Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 11, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1942
Page 3
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. V---*, ' -••'• • •-* *' -' * ^ ' • " - — — ^&fep' •.^•rr^.n; SHOULD - CHILD HEALTH fr^^ _ _L ^ ' ^M * ^ W) HAY, dully tho J»«l'u lit *'' ,jtill'' l)K ' ^ ll>; n i ' i ,, ar^ ^ " UK I ml l» 1111 ,K»or« ' ! " ,-,-oin V lh ' i hll.oml with l»u« ol 00- 1 '' \vhl«' s " burorii May durliiK WulUuui, id HhU't- iul thoru to lIuiH'-o, 11 I* jvoi 1 to pro- lliu » V,, Dl' all " 1 , : s '' i v i -«UIH.S ' ovnr cough Ulldren should In llu 1 lnuiu' u>l Uint'lu 1 * ii uiiftliot 1 SValliu 1 ' 1 ' iMflihli 1 i-i'ivaK for olilU'li'oi.r In i.hi' form >motOH (!hlld uucordhiK to i- dally Ay. Miss Eleanor Sefettfef Mlns If ill H. fiH'inili'lUoM, d• IMI will by n In.miro ,,l. pan-ius .should ;!,,'(!, U | [H 'ludoH bruHhlntf (|«( 11J t I . i i culm 1 (Uwlal tiMUitrnont, (| ]i; , m ,tH' responsibility ml ihcir children form only ulilta SS'llloll Will mid |)<ii'Uiu f «' uf i jixl o.w "I" I HIM.: jirlnrlli nuoiu'i' a I'iillii usually pot 1 tor o — CHI-. |U ' '" Uly ll(1 " l.oll,l luililtH . , in «n iin.l.H-Hliui.ll.w l i.n.1 wolt-hulunooc. r.-»ull». coiicl.Uloil. ".FIGHT CANC'Elt Oonquor ignorance, fear, delay and Kloanoi 1 Margaret O'Shen,- duuK-hl-rii 1 of tank O'Shoa and l.h'6: lulu -Mi'H. llolun Morris. O'Shoa.qf. -115 , .CltioiTy alvoM., lumuiiio Iho .hi'ldo .o'lj noborl. Edward .Sch'olbaiv. or, ' ; i:)8' Walnut Htrisut, son of Mr, and Mrs. (I, K. Soholhoi 1 -.this morning at-. 0' o'clock In SI, PnuiolH' church. Jloy. fUjoi'Ku l>unn purl'ormed tho oin*e n mony, . - ' The attendants woro. Miss' iVlnrvl.-" lyn Ualvln uiul Arthur OiMiiolcu,:hoUi 61' NuiitfiituoU, William Morris, ooiiHlii of Iho brldo, and.Allen'Trask MM 10 brklu, who WUH g'lvon In m-ar- rliiKo by hm 1 1'jithur, was uLtraeUvo- ly ultlt'o'il in u hi'ldal HOWII'fluslKtied with whllu sulln 'top, lUUul bocllim, I'ull skirt, of not, long iioinl-od sleuveH ami HWuoLliuui't -nHoU-linu,. A shiKlu Urand of pearls was worn .ubou't hop nook, ' |lor Lullo vnll was of t\nger-Ui) longlh and slur ourrled :'a prayer ouok luarkod with ii'Hpriiy of oi'ohlds \ncl sliiphunotls and. n, -ali'owui^oi' -J'lb- b'ons,., ... • ,.'••. T\\u brldoHnmld'H : gosvn' was , of /wli) I'jluu Htyloil with satiu Lop, 'llu'oo-ciuui'tur utul full akli't ol'-not. Sho worn blue gloves, a Hhoulclut 1 ^ lonKth.voll und.uuiM'led an old-fash-, louuU boiKiuot. Tho LirUlo's aunt, Mlns Mafgaret, Morris, ware a navy Clrofls and ao- (uwaoi'lo.'i \vUh. "f.OHO . oorsago, Tin! inolhot 1 of l!io groom W.U.M attired In u beige suit, navy aeces.sorlos and a uot'H«K« of roHos, . ; , •- Allmrl [iftllborto was soloist -at tho nuptial MUSH. A ruooptlon for ;«) guoslH, InnhidlDg Homo from Now York arid Ohio, wa.s held In -tlip ilunl room of 1.11« llol-ol • 101 ton, Wa- Loi'bury, • ?-^t| Thu bi'ldo is a graduate of Naiiga- liitjk high sohool and the groom was graduated .lyoni Ohio ..SUaito university, Ho Is at prosunt omployotl at tho Naugatuek Qliemlual company as ohemliuil engineer. For traveling, Mi'H, Soholbor.vyore !i bolgo suit with turf aoccssorlos, un orolikl uorsago and a Kollusky fur pleou, a wedding gift -of the bridegroom, • AIISS.KHKHKDIC.KS JIOS'l'lSSS The Aloou Maidens' 'olub hold .ft mooting at Iho homo of Miss Phyllis Prodorloks of 11 Phoenix avonuo Thursday oyening, After -the business mooting, social time was enjoyed and roi'rofthmonts wore served. Thoso i)roHont woro: Misses IDvo- lyn Oardonl, Lona 'Fahrlsl, 'tfvolyri Ponsko, Luolllo DoGarlo and Francon Oahrlolo. : Robertson --Grane Miss of Mr. 'yih.u, sti'Ot uumo i.t'ho Uobcr.tHon Harold. E.- nuo,.:13uat Helen'Ann Crane, and Mrs. .Harry T, j'oe : l., 'Wo;o'nsbukot, tirl{.ic:.<pf,.-HaroldY-J3 . ";1 i 1 .;, rXon^o'f/.'Mr.. 'aii (I Bopci!lspn;ibf;-L^riiia Hartford,, ln ( .- .-• claihghtor. 'Crane jof ' >sas' .., of -lionori-vancl: i1am.os>|VJ|cDoii- of , IDasl.; llarM'Qi'fK-and /Naug/a- ck, survufl an,:bfvs't,-man.:T;nQ,'l)ri(.le : s glvpn in innrri'ngp b.y-/'hcr: ; i'atlipr. ' St, Fi-anolsV-'pnurch tills morn ing.-: -Roy", • aeorg'q-.-'JjJ.'^pujin.- 1 1 n I tod U i c ' oo u p J,q , ? I n •pfurri.ago ,- a)i cl . oololM'tttud l.iic ,Mu'pLial jiVlass . whl'ch, followacl. • '/.'.. . {v. '/..KV--.;!-;.. l •-.'•.' ; • Miss. Ann .Roborlson ..•of^astr-' ford, sis ku- 'of thc..Hrl'clegi'bQm, •mriUl augh tu wus Slio w.oro an nciuamarl'ncj. I costui)iQ frock wllh luit 'to. .ma'bQlv^aml Jver oorsago was 1 'pl', 1 \yji.i:to-.'.pi i o.lil(ils, . mait'l 'Oi 1 .)iorior::"woi/Q:'>;r-Pi»^,;jirLdr--. no'on frock wiih .matQhljfg. accos-; .Koi'ips . and ( ,a . mixed. oorM'go,rAlbe'rL . Lallbortc. \vas-.J3Ql6lsV ., ., A, members; of tho.lmnjcfllato./famlllcs' a'nfi- close friends rofloAvod- . at • .. the ^ Copper Kottle, WiUerbui'^. The. couple: later loft :on : an uiuuVnouncccl wdclding trip"' anil will, reside- . -a : t 38'0alpln street upon theii' return. ... i ' The brlcle has boon 'livihtf at 70 Trowbrldgo pl'aoq.-hei''c witl Mr. Rohortson luis • bociv-v..rPsW|irg ^ on Mariners aycnu'Q. v v^ '& •street.:;was'hostess: .At; a. Surprise farewell: ; par,ly *• givensat 'her ^home iasf' : iii£bt in honor.-oi ,V» c .'. Jvllb& ^ Marian ahd^Stella -W.endes, wjio.are •ItllV* <**JL* ••*»••**-* » •— ; . - \\7 1 \ '"' i ' ' t! 4 Ii * f Ii P 11* Viftl'G 11 uS i'liO YY li*~ 'lUuTispoi^: Pcnn.,>extwefilv,;A^pen :'amV:ienc'ii;'sctwas presented _to both girls, -Svho, .ex-pressed ...the i, •thanks and ''stated that .tbe gifts, be ' very 'useful in. - t - « Ontbe..Russian..ivont, the Red army, again was pounding into the .Leningrad v I front and , reported threatening 'the .Germaiithehi railroad lines between ..Smolensk :.aml 'Leningrad.; iqthese",lines 1 are cut,, 'the" German communications would•be broken, ovev and important stretch 1 of;; the front. : '• " '. '> ; r ^"*» ;——- ' , ' . ' ; Local Patriots To Assist The Chinese j '(Continued from Page One) said. Price Control; '- May Ek Changed Soon (Continued from Page 4 One) V;,-;; new , Thosn :- present were : Mis e.'Schmit/,, o a Smltlv and Audrey. 'Kcrner. ••• i'lVJTSS HEUMIftOA^lVI. LAMAS , M-iss IT.ormlnda- M. Lnmns,; R.;.;;N. r riaugh tei- of .: Mr; . and ,'Mrfs.; .MailnoJ J.ii'mas, -.-ofr ' /«8 ' ,'NI'XOn . avenue, '• : Ayli o \vi-H -lie -married :T Mond.iiy:'rnoi'n-lng at. .9 o'clock :'in,.Sl,/. .Prnncls 1 'church^'to TlYomas Tfa\' -ScUlly, '• sort. ,oi: ;Mi;s; Margarel.,-A. rind the. 'late 'Tli.oina.s -.Spnl-, ly r of.' .iO Coon 'street, 1s a .graduate. 1 of-N:iugatucK high' school, and class" l oC '19I3G -of • the ing , suhool, of . St.'•In '•Wjitcrhury. ' . Liiniusv b'a's' '• Jyiiss fooen^'tihe .-guesY.-o'f' .showers '•'tendered ,lo her-recently by -her many .friends .'in I'hc .borough-,' • •..: y : '•'''••'' ,-'; ''••• •'•'-.•'. ' '•'• .. Mr; .Seal ly,. who:, is, at present a po'pulnr meipbcV ' 'of. t-ho- supernu- .incmfiry.-l'oi'cc: ; qi % :-1;he ; .'•Nau'gatupk po- nica',depiivt,i\iqnt;, .is •employed at. -Che ' American\' Brass - Co/ Vn -Waterbury. •-'Ho Js a.:gi'Vduatc' of:, the .Naugatuok hlgiv Vchrio'V and was:.iiMirce-lcttei :slar-a'thl.ot,o''-during -'M'is • course ; of •s-tiuiy. : llxcre.-;-. llc'-yaU.encled -:Notre nhm'c-'university and. later. =was iith- leliic.'"coacii: at .•Glicshii'e Academy •, Cphn-i.' • ; Tlio'. pi-bspecLive 'groom will be ffit,G'd<l,-his' r cveiVing 'by a. largo num- ••b6h of.' friends -at ;t.slag party /to -?yc • held "'in..SLra!,l,on's . Restaurant In llilLAN-FANCQN' MOTTO NG 1 The postponed meeting of tlic Polish' Uhlaii' -and-Falcon socict-} will'be.held tomorrow ancrnoon at, g .-o'clock in. Polish'Falcon hail Union' City.; : ' _^__ State Dept Report On Boro (Continued rrom as •tion -o Who M\I\ t'» « tuinor jihY< i)i''i Anyone may K<> lu- (iltnlc Tor NVImn 1 thoy by u cjfU'.y, dluK- <n, a srx.'n r*« illi' liMiillh mii :tn<i tn-nliiicnL a, thnv Is nu I.MII lli'inl'Tsuii, Pricu Administrator, him citlumh'd Uutl d.'t'ofisfi wod* will ivqulru M I 11 '' 1 w'»l worn [MjHir in m\J tliiui wan iiui'dml I/I 1 . A, M. LKWIS TO SIM'IAK 'l,t, Arnold M, Lewis of Camp, Up-. ion, N. Y , cluiplain of Hie Itiiind Rouuptlon Center will he In Nnuga- limk on Wuciiicaday, -April if), -to at the Join!, rnuotlug of the npouk Woman's auxiliary and tho Church M.ulpors of St. 'Mlchaors Episcopal ohurch .-in tho parish house.c His subject will be "How Can tho.NVom- LMI or'tlio Ghurcli Help the Boys and (.-Vir-ls In.'\Var Sorvlcje?" ' ' molyn . .- • ^ MISCKLLANKOUS SHOWEK ... Miss Vora. ; NordsLrorn of Prospect •sl.roo'l ( Wfttorbury wns:foLod at .'a inlscellahuous howor hold Thursday ulKlit at .tho home of- Ml^s l-lolo'ii Sheridan:oCNorth.Mai.n street,Miss Nordstrom will : bc, rnarripcl to .fumes Stujrlclau ofiNortn.MainsLreOt next weak. - •-. '.• -v - ..•••. ; .. AttondIng ^qi'C-:-. ' -Mi'8.-.»•• vMionaol \Vliaien, Mrs. .'Kciwai'd Rafierty, Miss Kllxabotli ,Whalen,.. : Mlss- < li»i?a- bolh Rafforty, - ,7^'H-;. ", Anna--vNprfl- strom, Miss ATi,iV:v;^ord,strpn>,i,M ss Vora Nordslrom,' -Margarel Ciunrojic, AVlnlfrcO 13fbpliy, all ofNValorlDury; ;01lvo- Plumb, MI-'K. .-George WalLe, Pmi'nk- Wulto,- •Oencviovo Pa- .Mrs. L-oo.Smith, Mrs... Mary Gilbert, Miss'Margaret- Gilbert,; ,Mrs. Sophio Alcxinskl, -Mrs, -Marle-Alox-, -Mrs, Jane lloalcy, -M-lrfs 'KaLh- •loen .'Man I on, Mrs.' Fred Ashmord, -Mrtnol-ni; -Mrs. Margaret Mrs. -Bi-idgct Skolly,;;Mi'S. St. Hedwlg ? $ Ghtirch Is Scene Of Preft^ Wedding •Mrs. •Joskl your RKALTII - w'r.m' it (uiiiuhillnn that's l»ni|ifrl.v Illli'd by our M\K 126 SOUTH MAIN 5T Anna Bride Of Thomas Pesaitis St. iledwig's church was the.scene of a' pretty wodcllng this 'hVornlng' •when 'Miss; 'Gonevicve Zmyoski; daughter, of \Mr. ; . ; and ::Mr's. ; . ^Tchry: Xmyeski -of ">i9" City '-1-1111'• street, Union,. City, .- -and* MaUhpw;}psiecki, son of' 'Mi's. 'Eugenia Osleckr of 15U-ile\yett street, An'so.n'ia.Avera married'at 9 o'clock ; by.. l^y .S.. J? ; .'Nalewajk, pastor. " " '''''"' •' •Miss Gheslawa .Grcndzlsiawski oi Waterbury.'.cousin of the bri'de, was maid of honor and .brid6smaias,Avere; • Stephunlc Si'erakowska" of 'Beacon "Falls n.acl Helen Orban of UnioiV ; pily. •Teddy Os'ieckl, brother o'f thQ'groom,- sct'ved as best, man. ' ';.,, .i - . The father-of the bride ; gave Jier; in marriage. Hpr white--moussclino cle sole gown, which had ,l,ace,jn- ^sort's, was designed sweetheart neck- .line, -Ions sleeves and -a'very long •train"'A- coronet of orange blossoms <was attached to 'her nnger-tlp- veil. She can-led a'.bridal. bouquet., - • ••: The maid of honor was attired,in an acqua colored -gown. •• with nace top full organdy skirt.;She >,-an acqua tiarra., Her bouquet was com-, "-posed o'f':mlx.ecV.ri6wers with,yellow predominating..:. •-.;;-. .-.-j :.:.:.•;.-,.'' [ The go.wns of- the l.jridesnialds •wore made. .slniJlai. Anna Madeline Ornbauskns, r of Mrs. .loaeph Urobiiua- knn of Ourtlss Ht.'.eet, .Union City, and fJhai'109 Thomas PosalLls, soi) of Mi'H. Stanley PusalUH of sti-DOt, WatoiMnu-y, were morning at .10 o'cloc '( 5 .blHiroh by Rev. Thomas -M-, Tli'H'I'ln llOStOI'i • 1,11 II I III) I,."' , -..nn \.flc>Ct Tho attoncll»« couple was AUM nuns GrohauskuH, sister ol .the- brldn, und Stephen Shelb.osky .of Bank married In St. DHKSSKS — SUITS COATH voun CMICDJT was attired In ,-n bofiii- llful gown of wliito faille taffola, made prliuiosH stylu, with -Hiiuaro okllno trimmed with white .tulle. !\n ov" rHUlrt of .luMo wan atla.ahod.- Lo small pnplurn.s i and nx-tondecl- -to .a train 'The Hlocvos ol the gown iolot lu-iitfth. nor flngortla v, fell from u -,1 .ullot. cap -made o in IP and laffeta and uauglit with, 1 hlossoms. She cai-jMcc a; ,of whlt-o rosoH, gladioli-, (inci Hlophnnotls. , taffota gown, clo- sr -'the bride o to that -of the maid-;'of-.honor and .ware rose colored. They wore .rose tkirras and carried : mixed bouquets. • Thci.Jji'lclc's.. rnoLlKu 1 was oltircd in--a - g : reea' cr.ope dress, black coal , •and-hat'-ami .wore:a corsage of yellow rosesi.The mother of.the bride-, • groom wore -a navy, bjue ensemble 'and,a-corsagc of .yellow -roses. • ,' The- cliurch was ; profusely dec- ' bra Led'' : with large ferns and yeVlow flo.wors. -tOtlward - ; ,Markiwiosi.. .was soloist dunng'the nuptial.mass. ' . " About . 100 .guests were - cntcr- .tainccl. ;at • a 'rocepUon , held", in. St. .Iladwigls:parish.-hall--, following the •ceremony/ - . . - A 1'Ler/ a wcddlng, trip, -through the •southern-states,.Mr, .and-Mrs. Osiccki will reside il:/i9 Gity Hill street. The bride 'isV-a -gnaduate of • Naugatuolc biglv school, and Uie.i^oyaT'Academy Qf:..l-IaTrjdressing.; -.The - groom vis.- an alurnnus 'of Anson'Ia high '{school and -is .employed - at , the Naugatuok Gheniic'al.-co'mp.any.:, .. . OiiUpfrtown guests wore :pifop- cnt ; . from''B'a-J.timore, -Mel., Augusta, Maine,. Anso'nia,. : New York, .BrJdgc- por.t an'd : Water bury,, .. ' •-.-'The'bride's traveling suit was of soC-tiycjlbw matcriaJ" willi which, she \yore iravy abbcssories' orchid 'corsage;'.' .'-.'•' '50-jjyoaBs-.old, ;,to,wlilch',bas been added ,a four-room J3rick ; addition : 6'f-"more. m'OdeviV construction bui not-fireproof. Survey, ratings- apply, principally .to the. original building. •They* were'vVfalr" In all categoric^ This, however, cannot be const.ruea indicating a. satisfactory condi- slnce there existed 'tire foIJoyv- partial list o : f more .important defects: ihadequato fire .alarm• system; fire doors which Mte*.£ work or were "not. sufficiently safeguarded • sub-standard panic hard-, ware- stairs'-.with worn treads, steep' runs -, and. -insuf-flolent Jm-nd- I'fiils; unsanitary and insufficient, toilet facilities; The' school board has registered its desire M,o keep -.the building in,as good condition as possible, but as yet no action has been report- •cd 'on many of, tbe more important items. ^ ^ Award Certificates For Home Nursing I ,( one) i.jic~" nursing committee, ward •Mrs, Hanley, was worn by the maid, of-'honor. A .luliet, oa ; p of peach taffeta and U-lmmocl with peach colored flowers was her .head dross. .She crnr- k ' a bouauot -of Token rosos, gUidloll-florettos, .clolphinlum ; : a-n cl pastel sweet -poas. . The bride's rnqther wore a pou : •clrc 'blue dress, navy blue accessories and a corsage ;i( oT'ids. A navy blue dress and 'accessories •wore worn -by -the- gro-onV-s moth- Pi- Sho also had. an orchid corsage. .'..Snnpdnagons, -foTnR -an-'d _.vpalms composed tbe church- .-cleDoraUons; Solos were -sung by -Miss .Constance Llnskey and -Miss -Barbiv A -roooptloji- for : about including out-of-town Cord, New Britain, Ansonln, was held .at inn, -Mldcllebury: The newly-married reside In Waterbury . n« from their -wedding; trip. The; bpiclo woro -for traveling, .a .brown Hiilt.wlt-h -dusty pink Horles and a corsage •JaTH!|. Miss ' Mary Mrs.' Edward •••Oalvin' i^oraid, .Mrs, Anna s, Mrs, Wilfrod'.'Evoir, 3S-liss « Bvoiv .Miss . -Irene. . Sborrdan,. .Helen 1 : .Shoridan" and-. Sheridan." , guo&ls, and Li ft-the-: t • couple will; •after rct,urn- : aooos- of prlHds._ SALLY'S SALLIES --••-— -, Ii'oiiH, IClo, — 'H»y > homo while they ffl STIISII'S HAKRHV SALE, AIMUL 24 The 'Ladies 1 .' Aid 1 ' society- of UTC Hlllslcle -Congregational cliurch will sponsor a . bakery; sale, on. .-Friday,. April -24, at "Haw ley's Hardware sfprp, -Clhurcli, street,,. ., starting.. nt -41; a. m. Public .•.-.patronage ;.ls, JnviLcu.. PATIENT A I -HOSPITAL Harold " Frcestrom of l>i.J Johnson .strc'ot . .,.,.. hospital, /Waterb'ury. VISITING RELATIVES "• \' ; ,. ' . ;• lialpii Slolx of I ]?ali < cbil'd" 1 strcQt Is -.'Visiting- port,',' Penn ; rclaUves in . Wlllldms- NORMAN 1IOVAY iN,!U»K» 'Noi'man' Dovay of-175-Park av- cnue -was li'ca'led at the-Waterbury hospital. -Friday ; afternoon follow- •|n'g-''-on'-ap«ixinnt wh' oocurred Svhlle iie was : jacking bis par to change,'a "tire. .'It is- reported .tliat the jack--s'l-ipport'. anil tlic <iar -lop; pled' over,' culling. Mr. Bovay on Wic -back, of the;.head-: • . , tlic Mi's. Haui-y Gh.uroliill of Greenwood street., Union City, is n-pneumonia ..patient, .at SI, -Mary's hos- StHPHISE F 'Miss .Helen man of presided. . . Cet'tincates were awarded to following la'dies: Ann ChrisUne Bca- gar, Jane Bontempo, Mrs. Mima Bcrnblu'm,- Mrs. iDmma M. Gronm, Mrs.- Mary -Gockcroft, Mrs. Betty Prank, .Beacon Falls j.-PIna. Forchielli,, Mrs. Grace A. Dunn, Ellen- Duffy,. Elaine Greidcr/Mrs.-EllxalDetlvHotch- kiss, Mrs. .Lois: S.- Hayes, Janet 13, Merrill, Mrs. Dorothy 'Conley N s- son, Gertrude O'-Brien, Dorothy O'Toolc, ValenUna RunKoni,. Eugenia Sullivan;' Ethel Sullivan,- Mi's. Jose- .phine'A. Shea, Mrs, Corlbel K. Walk- .er.'.'Effle iBorg,- Beacon Palls; Mrs. Pretk -Carlson,. Beacon Falls; Norma Gederhplm, Beacon '''Falls; Mrs Winifred D! Courtney, Beacon Kails, Mrs. Margaret Donahue, Beacon Palls- Mrs. Anna • Karaban, Beacon •Palls; -Mrs. Ella E. Kiernan, Beacon Palls Mrs. Charlotte Kocrber, Beacon -Palls; Mrs. Marie .Mill; Beacon Palls; Mrs. Clara .Oslcrhoudt, Beacon, Falls; Mrs. Frances U. Russell, 'Beacon FaMs; Mrs. -Alice' Rau, Beacon Palls; Mrs. Eva Tucker, Beacon Palls; Mrs. Irene A. Tarbell, Beacon Falls • Mrs: .Florence Wynne, Bea- ooir Falls; -Mrs. Ruth J. Brown, Mrs. Augusta Barwick; Mrs. M tired Blum, Mrs. Margare'L .13. Chittenden, Mrs. Edith M. Clark, Mrs. EstrJd Campbell, Beacon Falls; Mrs. 13 • Frances Crowley, Mrs. Irene b. PiUgerald, Mrs. Elsie Ounn, Mrs. Helen Hoaclley, Beacoit Falls, Mrs. Carolyn A. Isbcll, Mrs. .luliana-.lohn- son, Mrs. Helen P. .Lynn, Mrs. Hose Leittbn,' Mrs.'.Doro-lilly N. McCollum, Mrs licdwig Mikalch-us,, Mrs, .Mary Pioski, Mrs: Ruth-. B. Rodcnbach, Mrs. Alice. Valentine. ' Trout Breeding Pool Here Cleaned Today (Continued from Page One) ^ ally weir known people are -sponsors.''. ' -' v Naugatuck Is asked to raise $2000. for this cause-and a committee consisting of the persons mentioned have pledged ; lhemselves to organ- ise and work for this drive in Nauga- Luck. . They earnestly request the cooperation and contributions of the people fo Naugatuck so that it will be knoNvn that \ve have liberally responded to another most worthy appeal. The Chinese people are contributing their efforts 'anil lives in the''great struggle of the United' States ft'nd.the'ir Allies To Win the War. Our boys.are contributing their all. Surely, we who are not going lo the front must not Tail them in any way we.can help. •K, is. most; important-for us to do_ •everything we can I/O aid the Chinese —thoy are our bravo All Jos and now that. Gal-aan-has fallen, the Japanese will probably press Chinese territory stronger than ever. President RoosovclI states: "it. Ts essential thai, wo help China in her magnin- oeni. defense and ' hi her inevitable counter-offensive—for that is one important element in the ultimate defeat, of Japan." Please send or han'd y.our contribution \p ,Tljc Naugatuck NatlonniJ Bank in care of Roy Johnson who Is tresurev of this drive. . . . ALBERT S. COX, Chairman. Members of Me Naugatuck committee are: Albert S. Cox, cliaJrman; Roy M. Johnson, treasurer; Warden Leo J. Brophy,.Postmaster Frank T. Green, Fire Chief John J. Sheridan, Congressman Joseph .13. Talbo!,, -judge Martin• Caine, Harold Baldwin, president Chamber of .Commerce; Harold E. Ghittenden superintendent of schools; Harris Whitlemore, chairman selective draft board;..William Boise,'Charles L. Bcrger, Joseph, Carlson, Harry Carter Rudolph M, Hennlclf, John Kenney Calvin Kussan- jlan, Waller Norton, Viclor N. Peterson, Morris Rosenblatt, Fred Zon- Jno, Miss Sophie Brown,,Mrs. Samuel - Bristol Mrs. -Henry McCarthy, Mrs. William J. Nea'Vy, Mrs, Fred Rolllnson, Mrs. Howard B. Tuttlc, Mrs. Joseph E. Talbot, Mrs. Jane G. Twitch el), . Mrs. Harris Whitte- inore, Jr. Britain's Off er To India Is Withdrawn (Continued .from Page One) iMuuhimi all-India Cripps in gress was Axad, president of the congress,' h n d advised a, ietter that the eon- prepared to "resume re- \Vyatt. of 53. Walnut WPB R^stariets Wometi's Styles UritffW STRATTON'S RESTAURANT ;BTHAKS GOOKTAILjBAE Naugatuck Fish and Game club will start at the same time. Pmes for the largest brown/, brook and rainbow 1 -trout .-will be. awarded, as. well as for Lhe Iftrgest 'bass, pi6kercl and. perch caught -by members of. the association .and tbe ..youngsters ; oi'Uie 'borough.: Tbe' .flsh' will be' judged according' : to ; weight. : Jack Lawlor, chairman ..of. the contest committee, has-announced that ,lhe : - ".fbllowirig stores will 'be the contest cGntcrs..i'or Local, anglers; The Weiss department store, union City Hardware, .Hawley Hardware, :Naugaluck- ; Hardware, Davis Market and Mic\Parks Drug store A spec al trophy - ; is being -offered by the Weiss ' store for.', the : largest,brook. 'Moving pictures of Fox Hunting and Liberating Trout will be shown aliHlie--next meeting : of 'the assocni- lion.which -wni.bejield.qn May 13. Allies Prepare For Attacks ()n Japanese (Continued from Page One) sponsibility" in. even I, a "true 11 national .government, were formed. Ho emphasized, however, that this government must, be . headod' by a^ "cabinet," not an -"executive." Las!, minute disagreement over a division of control of India's defense': between the British, command and Indian nationalist political lenders, brought the collapse of negotiations on Hrila-ln's offer of post-war dominion status for India and the auxiliary questions of defense and pnrtScipation .of In-, dlans in an' interim national government. The rupture ended, if only for the moment, Britain's hope of getting 'Nationalist leaders behind a drive to. put India's 380,000,000 people fully into the wnr. British quarters bitterly blamed, leaders of the Nntionnllst all-Jndla congress for the, failure at a mo- iienl, wlich Indian cities were bong bombed and the country was hreatcncd by Invasion. Oripps in a formal -.statement marking the end of his attempts, vit-li the aid of President .Rooso- 'eH.'s special-envoy Louis A, ,lohn-, on, to reach an agreement on In- Han defense, said he had reccive.d reply from the working or e'xe- utiyc'committee of the'Nationalist ongress. •'.--,' This reply-mafle it clear that the. ongress was not prepared to ac- cpl 'British proposals -or enter an valley and. struck at ' the French cbastv including be Havre. The operations . ; a-pparenU.y 'were /on -a .large The War Production ''Board has 'decreed that for the duration of ; war drcsaea can be shorter, and shorter; or- tighter -and tighten* . of 68^ inchea/a^patchpock^ *^ a Beautiful -m*<ch- ingv Wedding Set In ' CtW.Xncitr y«l- his January*, budget:- niess'age..;;Part, p.c'vifhc'-taxes .may-vbe lih IHo^orinjvOt; compulsory : savings .'for iii'dividuals and corporations./ -:„ .-•-. v :' . v / 2. Universal > -prlcc.V-.cpntrp),-: >;ln--, volving freezing ,o'C ;retiUl;.pr,iccs : .as. p'f a given -diilG 'and Die'' llcensiiig; of f : wholesalers ,and- rc,tal)cV8v,4;./:v.';?'.. ; j-' 3. Wage cohir.o.i .on',' tho pattern; of the Canadian systemV>vbife)i ; PJ'O- vidosvfor sbnve a(!jxisi:m^nts i; otHviig08 : : to l.ho cost of 'living;.but no -'other.,;. increases. . .. ; - < -: 4. Tightened credit, controls; designed to put business\more IVcavly ! on a. cash, basis.".:--. ' -V •',<.-. , Henderson's office:said-' last night the cost of living has 1 increased ,ia. per cent, since the outbroak.,,o,C the ? Burppcan,war—a .:,'danger.-sign 11 k of a- serious price spiral-^ind estimated tlvat uncontrolled Inflation ,\vould' add $100,000000,000.- to AvaivoQsU.- Wiih government spiihcilng on war contracts putting;more-money In the--\vage earner's -pocket and ; many consumers* goods taken oft:; the market, officials -estimate' that ,' excess .purchasing power now approximates $21,000,000,000 a ..year.-••."..> Drafting of .the program:, follows mounting oo'ngrosslbnal .demands: for more rigid price r.ontrol and gave rise to speculation, ihnt. Prcsi- ', : dont Roosevelt may send Congress: a. spoeinl tax message. .The >Hous(v ways and means committee,•'• \no\y'=;-. holding hearings 'On, live 5>T7,OpO;000,- : ••000' program, ..•Is.scJied-ulQil l.o.MCOh-:••;: elude its deliberations April ,:27. Some'administration, Officials, Including Henderson, arc - understood ; to favor virtually doubling the tax ; . program.' Among 'proposals ,rei)ort- Otlly under consideration as,a compulsory savings system, 'In ' the ease of corporations, the , plan would involve those whoso effective tax rate,! including, normal, surtax and excess profits levies totaled more than,80-per cent of earnings., Any taxes.Ju excess of 80 per cent of earnings would< be. credited to the corporation by the Treasury 1 in bonds. hi tho case .of individuals it would mean an -Additional .'\vltli-, •holding tax - of top -x)f:.- Uie; v ley,ics proposed in the pending-Treasury program. Tho amount; of the- extra tax- \vould-bo\pajd to : -i;he tax*payer In bonds. v -• ' . . ':;''••„.. . The tax proposals also may include a -lowering -of personal, ex--- cmptlons. from- $1,500.,.to' $1,000 :for married couples and. from ^7^ tP. $500 for: single 'persons", A lowering of. the crcd 11 -, for './dcpcnden |,» from B/iOO to $200 also may, be included. ' ' • ,.--.. . ICccles is vor of ;such.' roductlonsi Morgcnthau , .reportedly. .1 pared a memorandum .Roosevelt ,.opposing,f tiUtini grounds' that .with, J.ho-rjse living '.costs/ : they, ,\Vould , s o in c incomes. • below subsistence levels. . » Executive action -putting the program .in to .effect may bo, timed (,o influence-. - : the./. comjng Senalo fight over 'labor legislation, The Senate Js now In. rcoosa, under a "truce" which, has postponed action on tlio proposals:until April 20. At that, time,:;tho :Gonnally.bill to ftiilhoplJMJ seix.urc. of .strike bound plants , and freeze .industry-labor conditions except, for.Avagcs,/ automatically boconios the- order of b'usine'ss. " ... i The Connally -bill.: is expected |o become the, instrument ,of numer-. ous labor a'mehflmpnU;-' including, proposals -to extend -th'e present 40- hour maximum work- week to 48, or remove the limit completely. So: far the administration has opposed any change Jn the work .week on grounds, thai, ellmiimtlon of overtime rates for work in ^.excess of V<0 hours would, in effect, reduce the wages of nil persons working beyond 40 hours. . ::. . be. in fa- J ,ilthougli has., pro- Tor,- Mr. pn^ the of, the roduco Enbugh stec) and rubber go into a single 27-ton meuiuni tank'to make 24••automo))ilcB. . - .: » •'•'•'.•' ' MISS ;FTKR'S SHOP _ fihdwer ,& edtiing 1 Qift« Also t .HHIlMiE I'HIKKS . 17 CniTOll Court, N»uiOHttick f C DON'T WRITE On Any Old ;Kfnd or Ho" i»nrll<iii)Hp Biid Oibosc EATON'S Quality Papers 35c per box and up use LETTER PAPER4 FOR. AND STATIONERY STORE Naugatuck. GreatOakFarm "iOXFOBDi ^ GEZAM CHOCOl^ATE Auto Bpdy and Fender Work (I -Auto Painting-:* (I 24 Hour II .. Wrecker Service u Parts of Niugatuck Telephone 5049

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