Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 10, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1942
Page 4
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Eight T)AILY t NEWS, 1 , FRIDAY, APRlt 10, 1942 Battle On Rataan s Over 'Hontfrniwl rrtiin On«l hu» temporarily nullified to a oonHuiocftblq oxUwl the posvor of mobile (uHlllory, and morlur« on GorroKld'or to (Ixht bunk ntfaliiHl wo- ffiy f.OlMJIilH OM. Ulfi HOUllim-n |,||i Of tho ponlmm'ui, WulnwplKlU nivwilwl. Although tlupiiMOHu bultoi'lcM on find oa liiu HOKUI .shorn or Munllu buy pupoatodly xlmllud. Clot 1 -- ruKldoi 1 -awl Hit' olltnr "out 4 Ktwrf did nnl. rohini 'tbo: nf llio oMciiiy anlllliiry - In Ua'taah liw.aiiHi 1 llin nxurl position of our IrrmpM In Ilia I fiiva wan not known and If. WMH dcMlrod to avoid •• l.lio olmmw »i 1 Hutij'wllng tliom 'to 'our own llro," ' , was ralrhul .fronnonlly by luuivy .lapanoso bomb's, Mio (iumm(iul((ijn .said, Tl>i',<iotnmiinli|iio lirniiKlil out tbal, fint'i'c.ulduj- Tor Mm ' first limn wan lo a (U'oHJMlro of I'Jnomy'a.i'Ml.lijVy on Hatanii ;bliiVUo.d it from Mid' no'iilli. Batl/M-li;^ on tbu HouthoaHt nljoru of Mai'illajlwv oonllnubd to' p'oiiiirf f( 'fi'ofu'.lhal cli- ''. I'Y.oiii hosv,nn.llio.'lJUtiloKud. foi'trcsg probably will .'rcoolvo >lir-«vk\i'. Ing Hum any II lias y»l uxp Only'' two nil'iiH of Availoi 1 finpriwto' II from Hie. (Np 6r l.miann wliuro.l.fu! (M'HMIJ.V pi'OHuniah'ly will ooiwonlntli! ai-'.! innnlK'i'.s of mobile Umb In limls, ,t\l,. rosurjtfni; ol r loan! ball oi \vhk\h subcku IsK remait in, Amcrbjnn-liMnpIno lianrls, though . Tbu, ,pbjnnHn1jif!ap'; V .:niu(.io .; It -plain, h q \vtjVo j'V 1 Mi at l;!.ro'';fa'i).h fitf&o-.AN'ero s U11.! opposnd by\.lly;b'tiVl ; n^f(' l.orpc 1 ,-. .:lo boa ts'-'wh IcliMVrtyc • Ml,rikik)..numy ', i\ daniugliigi '|j|rj|\y,.," jil,/''.onpmy 1 -. navu. forces nli'oaUM in •tlifjv'i''-inontlia- old tlon oi LI. HtiHook, >Jsl Sgl Trycll 'han'.sccn^ sorvicr on' lho f -Mexldin- border \v i I h ConncollcntS own 102nd Jni and als9 scrvpd during Lho World war ' * . ••• ./rii Q o 111 br".'Soi-goa n Ls• a IT d <oor p dru 1 s 'hayp:.-.;i-Jiad^'-expcrJonac.;-. in ,' LJic -..,rcg- ulai': ;: soi''yjco of-;|,lic U. S. army qr navy; -manyi bnving Jieid ranks .'of ' '^^^^^^^^^^^^ — ... ., . ji Ion I,' 1 1 cioHuoyl I- • .. tl i an kcd ; tiic com- '-'rf 1'o' ' i ,1'o.t' ' t.bc icondclonoi . 'In him. WlV(3n;it;llrsL Jjccanu* •appiu'on I--' .tlia i' HnUutri v \vas doomed ! tlio I'.MvJfjIfliViVti.'.iiuii: au : Mi'orls!.«f.l Waln'j \vfighf,' l,o 'tViUuKwriaicVm- 'steps, lii • ' ' Although' tho. bfttt.lo of Hainan wuj, ended; (liqbaUiiJ of tho Philippine \VUH continuing—on Cor.rogidor, on il-jo'-'soa lunos off.- Gcbu, and in tho jungl-os and .-mountains..of.' rn'nny isl and.s ¥ whoro •'H'uorrijjas ,ar.c' ; still Llvu. : '- ' „ >.,.'•" .:>:'-v ; ' ; ..,-- - • ; (Jorrogldot'l,r iho vncwi.Vmnjor. neiv. Lor of roslstftnQO--ttf.JJi^)ancso''attompV to tfot- oonij)lotc;-'pp'ntrc|i; 1 ^'f ; --.Manllo- bay. - • MillLary , inen,; :apfch'6\ylodgcc that UnU undent. 'foiUwss' -.poslU'on was" crltloal.-. 1 . '•. i '-,!;^:•>'>•»•,..'" '• • '•will .'hiVvq^U'jCv'^pinO "ally In tlic otli'- or biiy; VqrlH 1 UiaL -il.rn.iui on, 13aiaan--< (.'XliausLlon and huhgor. V'^Ttio. litth : I n for matron /ayallablu hoi-e gave nc doi- -Khi'i'iabn- \Vb"uld : --h'olcly.but v ftgalnsi. -, v.Thq ,reasons for .vacancies Is be- oauko many of Uie men arc -svork- ing^in defense industries and can r noti.-glvO' vtlielr. - Mine l,o : -tlm- -State jimrds. .Others.- have voluntarily .-.!nllsLp{l.,in ; ,thc)' arnis of the'spi'vicc. :Tdf..' clatb 'no.'.' man' : has had 'to 1 ' be '.•.i.'iLftpH ; as ' they, i enllstecl .-.'of -'tli'eli 1 ;.uwn : : : acco'rcl.; / •• . ' , /VriiG. publlclLy., mari. .for 1 Com-pany ; : :'tJ('Is platoon v Sgt. Edwin 0. Br'us- ."liit. .who was ' n former '"resident i)f' ! IS'nugaluok ; and,; to sec a/reprc- jienta.l.lon from this town would b,c ••>!';avgreut, all. ••".. - .- ..• '/riiere; uro • rn any .-.-ratings- open nl ' ji'e/.present.'tlmp-'. 'who can '.•luaJlfyi//oi!'vlh'Gni,.' 1:1 ,lblii- up,- do .your, ..blt-!.%foil;-;..youi ; ''country's .defense. •''•Enlistments.'from 8:00 p.^rn. un: ,11:0:SO -p. m; .'.'.•:'••• ' v /i would be made within a week bu! odiitiohed newspapers not 4<T hold him to tbal time limit. <—(„***., 1 ^ Japs Seek Gojmmaiid'. Of the Indian Ocean (GonUnued ,fr'u'm ' Page One) . . . Kt-dn'r tlio tluniHQtrclSv o r t', .mounlalr arid Jimgiu l'aHl.neHHOH-!or,, the bun drcu'ls " ; oT. . Islands ,;iii V.LlVu", -PI) illpphi' 'arcblp.oltigo;. l''JI!ijljv0/.'ggo.iTilln.s wll •rna'ko .--•l/jio- Jajianosp'' "Vrcmcmbci 1 Do' '' sak Nation's Women May Be Asiked to Register . : '{Continued from .Page, One) ,oi:ganl7,cd .and-, uno.i'^anl'/ed. gum-rllli • warfai-q will -Ijo •'•'.iiMjn.n!.?!.- dull y ^die 1 "until-.-'the da-y of.-'liboi'at:J : Qn. n The full of Batm\n.' : wli! •i-iispiVc '.the' Filipinos, ;hp'Sald'i l.o, tqko. terrible rcprl sals upo'iKtho •invaders. ••••;• • Co. Enlisitmentg From •VPagc. Pour) 1 s .:.'••..• . • • . _. are • cxrini-Miiboi:s/;.QT.-;trjc;i;i > cgular U. S, Army^nwny; 'Imvjn^. served tlieh 'eountry • !'n pr.ovlp'u^ua'^hs. The lalusf, .drlllw ifsucivb.y;\the;;U; S. Army, at'.e •|irftQL'lo'caV-;ft ; nU^|i)'-» gti\c i even t of an, OincrKcngy.•"••you -oair'^erve your oomiviuiilLy; 1 '' dolrig-i-your-;blt.: ' Giti)|,!i!iv. Hl^niAy,'. ''.Ityify;' cicimpany (iomtmuulerV '.Iras. ,a,:reQ.6nl.-.of KCI-- 'day' .made this impractical, • 11" tlio plan for' the women goes through, a la tor,.'da to ' will .bc ; sct, ,he 'ch'lef. executive,.repeated, • -H o .d 6 til I h cd to "s a y w h a t >v o u 1 d, J> c dpnc with wo men';'so. -registered; .Commenting-- on. the" overali JDrob- Icirt or 'manpower mobilization .which 'has not yet, boon worked, out, : thc president' said he and officials ying proposals relative, to'' the fa c ed : . th o. p r,o b 1 c m of •Up;"tho, machinery to cari-y o'uj, the,;program .after 'the men 1 and w.omeh.^ha-ve ,beeii, registered' and the ; gpvern'me'ht-,knows • vvjiat tlicy n: India, 'but arc. essential o t. : a n" en cm y Ity In.' surface! -ships In . the . Far IJ!a'st : ..suomed. tb 'havo. given the enemy at .-lea'St' temporary control, of tlv ; Bay of vBengal ••/ .an'd: a 'marked advantage ' tlirwugliout' .the', eastern waters-of thot Indian ocean. The ivibs't fprmidivl)le cliallohgc to th is Japanese -strength, niay: be, provided by; allied air- strength,..especial iy Flying Fortr.osscs; s u r f i I op fp'j; o es ' a i s o. : to ' bre'tilv; the "threat, invasion'.''': ' • •• • -. ': ••'• Australia—Australian premier and ali 1 -. m J n is tor -W'.ar n 9)* yd i ff i.ouj t : I f • n o t decisive, tests' ah'ead; .Lieut. Gen. ;George'' 11.• Br.otdi?; USA, -jlcputy • su- •"preme <i; co'mmandcj'.', ' said allied a!jr ':;forca" ; ls ;< taking offensive', aiicl has "what' it lakes-" Japanese Jose' fight-, or-'-p.lnne in •another attack on .Port Moresby. • /:" • • -.' • ' '••I3ui i ma. ~ Disrupted ' coinili.unlca- tions cloud developments b'u't J'ront-s apparently •'unchanged; Japanese reported digging .in north of-Toiln- goo; American. air squadrons, apparently, reinforced', do.wn 10 or 12. enemy-planes,-, • '.. ,.- •-•,' ,india~Agrcement with British on independence,...expected.,; tomorrow, s'lju.i'.s Nationalist'Jpaders• to 1 call for hi us tpui ng -.i-'qf ••..''•] u di a's f u 1!. s trengtb to 'iro'k|i- u 'tp'.llVG.t,dca 1 tJi" against Jap- anese-Jiivasion, ' : . .-. M '^'... ''.''-.' • ••' Russia—-Busshins,'' -and • Germans throw new tank forces into increasingly . severe battles;' Soviet dispatches-say heavy.; German Josses, including;- v 4,^70. men killed In one sector, stopped enemy thrusts. .'.Llbi'ya'-^lVA'F ; hammers axis desert bases following clash-'in which enemy 'lost' BOhie of 2.0 'tanks on patrol ft />» Jt?rt& \S /'.,- '.'. . .".1 S..T-A t'C. I I H E'D ' V'8 t S If you're going to stay the limelight as a young man should we've some, thing in this covert suit $24-75 It-s in our Prep Shop—Second Floor—weVe spotlighted it be- caiiise if s tailored to hit a young man's spring suit fancy. Two pieces— wear sleeveless sweater, $2.95 — corduroy vest $3.95, or Tatters all checked vest $4.75 with it Casual Sports Jackets $9.75 to $15, and Slacks $5.00 to $9.00. Kent Fine Spring Shirtwear to size 15 collar, $1.25. • v -.There ,l,s''a question,' 'Mr. Hoose ve'lt said, wh" ether 4o set up a new .organisation-, or. 'create .a ccntral- •I'/iedvcbor.d'ihaUng' ijnit for government.;' agbrroi'cs'. already ..cri gaged. "i.> 'ihe use' of .;'man'po.\ver and woman' '' ipv [ nry los1 ' 9 -P!V° ol ^...W 1 . 11 ^ 8 on -pairoi; r- - bornbihg : ''of- ?i ,Mal(,a',66htii]ucs •.relent- l6sslyand Viciiy.liearfc Gcrman.para- so " > chii'tc .expert' is'--in Italy, prehaps to. lead air and sea invasion attempt. "Norway-—- Anti-a'-xi s •movement grows as.Nft'ais arrest"Bishop of Oslo ftiid'other oburch Ipadcrs. Tor' a I yq', ••.sb'i* v'Fnij,; f.or ii.i OH t ! jin r.t as l n n'",'fi ff 1.6^;. •"'.':, .'"' the a numbpi' -Il of : 7.o/'u;sVAvi Uy; trie Conn. N»'l,loii«l 'Guards'-and''''fiiinecl; much Neary -Building," Naug-atuck, Conn, .vTo'cltfiT- In'?;.' manpXvovH'-; : 'hQld . by ,11)0. Ci uarcls fi'nd-,.il:K'o./U>' S. : 'VArmy .In Pini.',' •("IiUup ancCmnrfy- ol.hor places. •- 2nd' Lt! Lloyd" a. ! .I.lui.locJc:has had ,15 yours sorvlcj)'.A'v,U.ll ;..l,hu','Natlon»l Guards, 1 serving as : sprg'nant' ; 'foi 1 - the '^roa.l.or. purl "o)|-\,.U'n\e, ...When •(iani'pnny • U (.V I . "Xvas" ''liifliVbted. into llin snrvlcc, hu was ; the I r' First sor- ', Kt.'ant. and . later. .WHS •• prompted to the rnnk ;ho now holds. ',-i At. present iHl,,'.S«:t).,;.Tr.-yoll holds. the rank, vacated .iiy •'tlio,"'proino- • 50c A WEEK . ;,'|As. /examples -of agonclcs' and pi'i- yale ', fnd us try ; al ready engaged /In ; till 6 UIHC of. .man and- womanpownr., th'e'. President' cited the government Mmpioymen I. service, tire Works Progress administration, the Labor division : , ol'.-, the ' Wai 1 Production board; 1 as well as private plants. We' 1 have l,he miichijiery .-now If sve'.- ; want : to'.'u'so. it; •'• lie..- said, bill, thcro IsV 1,1 ic question .of wh'othcr to set '::,ijiii> v ;''a.n other 'c'o in p 1 e'te. new agency,^ ' /.-.. ,.., .. , • ;, .-. . ' ' : Tbc!': President .•'said that . organ- ised • ':lU'bor.. .,a.s -. repj'n.sen.l;ed . in his. fJlO-AFrj la'l)oi'. rcabi nel/ 1 . wan ts tho mobilization set up .-Nyll-hln the \A\- bor- 'dcparl.m'f.mtvand .Unit'. ho has no plans for- a'iiy: new 'super-labor bod-yV '• ''./:•••' .• .•.-...". . '. • The President said a .decision on CLAIMS MOliEHATOIK AfilC 'TITLE • Atkinson, N. H. (UP—ISJg'bty-sov- en-ycar-old ...Joh'n jlf. Smith' .Is t'hls tiwn.'s. candldiUc -t'oi'; the; nation's oldesl;',.. town •nro.doratbr. 1 Smith, wbo hns hour tlic ptrst.foi\ liie past nlnn . years, also is a•'veteran justice of| the 'peace, having 1 received recently his. 50tb annual appoinlmcnt. OBITUARY l|>WH:is. Jl es i dents.,: of. T. Sullivan 'Nauyatuck' '' we r 6 grieved', today -when they.'-learned of the 'death •ye.storday, of '-Fi'ancis T.' Sullivan, '3.1,,-.n.t, 'St. Mary's! hos- p i l;n 1 ; i n Wn'tcrjj'ii ry' -f o 11 owing n n illness''o'f. a mbiHli. /Un.tiJ,. h'is 111- noss Mr, ; Sullivan .was omployed for ma'iipowor inobilixal/ion prohably sovpn, year's as a -cl'crli. In th e Ful- LOVERS SPRING OFFENISIVE BEGINS •;' -, :.'.-• AT '; ,--\ / V ; K&D JEWELERS 2 DIAMOND B,»H»oui. i|I« m S* a ton Market at 40'South Main street, .Naugatuck, and made many friends •during his employment here. He was- a communicant of the Imm acu la te Coricep tl o n ch u rch o f Wa- torbury and was a member of the Holy Name society of the church.: Surviving arc his mother, 'Mrs. •Agnes Sullivan, widow of Timoth>; Sullivan; one' sister, Mrs. Thomas Sheehan, and several' nieces and nephews,' The'-funeral .will, be- 'held Monday morning at 8:80 o'clock from the Bcrgin funeral home, 21K) East Main street, Waterbury, -to the Immaculate" Conception cliurch where a solemn high Mass will be celebrated at 9 o'clock. .Interment will be in. Calvary'cemetery, Waterbury. Friends may call al, the funeral home Saturday and Sunday afternoons aiul v evcnings.-' L , . , ' i Funeral;,of Edward ,'R.- Kenncy Miss Frances rendered the ''Funeral the processional, "Panis at the offertory and rows 1 ' at the recessional Bearers were: Edward'-. nard Garrjck, .lohn Scally a , Joseph and JSdward Kciincv Burial was in SI, James' " with Rev. Father Tnylor'conS] the committal service. ' -*-•"»—, SEEKS RE\OMI.VATIO.\1 Manchester, N. n., April JM U. S. .Rep, Arthur H. ,] Cn ij S IT said today ho rliaale for ronominntlon froini First district in the September maries. lie is com pic I ing term. Tho funeral o^lidward B.. Who died Tuesday, was-held this morning "at S'iSO o'clock from 'the .McCarthy funeral home, 21 Cedar street, to St. Francis', church, where' a Mass was celebrated at 9 o'clock by Rev. A'lb'drl Taylor. ,: LKGAL NOTI'CE ^ '. '--y; v« ><s^L I have been given--the rate-book for a 13 1-2 mSll lax on Grand List of Octo'be.r 1, 19/il; Tills tax is due March 15, 49' I'f not paid ' on or before April 15, 1942, interest . \vlll be charged at G-10 of 1 per cent per month until pnid. I shall be in ; .tlie Town Mall fj'oni 7 to 8, p.m. on the following dates March-20, 27; April 3, JO and 15. Signed: . RALPH W. TUCKER, . Tax Collector Beacon Falls, Conn. Chrysler and Piymoui G.M.C, Trucks •v?; $87.50 WccH'y for Untxpecttd On«id All-Nlght Blackonti LUXURIOUS BED-HI SOFA-BEDS "Hlot" J* tho best word \vo o^n think of for thin price nlaalil Thai's whnt it will be when wo «oll out coinfilol-olyl A romurknblo offor of douhlf duty comfort, A gm-guotiH «ofa by d«y--« flno innci-Hpring 'Md.iit'nlfht, nontly coru-onlud, All-over covored with t\ri attraotiyo' AIM) '(iurpnio docorntor fftbi'lo, Mukos tsvo roonw In ono , , , «.no- cw»*Jfcy with Diflkprciiunt flliortngti of 8p«c» und liouHirif;! .- , 3-4191 for * Courtciy COM P you — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot ..on Woodbine, Street, . Suitable for Small . Manufacturing Business Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 |: J, C. Raytkwidfl |,- • -Jr. ; Tires - Accessories Repairing 10G SOUTJI MAliV ST. Telephone /iOOG fflBIIWIIIWIWIHIIWIMIIinililill Order Ono, of Our Uclicloutj COirriSB CAKKS roi» Sunday's Urenkfasl. I;1IH of all kinds. Free dcMver.v, Kuhn's City Baker MAPLE ST. TEL, of your income eachw or month-for your bigi penses; Rent, inter taxes, fuel, life insm vacation, etc, Add ti up for a year and din by 12 or 52. Naugatuck Savings Ban] The Old-Time ( 'l \n- will m»mt /ur you «nd lr«tn (Mir or tow if yoti'rc . »m»» u ^ ,.;».»»«««•• ^'Xft on' oiuV-. * s ^o X v W ctrtlV $100.UU VISIT QUR : J2ND FLOOR GIFT SHOP 110-112 SOUTH FERTILIZER TIME .-•— Fresh Stock Now On Hand — Ammonium Sulphate (21% Nitrogen) Sheep Ma,nure (Weed Free) Bone Meal ~i Best Quality 5 - 8-7—Best for Most Vegetables Liberty Lawn Special — (4 - 4) Vigoro — 2Q°/o Superphosphate Nitrate of Soda ! (16% Nitrogen) Driconure — (Peat Moss and Cow Manure) Peat Moss — Bales and Bags (Imported) Grass Seed — 40c Ib, up Bordeaux Mixture — Black Leaf Forty Arsenate of Lead ^ Hydrated Lime and Lime Stone ^VJM ^K ^ ..'-•" > 7 .-' ' • •' Tne^^N^^ Co. ST'.Church .Strefeti^^^:-: i --^ v ^ • Tel FORD — MERCURY ^. LINCOLN ,* ,' - v, ^*i..i. «A 'f v

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