- 1 •nation for. /boys.. Located in con-- -gestcd areas, there, are today-351)". .Boys', clubs, throughout the United, 'States. Open • during' after - seTioolf -, (lours and, holidays, these clubs -are'. particularly important today when- .many boys are left to /their own devices by .fathers at; the."front- and- .mothers- engaged in \var industr'^.- -With dellhquen'cy a threat as'-a re'-'i suit of-/ttie- \var;. Boys' clul?s all over the- ; country arc throwing^.open tliclr- doors'., to all' liby.s, be- ..twoen tlifc ages^of six; and eighteen.-; ;Th e. . Avh ol osom'e .-!"> com pah i onshi p,', vocational, guidance:: 'and- excellent/i leadership ! . provided- by" Boys' ^c}ubs, ; has;for. th.e /past\fifty., years. air 'elYective curb to delinquency. Jn • many .oltlert delinquency has been/cut 1 , moro tiian ".eighty- per • •-; .-• »''.•••-•- (Hartford Courant) ' ••''•' If -the:- 'repotM, of the qlVicials- •t-he- •iTemlngl:on Anns'- coinpany "correct,,^ the -recent;. explosion lul Bridgep-ort- that resulted In scvcij fa la 1 i tl es, ei gh' ty -"persons .and -considerable property darnel t'p' a war' industry, /was tho not of.,sal)olage but of almost' in-l ^credible carelesslessness in the dlirig.of cartridge. priniLM's conlait ing an unslable explosive, Accon)-| to' 'theil' story; a ' noil .hammered,.. into .u .hox .'st: primeV • and set off an (jxi)losipiil that syould. have fiaUsileil.'lhc soe : of an enemy saboteur had fid caused it. ^LikrKVthe Norinnnclie . lire, Remington explosion' is u \varnli!t| .thai" careiessness can •'cause 1 >(i^c .that the enemy would gtal lives and ^treasure to accomplisi The opportunities for accident 'caused : -by carelessness are prol" -ably, groiiter now, when. I ln«jijstrTe^ ' are . operating •prcH'sXire,-than- they are in nomi!| '• times'... v New workers,. unfuini. -,WitlV;.fac,tory' routines and sattfi ,pre;cautiq.ns',' are more likely to pll ,1nlQ, troubjt?- f,han arc exj)nri« >employes. 1 For that reason aloifiJ ?,more -than the usual amount «!| •'care'UoY ; avdid' accidents is necfri '.,._„,. _ ,, part of- l)0lli •and. 'ma'na'gcnicnL ( Lp.qki,iig back, it is almost ifi-l ^Ve^WC- l-iiai ^ welder sliouitl •'per'mi(.tcfi to 1 use'his-torch oloseti 'a. pilc;;'pf highly Inflnmmnblc If] •'j'ackels'v-'as seems to have liapP { r'bn •the^'Normand|e, or tlial.a pi cr 6bu).d. • be; al lowed I o use n 'on a- box containing rifle : prim as .•seems to, have occurred H! \Bridgeport '.plant. 'In c;ich < ill)ere appears- to havo, been i shocking lack, of imagination m cernlhg' 'l.hi?.. possibilities of wft| ressness. .. ... + • »..- . MOTION PICTURE AM) MORAII] . . . (Stamford Advocate) './The public may not approve^ setting, up a special section of ciyilian: defense organi^Ho' 1 ipriosecute/ the 1 production of movi pictures.. Such activities unJen en by government agencies for 'purpose of maintaining morftlf- ^definitely classed under u-f 'head-.of boondoggling. The ;ln'g picture as a commercial pro m siiio'n 'has a dcflnllc part in ll |Cir l tal war effort.of a country as ours is." .:' .Over -in . Great Britain, ately upon the 'outbreak of .inbti.on,.. picture theaters closed down, both as an and'as.-a measure of protection w| ciyilian populfiiions subject to ».j raids. But it was soon dlscov in .England that neither econ nor protection- counterbidaiiccii deprivation of. amusement. » casicn-t'o'-ratldn food and cj» I-as-a'.war measure Uian to NVlltu vfrqm• • the. people what some .thought lo be only a luxury, "<" I necessity. Consequently, ters' responded and remain even ."during the period c,. ,. Jipaviesl ai -rraids.' The rccorfl .j wn-al happened in England i-j • •• tinned by ample evidence oi- same sliuallon. in our own oou provision .-of motion picture PJ tainment-to our nghting men ' s . oof] the; fO'hclamental services oi _ j •ply, in teeming. Industrial ci»jj .•>yl|cre/ .men are working jl ;o«iilM»--a'-'day,-thc theaters * T f.y 'ly;Adequate;'to the rtci» a "f, rt . : 'theip• space : and " time. J n "j r evbry 'tjai'.i: of •' ,the nation, .« eonnectlbn: • wi th • every P"»J;, - : *•• ••• ----- niust ii» cl ' cono/l .u ,'i •• .1 tnc H the screen (delnand . lo f ( .essential: recreat.ional needs men and .SVonlen producing •tcrlals : of-Avar.'•:•".

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