The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 15<l J^DQMINAN^NEWSPAPEH OP NORTHEAST ARKANBA^lou^"^ ' Blylhevllle Courier Blythcvllle Dally News — : Blythevllle Herald. MIsAslpnl Valley Leader BLYTHRVILLB, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SKPTI3MHBK H, 10.10 SINGLE COPIRS FIVE CENTS' RICHMAN AND MERRILL IN NEWFOUNDLAND Warns World Of Reel Menace Young Cot Ion Picker Is Victim; Burdetle Men Injured Near Luxora One man -. v as killed and a number of others were injured,, some seriously, in automobile ac-l eidrnts over the week-end In till ' vicinity. The fatality was Phillip Young, ?l. vho Ciimo lo Stcele recently | lo pick cotton. He was instantly killed by n hit-and-run driver as he started to walk across Hi"h- way 61, south of Holland, Saturday night. Seriously injured .were'Joe Ellis tiral John Brothers, both of Burdell c, whose car collided head- on with a car occupied, by six negroes on Highway 01 near Lux- era Sunday afternoon, Steps in Path of Car STEELS, Mo.—Phillip Young, 21, who came to (his vicinity recently Jrom Myrtle. Mo., to pick cotton, was instantly killed when he was run down by a hit-and-run driver on Highway Gl about, two and one-half miles south of Holland nt 9 o'clock Saturday night. Witnesses said that Young got out of a car parked at, the side of the road and stepped directly in the path of an approaching car. it happened so suddenly that they were not able even to say what kind of car it was that hit Young. The body, badly mangled, was removed to Stcele, where it was called for Sunday by an undcr- Jaker from :) Myrtlc . fallowing an incjue'sl Vn ">»'hich new facts--de= '^ veloped which .-might lead to ' ,,, ' • " • ~ • '• idem-mention- of thedeath car\ -™ st (ni : QU S" ollt Europe' and across ilrh'ciV " "' -; ">?.<>«»">• \ ' I Young was the son 'of Mrs ™e Pope pictured the Spanish Annie Young, of Myrtle. P "break as part of the spread } of godlessncss which lie said is 3 Accidents- ;il l.uxnra demoralizing youth and threaten- LUXORA. Ark., Sept. 14—Eight] ing tl!e foundations ' of clviliza- persons were Inirt^ nt least two| tlon seriously, in three' accidents in Luxora and vicinity over the weekend. Joe Ellis and John Brothers, residents of the Buvdettc com- Pope Pius, XI Links Communism With Spanish War In Speech • By United Press . Pope Pius, XI., linking the Spanish civil war with the universal spread of Communism, pre- world issue in , , <f;f,». today which was broad' 1 ' FBI THIBT IB Li f HER British Authorities Refuse to Take Seriously McMahon's Story of Plot LONDON, Sept, 14 (UP)-Oeorgo Andrew McMahoti, middle-aged eccentric who said he had' b°en bribed by a fcreiim power to shoot King Edward Vlll, was sentenced to one year at hnrd labor in old Bailey police i court today. The prosecution did not appear to take very seriously McMahon's cli'crmiecled storv of • foreign plotting agalast the king. The attorney general suggested it was n prcdnct of his Imagination. McMahon was convicted specifically for "producing n revolver nenr. the person.of the king with intent to .innrm him.". The trinl j grew out of an Incident on July 16 when McMahcn nourished a revolver during a military parade on Constitution Hill and threw it toward the king's horse. . McMahon said he and nine colleagues twice rehearsed' tile nt- 1'inp.t to shoot the klnj and that he constantly was under supervision of the plotters just before the incident. Under examination by his own counsel McMahon testified: "I want to give the whole info, malicn lo the authorities. There was a lot of bungling. They made a mess of it. ' "I want to go to prison. : i want you to give'me the heaviest sentence you possibly, can. Only by remaining in:, prison . can .1 save my life from/those I have given away." . ... • Then he almost shouted:--;: '- "I do not want-any mere*'&» ; --. -- ..-• - - - /i. •' • '' Leaps To Deaili Proi)i Auto When Train Whistles Flyers Reach Newfoundland munity, were seriously injured when their car collided, head-on wi'ih a car occupied by six ne- groes, at [lie junction of Hieli- uay 01 and the alternate route through Luxora, at 3 oclock Sunday afternoon. Ellis was. rushed to the Bap- list hospital in Memphis where examination revealed a fractured on Christianity lo He called combat it. The pope's expression of horror stories of atrocities .which are coming out of Spain was reflected by the Latin-American diplomats in Madrid who started tin honest movement to humanize the war. The war meantime went on with no sign of a letup or any possible peace negotiations. Each . day strengthened the indications ' • • - of a jaw. broken nose and severe cuts about the face. Brothers was removed !o Ihc lilytlicville hospital. suffering 1 from culs and a neck injury. T. . Jones, of Little Hock, who was in the car with Ellis nnd Uiclheis. escaped with miner Iri'ises and culs. 'flirt 2 of the negroes received minor in- jirries. Two nesro men were injured j I about midnight Saturday when ' Mrs. May 'Winters" Arrested Following Wounding of Missouri Farmer HOLLAND, Mo.— Mrs. May Winters, proprietress of a beer place south of Holland, is at liberty — s ------ ^.. t ..,, ,..M,^., V ,U IIJ under $2,500 bond, pending ar- long and bigger conflict raignment on a charge of assault which will leave Spain a wrecked to kill Sam Patterson, 25 farm- and ruined nation. BROOKLAND, Ark.'. Sopt.'iMur PI—Mrs. Llllie McCormack, 48', wns fatally injured last night when 'he jiiir-ied from an automobile • dil-en by her husband, J. R. C- n nfp ran , n ' T McCcrmnck. because she thc'uililj " terencc * 0 111 0 I" V 0 W *« u '"tr± 18Cr ; ' of ^ I. The couple had started to cross a railroad when Mrs. McCormack heard a distant locomotive whistle. Simultaneously the lights;ol on approaching automobile were reflected in the windshield, causing her to think the .train, wps upcn them. She Jumped and; her head struck the .gravel road. She died about 20 minutes later.; HITLER'S LITEST Says War Would Make Achievements of Germany Industry in Vain NUPFMBERG. Germany. Sent. 14 (UP)—Fuehrer Adolf Hitler today altered Ihe war tone of the Nuremberg conference to , one of peace Jn an address to units of army bearing 'the the German new colors Reich. of the. German With the rigid, helmeted troops or ti,n r-.r > ,, icuay no< me insurance of the Geiman army standing , 10 savings bank Is safe" beforR tllm TT I pr cfilH fl™ + li,« — .. """"• '" .liutr. As Answer to Charges by Col. Knox WASHINGTON. Sept. H (UP)— The emergence us a major earn Paten, issue of the Republican cminre that Insi'rance policies nrel unsafe under Ihc 'Roosevelt nd- mlnlstinUon w<i s foreseen today The White House revealed that Presidr-nt Roosevelt would meet tomorrow In a surprise confer ence with insurance company ex I eciilives. Frank' Knox, Republican vice presidential candidate, 10 days ago told an Allentown. Pa., political audience Hint .savings banks and insi|rance policies were unsafe under the 'New Deal •administration. The subject of the Willie House conference was not revealed al- Ihoilgh It was said the ineellni! had been under consideration "for more llian a month and was not connected witli the Knox statement. • • ' J However, -pollllcnl 'observers Immediately noted lhat the Insurance .'gathering" closely followed widespread Deniocralic "attacks on Ihe charge made by the Republican vice-presidential candidate. The' con menl was: "Today no • life insurance policy, before him. Hitler sold that the _ able to secure international nlbltlt ,g tho lltterance peared to be throwing down, the gauntlet' to Soviet'• Russia. n n 7 .1 '. Licmocraiic ouioursl. Us sla e- Presentiiig to -the army Ihe war ment , nlcr approved' by Re- »g.of. the new, Reich, Hitler publican^ National cTirman jolm "The holders of this, flag will not be called' upon to serve in not be called' upon to serve in an d Insurance companies was - un chauvinistic, adventures but only ?afe unricr t | l6 New ^^ Gm Alf M. London,. presidential nominee, thus far has taken no p.irt in the debate. to _guard Germany." Again he said: "That w;e are able to celebrate this, day In this way we owe to the infinite industry and energy of our nation. Yet all this industry would- be in vain if the Reich were hot able to secure external peace. We are proud of our achievements for peace." . , I er, whom she shot through the ------- - j arm Saturday night. nr m v Patterson, who lives about four WOrms More Numerous miles west of Holland, was not! ;„ r it C' IJ U seriously, hurt. He was taken to in UOttOn fields Here the Blythevllle hospitaf Saturday night but was dismissed this Cotton leaf worms are probably more prevalent now in cotton fields in the northern dis- ''' lct of Missi! «iPPi county than coupe swerved olf Calhoun "Jo to . . agricultural agent. Fulleiton. county Micet. here and struck a aV»e "8"™"'™' »B«'t- i:ccan tree in front of the Sam/"/ Hl " crlo » Sil J' s "" c-stunale tree in front of the Sam Meadows home. The men. from (he Lowden plantation, at Hightower, sustained severe cuts indi bruises while a young negro boy I with them escaped injury. j Karlicr Saturday nighl HI Hoover of Sandy Ridge was forced lo drive his car into a ditch lo avoid striking a vvafon on Highway Gl. near here. No one was seriously hurt. , llle damil = e bcl "»! . morning. Mrs. Winters, arrested by Constable Norman Hijks, told him that she did not Intend to shoot Patterson. She was attempting to protect him from another man, in a fight with him , '"" J i that nat - „ .. iirally the greatest damage is be- Luther Hayes, ing done in fields where foliage Is still green and in which poison has not been used. He said the hatching period had been aided by presence of moisture and that many more, worms are now in the fields. "or Place of business, she said, by' bllt ll >e bullet hit the wrong man. / she w|1] ^ arraigl)ed Sep ^ cmber 22 before Justice of Ihe Peace New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 14 (UP) — Part of 4,511 -Bale Ouachita River Cargo Reported in Danger COLUMBIA, La., Sept. 14 (UP) —The lowboat, Winnifred, burned nnd sank and one of its barges, carrying part of 4,511 bales of cotton from Camden. Ark., to New Orleans, wa's burning 12 miles down river from here today. Capt. R. J. Trosclalr and his , . — -..,... ... „. i lua uuir Collon closed barely steady. j crew of 14 men were said to ui 111.) «,t uui* iii me ncKls. i A well known farmer declared "at the worms were particularly no-! Dcc i ticeable on (he lower leaves of --. ,.-• Ark v -KaymoiKlj the "'collon stalks" ""it 'was"" re- j M «rch Goodman, 14. son of Mrs. .Oclie ported ' May Goodman of Roulc G, is in (he | ' July liickson Memorial hospital suf-1 fering from a broken right leg I /7/n<j|« /f <ffo/.l- I nnd severe cuts. An atilomobllC| lvbln !l "lOCK t -.-, ----- ,. . open high low close | have escaped Injury. The 130-foot 11212 1221 1204 1204 I 1215 1222 1206 1206 1213 1221 12C5 12U5 1209 1218 1201 1201 1209 1210 1'200 1201 1205 1209 1191 1191 and «;kcn; vim,-,, mi nuiouioQiiei struck him as he and two olher youths were silting on a bridge bannister, five and a half miles cast of here, Saturday night. Officers are hunting for the driver of the car, said to be a Caraway youth. Several persons, who had slop- pod at Ihc scene of the accident, were injured when an automobile, driven by Raymond Baldwin of lioute 4, ran into Ihe crowd struck Ihc automobiles of J. K. Pavllow and Hall Faulkner of Paragould. and Dr. \V; D. English of Cardwell, Mo. Monroe Arnctlc, 24, of Pred- cricktown, Mo., is in the Dickson Memorial hospital suffering from n lacerated right hand and forearm received when an automobile, driven by Elmer Slatler, also or Kredcricktown. was slruck by one driven by N, B. Stuarl, service slation employe, near Cardwell, • Mo. Slunrl said the olher car, which he was meeting, made a left hand turn a few feet in front of him. Mrs. Stuart was Injured. NEW YORK. Sept.. 14 (UP) — A jump of G.3 per cent in steel operations this week, reported by the American Iron nnd Steel Institute, steadied a declining stock market today. A T and T 175 1-4 10. Spcls closed steady at 1245. oil Spot Avcraje Is J2.23 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the len spot markets today was 12.23, according to the Blythevllle Board of Trade. stern wheel river towboat put In here at 9 A. M. today and one of its crew was trenlcd for burns, reportedly received when , a minor fire broke out. A change of grade in fuel oil for the boilers was blamed. The Winnifred was pushing two barges down the Ouachila river, having left Camden Wednesday. The cargo reportedly consisted of 4.011 bales of compressed collon and 500 round bales. Part nl the cotton, 2,400 bales, was for Anderson-Clayton company Orleans Cotton Cities Service 41-8 Coca Cola 121 General American .Tank 5G 1-4 General Electric 46 1-2 General Motors 665-8 International Harvester 78 1-2 McKesson-Robblns 97-8 Montgomery Ward 483-4 New York Central 44 1-8 Packard 12 1-2 Phillips Petroleum 40 3-8 Radio Corp n Prices were depressed due lo h'edse selling during Ihe. second half ot trading on the New Orleans col- lon exchange Oct Dec Jan March May July' Simmons Bed 38 1-2 Standard of N J 617-8 Texas ; Co 37 i -8 U S Smelling ........ 77 U S Steel ...;.. 70 3-4 Warner Bros ........... 13 1.4 Zonlte ',i.ii.i.,.; • 7 [.j 10. open high low close 1209 12IG 1202 1202 1210 1218 1202 1202 1211 1217 1202 1202 1204 1214 1198 IK& 1204 1214 1198 119Gb 1200 1204 1185 1186b Chicago Corn open high low close Sep 113 1-2 IH 1-8 112 1-4 1123-4b Dec 96 1-4 06 1-2 95 1-8 96 1-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Sept. 14 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 7.500 Top 11.35 170-240 Ibs 11.10-11.25 140-160 Ibs 9.65-10.40 Bulk sows 8.50-9.60 Cattle: receipts 8,000 Steers 6.65-9.60 , Slaughter steers 5.25-10.00 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.75-8.00 Slaughter heifers 4.75-9.50 Beet cows 4.25-5.00 Chicago Wheat widespread Democratic "attacks on Trans-Atlantic fivers just for Iho n,,, n r n 111,1, ., ,,, , Ihc charge made by the Repub- mim ,, „ , „ ' k Mel11 " Am «lcan can vice-presidential candidate ' ' ' """ '• I " n7 R "*m<>».'night Hub mailei of memories The' controversial Knox slate- wpro re P ort «' down today In Newfoundland on Ihc return ICF of lent was: their round-trip New York and London air Joimioy They aie Pictured above as they waved to Ihe ciottds lhat greeted them The Pennsylvania secretary of Khox, however, had ignored Hie Democratic outburst. His slate- °- M ' who said that - ' , he asmli the com! | t | on 0( bailks Escorts Socialist Candidate .to Scene of Campaum 'talk EARLE. Ark., Scpl. 14 (UP)— George A. Nelson, Socialist party vice-presidential candidate, came here for a campaign address this afternoon under the personal es- corl of Sheriff Howard Curlin of Criltcnden county. Curlin, accompanied by several deputies,' escorted the Socialist candidate at the request of Gov. J. M. Fulrcll, who had called earlier loday to arrange "protcclion" for Nelson and his party, who claimed to fear violence or Intimidation. I'.J gee em at Croydon Aerodrome, London, following their lecord hi caking 18 hours and 8 minutes t-aslwiird rrosMno of the Atlantic •CO...SEER5 Proposed Parkin-Osceola Line Would Increase Supply of Current Here .LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Thc . Arkansas Power and Light company plans lo build a Ihree-wire high tension line from Parkin to Osceola lo connect with the electric system' of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company, it was revealed when an application for a certificate of convenience and necessity was filed with the state department of public utilities, The petition said -the construc- lion will cost $200,950, of which $01,000 will represent extensions to serve customers of the Arkansas Power and Light company and the remainder construction liccessary to enable that company lo provide a supplemental source of energy lo the Arkansas-Missouri company. • ApproiUI of a rcoifa illation plan of the latter company has common ' Voters Take Unprecedented Interest in Today's . State Election . v«»u "i , muiiii;iJJHI CO1 ..PORTLAND, Me., Sept, U (UP) In & whi!e intoxicated. , ., , Stirred • to . unprecedented en- iiislasin '• eauier clear irani One-Reported Injured 5 in Forced Landing at Isolated Spot ' ; ST. JOHNS, Newfoundland, Sept. 14 (UP) — Richard Merrill•' cinck transport pllol, and Harrv Rlchman, night club entertainer and sportsman, crashed today»in~ a Newfoundland bog on the return' flight of the first round trip air- * plane voyage ,' acioss the north"* Atlantic between Europe 'and Noi th American. The flyers, who succeeded in Hying non-slop from New Yoik to Llandllo, Wales In the record time of approximately 18 hours cracked up In a forced landing neai Musgrnvc Harbor at 2-30 o'clock P M, eastern daylight lime, 10 houis, 25 minutes after "ley left Southport, England Musgiave Harbor is 140 miles nortlmesl of st Johns on tha blc.ik Newfoundland coast. Fiist reports indicated that one of the flyeis wa.s badly hurt In the crash of the powerful monoplane Lady Peace but this could , not be confirmed at once. Only a week ago Saturday Mrs. Berjl Markham. a BriJon, trans- versing the same route followed today by the American flyers crashed In a soggy field In north- * ern Novia 'Scotia. Officials, here made every effort to learn details of the crash Only a telegraph line connects Musgmve Harbor with St Johns' and because ineaaKas. have to go thiough a series oT relays communication was of necessity slow. RuW'.Into Trouble When,, He Recovers Automobile Marlon Overton of Marked Tree reoncred lib, missing 1936 CheV- rolet sedan here Sunday, but; it meant a fine for him. The car was found -here and Gilbert. Smith, driver, was fined" 4100 In municipal court for driv- . Overton, manager of an outin» .. ..and with the eyes of club, cams here for his car and " the country on them, . Maine's-mi -Inlo trouble when revenue" citizens jammed polling places to- agents discovered a "switched" license oh ills machine. Overtoil -i—. .>U.H.,II.-L wut, ucar anci uvcnon, according to officers cool throughout the state.' Heavy I admitted he had transferred a pni'K' hntlrtH.*,, j,v,tl n ..i ...I ii.- .._i- ,i ... . . i'iioii-ntu M early balloting indicated the vote would establish an' all-time record and that more than 300,000 would answer the nation's question: "How goes Maine?" Well aware tlmt in eight of the ten presidential years since 1850 . the that elected Maine's governor in September also elected the president n November, thousands of' down casters were waiting before the doors opened nt voting places. They came on foot, by automobile, by bicycle and old fashl license plate from an old to n new car when he purchased the latter. J. H. Grain, manager of Lee Wilson company at Wilson "stood" for his fine and Overton whs allowed to return his car lo Marked Tree. The -fine will be $26, double the amount of his. license, it was stated, plus the' usual cosls. otno- ioncdl commission because nf hrt.- ,,r! ' •*" Bt ' J - ' «<"•'*•"« ob-l an adequate supply of n "rev to T m rcon ?' il;lUI >' Predicted that . ull l'>"J l " i "<-" &,} LU only n (Vvir Ihniieniirl /iT H,« r.l,.i~> f Bruce Ivy Will Name increased meet requirements' „„...,,.„ business In the eastern part of the territory served by Ihc Arkansas-Missouri company. i The reorganization petition is ft.,,...!,, w;|| pending in federal court in II-! u . 5c *0ia nlll '""'""'> » f 310.0CO registered voters would fail to exercise their franchise. miuiibivii. ...n...i. I.IIL. mi; |jjitu nn[M. ire at)Governor Futrcll 'acted follow- Proved' by Ihe commission of all ing receipt of another telegram "'""" '''"'' "'" ' today from Clarence Senior, Socialist national campaign hian- llnots, but the plan must- lie ap-- sla'/:s In .which the company opcralcs. The petition for a permit to tmiisi national campaign man- me pclllion for a permit to nger, at Chicago, who reiterated'a build the new line will be aclcd demand for protection In view of "Pon soon and If it is approved. recent antagonism loward . Socialists In the Earle section. Sheriff Curlhi agreed lo escort Nelson personally "an over county," if he wanted to go. the Conference On Peonage Begins al Little Rock LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 14 (UP)— TWO fe'l ral attorneys began a series of conferences with United States District Attorney Fred isgrlg today on charges of peon- -— age In eastern Arkansas. I D . _, . The attorneys. Gordon Dean nnd, Pneumonia Claims Lite Richard Shanahan, are cxpecl- *d to make trips this week lo the eastern part of the slate to gather evidence to present lo the federal grand Jury which Venes nest Monday. . It Is probable Ihat the Arkansas- Missouri reorganization plan will be approved, since the new con- t'lructlon .would megt the '••'0- qulremenls of that company for additional power sources. The company has been purchasing power from the Arkansas Power and Light company at Walnut Ridge and supplementing that source from small plants at several towns in the territory served. The new Hue will be about 47 miles long, and will be of 110,000 volts capacity. con- Plague to Kill Rabbits CANBERRA (UP) — Rabbits, ave become an insurmountable _-.. ..«„-.,.,,» pest in Australia and may finally Cutters and low cutlers 3.00-4.00 be extermlnaled In an entirely " " ' -ilar-l of Irving Thaiberg HOLLYWOOD. Cal., Sept. 14 (U P)—Irving Thaiberg, husband of Norma Shearer, nim star, known as the "boy genius" of Ihc films year has established plants al Canithcrsvillc and Luxora, will opcrale a plant at Osccola next Cannery Next Season Craddock Brothers Canning Co.. epues a Tennessee concern which this »i this county would' be but that ,... . . in a Few Days Announcement of his deputies for both the Osceola and Chicka^ sawb.i districts of Mississippi county win probably be made by the end of tills week, .Bruce Ivy of Osccola, who will be prosecuting attorney of the second judicial district after January 1, told the Courier News this morning. Mr. Ivy siild that he was virtually certain who his deputies he would not be ready' to announce them for a few days. He announced last week that jear. it lias been revealed by John States, son of Mrs. Basil Clay Ayrcs. member of a group Baker, wife of Justice Baker of n r n™,i., >,,,,i,,,i. .„ ...... ., thc state supreme court, would . Osceola busliu>s men and fanners who have been seeking for some time to bring such an establishment to Ihcir community. Erection of the plant, which will cost about $27,000, will start about November I, according to present plans. It will probably be located on the site of the old Osceola gin, opposite the power house of Hie Municipal Light and Power company. D. R Craddock will be in charge -of the cannery, which will pack spinach, beans, beets and torn a loos. (Gr)easy Money , be his deputy for Ihe Jonesboro district of Craighead county. Force Tourist Campers to Buy Auto Licenses Approximately 10 or more members of a troupe of touring salesmen who have been encamped with their families at the Eskridge lourist camp on Norlh Slxlh slreet (Highway 611 have. been required lo purchase state auto licenses here. i The same troupe or a similar [band encamped al the park about two years ago for a slay of K number of weeks. °™ | re(lly s , |ppcd thto(]gh Thaiberg was stricken with a fingers. he has nt* disease known with which the nbblts lhey ite .Jr. and Mrs. Wil- 1 ...... Thalberg,. his two sisters "myo-1 and his mother-in-law, NIrs. Edith grease In Farrls on Shearer. The 37-year-old producer died at his home In Santa Monica. Carl H. Abbott reported that Far- rls tried to make off with Ihe money when approached but It proved too slippery and fell back Into the can, , WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and Vlclnlly—Pair tonight and Tuesday. Not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 95, minimum 71,' cle»r, according (o Samuel -F, Norrls, official weather observer.

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