Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 11, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1942
Page 2
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NO CAUSE FOR ALARM, NATION'S BANKRUPTCY TlubHOn PurU, MUHH,, April U— ( havo bmm ««kod Mow H»o KOVUI-M- win oonUnuo to Hpond mo o it tnko* In without fcolrw Inlf' fU'Ht ftcwwor I: Thl* »ol truu or , or corporation* or ovon of municipalities ^' four KrouOM <>an l» Ihl" IH not noiwwar oral govern men t m lly HO of ft rod- flovernniMil v* I'rlvnlo Knlorpr * »bovo I* un example ot i»« d •unaow.luniH.iK wUloh ON- among many r»wl» of W o op. oration of Kovormmm n» nn no price, oornpnrofl with tho o >o lion of private bu»lno*H ft» an «n- rrho, Tho IIVPIW iw»™ . ia * ^^ onllly and opcnilos ,, n account^ banin svhlcM IH (I Boparalo and apart from thai Its people, . [t, |H not the Kovornrnont whIon on 'mowhandlHft «0« » tt8 ; ; „ tilt but ralhor aur iuwl- and invoHtorH, The m- 000,000,000 In bank <lcpOHll» In country belong not to tl o KOV( n- -uont but to tho Individuals 'Jo 111 |M overnolcl, not tlu Wo all 'know that T^v^ 1 * *-.»'* Congregational lUjv. Th 01' d will Saturday, 0|00 u class GonniMiiatlqi Full a,pfrpel .Tabernacle 96 and moot nl II o'clock will 11 o' bury, bold at Wll• -of tho Wood- In ox- J\cv, Kcl- "Uonowal." CHilldruM'H "ToAny 0:JlOa. m, Sunday flcbool; 10-30 a. in, Morning worship. 0:30 P. m- Voung People's moot ln ?'30 P. m. Wvangollstic service. Wednesday 7:30 P. rn. Prayer -mooting. ' •*: .••'^•' V Feature Aim, today and >.tpnigh't; Is timed ns follows .at the ifollow- inu Ihoiiters:.!' . HOlolal; concluding >lu\r March," Kurtf- Mo In Mai voluntary ™& YounK Pooplo'H Fellowship 1 1110 l ; M "t% ,. ..: vii. Manoo'Wlll mill tllltM ML I D> 111" k'll I till"" iu w Tw , r«i In ot moving I'loUti™ ffn\m "™*™ { ^CiW "1 .~r—. •»•'•'' "7**"'.'' atwok Methodist W, M, Neablt, rb,I>. 10:00 lo rovomn.' minun, h It will take <ion- HmM lo rnltfo HUfflulonl fnmir'io aoywhoro n*tii< ImUinco oxplumuroa nnd Inoomos,»i our Wvornrnoni, but not nooossar- llv our bUHlno»Minon and InvoHtoia, Will oo.nHnuc operating upon n dofloH -hnHlH, Since September .1930, whon World War (t Kol nf |flor Wfty - Cl0nK /!° , to appropplalocl 170 billion dollars* fm-arrmmUu. and other purposes, 8f oo,ir"o, not nil of Uil« J«J» boon wnnnt 'KiirlhtM'rnoi'Oi TOGOIpin navv • 'i 4.1 ** .*j. i (i v I'm V'f 11 n n t H ttrtfVvt un (MirMwl il GlYl vU\ JMI j nu'i"! o •I jOt'ii Jfl'lHJIi'lt t i \« » • • ' » , t ( ,t nnd other HOUPOOH which have paUt about 00 por conl or tho uinounU actually oxpondod BO far, In t h la Ubn, March Inoomo ta\ re- pormUtoil tho luuUco l ,°2 0 Tho Kpwortli ^«S&TO'« ^ tlar» will leave tho oluidch at ,. 7:00 p, m. Clholr ro- of ttio i'Mdollty St. Hedwig's Roman Cn*hollo) liov, 8 F, N»lawftjk Tty MMfloa <tt St. Hodwlg's ohurob' wlB .bo colobratcd at 0:30. 8. 9:SO and l\l a. T", ' Tho regular 'weoWy vesper will be *t 3 o'clook Sunday noon, St. Paul's Evangelical Key. H€»nry'B, BrtisUt, Piwtor 9a,m, Sunday eoliool, -,iO»jn, Morning, worship .ormo'n by Rov. Henry S. Brustat, with St.Mary^s (Bomnn Catholic) . church Will be colobrftted ftt 7:30, 9:30 11 ft, m. 7 Mic1ia*r» KplwopM) , A. F, towt« Tho Borvlooe at Bt, Mlobae^ ohuroh on Sunday, AmM 2, b ^ <4iimlnv'aftor WaHlor will-be as '" l U VH tie et utlor. of tho Holy CP.n-,8unUwHohool lu tho parlHli houHO at Gnm, Nauoaiuok ' Loow*a roll, Wftterlmry (Stano Show) l:SO-3;50-G:20-8:r>0 . . Slate, Wuterbury JTJ^^ <^end&F "1842 vFotr Week Baalim*»0 "^^^-S^te^ [)JBFlENSE-,:lIpQTRS. ; ......... • • • •'^'^''l^^'M' 2006 •;.-•. Axii v*>* f^%J p I 2 14 p. .. »•'"'>•'••.•;•.':•• .• Room—GeWge Grimm. . i»¥NTiFicj^TioN,.-cAnDS\ TT Nn ,_ n Borough Court Boom-Thomas H. Nolan. FINGERPRINTING . - ' i-30^:00 p.m. -Police l Station,-Cnpt. Anthony Mj»°^-.. 7-SL rvoon.m. Police Station^Cap.l. Anthony Malonc. T. Grnnt. ifONOAY, April RittOVALOF .. , Anlhoiry,Malonc. NURSING CLASS Rt , nft v s ' ne A.Bi'poKs. "tiV Sweeney, f- ;-X".t % ** • V^'-.ti Sponsors ' of WPA • trcillo^ rail 8^1-. vnge'projeot.s^aro ,bei'ng asked lo/.opn- tribute bnly an; amount 1 approxi- ' ' iO:00 a; m.. 7:6p..pVm.- Higl^ mutely l: orju!.i;l' to ; Iho vaTuo' : .of ^thc; ?cetlonl a ral30fl H as y to HIP .high Aost of ''•those'''prqjbota. ;t'o Connecticut .,. Bt, (Roman Catholic) Re?. J, J. Fitzgerald, Pastor. MaaAQf will be celebrated in Bt Francis 1 church Sunday morning at 7, e and 11 o f clocV • ' ' Holy Saviour (Polish Nation*! Catholic) ...... «„..!.. Kfto/orou'tfki may donate cttiu ipm'ent—wh Jtsh> inlgh* otherwise -1)6 •icUo^-and-'any ma^ria/l thcy-have ! 'on ; :lHUK!,"\VPA .pays-^oi tho la'b'or-'anir^an un.ow,a;higli'non- fnhrin ; irpnnL ; SindC•'•(]!OS.O'' ti?& 'OOr-t-ined labor ; grant ; sinoq- ' det'ensb: pro'jcots. i .Falls^iviiss-Susan /Cocchiola. A. t " '$ 3u •>-:* .,*>$•• ^. **• J- »? •Sears;-' 1 •7':80'-p;-mi'. -U' 7:30,p, m. U 1 7 '30 f) m'. .St. iviiuiju^j t? i i*i.«on "----7 " '' , ,. : 7 -30 p m. St. -Goooira's. TAB -RoomB-(Advanced ; ••i.'j'.'ji^-'-^v'. '.AV.-/!.*. 1 . ^•Tojnlins'ohr -V iys!•"•-..;•:-• ••'•'• •'• -Miss Arlcne N. Cicsle\yskl iV^llOU ]^l v»j ">•"•-. • ' i ... '•"<'• A V^ ' The : urgency '-of yalyaginq. scrap . i u« . .-.«•ii/MtUV. -cl ivol mills. as''l'G- J i for the -nation's' steel mills,, .as poatodly•..o.l'tod'-'.by -Ibo- 1 flrv.^ iT5nnT>/l mill ihO •''• tlon Board Liun uunki.* .•»«..— --.-,7 '.. •;.>.- i «>r,H Council's.-salS'tifi-o roomrnlttee, U ;> 4c|-i to justify :tlie>Creator fecieral : ;icon- tribuUoir, 1 'Mv. .Staub saifl.;.:;/ : ;^' ^ Misoono'cptibn '''as ; 'to'-tthe'-cost to ..«.«i,'i-m>i riT'laon^aS'-tno result P1IIST CLASSES- Balanced torivporarUy,- Now, how- fivor, Ki'oator dcfloll.s than f noto* tofovo will Hhortly follow, Our national rtobl l« eroding tho old 05 billion limit, liy the ond of tbo oabndar year It will i hn 80 billion, Tho dobt will tiiiuo to P!HO and will uUhnuloly reach muc-h blghor (l«uro», Many fool tl\ut wo npo lumdod for mm- olal bankruptcy nml ruin, Why not uUlnuUnly lhi»oiiKh burtimiptoy It itll off proaoodlngH pixrlnh houHO at 7 p, in. f , tm , nmfui Orammai Wormn'« Auxiliary Hturt- nil over win wllh u now not of booKM?"— they KHk v • '"hero " tllfforoneo bo- of both oryaul/utlona at J Masses at .8 and 10:30 a,m, 3 p.m.—Vospcrs. .. . ^ at" Anthonyfs (Rom«n OthoUo)) ' Conn. •will 'be celebrated at 9t, Anthony's cfhuroh in Prospect Sun. day morning ftt 8 and 10 jyploofc. St, Paul's Evangelical 0 a.m. .Sunday school 10 ;OQ :.{i.u-\. Servloo oommunlWoa:'hati arlaon- ^ ^ie rcb.uAu o r a' -r peon t;'^ ta torn on t' o n the -cbs.l. o i _ Mant-Coi'cliHviiero' l=t ; -was • rep'orted;tha't: t.he city cxpomlQd ,t\vjce ;us imwp.h; -as. it received from tho sale -.of .the stccj-. That report, 'however, failed -to in- , -. f 1_ ._ I i I . ^ s* i 4 1 / .f\ V• , I'l fl 1" I,— . ; : '10.:30 a. m. 7.:30; : pvm. : ' 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. •7:30 pirn. D, a, A, In parlHh houno 4w"eon tho bankruptcy of an In rilvldUftl and that of a-aovorwnoru, Marw 'nonorublt) rnon bnvo boon forced Into bankruptcy by ouuynn ovoc Whloh tUoy Unil no control, FUUb (Uiiong liulivliUiulM In Hocloty U not dlMtui'bori undor Hiiob e r- oum»lanoott, ^ WPuUL however, bo very wronK for our people to de- iholr and wlpo out UB dobt thut way, IVo^i't^tWJ of tbu powov ol bo, government .or tho wouknoss of tho '" who are UH creditors this Bhoulil not bo used nsi n venlont OXCU'HO for repudiation, J bavo' no 'foaf thai It-will bo, I oon- Untin lo -bo' 'an optlml»t on IMltod State" und Gunuda, ? rho procedure which -Washing- ton'and Ottasva t>ay boon following la' taking earu of our rising debt," ThlH'l»oludo« tho low inior •00 P, m, Altos and ao- unu-., ,.,,Jro dholr at 7:110 p. m. SirNVodneadny, April 16lh. at , 3 .;! ) ; m hero will ho n meeting ot ho Won iui'8- uuxlllary Jn-oooporatlon wit Iho Ohuroh KolporH, whenr bo ,w I havo as tholr guests woinon •from Bt, John'H, AH -SoirlH, Trlnl y , ( rihrlst ohnpol In-NVatorbury, am ri'om tho *}p»aoop«l oburobcH In OftkvlHo, Watorvllh) and ^^' Tho Hiibjottt for the day will io ,, |low auntho jvoman^oc^ Mary BEAOON^ALLS United Church The Children of tho Sunday school classes will ,moot at .the oluiroh parlors at 0:30 o'clock, under the .direction of tho Sunday aobpol toaoh- iU Tho Every man's--Bible class will moot at the^ church ;at 0^0 o'clock elude the I'act that the-city-of • -ford-'did-not ask WPA /o^ny i^n; •labor funds for tho -test project, choosing to pay a-U.oquipme OOHts' so,->ii% Staub -s.ttici..••""• In Waterbury, where there has • 7 : gop. boon consldorahlo.oommcnj a;bouUJic ;, 7.:30 p.-m,' '. 7 :Ju p. in-. 7:30 p. m. 7:30 p. m. tbo"oTty"w! 11 s ^ un(1 lim °' l£ *W ,? 1 ?, 1>0 'I .7:30.p. m. than it WiM rcoaivo i'ronV Bale pl.-.tno. 7;30 . pi m< s'tocl • ' .Contrary lo-onc published'£ ; ^o«U.ont of iho Inry In (lomuuUlinu of Now Haven Archdea- 'I %|lt*> |I| »'!*»»» -.-«• „.-,» ratu which tho debt 'boars, It •^ not nooonHttry t'oi 1 ft governmont or an Individual -to repay a debt •w h on tlio iatoroHt oiuu'goa f 11 ' 0 promptly 'and ropoftledly honored, \tt fuot, 'orodlloi'H ftoUlom want re- paymont -. s wlu»n repayment 1« pos- elblo.' ''rttoy pi'.otoi' lo • remain ln- votftod In HiioM Hound HoeuiMUoa. 1C • tho lntopot»t ratp oOutlnuoH to re- ninln low, t|u\ dobt can eunlly bo mot for yearn tobon\o, lUmoo, hold- tn'H of Kovornmont 80our,Ulo» «UouUI not lin foni'tul of ttio Intrinsic wortli of tholr InvowtinontH,' HwUvs 'I'rtX -({oniinff Tho m-imont ruli^ at which tax- vovorri' monoy IH bulNK »ponl (loos nb'l moan that tho dobf onnnot bo roduoyd nflor tl\o War oadn, »«o»- lo.wlnK (ho oloHo of tho war; tno biidKot oan bo bn,lartocd If tho party tn power truly doHlroH to do HO, My ronnon for UJ'IH l« not ftlono ho armamont 'Hflomllntf 'wtlJ ;rtoo!Uw Tho polttl IM thai wo iwlll uAiUlnuo to ho tuxnd HOtnowhat upon u rm uftor notunl hoHtl ovo»v 'VMs moaii» thnt u mir- Hhould pllu'up.'. in tlmo thlH could M\W\\. and HWW» H"\ '\ R - dobt nl tho bcgflnnlntf ot the Dlooomm Soobvl llolfttlonH c oaont. Tho committee on will HOi-vo rol'roshmonts Iho mooting, Thla'Wlll bo moollHK of tho Woman s for tho yuar. lOaoh organ- will moot at % P- Hi, for a tho biHlnoBfl* VnoillnB In. Iho parish IOUHO, Hillside Con#rcgationol t -' % -^^ ' •• t . \ \ ^ ll^t -M l'\ O possible' high cost; to tho j^iy.^ °: rn'il'removal project has boon;\viv\-, ten to include' thoso WPA'rton-labo,- funds, and the cost-estimate &ho\\h ''E* : I1I0* Vltft-r •%.iMjiw^t->~-*-' .. ,, u. s. i\^r^o m R;^:7^^ •VWKi^ 'rr^^ x -B..Nixon. - ' ;. Tuttle House—Miss Eleanor Smith. .-.•••'•; . ' '• . : : *-•-•• — • . ' , Aprif45-FlN'GKRP«lNTlNG ' : , ' mi' Police Statibn-C.apt. Anthony Malone. FIUST AH) CLASSES Y 1VI C A—Mrs. Franccs-B. -Gordon. ( ' ',u'. S/Rubber Co.—Neil •McMillan : Naugatuok ' .Chemical Co.—(Advanced Illfih Schoof^wing Room-SiQi Antiioiiy Fanvvr, ^ c..» A*»«iinnva.Pn'iMRh House—Mrs. 'Cathorine ». -w*"»• iiuL»-V*/A'*ifc'*' > *'^' Smilingly plates in ^ * s^j J • hno-e mle of discarded liWl automobile licenstl a >Tsalv1ttion Army girl. The collection is of , the drive in tho Quaker WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, APRIL^J? 41 (By United Press) President KoosoveH>|J io A i nor io nn Iroopr? Hungarian BUND PLANK 'Course)—David B. moht, -the' WPA -Uaa -agroediab .ahjvvo with the city -Ihe .cost of • providing oomon^asphalt } U,v.l other •.material, '.trucks/ machinery 'tools; ..etc., M .. JStaub sald.-sb LUul the'O'l^.s °MV-": (llture would'not suhstantialib ex coed tho value ol' Hie steel. In the' project proposal, s this week by ' Tho Kverymuii »•»•»«« ,,A " , 0 in«k ihU week by the State Uiguway u^- moot at tho ohuroh at 0:^0 o olook tn\b WGOK uy M. .-. , fbl ,• ia ..- 0 ities 2^-rwjarBrw 1 s«s«igi ! . ia sB «.,., ,».iu nririnnflH tho'olasa. i« ctuiea\ouitb ^ ./.-.,-.. eon will -addi'oas t\\o ' Morning hour of'worship sorvloo will i>o oonduolod 'at IQ'sdQ -p'oloulc, with l\ov. Mlllard Stovona, the .pus- tor, omelating .and delivering tho Hormon In the evening the Christian Rn- doavor aooiety will meat at the ohuroli. at .7 o'clock. • » •-ID ti, in. Sunday Hobool and lUb o Tho morning worship i' at U o'olooU. The nermor io'pTo"iy 'How Spring 'Cornea to the Soul " " The' ovelag service will bo a T'10 n'olook. Thix'o will bo a aci* nion on "The Divine at tho Door, Tho iniiHlo will bo by tho men and svomeo of tho oolol. • ; "HiO Slok HoncMt .soololy will .bold ItH ruHtilar meeting on Wodnosday evening at 8 o'olook, Thoru will bo u ropoi't by Lho oornrnllloo on noa- pltatl'/.atlon Bt, (R«r ; Jerome Cook.:Tutor; Tho mftflsbs for the parishioners ,of St., iMIobaol'-s ohuroh will be oolobratod at 8 o'elook, .9:15 o'olook and 11 O l 61ock on Sunday morning 0t Johnson's ball on Main street. The ohlldren of tho parish aro urged to'attend Uvo 0:10 o'olock Mass and remain for religious Instructions following the Masa> First Onurch of Christ, Scientist, VMTEWBUKY" Corner irobnes nncl Mite-hell Avennoa. Sunday services, 1QW a, m. an<l 7:30 p, m. Sunday school, 40-.40 a.-m; 1 is endeavor Ing'to keup o'osfas'low aa possible. Said Mr," Slaubv "An.editorial , oh the 'Huri;rorcl Times --has. b or o e . us good an answer os couJd. l?o eW ections about Hhe ecst M-^ 1 * objections v . the federal government or the LOJ St. Michael's-Parish House " " " H rt^^rV T c:"Brk, Miss Celia Aim, Lnflon B. . Mr's.'Amy ,B. .Pierce, •7,30 p,ra. „ , ^pn^l^wiM BcrUVa;;B.;Sol,llleL. and Mrs. I •Catherine A. Renfroe. . HOME NURSING; 7:30 p.m. Red Gross. House- Br-ooKs; N. H. . . . , is ibis city's- -most 'si'iGcbssful airplane spotter. Downs, Slays h-iB^cutcheanngonnblos him to sense-an ap-proac.h.inb Pi.«x»e bi?oro unimpaired ^atchc^ worKs with a companion, who icleniliics ..1-bP P l ' af> " ' .1 THIS MAIN QUESTION•', Mr Kowrich—So you've (>n«agot an arlist Tor the oonccrL we re HIV- 111 Agent-Yes, a good virtuoso • ,' Mr..NowVicli - Never mind about his morn Is. Can he play. PRKSCIUPTIONS By A. W. WALKER 'cr^d Optometrist Gl 68 BANK ST. at CENT! With clllor ' J-FINCEHriUJVi'iiM* .\ - .,„„„. 1 -30-3-00 p. m. Poli'ce'.S.tatidn-Capl; Ant.hqn.y Malone. i JO 3.OOP- HOME -NURS1NG CLASS : , _' ; . Bpooka< 2::30p/m. 2:30 p.m. •-. Red Salem . .„ bs HouBe^M-ias''-.Oal!icrtac. A, Br ^Eb-OtoSSWTWTIOIS:CLASS V Sbhool-Mrsi.JQhn \y--' ; Hayes, Jr. b^'rcmovBclYs noVuiisod on '^^ tars-and-eents motive. 'H. «- 1I ]r , o iu of Xnowlecige thaL the : steel that, will go into lankb, _pnti-, tlon needs scrap metal lo make into U-cranguns, plules foi V llio liuUs-Oj, shins . •' Indeed, every laxpa.yei CARDS .7:30-tolO ; p,m, •C^^ ? m-^ 1 omaS c H; Nolan 1:15 p.-m. Hopbr. M , 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p. m. and .Mrs. Frances 13,' Goodman. -,U..S. 'EObber Go'--Robert E. Lowell. •CLASS this practionl means pt aiding ' r effort. 1 . "- .... ..- nation's . war. effort SAYS Tho ^ovornrnont will oonllnuo during tho war to Hpond nuiol,\ mopo thmt It Uikoa In, To Hhortcn ' iho dofloltporldd, CJonKross IH now a, t\t>W Uxxbill furhoav- Jor than ftnyMilnrf wo or any oth- pr ootHitry hnn over known, \Vuyii- InKton IH Hound In nonkliiK now Ulx HOiirooH, whjloh—unll.ko tho Inborl- tanoo ami bl«h Inconvo taxos-aro not d'OH(roylnK our''-'Howl corn', I bollpvo that on, honoat milo« tax U tho un»w«i', ! . Kor'^'A fodorftl OP atato ^ovorn- mont' to dopond wholly on i\ «alo«J lax would bo vory, unfair to poo- plo With HmnU'lnooiiiOH, A «alos-tny --iiAWovor^-^uptM'-liiipoMCd ot» proH- Tho mld-wook Horvloo.wlll bo on Thurmlay at »'p. m. Thootlorc iohnHon will bo tho louder, There will ho Hpoolal music by Mrs, Roy •Nolaon. Balem Lutheraa •• -Boston 1 ;• -IJ U M u\J.» * i • . • , . ,, •• tlori's ; manufa6turm'S!^re ; -conoSrnbci Avith .- Avinnlng :: than mdklng hugov-Pront 1 ni • to • Prosldpn t^qharlQs; B; . '" eneral Electrjc;jQo. ... ' »---i'rv>i/\ moit war. of l-Mrnt Sunday ai'tor Master. I.ovoHt Thou Mo?" (John »l:Jyj23) lludoljrfi -AndbrHon ' and Northampton, ., "April 11 In my travels, 1.haven't .f.pui manufacturers: Nvorried.^bo • .Wilson. sald : ;h 1 er.e-.yesterday 7 .'30 p, m. 7:30 p. nr. ' 3:30'p! m:, 7:30p.m. . 7:30.p.m. 'chiola. Glaffey. —Mifis Dorothy Moss. Susan Goo- Koon, FINT.ERPRIN TING i^^p^vx^-jfefjs^s? 1 - Antllony Malonc; " '•".'PUOTO'GRAPHS Hue - B. and J Arvia Sundbladc. ^l^|^p;'Police Stob^CapL.AnUiony^mjonc^ ;| ent Income taxpayer* IH not. unt'ult' to thorn) who pay no Income nxo«, .In foot, rtuoh a nnle« tax could bo moro of a hardship on thoso who uro aMo paying hl«h f.nooaio .tftxon in addition. Uw Ayriw, tihn uolor, 1» oWoolor, • Arthur p r , , . . I? -00 a, rn, Swodlsh Horvlce, Soloist — Mra, Aflolpli NolHpn.- 10:00 a. in,, Hl.blo School - Aulo : Wrlo Oabrlclson und Arthur 'n. rn, Wngllsh soVvlooi Ohuroli oholr, Soloist, ,lano aiHslaudor. Monday, 7 ;ao P, m, Building -Fund •Finance oomrnlltoo, 'ruo»rlny, «:ao n, .m. .Orchestra ro- honml. ^'.00 i>, m, Hvangollno oirclo (-V2 Qnlnn Hlroel). HOHtoaa, Mrs. \VllliM PoUM'Hon, WodnoHduy, 8:00 p, in; Board ot ft , li'.OO P, m. Contlrmatlon oholr. 7:ilO p, m, Church choir ro- (UP) — • A -spokosnmn for Dr, 13., '13. Thomas, city health ;board' agpnl; Una (loHcrlbwl HH ••"sllgbtly '1m- pi-ovo(V 'Northampton'^ : oonUiglous 'U'lHoaao opldomlo which 'has oniiscd th'o Incloflnlto ciunrantlhlng of Smith col logo's 2200 girl,students,The city's 'throo theaters and nil public gatherings Imvo boon closed, to chlld-ron undor 20 years of ^0 • und public' schools, though still-In sosHlon, are under close medUw suporvlslon,' ' "'.'." '.*"-, •• • ' UocordK showed that, a : total, ol .1085 cases of scarlet fever, German mousloH, mumpy nnd 'oblckon-pos havo boon reported In this 1 city of about- 25,000 population, since Jan., i, with (108 canes makjng"March lh«J peak monlli. Most of Mhc cases >vero. moaslcs nnd .mumps,' - ,. The spokesman ; said the ^pnl 1 rate of prevalence, i l4 MaJHiractu'rei i a--h tltuc)c that NvlthHhC .etiuipment, ami \v ^for, .. creasing, why :\vorry about• .? "ft sfoms- -thftf the . •• nncl a •furore apo ^onl> r Vith^ getting ; .the . equipment so yi.tal.:^o\;th^' forces. Gertainiy,:th.e gallant 1 - . - _..-l_l'" l-.nitn' '.! V»'Ckf»n'. ' 'inecl forces. ueriann.Y,.-m.^ D*V« .- inci : on Bataan " woulct; haye^been^ joldoUly liQtter off-^yitlv-J^P^ band dec - Sherman , ,„_.. Jtal- 1 :Of-'. : the /First.Corps ^^buli'dvup; Immediately a ,|n usiry.'s I.Ik-.'Jbb Is tb: 'plpyos: at .work 1 - in.••the •••' iod. lo .be (Via Qulnn Htroot). nolw, Bpoakor, 'CIOorgo,NVol-- . running slightly behimLJMarcli. BRINGS NAVY THANKS Portluhd,v:oro; (UP)-Ployd W. Ostfood, who',baok in 1005 wrote a s-, -50 .;pr -. o. year agp/ thorn are ; p,6ol i-pt : ' : --yol.uiv.tcei'. p.:, 6ffice.'rs!- ;: ••scliopl/. Tttfrse- 'sd^allcd/, vqiunteer ;pan.dl- dates':nuijitv-be- cllixbns between 18 •nria>45.^year^^f ; uge .who, ttave ;b.een :i^Te'rwdi^i'fit|.\-.c;iass. :3 : A / only be- 'Xoaiusc-xiOf- Dependency. ; . - : 'V The {'foiiowUVg' centers; and sta- iioh^;4iaSfc^iSeri-VdesIgnat<!d..-i6v:oph- duct" tKe^'^'iali'ficationGXamina-tions iof;.such^^andl:dates--anci:,determine • t, 1 . ,;•„ :• -^ViYfovi-n'it'v-.---ias:;';officcr :i matcr- poem : <dorKU)mn ing the Jap», Un» lust pooolvod'^n ^"letter of thnnks 1 'from tho. U.S. Navy-' for a warbong ' 1 ' Hartford, Conn., .April' . •Tbo" Rt. Rev. -Maurice K ; McAuhfTc, bishop of the Hartford 'dloceso, "lias announced the aiJiJOlnhnonl pf the -Bov Chariot H Corcoran ^ pastor of the Church- of I ha tarred J Heart 'tit ncprgelowiV. Fr ' Corconin-hfH ' • 'The recrui Ling .and v induction" ' chestcr/N. H ;^3S 1-2 Gebter street Ruilafid' 'Vt * 40 Fountain street Provi'dencc, ri l . I.; 5,75 Asylum street -JTartford, 'Cbpn., and I be Jtaa'ui been SSK Wiop aUhi Chupch Reception dealer at Fort Dcvens ,01' Saint' Lawrence/ West Havco. Mass; -Applicants, however, . arc rouLcd hroug-h - the"'inclucUon s t a 11 o i uirVo-irgli Avllich. 'they normal^ wo.uld;'-be .inducted, except, thai In Massachusetts;'-exa-mJnalipnst• • a r e giveii •• only at 'FbrfDcvcns .and Bos ton, -and "in Maine - only' -at Port land.'VEach appljcant should apply at his;' local .Selectlv.e.Service board •The -candidates . will; -be ^regular- v .jhd.upted into, 'th ; e: military s ; cr- vice as - : -i>.rivales.-; Then, -if. no.t s selected 1 for"officer 'school. -within : .fqur. jnonths orMf 'not ffjile .'L6 conipleie thc--'course'at/the .soliool,. they Av-iU be -allowed to Return to civil .life, i.n ; -th.c- enlisted.•r'eserye, subject rail!tary service' ojaly'-'if and • when JACKET, SWEATER OR DRESS Wear the New, FLORENCE WALSH DICKEY They launder so fresh, the niceness reflects class a .,.-..• finesse. Peter Pan-and convertible collars, in sharkskin a pique. White and colors. The Kennedy Store For Painting!! —0- .0—0—0—0—> Murphy's Paints; and Enamels exterior and interior purposes — 0- -Or—0- MAPIiE STREET TEL. 3S ;-SW)|»jlMlN.fB;:.;RULES; i '*f •• ! - l ]Po¥Vland;VQre:\(tJP)'4-Ap':-qia;.PorU. land' 'city ord.inancp, ' still : on 'the ^obKs;-'Tea4sy • : "U- < ]s, unlawful to ,s'\vTm' ''during dayUghl ;Xs r l.thoul •weanng -.a'.' suitdbl6; cli-ess, which • _'i-_<i '- k 'A'^,.A.» •• I'Hn' - : 4\nrV\r • fl'nm I.llH . shall'1 cover"., the ;boclx ;.,from ; , tho ' ' f IN THE HAWM CULM |: 'FOK'SAMS AT ;0|)en Sat. Nile NAUGATUCK, CT.J Naugatuck-Made Foov Serves You Beth U. S. Rubber Cbmi Naugatuck^iPiotwcaur

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