Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1977 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1977
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Coss County United Way , 1 cam total is «03,58S, up «.7W from Friday's total Founded in 1844— LOGANSPORT, INDIANA 46947 DNOf?fl j UuLiU • MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 10, 1977 Phon»219'753-7S11 Prlc* f»r Copy, Twenty C«nt* mona t ,-;'-... " •'•-. / - , • Mission Short Nobel Peace Winners Nobel Peace Prizes have been awarded to Mrs. Betty Williams, left, and Mrs. Malread Corrigan, both of the Northern Ireland Peace Movement. Another prize wept to a civil rights organization, Amnesty International. (UPI) MOSCOW (UPI) - Unexpected troubles with the Soyuz 25 space capsule today forced the two cosmonauts to cui short their mission and prepare lo return to Earth, Moscow Radio announced. Moscow Radio said the Soyuz 25 capsule had approached to within 120 yards of the Salyut 8 orbiting space laboratory early today when unspecified troubles developed and made a linkup impossible. The radio broadcast said the Iwo cosmonauts aboard Soyuz 25 have begun preparations for a return to earth. Soyuz 25 — with rookie cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalenok and Valery Ryumen aboard — was launched early Sunday on a mission to link up with Salyut 6. which was put into orbit Sept, 2!). It was the first Soviet manned spaceflight since last February "and Western observers said it had been intended as a space spectacular to mark the 20th anniversary of the launching Oct. -t of the world's first satellile — Sputnik 1 — and the Nov. 7 celebrations of the fioth anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The announcement that Soyuz 25 was being aborted was made at (he end of the noon (5 a.m. EDTi Moscow Radio news- after a 24-hour silence on the mission's progress. "The second day of work of the cosmonauts began at II.-30 p.m. (4:30'p.m EDT) Sunday. The cosmonauts checked up the on-board systems of Soyuz 25 and were carrying out scheduled work. "Today at 7:09 a.m. 112:09 a.m. EDT) the automatic approach of Soyuz 25 with space station Salyul 6 was,begun. "Then al a distance' of 120 meiers i yards i because of trouble involving the planned regime of docking the docking was canceled. "The crew began its preparations for landing! ••The orbital station Salyut 6 is continuing its flight," Moscow Radio said. Almost one year ago exactly, on Oct. 14. 1978. the Soyuz 23 mission by cosmonauts: Vyacheslav Zudov and Valeri Rozh- destvensky aborted after a similar failure to link up with the Salyut 5 space station. The .Soyuz 23 mission returned safely lo earth after a High! of only 48 hours from launch.lo touchdown.. The only other manned spacertight carried out by the Soviets in 1977 was on Feb. 7. Cosmonauts Viktor Gorbatko and Yuri Glazkov were launched aboard Soyuz 24 for an 18-day space mission to the Salyut 5station. The latest mission lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Soviet Kazakhstan before dawn Sunday from the same pad used for the launch of Sputnik : into orbit 20 years-ago. . The Soyuz 25 cosmonauts are a pair of rookies, who never have flown a space mission before. Metric System Foes To Get Their Say Amnesty Group, Irish Women Win Peace Prizes OSLO. Norway (UP!) - The Norwegian Nobel Comittee announced two Nobel peace prizes today - one to Amnesty International, the independent organization that campaigns worldwide for civil rights, and the oilier to two-Northern Ireland women waging a drive for - peace in that violence-lorn province., The 1977 peace prize was given to Am• nesty International for its struggle against mounting violence, terrorism and torture throughout the world. The committee, which did not give any peace prize last year, awarded the 1876 prize retroactively to Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan of the Northern Ireland Peace Movement. The two Belfast women had been given a "People's Peace Prize" last year. - In giving the 1977 award to Amnesty International, the committee said: "In the nearly 30 years that have passed since the declaration of human rights : was agreed oh in-U»e~United Nations, positive forces->in many countries have struggled to fulfill-its ideals. But the world has also witnessed increased brutality and -internationalization of violence, terrorism and torture. • : "In,-this situation, Amnesty International has used its forces to protect the value of human life. Amnesty International has given practical humanitarian and impartial support to people who have been imprisoned because of their race, religion, or political views." Doctors When Say Man Dead Brain Dies CHICAGO (UPI) - The law should accept that a man dies when his brain dies, six New York doctors said in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association, "The principal reason for deciding that a person is dead should be based on a fundamental understanding of the nature of • man," the doctors said. "Without a brain, the body becomes the convenient medium in which the. energy-requiringstalesof organs run down and the organs decay. These residual activities do not confer an iota of humanity or personality." The authors are Frank J. Velih. M.D. and Jack M. Fein, M.D, from Montefiore Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Moses D. Tendler, Ph.D., from Yeshiva University; Robert M. Veatch, Ph.D., from the Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences, and Marc A. Kleiman, J.D., LL.M., and George Kalkines, J.D., from'the New York City Health and Hospitals Corp. : Some states still define death in other ways or fall lo provide uniform definition, leading to complex legal questions about medical treatment. ~ "We are convinced that society now has sufficient philosophical certainty... to use destruction of the brain as an indicator that the person has died, "the team said. The accepted definition of brain death was worked out at Harvard Medical School In 1988. It includes: "Unreceptivity, , unresponslveness, absence of spontaneous movements and breathing, absent .reflexes, fixed dilated pupils, and per, 'Slstence of these findings over a 24-hour . period in the absence of intoxicants or •hypothermia." . The doctor, also reasoned that the. concept of oeath when the brain stops .functioning does not conflict with either Orthodox Jewish nor Roman Catholic dogma. ' - . . The Orthodox Jewish position allows a distinction be^-een cell life and the total life of an individual. By that definition, "there is no-religious imperative to continue to use a respirator...in an otherwise deadpatlcnt." In Roman Catholic thought, the primary ; concept of death is separation of the soul . from the body. Since that event cannot he- observed,, theologians have accepted outward signs such as the end of'heart- beats and breathing asmarklng death: But recent teaching holds that If such outward slfnx are admitted to show death, the underlying cause of brain death is an even more certain symptom of death. While there is no consistent Protestant position, many Protestant theologians have accepted the end of brain function as the indicator of death, the doctors argued. The citation for the women said: "The peace movement they initiated .has as a goal to end the use of violence which has marked.the tragic split, in Northern Ireland, arid which has claimed" so many innocent lives, : . ..',-,.. "Their initiative paved the way for >the strong resistance against violence and misuse of power which was present in broad circles of the people. "Alfred Nobel's wish was that the peace prize should be given to those who most actively worked :for peace and brotherhood. Mairead. Corrigan and Betty Williams acted from a tieep conviction that the individual person can make • a meaningful contribution for peace through constructive conciliation work." It was the second Nobel prize anoun- cement of this year's series. Last Thursday the Nobel literature prize 1 was awarded by the Swedish Academy to Spanish poet Vicente Aleixandre, The physics and chemistry prizes.will be announced in Stockholm -.Tuesday, the medicine prize Thursday and the economics prize Friday.. There had been 54 candidates considered' for the peace award., which carries with it a $145,000 cash prize. It was believed President Carter's human rights campaign had inspired the Nobel committee to consider a peace- furthering organization. ' INDIANAPOLIS ib'PI) Hoosiers opposed to' fooling the bill, budging an inch or yielding an ounce of their loyalty to the traditional English system of weights and measures may get a chance to vote "no" to the metric conversion, •Stale Sen. Lawrence Borst, R- Indianapolis, said he will introduce in the coming legislative session a resolution asking for a slatew.ide referendum on the subject. Borst uses metric measurements in his work as a veterinarian. He . authored a resolution m the past calling for metric instruction in the Indiana school curriculum. However. "I-think'we. in the Indiana legislature need to know exactly the true sentiments of (he "public." he said in a recent news interview. The advisory referendum, if approved by the legislature, would be a simple "yes" or "no" vote added to, the fall election ballots of 1978, he said.. ,; v ; : ; .', : .,.- • . v - ., .--The Metric Con version. Ail' of 1975/. does not force the changeover, but is meant to ease the voluntary conversion already begun. Sen. Birch Bayh. D-Ind., has explained. He and Sen. Richard Lugar. R- Ind., both have said they were pleased that the Federal Highway Administration, after receiving-an overwhelmingly negative response, backed off from its proposal to change the nation's highway signs to metric figures. • ; " Opposilion lo the conversion is bipartisan. Rep, David W. Evans, D-Ind.. nominated Indianapolis lawyer and fellow Democrat Robert F. Wagner to President Carter's Metric Council, which seeks citizens', views. Wagner heads the-national Metric Rebellion group recently established in Indianapolis, . He said he has received more than .'„ 1,500 letters —.mainly favorable to • his cause — from across the nation and numerous requests for speaking engagements vsince -announcement o£the Metric Rebellion: Transit Union Strike Idles 14 People Here A transit union strike against the .Indiana Motor Bus Company has pur H union personnel out of work here. Picketers were walking in front of the local terminal today and terminal manager Jack Burk said only company personnel were on duty at the local terminal. • The general public is "accepting the strike pretty well." Burk sard. The many travelers aceuslomed to using the Indiana Motor Bus service to a dozen cities did without that service today and had to find • other modes of transportation because of the strike. ' • The union. Amalgamated Transport Union Division 1286 <AFLCIO>. set up strike headquarters today in 'the hall of another AFL-CIO union across from the bus station at South Bend. Talks between company and union -representatives broke down- Saturday afternoon and it was not known when they would resume. Wages are apparently the main object .of .negotiations.. Union spokesmen said they have sought a 2'- percent per year increase for three years for drivers and another- increase for maintenance people. ' The strike, which began officially at midnight Saturday following the breakdown on wage talks, has idled 48people. Halloween For Oct. 25 The Elks Halloween Parade is scheduled for Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. .,.-'.' The parade route will begin at the Elks at Fifth Street, will travel east on North Street to Sixth Street, south on. Sixth Jo Broadway and west on Broadway to Fourth street. It will then travel north on Fourth Street to North street and easl on North Street to the Elks. Prizes to be awarded will be: first prize, $20^ second prize, $15: third prize, $10; and fourth prize. $5. Approximately 100 $l prizes will be awarded and all marchers will receive treats. The Logansport High School Band, Berry ettes and the Middle School Bands will participate in the parade also. All marchers are to form between North Street and Broadway on Fifth Street, facing North Street. , . Joseph Marshall , is chiarman -of 'the parade. Psychiatrist Says Kiritsis Was Sane Cass Budget Hearings Will Begin Tuesday Cass tax rates for next year will be set Tuesday and Wednesday. The annual hearings by four representatives of the State Board of,.Tax Commissioners will be held in the county commissioners' room on the second floor of the courthouse. Simultaneously at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday the field representatives will conduct hearings on the 1978 county budgets, the Logansport-Cass Counly.publlc library, Adams township and the Logansport community schools. will be heard at the'same time: The hearings -invariably result in reductions in the levies, and sometimes those reductions are substantial. The rates will not be final, however, until the State Board of Tax Commissioners acts upon the recommendations of the field examiners. INDIANAPOLIS (UPI i — A psychiatrist said today Anthony Kirilsis was legally sane at the time of the shotgun abduction of mortgage company executive Richard Hall last February. ^ Dr: Dwight Schuster testified as the trial of Kiritsis, charged with kidnapping, armed robbery and armed extortion, moved into the third day of testimony. Schuster said Kiritsis has a "paranoid personality." and "deep-rooted feelings of insecurity and inferiority." The defense has not denied that Kiritsis abducted Hal), but plans lo show the defendant was insane at the time, stemming from a land deal he feared he was being cheated on. "As stress increased, as it appeared more likely that the real estate adventure would fail, his projection of blame, rigidity of personality and grandiosity increased, leading. him to carry out his plans," Schuster testified. "It. is my opinion based on my observations, that he would fall into the classification -of. a .paranoid personality.,.riot considered to be of a psychotic or neurotic type." Schuster said. He also testified it was his opinion Kiritsis "did not lack substantial mental capacity" to differentiate between right and wrong, or to conform his actions to the requirements of the law. Defense .attorney Nile Stanlon pointed out Schuster had never personally interviewed Kiritsis and is not familiar with reports of several other psychiatrists that the defense planned to use in its case. Vote On Single Family "Y" Is Due Tuesday A vote to make the local YM and YWCAs one organization, the Cass County Family -Y, is due Tuesday.- All YWCA members 15 years of age and older are eligible to vote either in person or by proxy at the meeting at the • Y' Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. YMCA members will vote at a 'later date. ' The boards of directors of both the YMCA and YWCA. voted Sept. 14 to become .one organization subject to the approval, of the membership of both organizations. The local 'group will be .affiliated with the national YMCA organization after the change. Youth Shoots Self In Leg A Logansport teenager has been hospitalized with an accidental self- inflicted gunshot wound. , Michael C, Bowles, 15, of 2i4-l3lh St., is in fair condition at Memorial Hospital, with a .22 caaliber gunshot wound in the upper portion of the left leg. Patrolman Patrick Shively was called to the emergency room of the- hospital Saturday at 6:20 p.m. when Bowles arrived for treatment of the wound. Bowles told the officer that he was in his father's bedroom playing with a pistol that he had obtained from a dresser drawer. The teenager told Shively that he was attempting to load the gun and had placed one shell into the weapon when it went off and struck him in the leg. Patrolman Shively said the boy made his way to the home of next-door neighbor Danny Tolson, 212 J3th St., after the shooting, and^Tolson took the boy to the hospital. News The field representative who considers the Adams township budget will follow that with a study of the Bethlehem township budget at 9 a.m. . Boone and Clay townships are scheduled for 9:30 a".m , to be followed by Clinton. Deer Creek and Eel townships at 10 a m The last hearing of the;morning will be the Southeastern school corporation at 10:30 a.m. The only hearings during the afternoon will be Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson and Miami townships. Beginning at 8:30 a.m Wednesday there will be simultaneous hearings, on the Pioneer regional school corporation. Noble township, the Royal Center-Boone township public library, and ihe civil city of Logansport Hearings on the budgets, of the towns of Royal Center and Galveston are scheduled for 9 a.m. while Onward and Tipton township hearings are scheduled lor 9:30 'a.m.,.- , The last.four simultaneous hearings at 10 a.ro: will involve the budgets of Washington township, the town of Walton, the Wallon-Tipton township public library ' and;the Can-Carroll Rock Creek Conservancy district. •Appeals that have been filed by-the various tax units against the lax freeze Vandals Break Windows At Two Schools In Cass Vandalism continues to grow as Halloween approaches. Deputy David Steel said sometime between llpm Friday and 12-30 p.m. Sunday vandals broke 40 windows out of the north side of Noble Township School. Royal Center Pike. The windows 'are valued at J200 For the third time in the past two weeks vandals ha.e broken windows out of Daniel Webster School, 2301 E -Market St. Patrolman Richard Kaufman said the culprits broke out two windows this time. • sometime between 2 p.m. Saturday and 5 a.'m. Monday. Richard Dillmg Jr. 1403,E. Market St.. told Logansport police that his car was vandalized while parked at Cass Plaza. U.S. 2f-Saturday night, and again while he drove to the Logansport Police Department to report the vandalism, DIUing said the vandals broke out ihe left rear taUlight and damaged the' left rear fender on his 1977 auto while parked at the shopping-plaza between 9:30 p m. and 11:10 p.m. Saturday. As Dillmg drove to police headquarters to report Che, vandalism he uid culprits tomatoedhiscar * . . Kenneth Walters, 1624 George St. told police that sometime prior to noon Sunday vandals cut the right front tire on his 1977 pickup truck, and Harold Payne, Rt. 6. reported to Sgt. Steve Thompson that around 1:30 a m Sunday vandals threw a beer bottle through the rear window of his 1972 auto, doing $100 damage Robert McKinley, Rt.'4, Peru," told police that he was traveling on East Broadway at approximately nth Street Sunday at 7:56 p.m when four vandals traveling in a red 1966 Mustang threw eggs on his truck Pat Rust. 320-22nd St.. told Patrolman Clyde Smith that sometime between -10 p.m. Saturday and 1:32 p.m. Sunday vandals cut plastic weather perfection'on two southside windows of the home. One plastic weather' protection was cut previously by culprits. " Vandals scratched the word'junk'on the > 1969 vehicle of Randy DeFord, 1307 Lobelia St., sometime prior to 4:45 p.m. Saturday, and a pumpkin was thrown through two sections of glass' at the 13th and East Broadway Streets -telephone booth.' sometime before 11:(» a.m.Sunday, police said. ' : • The -boards of both organizations deemed it advisable to make the move to form a more effective association and to provide 'Y' facilities for men and women and boys and girls in a family orientec concept. Under the family 'Y' concept there would.be one board of 12 members, half women and half men. The president of the board would be of alternating sex from year to year After Tuesday's meeting the boards of both -Ys' will then present a slate of nominees to the new board of directors to be voted on. at the annual meeting in January. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted at that meeting. F o r e „>£• a s t The Weather INDIANA: Increasing eJaudtaaa todty with dunce at shower* tmnrd evening. High , W*. Shaven tail Than- denhoven Mealy, tonight. Low low «*. MotUy chudy, wlufy Tuesday. High middle to upper • Sunday's high was 52 at 4:30 p.m The 24 . hour low was 42 at 4 a.m. Monday, Local Magicians from around the midwest are planning a convention in Logansport this month. PAGE 2 National The .Rocky Mountains got more than an inch of snow in places and travelers' advisories were issued. PAGE 6 No matter who you. think discovered the New World,' you're in a minority today if you don't think it was an Italian. PAGE? A couple of martinis probably do just as good a job of helping the frame of mind of an older person as does an oxygen dose. PAGE13 Sports It'll be New York against Los Angeles In the World Series this week PAGE 9 The Baltimore Colts celebrated Johnny Unitas day with a big victory over Miami. PAGES

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