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DOOMED 70 VETO BY MAYOHYLAl WEATHER INDICATIONS. 4 O'Clock Edition Fair lid eoolcr to-night and to-morrow. VOL. NO. 124.


I. RESORT MINKOI.A, Mav B. The trial of Dr. Walter Keenc Wflkins, charged with the murder of his wife at Long 0 GOME SHORTLY ITALIANS RETURNING TO THE CONFERENCE Orlando and Sonnino to Resume Seat at Peace Table. Boiuh, was set down by Justice Ed ward I.azatiKky.

in Supreme Court it TO RETURN FROM PARMAY26 Favorable Italian Situation Changes Plans. Mincola to-day, for the first Monday in June. District Attorney Weeks las No Preconceived BRUSH KIX. May ft. The Crown Council volrd unsntaniMiM.y lust nlarlit to h1ii the ieace treaty With jifltllHll7.

The ooanrll mat lit the palace at II o'clock. Hnd continued In iuim until ntldnLffht. Paul MymanB, mini-tier of foreign attalrn, mnd hrad the Illcian delfmtlnn at the pence conference, Hpenklna: for hlmneir and for his eelleavues, Kmlle Vander-velde and M. Vandenheuvel, who remained In Paris, coinpitHelj outlined the ituatlon and rave a review of the pcac terms. He expresfted the opinion tliat the treaty as It now elaad a-te honorable and satisfactory terms to Helrlum and recommended that It should be signed.

Charred Body Found After South Beach Fire. told the court he would be ready on that date, and Charles N. Wysong, counsel for Wilkins, agreed to have PA R1K, Mat 6. Tin flrM hilruii ot the Iraciie at Nations to trwusarlsMl to-flu j. What to HTert in th Initial rieni-ttvn cooDcil nt the Ifeefuas m-mm ftobtxl-uled to mort at 0401 Houm'i partiawit in the HoLrJ CriUcm at ro.

take op orsnlxatloa wort. Tills will eon! fhWlv of nppolnt-nents of ape4al eoiumlltsw. One of tbee oatmnlttees will make ar-rancaDMtnta for the fir nkArtliia; of the It ague la Wathlnstoa; another wit mpei vlaa eftabUedunant of per-BMUienl quarten la Ueneva Hooao will awpraaent th Unit U4; Lord Robert Cecil, Ortt Britain ForvB MliLtvier Plonoa. Fraacei Vlaconnt Chin da or Daroa Makkus Jpaa. Premier YealsvhM, tireece: JTmI Hymeaa.

ILnixtum: th hpaotah Aiiili i Spain: M-r- Policy, He Says. the trial start then. Justice Lazansky will probably PENDS DAY LOOKING preside at the trial, though this has MORE THAN 40 BUILDINGS DESTROYED IN BIG BLAZE EXTRA SESSION OF CONGRESS BY JUNE 1 not been definitely determined. INTO WORK TO BE DONE HUME A FREE PORT, IS SOLUTION Vnamiisioner Kracke Pays Tri- bate to New P. S.

Head Gossip la Brooklyn About Prospective Happyland, Amusement Center, a Total Loss Damage Estimated as Being Between 100,000 and 2 00,000. Relief Expressed In Washington Over Turn of Events in Italy-President May Come Home em Other Than the George LOAN HERE NEEDS $5,000,000 DAILY qui. IniocrtaU. Italian Ai Grea Britain, Italy. Appointees.

LOCAL SOLDIER At Expiritioi of Three Years Dalmatian Coast City Will Be Annexed to Italy To Build Another Port for Jago-Slavs. Lewis Nixon, Regulatory Public Serv Comtuisioner for the First District, KILLED BY AUTO WASHINGTON, May state pt appointed by Governor Smith, took large this morning; of his new duties ment in Paris that the Italian ntna-tion is apparently clearing led to the the Puphlic Service Commission ilding. No. 139 Lafayette street, Mr. iviator w.

Uiiiara authoratlve prediction here to-day that ton arived at his headquarters at o'clock, and immediately went into President Wilson will call tlis extra Victim of Smash. Borough Must Make Strong Finish. GAIN OVER SUNDAY WAS ONLY $823,850 Total for Brooklyn Is as Campaign Enters Last Week Big Mass Meeting to Be Held at Academy To-Night, session of Congress before June 1, possi SING SING TERM FOR HALLAHAN Former PoUceman Srnt Up for Sixteen Months. STOLE $30,000 FROM PROPERTY CLERK HERE lfcrenee with Travis H. Whitney and cderick J.

H. Kracke, the retiring uraissioners. Charles S. Hervoy, the bly May 3. One woman was burned to death, Hrrppyland Amusement I'nrk was destroyed and forty other small frame buildings were bnmcd to the ground in a fire thnt burned over nn nroa of three blocks long and two Moi-lts wide on South rWach.

Stntcn Island, early this morning. The fire started in one of several bathing houses to the west of Hnppyland, about 3 a. m. The cause is not known. The fact that the wind waa from the southwest was declared by firemen to have been the only thing that prevented the destruction of practically every building on South Beach.

Mrs. Mary Autenrelth, aged 49, wife MRS. FAR1S, May 5. The Italian Peopa De-legates arc returning to Paris. Tlite statement was made ibis arternoon by the Italian Ambassador to I-'ranec.

Ho Informed Foreign Minister Plchon that Premier Or. lando and Foreign Minister Sonnino Information nere has been that Preai LLOYD GREGOR IS SERIOUSLY INJURED per retiring member of the old com FIRE WILL NOT STOPJFLIGHT Two of Navy Planes to dent Wilson would call Congress abotit June 1 and would arrive in this coun fasion, was not on hand for the con' enct, but is expected later In the day. Brooklyn Man Loses Life try just before the day set for Congress jhfter the conference Mr. Nixon was reduced to the members of the com- NashTille, Tenn. Twenty-eight Tears Old and Had Received lsion'a staff and then gave an inter- Brooklyn began the last week of the Victory Liberty Loan campaign with a to the newspapermen.

D. S. O. for Bravery Under Fire. 'ohimigsioner Nixon did not indicate to convene.

Now, according to later information, it is considered "probable" he will call the session at leait a week before June 1 it would be hardly possible for the President to return aboard the George Washington before about I leaving Home to-night and will jan-lve here Wednesday morning. At the same time, it was Iran til' traatt the "Big Three" Is oonsidci liiir a plan for making Finnic a free port, under control of the League of Nations, for a period of three years, While the Italians and Juro-Slavs of John Autenrelth, preaident of the Say total of a gain of only $823,850 over Ure figures of Saturday it 1 contemplated making; any Start To-Morrow. TWO WINGS OF NC-1 DESTROYED IN BLAZE NASHVILLE. May Alex Former Chanffear te omuls -liener Baker and Hen or Mast la Follea Department Judge Kay Tells Him ef Enormity Bis Crime. mgea In the staff of the commission, Amusement Company, which was to oDN-ate consesslons in Happyland, was laat.

To attain its minimum qnots of anxier W. Dillard. of Brooklyn, lOUd $30,857,400 it Is necessary for the bor Infantry, II. 8. was killed and Mrs.

ough to secure daily subscriptions total awakened by smoke after the fire had attacked Happyland. She and her hns- rMay 26 or 27. In the event, he decides Lloyd Gregory, wife of an ary cap I have not taken an attitude on any jtion, and I am not foolish enough come here with any preconceived Dion-," he said. "The law defines at I shall do, and I am here to ing $5,575,925 from now until the close 1 he tain, now serving In France, was seri to convene Congress before June may return on some other ship. baud moved from a beah three days ago to rooms over the danc ously injured in- an automobile accl The Italian Ambassador's reported dent here.

The automobile, which was ing pavilion. ry oat the law. I have just arrived statement that Italy will send bar driven by Major Dillard, crashed Into a Mra. Autenrelth awoke her husband ihe this morning, and I have not thus would enjoy equal commercial So. 4 Is Only Slightly Damaged vrivihe tUo dispuwd mt uurinjr and, with Ko.

3, Will Begin tnis period, work would be hnrrfttl Firat lg of Oversea Flight in on construction of another port for the Mendsf. 1 1,10 Jugo-Slavs on the Dalmatian jeoaast. At tlie expiration of three I years, it a-sumcd Flume would bo Fire early to-day damaged two of formally annexed to Iuly. the navy airplanes awaiting "jump off While this docs not positively iusiue Peace delegates back te Paris brought steel telephone pole, throwing the of and they ran out together. When she died any of the questions before the of the campaign next Saturday night Despite the poor showing in the borough during the past twenty-four hours.

Edwin Maynard. executive chairman of tlie Victory Liberty Loan Committee in this borough, continues to remain optimistic that the people of Brooklyn will yet rally, and that the borougb will do its duty before the drive terminates. Among the commercial luinka that re- relief in official quarters. Beer beneath the machine. reached safety, she discovered she had Emission, Anything I might say now It indicates, ui'ordiug to the belief Major Alexander Wood Dillard wa left some small nossessolonB In the uld merely be a personal opinion and here, that Anitiassndor Cellere's confejr- the son of Mr.

and Mrs, James building, She run back into it alone no value." Dillard, of No. 1383 Dean street. He although the smoke was heavy and the Ir. Nixon added that he would spend orders at Bockaway. Mt-nys immeaiatc sesumptum of her ence last week with President Wilson was sufficiently satisfactory to warant the Italian prcsentatiTes resuming was twenty-eight years old and grndu day looking into the work of the flames were spreading rapidly, she did not reaniicar.

Apparently she was An engine spark started in somelPlaee in the Peace Conference, it is le- ated from the Virginia Military Insti John J. Hallnhan, a former policeman attached to the Property Clerk's office at Police Headquarters, and an honor mnn in the department, was today sentenced by Judge May to servo not less then one year and four months an not more than four years in Sing Sing, for grand larceny. Hallahan. while in charge of the Pt pcrty Clerk's office absconded with uearlv $30,000, which had been entrusted to him by the department. Hallahan waa arrested by two of his former associated after her had led the police a merry chase all over the country.

He was tinallv caught Sun Francisco. lmission and would have nothing their place at the Peace table. gnsoline where the blaae destroyed ej lie veil tiiis will fellow, iu view of Ihej (Continued on Last Page. I tute, Lexington, In 1013. In No overcome by smote, vi lima a b-o to ay before to-morrow.

upper right and lower left wings ot tne, apparently aci-epraoic compromise tor- vember, 101R, he entered the regnla moments flames made it imposible for ommissioner Kracke spoke highly army as a second lieutenant and left Transatlantic seaplane NC-1, and by the "Big Three," together! aced to a slightly less degree the tail! with the spirit of conciliation evinced nnvnna to enter Ilie Miliums. Mr. Nixon's Qualifications for the charred body was found after the fare for France In June, 1917, He was pro rooted twice and received the 8, and as for his own plans for the had been put nnder control. lire he said they would be determined MAYOR HYLAN DISAPPROVES OF TEACHERS' SALARY BILL for bravery under Are after eighteen A fire alarm was turned tn at after he takes a short vacation. months' active service with the A.

E. o'clock. When the Cueniicat (oinpan IComliaioner Nixon has my slncerest rudder of the by both the ltaliuns and the Allies in It will take twenty-four to forty-j tlie- past few days, eight hours to repair the NC-1. butthei The Italians officially announce NC-4 will be ready to start to-morrow their temporary withdrawal from the. morning with the NC-3 for the first Peace Conference April 23, following leg of the Transatlantic flight.

publication of the statement by Presi- It is expected the Transatlantic light; dent Wilson, in which he declared that Upon the return of Major Dillard he stationed on the beach arrived, the three wishes in his new post" be said. was detailed to Inspect the military brings to the solution of the many lurge frame buildings of Happyland were flaming, and the fire was reaching schools in the Houth, with headquarters ions problems confronting the eoro- In Nashville, Tenn, He is the nephew that relating the variuus Borough Mayor Hylau has decided to veto the lision a wide experience In public out toward buildings to the east, west and north of the park. of Colonel Wood, who will start Presidents. Borougb Presidents Ricgel liri aid an undoubted ability which I.ockwood-i'ertig bill increasing school teachers salaries, it became 'know to with the body for this borough to The Happyland structures destroyed mann, Dowling and Bruckner will hav-e In imposing sentence to-day Mar said: "It is distasteful to say sny-t li in that might add to your etnbarass-oieal. It is unfortunate that a man of your record in the department, with a medal to your credit, should stand in a court of jnstice awaiting sentence on a criminal charge.

Tou violated and doubtless go far in meeting tuein morrow, were! Jne two-story nance 1 task is a difficult and In some will lie started in from eight to ten days after the arrival at TrepassyBay. This interval wid be taken op with trial flights and engine tests. A feature of the speculation regarding the Transatlantic flight is the action of British aviators who are also be would not consent to Italy having Fin me. inasmuch as such a eonctssiou would be in violation of the' armistice terms and the fourteen points. Returning to Rome, Orlando laid hist case before the Italian Parliament and was given a vote of confidence.

Since that time unofficial reports have twn their salaries increased from 07,500 to $10,000, while Borough Presidents Connolly and Van Name will have theirs which had dressing rooms for Imthers Art. I Insure, a thankless one, and any ln- PRINTERS' STRIKE ENDS. on the aecona noor, ii. was t-w Inbent of the office of Public Service fnmissioncr soon comes to realise tills anil 50 feet wide, and was 100 fe-'t from the boardwalk; the res tan r. Commissioner Nixon in his work Men on Albany Papers Return to waiting to "'hop off" for tbe flflight Itj rant.

anDroximately reet mug ana uld have the support and co-opern- is believed now they are waiting until. received of overtures by both Italy Work. abuaed the confidence of your friend and associates. The sentence of the court is that you be confined to Sing Sing Prison for not les sthan sixteen month and not more than four increased from to $10,000, thus putting the compensation of the various borough heads on an equal plane. Among other measures approved by the Mayor is one affectius rent profiteering.

This bill compels landlords or 100 feet wide, and the scenic railway li of every good citizen of New York. ALBANY, May 6. The walkout of building, which also contained au printers In Albany came to an end iloi.r swimming pool. the navy gets its chain of slu'ps stationed at titty-mile intervals across the Atlantic ready for the American aviators. The British are taking tremen (Continued on Last Page.) Hallahan was a chauffeur for former A eeneral alarm was sent in.

This Sunday afternoon when the men their agents to give at least ten days notice in writing to mouth to month Commissioner baker aud rescued two liroimhl engine companies from ne unanimously votod to return to work dous chances aa they are using land snd the Allies toward getting together on a common basis that would permit: the Italians to come back to Paris ia time for signing the German peace, treaty. These negotiations were given additional impetus by imminence ot the arrival ot the Austrian peace dele-' gates, now unofficially reported to set for May 12. children at a fire on the East Side, be Brichtou, Port lliclitnoud, gtapleton and submit their grievances to th day at City Hall. The Meyer's dissapproval pf the bill, it was crplained. will be without prejudice to the claims of the teachers.

Tlie Mayors position is that no new legislation is required to raise tlie salaries of teachers. The Board of Efctimatc and the Board of Education have adenuatc power lo do so under existing laws. Furthermore, every justice will be done the teachers by the committee recently appointed, representing tlie Board of Estimate and the Board of Education, which will consider (lie matter of salaries and render a record by nun October, when the 1920 Budget will considered. Whatever increases may ba deemed justifiable will then he included in the budget for the next school year. It also became known that perhaps the only bill providing for salary increases approved by the Mayor was planes which will not Boat ITGHAM TAKES fore he was detailed to Police Head Board of Arbitration.

Ui iigan Hills. Grasmere and Oonroid. uusrleis. The conviction automatically fhey were directed ty Chief John The morning editions appeared to They have one advantage, their planes are much faster than seaplanes removes him from the department. Higgcn.

The flames had spread to day for the first time since last tenants before they can 1 dispossessed. By the so-called Hauiill Bill also approved, the age limit of veterans of the world war for appoiutment to the Police Department is extended to thirty-five years. A Board of Purchase is created hv and even though they started after the Other sentences by Jndge May were: other buildi-ags before the additional Thursday, Ml UN BbNU'l. navy planes they might come off vic Kin aunanuus got to the sceue. Sigriti "Bedino, grand larceny, sentence suspended: George Armstrong, torious if they met with no accident.

From Hnppyland the fire jumped to MAN DRAGGED 50 FEET assault, sentence suspended: John tiie three-story frame Hotel Waldord another measure approveir by the' Crowley, assault. (100 fine; William TRAIN KILLS MAN IN TUBE. the west It was owned by Charles BY SCENIC RAILWAY CAR Mayor. The board will consist of not lirrogate Kindliness Welch. To the east, a bathing pavil Jones, petty larceny, sentence suspended: Lawrence Dull, attempted burgia ry.

sixty days; John C. Smith, assault, iuia owned by Cntirlcs Noble, and les sthan three heads of city departments to supercede the present purchasing committee. Body Unidentified After Accident Frederick jfreeinaii. 22 years old. of emembered byFormer Associates.

thvec-atory hotel, owned and operated by Charles Henderson, were ignited. ia L. I. R. R.

TnnaeL No, Klin Ulasson avenue, stood up yes two years and six months to five years terday in a car on the scenic railway at in Sing Sing. Schaefers Hotel, a two-story frame A fairly well dressed, unidentified man. about forty years of age, was LW. W. CONVENTION.

HERO FOR CITY FATHER. structure, was burned. 11 waa owned Surf avenue and West Eighth street. Coney Island, and was thrown oat. He Sentences by Judge Dike were: Wil-loughby Vanderheof, petty larceny, itliout pomp or elaborate ceremony, by John Schaefcr.

reme Court Justice Herbert T. clung to the car and was dragged fifty sentence suspended: Jamea Sterling Itodericks Kestanrant, situated on Served ia Three Wars, Boomed for rhm took his seat In Part IV. of feet. Sand Lane, to the north of Happyland, struck and killed In the tunnel of the Long Island Bail road near Davis avenue. Long Island City, last night bj an as bound train.

How he came to get into the tunnel or what be was doing there railroad officials and the police do assault, ninety days; Alexander Wiener, offering a false and forced docu Supremo Court this morning. There- Well-Kaoera Radicals Opea Tea-Day Chleaso Session. CHICAGO, May 6. Led by well When taken to the Coney Island Hos Ryan's Job. caught fire.

Thirty-five bungalows on ie do speeches of any kind, though pital, He is said to be suffering from Contain Matthew J. A. Wilson, of the same side of Happyland and owned D'Amawniio Still Seen to Be Ba-reeomstraeted. ROME, May 5. The Paris correspondent of the "Giornale d'ltalia warns the Italian delegation not to re-tarn to the Peace Conference because, of the risk of encountering further opposition from Preaident Wilson, would necessitate another and fir.

withdrawal. To return now wonld inflict great humiliation on the- Itn! i nation, the correspondent' said. declared the word calling the delegate back: mult come from th conferen'-e. Gahriele IVAnanBio, who has 1 promoted to lieutenant-colonel, dressed a large audience here. called 'Wilson tbe "orationiised er.

who first proposed to heal hun ity-'a wounds with his fourteen poj and afterward swallowed those prim plea." Tha crowd cheered D'Amm diartinefion between Wusoe snd American people. ria th hour of great ti-: the people of Washington and Lino evidence that they will ment to be filed, sentence suspended. Sentences by Jndge HacMahon were: fractured skull, a fracture of the spine known radicals from all parts of the by Lambert O'Neill, of Roaebaak, the Judge's admirers and ids were present. The courtroom No, 8686 Twenty-third avenue, pne of the Hindenburg- line smashers and internal injuries. country, the national convention of the not know.

So far as can be learned were burned. 'I hey were small filled with litigant, lawyers and he was not an employe, of the road, in battle for bravery. Is a frame structures. William Berry, attempted grand larceny, penitentiary; Eugene Carroll, petty larceny. House of Refnge; James ot those who worked with him ilnr- I.

W. opened here to-day for a ten day session. Catherine Solomon, of Louis, wau Unofficial estimate placed the The only means of identifying the body is through a fraternal pin, on the candidate for the Aldermanlo Job in the Coney Island-Bath Beach district to succeed the late John t. Ryan. dnmuga at between $180,000 and hla uiony years as Surrogate.

le employees of his old cpttrt pre the only woman delegate. Among oth OOO. lapel of his coat with the initials R. and below that S. a Graisia, petty larceny, sentence sns-ponded: Joseph Schuiler, petty larceny, sentence suspended.

John F. Iaeberman, -petty larceny id hint with a huge boaqiiet of The burned sectioD in the eastern ers present were A. 8. Kmbrie, Butte, Wilson ia a Democratic County l-rlcan lieautlos. while the Umpire SlJfi) and eight keys were found In Mont, successor to William D.

Hay end of the beach near the terminal of BOY (4) HIT BT CAB. Harry Merr, 4 years oid, of No. 19K0 Coney Island avenue, yesterday afternoon was struck by a Coney Island avenue par in front of his residence. He waa thrown several fset. reooived posslbla inUrnal Injuries, for which as waa attended and taken the Coney Island Hospital.

Committeeman In the Slxteentn Assembly District He is married. Company alao sent a number of the pockets. wood, imprisoned I. W. W.

chief; Von th South Beach line of the ftichraend received suspended smeatenee from s. Among those who attended were Doyle. Sioox City. James llurke. judge McDennott ugnc ana aauroaa ixunptny.

it aa- Herhert Kotchaa, a sou, Her- kOnoi N. James A Fatten. Seattle: 108TB TO CaUaTP. joins the Fort Wadaworth reservation Ketchan; Mrs. J.

D. Cera- He waa with the l0th Infantry, and was wonnded four times. While engaged at Dtckeyhusch be was cited for bravery and later waa given a Distinguished Service Medal. The The vanguard of th I68th Infantry John Korpi, known as "the Wisconsin and Alex. Walist I.

W. W. pdfcc. Fifty soldiers with the Fort' fire apr paratus were sent to the (sea to iietp a daughter, and Charles Pub- KAISER WOULD RETTXRIC BKJfNE. May 5.

According to Ger will leave Camp Upton to-morrow, the his son-indaw. the States Island firemen. remainder following Friday and Satur permit tbt sacrifice of their man newspapers, the former Kaiser has ie flrtt ease called far trial before A high wind was blowing when the day. The 137th Infantry left for Camp candidate also serves ai ins jaeoui-au declared. SHOT STKHrO QTSAKREL.

Andrew JnhnMui. Ad tmr aM nf asked the German Government for per- Funston, Kansas, yesterday. flames broke out. It fanned the fire border, and la a. veteran of the misaion to return to Germany and live by lriOO Forrv-tonrrh stiver r.

almr in Danish-American war. ea hit estate near Kadinden. into an enormous blaxe that ht up the harbor and could be sera from Sandy Hook, Coney Island, the New Jersey new Justice was that of John J. uley, who is- toiag tlie Nassau Elcc-Knilivay for injuries to his wrist ived when a car which lie waa to board. started off and him to the around, ENSFECTS TRIAHOH PALACZ: F'ARIS, May 6.

President Wiii. HURT BT FALL FROM CAB, Saivatore Cradaleci, 28 years old, of No. 630 Rutland road, conductor of the B. R. fell from the running board of a Fulton street trolley car, early this morning, at Hals avenu.

His right arm was fractured and lie received possiM Internal Injuries. FREE PEWS XK TBnClTT. Trinity (Manhattan) pew he attended public schools here and tne left, arm 'this morning in tn alterca-later went to 8K John's College. tjon with two men wliost names are The William Selleck forces In FOR AjnrEXATXON. sltore and other sections of the vicinity.

Sixteenth are behind the hero, were tree yesterday for the first time in J00 years. Hundreds of persons sot out of bed and ROUE, May S. The population of Premier Lloyd-George and Prem vialted tha Trlan PaJa.ce, at Versailles, this after---. to Inspect the arranitemettts made) for signing; tte- pc fj a nwiiitiM uwy aim nasi amuHi jstteet. The man was attejuied hy Don't i four-tilths patriot Itlrx-tof of Uie Kinrs Count! Hosnital went the beach in automobiles.

Smaller crowds gathered at- vantage on't i a frxur-Gftlu) patrtotmrj He waa removed to the Kings County Zara, at a mass meeting, proclaimed anneation 'of that (Dalmatian) city te Italy, it waa announced tn-dawL Don't be) a four-fifths patriot points along th Jersey shore. Hospital, bnrert in tbJVif'3r lm.M v. v. in fh YiTty Loan,.

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