Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1891
Page 5
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Bazaar Specialties for this Week. The articles below will be on Special Sale for this.'week only. Don't miss seeing them now 18 regu- lar price 35 cents, Planished tin, copper bottom, regu'ar pi le i 81. 25 this week 79 cents. Our Queensware and Tinware departments art now complete, you can find anything you want, at exceedingly low prices. The Grand Bazaar. Dr. CORBETT, V.-V. S, A veterinary surgeon of many jears experience is now permanently located at Diehls Livery Stable 209 Market street, Logansport, Incl. Dr. Corbett wlllbe pleased to wait upon all who may favor him with a call. MONEY TO LOAN! Jktwl-Nptes Eouglit In any. sum over.JSS <U lowtisl " - ' rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO.B.FORGY. declSd&wtfm DR. W. D.SNOW, ' OFFICE and Kesidence-102 Pawnee St. LOGANSPORT, - • • IND. Special Attention -Given 'to Acute and Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and Children. Corisultatioii Free. Night Bell Promptly Eesponded to. MONEY, aeuenl Insurant* and Louu. All ilnds of In- foriuiMplaoAd Jn first tilaaft companies. Endowment policies purchased, Bonds ol surety si.. •rltten tor ptrtlen holding positions of txun where i bond U required. 319 PEARJD ST. S; M. Glosson. -MONET- TO LOAN, 0 «nj sum at tbe I/OWZST raioa. frtv&tt tcrd» only, Money always In hand. NoreTtupBordu- lay. Interest and principal payable In Lcgann- ' part. Special arrangements -us to payment ot principal and Interest, made to Bait t>e wiehei ot borrower. Tor farther particular* apply to F red:;!;. Mimson, On Mondays, Fridays or Satnrdars. .214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. Pianos-Tuned, $1.50 Tor the purpose of Introducing my work to the musical people of libgaB'sportT have reduced my price lor toning Pianos;'.$2/50 to SI.50. I also keep on hand a full supply of repairing material. Pianos repollshed, restrune, new hammers, tone regulated, action.. rewalted, the touch changed heavy or light.- First-class work. S3 years experience. Orders ty mall or left at Allen Richardson^, 414 Fourth street- Organs as above. roarUdSm ' . W. DJCAPBOIU. DR. E. M. HATCH, - HOMCEOPATHI8T : ; Plrysiciaii :; and burgeon. Office, McCaffreyiBiock Broadiray Cor,. Sixth St Residence, 1322IHlgh Street, Logansport, Ind. aprld&vrlm F. M. BOZER, D. D. S. DENTIST. ' Office Over JT. Herz> Tailoring £«tab, JO!) Market Street. aprlld&wtf the best ice ..apr2Sd4t for dressed DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tuesday April 28th. Prepare to Laugh! BOBBY GAYLOR : . Is Coming in . AN IRISK ARAB • A Scenic; Production ' Cotnpleto in 'Every Detail: P K1C e S 25, 50, 15 cent* Daily Journal. •' APRIL j.25. v iFresh pine apple8, ; 35 and'30 cents, .Vt Fpley's. ... .,„,..-.:- . . OBOOP,-"vvrHoOPiNG COUGH and bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Curo. Sold by B. F. Keesling."; 5 1 'Isn't she beautiful?" • 'Certainly- She uses Flora A. Jones' f ataous'^'Blush of Roses" for the complexion. I—Sleeplessness, nervous -.-prostration.? nervous dyspepsia, dullness, ' blues cured by Dr. MileSj Fervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. (2) ' Foley's for fresh vegetables to-day. Call. You will always ( .flnd cream at the Vendome. Give us your order .-chicken to-day r—Foley. Miss Bertha WUer'is the guest of relatives in Ft. Wayne. •Wait for Bobby Gaylor . next Tuesday night. "The Irish Arab. Mrs. Dr. D. M. Kelly. of'Brook'ston, is visiting in the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. Bert Small, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Newcomb have mored from the West Side into the Craig property, corner of 'Eighteenth and North. Some sneak thief has been cutting the air brakes loose from passenger coaches and selling the same to junk dealers. The . police are after the thief. Lon Smyser .has sold his . fine residence propertY.,;on east Broadway to W. B. Meisn.er, the Wabash conductor, and will shortly remove to Richmond. The consideration was §2,600. George'E,, the'9-months-old son, of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Drake, died at 9 p. m. Thursday at their home on Wilkinson street. The funeral will be held at 10 a. m.- to-day from tbe house. , Dr. J. H. Shulta "has it in" for the printer who made it appear to the public that the recent dimpled arrival at his home was a boy, whereas the little stranger is a girl. The Journal gladly gives place to the correction and is pleased to start the little one-out in the world properly- introduced to the public. One of the big-gest jobs of cement street work ever accomplished in this country was the job turned out by M. Michaels & Son in.this city, being the laying of 990 square feet of cement paving in one day. Messrs. Michaels recently placed with the manufacturers of Portland cement the largest order: ever placed with that company. The sidewalks of Logansport are the gainers thereby. Deputy 'SheriffGallagber and Auditor Helvie who took.:, "Barney" Klein to the penitentiary at Michigan City, returned yesterday, having, safely started their prisoner . on his .fourteen year sentence. They say that Klein's rheumatism-was beginning to get the better of him again. Klein's parting words to his wife admonished her to keep the home and children together and to keep the children off the streets at night. - - ' • •"• No skit of recent years has achieved the success or - been more meaty of laughable points than Wm. A. Brady's great -comedy success, - "An Irish Arab;" which is billed to appear here next Tuesday evening. With Bobby 'Gaylorin .the.title role, and'an-excep- tional- comedy support, tbe play has- been received with* a whirl wherever presented and. : will be.. greeted by a great crowd Tuesday night, as • it is' probably the-last comedy.attraction of the season. • Ed Powell, the genial clerk at W. T. Giffe's music store, was tbe victim of a y.ery pleasant^sur.prise at his home on North street last-evening, it being the-'occasion' of his 22d birthday. About fifteen .couples of his friends called upon him "with'the compliments of the,day and-'took him completely by surprise The evening was delightfully passed in-socialQamusements and an elegant supper was served. It .was an occasion long: to be remembered by Ed and bis- friends. Mrs. Laura Dodds Shuey, wife of Curtis Shuey, who was buried Friday, was the fourth daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Dodds, of Clinton township, and was the first of eleven children to die, and. her death was a sad one, being yet.in her teens—not quite 20—and having 1 ; been married • only about seven months, leaving a devoted —"gj'husbana'I'v.ait'd'a ".large circle of sorrowing/and 'heart-stricken relatives and friend's to mourn' her untimely loss. The funeral took place at -the church near David ' Clymers, and she was buried in the cemetery- adjoining ihe church. A large concourse at;ended, Uev. McMackin, conducting Xlie Woes of an Agent. An agent for a window screen company bad an experience in this city yesterday which was enough to make an ordinary man send in his resignation to the company or drive him to strong drink. This agent' receivedja large order from tbe lessees of a building to screen the numerous windows of tbe building and in taking tb|e measurements found one of tbe room's occupied by a dress maker who ha;d for some weeks been driven nearly wild by frequent calls to see this same room by persons anxious to rent the same. The agent politely entered the room and- in his suavest tones made known his mission and was allowed to take a preparatory survey of the room, but the dress maker had been annoyed enough by '-those horrid men 11 and flatly refused him the privilege of measuring her windows and disarranging her pretty curtain?. Repulsed, but not defeated, the agent retired to the street to take counsel and regain his drooping spirits. He then returned to the charge, only to meet a decided repulse. Finally the irate dress maker for a nominal monetary consideration allowed the agent to enter and take the desired measurements, but ^vhen he attempted to make his exit, found the doors securely locked against him and for one long dreary hour he was kepi a prisoner in tbe room of the dress maker who finally- relented and in response to.his pleadings through the locked door turned, the key and addrnitted him once more to freedom. It is needless to say that he lost no time in taking his departure from that neighborhood. By close figuring the agent made out that, considering lost time and lacerated feelings, he wo_ld come out barely whole on the contract to screen tbe building. RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. Items from tlie Notc-Bouk of Our "r. Railway Reporter—Point*. Personal and Otliera'ixc. " Delighted JuvonllUy. The grand soiree given by Prof.' J. M. Gulp to his juvenile dancing school at the G. A. R. hail last evening was probably the most delightful success of the kind ever attempted in Logansport. When the grand march was called eighty-six little folks appeared in graceful line and were followed with interest by the gaze of one hundred and fifty or more of the parents and friends of the children whose graceful evolutions elicited pleased applause at every turn. So well drilled were the children that they went through the intricacies of--the gi-and march and ten dances, three of which were difficult quadrilles, with no other prompting, than Mr. Gulp's music. " ' i This is the close of the course in dancing and so well pleased were the parents of the .pupils in the advancement they had made that Prof. Gulp will continue the term indefinitely. This juvenile class is made up of the best little people in the city, and their bright faces and graceful forms made a very pleasing picture in the dance room. Happy Boosters. Wni. Timraons, postmaster of Idaville, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitteis has done more for me than all other medicines combined, for that bad feeling arising from kidney and liver trouble.'' John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney and liver medicine, made me feel like a new man. 1 ' J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says: "Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just like he bad a new lease on life. Only 50 cents a bottle, at B. F. Keesling's drug store. 2 - HIM Identity Established. - The identity of the old man who was struck and killed by a train on the Gaiveston trestle Thursday was yesterday established to be Levi Kissinger, a farmer living near Gaiveston just over the Howard county line. He was ,60 years of age and had three grown children. The body will be shipped to Gaiveston this morning. . . i . Commendable. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig SyrupjCompany. It acts gentlyj on the kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing'the system effectually, • but it is -not a'cure-all and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. . , Philadelphia, Pa., April 23.—The .directors of the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago and.St. Louis railroad met for reorganization to-day at the office of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and elected the following officers: President, George B. Robert; Vice President James McCrea, of Pittsbuvg; Second Vice President and General Counsel, J. F. Brooks; Third Vice President, Thomas Messier, Pittsburg; Fourth President, John E. Davidson, Pittsburg; Secretary, S. B. Liggett, Pittsburg: Assistant Secretary, Stephen W. Whiie, Philadelphia; Treasurer T. H. B. McKnight; Comptroller, John W. Beaner; Assistant Comptroller, Albert McEvley. Mr. Davidson \f as promoted from the office of treasurer. A dividened of 1 per cent upon the preferred stock for the' three months ending Dec. 31, 1890, was declared. . The Pennsylvania Company's Directors also met here to-day and elected ofh'cers as follows: First Vice President, James McCrea, Pittsburg; Second Vice President, T. J. Brooks; Third Vice President, Thomas D. Messier, Pittsburg; Foorth Vice President, J. F. Davidson, Pittsburg; Treasurer, T. H. B. McKnight; .Comptroller, John W. Renner, eucceding Mr. Messier, resigned; Assistant Comptroller, Albert McEvey. Indianapolis Journal: The prospects are said to be good that the Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago will be built. The company which has been incorporated is made up of good business men, and the road capitalized at a fair figure—$4,000,000. Whether the Pennsylvania company is behind the enterprise or not is not known, hut it is understood that, if built, it will make it a part of the Louisville and Chicago lines. The executive committees of the Order of Railway Conductors at the coming meeting in May. will recommend that wherever their headquarters are located there should be erected a building pleasantly fitted up for .a hospital for injured conductors, and a home for conductors who have grovrn old in the service. PETE BROCKMAN Has taken charge of Otto's CMd'sDepailment First Floor, with orders from the Proprietor to reduce Stock Regardless of Price. Kraus says SELL, Cost not to be considered. Therefor those in need of Boys and Children's A Plucky Younff Lady. : CtAEESBUBG, W. Va., April 24.—A thief named Thomas attempted to rot .the residence of a man,.nanled Branner, near-Baleigh Court-Hcfiise a few nig-hts ag-o, during' the absence of all the family except Branner's daughter, aged 17. As he broke through the window the girl 'brained him with an ax, after which she fainted. and is now very ill from fright Killed by Ijehtnlngr. NORWICH, Conn., April 24,—At 5:30 p. -m. Thursday lightning- struck the chimney of a,n unoccupied cottage oijfned by Asa Bucirus, near East Great Plain, shattering the same its entire length and partly wrecking- the house. Five men were at work in the cellar. One of them, Simon Purvis, a carpenter, aged 25, was killed, and the others were prostrated, but not injured severely. CLOTHING Should Investigate. WAISTS INCLUDED, Prices ranging for 50c Waists, 15c. $1.50 Suits, 75c. $1.00 Waists, 50c; $3.00 SUits, $1.50 Base Ball Outfits Free. Fishing Tackle Free. OTTO KRAUS, Mr. Ilnlford Golnc to Europe. WASHINGTON, April 24.—Elijah W. Halford, private secretary to President Harrison, has left Washington for New York. He will sail for Europe Saturday on the North German Lloyd steamer Saale. Mr. Halford is accompanied by his daughter, Miss Jeannette. They will be absent about six weeks. OF COURSE.' the services; •• A, Boon to W1T««. j . .Having used "Mother's Friend" i would not be without it.' , It is a boon| torwive's' who know : they.,must pass through the painful' ordeal of childbirth. Mrs. C. Melbourne, lowa.J vVrite BradfieldRegulator Co:.' AtlanJ ta. Ga.,for,further particulars. Sold 1 by Ben. Fisher'. ' . . to26 ' '' ' **"- • — • Mrs. Eliza Barron, postmistress at Royal Center has .been .granted a. soldier's widows pension with .back: pay and pensions to her two _ minor children. Mr.'Troutman and wife and Mrs. J A. Ford, all of Butler, arrived in the city yesterday on a visit with Mr. Mrs. Ed Leonard on the West Side. Both tfae method and results, whcij Syrfip of Figs is taken; it is pleasait and refreshing to the taste, and acla; gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver arid Bowels, cleanses the system effectually,.'dispels colds,, headaches- and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Byrvp of j?iga is 'thf. only remedy of its : kind - ever pro. duced, pleasing 1 to' the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action, and 1 twfly; beneficial in its/ effects, prepared only, from, the most, healthy and agreeable-substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale .in 50c and $1 Ibottles by all leading- druggists. Any reliable druggist -who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly -for any one who wishes to try it. .L,< j-iot awept any substitute. CALIFORNIA F.O $YSUP CG- SAX FftMtiiyJO. CfL. '.OUISVIU.E Id yejr 'l)K ' * ' ForsalebyB.F.Keesllngand all irigglsts. T R Y BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by H. C. PURCELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl: JOHNSTON BROS. "The torner Drug Stare." ' " ",'.".' •'""-';'; i. ' Johnston Bros, have removed to^ the , '•;••'•••' ; ' -" J'* ' ' < o Cor. of 4th and Broadway, . - -- .''• .-''-' - ^ ' - ",.'., . . '(i, ;•'•'• (Strecker Building.) , '7',^.',' ] A Fullandr Complete Line oil DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. 4 (j "<*!

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