The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1934
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER .NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1&34 - , *»**> • • I 'Miss Rose Lou Oooke, of Luxora, 1 entertained 16 guests with a bridge piarty Thursday afternoon at the lion* of Mrs. Clarence Vollmer. Betide* BlythevUle girls MUs Maxine Brown, of Luxora, and Miss Julia Cnis, of Osoeolt, were guests. In the card games MUs Mary Catherine 'Martin won high score award, a compact, handkerchiefs *«nt to Mrs. Harm an Taylor for second high score, and two recent brides, Mrs. C. G. Smith Jr., nnd Mrs. Allen Huddlcston, were given linen. The hostess was assisted by her sisters, Mrs. Vollmer and Mrs. W. J. Wunderlich, In serving a salad course with sandwiches nnd iced t?a. Carney-Prince. Announcement has teen nnide o'f the marriage of Miss Odis Prince nnd Murlin Carney, bo^h of Huffman. The Rev. P« 1). Kilgore performed ihc ceremony June 16. Achmore-Wifeon. Miss Margie Wilson, of this cily, and Ray Ashmore, of Ripley, Terin. wire unlltMl In mnrrlnf}! here June 16. The Rev. W. J. ficlloy, pastor of ilia Lake Slrcel Mctlio- dlst church, said Ihc service. hey will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. To* Llltfelner and eon. Miss Mar- In will remain wilh l:er tulcr, Ihe r ormer Miss Marjoi'lo Martin, for i month and Miss Keck will stay here a short time before going to 3ar!ysk>, Pa., where she will visit her sisler, Mrs. aeorgc M. Powell, and Lieut. Powell C. E. Atkinson, formerly of here and row of Memphis, attended to ousliipss In the oily yesterday. Woodrow Fisher, who recently underwent nn emergency operation for appcmJicllls, Is now nuic lo be out. Mrs. John Whllworlh, of Holt, and Mrs. lloyrt Oliver nnd son, of .Memphis, wore guests of Mr. and' yon Mrs. P. B. Wood Wednesday. |flml Mrs. L. E. Old Jr., has gone to yourself Memphis where she will spend the I When It's lip to the Women J3Y MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Women and the Vote (JLO S It BJ IP *»^§® M It ID V DAN THOMAS 'GEORGE SCARBO A vole Is never an liilclllni'iil vole i Now, there-' is for many people no when II Is casl without knowledge, sense of security nnd no comfort Jusl doins what some one else iclls - • - ... to do wil'ront any eltr.rl lo out what Ihe facls lire for ir, being a |X)or cltlixn. When women flrsl had tlic vote, summer with Mr. old. who Is cm-.lmuny of Ihcm did not know how Announcement has been mnde of the marriage ol Miss Elsie Smith and Harrell Ciivashere, both o! here. The service was iierfonned by the Rev. J. A. Taylor June 13. Gnild M«ls. The Missionary guild of Ihe First Christian church met Monday eve nlnj with Mrs. M. H. Cameron lo make year books for Ihe new year. ployed there, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Mcautchen. Mr. nd Mrs. W. D. Ciiamtlln nnd Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Keck will spend the weekend al Hardy Mrs. Alice Wnmack, who lias been attending school in Jonesboro. will return home tonight. She will bs accompanied by her danglilcr, Mrs. Rives Allen, and Mrs. I!. J. Allen, who motored uvcr ycslcrilay lo vls- 't friends. Mrs. cnarlcs Newcomb left Inday for it (wo weeks stay In Slnr- ?ls. Ky. Sin: was »c«mipanl:cl by ler son, Charles Ray, and Miss Dorothy Goodrich, who will return during the weekend. ->. n. J. Allen is attending t obusl- ncss In Osccola loday. Bits oj Nuts Mostly Personal lo act information cm questions of eovornmenl. ' Olhers had seen th« men for years go and vote, had heard them lalk a little during the weeks just before election about this or llmt csfulldatc or this or t'ral parly, but had never gathered thai there was concern for and no ease no 'luxury, i Clinton Caldwell Cites Negotiable Securities Act in Opening Campaign The fcder:il negotiable, securities act of 1897, since written into lhc| slalutes of (he various stales, was atacked as a "device lo enrich greedy creditors and clean out debtors body, soul and breeches.' by Clinton L. Caldwell, oi Manila even the right lo work, not always looked ujion as a blessing, has become a precious and sought-after right. Now you do not, either in men or women, have lo arouse in- Icrcsl in IhiMr government; it is the one hone they have and they look to It for salvation. "The Proper Thing" the tilings the parlies stood for. You were ft democrat, or a republican Ix'cnusc your family belonged 10 one or lo Ihe oilier parly. Ijecanse | your people had hern In ti:o north i or in Ihe south at ihc time of the j wnr between the stales, or bccausa 11 was easier to yel advancement business In your locality If yon longed lo one or the olhi'r n:irly. These reasons and some others ke Ihem did not nrcnlly stir Ihe Iriotlsm of Ihe women. A few omen formed the league of Wo- cn Voters. Ollr.'r organizations >rnii£ up for [>oUlical study find ng established women's climbs :lticd departments »f citizenship •here their politically minded • such questions 'I'omorrow: ,\ Violent Revolution? (Copyright, 1033. by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt; distributed by unllcd Feature Syndicate. Inc.) candldnle for the Democratic nom Inrttion for conlrcss, In the opening address of Ills campaign, delivered at Helena last Saturday. This" net, he declared, legalized acceptance by banks of notes con (nlnlng clauses madirlng Ihc whole debt on default in Hie payment of Interest, requiring tslra Inlcrcst. If Ihe payment of Ihcrc was any Mrs. J. H. Humphreys has returned to her homo here tifler & • week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. E. G. Belzlcr, and Mr. BeU- ler at Hoi Springs. Miss Frances Tucker left loday for Moon Luke where she will Join several friends from Hallics- burg, Miss., for several days. She was accompanied by Dudley Denton who will also be a m'cmbir . -of the party. Mrs. J. W. Lako, of Maud, Miss: who has been visiting her daugli^ ter. Mrs. C. P. Tucker, returned home" : todny with Miss Jnsline Johmon and Robert Frank. Lula, Mijss. . r\ \r" Mrs. O.'C. Ollvsr and Iwo daughters, of Holl, Mrs. Zed Meyer, arid daughter, of Palm Beach Fla., and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fid cher, of Joiner, .were guesUi o: Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whilworll Wednesday. Mrs. A. W. Stevens and sol: Martin Blair, formerly of her end now of near Houston, Texas are guesls of Mrs. J. H. Fishc arid other friends. Misses Sue Butt and Margare Keck and James Terry and Oscnr Hardaway went to Memphis Wcd- "Whal. is best society?" "Society" is an ambli;uous term; .may mean much or nothing. Kv- ry human being—unless dwelling tone in a cave—is a incmbir o: oclely of one sort or another, and heicfore it is well to define whnl s understood by tli; term "best so- Icl-y" and why Us authority Is rcc- gnlzed. Best sociely Is nol a followslilp if Ihe wealthy, nor docs It seek tc ixcludo IhoHe who nrc not of ex iltcd birth; but it Is an associa Ion of gentle-folk, of which gooc orm in speech, charm of manner knowledge of-lhc social nincnllles nid Instinctive consideration fo the feelings of others, are the crc dentials by which sociely the worl over rccogniw.vits chosen member In Iho Unlled Stales Best So ciely is i-eprcGeiiled by social grou) whlcli have had widest associatio wilh old world cultivation. Onltlva tlon is always the basic altllnde Best Society, much as we hear i this country of an "aristocracy wealth." To the general public a long purr Is synonymous wllh high positlo H Is Iriie that Best society is con pa rat Iv ely rich; It Is Iruc that II hosU-Es of great wealth, who cot slantly and lavishly entertains, wi shine, at least to Ihe readers < the press, more brilliantly lhan b less ullhicnt sister. Yet the lalle through her quality of birth, h nesday evening /to dance on Ihe Peabody holel rcof. Miss Cara Bell fs a patient at the Memphis Bnptlsl hospital. Joe and Philip Applebnum have returned from a visit wilh their parents in Ynzoo City, Miss. Miss Marguerite Hnsson has returned from a visit in Memphis. Tom Marmn, who was visiting relatives In Princeton. Ky., 1ms >""»>• «° n °t been stricken . ill nnd is being Jesters of lodaj brought homo lite today in a Cobb ambulance. Ho Is believed to be ill from malnria and liis condition is now serious. His mo- Iher, Mrs. T. J. Mahan. Mis.' Ross .D. Hughes and children. Mrs. W. B. Tanner and son, Jimmie. of Helena,, who were with him, are 'also returning. James Hnsson has gone to Mcii- Among dlan. Miss., lo spend the sim:-*>-r. tended ihc Francis Adams and Vcrnon Rimer have gone to Chicago for Iwo weeks vacation at the lair. F.-ed Fowler has gone to Dycrs- iurg. Tenn.. where he has accepted a posillon wilh the Frlgldairo company. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hall will leave Tuesday for a vacation lo be spent in Eslcs Park nnd other points of Colorado. They will be away a monlh or longer. Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks and - ton,'Sieve, will relum today from Ashpdrt and Ripley, Tenn., where •. they have been visiting relatives. Steve*his been'over lor about ten days and Mrs. Brooks went over Sunday! Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Blackwood, who have lived in Litlle Rock for a number of years, have moved ,to Memphis. They were accompanied by their son and daughter, Miss Virginia and D. H. Jr., and their three nephews, who make their home wilh them. Their niece, Miss Joy Blackwood, who RlEd" lives with' them, remained In Little Rock where she is employed. Tb* • Blackwoods frequenlly visit here and- hsd considered return- ing-hert to'live'. Mr. and Mrc. T. O. King and children, of Harllnjen. Trxas. left y»«rt»y after » visit with Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Brlscoe. They arc In WU»n, for a. brief stay wilh ^in. King's 'mother, and will also stop »t >Jirianna cnroutc home. 'MJises-Margaret Keck and Mary Catherine Martin will leave tomorrow for Washington, D. C., where poise, her Inimitable distinction, often Ire jewel of deeper water Ihe social crown oi her lime. Many people brought before I eyes of Ihe public, oceans: of mo ey or sensational actlvlllcs, nrc n Host Sociely .il all despite Ihe energy of their press agents! An-1 some of them who arc in Best So- ciely. but who do'things ot which Wilson Society — Personal °mb?r.i could •.;! s Interested them. The vast inn- were Mrs. N. oiily of women, however, remain j Jewel Counts s indllfcrent lo tht 1 vole and how <cy use It as are Ihc vast majority f men. If we look alxinL us In the world At a mi'cllng of [lie Mississippi county B. V. P. U. al l!:a Baptist church here Thursday night Mr. and Mrs. Alton Grecnwell were bride and bridegroom In a. wedding uniting Ihc Spirit of Ihe 13. Y. P. U. In the B. Y. P. II. The bride was ncidendcd by Miss llea Caughley as maid of honor nnd Dwighl Anderson was best difnult. exacting payment of collecting charges and attorneys fees, exacting payment in gold, andj waiving borrowers' exemptions. . i It is these clauses. Mr. Caliiwell '. dc-clared, lhal have made possihl( , j the wholesale foreclosures of re- 1 '. cent years, with consequent, dc' prcssion of pro|)ciiy values and • loss of lax income. I Payments Forced ! "All land bank mortgages con- aln the clause that upon default In the payment ot any scini-anmml installment the bank may declare Ihc entire debt immediately due raid payable," he said. "In the years 1930. IflSl. and 1032. (he feri- rr:il farm loan board, a government agency controlling \'i federal Innd banks and ."V] man. Bridesmaids B. Thompson. Miss and Miss Levadi llnycc. Little Dorn Dean Cannon and JJotly Jack Millican were flower girls, nnd Belly Lou Davis, ol Tallulah. La., was ring bearer. V. \\AYO SAS AuY.iO2iTf Of ITALIAN! S, A>!D O'WJ It WHEELERS BfSTJCS HAS SLJILT A HACIENDA WHICH IS A REPLICA OF THF- ONE IM V.WCH HB WA CHOftlWE, IS TAKING- LESGOK'S TO Bir COME A'0:&-riMfc'ACTfiESS l*J rW*.. Minwnary Will HoW • Revival at Rat LaU> J The Kev. Howard King, Mississippi county Baptist missionary, will open a revival at the Flat Lake school Sunday morning, 11 o'clock. He will be assisted by Jim Ferguson, of Jonesboro, as song leader. Services will be held each evening at 8 o'clock. FcnroM House to Be Razed PHILADELPHIA. (UP) —T h e house from which Senator Bole's Penrosc once ruled Pennsylvania and national politics boon will be lor down to make way for an open-air parking lot. Penrosc died in Washington on New Year's Eve, 1921. G. ..Mniin. Charles BMll o-diiy or rend past- history. we will ml thnl benevolent monarchs anil ood diclntors liavo as 11 rule liiul onlented, well-governed people. 11 s only when bncl rulers oppress lielr people for n long lime Ihat hose people begin to l-nnik lor hemselves and evcnlually over-' hrow Ihclr rulers. Those of us wlm live in denio- acies have known of such occur- encrs In (he past but If our Icnd- rs have led us throuuli fairly still waters wo arc as content as other icoples under other forms of government In let some ]>cople do our '.hlnklng for us. and it takes stern limes to shake us oul of our npa- thy.' ' ' Women arc no dlllerenl from mei n thus and though certain subjects may k?. of greater interest to :hem, Ucy have been slow as a ;ronp lo acl because |K>liltc;i Ihoiiglu and aclion were new nnd following women lenders was new How many limes have I heard older women say. "Well, I really fee safer with a man doctor and I lake n man's advice on certain fmestlnm because he's be-jn at. il ? 0 mud loiiscr than we women!" sex is still (lie basis of judgment. Thai, day is just bccimil arrive nnd, strange coincidence. I is arriving just, when slcni nccessi- 1 Cauley, at Sheffield. Ray Mnnn were [;rcomsmen. Mrs. Herbert Sullivan entertnin- cd tl:o Methodist missionary society Tuesday nfternoon. Mrs. Eva Kcrlin gave Ihe devolional. • Clyde Hodges, of Wewoka, Okla., .•-o has Iwen visiting his sister, frs. Oscar finrksdalc for several ays, relnrnecl liome Wednesday. Mr. and Mi's. Logan Hudson, ol Delrolt, Mich., arc ihc yuesls of ilr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Hudson thus vcck. Mr. nnd Mrs. Percy Vincent and children nrc spending n week as guests of Mrs. Vincent's parents, Mr. md Mrs. William jarr, at Mem- Iihls. '. . ,' • Mtss Mnble Wright, ol 31. Louis, Okla., arrived Saturday and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Gayliln Porter and family. Hudson II. Wrenn nnd Eislner Beall went to Little Rock Wednesday lo attend the tour-day Smith- Hughes vocational conference. stock land banks, with Hoover and Melton then Us official heads, col- Icclcri nearly 300 million dollars n:orn loan principal than fell due during .those three bad years. The government did this by demanding immediate payment of the whole j moiissngc from llic farmer sup- cd to he able to pay anil who delaiillecl in Ihe payment ol a not he cured by voting for senators I W a j arpnp - U/;i| U O |J nnd representatives In congress as «a«areneS "1» "OIQ ivo do now. Due lo control of congressional . action by committees, he said, "a joint; f cw dependable coijjycssmen, loyal Revival at Coote installment. Those who cnnld. paid, rather than be sold out. The government certainly worked that cut-throat clause skillfully because il look over only 103 million dollars fimns." to their masters but their country, sittint,' disloyal on a few more important or ke> conimittees, arc all the congressmen iheso m- visible rulers need." As a remedy he urged submission of a conslilnltoira! amend- nieiil lo abolish congress, transfer ! Us law-making powers lo Ihe prcs-' : - idcnl. and to provide for a governors recall of Ihe president and Ihe speedy cleclion of his successor. An cvangclisfcc meeting will b- "' gin at Cooler, Mo., Sunday evcnin ,°|wilh the Rev. J. T. Hoof;, of Ih cily. and the Rev. T. W. Barnet in a lent. Bulh nrc affiliated wit tl:e Church of the Nazarene. PILES Can Be Cured! 'or more than a generalion, on he oldest, most hopeless appoar- ng cases Cross Salve has prov- L n time after lime 'lie trust of that statement. Combining one of the most powerful disinfectants known, In a velvet-smootb oil base, Cross Salve gives Instant soothing relief with the first application; effectively re moves the cause of Ihe trouble quicker than anything you' had ever though possible. Sold un der ail honest guarantee to givi absolute satisfaction or monej refunded. 30c and DOc at al dealers. The Crosa Salve Co. Inc., Marion, Ky. ' OPPORTUNITX THURSDAY'S EVENTS in the MI-ADS "At wlint sacrifices." he asked, j adelphia "did defaulting farmer-debtors >nd Iws raise :IOO million dollars In pay PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Suzanne W. Evnns, six, daughter of a Phil- goveniment bank loan principal not due for many years, and thai nn lop of such due principal and Interest ns was paid? At what cost lo Ihc legions of creditors of farmers Al what cost to the pub.Ufc whose fortunes nrc Jinked with both farmers and their creditors At what cost to la\ treasuries empty because of demoralized property values?" Enrich Ihe Grwdy "These cul-lhroat clauses may luive looked harmless lo you," he continued, "but il must be clear t(i yon now that they were put in attorney, is a heroine medal lo prove il. The medal was presented to her recently, one year after she rescued four-year-old from drowning. William Kuehne The hcarl of a cockroach es- lends Ihc full length of its body. The okupi, a large animal of ecnlral Africa, was nul known to white men until the 20th century. McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY FRKE DELIVERY Specials for Saturday and Monday Mary Frances, daughter of Mf. rolcs ' anl , , wu(ls (o cnrich grccdy and Mrs. Sumner ne e eiio!d, under- , cre(iUo , s „,,,, cl7all Ollt debu , rs went an operation for appendicitis J, , , , , bl . cc(;h( , s _ Tllcy Rcl j at tiie Baptist hospital in Memphis Tuesday. Mis. S. C. Brandon jr. returned Tuesday from a month's visit with her parents, Mr. aiid Mrs. J. R. approve, are court instead or "qiu ens." Huftmuu News Mrs. Vance Camlnirn anrl (Sainh- ler. F.iy. of Ripley. Miss., are lh-j ;uest sat Mrs. cambiirn's inolhor, Mrs. Annie Stokes, for an cxlendert visit. ty is driving many people in onr country lo think alxnil questions which for years they have been willing to bavc to liicir leaders. I For a number of years f, with] many other women, li.ivc IrrtYclcd our various stales trying lo arouse women to an InteresL In p.overn- m;nt. polnthij; out lion- it nITccteri Ihelr homes, bnildin;; and \varklng cordillons. thi- water they drank, Ihe fcoil tl'cy nlc. Ihclr children. Ihc .whools, Ihr public health, the recreations. Jimmy Grain, fan ol Mr. and Mrs. him if lie defaults and they get him if he doesn't, default. If one ait throat clause docs not clean him out. another will." Mr. Caldwell cited flic negotiable rccnriues act in support of his 'onlention (hat congress docs not J. H. Craln, left this morning lor fcl . V( , [h(1 ]e , )llt js su , )j( , ct lo Brevard, N. C.. lo spend two ..i| lvis | b i,, nl]( , , )y th( . banrtllS of, mouths at Camp Saplure. finance, aided by their armies of Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam Cannon ami; henchmen, politicians nnd camp' Mr. and Mrs. It. C. Cannon arc | Ioll(nvm •• guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Law-. This 5 ' ilU! ,i loll hc declared, can- 1 hon. I Kugcnc Maxwell, Jimmy HiH-'.TaL., RU..L ' Archibald Catchlngs. Charles Bell| lrtllt - »'<»'-&and Hobert Johnson will Icnvc July • 'i for n four weeks lour cf lie rust- i crn -stoics. The Uev. Robert E ! Cleansing L a x at i v c For Bilious Attacks! Simpson, or Enslaml, Ark., will ccn- . ]( ynll . lrr i^],,,,.,.,] B :casionnlly Wo have used Ihc World Wnr to duct Ihe lour, nnd Monroe Max-j^un hilimi'; nllarks. b- sun' lo trv ! :ow I'.inv much, as women, we- are < well and Jimmy Bimn. ol Oscccla. JThrdfords lilack-IJraiinht "I i ronccriifd Milh Rovennni'iits in oth-| will be m:-mbcrs ol thr parly. On. llavt . mr , t i!h r k-u r , lll2 i;v r IV( , or ' f r Iind.^ and our rolallons with \ Ihe '1.500 mile trip l^ey will visit ; = i x yr.ns." writes Mrs. I-'lorencr them. We have shown the nrr:s- ' for wnmeu of dlffcrenl hu:ls. from hrrc who at- taxing m.itch at Oik Kldge Sunday we're Mr. and Mrs. Uillie Ray. Mrs. B'..d Robinson Misses Mnxine Copebnd. Man Lucio Kitcn. and Vrlnia Stevens and Randolph and Dirk Greens and liornard and Dick Ray. Mr. and Mrs .Wnbnrn Ilipps arc i Ue parents of a son. born Tliurs-' day o[ last wrok. Johnnie \Vebb and Henry chan:I- ler. who are employed on U. S. riv- work near Osccola. spent tile week end here. MazD Sanders, who has been in Texas for som: time, returned to his homo here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Kar\ D. :vfarr .rart son and Jimmie Brackin of Bly- thcvlllc were guests of Mr. and Mrs. j. T. walker Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Kisscll and . win:? fundamental Interests are the | three days at STOIC, lo know ami understand ?ach iCMcapx Ihe principal cities oi thr raslern jjufch. cf Si-«lbyville. Ky. "I would .stales anrl Canada, nnd will spend , gel bilious nnd ache ;ill over. My l'n= world's fair In i back would hint. I sinned taking 1 .Black-Uiaucht for Ihir. Irmible. T( . other. We have tiled lo draira- Mrs. Paul Wiggins is visiting her! F.remrd lo clcnnw my sjolem nioro | ti/? some of Hi; lessons lenrned 'sister, Mrs. Charles Kcllcy, al Hay-{than anything 1 had found. I rec- bctweeu nil and 1S20 as to Ihe | li. Ihis week. ; oiinncncj' il for biliousness." Mrs. Onyl-ha I'orlcr nncl '.laui;li- lers. Misses Belly and Wilms. and their honseguer.t. Mis? Mablf Wright, of St. Lou:;. O'::la.. spsn!,! Moving Ihe system of poifoninj 'Diursday as guests of Mr. and Mrs. I waste mailer. 25c a parfcngi*. U. A. dnrrctt, at Kenuctt. Mo. I -Adv.SBPll v.-nstr and futility of war nnd frequently louiHl a polite response, a temporary hurst of interest and then the old apathy creeping back "is the ECUS? of present srcnrlty and comfort spread around our women. Th:ritcrd'r. niack-I)rau?hl is purely vegetable laxative. It slinui- j talcs the bowels to act. thus re-! KUfc "rilES.MOSQUiTMS .AHD OTHER 1HMCTS DELICIOUS Hot Weal her. Served Daily «I,ACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE rricei Reasonable SEMIANNUAL SUGAR Pure Cane 10-Lb. Cloth Bag 50c POTATOES 15-Lb. i'ttk Sacks Each 25c RED RASPBERRIES Fresh Pint CORN On Cob. Fresh Home Grown Per Ear 2ic TOMATOES Fancy Home Grown Ptmmt 6c MEAL 2l-Lb. Sack Gael i 50c DI1TTI7D Golden Rod. Flintv Crcamerv Oil lUIl Pound DOG FOOD Sandy 3 Cans 28c 25c SOAP 0. K. Laundry 10 Bars 23c SOAP Camay or Palmolirc Bars 14c TOILET TISSUE FLAV-R-JELL Fruil Flavors Package 5t CHIPSO Packages 2Sc Per Ro.\ 5c CORN FLAKES !t & W 2 Packages 15e BEANS Kentucky Wonders Pound 4c CLEARANCE SALE livery Pair !«itlics' Sinumci- Sliupcrs, nisplayed On Tallies In 'I'liree l,uls $1.95 - $2.95 - $3.95 Close Out of Odds and Ends Ladies Shoes \ | Children^ Siippers FLORSHEIM MEN'S OXFORES $6.95 I BOYS' OXFORDS $2.95 All Sales Cash j Odds and Ends Childrens Sox - - 5c MILK II. & W. fi Small or ;j Tall Cans 20c HRAIIT \n. Can 10c COFFEE' i\Ic>Iullin's Special. None Belter Pound 24c FRYERS Fresh. Full Dressed Pound 38 c Shankless. SiiRar Cured Picnic Small. Pound FRANKS OR BOLOGNA 1'onnii VEAL ROAST Or Chops . . Pound lOc SAUSAGE Pure Meal Pound Tie BACON SQUARES Pound 12 NECK BONES Pound

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