The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1931
Page 2
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BLTTHEVILLK, (AUK.) COUIUEIt NKWS l''ItlI)AY, JUNK 2U, liW BRIDGE '""—1-WM.' E. McKBNNEV '" r Aiiuriraii BrUie Lraiuc tldfe t> a g»rne of partners nrd ivifjot.; Individuals, Partners must all U:iie6 to. convey to lijbfr'fltber, Ihi! correct picture of Wejf;.hand!"When .this inr<y>na- !0^-;^'difregarded by on: parinsr If 'Uie'.otieri'gaiiie will probably .<:;.VV.-# 10-8-6 i ;**.J-4- NORTH fe 2 Ul 5 Dealer SOUTH 4IC-M- •2 VA-5-3 • A-8 *K-Q-7- !:-:£ ; f;.A>8-7-6-5 !;?:>: ->Q-J.10-7-2 ; f^;-* 9 - 3 ••-••- I-; .•:"'•..:. . T h =43 |!ng with'the five of cluts and Boulli playing the deuce of diamonds. you will notice th»l South first played the seven and thin tho deuce of diamonds In order lo advise partner flmt lie held tha queen of diamonds, as the discarding of UK six and three of diamonds by North showed South where Hie t king of diamonds wns. Declarer | leads the four of dlamonJs and : Nor'.h, disregarding the | tlon obtained from pirtner. jilayo , the nine cf diamonds, Ounuuy whir, • the trick with (he ace, mid then re, turns the eMghl of diamonds which i North is forced lo win with the Iking. He must then lead intu thi j declarer's tenace In hearts whlc'.i I gives the declarer a small slam. I, If North hod paid attention to South's discard, lie would have thrown tils king of diamonds on ihj diamond lead of the declarer, and North and South would have taken three tricks, holding the declarer to four no trump. (Copyright, 1(31, NBA Service, Inc.) i The hand was played in an auc- lou-.championship'match. /South, fie 'dealer, passed, -Weft bid one no ':umj>-which bought the contract, f'Att contract briage, .the tWdlns iouid; tie-South PMJ,' West one no tump,.North-paw!, East bid lour c'.:tftmp Inviting-pirtoer to go to 1 sliin',-but aiWtit 1 holds a mini- luoff ht'must'piii.'.-'-: ' Nptth' Has jths'. opening lead. His (yc.fl<»ig: : suU$ are;bo|h headed by iUigsV and.- while. -we . lyj$ltate -to ijn'ifrpm a suit headed by a'king', .ere)are' : times when this .'Is the ilyVopenlng In the) hand. As the !art;|uli')s the longest, the fourth fsHJi'eaf I • is led—Ihe, seven' spot— lilcJa'itheVdeclarer' allows. lo..rido found-to his jack.:.' The. declarer isrjt'stafts.the spojde suit, leading ce.'gud-queen from his hand,'and- ieii?thD thres spol,' : winning the linj.trfck-ln the-dummy with Ih; ck'. vOri ,ti:e three spades, North llows-.Avith tire : '10 of. spades .and ^curils/the six of .diamonds niid ic six of _cluis.,-South • follows 'with ie.,'rH;e./slx and siveu of. spides. he luj'.s of spades is.returned fr'cm ummy, West, the. declarer, dls- ^idlh'g tiie'.deucs of. h?nrU, Ntirth ropplng the'four..of-hearts.. . D!c%er:thcn starts the c>ul) suit oinj dummy, leading' tlic king and iiee^-'pf :Clubs andVtiien the sev^n f, dibs; frosn 'dummy,. Spui U • d Is- nrding the s'svcri of dla'mbiVds. D=- iarerj wins the trick wilh the'-jack, ivd vNorth,'.'dlscar'ds the elsjiit 'of I earfc^/TlieiacC" o'f'clubs is.then ted y/foclirer,! 'North.'dropping the iirie;<)J 'dlamands, dnnimy follow Hayti Sociely-r-Pcrsonal Servkes Held Thuriday for Young Manila Boy MANILA All:., June 20.—Joseph Harold Needliam, ten-j.jai'-olO «m of Mr, and Mrs. J. D. Ncedham, who lives three nnd n hnlf miles sculh cf Manila, was Interred at the Manila cemetery yesterday af- Itinoon. Joseph Harold died us a result of an appendicitis operation at the St. Bernard HiispUul. Joncs- boro, Ark., Wediiesday, Juiw Zt. Hi' Is survived by his father and mother, his brothers, John ' F. Iintioden, Ark., James nnd Farrls, nnd sisters, Hetty Lee and Vlrgin- in. The services were held at ahc Hi! si Methodist Church und were conducted by the Hev. C. H. Bumpers of Manila. Little Joseph Hnrold would ha/4 been ten y,;ars eld next Monday. He was born on Ills father's farm near Manila. His Eraiidfalher, Bqulro Jtohn Needham, who is at present Town Recorder, has held public office longer lhan any other" man In the State. First Derby Winner Ended Days in U. S. I.ONDON. (UPl-The winner of II'.? first Epsom Derby In 1780 was ! named Dlomed. At 21 he went, to ' America, where he lived another 10 years. Dlomed founded a famous lln; of bloodstock, and h»d a Ircmcndaui, influence on the Am| crlcnti thoroughbred. i According to one chronicler of! 'the period, "there was almost us much mourning In th; old colony land at his demise as there wasi at the death of George Washing-1 i ton." PIGG ftad CJsiirlcr News NV Ads. Don't uirTr-r fr«n lint—l.ct IK Clran, Ol' or Itrpalr tlul OU 'Fan. Walpole Electric Shop Plinnc J Mrs: J. F. ZUnmer enterlalnrf a group of the younger set With a jarty at her home Wednetday ev3- Ung, complimenting her guut, Mlu Zelda ZLmmers of Advance, Mo. D-incInt and cardi were eujoyjd throughout the evening. Dsllcloin refreshments were served by the Iwstess. Tha bsy scout tronp' with their scoutmaster, T. M, Arorex, spent Wednesday afternoon nl Brown's Ferry, on un outing. The Young Womrn's Auxiliary met nt the Baptist church Tuesday evening with Miss Flora Bush In charge of a very Interesting program. Mrs. Plilllp Hamrn and children were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Khourie Thursday. .. Jim Nelhcry arid son of Caruth- crsvtlle visited Mrs. H. L. Mc- Clannhan and Mrs. • WU1 Oil! Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Golden and children and Miss Lavern F?sl<:r motored to Greenway, Ark., Sunday for a visit with Mrs. Goldcn'c parejits. • . . ;'.Mr, and Mrs.'.M. E. Not;rass arid children motored to Camptcll, Mo., Sunday - for a visit with relatives. They were accompanied horn-; by Mlia Uable' Polllck who will be their guest : thls week. CcHjrier News Waut Ads Pay.. Bargains for (Icr.ume Spriujf. Hind . (Jtiiirlers, IJj. 15 Fore Quarters, Pound alt Meat NOW GOING ON FIRE SALE Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishings, Shoes .All At Half Price and Less R* D. Hughes & Company 'WHNEBS Bweood All -JS!d lie and Monday iiK 1 Hlitckli;i\vk ;u\y way want it, . iiwifl's Silver- k'nf.. I'oiiiul Jowls, LI). 8c«fjj Finest Sitle, Pound ^a^pg II lraf ' 1>o " iid ^2^ sa» i i]gBa££SKg.T^r.g7T.-:'f,? C VIuna'Q'jP l-'resh Vi'i.scdiisin Xu. 1 d ^ "i ^ Sa5' J".\ft'- P ff -"6^- IIB^JLOL. ('omul JL tf 2 ^ VEAL RfiAST S^S* 1 5 e EACCf" ~ ST ^« li "luk; •PIG BRAINS I'rcsh Pound iMS' «!uckhiiw!i. Half jr V/hole "tlftix^ .('oiind &&%* Shoulders Fresh Pork tf%1 Whole ^* Pound tjuy P'dfK Rd'AST Sulid Meal 1 yil.lV llurl>31 j' 0 . 'ound PIG LIVER Krtsh Pound A Fancy Full Dressed ib. Swiff's fihiiiiklesj 1'iniic . I'oimd SAUSAGE. All I'orlc t/a •A Pounds ^iS^'w avsoES ^'8"8? A V Fhll;st K - c - Uccf - Mrttin «%$& ,^' i fi. JH. 1 /"! 54 'u i j£^ ^3 <• SPARS' RIPS Frt ' sh - l!(im< - K ' 1 '^ ^Tf^""7 sji AilEi HiiiS - p omi d 14l€ Fancy Krandcti IJcef Shotildcr. I'oiind Thick Rib, Uj. Uriskct, Pound k rrg>i*}.\VKy 1921 10th Birthday Year •""""mi > T J"o, S. •More malt for your money MWT can Practice Economy 7 -buy EAGLE! It's hcrel The big new 3-ib. Birthday Can . . = an extra measure of economy for all who enjoy a "different" malt with a full body and i fascinating flavor. Think of it ... 20% more milt ... at no more cost. Get a .etn ... or two cans ... at your grocer's. Add a dash to ginser breed or sr'aham tart . . . then , "t«ste the tans" and you will . «gree Eagle is .. . "king of them all." Practice.economy . . . buy . ' E«9le . . . todayl. . .' \ . . .made it'i way by Mhe way its made" 9 'R'ANANA$ ! - ur *« Jura'"-. «il* I'ruiL ^ urtnmNrtkv • c oum [ '^Cc - l Crisp H;uxi Heads. -IS'; Each -GRAPE FKUF"^ 71 ^ iielieatassen "^ ^•-^•'.^^: I'lrtippl,- I'liroan, iluint liakcd ii;;:^, S Bf.'/'ftB-llB m ' 1IL '•'"''•' i! -» n > Lu - f . timfa-n LL u, B*ra IfflB ^k \m-il^l \r.,\ Leaf. Ota.'.- Uvtr, l'.;^ :'. I £.tUinB.iP ilani, mtait t'.ila:l, fold Slaiv. ft, ^'" g^f^'^^^a^^-f tS'-iy.-? ^gy: CANIELCDFES '' arec - lIim ^f B 10 GRAPE JUICE Qm 1gtg_ :.GRAPE mm JUICE S-.-gillc TUNA FISH EII'A'liW^rd'llViin'SJC? Kil''.'- F!'"'itlii I? '! ? ', .WA'iMMlKLO^ California iiciiLS, Dozen VllIallciiLS, 25U Tlfi Vy^TiTli 1 ' Orsin;;e, I.emoii.^ 'Utt. TfriiLiLW.Hooi !kor. 2-1-Ox. J5ut. .'. C!. (>mirt Jar &§ » LXTItACT i.tnion or Vanilh'.. IV, Ox. l!nf. g^ g. yt •^j^a^fjjgyyi Clover Bloom, Supreme and lirook- tield, J'ound Li(,'ht Meal No. ]-2 Can MAPLE SYRUP . M ^g APPLES r^[\TAK^' S'SOflF 1 Ollintr . v ciub -itffe- ,, 1 MlWyUl- rLOUitaO-Oz. Carlnn 1||C ^e I AFFi£ BUTTER 3 SS.^ ' 1 Evaporated 2 I'nmids Best Granulated Limit 10 pounds tse i PRUNES" 5 ESS Large -III - 50 ^ Pounds Crystal White or ill P&G,10Bars RICE KRKPIES Kcl!ojrg'<; FLOUR •I8-L1). .Sack Si.15 2-I-LI). Sack CRACKE-RS Country Cttih 2-1 J.. tox Coiintry ("hil> Xo. 2!-, Can r A/^ r"' /\c •' A»R. 1 V 4 A A I ' •¥•• MALT' Com Flakes P&& BEANS °"t'S ; lie I Goo<t Lurk, (i Small o K ! N THEM A 1 SOAP Hardwater Toilet inowdrift IMS (iuaranlccH .™ 51 Tii? 2!•<)/. ;;,;<(],. i; li^l^ ieci'N'Va'ra',, Li'i.'.'p ('.in (i Small or <^\i ^ _. 3 Larsc <; ;l ns <& 1 C

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