The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER H, 193G BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS home of a man he hnil accused or stalling from lilm. I.. A. Steen was fined J13 on n ehhi'so of operating a car without [; proper license. I j; R. Holland was fined SI3 !cn 11 charge of operating n car ! without proper license. ! Similar clinrgos were docketed W. Wi hams Chai - CCtl' ae< "" sl Kiul Howard and Simon .„.. I'M i A ' 1J '" m '' SITE ML 1 : C. H. Whistle Proceeds Will) Assault Upon IU- A charge, of operating a car', \Vilh Dpvplnnmpnl nf Y/-..I. nilP'l ' wllllc llllox! «>lo<l was docketed! ., -^lupn t.m 01 Yr -"- nu '" J ! -• •-• '•ormer Factory Properly Year-Old Uin i against Gilbert Smith and he en-, ' ; "'i-ed a plea of not guilty. An aaed man was ordered held Claude Lewis and Henrv Ed-1 '" awall action of the October ilinglon were cleared of charges (hand Jury on an assault lo rape of violating the slate game laws, i (.liaree, a negro was hel<l to the Jc.e Sschwatid was found not erprid Jury on a confidence game eulliv of a charge of breach of charge r.nd fines were assessed Ilic peace. , <)i bonds forfeited in 25 cases of A charge of grand larceny was public drunkenness, all but ono docketed against a negro known Involving white men. In a.' busy as "Hector lilack," who Is ac- .'f-.'.sirjn of municipal court, this cu :«| of taking S100 from another morning. • , negro In a confidence game mck- J. W. Williams, aged local re-si- et. \ dent, waived preliminary hearing Jessie '"ruffy" Williams of Ma-' on d charge of assault lo rape. nila wa.s fined S10 on n charge of and was remanded lo (he custody disturbing the peace of the sheriff to wait grand Jury j Max Arwood was fined $15 on a ucilon. He is alleged lo have at- charge of public drunkenness. I tacked a 10-ycnr-old girl. His . ] bond was set at 5750. Doctor 'Black, red - s h I r t c d, .'•mcolh talking negro world war vcttran, who admitted ho knew a few card and colt] tricks, wa.s he-id lo the grand jury for grand larceny. Bond wa.s .set at $300. A negi-o woman, the prosecuting witness, charged that Doctor Black "confidcnced" her out of $100 r. -v.him she let him have her purse to .show her some -sort of monev Union University. Jackson, -Twin., I along with Misses-': Ann nnd Joyce Tompklns, Ann changing from Ounchltn college. Her sister, Miss Virginia, who jyadiiatcd from Ouachlta, will nol~go nwhy lids year. Robert Baxter goes to Mississippi state, Sttirkcvlllo, Miss., 1 along with J. w. Pintle, who Is ,„.. , transferring from Arkansas Tech , , , V 1C Osceola Society — Personal '== Mrs. Charles Ooleman Hussellvllle. , , bridge- club of VMHHI she Is a member at her PAGE THREE keeping records and finishing their books tire as follows: Mrs. Jim Despaln, Mrs. Jim Scott, Mrs. weight, 122 pounds; bust, 33' waist, 24; hips, 'U; U>I B |,, 1914; cnlf, 12','j; ankle, m; foot size, E. M. Clraddy, Mr.s. Murphy Ram- G-H; linnet size, ij'X,; neck, ' \i- bo. Mrs. S." J, Sr^Jt, Mrs. Jftck|liead slM.laili. Holm-lson, Mrs. Waller nnkcr.l i- . Mrs. Luther Craig, Mr.s, ,1. J.'U,.. 1 l' 1 7 n Illne, Mrs. Homer Mosley nhdl n »»'<HUiU Z.OO DUyS 'in nie^nisEwtsion the dub ' 40 Formosan Monkeys voted to can «_ "Vegetable Oroup I Exhibit."- for-I lie County Fair nt" HONOLULU (Ul')-Forty Ftonn- tlie group meeting which meets osan monkeys soon will reach per proved to be a copV of the Pasadena Po<,l. tain'Allen «an- ncd It foi news and found that her motliei had just won a, rnbs- suclled word • contest In the "homo town, Conversion of the former site of the Chicago Mill and Lumber ccmpany plant into a modern s'q"K ','(>• 11) i^s (V'<?r|'y teen Marled bv the owner, C. 11. Whistle. Where formerly 'children, of Ihc nil'l employes played.' bkadrrt slock now graze with the wadlnj pool ns ' n watering i:r>d. Mr. Whistle, who lives at nosetand,. plans to erect, a modern country hoirie In the early, 'sprlnif facing West Main street. When Mr, Whistle purchased Jlie alnmX 100 acres, t)>vcral Miss Clara Garner has gone lo """'"'* ''omc Friday night.'Ayclvo Central and Misses Estrii Living- 1 ls wre l»™>>t- - Mrs. Hraxton -.(riii and Lavclle Ueactte lo Miss !. BB wolr lll<> clll » IM'lne . nml e. Memphis. |£' t ^.> m>[( ? was awarded o't/nlvcrsllv MllIloi 'S' Harwell left Friday! MlSl IIomcl ' Mosloy mul Mrs.. J. planned In Waikiki.'"ciray' V| 'fiirred • night for N flw Orleans where ho' ,' Mansfield were visitors from with golden splotches of color. of 82 EOlnR. " J "" ior " l Tji'wic Medical f ,; m " Fl "' m ' M '- s ' Mosley gave a special Island, which will be made Fcliool. He wa.s accompanied lo wlk on wny..slie had planted her Hie monkeys will be housed on n TI«I ILIUI IjilvtUC IJl'NL'Ue IO A11S.3 ». ., --...* | .. L,,,U , . ,.,. • ".T.I.J., ..nun Kill lvm.Il Wile's liuslness college Memphis ?>"' ''"*""'- w!ll l° was awarded ?' 1>t01 """' '•""' nt •"'« l<°me of Honohiln to become new addl- Eddle Sallba has traasfcrred from """ L 1 "'"*' ' " "" " " ' ' Mrs. Lulher Holt. Tennessee Univcr.sity to of Arkansas. Till", makes a tola) away. lions to n bird park and noo Sovlfl Onrni Soap Campaiifn MOSCOW (UP)-A great 'advertising campaign to make tlio' use of soap ponulnr among Russian masses h hclng undcitakcn by the Soviet Perfumery Trust. H will use posleis, whcle.v,, the stage, and the .scicen. SALT LAKE CITY. (UP)—Peter Sorensen, 67. who has piloted I Memphis .hy;"h.,.Tw«;-C,l h ir:.i;'!«. 1 «!!«!.*^ J^'d.-". M-Mansl ,o-re S 'emSe"tS iiatu^aT habitat Sl^heTS, 'SfrK Lnxora! v — Personal Jlie almo:iL 100 acres, !)>vcral Patricia and Pi'ances,' youni? ''• '•• lompkins, accompanied T-,11 months ago, he acquired a pnrlj 'hmahtcis of >lr. and Mrs. C. C. h| ' ''auuhtcr. Joyce, and Jlmmle; a " ino Harwell, Joe Rhodes'and Jane i llrl1 ' wll ° tms ns n«i"'ls of vege- as inur-h as Msslble, Wciiiliersby. • | tables and mills and only lacks n . The liov. Mareh Callaway of' vcl '- v fcw innvls. of. having her Package Wrappluir Surprtvn Houston, Texas, former pastor of eot ^^'Dlelc told Hie club how PASADENA, Cal. tUPI—liorlba the I're.sbyterliin church here, Is'f 10 (l!l1 ll : nlso "'"I- she expected II. Alton, of (his city, now teacher- here for a few days visit with" 0 col "!J!ete her budgcl and have. In a iralnlhi! school In Ftwcliow friends. He was guest of Mr. nnd r sol " c lo fi| ' nl '°- Cl\\m, bought some school materials which the Chinese dealer wrapped In a newspaper. The pa- jMi-s. Ocoige H. Deci- yesterday. ij{ P. K. Tompliins, accompanies Medicine Show Here ! foi' Two Weeks Stay;«»all barns, two office buildings, e enulpment. Since that.' Dnnehowe'r, left Tuesday for Nash- Dlllard to Jackson, Tcnn., . this! - Vpnne he has purchased the ' re- . vi "°- TPIIII.,. where they will' be] nioi'iilng lo,.enroll Irt , (Jjilon'Uni-! ub M-, making him also owner pupils in, St: Ceqllla academy.' vcr.-lty. Jlmmle' k a freshman' automobile. of the time | malndc; of nine tenant houses, lar*e and small barns, two e the swimming and wading pools, Ihe park, two artesian '.veils, lum- lir-r shed, dry kiln building, machine shop building, fuel house, Valerie Danehowcr, 'of Simmes- wlll!p Joyce begins . her , second port, In., niece of Mr. nrmehow- i 1 ™ 1 ' 'hern. , or, accrmmnlfd them. Thr>v were D. 11. litackwood jr.. and sister, making trick. The money disap- Cao '. n 'l hl at 1:M ' beginning to- pcared from her iiurse she said ; n ' g '' A tliln "gc of program is Fines were assessed in the foi-' l"' omls «l C ™''V night. It includes lowing cases of public drunken-' , negl '° cl 'K"''»l"<:ra and an 8ncss: Emerson Farmer, $10: John' pi ^ c orcllc ?'p' Evan. $10; suspended; 'Raymond ," s . P™!' 1 ' 1 " 0 ' 1 ' cl!li »' «ie show, Summers. $10; H L Plymouth ! S c " ''"" nt Allon ' I1! " ' *1K; J. B. Winborn. S10. suspend- j f" l "V <l!l> '' , ls the bigBcsl free en- ed on payment of costs; Walter Ulll "" mclUon »'« •''oad. V.'beatlctl, $10; Willie Key. $10; - ~ ' — Win. Anderson. $10; Mack Led- IVii'S, Proctor Named- Convention Assistant Maxey's Medicine Show has ar- • rived in Blythovlllc for two : weeks stay at a lol al the corner of' Second and Missouri streets, across' (1|1 - illc room, several other small I . . .the street from Ihc Blyllievlllc gin.! tlliw!ll s s all(i ( . hc water tank, [have been visiting In the home j Mrs. Rank Williams at the Hap- [ The .show, a minstrel organlza- " ' ' " ' "" ~ lion, will jirescnt free programs NEW YORK (UP) — America'.! "Venus of the Hlllboards," adjudged of all Ihe girls • at whose faces and figures es are reiiro- n-olored lo Memphis by Mr. and Vlmlnki, ."pent, the weekeiu Mrs. Uanchower. ' - , Sliiugarl, as guests" of Mr. amljduccd in poslcm and periodicals Mrs. John Saumhii and chit- Mr , s - Gerald Smllh. | throughout the country. Is Miss dren. John jr. and June, who __« son was born to Mr. and I D^'-othy Wilson, of New York. has had the bayou dredged I of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Oeorgc, nntl it will be used as a water- belter. S!0. suspended; George Duncan. $15; Snooks Snider, $15. Bonds were forfeited in the foi- , lowing public drunkenness cases: j - - , Mrs. Howard Rector, of this "ini Plnkennan. Roosevelt Millet'. | city, and Miss Gussie Haynle, of 'negro), Clyde Colhren, Rufiis Bo- j Little Reck, have been chosen as hannini!, Willis Brameum, Win.) assistant secretaries for the bi- J. 1 Ferguson, Dellicrt Thomas, John! cimial Democratic convention in lr Jlatlon, Will Jones, Pat Carnegie. HM Springs next Priciay and Sat' George Jones. Jessie Gillespie, N. ' O. Vick. The case of Ira Whitaker. similarly accused, was continued. Bud Hearst was Pined five dollars for a traffic violation. ing pond for his stock, lias erected more fences for pastures, and is making repairs to the buildings. The mil], which opeivid in Oc- icber. 1901. sawed Us last log June 2. At one lime. the em- ployes' roll totaled more than 100. Since it closed its plant and the manager, Max D. Miller, mov- j cd to Helena, William ' Tausch j has been In charge of the lumber business here and Miss Marie Haniish has been in charge of the office. Roy McKay is operating two saw mills at Rivervale, which are leased by the canpan;'. These will c-lntir/ic lo operate indefinitely with the lumber shipped to Helena. Prac- Municipal Court Has Busy Saturday, Session urday. Lamar Williamson, of Mcnticcllo. and D.' L. Ford, of Fort Hmith. arc slated to be permanent chairman and secretary but formal announcements have net yet been made. parents of Mr.s. Samaha. left- for Ihclr hcme in New York city Tuesday. Miss Mabel George ac^ companicd them and will, be her sister's housesnest for the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pngh antl Miss Stigler, of' Nettleton, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. -'I'. Ballew Tuesday evening. Mrs. B. o. Wilkins . had as her guests last week, her sister, Mrs. R. B. Walking and children, Laura Joe. Wyatte. and Bedford jr., of Monclte, Ark; . Miss Dixie Howard has accepted the position as bookkeeper at the Cracldock Canning factoi-y. Mrs. Joe Hires was in Osceoja Thursday afternoon attending .her bridge club, when Mrs. W. J. Driv- hosless. Mrs. Graver Drlv- tically all of the 4,000,000 feet er accomoanled her as a guest. of lumber on hand when the mill j closed has been sold, will close Oct. 1. The office : 1 Hawaii liananas in Slump ; HONOLULU (UP) — Although | . Hawaii is the only section. of the George Lowery of the Leach- United Slate where bananas arc Number Nine Child Dies ville community was fined S10 in municipal -court Saturday -morning on a charge of disliirbinr the pence. .... Lowery was alleged to' have grown commercially on any scale, shipments to continental-markets 'recently dropped from 249,185 bunches, according (o Department of Commerce figures. A bunch of orcalpd'vA 'disturbance' when . .lie. iiananas "sells for approximately! accoinpa'niea. ai, . ^officer.. to' -tlie,?l f.o.b. Honolulu. I L> Colleges Attract More BIytheville Students A number of oilier students have decided to attend college and several have changed schools since the recent announcement that 76 -from BIytheville-and vicinity had enrolled in schools elsewhere. ;-. Miss Nancy Claire McCauley goes to Belhavcn college, Jackson, | Miss., Miss Virginia Hiiffnian |b Jimmie Whittle, four months old son of Mr. and Mrs Sam D. Whittle, died Saturday, afternoon at 5:30 o'clock at, the family home In the Number Nine .community. EJls death was attributed to congestion. Funeral services were held Sunday morning and interment was made at Number Nine cemetery. The Cobb Funeral Home was in charge of funeral arrangements. ''He.'.is • survived by his parents and ri brother, Johnnie •"'•" • ^ii'',- -- • • --.- v •• • =. iniiiK wnnams at the Hap-1 With curly red hair, green eyes list liospiini | n Memphis Friday I son Is 22 years old and has been afternoon. The baby weighed six i mul a slaluesque figure. Miss Wil- poumls. He has not been named, ........ ,v ,,„., j.ui, uten immc«, rnocicnng ior three years. She de-' TL- !«.__• j Aft T «.• .. J. n Dunn, and £r. E. n. Ho- fen led more than l.«0 entries In IW MOTniDQ After laKIM III III l.llYniTV ilvm-n tn Tli-( nl-lrt,, 1 J L,,. .^..^11...I.. „ _»_ _n _ i i ,. ** •• Carters Little Liver Pills (• • • . gnu of Liixora, drove to Brinkley the p yesterday where they assisted ,ir. the funeral services of Hon. Harry Myers, attorney, of Lltlle Rock. Mr. Myers was past, Grand Muster of (be Masonic Lodge of Arkansas, and superintendent of Hot ry selection, bill the real lest cnme when the candi- alcs were measured lo compare with a perfect composite of 1G of the county's most sought after j models, in addition'Miss Wilson, according to the Juri«»'s. Miss C5er- Itie PICKARD'S GROCERY THK SAFEST PLACE TO.IMJY YOUR MEATS & "DAIRY PRODUCTS Wo receive Swift's Premium Beet' t\vice'| weekly. Green's Grade A Pa si cm-feed Mi 1 k twice daily. We h ti y e the most modern Frig- idaii'e .mont equipment, •Variety; of- Cold ' Meets ....-•' and Cheese. Fresh'Vegetables Daily. We Deliver. Phone 073 10*14 Chickasawbn • Springs National Park under trudc Meyer, president of .,,„ President Taft's admlnlsirallon. Model!.' League of New York, the He. was also Republican candidate, organlvjillon which sponsored the for governor of Arkansas llirco contest, and Charles Atlas, phy.s- £ C ''\,, „ ' ' lcnl Cll| t«rlst. "was distinguished . a. w. ficeves, former head of by her faclnl beauty and grace or the agriculture . department of movement." Kelser High School, now agent Miss Wilson's measurements fol- for the Bureau of Agricultural low: Height, 5 feet tl'.j Inches' Economics, Washington, with Ills — . —• office at Fnyclteville, Ark., Ls the guest of John Kelser this week. , Demonstration Club News Notes Ridgclant) Club ' The Home Demonstration Club of the Hldgeland Farm at Marie met at the home of Mrs. S. J. Smith Thursday In Its regular monthly meeting. Assistant County' Agent, John Damron, mel with the club to assist the entrants in the "Plant to Prosper" contest h. ! their,.record, bboks. Those FISTULA Every person sulTerlng from Fistula, Piles or other rectal trouble Is urged to write The Thornton A. Minor Clinic, Suite 1719, 020 McOee St., Kansas Cily, Mo:, for their free book which explains .what complications may 'develop If those treacherous afflictions are neglected. This valuable book lias been prepared by a noted authority on rcctnl and cotonlc diseases '• and gives full details of tho'mltd Thornton & Minor methods bj which more than 4l!,000 patient-' have been treated In the past, 58 years. , •'• • - —Adv Lumber Prices Reduced Lumber must be moved before Oct. 1st Some items as low as $1.00 per hundred feet See us before building or making repairs. Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. Rlytheville, Ark. Phone 8fln NOTICE Any article lioURhi uf IIUHKK HARDWARE CO.. not satisfactory in every «-ay we will refund your money H-lllioul question, provided you return U in the same condition as received nnd in a reasonable length nf time, say a week or ten .iliys. Oar first price'Is our lifst price, nnd We Have One Price TO '.AIL. Burke Hardware Co. 312 W. Mitin , { ;| BIytheville, Ark; 't Let the Army 5 Eat Your Cotton OF LEAD MIXTURE Kills Army Worms at a Cost of Approximately 75c Per Acre. Start Spraying Today .... PHONE 289 -- LD IftOft FOR YOUR POISON AND FOR *_?**sm** ^Q^ — LiLJ 1OUO FINKLEA'S AIRPLANE DUSTING ROOT SADDLE OR HAND DUSTERS HUDSON SPRAYERS . O. HARD AWAY & CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK.

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