The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 14, 1917 · Page 14
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 14

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1917
Page 14
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14 THE -BROOKLYN" DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1917. EAGLE BRANCH OFFICES AV A NTK D HKI P FKM A I KS. I The Kacle Is on sale, advertisements ! are received and news items) niuy be 1 left at any uf the fulluwiiiK oftVes of The F.ajile throughout the Greater ' City. The public- is invited to call ut any Eagle uHice for any service Tim Eagle can ix-i-form. Main office. I Earle Bul!dli. Wasuinirtoa sad Johnson in. I Id. WOO Maiu. WiilOKI.YN BRANCHES. I Bedford. Biiifnrd Ave., tel. HJOO Main!; Fitters Ul-trier. 210 Hiuadwar. trl. H200 Mslnl Mntb at., 821 Nlutli St.. tel. l)2"' Muln : Cat's. 1022 Gates Ave., tfl. 20 ll.iln; Klaituih. HS Flalbn h Art., M. 62'M) Mln; 'it'll Ward. saw Atiintic Av-.. m. Kat s. v.: ! Fesrh. IH42 Rath At... trl. Ii47 Battl Reach ; ; Jlldavwond, 411 tarslcs Ave., at Mrrtlr, trl. SMi Kuiuwiek; Htv H.dEr. uin Third Ave., tel. 8007 liar Hlcii-r; ilnimpolot. 134 tiresUDoInt Alt., tel. T77 Urrnnlut. MANHATTAN. ' World Rrsncb. Keen. SOS, Pulltler ButMLr, I Para Row tel. fl'ji'O Main or 24i Reesntsn;: Msdlsou housre Rrsneh. Koora 31:1. Itruuswlrs nuiidiax. 2-u riiib Ave.. tel. msou aisauoa fcquare. JAMAICA. 114 rolton St.. Jamaica, trl. SS Jamalra. INFORMATION ni.'KEAUS. BROOKLYN, stalo Office, Washington and Joudsoi Sts. LONDON. Ic Regent Street. PARIS. 13 Rue Camhcn. YVAHIITXOTOS, D. C. 01 Colorado Biillilliiar. BAN KKANCfCO. CAT. i F!pom 5TB. Monndnoctt Rullflinf Marliet St. NTKD HELP FKMALES. . ' ' ':RY, bookpager on MoAdams mfl- Jfo numberei-s on check work. Ad-' - M., Eigle office. H-3 . . . T I-'I.SHKIl operator, lieRlnner preferred. to 5 :.'I0 ; nnirtt live In Hrooltlyo. v.i. T & liAHWNER. Atlantic and Hchenec-i Rrooklyn. t 14-3 w fan OIDERERS; experienced on white mis; verv good paying home work, ortCIAL EMBKUlDERY. la 4th av. . Brooklyn, i 14-2 EXPF:rTbnFe7T cook tor iiakery and lunch room. 6i03 5th av. Bay HiUge. 11-7 . EXPERIENCED counter woman for lunch room; rood wages. 1VKSTHHN LI. NCH, oppo-Kite Canarsie Depot. I 13-2 GIRL, over 16. plain writer, slao girls and 'young women to learn laundry work. AN'. rHOB. (71 Propped av. t M-2 GIRLS WANTKD to work after school. BEAITY PATTEUN' CO., 11SS Fulton St, Brooklyn. $ . GIRLS WANTED; ages 16 years or over; 15 to atart. BEAl'TY PATTERN CO., 1188 Fulton at, Brooklyn. GIRI.S for order department, shoe factory. 'One with previous experience prcfernd. Gowl 'opportunity for right applicant. Hours, R tn r:30. Must Ike In Brooklyn. W1CI1ERT GARDINER, Atlantic and Schenectady ava, Brooklyn. t 14-3 w f n LEARN CROCHET RBADINO. And earn $).'. a week within 3 mouths. MAGID. S59 Flathush av. 14-7 SHORTHAND IN .10 DAYS. SHORTHAND SUCCESS-You can ha a ste-rographrr 3o days from now by learning Revd Fyl-la-blc Ptiorttand. Why waste half a year wberj we can qualify you to write 100 words tr minute In 30 days? Call or write for free trial lereooa and catalogue. Mnon'a Schoola. 214 I Ivlorston at. Brooklyn : 50 East 42(1 at and 7 West IS 1st st. N. Y. t nl2-tf STENOGRAPHER. bonkkeeprr. Chriatlon. grammarian, mathematician; state sa'ary, age, experience and reference. INSURANCE. Box 7, Eagle branch, 210 Broadway. 1HB NEW YORK SCHOOL OF SECRETARIES Thw monttiV course; Individual Inttrtftlon ; twlfiita on probation ; unduate iitprM. AMliio Ball, 13 W. 4 2d St. V. U. WHEAT. Dir. 31t WAXTED, pvrrf rirnc?l finishers for dress-mnlilng. M. Mr(KSKN. "36 Lincoln place, rear NoslranJ aVi- .t 14-2 WANTED, wohian' of reflnment. who understand and llkea rhilrtren, to look after (rroup of delinquent boya and hlp to lppp them occupied Jn local inntitutlon; rerndPnt position; prefirred age about Xr, appllcantH pleav write qualifications. Address ClilL-pREX'S FR1E.VP, Eagle office. YOTTVa lady typfstforTilllng; must write plainly for keeping Ftock rpcords. J. F., Eag'e Manhattan branch. World building. M-2 Chambermaids and Waitresses. AX experienced young white girl as ft chambermaid and waitress In a small family; reference required. Cull at 136S Dean at. between Brooklyn and Kingston avs. $ CH AM BKRM A.m"and "walfress ""wanted7 a white girl; oity reference required. Call 403 Orand av. $ CHAMBERMAID and waitress; colored; In boarding house; half time; sleep home. 640 Bate t. $ 14-2 CHAMBERMAID and waitress t'or Catholic rectnry Long Island; $25 month. A. L., Box 6, Eagle office, t lt-7 CHAMBERMAID and waiting, young woman with reference; family two. Apply 197 Marl-borough road, t 13-2 CHAMBERMAID and waitress wanted In family of three; Norwegian preferred; must have references. Call after 5:30 p.m. at 242 Henry at. U-l EXPERIENCED, willing and courteous colored chambermaid and waitress for small boarding house; sleep out; reference. 41 Hal-sey at. NEAT, clean Irish girl fnr upstairs work end waiting; adult family; references. 1457 T'nlon st. corner Kingston av. 14-2 WANTED. cbamlxTiiiald and waitress; refer-ence required. Apply GarBeld pi. J 12-3 WANTED for upstalra work, a neat, willing young white girl, with good city refer-encetr 402 Washington av, near Greene. WANTED girl to wait on table and assist with housework: private boarding house: no cooking 589 Clinton st. 13-2 WOMAN to do chamberwork from 8 to 15; $5; reference required. 477 Green sv. Cooks, Washers and Ironcrs. A flf OD reliable woman wishes a plac wltn a-plaln family fnr downstairs work; is a good cook: honest and trustworthy. Pleas call for two days at 3S Joralemon st. 14-2 COIiDKED woman to do plain cooking In aprlyjita far?illy. H6") sterling place. i COOK wanted: family of adults; references" Cili this evening, and Wednesday morning, 619 Bedford av. 13.2 ebon cook, white, to a snlaf"wlth laundry, fift Berkeley piece. g'.; RELIABLE American woman wants a situation for downstairs work: is a good cook and laundress; good references. Call 40H St. Mark's v. near Grand av: car fare for cards. MOSAN. WANTED; situation by respectable, nettled girl, cook and laundress. In smalt private family whre other maid Is kept; good references; car fare if cards sent. S. D Box 2, Eagle office. General Housework. A GIRL for general housework in doctor's home; three in family; must speak and understand English ; reference required ; good wtges. Call 404 Beverley road, between 10 and 12 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 13-2 wanted fnr general AN experienced girl housework in small family of adults; good wngw. Apply f.77 5th St.. t..A. AULK, widing woman fnr general housework, no washing nor ironing required. Call W Souih Oxford ft. CA PA RLE girl or woman for general housework. Call on T'Nf'EIlWOOI), J5fl6 East 17th st. or phoneMidwood 4382, CLEAN, competent woman for "general hnuaework: small apartment: family of three; referen.-e required; sleep out. Call after 6 p.m. at apartment 21, 422 Htate et. .,. 14-2 COMPETENT girl for general housework; 3 adults; references required. Cull IfiO Hancock ;ret. ; 13-3 COMPETENT, trustworthy girl, famllv three adults; no washing; good wages. IT vj Dor--uftewter mad. 1 4.; C M P K TKNT girl wonted for genera 1 housework; reference required. Cnll all week at 147 hOth st; tel. Bay Iildge 118. $ "coMPHTENr girl for general housework-good cook: adult family of 3; wages 3t; city reference required, i) Garfleid place. 13-7 "COMPETENT girl for genenil housework ; good fnk; 2 adults; wage $:M per month; city, 2Trt BtTkeley place. 3 n-7 COMPETENT girl fnr general housework; good ci hi 1. ; small family; wnges refer en co required. CALL at 1804 Avenue J. t 14-3 i ETl'.NT girl for general houKinvork; throe adults; refei-ences. Cull mornings. it"l I'rcspeet Park West, corner nth st, second light apartment. u-i COMPETE NT white glrl,"goneraI housework; small finil'y; gooil home; enrfare paid. Mrs. GROSSMAN, 10U4 Ens'.em Parkway, between Trey and Schenectady avs; Tel. fW'fi hcdfnnl t. l;;-3 " EXr'RlU!:N'ED white girl for"" general I or. e work; refers ncua required. Call 6J1 111 h H, Mrooklyn. 14-2 ' KNI'KRI1''-Ni 'ICO Hi'.indlM'ivln'i girl to do ( l;uufi-W('ik ; t wo in fnmllv-; Hundnyk4 pT; t Te cik'(.'. il-i!) ('bi'lltin v, ""FNIMOKlPVi lllt while 12 1 "1 fir gene-nl hoiwe-W01 K In fMii'lr ef ftitir niiiiitu: ti" wiidi'nir; uoed hinti1 : M'l'te: t-'Z't: tiiifilic inld; Hrlclitnn Hettcli L to Ncnialrk nv Hirtth.i). liUJ JMtiiUH nr. m T G!0ErlL 1 (rsework; sn-s' fninlly; goi d WSgefi; nice l.oiiif, '.mV Htil n', y OENWfML ho'i'N'Wor'"!'; itilu' c '"Be f two flours; f'il :o'jk ti'i'l la'indr-fjs, l.'l '.''t'S aven uc. j 1! 3 (ieueral Housework. GENERAL hoiia' worker : experleneed ; refer-rnM-s; position at Klulii!'y. 1 ; niull, modern hou-; iuutt la fouil ul vblldrcu. Tel, Flu-li log US. 1-'3 GIRL for dental office; t.eut, while; axpe-rlence unnocustiary. 158 6tli av. GIRL for general housework and help mind baby5Toom flat. 13 fet. John's place. 13-a GIRL a anted for general housework; family I lhre-!J'-11 '2 JeftVraon av. f GIRL for general housework ; good ages; mall family. 621 East leth at. I li-J GIRL to do general housework, without co-k-ing; $3j a month, tail 114 Prospect i'atk West. I GIHL for gneral houn work; family of 2 adults; wftrfes $:0-$2t. Apply 7J buniner av. 10-7 GIRL for general housework; three In family. 420 East 4tli at, near Church av. . t H-2 GIRL for general housework; four adults; no laundry, call at 67 Linden av, Flatbuuh. I 14-2 OIKL for general housework; smail family; good wages; references required. Call Wednesday, Thursday, &7 Park place. 6th av. GIRL wanted for general housework, family of 4 adulis; apartment; must s.eep home. Mrs. FKIEuii:.0EastZlat at, Flatbush. $ 18-5 GIRL for general housework; good cook. Mrs. CHRI.DIE, :2 Austin at, Kow Gardeus; R!ch-niotid Hill u 8-7 GIRLK wanted for general housework; ir-nian preferred; no washing; g-md wages to naiisfactory parly with referencea. 8- Greene avenue. 13-3 GOOD general houseworker wanted: V) per month and no laundry. 74 Beechknoll road, Forest Hills Gardens, L. .; telephone Forest Hiila 6384-J. t . INTELLIGENT, willing young white girl to 'earn general housework or one thoroufhly rxperfenced tor small house And family; must be very neat and well recommended; good home and wages to right party; carfare. Call 4W Stratford road. Tel. 2372-J Flatbush. I . Z-t MOTHER'S helper In simple refined apartment home; character and willingness to do varied household tasks essential ; no washing. Write or apply evenings, 6 to 8, 68 Columbia Helghta, Apartment 1. 14-2 "OPERATORSV white wear. s71T7lORO-WITZ. S6 Broadway, New York City. $ 14-3 OPERATORS on chlldren's'dresses. 8. 8. HOROWITZ. 62a Broadway, New York City. 14-3 OPERATORS, experienced at seaming and banding muslin underwear. J. SALMON, 162 Pacific street. 4 STENOGRAPHER arid tTpe-rTtcTi one with experience; in factorv office; salary $12. Address, Box 25, Corona, L. I. I 14-7 TIIREB adults wish" inte!ligentm'ald"wlth city reference; good wages and home. Apply 110 LincolnpUce 14-2 WANTED girl for upstairs work, waitress or general housework. Apply 13 Spencer place. WANTED general houe worker; must he-good cook and laundress; Brat-class only. 743 St. John's place. lt-2 WAN TED female operators on bunting flags; Singer Machines. 63 .South at, near Wall. New York. 14-7 WANTfiJD for general housework, a. German or Swedish girl in family of three adulu; wages $3(1. Apply with references. .T7 Ocean av. near Prospect Park station, Brighton line, Fstbuah. 14-3 WANTED Finnish or Kcandlna vian maid for general housework. Including laundry, plain cooking, for family of two In small apartment; must s'eep at home. Address 78 Pros-pect Park West, apartment M. 14-3 WANTED experienced girl for general housework; white or colored; must be neat, capable and good plain cock; family of three adults; bring references: liberal wages to right girl. Carfare paid. Mrs. FAY, 1114 East 17th a. Flatbush. t flO tf WANTED experienced g'rl for general capable and good plain coik; family of three uiiuiig; "ring references; nuerni wages io right girl: carfare paid. Mrs. FAY, 1114 Hast 17th st. Flathush. t fl4-tf WHITE girl for general housework. 715 Rugby road, B. R. T. to Avenue H; car fore paid. 14-2 WHITE woman, good references, having no children, for cleaning. In bachelor's apartment. Call 27 Grace Court. t H-7 WHITE girl fr,r general housework: three In family: anortinent: good wages. STEWART. I'M 4 Park pTace. near Brooklyn av. M-2 In family. Call afternoon at 632 Sd st, Brooklyn; tel. South &8A6. $ 14-? WHTTE girl for general housework; must be good cook; references required; no wah-ing or ironing. Call, 391 Green o av. t 13-2 WHTTE GIRL for general housework; family of two; good plain cook and laundress, with references. 2&0 Sterling place. I 14-2 WHITE or --Southern colored g'rl for general housework, including laundry; sleep In; three in family; carfare paid 318 Beverley road; Church av car toEast 4th Bt. WOMAN to do dav's work: steady Monday and Tuesday. 1165 Sterling place. $ WOULD like to have an elderly woman, colored, that wants good home with mother and daughter. Please call between and 7 o'clock at 33 St. Felix st. YOUNG girl for general housework In fi-ronm apartment: 3 in familv. Mrs. E A. LESLIE, 233 Brooklyn a v. ? 13-2 YOU NO girl for light housework In apart-ment; sleep home. HARVEY. 15 Hawthorne street. YOUNG girl to assist with housework In smail family. Mrs. SWEZEY, 455 Prospect place. vnUNG girl for general housework; with reference; two in family ; sleep at home. ALEXANDER. 115ft St. John's- place. YOl'.NG colored girl, half time; g-iod wages; must be good cook ; two in familv. Phone 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. or after 6:30 p.m., 7983-W Flatbush. t 34-2 Housekeepers. AN experienced, well recommended woman, white, wanted to keep house for a couple, one of them an invalid, In the country, short distance from the city. Address, stating age, nationality, references, wages expected Ac.,' IMMEDIATE. Box 4. Eagle office. 14-2 HOU HEKEEPF3R -Competent: like children; no laundry; $30 to S4'i month ; no charges. State Pub'lc Employment Bureau, 2;2 Fulton st. Brooklyn. WANTED man and wife for furnished room house ; basement, heat and gas ; reference. P6 Lafayette a v. Norses. WANTED, young lady, to train as nurse; between the age of 18 and 30. Applv Harbor Hospital, 704 4th av, Brooklyn. J 13-7 Nurses ami Seamstresses. AN experienced nurse, capable of taking charge of baby 9 month ; references required. 149 Congress at. t GOOD girl to take care of baby; carfare paid. Call, 960 St. John's place. $ 13-2 STRONG, useful woman to care for an in-valld lady. Call at 111 8th av, Brooklyn. WANTED an experienced girl to take cire of young infant. Apply 901 St. Mark's av. 13-2 YOUNG white girl to assist with light housework; help take care of baby; In apartment. LANIG, b Utlca av, corner Fulton street. t Employment Agencies. RELIABLE employment Bgeney ; has good Finnish cooks, from $.15 to $H), for oity or country. 1J64 8th st; tel. 3134 Borough Park, j WANTED HELP MALES. BOY WANTED? READY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY, 1225 Bedford jav, BOY WANTED real estate office; aalarv $fi. HIGHWAY REALTY CO., 1817 King's Highway. 14.4 HOV wanted for general office work In advrr-Using business; excellent salary to begin and opportunity for good future. Address, giving age, experience, if any. and other particulars, l.i. B., Fugle office, 225 5th av, New York City. J 1S-2 BOYS, whout Irt years old. living In Brooklyn wanted by Brooklyn Machine Co.; $t. to stHrt. CAMERON MACHINE CO., 61 poplar at, near Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn. $ 14-3 BOYS wanted, 16 years of age or over, "to work 60 hours per week, 9:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.. 5 nights per week. Apply BEECHNUT PACKING COMPANY, Bush Terminal, No. 1ft, fourth floor, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. t 12-3 m w f BRASS moulders, also false core moulders on chsndeller and statuary work; also di nch moulders on fine fact work. Apply TIFFANY STUDIO, Corona. L. I. 14-6 CANVASSERS for home-made"bread':rflmliv trade. 201 St. Mark's av, near Vanderbllt. KJ-2 CHAUFFEUR and handy man for Cat holla Church on Long Island; permanent position; good wages, A. W Box 5, Eagle office. t 11-7 ""DRIVER, salesman, bright, willing young mim with cah security and references, ANCHOR LAUNDRY, 471 Prospect av. H-2 DRIVERS for retail br id route; reference Miid ''( cash securl'.y. iSf. Mark's av, nrar Vanderlillt. 9 3-2 DRUGGIST, Junior, with one year xvovU encs, f-pftaklng Polish ptf furred; s' it , refetf-nceM aid sanity expr-c.eil. ddr'-HM by loi.ier, DKCGiilST, V. (, liox H4. Chrome, N. J. f H-V ELECTRICIAN, experfoncer, thoroughly fa. miliar with A. C, 1 1 . 1 '. apparatus repairs; to Industrious, consclihliona .'hnstlan worker a pcrtnnneiit position Is offered. Apply stating experience and salary wanted, D., Box Ctt. Kagle office $ 3-1 "ERRAND boys, wliaiesita electrical supply bouse; change for advancement and learning hnslne: ls.50 per v, ?cU t'j start. J. B.. i'jx 1 2C-, Fa 3 oin-je. t WANTED HELP MAIKS. EX PERI ENCED toolmsKers, grinders, Poller & Johnston AutomMlu operators, Gridiey Automatic Screw Machine operator, experienced laiha hands, tnspt-etora, assistant chief inspector, uih'ht ; lathu foreman, night; cierk (or tool room crlu; no war ordrrs or strikes: good working conditions, Apply SP1CEH MFG. CO., South Pialnileld. N. J. t 8-7 "FIRST da-iii painter: steady work: must lw clean and nrier man; innsi" have nf rence. A., Box Hi. Eaicle Flatbush brmirli. $ 14--' GLASS blowers; shop fur miking glass rods. R., Liox 4, Eagle office. I 1-2 HALL bov; must sleep 'on premises;; about IS. 112 Pacific si, near Bedford av. t 13-3 " HELPERS WANTEDfor factory work: n.a.-rled men preferred. Apply, giving ase, refer-.l.ce. em.. F. J. A. T.. Poughkei pa.e. N.Y.t ia-3 MACHINISTS, TOOLMAKERS All around men. .nirlne. lathe, planer, boring mill. Tie l.Miult: stca'ir work: no labor tronbu ; tood vise.. Applr llonm b, Bar( ll:Boe. Hal-ler. Nw Vork i.'llj. aJ41t auia MOTION FICTURES If serloua and tal.nfed. a selected number of male enJ f. ninle nnpllrunt. who are dealroas .1 enterlne; motion ttlrtnre work as a rroffsslnn ran erure an ouportunll, to get actual studio e-perlenr with a produclna coniimnr with one of the beet knowu and equipped studio In New Vorlt. where rerjr liirxe aud allfi-essful productions ha.e made; only tb'tse who will illliK'-mtj foliovr iIih In.trnotlons nf our director, will be coavidered ; a lliorouirli tryout and fllta tert ltecev.:iry ; ffe. film uh..I ; whn qualltlfd, will !. riycn a part; pood wmdrohe es8.'nrlal. Write full description of your.elf at once, with addressed enyelope, C. M. ACKBRMAN. Palace Players Film Lorp.. tU.'j West lad at, Uanhat-if0', roducltii iepartment. PORTER, atrong boy or young man. to be Kenerally useful; Is per week. ANCHOR LAI'NDRY, ill Prospect av. i H-2 STKNOdRAPflKR beginner's wanted; liberal SHlary; permanent position with splendid opportunity for advancement; resblent of Mrookiyn preferred. Applv I'l'BLIC SER-VIOK CLT' CO., .fSth at and 2d av. Bush Terminal Hulldlng, No. Classified Advertisement 'or the Saturday edition of The Eagle should be reccivel t Eagle Branch Offices not '"'er than 10 o'clock, ani Aceneies not later than 9:30, Saturday morning. Advertisements for Satur-''y edition should be received f' Farle Main Office not later than 10:30 A. M. WAXTED 8ITUATIQXS FPnmleg. Ocneral Housework. TOI'XO girl, short time In country, wishes position at general housework In small private family; no washing. Call Mlia KLYNN. I9 Clasaon av. 13-1 Nurses and Spunistrcsscs. I A LADY wishea to place her nurse, who Is compe.cnt, experk-nced and very kind, or as vunipamon to lady; heat referencea. Address 'JUS..'11' 's-H..K"g.ethat branch. 14-2 OI.OP.KD Southern nurse, with two years hospital training, has fourteen years nuralnK cxjxrlence m Urooklyn; wishe.i lo take akk person; pieasant. honest, accommorlatintp companion; references. TAYLOH. 99 Troy av. Nt'KUK girl, whTte".l"e" years, would liite position to mind a baby or a child. Write to a I a Fulton at, 13-3 REPINE!)" A'tnericaiTglrl. "arwanTa poslilon to take eare of baby; reference. T. S. L Katilo office. 1HB NKW YIIHK SCHOOL Of SECRETARIES Tlire. months' course: Individual Instruction; students on prohatfou : graduate registered. Aeolian Hall, 33 W. 4Jd St. V. M. WHEAT. Dir. a31tf TYPIST. Male, one experienced in bank correspondence preferred, but not essential. Need not be a stenographer, but must be good typist. Address, in confidence, stating references tnd salary desired. TRUST, Box 14, Eagle, New York Uttice. WANTED assistant color "aliader; b-st referencea required. O. C. W., Box 14, Eagle oflice. a ll-7 WASTED, night engineer; must be sober and reliable; good wages. Apply 73 isih Bt, Brooklyn. WANTED corcmakcrs nmmouklers on brass and aluminum work. V, I. A. T. Poughkeepsle, N, Y. t 12-3 WANfED,voffc7boy who" is anxious to learn the Real Estate Business. Apply HOWARD C. PYLE & CO., 201 Montague st. ; t i4-2 YOUNG man to deliver groceries; salnry Is per week.App!y 6S2 Noctrand av. I ' U-l YOIWG men as nlsht cbrk and watchman, small hotel; 2J motitti and board; cno with experience preferred. Apply liLLS llOUoE, i&j Clinton st. f Yf.HXO MEN. learn a trade. Ourfr7e booklet - E" tells yon bow to earn 1.10 weekly. Iar and trenlng classes. I.ISOTYM5 SCHOOL. 244 st .t3ii(. Manhattan. YOCNC MEN for positions as night opera-tors for Irtrge electrical concern; previous experience, unnecessary; steady work; good op-portunitiee for advancement. Ntit'onal District Telegraph Co.. 4t Court st. Room 200. YOUNG girl wishes position as nurse or housework. Alia. BEHG, 468 Warren at, two bells. 14-2 YOL'NG girl wishea position as nurse or useful maid. I'leaae wrlle H. ANDERSON, M Bt. Mark's place. Washing or Day's Work. A NEAT, clean, tidy young colored girl; good temper, polite'to employers, position laundry to take home. Please "call or write Mrs. Force. 12 Jd av, 2 flights up. rignt. A WU.LINIi. bonest Germau woman wishes half day's work or work !r the day: reference given. Inquire basenunt 1UU3 Atlautic av, near Troy. 13-7 COLORED woman would Hie day's work w-ashing and Ironing. I-Meuso call or write 9H Ruekaway av; SMITH. COLORED woman wishes position as day's work or cleaning on half time place. Miss GERTRt'DE WILLIAMS. 11 Berkeley place. PAY'S work of any-kind, by colored girl; cards answered. 48 Si. Felix st. H-2 DAY'S work, washing and Ironing or cooking by respectable woman; best referencea. Call M Butler at, top floor. DAY'S work, washing. Ironing nnd cleaning; answer by letter only. Miss DUNN. HIS Atlantic av. 1 4- YOCNG man. about SO years of age. Christian, familiar with the use of typewriter, to handle miscellaneous clerical work: situation with an electrical and steam machinery warehouse, sa'ary to begin 112, advancement. D.. Box ;'fi. Eagle office. $.- YOt.'TH FIT, single colored man wanted at once in boarding house; carfare. SI Kenlmore at. Flatbush, front door, t 3-2 SITUATIONS AXTKD SITUATIONS Females. Cliainbc-ritiuids and Waitresses. COMPETENT Norwegian girl wi-hes portion as rhamliennald and waltresi In small family. Apply at present employer's, 331 East 18th at, Hntbush. NEAT colored woman would like half-time job in hotel or hoarding house.. Call two days on E. I).. r,75 Herkimer st. NORWEGIAN girl wishes position as chlm-bermald: bst of referencea. 74S 4:'J st, top floor, Brooklyn. 13.2 RESPECTARLE young woman -wishes a position as maid or aa chambermaid and waitress. In private family. Call Thursday, at S7A Putnam av. SWEDISH girl wishes position as chambermaid or waitress; best of references. Please write Miss ANDERSON, I9 St. Mark's pi. 11-2 Cooks, Waslicrs anil Ironcrs. SITUATION wanted hy 2 white girls; one ae cook, other us chambermaid and waitrtss, no washing; good reference. B. G. S., Euglo Bedford branch. 14-3 General Housework. A SETTLED colored woman would like to do general housework or to euro for a sick person; honest; trustworthy; good references Mrs. HL'ITLEY, 1 Clioa av. AMERICAN girl, refined desires position at general housework iu sniMl funilly of adults; no children; city or country; (lest class r-ier-ences; $35; state particulars. M. I'. A.. E;igle office. 13-2 COLORED girl wishes position as house-worker with nice private family of adults half lime or day't work will be accepted; pay weekly; home nights; upartment preferred; carfare paid. Address, MSii Bergen st, basement. 14.2 COMPETENT Swedish girl wantssltua;lon f"r general housework: In good cook and laundress; city references. Address 11., 24j Eagle Futbush branch. GIRL or housekeeper wishes position in apartm.nt, general housework. Call or write, Mra. MIRANDA, H6 Marlon st. l;t-2 GIRL, Swedish, lately landed, wishes position In small (amlry. Call ANDERSON, 72it t3d st. I,.-; HOUREWOUK In a small family, hy a mTddle-aged woman. Answer cards If csrfare Is paid. II. 11. B., Boi tl. Eagle office. 13-2 INTELLIGENT service, keeping home In good order, cooking, baking, mending, and for small family with modern household laundry. tM monthly. HOCShlKBEPEH, D4 Wend-over road. Forest Hills, L. I. DAY'S work wanted by respectable colored woman; to do laundry work; can give the most desirable days of the week. Call or address 51.'i Rergfn st, top floor. 13-2 GERMAN woman wants two or three days a week washing; or cleaning. 318 21st st. OEIRMAN American laundress and cleaner for Mondays. Thursdays and Fridays; references. HROWN, 42 Brooklyn av. H-2 NFAT colored girl desires position to do day's work or half time, from 8 to 5 or 8 to L or 12 to i. Write or call for two days 7 Union place. 13-2 NOHWEGIAN girl wants washing and Ironing by the day. EDWARDS, 00S Bt. John's place, near Franklin sr. 10-7 SITUATION wanted by two colored girls, one day's work and washing, other part-time work. Call or write 1831 Dean at, Brooklyn. H-2 """TO TAKE In washing; tnnilly wash reasonable: speclnl work. Mrs. FRANK SMITH. 673Atlantlcav. WANTED washing, cleaning by day. .Mrs. DAVISON. 516 Marcy av. 13-2 WANTED, work by day. by a competent woman; good referencet.ujUc aj. . . 14-2 WANTED washing and ironing by the (lav or housecleanlng ; no objection to Ftat-buali. Mrs. KELLY. 58 Underbill av. WANTED washing to take home or go out bv rlav. nr c einlng. by a voting woman. C;i!I or write Mrs. McKEE, 47 Herkimer plece. 13-! WA NTED. work by a respectable American woman, to go out by the day. washing. Ironing or housecleanlng; is an experienced laundress. Call nil week, Mrs. MUNSO.X, 632 Grand av. Brooklyn. YOUNG woman wants washing and cleaning two or three dnys a week 202 33d si. 13-2 "YOUNG woman, colored, day's work, half time: clean and obliging; references. 236 Bergen St. H-2 ""YOUNG colored woman wishes day's work, bouwcleanliig or washing. WATKINS, 7S Irving pincO; YOUNO colored woman wants day's work for the flret three days In the week; good reference end well known. Call all week KPPS fi Downing st. 13-2 Sewlns. WANTED, sewing out by the day or week: plain sewing and monding; experienced seamstress: carfare paid. T. R., Bo:c 15, Easle Bedford branch. ' WANTED ENGAGEMENT. MASSEUSE graduate; special rheumatlca, circulation, reducing; my home or your resl. dente. Mrs GOTTSCHALK, 12 Kingston av. Tel. Bedford Sl7. SUPERFLUOUS HAIR HARMLESSLY HE-MOVED, bv the Multiple Electric Needle. Mrs. DRUCKMAN, 40SA Qulncy st, Brooklyn. -? WANTED SITUATIONS Males. A WINDOW cleaner wauta work; cleats windows In stores. prUati. houses and factories; bests carpets, scrub., washes, oils and shellacs Ocors and cleans bouses ; send postal ; satisfaction Ituaranictd. LEAKS. 10- uulucy st, Brooklyn. laaa 30! "AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC; 20 years of age, with six years experience with gasoline, eiec-tric car; repairing of storage batteries, two-cvelo marine motors; best references. C. 'MER-ItlTT Jr., 8S7 Hart Hi. 14-2 "BOOKKEEPER, thoroughly experienced, manufacturing, mercantile and general accounting, seeks position calling for experience, ability and results; highest references; moderate. E. F., HA lid place, Brooklyn. n-7 (UAUKFEI-n-MBCHAxV! wishes position; beat of reference. T. A., V'A 44th st. 14-2 CHAUFFEUR wishes position with private family; brat class mechanic. C. H., Box 14, Lagle oftlce. 10-5 CHAUFFEUR wishes position on prlvste or commercial car: age 3; married; beat reference. P. DONOHLE, lU'J Hull at. 13-2 CHAUFFEUR, light colored, at present em-ploved. would like to change; Al references, it. HALL, 682 Belmont av, Brooklyn. 12-7 CHAUFFEUR, mechanic, 3(1. careful driver desires position driving private; 2u per week. J. J. 695 Franklinav. 10-7 CHAUFFEUR, married. 84; Al mechanic; first class driver; 11 years experience, all cars; last ear, Packard ; tlrst-class reference. J. KELLY. 1781 PaclBe St. 8-7 LIGHT-COLORED girl wants a place as general houseworker In apartment; sleep at home. Please call or write all week 403 Atlantic av. care of Armstrong. ""NORWEGIAN- girl wants position In high class home. Call 5209 4tll av, Brooklyn; no mail answered. 13-2 REFINED girl wants to do light housework In small family; references. Please call 113 Patehen av. I 14-2 REFINED young colored girl, public school graduate, wishes part time work; can do light hour-eworlt. answer phone or chamber work and waiting; also take chi'o of children: Sun-daya off. Address PART TIME, 722 Dean at. RESPECT A HI.k" colored girf wlsheaplace"at general housework; good references. Call or address. 722 Dean st. 13-2 RESPECTA RLE." ciein. midrlltt-agtmt Welsh woman, latelv landed, wants ilght housework In stna'l plain fainllv; good home and S3 weekly. Atldress WELSH. Box 41, Fagle, office. SITUATION wanted by neat, wllllrg girl to do general housework in small family; good city references. Please call llii Smith st, cetrner Bergen; one flight up, WANTED general housework by young girl; best city reference; no objection to Flatbush. Call at 1222 Noslrand av. 13-2 WANTED a situation hy a respectable woman for general housewotk; plain cook end laundress; city reference. 21$ Hlcka at, top tloor. 14-2 AVANTED by competent woman cook's position only; good referencea. Call Thursday morning. MARGARET. 21 llergen at; Tel. 3512 Prospect; no mall answered. YOUNG woman wishes position to Uo general housework. 50 Bogart rt. YOUNG woman wishes position ft r general housework: Bleep home. Bogart St. YOUNO co'ored girl wishes a p-'.rt time, steady job from 8 to 6. Please write 2UC5 Pacific st. YOUNG colored plrl wishes a position to do light housework. F.I.1SH GREEN, 1702 Fulton st. top floor. " YOUNG girl wivhes light housework: snnll familv; home tllchtsi g"Od w.iges. ETHEL EN'AIU.K, 24'A St. YOUNG widow, with 1 child, wants place o 1K1 general i-oii5ert erli : good home; wages optional. ' n.l Mr.. DAN lEI.SFIN', s mthjit. YOUNG" girl wants in do nousrw ork In an apartment of chrnil.e.-worlt and walling; will-In; 10 learn; no wr.sMng, W, K. D., Eagle of- flre, " YfJT'NG Norwegian girl wnnts place as general hnuseworkei ; .'mill family. Call Friday on JENNY AUIIRISKN, HW 3:M SI; no cards answered. YOUNG w"oman wishes housework In npart-ment or as houselior pr for bootless people; i-oiahle and competent: good plain cn.k; moderate wages; lefcrcncc; mall en y. 313 9th tl. CHAUFFEUR, mechanic, rlrst class, needs position private; refertr.ces bear strictest Investigation. JOHN SCHMIDT, 153 Putnam avenue. 9-1 CHAUFFEUR wants position, experienced and cartful driver; make own repairs; honest, eober and reliable; best of references. T. E. B U X SO N.123 A L Hl CHAUFFEUR; colored; experienced, all around man; Cadillac. Cole. Hudson or Loco preferred; sober; good personal reference. P. BLAIR. 446 Carlton v. 13-7 CHAUFFEUR, three years practical ex-perience. present employer will retire April 1, wlrhea position, private or commercial. N.. Box 120, Eagle Bedford branch. 8-7 CHAUFFEUR, "colored ; careful driver; a good mechanic: desires position; furnish best reference. Write or call on E. VAN HOKN. 800 Ocean av; phone Flatbush 8300. 13-2 CHAUFFEUR, married, wishes position private or cnmtnerclnl; 6 years' experience; best of referencea. WILLIAM HEPPI.E-STONE JR., In23 East loth st. Tel. Mid-wood 1679. 14-4 CHAUFFEUR, flrat class, wishes position In private family; city reference; 11 yeara experience; wages 120 per week. Phone positively after 7:30 at night. 1765 Proapect: L. HI Y ELM, 1730 Pacific sL 14-7 c'lAi'FFEUR. single, Irish, wants position Willi private family; experienced; private; references; wilting to go anywhere; can drive any make car; Packard preferred, D. Mc-Cl.OSKKY. 192 Stuvvesant av. 14-5 CHAUFFEUR. American. 14 years experience, high class foreign. American cars; Al mechanic; careful driver; all repairs, any car; will not wash: strictly temperate: references; wages j:0. BYRNE, 279 FranJtHn nv. 14-7 CHAUFFEUR, mechanic, experienced, desires position with private family; 3 years with former employer; can drive all cars; Al references. Address FRED SUTTON, 449 7th st.Tel. 6615 South. nj CHAUFFEUR-MECHANIC wishes position with prlvste family; 11 years experience: 4 years reference last place; married; 31 vears old; tpind tourist and careful ri river. OEOKOE MEKC1EK, 81 Forest av, I'll one Evergreen 2S74. M-i! tXH.LECTOR; ounn man wishes position as rnl'ector or representative; references, 1... 1., (v'Jincy ft. H-2 rO!,OHRI man wants situat'on in private familv ai houwe man, butler or useful mnn; sober' and obliging, full nr write OUI-'FtHU) HART-LEV. 'Ml rHTRt-n at. s''om, floor, front. M J-y'TTttIAN pit'on: ll years ev- rfripnee: will alo ilo work on time nnd nm-tfrinl If you want your house wired please write 8., Box 12. Eagls Bedford branch. H-7 ""gEN T I. E M E N If you leslre the services of a first-class man, one who Is honest, neat and capable, I would more than appreciate a trial; 2 venrs with last employer on Pnrksrd and Pierce cars. .TAMES COT,. V1LLK. T-- Fulton at; Phono 768 Prospect. WAXTKD SliTATIOXS -Mali's. IH)UHKt'r.KAMN(irex;rt'rli'ui-ed f-olonil mli ; UJr. mid liH.-. uer hour. UUWEIX UAV1H. i 4M Carlton bt, llruiiklyn, 13-- j .lAMTort. white; bent refVrences fur strain j hjt fnd hot water; wains one ur two li'iurcs ; snrl kdiiU living M.uns. H. Ul.KKN, 1 IivIhk a eiiij. H-tf riisHi:n hooms. MTOIi superliiterdcnr exppri?nced, iiood uipchHnl'', niHlifH severHl lifBh-tdas niwirtiiint Iiousi-k; s!1 ivpnir: In st ref reni-p ; salary $d0 up. 8UPT., 047 W. lMd it. New York City. lii-3 MAX, married, wishes work as driver, porter, stableman or Janitor or any other kind of work. E. WAftU, :3 Warwick st. Brooklyn. $ 15-3 MAN', handy v, ih tools; steam hea:, hot water; cIeaninT; day's work; wholn or part time of any kind; reference; willing' and obliging, call or write U. lih.NKLL. tiia C-Jta-snn a'. top floor. PACKEIl or anything; "(iemlfeT3i;l sober, honest, experienced; references. H., Sis Met. ropoiltan av, Urooklyn. 14-3 PAINTER, paperhanger wants work by day or Job. JOHN PEAKaOX, 3 hhipley st, L'nlon Course, U, I. 14-8 PAINTER, paperhsrger. kalsominer. plasterer; excellent methanic; wants work; any distance; paints room. 11 ; papers, f-; refer ences. KROVMAN, 3..3A Monroe st. 13-2 PAlNTlNa end decorating In all branches; best work guaranteed; reasonable; new 1317 styles Just out. JOHN K. HOFFMAN, 2H10 Farragut road; phone Kentnore 11-7 PORTElt, young colored man wishes position as porter or anything. Care HACK, 30 Fleet street. 14- POSITION wanted by young colored man, chef In boarding house, hotel or private family; heist of rerene. Call or write J. E., 1592 Dean st; phone 2700-R Bedford. 14-2 REAL ESTATE men, can you use middle-age man, energetic, capable, thorough, experienced tn all departments, good salesman, highest reference, moderate salary ? Address HE ALT Y, Box j, Eagle agency. Ci 1 0 3d av. 11-7 SITUATION wanted by licensed engineer tn factory or any line of engineering, apartment house, experience; best of reference. Call or wrltef. BROWN, 6t,:'4 5th ay. 14-5 STRONG colored young man wants position In Brooklyn: electric machine shop; not particular on high salary. C. C. B., 31ft Bridge ut. 14-3 TWO young men, colored wish positions poultry and farming; experience; references. O. A.Jl . Box 8. Kings Park, L. L 14-f rPHOLSTERER wants work, private residence or hotels, polishing, mattresses made over, carpets laid. Turkish and antique work a fpeciallv; moderate; references. C. O. ty YUEN, K35 Pacjflo st. H- I'SEFl'I man; cliv or country: best reference; moderate wages. FILAN, 1078 Rogers avenue. TJSHFt'F man as waiter or porter; knows all about housework : willing and obliging; references. CHRISTOPHER GILLIOAN, 11 Bergen at, care of Airs. Nickens. H-2 WANTED, a porltlon by a chef, cook; wages not under flO a week. Phone sliO Main. 14-2 WANTED; a position as first -clam houseman by respectable young white man; best of reference. Please call at 949 Marcy av, WALSH. YOU NO man wants employment after - p m. at any kind of work. Address P. B., 330 49th street. J4-.1 YOUNG man, handy, willing,- looking for (eady position at anything. E. PETTL'S, 413 Marlon St. 142 YOUNG man, 22, wishes a position: can furnish very good referencea. NICHOLAS JOAXLKY. 2& 1 5 18-3 YOUNG man wishes poult Ion In moving pictures; experienced. Address C. D. Eagle Iedford branch, YOUNG man desires position part time, dally or evenings; Saturdays and Sundays; any line. A., Box 14, Eagle oflice. YOUNG man student wants position and SaturJav. all dav; aober and relia-hle; moderate salary. I. ROSENBERG, nvi Grand st. t H-7 YOUNG man, knowing Spanish. French, FrMfh, desires position at anything In evrn-ing and Sundays. D., Bux 4, Eagle Gates av bra.vh. 14-- YOUNG man. 18; position where bnrd. earnest work will warrant advancement; experienced as fllinz and general office clerk. IRVING SCHWARTZ. 180 Nassau st, Brooklyn. 13-2 YOUNG man, 23, wishes position with a reliable concern offering advancement; have bad live years experience as a clerk for steamship company. M. G., 83 Sackett st. 11-7 YOUNG colored man, married. 25. desires any one of the following positions paying Si? up: Driver, porter or elevator attendant, any make, or bootblack; strong, willing1. iHs ft. Felix st. 1-1-4 YOUNG man, 27, Christian, single, accurate at figures, familiar with railroad statistical work, experienced collector, desires position; good references; security if required. A. W. PORCHER, 221 Carlton av. Brooklyn; Phone BS28-W Prospect. 10-7 City Hotels and Boarding Houses BOARDING. CARLTON AV, 344 Near Subway. Aicov. also square and hall room. Carlton Av, 307Nr. Subway; Phon. Large back room; water; home cooking, l -7 " FLATBUSH Ocean av, 427; block south Woodruff station, B. B. L. ; single and double room; steam heat; choice table. 11-7 FLATBUSH 220 E.18TH ST. rtooms; first class board; garage; phone. Tel Flatbush 2120-W. 13-7 HANCOCK ST, 60 HOMELIKE. Large, southern exposure room; all conveniences; one or two gentlemen ; reasonable. HANSON PLACE, 80 Square room ; cuisine unexcelled ; board era accommodated. I IO-, HEIGHTS 140 WILLOW ST. Small rooms, with board; telphoiie. Hgts, Monroe Place, 1, Cor. Clark St. Single, double front roam; excellent table. Jefferson Av, 229, Near Nostrand. Room with hoard; control location. Lafayette Av, 110 Table Guests. Comfortable hall room. $ 11-7 MONTAGUE STREET, 125. Rooms and board; references. PACIFIC ST, 1391; large, small rooms; substantial home cooking; refined neighbor-hood; telephone, ll-3t su w f Park Slope 191 Berkeley PL Large room; southern exposure; steam heat; electric Ilght; references; telephone. 11-7 PIERREPONT ST, 76 Rooms; excellent table; phone Main 1159-W. 9 i-J-l President St. 840 Table Guests. Furnished, unfurnished rooms; telephone Prospect SSSS-W. t IH REMSEN STREET, 102. Large room, with bath, with boarlL H-7 SEVENTH AVENUE,11-15. Handsome back parlor, front room; electricity. ll-T SIXTH AV, 134-The Laurel Nicely furnished warm rooms; ruperlor toble and service; table guests. H-7 SIXTH AV, 96 Near Subway. Large, sunny room; conveniences; table guests. 1M SOUTH PORTLAND AV, 12 Large, attractive rooms; congenial home; reasonable. AilJ Sleriing"p, 35-Tel. 2d Floor Large, small front; heated; board reasonable. Sterling PI, 877 Bet. N. Y. & Nos. Large room comfortably furnished, with board; references exchangelTcltoneIed WAN TUP, business ladles to board In a nicely heated apartment. Call all week at :iit Atlant.c nv. near Hmltb st. WANTFiOlady, young or old. to board: everv home cimfort nnd any care that may be required. In small private family; can have all the privileges of home: where lady of the house is verv much stone. Call or write NOX . 191 DeKalb av. t , WASHINGTON AV. 564. near Fulton; Sunny connecting rooms: alcove and square; parlor dining room; home cooking. 11-7 THE HOPSIN. 1735 CAT0N AV. Rooms, with bosrd, also table hoard, t J?4-tf 77AROKroom In house with owner; private family; no other roomers. 394 Mad'son street. H-7 PLEASANT steam heated room; excellent table; moderate; five minutes from Borough Hall and subway; telephone 114 Henry st. Furnished Rooms And Apartments 1T11MSHKU KOOMS. Amity St. 137 Nr. Court and Sub. Sunshiny front room and kitchenette, t f2 -tt "iWUUTN ST, Ml Fimilshd rooms and aimi-.mcnis for light housekeeping; ba'.h; heat and telephone; subway; reasonable. t 11-7 CARLTON A V7 624-N r. Sub. Square room; hall room; heat; telephone, 11-, CARLTON AVENUE, 372. Very desirable large room, kitchenette I Clermont Av7408,nr.Greene; con. sub lrge; coniroriablc, well heated rouui, M. cWf0NST7l'36TlSD; Large steam heated rooms; electricity: telephone. 1 CUMBERLAND"st7296 Hall Room. Second floor, front; select house; references. 13-3 Cumberland, 296 Select House. Exceptional:, line room: kitchenette: plenty heal. 1 1-1 ' T t'l'.T A l'A I n M KXTS I urnlahert 1 I'VHNiSIIKl) ui'imments to lot, 7J5 Flat- t'JPIl ill, UHK K IOOllllMI SLUTIoll, UrigniOIl line; tlirea-rooiit, housekeeiJing apartment; steani lieul, electricity, panjuet Moor; reaaon-able. t 14-n w th f su COM'PMETKI.V "fui-nUliril apart-liiciittt, 1 Iihvv n-lint 'h ,vunt. .-45 uimthiu. l l.l, A lilt, ui7 Kullon at. t IT OK AN' 8T, 250; young couple or 2 young Isdles wanted to share apartment with business lady at very reasonable terms; near subway. $ 14-2 F.ASTLRN PARKWAY. S62. between Iled-ford ami Franklin avs; large, aunny nutaide room; 1 or 2 gentlemen; new apartment: phone electricity, steam. Call evenings, ALLKN. SECOND ST, 472 Near 7th Av. Iloslrshle sen, ml story front, with kitchenette; bull) sdjiiinlog ; select uotiie: owner; telenhons. 3 HOOMS completely furnished. In strictly modern sitartment : rental ft;u monthly. 484 Clinton at'. l' 77u7. j 14.7 Kullet foil', bafhi nicely furnished; best section Ilrmiklyn. Stuart Arms, l'!3d Paelfle st between Hedford mid Nistrand. t 11-lf TO I.KT HOl'.SKS l uriilsliod.' 2liT BAtiT 19TII ST. Sh"epehead Hsy; 14. room furnished house fur sale or rent: 2 baths; hot water heat; furnished. Inquire 1304 Flatbush av I H-7 FIFTH ST, 3..S lirgo or ball room; heel, water: phone tssn-w South. -7 FLATBI'SH 42 Lenox road; ' quiet adult family has Isrge furnished room; electricity, phone; convenient to L and trolley. Phone Flatbush 4352. H-7 FOP.T GHEF.NK PLACF.. 112. Splendid room with piano and housekeeping If desired. , 13-3 n. n m rn t . tt. t--'i. tS'AN I'KI) bv wni.-w 11. uieeiie ri. oo--ii ge, a. some xi 1 , r four ,.ro,lls, neut Property Wanted WANTKI) APAUTMEXTS, Koom; fins kitchen connecting; high class. t lKt FORT GREENE PLACE, 119. Ideal home for gentlemen or couples; must be soen to be appreciated; in owner's home. H-2 Gates Av, 131 Sunny Hall Room. Southern exposure; cheery, nicely furnished; reasonable. i;-7 GREENEAV7837 Near Ntrand." Large alcove room for two; board. 12-7 HALPEY KT, 13.1 CTomfortable square room; refined home; suitable fur gentleman; phone. HALSEY STREET, 167 ' Medium-sized room: al) conveniences; phone. t Hi - Hawthorne St, 285, Near Flatbush. Two larg front rooms, single or en suite: detached house; no other roomers. 8-7 HEIGHTSljiNGSTON ST. Warm, large rooms; ail improvements; telephone. S-7 HEIGHTS M0NTAGUESt71 43. Large room, kitchenette, hath, telephone; reasons hie. HEICHTS-94- HICKS ST. Beautiful room; electricity, steam heat; mod erate. 11-7 Hicks St. 170-172 Nr. Pierrepont. Large, small ; running water: steam heat, JEFFERSON AVENUE, 247." Large and small rooms; conveniences; owner. 8-7 JEFFBRSON A. 49, near Franklin; parlor floor, kitchenette, adults: also large room for gentlemen or light housekeeping; telephone. 11-7 .TORALKAION ST, 85 ; Wean, comfortable rooms, closets; reasonable; porcelain hath, hot water; near subway ; quiet, refined neighborhood. 14-7 J0RTLEM0N1TREET7931 Formerly private house: luxuriously furnished rooms: 1 for those who appreciate re-fined surroundings 13-" Lafayette Av, 74 Handsome Rooms. Ideal kitchen; fine furnishings; well heated. J3-7 LAFAYETTE AVENUE, 129. Desirable large and smalt room; rcferenee. t 12 Lefferts PI, 185 Near Franklin L. Sunny front, conveniences; Prospect 99IL $ 11-7 LEXINGTON AV. 243A Nrar Nostrand; nicely furnished rooms; convenient for light housekeeping ur two people. MONROE ST, 511 A Large front alcove, for one or two gentlemen; board optional; reasonable; telephone. 3 1U7 Park PI, 223 Phone 9969 Prospect. Large rooms; healed; single; en suite; reference. t f4-tf Park Pl, 129 Near Atlantic SubT Well heated alcove; phone; every convenience. 9-7 par mcE72i 5r1ub WAY." Largo aud small rooms: conveniences; reasonable. Park Slope-192 PARK PLACE Fine room: electric lighting; well heated; private family. 11-7 PROSPECT PLACE, 125 Desirable room; private house; Pros. 2059. 11-7 QUIN'CY ST, 240; large room; suitable for 2 ; southern exposure ; steam heated ; telephone; convenient to cars; rent reasonable. $ 11-7 StT "MARK'S AV. 242 ; front room and connecting room ; also hall room ; all conveniences; near subway. 11-7 ST. MARK'sTv, 101-Beautiful large square rooms: large closets; extra well heated; electric light; exclude locality; near subway. 10-7 ST. MARK7Sf7606-IB7d Desirable, newly furnished; steam heat. t 11-7 St. Mark's Av, 599 Near Bedford. Attractive large room ; private fatally ; owner. t l-'-7 SBCO.VD ST. ,.01 Furnished room; heat; suitable for two. Inquire MURRAY. SEVENTH AV, 49-Sub; Tel. Daintily furnished largo, small room. 11-7 SEVENTH AV736 PARK SLOPET Back parlor, square; conveniences; reasonable; telephone, 9-7 SIXTH AV, 178-Nr. Subway Desirable second, third, front; telephone; conveniences. j 11-7 SIXTH AV, 151 Near Subway. Attractive rooms; every convenience; telephone; reasonable. - 11-7 SOUTH ELLIOTT-PLACK. 11, 3 minutes to Atlantic av subway; nicely furnished parlor; piano, t 11-7 southW6rFsYreet7487 Desirable largo room ; twin bed ; references. t 12-7 SOUTH OXFORD ST, 49. Hall room, comfortably furnished ; board optional. J 11-7 So. Oxford St. 53 Newly Furnished. Three connecting rooms, kitchenette; finely situated fur 3 people; refined surroundings; phone. 14-3 SOUTH PORTLAND AVENUE, 22. Desirable rooms; gentlemen preferred; reference. -7 Spencer PI, 12 Fulton & Franklin. Large tloges. front room. t all conveniences; prl- 14-7 STATE ST, 31712 H0YT SUB. Hall room, nicely furnished. Phone Main 40ril. I 12-7 STATE ST, 412 SUBWAY. Large, clpan, sunny room; hot and cold water: heated; housekeeping; reasonable, $ 12-7 State St, 406-408LgeiBn$3. $3.50; neat furnishings; well kept; housekeeping 14-8 TROY AVf 272Mr. E. Parkway Medium1 size, heated, private; reasonable. BAULT, lt-7 WAVKRLY AV, 471-Between Fulton and Ofltes av; 3 rooms, kitchenette; nicely fur-nsfhed; together, separately; heat, bath, hot water; rf.-asona.ble. 14-2 IK WASHINGTON AVENUE, 474. Square room; also hall room. WASHINGTON AV, 474. Hall and square rooms; warm house, f n; WASHINGTON AVENUE, 544. Newly furnished; large, small; housekeeping: telephone. l 13-7 WILLOUaHBY AV, 130, between Clinton and Washington avs; large, quiet front room; running water: private family; references required; block from three surface lines snd elevsted. Call evenings after 6, Saturdays. Sundays. 8-7 LAltGEV ligl.t furnished rooms. SADIE DAVEDSON, ;.2 Kosciusko st. K-i ' NICELY furnished room, with exclusive family, for bualneos gentleman; all improve- rruBjirci. , menu; phone 776-XV FOR RF.NT, on Hewes st, private ll-i second floor house. 2 alcove rooms, well fur nished; use of bath: references required. P., Bos 1, Eagle, 210 Broadway. 11" 111 TO LKT APARTMENTS Furnished 9Tbrooklyn ave. xir rooms, bath and kitchenette; heat, lint wabr, psrrpiet floor, electric light ; furnished In de tall; rent $35. Apply Mrs. HILL, on prrmlnes, FRANK H. TYLER, 1183 Fulton St. t 8-7 702 ST. MARK'S AVENUE. rtaelielor apartments, newly furnished mom, Isrge. small; also suite; telephone, electricity, shower: very delrable parlor tloor; suitable doctor or dentlst, I 14-5 "TlKiH-CI.AHS furpUbrd spartment. 4 rooms; all conveniences. HLHMAN.N, !il0 Oropsey avenue. ...... I J Hgle offles. smalt utiartment, three ri. H., Box 4, WA XTKI A PARTMKXTS Furnlglied KM ALL furnished, housekeeping flat or ntartment: : or 4 rooms and bath; nesr subway; state terms. A. P. F., Kagle Gates av , branch. 13-3 XV A NTK D 1 or 2 rooms, bath; furnished. T. 10. N., U02 Lincoln place. WAXTISO JIOLSKS. WA.M'KO, bv May 1st, small detached home, If iiosalblo wllh garage; will pay from H.200 lo fl.oOu rental tier rear: stnte full particulars. It. K. l: Hoi 12, Eagle offlce -7 WAXTKD PARTS OF HQCSES. WANTLD. upner pari private, Proteslant home; 4 or & rooms; heat, hot and cold water; rent $20-$0; quiet, refined; busii.ens cotipie. L. 1'.. Ilo tl. Eagle olH'-e. AVANTED COUNTRY ''nO!lKllZV WANT lease small farm between Mineok, Farmlngdale; send full jjarthrulara. DIC VlCAUf. 11.3 Macon St. HJ WANTED to rent a small farm, two acres tT more: 30 miles from New York, on lmg ls:and. u.uiu, uest i-ia st, ..uannaiia J WANTED at once, unfurnished small tnodersj house on North Shore. L. I., within easy con,, muting distance. Itvechhurtit or vicinity preferrei. Sei.d full particulars. F. box W, Katie Flalhtislt braucb. la il 14? Property To Let TO LET A PARTMKXTS. LIVE IN FLATBUSH. SKK IS FIH9T I'OR 1IOISES Al AI'ABTMLTS UW TIIH HIITTKR Kll. 4-.-.-0-T IIIIOU KM M AI'.AHTMEiNTS, ;. T T8. Kj IIOl SKS, I O IS200 PER M .llinill. T KJ ea iir-rcirri.Tr ati tit a T t-j in PS WESTvVOOD REALTY CO., a r'l.ATBl SH AV. THE JEFFERSON ARMS Cnrr.T I-'ranklln and .lefferson avs. HIGH-GRADE ELEVATOR H0USS G rooms and bath; rents $30, Superintendent, or GEO. A. BOWMAN lla West 4-d st, Manhattan. t ll-:t su w NEW APARTMENTS ROO F.nst 'ilt Kt. nt earner u( Dltmaisj Av, Flathusjli. LArtCiEST 3 4 & r. ItctO.M APARTMENTS IM HItOttKI.YN. Every room an exterior cue. Hall boy and telephone service. All improvements. 1 block from Ocean av and 1! blocks from Flatbush av ear line. Owner ou premises. Phone 7111 Flatbush. t 7-14t RECENTLY COMPLETED 274-,".10 ST. JOHN'S PLACE, BET. PLAZA ST. LNnF.Itllll.I, AV. A FEW CHOICE 45 HOOM SUITES AT MODERATE RENTALS. Conrenlf nt-to H car lines and aubways. Superintendent on premises. 134 -fr.i. t flO-10 (1 NEW HIGH-CLASS APARTMENTS 87th St. anil 4 Hi At. One block from Subway Station. 18 minutes to Chambers St. 4 & S rooms .fc bnth, iKItl) to $45. Everv modern Improvement, THOS. P FLANAIiAN. "hone Hay Ridge 1400 T aifacmarle & 25etocilcp Lzm& lit and 130 E. ltth st, near Beverley rd; 8 blocks from Brighton station ; 4 and 5 rooms; extra large; all Impts., Including day and night telephone Bervlce; new buildings; rents $40-$ 50. Appty on premises or GHKCAN & I,EV1E. V4i Kl.NOSlON AT. t 21-S0t NEW APTMTS LARGE ROOMS choicest nuron ATIOXS axd APPOINTMENTS. TEI.EPIIOXE AMI V ACTUM CLEAX-IG SEHVICE. t ft nnil 5 Rooms, $:t2 anil 848. 11TT President st. bet. Rogers and Nostrand Ats. Tvpv fiwtlp tjnlney st, near Marcy Av : light rooms and bath: elevator service; hall boys; steam and hot water; superintendent on premise. t 11-7 EDWARD LYONS, Kill XoKtrand Av. Near I'tiHon St. 185 PROSPECT PARK WEST. Second floor, It-room npnrtment, $,;$ t N.iMiiu lieat, hot vater; IIrnctly 0iios)lte Prospect Parki resident enretnker. f ftt-M t 1446 BEDFORD AV, Nr. Park PI. Kents, t' to $:'."); first-class, steam heated apartmenrs. Apply premises or t 11-7 LEONARD X, VAl'GHAtV, &09 Fulton st. 220 St. James Place, Near Fulton St. 7-room apt. ; modern ; extra light ; 3 flights ; south exposure. GOLDEN l.EALTlf CO., ou prein. ttiosot All Light, Six, Bath; Steam; Itefinrd liotise ; cood neighborhood; handy transportation ; decoruted ; low rent. l'KT'1'IT, 3;! Put uu m sr. 10-7 13-3 lfill FOSTER AV: high-class 3-room. kltch-enetie apartment: every convenience: all night service; one minute to New kirk L, station. Apartment 3K. "i S4CiaNTON AY; Fulton Court? 5 rooms and hath; all improvements; possession March 1. Apartment 3A. j 14-7 UItOOMS. bnth. steam bent, hot water, janitor; good locution ; rent $1!4. I'lione 84(. Prospect, 14-3t v th su 1043 liERfJEX ST: 8 rooms, ial!Kservant's qiiHrters; steam heot: hot water; rent $07. Inquire oAvncr, first floor. J 11-3 8T. JOHN'S PLACE. 3M mom apart-nients; all improvements.; rent moderate. Apply janitor. 4 tW TO LKT MOrSKS. 1168 57TH StREET. Cottage. H rooms and hath; all Improvements; one room enn be rented out for $10 per month; large grounds. GOxlQO; suitable for garage owner. 5-lti 7tli av; phono Hun-m-t y02."i. m Herkimer St., Near Nostrand Av. Two 3 story and basement brmvnstone houses, containing L'J rooms, 2 baths; fine location for boarding house. Will put both houses In good rondttlon. t 11-7 E l W AH l LYONS, 51 Nnnlrnnd At. TC) lease. 740 Putnam av. near Stuyvesant; lo rooms and bath; biownstone front, newly decorated; story and bnsement; ;i story rear: bfsvnts protected. REYNOLUd, Morgan and Mfserole St. $ BUICK house; 10 large rooms;-excellent condition; near car lines; good neighborhood; uplendld value; 54f. Apply on premises. 470 Waverly av, near Fulton st. 4J-M Pros. I 11-7 10-ROOM house; OO-foot lot: pnrquet floors; steam; electricity; elegnutly rppolnt-ed; West End subway; ivnt $G0. 2230 8!d st. . nf-ar 2:'d av station. 13-3t tu w su 1-FAMILY hroAvnstone, 2-story and basement: 10 rooms and bath; suitable for doctor. 640A Creene av. $ 10-7 TO LF.T FLATS. RENT $12: four good rooms. 1113 DeKalb av. near Kroadway. Apply Mrs. WILSON. Janitor, 1111 DeKalb nv. f H-7 TO LKT Ol TICKS. BEST BUSINESS SECTION ON BROADWAY! T.aTte and small olllees tn rent In The Bail. f!i.ts svenii. hr.ineU Imllilliur, !(!'." rjstes s. near Hroailway : all modern improvements ; suitable for architect, broker, dentist, bullosa ,cl-ool. Rents Reduced Since January 1. BROKERS PROTECTED.

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