The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNE- 28, 1984 BI/YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 8EVIN CLAfSIf IED SECTION - ™ •* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION SUBURBAN Home on gravel-road, mile city. Beautiful shade, raits. Reasonable! rent. Thomas Land Co. 20c kl-20 line tor conMCU- Dilly rat* per ilve Insertions: IHve overuse woios to * line' One time per llnu .......... Wo Tiro limes per line per d»y .. Mo Three times per lUn per day .. 0*> Clx tune* ptr line ycr d»!r .. <*c isontli r*te per llm .......... «* Minimum rhftrgc 60o Adi onlcrud :a r tnree or M* uines and slopped before explra- L'on will be charges (or the number of Umeg tht *d appeared too tdjiiaUuciit o! bill mtde. All Classified Advertising copj Emitted by person.': residing out tide of the city trust be ucoui ptnlcd by easli. Rales mty to eully computed from above Uble no responsibility will be ici more ttmn one inoorrect In •eitlon ol vuy classified ad. AdvertiiUn uru«i.a ior inegu- ,»r insertions wfa % the one Uruc r»te. Soon With KMk, *£*, Or . ' x>dy Store, Doesn t Have Air Line NEW ORLEANS (OP)—There's FURNISHED Apartment, 10* West!"" «lr line on Ilic new <llvlnj hol- Kentucky, Phone 8S3. 5-k-7-5 s'room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Kirbj Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 164. 30-ck-t: FURNISHEU apartment, 305 Doll gnu. Phono 870-J. 18c kt PHILLIPS' USED CARS SEE OUR USED CAKS AND COMPARE PRICES KEFORE VOt BUV - - REAL BARGAINS! •33 CHEVROLET COACH. Looks and Runs Like New $W TUDOR. A Real Nicely t-urnlshed . B K D ROOM Mrs. Nolen. 310 West Walnut ' 30o kG-3 CLEANERS, TAILORS n't iiivenU'd by N. M. Hcdtnopcl orcninn of mechanics on llv; n:w Ilsslsslppl river tiildgc here. The helmet lb coiniileiely wli ontalned, rctiuiiing neithor aunt! nor pump. Even! (he conven- ilionul ilhnu; HUH with weighted Itelt and shoo;; Is dispensed with. Two oxyiu'n Tunks arc Htlnclml lo (In 1 sides of Hie hohiuT. TlK' riivcr. In an ordinary bnlb(ii« suit, cllmljs hiilf-wity into Hie walcr inidi the liclmi't which looks lite 'nn] Installed and, Kcdmond, who licon uudfr the water 45 feel \ Ihr lielniel, says the diver can 20 feel under water. Only one person h icqulrcd to the gear. Plant Study'of Great Wbite Snow Goose I'HIIiADEUMUA lUI')—Equlp- ie<l for » Iwu yrais voynnu, if uei^- along the west coast or ar*tn}»nd.|tion, nk|.«W «wiU-alfo.(Up « Little Is known ol the suiiipierj C»pe . York: to inspect tho p?»ry lift: of the birds, but t}ie. Academy I monument' which he greeted, theje * , . ixiswsses tlic only- summer Aspire I- 1 f* 1 «u™iner. " 1 - ' ' '— OABU. W. W. (IPJ-Honr. lnvpi'Ud suitlle Is placed over licuoine so plentiful In the moiuV- his A vnivc Is U]ICIILM| ullow- tuiiis licrralKiuls Hint pa|>cr com- liiu :i constant Mri'iuu ut oxygen |inuitrs nre publishing uds for An (Mrclric lu'»(lllt;la ]r.\* bci'li hunter, , : apcrillh,,. .poiuuKd Vy [" y of Natural Sciences B 1111 10 Academy we 13 sailing northward lo Inthe ncillnij and breeding of tlui Bvenler snow goose inc-NS of These DM greater re obtained Gibson on snow go I by out of tb« 1'eury expeditions. WATEimURY,- Court. (UP) — Barnuel Welselbfrg, on his ' 'bed, wrote liU will wi the'back o( Ciiplaln Bob Bartleil, piloting; a doclor'n prescription bljuk. It Ilic schooner carrying 'tlic expeiii- vvns admitted to probate. '..; OUR BOARDING HOUSE •'33 $471 \ New FORD Buy 28 CADILLAC COU'l'K Robber, Runs Good '29 GRAHAM PAIGE FORDOR SEDAN. A liaigain SI' 3 $10! Linen suits, hand Ironed and tailored shaped are nice and cool these hot days. Phoue 171. Unique Cleaning Servke ,., TIM ANDSNUFFV/ I.NA-ECr.A'D-JUSI ft' STOPPED IN TOR A rvMNUTE,ON rAY TO 01HDER A SUPPLX or- SCHOO!,S MRS. I,. M. BURNE'ITC annooncfs tlic opening of summer classes In" typing, shorthand, bookkeeping. fall 821-W. 2c k7-2 AUTOM01IVE Save Tfme and Mo&fy by Ubing our complete stork Auto Replacement PirLs lluhbard Hardware Co. Aufomotive Dept. - - Fhonr 6-ck-7-6 '29 79 FLYMOUTH COACH. A Rial Buy ? 95 FORD COUPE. New Tires, No Trade * 65 TKUCK SI'ECIALS •30 GMC TRUCK. Larje Body, Good Tires ....- $189 '32 CHEVROLET TRL'CK. DW C C. A Bargain $333 •31 FORD CLOSED CAB rTCK- VI'. 6 ply Tilts S18Z '30 DODGE FANtL TRUCK. . . 5158 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~ USED CAR LOT Cnncr-tet & Walnut Sis. Phote S10 - 8H ROOM & nOAHD GOOD Meats and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. R. Watson, 112 East Cherry, Phone 602. 20c k.T-20 FURNITURE Lawn Chairs Unpalnted $1.85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c M-25 Slayor Is Also a Phvsician WALT1IAM, Mass. <UP)—Wal- tltam's mayor' is thoroughly capable of prescribing ior the city's needs. For in private life he's a physician—Dr. Frederick L. MacDonald, 'who has a. quarter century's practice behind liiir. A tiny parasite, slim'fv to prawn, measuring less thnn an Inch in length, is killing ell man- eating sharks, around the sh'T' of New South Wales, Australia. PUBLIC I arn now operating the lllythe- ville hide iitirt Juun L-o., at real ot Joe itaucs' store. Like Mother, Like Daughter COVKRINGJLJ]'! V 'ASSW5S INS.'" ftrVHSSliE" CAME ) FROM ATOP 1H 1 CUf f f QUICKA BEFORE 1WEV CAN ESCAPE -) 6RIH& 'EM BACK, J^ BV WHISHERDOSKV, IF t \ FIND TH 1 «JV WHO BEASCO ) WOOTtTOOT, 1%U KtSSlMf/ WELL, WE ALLTW ROCK6CXnJi OF- IT TIAAT WAS LOOSE,AN" WE Tok^lvO^V 0 ^^^ WANT US TO PUT S fAINE—SEL\_ IN A6MK OK "RENT IT TO OEftO C« A.UVE f UXVKW ft) KNOW THA FOOTPRINT* ^ FOOTPRINT f ..—. SORT OF SHUT-DOWN - ON 'THE fvMNE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Y0"0 ov.o AVJ' CWttWf O\_ '. VOU TOW iWOb POOBABLW VJOOUO 0\0 \ VOO'Rt t>0 ., formerly oppose nisco station ii SAJL.E Wonderful bargains in taoi used elecuic rclrigerators and ice boxen. Vsed and new electric fans C11E.11 1 . Also fan repairing. Bargains in used Dclco light plant and batteries. E. B. (iUE SALES CO, PICKLING PEACHES & PLUMS. DR. L. S. BRISCOE. XS-ck-tf Second Hand LUMUKK. At ota Crc:iiueiy l j acl:aec Co. Oak, Gum, Pine tloonng; urick; tin roofing. Sec J. Mcli JJrooks, C. M. Baxter, or City Engineer L. E. Tull. . 12c fc7-12 Second hand furniture bought and sold. Inquire Parkhnrst Co., 109 E.- Main, Blytheville. Ark. 4c-H-4 "~ REPAIRING Factory anthorizcd FRIG1DAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mecnanics Day 67—Phone—Ni(ht 38Z E. K. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. Free Home l^oan fetimates Roofing, Painting. Repairs. THE ABKMO LUMBER. CO. 10-ck-l-lO Tennis Rackets Kestrung Overnlsht service, 4 grad« Hnbbard Hardvare Co. e-clc-7-6 KEEP YOUR HOMK IN GOOD REPAIR When 11 needs a prescription Phone E. D. Ferguson, . "The House Doctor." Phone 100. WASH TURKS /] I TELL YOU, KAS,, / "THIS l«JRPERCflSt IS AS GOOD A? SETTLED RlSHTNWJ. READY WITH AN ANSWER! By Cnui t>ie RECENTLY. WELL, I GOT A LOT O' THINGS T'DO. /' 8V THt WV, MISS OIAMOWD —OP COURSE THf WURtCR's V'*' rEp - |Ns i WISEGUV. HEW STEP 3 (^JJOLVtD MOW—BUT TM CURIOUS TO KNOW WHAT W^iS IN THIS I IMS. T MAILED 'EM HOME \_: -( PACKAGE WU MAILED TO YOURSELF RECENTLY. K BECMS6 I HAO A'DINNER YltJATE WITH J.J. THAT NIGHT; tUD P10MT WAMT TO AN ASSIST FOR SAM'. SAV! VDU QUIT Ne,ONcef ^TM' CUSTOMER LOOKS WHftf'S THE IDEAP,OF COMIN'/SUSPICIOUS, GIMLET? [P HE BflCK, JES' 'CfiUSH A CUS- j STflRTS PNVTHIN&] IOATCH ' TOMER WflLKS (M? /V ME BOTTLE HIM' Me, euy. )THASS SOME .38 CAL- •SQOODOWE OER BULLETS? I'M 6CHN' HUNT^ " THOUGHT M6BBE VOL) KIGRE fv BANPIT' IF I SEE IFTHeyNOT/ BUT, FIT IN MV GUM, SAY, WHAT DO VA 1 ' FOR, WtTM A RE- (AONEY, VA DOHBBEULt By f ^ ..,r> ^^ ^^ 7 ^ o s -s '**.*.*'\ FRECKLKS AN1V HIS FRIENDS FRKCKI.KS EXPECTS A REAL ONE! By HJoewI FOR HUNT Modern 3 rooin FURNISHED apartment. 217 S. Lake. • Plume 439. 28c ktf Do\vnsUirs 5 room FURNISHEU apnrtmenl, 100 W. Walnut 6t. Call 303. 23C ktf FOR RENT—Hou?r. at 1131 Walnut St. Newly decorated inside and out. D. W. McDearman. 27p k30 :if you'recall "Tlic'Dlrtli of a Nation" and other Eljent ecreeu classics- of l! a" feencr.Mlcn DEO, you'll remember Mac M.irsli. who starred In them. -But car you tell which is Mae, of the iippn 1 two pictures? In tiic center is Mae as she apyejied vonie 20 years «go. In her heydny, and up- peitnotl Is lier grown-up ilaugli- ter, Mae, Jr., today. And to show the change of years, the bottom picture thowi Mu Marsh as eh> GOSH; i .SURE AM IM BAD OM ACCOUNT THW. KKK I CAVE . . BEATO'J! I BET Ki3 V/ILL JJEVER SPEA* / • TO ME /WAIN ' ^_ •'/'>' "•1 •<S POP \VA? .) ?i ASLEEP Y-WEKJ 1 DUCKED [U \ ' :- I iS_ TO CH^MGE My CLOTHES GEE.'HOWAMIGON'l'JA TO HIM? I'VE ROAMED AROUND FOR HOURSrTRVKIA DECIDE ' LECTURE AT TrtO O'CLOCK IN TH= 'DOHT JUST A MIKJUTE, YOUNG FELLA... GIV5S A LBCTUSE AT THAT HOUR ' / '•

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