The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1934
Page 3
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r-att)AY, JUNfe 29, 1954 (Ann.)' 00177517375 '^ MODERN HCMC Conducted lor this newspaper In ths Interest of Its women readers by recognlUcl mitliortllM oh *1) phases of home miking. Florence Broberk, Editor Mrs, George Tfaurn, Associate Editor Mrs. Thurn Gives Selection of Recipes Thai Til Summer Menus. Serve Grapefruit Bisque With Macaroons IMtmls In myllievllk-: Cool, appetizing salads made m the refrigerator sj.ould piny an Important p*'nl in your .summr 1 ;- mi-mis. Plain gelatine. Iriuu. vegetable und canned Kcalim-l .such UK muster find shrimp, chic-ken, ham und left-over cook?d vegetables all may be inrorpoyiiU'd in milking Ihr-sr dishes. l-tor exitiiipliv ii salad siirli as till- one illiLS'.raU-d. is made v::i:i rlvrbnp. S)irim|> Muyoimuisc Mould One package lemon flavored atl- rUInc; one pint warm water; two lablcspooixs vinegar; one teaspoon salt; one and one half cups .shrimps, halved; one quarter cup green popper, chopped; lv:o spoons pimlemo, finely one half clip mayonnaise. Dissolve gelatine in the cups of warm water. Add vinegar and salt. Chill. When slightly thickened, fold in remaining ingredients. Blend. Turn into mould or individual moulds wot with ice waler. chill imlil firm in tile re- Jri£eriUor. Umnnuld on crisn lettuce. Garnish with tmn slices of hard cooked eggs. Serves .six 10 eight. Jellied Consomme Four cups clear soup stock; one third cup coM water; two lab'.o. spoons ijclntiuc. Softer^ gelatine in the cold water. Add lo the boiiing hot stock. Set aside to cool. Then chill in refrigerator find .serve h) cups. Clear tomato soup con be us?d '- in place of part of '.lie soup slock or vegetable juices . may also b2 used. Jellied bouillon can he made, using the brown soup .stock. Six servings. Jtllicd Mold of Cliickcn Three cups chicken meal; one pint chicken slock; one hard-cooked egg; one tablespoon gelatine; seasoning. Dissolve gelatine in one-third cup cold water. Add chicken stock which has been heated to boiling point. Pour small portion into mold and place 111 refrigerator until 'mixture 'Begins t'o .srr. "Add"slices of egg and replace in refrigerator until firmly set. Then add remainder of stock. Place in rafrigeraiov - until mold is firm. When ready to serve, unmold on crisp lellnce". Garnish with stuffed olives and rosettes of mayonnaise. Hix to eight servings. Colfaje CiiceSK Mold One jwund collage cheese tablespoon chopped parsley: Service that are made in ice cream f rowers and rcfrljjcndors are most popular these liot (lays, j Guests who can't b; tempted to two | touch a piece of pie or c;ikc will f'at every last drop of some frozen concoction and the homemnker, herself, is plr-nsrd as can modern fro/en lecipes. 'they with save so much lime in the hot kitchen. Kcmemher that frozen desserts should, be served very cold (there's nothing Interesting :;tout n dish Shrimp Mayonnaise Mould Salad froMn grape Trull drssfrl. of ic« cream that's soft mo tile and as atlnictivcly IJOsslble. Use fancy molds mi some new type go with various try to think of decoration dishes. Here's a iculix; for delightful wnrm weather dessert that is appropriately decorated wllli lli= grated rind of a srape- friilt. Put one cup of thin cream and a few Brain:; of suit in a ,viuci>- pan and ndd the yolk (it one egg that has been beaten vvilh three tablespoons of sugar. Cook over a slow fire until Hie cream ha.s thickened slightly. Remove; from the fire and put In one tabu-spoonful of finely grilled grapefruit ruid. Allow (he mixture to cool and then fold In one cup of heavy cream that has been whipped mill! it stands in i>eaks three-quarters of a cup of crushed macaroon crumbs and the juice o] one grapefruit. Freeze, slowly in an ice cream freezer or put in the trays of fln automatic refrigerator and chiJI for several hours. Place in a fancy mold and garnish v:ilh sections of fresh grapefruit and whole macaroons. Sprinkle with grated Biajwfruil rind just bslore serving. This delicious salad is garnished green pepper rings, parsley and sliced hard-cooked with stuffed olives, halved, culling the olives lengthwise. Six to eight servings. Maple Cream One cup maple syrup; one and] one half tablespoons , flour; two I and salt one half tablespoons cream; to taste; pimicnto. Mix thoroughly the above ingredients. Line a wet, rectangular receptacle with tliin wax paper. Pack in thin layers or the cheese, placing two or throe parallel strips of fresh or canned pimicnto between layers. Place in refrigerator until ready to serve. Run knife around the sides and invert Ihe mold. THs can be sliced and placed on Jctluce leaves. Serve French dressing and wafers or with thin bread and butter sandwiches. Minced olives, chives or watercress may be used in place of parsley. Chopped nuts may also be combined .or \isert to top each serving. Serves six. Tomato Aspic Three cups stewed tomatoes; one onion, sliced; one stalk-celery; one boy leaf; one clove; one teaspoon sugar; salt; one tablespoon gelatine; one half cup co!d water: lettuce; Cook mayonnaise. initiators with seasoning. Soak gelatine in cold water and add to hot mixture. Strain and allow to coo!, then mold hi cups about the si?5 of a tomato, chill in refrigerator. Serve on Individual plates on crisp lettuce. Dress with table-spoon of mayonnaise on top of each mold, adding n das'n of psprika if desired. Eight s? ing.s. Frozen Cress Salad Two three-ounce cakes thirds cup water; two egg yoiks; I one sixteenth teaspoon' salt; one and one half cup.s whipping cream; i one teaspoon vanilla; 0112 tea-spoon j lemon juice; one half cup coffee j cream; two egg whiles. Heat the syrup. Make a paste; of the flour and water. Add hot! syrup to paste, stirring constantly.] Cook for ten minutes or until thick-, encd. Add to well beaten egg yolks' in double boiler and .continue lo! cook, stirring coastantly tinlll ill reaches the consistency of thin cus-: lard. Cool. Add whipped • cream j "ind flavoring.. Mix well. Pour into j refrigerator freezing tray and -slir while adding coffee cream. Tlwii carefully fold in stiffly' beaten egg whiter! to which salt has been added. Relurn to refrigeralor and allow] to finish freezing without further agitating. Egg whiles may be omitted if desired. Fro«n Crumb Cake Two cups sponge cake crumbs (any left-over cake crumbs can be used) one clip whipping cream; one quarter cup chopped English walnuts. Whip with pour cream and combine cake crumbs. Add nuts and into freezing Iray of refrigerator. Freeze without stirring. Slice for serving. Fruit' can be added to the above recipe, cither frozen with Ihe cake or chilled and served with the frozen cake. Maraschino cherry can b? added also, if desired. Tills is an excellent, way of using left-over cake crumbs and small portions of left-over fruits. —MDS. GEORGE THURN. cheese; one half cup stuffed olives (sliced); one teaspoon salt; one) half cup cream; one q'nart, meas-| Dr lire watercress; one half cup may- at=s a summer dental office be- onnaise; two cups whipping cream. " c:ltl1 n lar s e oak tree at Llnville Cream cheese by adding one-| 1 '" alls> s - C " CVC T year, half cup plain cream slowly. Then] add mayonnaise in same manner.' Charles Weatherman oper- summer dental office be- aua mayonnaise in same manner. Place in refrigerator tp keep ccol ' • while other ingredients are being prepared. Whip cream and return to refrigerator lo keep cool. Break crisp watercress Into parts approximately one-inch long, discarding coarse stalks. Fold whipped cream into cheese mixture. And olives and watercress. Pour into freezing tray nnd allow to frcm without sllrrlng. Serve on crisp lettuce. 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OCC C Cans PLUMS Fresh. 2'/ 2 Can OPt 1 . 2 25 BREAD GINGER ALE 2 KiJO c C p Slacaroni, SpayhDlti 11 ti. nr Noixllos. 2 I'kffi- J--*Sour or Dill, qt I5c ilix, fit' 19e MHK cc 10° ITULiIV d Km. or :t l.go. ij FRESH BREAD \ 1 %S COOKIES pfcnk> TOMATOES No -^'"25 Pure Lard H 8!c Spareribs s 8c A I Krilff - s ' (h7 i' k ^- 4 "11 Cheese ^g 17c Ham Loaf ^ 25c Weiners - 12jc Salt Meat = 61c Steaks Hound K. C. Uecf Pound Hams May rose 20 (o 22 U>. Av. Hiilf ur Whole Pound 20c Roast K. C. IJecf THICK RIIJ, I'ound - - - 13c HRISKET. Pound - - - - l</ 2 c Bacon Sliced Rinrtlcss, Pound - - 23c Sliced, Uinrf-on, Pound - - Iflo .'J-Mi. Piece or More, 1,1). - ISc Sausage - IQc CHOPS, round ........ U)c ROAST, Pour.d ....... So STEW. Pound ........ Lamb Genuine Spring H1NDQUAUTKR. Pound - - 15c FOREQUARTER, 1'oimd - - lOc Neckbones ^ 4c

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