The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 16, 1917 · Page 28
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 28

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1917
Page 28
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1917. Whole Community Is Proud Of the Bath Beach Successor of Old District No. 1, in New Utrecht, Where i Superintendent James M. Edsall Began His School Work Fine School Spirit. BOYS AND GIRLS USE THEIR HANDS AT NO. 163 :.C Probably no community In the city in so proud of ita school as Iiuth Beach is of No. 163, Benson and Seventeenth avenues and Hay Fourteenth street, and no principal has greater Interest in her boys and girls than Miss Mary K. Lynch, the principal. When-over the pupils give an entertainment or when there is a graduation the. whole neighborhood turns out to share in the joy of its children. This neighborhood pride in the school conies down from the days when Bath Beach was a . village in tho Town of New Utrecht, and the school was District No. 1, on what Is now Eighty-sixth street and Eighteenth avenue. The old school building became( No. 101 when New Utrecht was annexed to Brooklyn. At that time James M. Kdsall was the principal and Miss Lynch was his assistant. He is now district superintendent and she Is principal. When T.vnnh wn, arrnniTinir for the recent graduation exercises she decided to call upon the graduates of the school who had been on the border with the National Guard. A dozen responded to her call, although some of them are not now residents of Bensonhurst or Bath Beach. Captain George Brennan, who is also-an Assemblyman, was one. He was one of Mr. Edsall's boys in old No. 181, and Miss Lynch claimed him too. The district superintendent was present and he was as proud of the boys us was the principal. And there was no question how the people who crowded the auditorium felt, although their chief interest was in the sixty-two boys and girls who received diplomas. The new Bath Beach School Is a landmark and overtops all (he buildings in its vicinity. It has thirty-one classrooms, beside auditorium, kin- dergarten, workshop, kitchen and gymnasium. It is a complete, and therefore a model school building. The principal knows every child and the parents of her children just as it should be and frequently she is consulted as to a child's future. In this neighborhood school what is called the "school spirit" is strong, and the athletes are well supported whenever they enter a contest. Two men teachers, Thomas McDermott and John Moore, coach the boys for their games. The boys responded to their Instructions so well that the school holds two cups the Seaver Cup for baseball, which was won from the other schools in District 37, and which they have held for two years, and the Parkville Association Cup, for unlimited relay, which they won in the Washington Athletic League, comprising the schools in two school districts. This cup has also been held for two years. The girls have their folk dances, taught after school by Misses McKen-na, Stack and Tjaden, and they are going to take up the games provided by the Girls Branch, P. S. A. L., to earn the pins awarded for proficiency. The boys of No. 163 can sew, too, although it Is not an accomplishment of which many fellows are proud. At the same time it may be a useful thing to know, especially if one has no women folk around. The boys of the 6B grade ure taught to make the aprons they use in the shop when they reach 7A, and some of these aprons are well made. The school has purchased a moving picture machine, and Miss Lynch would like to use it to illustrate lessons In geography and history. She can get the films through the supply I School i. I - k. . f,y . : ; l in i inn m i in in ill ml I 'in II P I f k ' mfm $mm-'Jt4JZf jSU. 2 t i 1 I , ' 4r k M Li 1 (JirU Made Their Own Graduation frkx r& K?t -. f7: 4 m x jam , w m ? " Boys Made Their Own Aprons in 6B Grade to Wear When Promoted to "A, MalkuM, Klwood Menken, Louis Mlrhaelson, George Millor, Harry Wood. Harry Vail. 2A Ernest Holren, Jt)hn Itorstniann, Laurence Lewin, Christopher Wuest, May Bayer, Eleanor Olur.z, Lillian Holtz, Willie department, but they cannot be shown in the daytime, for the reason that there are no dark shades for the as- aomhlv rnntn Tlio maphina ia tVlri- fore out of service. Application has I Kaisn, wazei LivinBton, uoiu'e jiuoin, kus been made many times for black) Xf,.. (inbri,wtz. Jorom(. jjorw. Hob-shades, without result. No one seems ; ,rt Pet,.rou. n.nry Tudi. wniuni wiiitc, I.n.iij to take sufficient interest in the school i nimn. Dorothy Vwrn, Axutliu Volhuer, Hulda to press its claim. It would require "' '"'K 1 i'llne Jioim. not ove.- $25 to fit the assembly room I AJ-Thart' Kohl: with the shades. The school is at the tail end of the school district, and out of the way. If it had a friend "at court" it would have been supplied with the shades a long time ago. P. S. Xo. 110 Continued. BBM1 Margaret Burns, Josephine Can-fflosl, Clara Gratownky, Frieda Schwartz. 5BM2 Helen Foerster, Josephine Koffler, Nora Schwartzberg, Christine Volkmann, Alma "Wtt'zel. BBM3 Martha Ackerman, Margaret Bajr-nalt, FlllPiftbeth Biancullt, Viola James, Ruth Joseph, Helen Meyer. 6AM1 Edmund DiaK, Herman Kirsehe, Kmll Schaefer. Caroline Tretschner, Lucille ltoth, Mary Cirecia, Robert Droclr, John Mc-Kwan, Mary Goich, Mildred McKee, Hazel iMottn, Florence Plotts, Elizabeth Hunslovf, I,oul Musto, William Lamnech, Frank Bra dr. 5AM2 Anna Fanning. Rita Huertas, Anna Jergenaen, Jeeale MacKinnon, Margaret Meyer, Evelyn Snyder, Anna Weigl, Agnes Wolynskl. 4AB4 John Jackowski, Doris Pitman, Chester Roes. John Nees. V'lola Stlppel. 4AM1 Daniel Bransford, (ieorge (.'arisen. Edmund TYianiewaka, Tlllie Black, Charlotte Chandler, Lillian Nelson, Helen Richard, Florence Rojewski, Rose Rolla, Mary Rup-pel. 8BM1 Roy Krauss, Adolf Stilz, Margaret Birmingham, Helen t!erhard. Sadie Grecla, Florence Kaslonek, Winifred Ryan, Anna Sprlngowska. 3BM2 William Fell, Ralph Newman. Edwin Swanson. Joseph Talay. Marie Bridge- water, Emma Dimnick. Kdna Erhardt, Ruth Menge. Ida Peterson. Florence Wilson. 3AM2 Ruth Goodman. Rose Levlne, Olive Lunnigan, Mildred Maurer. 2BM2 Maxlmiilian Lobley, John Clements. Walter Graham. Elmer Kettell, Margaret Foereter, Anna Voigt. 2BM2 (omitted from December) Maxlmiilian Lobley. Walter Graham, John Clements, Elmer Kettell, Helen Toblassen, Margaret Foerster. 2AM1 Albert Jolley. Michael O'Brien. Charlotte Heard, Helen MacCormac, Margaret McLaren, Jennie Urbanovlcs, Annie Oomi, - 2A2 Philip Riegel, Rudolph Schoerner. Beatrice Bressler. Ruth Curry, Cassie Hauser. Anna Lezowski. 1B2 Ethel Markowltz. Grace Reining, Plclia Srajewpka, Ralph Bruhn, Julius Grelca, Bernard Tobln, Conrad Wexell. 1AM3 Isadore Goodman, Edward O'Keefe. William Wahlers. Audrey Jergensen, Rose, miry Painting. Jennie Silverman. 1A2 Ariel Chllds, Edward Kaiser, Arthur Newman, William Poteska, Lillian Erickson. Mary Huertas, Freda Morsch, Hattle Ur-banowltch. 1AI Arnold Luokert, Dunran MacKen-non, Fred Mansey, Elizabeth Heard. Cecelia Siettnich, Jeanette Mansey, Margaret ilahnke. LEFFERTS PARK SCHOOL. P. S. Xo. 112.) Miss Mary F. Catton. Principal. tBB Hugh MoNamara, John J. Robinson. BG Elsie Da in bach, Marie De Magistrls, Fmlly Grifnths, Jennie Kaufman, Kathleen AloArdle, Emma McNamara. 8AB Reydar Beylegaard. 8AG Adelaide Bianonte, Tda Lollo, Irene Robinson, Marion Ruland, Carmella Rooss. TBB Jacob Schwartz. 7BG Lilly Damm, Florence Driscoll, Madeline Kelly, Jennie Sagona. 1 AG Marion Harauall, Helen Mitchell, .Josephine Sanchez, Eleanor Steppe. 6BB William Belntrt, Adolph Cantlnl, Vencino Flynn, Allen O'Handley. William 0Leary, Samuel Romolo, Maurice De Lorenzo, Arthur Kellner. 6BG Nlcoletta Colombo. Alice Maloney, May Schrelber, Christian Salmleri. 6AB Joseph Fee, Paul Frese, Joseph Graaso. tiAG Agnes Steele, Marie McDonosgh. ftBG Gussie Schwartz, Helen Newman, Florence Lebr. BAB Gaetano Adamo, William Demarest, John Jacobs, Haskell Proper. 6AG Accursla Ferrara. Carmela La Bat-ttglia, Elizabeth Reifenyder. 4B1 Thomas Cardone, Florence Thomas, Helen Creere, Dorothy Sullivan, Eleanor Beylegaard. 4B2 William Trachy, Angle Barber, Martha Marrione.t Helen Gnskell, 4A1 Michael Laniastra, Michael Mignone, Paequale Romolo, Nancy Calenda, Marie Ca-ropreno, Ella Graham, Adeline Morelll, Jennie Mascari, Anna Tomasello. 4A2 Alexander Le Gatto, William Roth, Mary Bandllle. ?;ileen McNamara, Santura Alongi, Accursla Ctarcia. 3B1 .(esse Horn, Olga De Prlsco. Dorothy Puffy, Eleanor MacDonald, Dorothy Rick-ftrd. Clarlnda Serpe, Frances Steppe, Frances Tut rone, Mary Grottola. 3BJ Stanley Leavelle, John Tutrone, Harriet Krlstiansen, Et.hel Damm, Gerolina lannacone. 3A1 Vincent Durante. Willlngton Murray, John Redpath, Laura Fortunato, Rhoda Ilalvorsen. 3A2 Noel Ruhmann, Robert Sullivan, Mary Longo, Mildred Keller, Gllda Dago- ft lira. 3A3 Cmberto Caprlgllone. Joseph Retlly. Anna Brown. Elizabeth Coyle, Marie Lamt-rata. Ynlanda Pnggioli. Dora Schwartz, Margaret Steel, Virginia Colenza. 2B1 Donald Curtis, John McAullffe, Catherine Faella, Mary Radlgan, Ernestine Vender. 2B2 Vincent Nesci. rharles Powers, William Schier. Theodore White, A ecu rata Montagnino, Lnulwa Tozzoltna, Fannie Pas-Btff. Edwarda Costello. 2A 1 Scanderbeck Guagliardi, Florence Walsh. "A3 Ottavio D Caprarlus. Tasquale T-n-Tenzo, Frank Gerbanin, Lottie Bartnlck. Car-irela D' Ambla. Marguerite D' Am bis, Rose T Vlnrenzo, Jesnie Pilgrim. Alice Rellly, Anna Seligmun. Marie Sellgmnn. 1 Bl Vincent Calenda. Nlfbolss Sagona. Fasriuale Scarella. Ronlna Certoma, Gertrmle l'tambach. "on Glance Dirk. Domentra Ma-loriin, Mary Qulnn. f.ftretta Reapen. 1 Wl RalVHinre I'reilerlm. Orlando Petro. f e)H. PrtKquat Sralinlerro, Lillian ( 'an tint, A nnie I tnmiire, Joaephlne Spa no, Florence Villlromltc. 1 A 1 OtinaM Dalrvmple. Bennett Dsven- ?'irt. Pfi'iuaie tiialio. Richard Leary, barle.. Mnrcinn. J amen McNsmsra. Har-Id PUcgioli, David Reirmati, Sarab Bleren- Harold Oraf. Kmil Kohler. Herbert Muller, William Muller, Alfred Palmer, CiiarleM Westerberg, Rose Drown, Amelia Joeckel, Francis Kl(nert, Holeu Poole, Regina Hlesa, Anna Solomon. IBM Isador Cohen. James Courtney. i Louis EdelHtein. Charles Frank. Paul Fa I bo. It may be that the School Will Jonn O'Connor. Robert Penny. Lillian ho .A n ,i I Aitrams, Virginia L-ustanzo. Irene ivunn. lltvC w 6'" an nun HM.cuL """ Elizabeth Keating, Dorothy Lefkowitz, purchase the Shades Itself. Pauline Lelchner, Harriet Norrin, Roae I Stamm. j 1A Julius Bachman, Fred Dittman, Frank Hill, Saul Holpern, John Markert, berg. Alda De Palma, Emilia Flnnochla, Margaret Schlavone. 1A2 louglas Roth, Robert Sauve, Arthur Seccla, Helen De Bernardls, Caterina Godlno, Gertrude Qulgley. A M Kindergarten Isolanda Montaglno, Joseph T-orenzo, Frank Mantovi. Michael Pheney, Joseph Sacoo, Vlncenzo Tolle. .., Abe Moskowltz, Morris Saslofsky, Hugo Schramm, Walter Vail, Dudley Nelmew. Han iha I Winters, Louis Koerner, George Newman. Norbet Tartagllnl, Rose Berman, Alice Carpino, MarW Fic-k, Edna Goodman, Elsie JUrman. Elizabeth Hochstadter, litlHe evy, lloHK Parrseiji. Mnnne hauer, l lora i Watkins. Catherine Bowdlsh, Annie Kern-matin, Mary De Lulsl, Elsie Cyrtacks, Lulu Rodgers, Ruth Irons. Margaret Keogh, Emily Meyers. Teresa Montaperto, Jane O'Cou-nell, Ella Van Stclen. 6BM Wilson Cory. Peter Fleishman. Elizabeth Bernstein, Dorothy Brunner, Anna Klein. Rose Klotz, Edna Pelgrum. EfiB James Driscoll, William Collins. 6AM Harry Flllman, .Carl O'Connor, Kathryn Nash. tiAG Clara Kemme, Florence Levlne. 6 BO Mary Ham ill, Frances Kubat. BBM Frank MoCauley, Dorothy Rust. SA1M Eugene Schoener, Thomas Olsen, Marion De Nice. 5A2M Murie Klein, Albert Lambert, Law-son Dayhoh. Thaddeun Flblch, Frederick Dutsch, Virginia Maynard, Ailsa Purdy, Gladys Taylor, Samuel Piacentl, Thomas Sullivan. 4B1M Dorothy Tilgner. 4B2 Adelaide Altherr, Anna Phillips, Dorothy Elliot, George Sweeney, Ivan Wicks. 4A1M Vlto Caasano, Douglas Kirk, Har-riette Pfliuimer. 4A2M Margaret Fallon, Eleanor Rem-hart, Marjorie Kenny. 3BM John Dolan, Edward Klefer, Frank Klein, Walter Parker, Wilbur Baur, Anthony Scimeca, Jacob Jacobson, Helen Shine. HG Ada Drerler, Hazel Kirk, Mildred Torilla. May Ililker, Agnes GllmarUn, Anna I Strack, Beatrice Toussanit. ISAAC CHAUNCEY SCHOOL. (P. S. Xo. 113.) Miss Mary C, V. Connolly, Principal, 6BM:t Emma Bet Is, Bertha Dlckhardt, Catherine Ehlers. Mabel Jenkins, Lillian Morton, Romauda Wolfe. 6A1 Arthur Weber, Margaret Gray, Lillian Person. 6A2 Mildred Sassana, Selma Sauer, Audrey Weber. GB1 George Dick, Selma Anderson, Margaret Humlt. 6B2M William Bigger, Walter Corll. Vincent Hermann, John Keogh, August Knatz, Louts Lustenberger, Frederick Weltzel, Ethel Cook, Irene Ehrlich, Ruth Klefer, Madeleine Maas, Hazel Thomas. 6A1 Margaret Heffernan, Dcrothy Martin. Howard Baxter, Edgar Hen, Roland Protzmann, Walter Roeser. BAM2 Norman Wilson, Olive Easman, inane uernarai, iiuui an tier, aiarie Kieri. 4BM1 Charles Decker, Earl Junghans, Richard Klie, Harry Lasher, Mildred Alley. 4BM 2 George Hell. M aud Barnes. Mil dred Grogan. Eleanor Hanley. Alita Ludder. 4AM 1 Arthur Davey, Hazeldel Cabot. Hazel Jackson, Antoinette Reddehase, Llbbie Bartlett. 4AM2 Herbert Kiefer, Emanuel Strahs, Anna Ackerman, May Brady, Catherine Heffernan, Florence Roos. 3B Milton Berelson, Klwood Martz, Charles Morton, Edwin Staub, Florence Cunningham, Marguerlts Magee. Katherine Moseler, Marlon Hartman, Ida Valentine, Marion Clyde. 3AM1 Frederick Senk. Edythe Blllhardt, Matilda Fambach, Isabella Jordan, Mary Riff lemacher. 3AM2 Rowland Leary. Charles TVeigel, John Hlnes, Howard Sandman, Helen Herrmann, Eleanor Hoffman, Mary Spamer, Cora White. 2B1 Evelyn Brady, Ruth Halloran, Naomi Reynolds, Frances Woet. 2BM2 Henry Mayer, William McSherry, Margaret Ewen. 2AM1 Regina Frank. 1 BM 1 Frederick Georgens, Frederick Reddehose, Grace Lynch. 1BM2 Arthur Dietrich, Frederick Frank, Irving Lange. Frederick Nill, Charles Morltas, Conrad Ruest, Raymond Weitzel, Helen Heyser, Helen Mennear, Marguerite Miller. Kindergarten Extension A Raymond Caril. John Henry. Lawrence Nicholson, Maurice Stenner, Raymond Leary, Eleanore Davey, Gertrude Hoffman. Kindergarten Extension B Harold Rabl-ner, George Ever, Raymond Lisle, Gerard Magee, Harry Thomas, James Wallace, Regina Barry, Adele Goertz. Marie Schmitt, Grace Doran, Anna Hundt. Dorothy Phllippi. Kindergarten Isadore Davidowltz. William Belchers, Harry Longust, Mildred Fris-ing, Marv Hefftrnan. Ruth Hollmun. Kindergarten PM Edward B taction, Herr-ry Gaily, Josephine Strazzo, Margaret Schroeder. PLYMOUTH SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 116.) Miss A. E. De Monde, Principal. 6B Benjamin Aless, Reuben Landman, William O'Donnell. Walter Softy. Carl Fenlchel, Josephine Cowen, Augusta Bggert, Helen Grossman. Sadie Lenene, Margaret Offerman. Pauline Pine us, Beatrice Vogel', Anna Devlin. RB John Hoenlghausen. A Irene Gannon, Dorothea Judith, Lillian Wiener. 8A Samuel Betts, Rudolph Blank. George Kirchensteln. Abel Schulmau. Abraham Stocknvin, .loseph Sulllvnn, Mary Grodlnsky. Dorothy Mlrhaelwon, Anna Roth. Mary Soutelle. Clara Weiner, Anna Grotllnsky. 6A Jacob Brown, Louis Burkhardt, Auatin Carrtgg. Edward Korow, Alfred Taxman, Josephlnp Ayerle, Florence Davis, Gertrude Duckman, Dorothy Gahrllowita, Esther Mar.oilz. Elsie Raab, Lillian Reuter, Fannie Schocr, Anna Kiibetzka. 6A Julia Eppollto, Ani.'lla l'rrcker. N'pllle Strickor, Johpph Aldulno, Josenh Brusno, Harry Msndelbauni. Gporgp Miller, Hernnrrl Spritzer. 5B Julius Hb fackea, Mortimer Levy, Ellas Kaiser, Henry Walff. Benjamin Dane-man. Fannie Berger, Roh Brenner, Gertrude Dayton. Mildred Ferris, Lillian Hurst. Eleanor Klein. Ernestine Koehler. Paulina Rybald, E"lna Schwarzbach, Mary Walsh. 5 BK Elizabeth Linde, Dorothy Kreba, 4BE Evelyn Flehter, Caroline Rehm. 4AJ Tony Gjnct, William Hammer. Herman Schulman. William Homghausen, George Miller, Hedwlg Engel, Louise Hal-facker, ErmUlnda Minardi, Alice Robb, Anna Schmlttke. 4 AC Warren Wetzel, Edwin Lloyd. Joseph Very, Lawrence Hartman, Regina Klenert. Eloanor Ward. 3 B I Louis Davis, Arthur Colberg, Edward Dteu. Bella Milteldorf, Agnes Thebesz, Lillian 'alsh, Anna bavetta. Jennie Barone. SH Frank Miller, Hophle Berg, Susanna Frank, Hannah irune, Ethel Jacobson. Mildred Kress. Hattle Ludwig. Katberlne offerman. Llbbl4 Robinson. Mildred Schleslnger. Everyr. Stein. Jennie Th Llnslaiit. TEX EVCli SCHOOL. (P. S. Xo. 117.) Miss Julia liyrnc, Principal. E4H John Keren thenl, Richard Hill. Antonio ImpreUutu, Rose Clmlnn, Theresa Fisher. Rose Kaufman, Olga Palchewski, Jeanette Block. 4B John Obslr, Guiseppe Valana, May Mcguade. 4A1 Harry Cohen, Gasparefl Fasulla,. Frank Mater, Cologera Bellairfie, Gertrude Dick, Freda Inzeraill. 4A2 Wllhelmlna Rechtenwald, Solomon Levy, Gizella Demchak, Sal va tore Vaivaro, Esther Kivelowitz, Gusslo Gruber, Eleanor Stum. Julia H uber. 3B William MrQuade, Samuel Topper-man, Marianna Purrazzella, Letltla Stallone, Emma Scheer. 3A Joseph Angello, John Blndner, 51a-rlannno Marrocco, 'lctor Watukat, Josephine Bianca, Ehther Botshon, Lena Loin-bardo, Mabel Otten. Glacomo Rigglo, Caroline Seibert, Alice Stahl, Rose Wlnegar, Helen Winter. 2B2 Milton Berger, Eugene Forman, Solomon Maryanor, Abraham Maryanor, Guiaeppt Mancert, Charles Peters, Julius Thomson, Bernard Lltrinoff. Sammy Schulman, Lillian Glaser, Daisy Lack. E2A Vincenzo Santangelo, Mary Cata-neee, Antonia Palumba. 2A1 Henry Dietz. Richard Huber, Sam Parmot, Lillian Bona, Evelyn Neeb. 2 A3 Margaret Frohonhoefer, Josehlne Knapp, Eva Miller, Bella Khur, Charlea Gi-ordlno, Arthur Cantor, Bella Sorrenttna. 2A4 Lillian Kiefer, Olga Porat, Minnlne Modlca. CHARLES D. WARXER SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 118.) Joseph F. Wlnzebacli, Principal. 8B2 Edward Cahill. Richard Driscoll, 'Robert Flinch, Honjamln Greenberg, Herbert Larsen, Frank Lort, A If Mathlsen. Thorglld olsen, Robert Peterson, James Porter, Harry Price, Saul Riback. Louis Teichinann. Adrian Kahn. S.xi Harold Brozezlnskl, Archibald Gil-Christ, Sylvester McGlnnesa, Russell Wittpcnn, LeRoy Long. Peter Kelly. 8.VJ Enoch Anderson, Bertil Aster. Warren Fralm. Votke Jindstrom, Ray Rawlins, William Tubman, Hyman Wendroff. 7Fili-Walter Hindi. Ortls Blanford, Herbert Burlev, Russell Dolan, Joseph Dondero, Herbert Here, Frank Keen, Francis Smith. James Thornton, Henry Hansen, Michael Lerry. 7 B2 Elmer Smith, Meyer Smolowsky. Saul Stone, John Nygren, Harry Gordon, Edward Melius, Joseph D'Adama, Eugene Hansen. Walter Miohaelson. John Wullace, Harold Heitmner, Henry Bachmann. - 7A1 Frederick Gully. Robert 'Hayes, Joseph Manco. Thomas Tesoriero, Marlon Tilson. H2-Ole Opsal, Alf Ring. 6i Daniel Aubel, Wlllard Chick, John Da Vov. Floyd Meyer, Arthur West. 5H1 Thaddeus Cox, Oswald Olsen. N iiU2 Hector Solfin. 4B5 Thomas Thorsen, Julius Loewenthal, Anthony Haugl. 4 B2 Harold Nllsen. 4A1 Conrad Dalsen, Eric Benson, Anskar Hansen. 4 A2 Alfred Donatelll. Joseph Goldensohn, John MCMahon. Charles Offermann. Carl Olsen. Harold Porter, Bartholomew Vergona. 3FJ4A Stewart 'Macbeth. Alfred Stenstron. 3HI Clarence Gustafson, Morris Kreinln, Harrv White. :,M:' George Brooks, Joseph Johnston, Alfred Finrher. 3A1 George Rehrpns. Ralph Hendrlcksen, Ravmond Lllya, Oliver .Tones. 3 A2 Barney Krensen, Hans Henrlksen, T51-ward Kelly, Frank Lee, Roy Petteraon, Howard Cmland, 3A1 Alvln Rramell. Floyd 'Hubbard. Frances Nevlns, Walter Rapp, Frances Ftadler, Cal-cprloma Farnpipre. Klwood Redman. L'Rl George Brown. Gilbert Demon, John Dick, Frank Edgar, George Krletenieyer, I avid Rodgers, John Hrhloen, James Vnser, Ernest Bindel, Harry Gerdts, Walter Gardner. 2H2 Kfiigene Duke. William Johnson, Sidney Kee.nin. James Lenard, Morris Pallesen, EJ-ward Schreclienberger, Victor Tltm, Karl Wllclerrmith. 2A1 William Anderson. George Dlegnan, Edward Olsen. Vernon Peek, John Peterson, Philip Smolowsky, William Spear, Andrew Feldman. Joseph Riley. 2A2-Clifford Gross, Thomas Hanson. William Hwes, William Hlggins, Frank Lund, Harold McDowell, Alf. Olsen, Christopher Smlthwlck, Bertram Schwartz. Frank Stark, Edwin Sutton. 2 A3 Leo Bcrneker, LeRoy Hurst, Alfred Langlois. William Swenson, I Hi Walter Anderson, Robert Barber, Reldar Hansen, James Jarvla. Herbert Kampf. Hv-man Llpsthits, John Malony, Alfred Mobeig. Thorfln "isen, Herbert Dlsen, William Rose. James Shaughnessy, Sheldon Staples, William Ti.ll. 1 Al William Bower, Donald Fox. Frederick Fox, I tarry Hendrlcksen, Arthur Opsal, William Saunders. Augustine Hllveiter. 1 A J Peter Doyle, Robert Grant, Robert Graves. Carl Lore, William Moore. Josephine Rich, Eleanore Broderaeu, Anna SrSB-"Vnrge Spoil. Frank Mntap,rtB THE AMKTISFOORT SCHOOL. 3A .lAih Hliranf. Krn.nt Stm-hl-r. (p, fj. Xo. 110) riara Brnncr, Helen l.nnr. Johanna l.lmle. . , ... ' r. . . . Marie Minmn. Krnr.ln. ViirI. Kdna We.ra. SIIkS Helm r Harnrr. Prlllrlpnl. 3AA f'harlea Blnkp. fliar'ea KIHn. sum pan) nnlan. Arthur I.akln. Rnh.rt Mlllon S'ho.n. Fai'iila Kllla. Anna Marko- I jinm.v, Hubert Hehleunln., I.llllan Bala M7.. raiiUne !aHI. i Flutli Bitter. Glariva R.lth. 'tel'n ilolicarr. ;p lirorae .loec-kla. Thnmaa Maieita. RanfHn Sarirent, Anna StufrnM. Atuhnny f'a'aitn.ila. Pnrnenli'O 'J'nrrlllo. ty, l,avrenre Paul (Irian vrH C'harlen !. I. Hu.h San. Raymnntl Rup- ! Irwin Perlna. charlea Tilgnar, Franklin Tai- SAG Mario Kubat. Marion Lehnert, Adele KtleRer. 3AM Dorothy M'atts. 2BM John Harms, Hverett T.ynch. John PeeliB. John F. Williams, Hobert Brown. Bernuriine Faust, Yetta JjUstig, Virginia Uiel, Virginia Townsend. 2 AIM Leo Cohen, John Mnlloy, Frederick Ruebner, Dorothy Gamble, Hannah Hamill, Ellen Smallman, Eileen Smith. 2A2M Gordon Kirk, James Salzer. Henry Srhmitt, Willla Strickland, MHry Conlon, El-aie Lee, Helen 1C. Parker, Catherine Ream-becker, Margarlte Di Luiai, Margaret Stowe. IBM Mildred Kay. 1A1M Austin Lynch, Edwin Mo her, Marls Arbuckle, Alice Boesch. 1A2M Dorothea Johnson. Kindergarten Gerald Mujitor, Harold Schmitt, Lester Watts. Victoria Wllm. Groasman, Iiiaac Kaplan, Iaidore Kaput. Bertha Landcamun, Michael Lubutkin. Kslher Lucks, Marie Miller, Xalhan Reiaer, Ida Binlth, Elliel Vaaold. AIM Sylvia Benjamin, Edward Fletcher, Ruth Hoenli;, Kathryn Lapp, Ruth Mulk-r, Evelyn Hltnoll. 1A:M Harry Gallln. Sylvia Hirachkowilz, lxula ljventhal, Humuel Schwartz, Harry sha-ttnaky. WILLIAM II. HAKKISON SCHOOL. (P. S. Xo. 122.) Horace M. Snyder, Principal. 8B1B Isidore Bromberg, Harry Cohen, Alexander Flaumenhaft. Hyman Goldman, Sidney Golctnian, Edward Halierln, Harold Kris, Herman Mangels, Hyman Shapiro, Milton Solomon. Her.Jamin Wax. SB2B Nathan Blumsteln, Harry Epstein, Everett Frooks, Max Heller, Abraham Jackson, Saul Lehman, Sidney -Leskowltz, Julian Irvine. Alfred Munzer, David Xachumsohn, Samuel Sussman. 8B1G-Mlldred Hartjen, Ida, Matakansky, Ray Workman. Hose Workoff. SB2G Kmma Cubbedge, Henrietta Doherty, Lena EckJteln. Etta Elsenberg. Harriett Oold-inger. Yetta Haenlg. Nettle Kempner, Marlon Irfach, Ruth Levlnson, Olive Peoples, Freda Sail, Eva Salvaggio, Margaret Shoemaker, Jeanette Simon. Fannie 'Wormian. SA1B Jack Gross, George Lybecker, Joseph Pofmer,' Murray Sandler. 8A2B Frank Castellan!, Jacob Flgarsky, Herman Sadowsky, Isaac Weissbrod. SA1G Etta Abrams. Lollla Dolphin, Cella F.hrenrelch. Bertha Freeman, Amelia Fusco, Hattle Orenstlne. Ida Price, Adelaide Quade, Father Siegel, Hattie Shan. Sarah Shatlnsky. Tlllie Tausch, Annetta Zeiken, Eva Zucker-handle. HAJG Gertrude Cohen, ' Elhel FJllis, Anna Firestone. Anna Holmes. Minnie llelnK. Dora Kaplansky-, Sophie Grueger, Edna Long, Julia 'Mirsky. Bessis Siegel. 7B2B Abraham Gelb, Abraham Jacobs. T.ouis Phillips. Harry Pickel. Sidney Schlmmel, Frank Suskin, Sidney Tekulsky. 7B1G Miriam Alperovitji. Frelda Aronoff, Gussle Co plan. Mary Galvanl, Lillian Gravltz, Flsie lluiaky. Jennie Levich, Lillian Mergen-thaleu. Tillle Schwartz. Catherine Vol. 'A1H Harry Schwartz. Alfred Kloer. "AU-Saul Becker, Aaron Goldaker, Max Wassev ., 7A2G Lena Goldberg. Sadie Greenblum, Ijj-relta Hull, Marie Maler, Bertha Uatthasius, Florence ' Polonsky, Mollis Reich, Pauline Scharf, Estelle Sonnenshun, Mabel Walsh. 6BB Henrv Demian. Sidney Elsman, Philip Figarsky, William Frisch. Samuel Goldflne, Gustave Levlne, Solomon Matelsnn, Emanuel Pearlman. Herbert Rhode, James Sullivan, Julius Wollman. 6B3 Anna Abrort, Gertrude Bergman, Sarah Dropkln. Anna Glas3er. Sarah Greenfield, Lillia Grossman, Elvira Hull, Pauline Linchits, Anna Xlsaenbaum, Marv Petrone. tiAlM-Cella . Berliner. Harry Dlckerman. Harry Rhrllch. Allee Kohnken. Melville Levlne, Edna Vogt, Hyman Wolfson. 6A2M-Echl8l Berger, Anna Blatt. Bertha Bogul, Gertrude Chalowsky, Marie Caruso, Ida Freud. . Richard Hamilton, Ell Sandler, Marcel rlitnan. 5B1M Malvina Goldner. Ida Oreenberg, Benjamin Levitt, Georgians Lleder. Rose Nachum-solin. Sonhle Rofekv, Sadie Rasenberg. 3 B?M Margaret Bein. Blanche Berenbaum, Esther Cohen. Dora Greenfield. Israel Idor-man, Mollle Lesser, Gertrude Levins, Charles Mareuse. 6A1M Milton Cohen. Kalman Ehrsnreich. Rebecca Keinbaum. Sophie Gelberg, Hatlie t.erstein. Samuel Grossman, Mollis Masoff, Anna Nrhwartx, Isidoro Sleuel, Frank Slit, Hllas Strum. Max Weiss, Mollie Wexelman. 5A2M Samuel Budner, Joseph i.accamo. Henrietta Cohen, Saris Cohen. Peter Crapansano, May K'rossman. Bsrtha Fiddler. William Mer- gan-haler. Rose Rice. Fanny Rothenberg, De- Kaplan 6UVDAM SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 123.) Joseph G. Furcy, Principal. SBl Frank Frledel, Edward Hoffman. Ed. ward Super, Charles Tltone, William Trullo. 8B2 Frank Bilello, liasper Colla, Albert Kppers. Nathaniel Ferguson, George Haud-ahuli, George Head, Albert Helaer, Henry Keuntje, Hurry Lorber, Lawrence Palmln-terl, Robert Wade, Richard Wenzler, Arthur Zahn. SB3 Margaret Dusmann, Anna Haas, Anna Huether, Lillian Hummel, Theresa Zahn, Helen Wolfaon, Cella Yaverbaum. 8B4 Bessie Cooperman, Angelina Dl Giovanni, Loretta Hazel. 6B3 Baldwin Dl Prima, Joseph Summers, Morris Leutzner. Harry Hauser, William Freiberg, Jamea Mulligan. Arthur Relnhardt, Rosarlo Kerranova, John Kupfer, Hyman Friedman, Ernest Morelll, Adam Mehllng. UA1 William Dlerkes, Barney Houfman, Sidney Samerurz. 8A4 Rebecca Agrls, Irene Frisch, Catherine Llotta, Elsie Schneider, Kmma Farrer, Dorothy Giefer, Elma Cardinal, Ida Kan-dazzo. 8A5 Bertha Forman, Albertlna Kuassln-ski, Helen Kyber, Elizabeth Weber. TBI Adolph Stelloh, Raymond Stock, Richard Thellhardt, Gaston Di Giovanni. 7B2 John Connelly. Charles Scholl. 7B3 Edward Clemens. Frederick Willlnm Heerleln, Lester sutler, 1. Kaufman. 7B4 Theresa Lamberta, Frieda Pate, Margaret Schwartz. 7Bo Helen Boegle, Ytola Roth, Laurentia Just, Louise Bauer, Elizabeth Wicketihofer. 7AI Joseph Ackcll, Abraham Bernstein. Arthur Albrecht. 7AiI Frederick Loesch, Antonio Dl Giovanni, John Williams, 4 7A3 Paul Bevona. 7A4 Harry Brand, Adam Oberhelm, Henry SCJous. 6B Ulto Lamberto. Henry Oswald, Eugene White, ('art Helns. , tiBli Frederick Super, Joseph Rado. 6BG Bertha Hoffman, Freda Krebemer, Martha Kruse, Kate Ladstatter, Louise La Fleur, Helen Lohmer, Ethel Mangold, Hannah Marks, Madeline Mereth, Margaret Mreth, Lillian Newton, Eleanor ltlnkel, Adelaide Rockwell, Mary Schlessinger, Augusta Stutzhach, Angela Taranto, Helen Wehrle, Carrie Zucker. 8A1 Samuel Zlsowllz, William Rehwlnkel, Frank Basnak. 8A2 Frank Albleckt, Alfred Busty, Ernest Greubleu, Gluseppl ' Palmeutlru, Ellas Werthelm. 8A3 I'harles Lobulan, Benjamin Schad-leteky, Tony Ventlmigho. t ., 6A2 John Rosse. Gasper Palmentin. OBI Louis Adllstun, Alax Gogatlroff, Sal-vatore .Busciml. Israel Cohen. Angelo Dru-nemed, Fretlerlck Gruuewald, Domenico Masto, Domenico Russo. 5B2 William Herbstreet, Frederick Na-gel. 6A1 Richard Jaeger, William Llnz, George Bohlert, Mardo Gigulotta, Edward Groger, Antonio Jndellcte, Henry Joseph, James Miller. 5A2 Aaron Boris, John Bosynak, Jacob Amsterdam. 4B1 Michele Agugllasa, Albert ,T. Cable, August Dorflinger. Milton Marcus, Edwin Olafson, John Rhelnhelmev, Harry Stalzer. 4B2 Minnie Singer. Alfred Troemel. Ida Mlnsky. Frances Arzberger. Raymond Schorndrop. Frank Schappacker, . Robert Solomon, John Schaub. 4B3 Angela Bernedetta, Anna Crisci-mone, May Gans. 4A1 Anna Ganci, Ethel Llndeufelsen, Frank Thewes. 4A2 George Bosnyak. Grace Sasala. Frances Constantine, Joseph Ratner, Charles Thompson. 4A3 Rose Joseper. 3B1 Albert Byron. Tillle Freeberg, Antoinette Huelster, Frieda Pries. SB2 Elizabeth Schaffer, Michael Melin-coff. Edward Suffel. Louis Werthelm. 8B3 George Kestel, Charles Schlndler, Millie Dlleo, Flarrls Ladden, Rose McCartney. 3AI George Gaydos, 'William Lohmer, Marie D'Andrea. Bertha Kaufman. 3A2 Margaret Bayer, Agnes Sonnernaun. 3A3 Herman Gerdes, Josephine Plsanl. SBl Albert Snheib. 3B2 Carrie Winners, Milly Innacltll, Isadore Felner. 3B3 Clara Oberheln. 2A1 Robert Krumm. 2A2 Charles Greenspan. John .Gaydos, Dorothy Ignaszewake, Edith Bailey. 2A3 Helen Paderesky. 2A4 Evelyn Davidson. 1B1 Charles Jaeger. Emma Wegal. 1B2 Frederick Pivlnius. Alma Herbstreit, Grae Taormlna. 1B3 Gluseppl Caecloppo, Louise Buorg, Margaret Lnudinbach, Rose Singer. 1 A 1 George Buorg. Benjamin Sternfeld. 1A2 Hreman Sternberg, Eleanor Carey, Katie Zerllll. 1A3 George Reubln. Marguerite Ganci. 1A4 Pearl Fusfeld, Henrietta Welnsensee. RICHARD H. DAXA SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 125.) Miss Mary K. Qtiinn, Principal. . 6B1M Ssm Berkowltz. ' Louis Magelefsky. Samuel Saltz. Blanche Katinsky, Fannie Perl-mutter. Gussie Belman. , 6B2M MoiTia Tolmatch, Nettie Cohen, Bella Chavln, Fiora Mltlln. 6A1 Harry Sheer. 6A2M David Bloom. Rebecca Kurapatkln, Rose I-evlne, Freda Rachelsky, Bessie Nemoy, Ross Radial, Fannie Glttelman, Freda Rachel-sky, also on December Honor Roll. 6B1 Harry Halperln, Solomon Levins, Rose Cohen, Sophie Jacobson, Rose -Levlne, Rose Shapiro. Ml: Max Abromowlts, Sadie Gorlow. 5R3 Louis Jobrack, Marvin Miller, Cella Antnpolsky, Annie Barbszis, Pauline WHnofeky, Gertrude Dlshler. &A1 Helen Feldman. Sophie Gourevltz, Mamie Rimenowitz, Jennie Kle'n. SAi David Goldberg, Jacob Welnsteln. 4B1 Morris Berkowitz, Leon Klein, Aaron Lenzer. Sophie tohen, Lena Rechtinan, Fanny Rlngel, Bessie Rogovin. B2 Nathan Black. Joseph Greenberg, Isidore Henig, Henry Koley. Harry Olderman, Ahra-ham Shear, Edith Friedman. Jennie Klein. Julia Kaiimlsky, Mollle Levlne, Charlotte Hubln. 4R3 Beul Klelnberg, Iflulsa Adelman, Esther Berkowslty, Anna Shapiro. 4BE Abraham I.'arash. Ssm Gergansky, Morris Mllsleln. Abraham Shakeim, Louis Zeloch, Vincent Struznlnsky, Annie Markowltz, Bessie Straus, iA1Isldore rtefkln, Ida Glugaich. 4A2M Morris F.icher, Sarah Friedman, Rose Gutterman. 4.2Charlea Kaiz, Harry Rabinowitz, Rose borah Schonzeit, Martin Selman, Israel Suzan, Anna Vorczeh, 413IM May Band. Harry Cohen. Mary Fid-ler, Solomon Goldberg.' Grace Kaplansky. John Mackln, Fannie Meyerowlts, Miriam Massom, Mildred Pinkham, Elizabeth Wichman. 4112M Bessie Heller, Samuel Korn, Julius Scribnlck. 4A1M LouIb Greenberg. George Mann. Solomon Margolin, Jerome Mareno, Raphael Pastor. Abraham Sandler, Llllle Weiss, Freda Werthelm. Llllle Wollman, SBl David Cohen. Jacob Friedman. John Grecco. David Goldstein. Rose Lelberman, Katherine Milgram, Sophie Schneider, Sadie Solomon, SB! David Chenensky, Sam Gottlieb, Hyman Pa Hey, Issie Sunshine, Fannie Adelman. Lena Friedman, Mollie Goldberg, Sarah Kamenet-sky, Hetty Miller. 8B3 Lllile Cohen. Freda Golden. Llllle Hass, Sarah Jacobson, Sarah Klein, Cella Levlne, Llllle Manberg. 3A1 Frank Cohen. Joseph Goodman. Meyer HM Pearl Cohen, Bessie Feder, P.ebecca I Gieenwald, Meyer Hammer, Jacob Rablnowit: Kamlnaky, Jennie Iipp. Mollle Liebowitz. Ely Phillips, Jacques Rosenberg, Evelyn flauer- bauin, Selman Schulman, Abraham Singer. Aaron Weiss. 8A1M -William Brakerskv. Llllle Bromberg, Charlton D'ivls, Anna Dlssak, Ellas Dreyllng-er, Fred Epstein. Louis Felnbatim, Mollle Feldman. Milton Fleiss. Bernard Fromherg. Rachael Hasnas. Ruth Lammey. Mary Muskl, Iona Pearlsteln. Simon Slovllt, Edna Strunk, Morris Wagner. SA.M-Mary AUlgato Minnie Bass. William Bauckner. Eva Cohen. Rose Cohen, Ida Jackson. Harry Kaplan. Bernard Levins, Harold Markawltz. Ida Pave'.'.e, Frances Rice. Kvslyn t.eorge Horn, Mimon piar. isinore neinmsn. Sadie Cohn, Rose Goldstein, Cella FJrenstahl, Rebecca Hendler. Mildred Stromwasser. SA2 Morris Epner, Philip Gutty, Merer Resengarten, George Spinner. Frank Grugiio, Mamie Berg. Cella Braglnsky, Lillian Greenberg. Bertha Mendelowllz. SA3 Ida Farber. Pauline Goldstein, Llllle Greenberg. Cella Lovlne, Dora Meltzer, Mollie Pearlmutter. Frieda Salof, 8A4M Frank Cohen. Phlllo Heller. Hvman Jobrack, Morris Klvltnetssk.v. Sam Rosen. Harry flarof. Sam ZudoT, Annie Felnberg, Haoinowitz, oert. Harry S"hoemsn. 2B Concetts Aldupm. E-elyn Decker. Florrle Domenlcs. Stella Hlnes. Alice Mer-tlno, Frances Maletta. Susie Reimann. Matilda Rottscli. Johanna Van Gulpln. Beatrice Bernett. Marasret Gllmartln, Ruth luikin, Ka (iorden. 2HH Helen Baumsn. Grace MasIota. Catherine .S'.JThman. .Marl Zino, tdward mer. Mary t rowell. t hirlntte rust. .Mar'e Shelier. Gertrude Treach. Mary MeMn. ' 7BM Margaret Doherty, Wdna t.liuck Anna Olsen, May Seaselherg. Gladys Winks. 7A7R Laurence Anderson, James rtntler, Louis Psstore, Leonard Rottmsn, Josephine McLaughlin. 7AM Chlema Anderson, George Complon, Albert Towlea, Bertram Warren, George XH1M M,I MD nOUUI. Mltnill n Hupp, .iveria ncnuirran, .orme. ncnuimsn, ( pianche rteri'.n, r,vei,n Kernan. Leah Rees .t!hr) Schutzman, P.'chard Tangeman, Wal- Leila Rosenb'lih, Bessie Sachs, Fannie 9'rach-' ter Welsbrn.i. Joseph Vo'.flne, ' men ir.M-A!rni Berkow, Kalman BerkottUz. 2HiM -i.ap!du Gillie. Sam Lamoert. Mever Norina (''jrlitta. Natalie Fichtman, Sarah t Pnplofsky. ne:mie Smaller, Yeita Nevilow. FHnk.r, Ionise Freeman, Gussle Gros. Sadie . Bess's Ptr'th. I.eine. Bess.e Msdelson, Saui'to' Meisllfk. t "BxM Htmie Kllenlck. Able Ksitck, Renn'e ffcr'ri'de Vaola, Edna Peiermsn, Wllilan: ! Marctofskv, F-ells Bellov'n. Sylvia Honig, Prlehrtt, H,ipe Sml'h. Margaret Xrn Bargen. ; Kslher Levins. Rose Plotnlck. leather Timkin. VAiM-riancI e Brenner. Rise Buchler Ruth' HUM Nathan ICIsslmsn. Hvman Green, Abe Greenberj, Isidore wraff, Philip Horowite. T.en I Matnherg. Wa-ry Nel'r ch. Floi-ence Becker, Klemfeld, parse Karn, John Kumfort, Elsie ! Sylvia Brodsky. Lose F.lkln, Dorothy Haas, Sehroede,-. Llllle Spsark, Freds R'erlheim. Annis Jonttss, Rose Koserofr. IBs.M-A'ina flariiso, IsMore Cohen. Alice 24' M Henry Cohen. Joe Oomberg. Israel Ehrielch, John Ferns, Ruth Fretdman, Bol.a hoffntan, Abraham Schneider, Morris Tropp, Isidore Is. Annfe cliarl, Rosa Fel.hnnn. Mamie Uiranaky. 1 Hose llein. r. a ' anbrack. ifebecca alatles, .Wttie Sluinu-k. Iloe Hpfrali. 2A3M Able Goodklml. Fred Koi'an. Albeit Miller, Rennie Hirn. Mary Gtdub. Ena Kuvsky, Janny Tolinatch. II. 1 Raphael Avin, Merer K'eln. Antonio MarclanU, Mux Musesniun. S.iin Si iiulll. Kam Telefsky. Sylvia I'olitli. Annie Cohen. Bui-llie I'omiiian, lio.iie Lcvinv. Olia Mil er. Ida S:lllman. It:. Albert Uarofjky, Jluirs licr'ln. Gol.tle Berk, iiylvia Folgng. Jennie Hoinlefeky. Evelyn l.lpimian, Es.lier Lubursky, lieurrlce Rachkind. III. 'IM Max Buchinan. Mosei B'utinan. Sam I'herenay. Ijenlne I'erlinutte,-, Jue Suiter. lUrry Silken, .May A)ierwltz, itebeccl ilolllnau, Kut Krout, Molile Reogle. lAlM-Joe Gelando. liennle Meiln, Philip Taltatoff. Jacob Zach. Joe Saxln, Sadie Duni-skin. Francis Kogolnky, Esther Welsbroth. 1A-M Isidore l.Vhm, David Garlow, llyman Greenwalil. .Shepple Walcoff. Cella Cooper, Sophie Mintoff. Fannie Parenson. 1A3 Simon Becker rharlnu l-oKtein. David Sher. Harry Grushifskyl i el a Uoidnian. Sarah Yoblon. 1A4 Ell Chavln. Frank Goldstein, Bernard Kaplan, Leo Landau, sidnev Rabinowitz, Arthur Rosenberg, h'a.lle Sherman, Abraham Somalowltz, Nathan Welna. Yetia Cohen, Adeline Shapiro. I'lUM Max Rabinowitz, Nathan Rotlisleln. Evelln Kennan, Bella Ronnkliih, Fannie Strachman. 3A4M Hyman Kozrack, Sam Zudoff. Annie Felnberg. JOHN EIJICSSUN St'HOOL. (P. S. No. i28.) Joseph A. Hunlpliy, I'l l ncl pal. SBBl Charles Usshevltz, Samuel Cohen, Eli Goldenberg. Walter Miller. Anthonv 't- ti, Raymond Paynter, Nathan Kchmaok, David Splro, Alexander Walsh, Frederick Whlterniore, Anthony Wolniewicx 8B2 Thomas Buckley, George Foy, Harold Gerst, Theodore Drzewuski, Harry Krokow, William Kuck, Hermau Schwartz, Edward Spicer, Arthur Stelndler, Russell Watt, John Kusklewlcz. SBtll Bella Bellmore, Augusta Brown, Isabel Franklin, Muriel Gellert, Marion Gottlieb, Mildred Goebel, Marcolla Keller, Lillian Leviue, Dorothy Orrell. 8Bi.i.' Bella Brendfor, Mildred Eckstein, Margaret Fetzner, Hannah Haley, Katharine Kelly, Martha Marg, Rebecca ,Mer-vish, Edna Meyer, Grace Peters, Rachel Siegel, Ituth Smith. Florence Sterling, Ber-tha Warelng, Anna Wechsler. SAB1 Frank Conlon, Herman Kretzseh-mur, Arthur Moll, Harold Schaltner, Jamea Watt. 8AB2 Lawrence Goldberger, William Melnhardt, William Nolun, Julius Hzensy, Emanuel Solomon, Abraham Slotznlck, Huff, ard Luebke, Charles Melnzcr. SAG! Gertrude Engel, Anna Kamln, Ida Levlne, Hazel McLuughlln, Irene Moran, Charlotte Saks, Elsie Schwartz, Mollle Stein. 8AG2 Eleanor Davidson, Hannah Downle, Gladva Fox. Hattie Greenberg, Edith Har grove, Gussle Shapiro, Dorothy Tledemann. 7HOl laul uurenz, unaries cnesier, jonn Davidson. John Dlgnan. Isadore Englandor, George Germuroth, Edward Kaiser. August Kohler. Warren Welford, Frank winsnip. 7BB2 William Sorlngsted. Albert Boeder, Matthew McAllister, Adolph Jankowskl, Vincent McGrath. Thomas Magulre. William Meyers. Stephen Pettit, John Rudolf, Frederick Reppel, Hyman Wilck. 7BG1 Pauline Zweigbaum, May Halllday, Anna Kurtz, Ida Leviue. 7BG2 Grace Scheible, Grace Condit, Alice McKenna. AG 2 P.ose Bivona, Dora Karlierman. Alicia Goitla, Jeanle Mackonzie. Mildred Robinson, Camille Springsted. Bertha Wex-ler, Catherine Young, Stella Zellnaky. 7AG1 Elizabeth Dukeman. Margaret Brown. Kathryn Gllmore, Grace Kerns, Grace Pawson, Rose Weismsn. 7AB2 William Brooks. Lois t naooisay, Alfred Edwards, Harry Little, Joseph Mor-rlBSey, James McAllister, Jbseph Slkora, Frank Wolmewlcz, Samuel Stein. 7AR1 Leo Kolkstein. John Modena, James Monahan, Otto Muller, William Oli ver, Benjamin Halpern. 6BB1 Richarct Jacobson. 6BB2 Charles Anaelo. Irrine Bell. Albert Greasner, Gustav Gunstensen, George Heg-gos. Frank McEroy. Elwood Lawrence. tiUUl Helen coinns, ftiargarei iiiiinw, Sadie Malman, Stella Bomelsteln, Mildred Pflug, Esther Rosner, Mildred Hovels, Anna Kuszklewlcz. HBG2 Barbara Hadler, Helen Kaldrovlcs, Elizabeth Smith. Jeannette Ressner. 6AM James Harrington, Isadore Schwlck, Ruth Davidson, Ethel Frey, Dora Goodman, Alice Grlmmel, Irene Rudy. 6 AG Margaret Llchtenwold, Marjorie Reeves, Geannle Kosenbllth. SAB John Husa, Thomas Koehler, Peter Walls, Harry Wclngarten. 6BG Anna Benjuakl, Sarah Sullivan, Marv Kolcum, Augusta Thorstensen. 6BB Elliot Seward. 6AG Roberta Adamson. Marianna Busce-ml. Marguerite Eurlch, Carrie Kane, Frances McLaughlin, Augusta Melnhardt, Rosle Roa-ner. Jennie Thompson, Catherine Tormey, Cella Rosenbllth. 6AB Harold Vogel, Alonzo Ross, George Wlederman. . A11 4BB Harry Diamond, Franklin Oliver, Joseph Relder, Frederick Rover. 4BG Edna Colgun, Bessie Farberman, Ruth Gellert, Hedwlg Stack, Jennie Krauss, Ruth Poppe. 3BB Waiter Ross, Jake Wllk, Velsor SBG Teresa Caporale. Florence Kozlow-okl, Esther Llshnoff, Jessie McLaughlin, Frances Peters. Janet Robertson, Sylvia Rosenbllth, Marjorie Toussaint,, Evelyn Whltermore. .:, "' 3AB John Adamson, William Angelo, A. Aston Gordon, Andrew Huth. Martin Joyce, Walter KJellbom, Joseph Lichtenwald. Mn-cent Lltcher, Edward Mammon. Wallace McCahon, Francis McIIugh, Ralph Morgan, Samuel Wandelt. ' 3AG Florence Drypolcher, Mary Mueller, Gladys Watzelllan. 2BB Joseph Colby, Clifford Frankenher-ger, Adam Mler.ywakl, John O'Reilly, William Rhlnd, William Schmidt, Milton Sullivan. Frank Verderber. 2BG Catherine Ennls, Ruth Hoffman, Helen Martin, Marie Schlingplesser, Lena Zelden. Charlotte Mulllne, Margaret Clifford, Wlnlfrid Craig. 2AB Lew Levlne. Thomas Tormey. Edward Peabody, William McGulrk, William Hubbard. 2AG Grace Butterfleld, Marie Colgan, Ar-nes Cowley, Grace Dalkofsky, Stella Goldberg. Irene Lynch. IBB Frank Daley, Edward Eckstein, William Langer, John Lowery, John Malone, Raymond Marz, Hugh MacCullough, George Young. 1BG r.athererie Barbutl. Adelaide Car-llsl, Lillian Dalkofsky. Frances Duncan. Ethel Koslyak, Alma Kretzschmar, Isabelle MoConnell, Rosemary MoHugh. Florence Thoratenson, Theresa Wienecke, Alice Hardt-man, Anna Thomas. 1AM Domlnlck Conzalazlo, Ruth Sauer, Anna Shepherd. 1A Kindergarten Extension Audrey Cunningham, Mary Kelly. Lucie Moloney. Eve-lvn Martin. Violet McKee. Hazel Schaefer. David Gottlieb, Leo Miezejewski, Ralph Polrot, Vernon Powell. 2A Alfred farrano, Sidney Heller, Edwin Moore. William HchuMer, Abe Nuveuer, Catherine Cohen, 'Jessie Hill, 8eiiua an Gelderah. 2A Felix Laude, Sara Goldstein, Ruse) Weiss: , PI IJI.IC SCHOOL NO. 131. Miss Grace Iiowtt-11, Principal. 611 Mullen Ballestrerl. Daniel Fallis, Theodore Krlkton. John Kalberer. Harry IrHie, I'rancfs McGuirk. Aaron Reingoid. Albert St-y-niunti, Miltou shufm, Montrose Welner, Golda Abramowitz. Anna Becker, Ethel Levy, Anna Lueke, Lill'e Maristano, !,auro Pedersen, Fannie Sllbei. Sarah teiuman. Huth Seltzer. tt Ruih Gonikman. Mildred Hamanr Nathan Einhorn. Donald Milter. Wiiiisa Scheinfeld. Sam Adelman. Waldemar Manelk-kainan. Frunk Herman. Warren Huber, Hanr Muslonen. Margareb (iarry. Harriet Stein. il.' Angelo Grazradi, Rebecca Bloom, Mitdrei Lewis, Frieda e'.ein, Roaalie Weis, Gussii Rrewis. Rose Jacobs. Ce'la Krimsky. Gertrude llelnian. Kebecca Mlnkofsky, Matilda Mon-taves, Mollle Vei-onlck. iA F"ranz Hendriknon. Jacob Jacobs, Aaron Leibowllz, Ida Hettinger. Sarah Levlne, Angelina De Cunlo. Margnret Yachelson, Ethel White. Julia Puterlo. Helen English, Bernard Saccaro. Pearl Jacobs, Stephen Olivia, Sebastian Hruno, Manuel Cueto, Mollie Bakln. I.ena Chail, I'armelia R.'artocci. 4B Kelmlt Lyons, llennan Napelbaum, Ruth Hit schkowitz, Irene Kohl, Helen Green, Nekha Leibnwitz. Heinard Amman, Carl Colucci, Jesnellc Greenberg. Marie Marro, Lillian Wim-nier. 4A Leonard Pruckerman. Emma Caeace, Hannah Klias. Morion (ierst, Ruth Pedersen, Sadie Shapiro, chely Heinrich. Charles Rein-gjld. Norman Sleler. Martin McUuirk, Mabel Hflminn. Jennie Karr. .IB Helen Hethlll. Hose Bloom. Rose Kaplan, Helen Clift. Thelnia Weitzner. Lillian Yarmiis. Jasper Gardstein, Anna Rasniussen, Sylvia Solomon. Herman Morris. Edward Woliner, Eugene Lteber, Lillian Schneeweis. ;i. Aaron Hose, Helen Burdlck, Shirley Gil. len, Freda Goldstein, Miriam Mandell, Jeanetto Menkofaky, Jeanette Zuker, Walter Anderson, ,'harles Ephron, Bernard Jacobs, Anthony Petti, Tlllie Ilever, Elizabeth Martin. Harriet Hadus, Stella Tolkow, Clara Saymon, David Zlseinian. Ruth Cohen, Dorothy Kasdan, Michel F.'ochlio. Ilenjamin Schacker, Rose Dl Snail, Isidore Mobsman, Shirley Flaum, Mar-garei Julch, Rebecca Krongold, Cella Jacobson, Caesar t'ueio. Lester Htrshowltz, Elizabeth Garry, Ethel Little, Ruth Kadus. WILLIAM A. BITLEIt SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 133.) SIlss Anna G. Bauer, Principal. IBB George Connolly. Auprust Fablano, Nfu vllle Jordan, George Ultniauna, Frank Trenta-coste. ' HUG Anna Coonerholz. Anna Gallo, Theodord Krlre, Carmella MesHiua. Katherine Morauo, Jennie O'Connell, Carmella Raduazzo, Murf Stewart. Mildred Turner. Mary L'lshafer. i tiAII Vlclor Bergman, Arthur Eck, Henry Knutson, James Peterson. George Swenson. tiAG Cletta Firesteln. Florence Melster, Gladys Ohlson, Mary Itisiderlo. lrena D'Ella, Maud lloyer, Signe Llndbloom, Antoinette Murlno. nilll Manuel Kliemsn. Victor. Thompson, Michael Villain. Frank Young. ' Mill Sarah Itrann. Carmela Campagnale, Alice Carlson. Anna Petti. Louisa Itinaldl, Sophie S-hliiiiibohn, Frances Triinboli, Catherine Yau Sant. fiAR Sydney Cantor. Pasquale FerrarJ, Edwin Johnson, John Harris. Paul Pastore, George Haniuelson, Ernest Silhernngel. RAti Grace Apgar. Anna Goldstein. Allie Grille. Julia Kelieher, Adle Krum, Dora Lubart, Tomssfna (irtenzi, ' 4BII Carmello De Carlo, Tobias Krlre, Tour Ruso. Ilussel Snnbler. 4BG Marparet Anderson, Rose Antonelll. Rose I)e Itosa. Virginia Jenkins, Alba Anderson. 4AM Andrew Aldrlch. I.uigl D'Ella, William Hcaney, John Oltinan, George Orlander, Clarence Peterson. 4Ali-Mary Padollna. Edith Ohlson, Lillian Ford. Evelyn Swenson. Francesca Garracloia, Mlldreil Wernander. Florence Earle. SBB Giuseppe Arturl. Vincent Imbruccl, Per-elval Johnson, Charles Manlpello, Edward Miller, Joseph Morauo. 3HI1 Edith Alfann. Marie Ambrnsina. Alice Becker. Pla Caflero. Helen Carroll. Ellen Claim I-tssslo. Viucenza Iannelll. Sallle Totelo. Carmela Trlnibnll. .1AB Edward Kelieher. Arthur Lawrence, Philip Mortenien. Henry Rchacter, Andrew Vltez. 3AO Almerlnda Antonelll, Onelta Broders, Stella 1)1 Carlo, Marie Eldard, Melroee Fogllo, Carmela Grllln, Alice Peterson. I.isette Pinner. Angelina Schlpaui, Mary Weinsteln, Beatrice ltussell. SAM Domlnlck Colettl, Howard McLaughlin, James Mliell, Wilhehnlna Llndqnist. 21111-Vlncent Arturl, Dnnte Cantorelli, John Davlo. Antonio Fontano. Joseph Statlone. i'Btl Mollie Flaum, Teresa Gibbons, Ida Ted-esco. 2AB Natlian Anplebaum. Howard Boyd, Harold Dundy. Clifford Earle, Ingwerd Lecks'trom, Antonio Messina. , SAG Helen Angar. Adele Green. Edinonia Minion. Irene Shapiro, Ruth Sherman. lnB-flerbert Goldberg. Joseph Mnnzl, James Orohello. Louis Trlmarco. 1BG Louisa De Gulda, Lillian Johnson. Tessie Komorowski, Gcncyicve Lemmerman, Filomena Lomhardi, lAB-Snmuel Block. William Close. John Desl. mini. Michael lanelll, Joseph Rebold, Frank! Trimholl. John Wilson. 1AG Isabella Borden, Florence Carlson, Pel-rnero D'Ella, Catherine Gibbons. .Tosic Ianelli. Edith Kurz. Ruth Ludigren, Pauline Mnrrillo, Annie Oliver. 1AM Willnrd Apsar, John CouncoII, Edward Gairne Raymon Kersl. Emmett Wallace. AM Kindergarten Annie Caracclols. Luey Cash- ano, Rose Callo Edns MartcnKon. Pn.m 1.,,. el la. Joseph Fo'glla, Alfred Masslna. StanleV Standera. P.M Kindergarten Clnla Trentacostl. Natalie De Meo. James Plccola, Solomon Rebald. Pas. 1"le Plccola. Ahilo De Carlo, Lillian Johnson, ri inn, ue Vltto. Lawrence MniiMiwn c.. Totilln mella Totillo. THE PARKVILLK SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 134.) James L. Morey, Principal. i,B.?"rDorothy dinner, Mildred Millar. Edith Repettl. SAG Helen Heffner. Pearl Stone, Jessie Speight, Edalyn Soullard, Jessie Twine. 'BM Beatrice Esler, Eva Rothman, Mor-rl Moscowltz, Donald Tllton. 7AM Grant Crull. 7-G Cecilia Beers, Madeline Cummlngs, Mckinley park school. (P. S. No. 127.) Miss Josephine M. Burnett. Principal 8B Benjamin Daveisa, George Hall, Herman Schmidt. Gertrude Brennan, Florence Goeller, Helen Hamre, Linda Hlntz, Irene Van Winkle, Agnes Wintermeyer. Gladys Goldherg. IA William Alolloy, George Newell, .-vormsn 6BM JoscDh Burke. .Ta cob TTalb- xrnn.iu Woronov. Saul Zimmerman. 6BG Helen Boselly, Florence Smith. 6AM Lawrence MUea. 6AG Ethel Shapiro, Helen Dickson. 5BM Herbert Aa, Phoebe Herbert, Mar-tha MacDonald, Virginia Terrell, Marie Gil-lick. 6BG Hortense Fredrick. Grace Schneeli-loth, Grace Vazenry. 6AG Helen Delaney, Adele Thomas. 6AM William Tlenken, Jack Wilcox. 4BM Charles Cummlngs, Simon Heffner, Seymour Prager, Hilding Llndlof, Lily Flor. AG Frances Leffler, Ethel Lelbowltz, Ruth Markowltz, Charlotte Riller. Hannah Wollman. 4BG Goldle Shapiro, Alma Stenberg. 4AM Gustave Hedln. Eugene Scrlvanl. 3BB Philip Bertz, Noel Nelson, Arthur Pope, Frederick Ruroede, Samuel Schweitzer. 3BG Alta Anderson, Ruth Cherrington, Doris Hemming,, Selma Herbert, Edna Hessler. Theresa XfaeUn nnpnOiv Uah.l.K. j Alida Strong, Flora Tels. ' 3AM Joseph Durant, William Finger, Seversen. F.rlc Singleton. Lily Anderson, Isla Charles Gerstner, Adrian Waldorf, Richard Batson. Gertrude Brennan, Louise Carrino, ; Dusen. Ruth Dellne. Bemlce Gibson. Virginia Ho garth. Grace Marra. May Molloy, Margaret Murphy. Katherine Ryan. 7B Leon Canapary. Helen Breslln, Muriel Frederick, Edna Helland. Eugenia Marra, Margaret Rohrig, May Busch. Clara Donadio. 7A1 Raymond Byrne, Robert ' Dommergue, Norman Free, Irving Goecker, Edward Grady, Enar Johnson, i'harles King. Charles Luder-man. Charles McCarthy, Robert Newell. Kurt Ramlg. hilberl Regaji. Raymond Rublno, Thomas Sherry. Helen BIschoff. Edna Byrne, Flora Haeusler, Evelyn Herre, Carrie Jensen. Ruth Phillip, Dorothy Robertson, Henry Olnhausen. 7A2 Carl Jensen. Lawrence Pagano, Frances Blcket, Agnes Horan, Dorothy McCreery. Irene Olsen, Gertrude Pallaskl, Carmen Schneider. Elsie Routledge. 6B Mildred Foley. Regina Gross, Regina Morton, Judith Nelson, Florence Paulson, Florence Ham. 8BA Leonard Stern. Seymour Rothschild, Miles Kelly, Harold Wolferman, Ethel Snyder. Mary Moore. SB William Cassebaum. 5A1 Harry Houser. Dorothy Ruhlno. 8A2 Ethel Aron, Evelyn Brown, Nelly Ever-sen, Bera Regan, Evelyn Davren. 4B Philip Bringhans, Joseph Van De Kar, RutM Babcock. Marie Gundacker, Mary Singleton, Rosa "ohen. 4AGeorge Dewey. Earl Goldherg, Maurice Wolfermann. Celia Delaney, Flora Etringer, Irene Seastedt. Margaret Psrrls, Irma Ramlg. 4A-SB Cecil Batson, Bernard C'ohn, Edward Schleuter, Louise Rowland. 3H.Tosephlne Becker. Eleanor McEvoy, Astrld Sogn, Peronne Whlttaker. 3A1 Leslie Mansfield, Howard Houser, Josephine Abrsms. CJrace Gallagher. Catherine Holmes. F.lizabeth O'Brien, Frances Donadio. 3A2 Robert Dearduff, Hortense Boroughs, Helena Levy. Harriet Salvesen, Gertrude Olennon. Frances Johnson. 2B-WIIHam Stern. Walter Jureile. Wl.bur Young Janet BnbcoCk, Mary Burns. Margaret beninger, 'Gladys Lohr, Slgrld Reising. Beth Schleuter. !1-Ju1la Armand, Rita Armell, Fmma Colsh, Pertha lhmle. Lillian Johnson, Marie Kokaloff. Lillian Ortner. 2A2 Joseph Daversa. Walter Keating. Harold Lovelock. Alexander Van der Kar, Joseph" O'Connor. Pau'lne Heath, Elsie KJel-lander, Florence Rotlienberger, Rutll Wllkle, Ellen Hagqulst, Virginia Loner. IB Donald Mansfield, Frederic Parrls. Henry Ready Madison Thorn. Carrol Wrlghtlnglon, Florence Dearduff. Edna Hummel. Dorothy lhmle Elsa Johnson. Harrietts Lockwood, Dorothy Loomls, Lillian McCarthy, Clara SaundeiSj wei. William Jensen. Paul McGulrk. Reginald Wadkenson. Anna Helfst, Florence McGresken. Marjorie Mclntyre. Beat, rice Ramagle. Mildred Seaatedt, Constance Sll X' Norbert Forst. Charles I.ockwood, chiirles Williams, Herman Teske. Dolores Armell Helen Murray. Jean Norberg. Marlon Rothschild, Pearl Gulln, Dorothy Gardner. BENSONHURST SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 128.) Frederick F. Crooker, Principal. fBM8 Gertude Guttman. Anna D'Onofrlo. Heler Htller, Pauline Dahlqulst. Alexander Drelbsr.d, Samuel Peckar. Sylvia Serwer. fiAB James Dlngfelder. Max Dohrow. 5A Glrl8--Rose Osmsn, Lottie Sobel, Sarah Schwsrtz. Helen Benach. 8A1M--Sellg Ross, Maurice flouslllon, Ralph Klmer. Sylvia Balkind. Lillian Blank. Irene Kmurk, Beatrlia Rnatnbaum, Paula Trelnls. Rose Goldstein, Dorothy Turkus, Eleanor Wheeler. 4A1 Rebecca Solomon. 3A2 Morris Blnter. Merle I'arrann Tillle Feinbsum. Beatrice Greenttein, Helen Lcarv, Kate Laak. 2BM Herbert Cummlnes. Alfred F.lchen. baum. Eugene Humbert, Kenneth Robinson. 2BG Mildred Agnelle, Beatrice Clayton, Jeannette Coleman, Ethel Dusenberg. Irene Hoeltzel, Viola Morrison, Hazel Reed, Lillian Rothmann, Margaret Schnitzer, Jean Sibley, Juliet Urquhart, Edith Schumm, Ma-bel Thels. 2AG (Sertrude Hill. Dorothy Strickland, Miriam Wolberg, Jessie Bacharach. 2AM John Theis, Hudson Van Wagner, Yee Kim, Robert Hedley, Joseph Goodfel low. Ida de Nicola. IBM Edward Beach, Florence Helneman, Kmtly Twine, Ethel Wark, Hannah Cohen. 1BM2 Robert Edmonds, Frank Principe, Lillian Harscar, Margaret Palser, Ruth Tuynman. 1AM1 Aaron Friedman, Vincent Haed rich, John Kazalakl, William Olsen, Maurice) Levy, Ruby Calplnl, Eleanore Fisher, Kathryn King, Anna Morrison, Cecelia Morgan, Norma Mulford Kristina Nllson, Helen Roper, Lillian Rottenbach, Anna Gibson. Kindergarten Roland Carbons, Joseph Schweitzer. Frederick Wagemann, Maurlca Waldorf, May Battersby, Cecelia Smith. RCGBY SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 135.) Miss Anna T. Kelly, Acting Primrtpal. SB Frederick Ritchie, Walter Ryder, Sophie Kallson. Doris Mowbray. 8A Frank Hamilton, Esther Burns, Helen Burns, Helen Campbell, Evelyn Homme!, Anna Stelg. 7B Rose Broscher. Loretta Raftery, William. Mazer, Sidney Wolf. "A Corlnne Ledoux, Fannie Hoffman, Bfl' via Frey. 6B John McDonald. 8A Anita Woodruff. . . TiR Florence Asplnall. ' 6 A William Dietz, Audrey Ford, Emily Williamson. 4B Milton Krlnsky, Margaret Beck, Gertrude Coryatt, Mary nines. 4A Joseph Lee, Harriet Drucker, Irma Neuzll. 3B Anna Gloeckler, Dorothy Macklntoah. 3A Arthur Ives, Harold Woodruff, Selma Abramson. Florence Hlgglns. viola Randall, Isabella Stone, Gladys Walsh. 2B Albert Bryant,' Frederick Dulaff. Frank Tolsdorf. William Averell, Donald, Elton, F.lBie Beck, Lillian Graff, Leonle Mc-Cormack. Annie Salvato, Alice Mason, 2A Howard Taylor, Joseph Zala, Olga Green, Selma Krleger, Margaret Seeley, Helen Bennett. B James Cleland, Walter Sommer, James Toohey, Ell Levlne, Elllcntt, Averell, . Grace Stewart, Lillian Hennlg, Anna Lam-plasi. 1A James Lee, Edward Stone, Alma Becker, Marguerite Grotte, Florence Roaaaa- eln- - Kindergarten Eugene McDonald, Ma Rubin, Catherine Campbell, Marie ZldarlaltTi THE DEWEY SCHOOL. (P. S. No. 136.) Warren M. Van Name, Principal. 8BB Edward Mills, Soubll Farkouh, Gunner GlllhnfJ. 8BU Alice Erlkson, Llllle Larsen. Edna Loeb, Agnes Lonlgan, Josephine Martorsno, Marv Petrozzs. Frances Itlchter. Florence-Stlllwell, I.llllan Vnrwerk. Grace Zctlltz. 8ABI E. Martlno, R. Pedersen, W. Mora ndo. 8AB2 Harold Barnett. T.eon Cohen. Pled-rich Drone, Wesley -Mliiiiiill. Albert Olsen, Normsn Olsen. 8AGI Marths Tarklnna, Harriet Fennon, Irene Fish, charlotte Nlemsn. Ellen Salo-nen, Jennie Markurren. HAG:' Helen Crslg. Grace D'Agrnsn, Vera, ilea Fitzgerald, Hilda Hoffman, Anna Js5c- r

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