The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 10, 1912 · Page 14
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 14

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1912
Page 14
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1912, ROLL OF HONOR OF BROOKLYN BOYS AND GIRLS Thousands of Brooklyn's Brightest and Best Pupils on Third Monthly Honor Roll Principals Bear Testimony to Excellent Result of the Publication of the Names of the Pupils. Jewish Holidays Cut Down Lists from Some Schools Principal Piatt Makes Timely Suggestion, Which Is Herewith Accepted, as Rule in Future. TTl Jl.t.4 ...11 1. ..4 T1. I l.4.-t.l l -...I l.f.r.1 r.nkllH I I school pupils is herewith presented. All grades, from the very little folk id the kiuderKarlen to the young people in the graduating class, are represented, Including those in special classes, whether "pro- gri'sMws" or tho.e who are backward. The thousands of names given below are those of the hoys and pirls who are going to do well when they go out Into the world, as they are doing well today. They are ambitious to stand at the top; they are not likely to be satisfied with anything lower. Mr. Maxwell has often advised principals to inculcate habit formation. These pupils are forming habits which will stick to them throughout life. The standard of excellence which bus been set to obtain place on the roll i of honor is high It is one of "superior merit." The pupil who reaches it must either work bard or be endowed with rare ability. lie must have A In effort. B plus or better in proficiency, A in conduct, and have a perfect record in at tendance, which means always present and never late. Some principals have raised this standard and decline to report anyone who lias not a perfect mark In everything effort, proficiency, conduct, attendance. It will tie observed that some go even further, and select only one from each class the best pupil in all respects. There were two Jewish holidays during April, and some of the principals counted absences against the pupils of Jewish birth ; others did not. Hereafter, the suggestion of Mr. Piatt of No. :ti! will be the rule. "It would not be unfair, I think, to leave out religions holidays in counting attendance," he says. And The Eagle agrees wlih him in this opinion. Several principals wrote also to the effect that the honor rolls from their schools were cut down In consequence of those holidays. Miss Kathleen M. Cullen, principal of No. fill, says: "Your contest has created u great deal of interest and competition among the children. We cut out the names of the honor boys and girls as soon as they appear in your paper.'' As a result of this contest Miss Cullen reports that the following classes have made UK) per cent, in punctuality since the beginning of the term: fiBH (IUM1, (IP,M2, W.M3. Ai:i. UAH2. (iAMl 0AM3, JiHBl, 5BBl 5A.M1. This is an achievement with which The Eagle Is greatly pleased. Mrs. Frances A. Weiss, principal of No. 32, writes: "I desire to thank yon again for the encouragement you are giving these children by publishing tliese lists. They look forward to tie same with the greatest of pleasure each month." PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 10. OIumi, Mlilrfd SchrocrtT, Eiina Van Sickle, Freda Tnuner, PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 1. B Lucy Ferraro. Gusste Greenberg. Sylvia Va lent) , Rose Woll is. 5A Hyman Augenstefn. Archibald Conner. William Wertheini, Ruth Feueratetn, Lillian Lindherg. 1-aura Walton, Minnie Fischoft, Christina Beeth. fiD-Paul Di Martini. oB Fann fiuum, Rose Deleo, Helen Johnson, Ioreita Lefferty, Bessie Lyons. nA Dominic Peccl, John Ferrari, Sadie Mlklowitz, Julia LIppman. 4B Gertrude Baumhush, France Tobln. Lillle Feuerstein, Lillian Stoneherg, Esther Walters, Tawrence Wolff, Joseph MlJIer, Henry Gibson, Fred Peal, Henry Johnson. 4 A Bartholomew Dutto, Jennie Cook, Anita Debenhain, Gussie Mlklowitz, Catherine Popp, Bertha LInz. 3 R David Feuerateln. "Ruth Patton. 2B1-Zena Baum Mildred Windhorst, Hll-mer Lund hers;, William Wfrshlp. IB! Harold Gallagher. Charles Grastatara, Evelyn '"W ley, Anionlnia Ma let t a. Lena '-collela. Florence Jackson, Fannie Braunsteln, Margaret Met "arty. Marlon Hlnch. 1 B2 Margaret Walton. Carrie Pchultar, Mtn- !e Estrin. Frances LIppman, Abraham Sa-lowitz. Tessie Maletta. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 2. tB Tarl Nyquist. Lewis Ginsberg, David K.kovitz. Thomas New house, Thomas Sehulz, Richard Rodier, Earle Israel, Arthur Hansen, Andrew Frey, John (Jerri ty. KHG Elizabeth cojveil, Mabel Jarobsen, Hf'!-n Kane, Emily Mount, Mary SullU-an, Jrnnie Johnson. KAR Leon Bartels. August Choisez. Robert teraghfy, Rlrhard Johnson. 8 A i El Jen ore A nd erson , .ft'sephlne Dresing. Magda Katz, Cora Meier, Ruth Wise. 7BB Theodore Arnold, Albert Bredn, Benjamin Greenblat, Leon Jaffe, Charles Mchldau, Oliver Sorenson. 7BG Adrlenna Renyovits, Lillian Cornell, Helen Henry. Lillle JalTe. Camilla Madsen, Ruth Murphy, Charlotte Pfeil, Emil Schnitz-ler. 7A.R Edwin Harris. 'AG Adelaide Berry, Cordelia Fried. Ruth Levin, Hilda Stromberg. Bertha Steininger. 4RR-Herman Cohen, Fred Dannemier, Robert Kaplan. fiBGEtlna Brennan. Ruth Clark, Hazel "Dayton, Alice Jarobsen, Gertrude Lambert. Caroline Olsen. Mildred Rogers. Edith, ho-grfn. Pauline Silherman. Julia Weiss. flAB-Cllfford pp Rgo, Arthur Hansen, Trygve Hansen, George Kenned v. Henry Meier Alfred Slllltan. William Walsh, Vance Ren-dell. AG Sadie Bookbinder, Beatrice Dauer, Marie Foley, Aimee Forney. Frances Garcia, Elizabeth Hansen, Mabel Hansen, Constance Lande. Mary Linari. Mildred T.r.L- jr-anetie xiey, .Jaivt Steiien, Mary Thornton. IS BB Henry Anderson, Wlsn ess. 5 BG viola Renyovits. Emma Davenport, William Charles Wagner, Martha Berry, Jacobsen, Eva Rose Kffolca, Lillian Prince, Lillian Rich ard son.. A5 John Albert, Max Ralllff, Emil Ball, J. anfleld Cole, Mathias Cosieiio, Abe Dunn, rranti ingfannf, Samuel KeMman, Jeremiah w-'n t.euon ivantoHitz. Alfred Marshall, .in i upe, i rarence i'ope. am aud Grimm. Selnm Kraus, Ethel norenro nnhney, ciemenia Miller. Annie ungante, William Denham, Lucy 3BM Josephine Anderson, Erlna Hildebrande, ;0u( Mangle re. Vivian -Mrpherson, Frnnres ?v w ' Jian'y ' lkniHn. Marion Soper, Mary SUB Augustus Hallard. Michael Ralllff. Stanley Brown, Frank Carrion. Samuel Hal- pnn, Lawrence Jaroch, Harry Lawton. John i.uonga, i.eltoy .Nixon, Samuel Pearl, Jacob ' i ma m boper, Raymond I'ayne, George "Wlndbush. AM Ioretta Dalton, Kate Margolls. MB Albert Denari, Albert Dunn, Hall, James Martin. Arthur Mitchell, v iooie, jamew Kazzani. Arthur Harry White, Sumner White. 8 K. Special John Galeno, Leonard Gunning, larence La Porte, Attilio Maggi, Colomba i- LwaiiKxaio, twenn itajeno. 2 BM Sadie Abramovltz, Thelma Cann, Allre Glassey. Louisa Helfst, Anna Ivlernan, Amelia Luonga. 2KB Bernard O'Neill, Archibald Peace, Gio vanni wna Henry Perry. Ari Harold Campbell, Peter DlglHo, Harry inwi ui. r.uwarn a. .VAyer, Jsnor ZftSlofT. 2G Curiwla Alio. Rosina D'Ombra. Kath erlne Goldsmith. Lortta Mulligan. 2EM John Gray, George Furey, Iolores Carrion. ( IBM-Andrew Denari. Victor Ferrari. Joseph iito, Mario Di Gianni. AamesB D'Dmxtn. PMn BBVlncent Atanasto, William Heints, Tyeonard Kehrman, Harry Laird, Charles Mo-Cullough, Peter Martin, Thomas- Pari si, David Osterman. 1BG Gertmde Prnddellus, Dorothy Hume, Dora Osterman. Ruth Ryan, Rosalind Jaco-bius. Miriam Lleberman. 1AB Antonio Conipitello, Francesca De T,uea, Theodore Pope, Lawrence Pinto, Oda Pugh, r rancesra guarto, Walter Wepprecht, Sylve lAfr Katie Greenberg, Hazel Travis, Gladys """' nme nan, Agnes ltneger, Mildred Walter, Frances Royaler. Fen shaw, Margaret Alfred Fachs, Rolf Florence Fanning. Lillian Ohman, Lillian 1'eter- Frank Helen Mary Johnsun son. "'A R Henry Mehldau, Albert S wen ton Gllmartin. Alfred Relllngham. r-AJ Elsie Butler. Dinah Charney, 4RH Lief Xilsen. Rowland Jacohs. 4BM-Wlllfam x, Angelina Callahan, R0a Knudsen. Marie Marklc, IRGOlga Behrends. Catherine Doppman. ilia .MMiii.iuii, rtiuiet niiiigren. 4AH-rflllaH Calkins, Eric Thren, Edward Weisberprer, 4AG Blanche EckJund, Ethel Fryer elda Blix. 3BG Marlon Hansen, Flsie Pearson, Millie P.ussn, Victoria Shohfi, Lillian Siuwrt, Thekla I oga . SAG Charlotte Willis, Gertrude Thelss, EvJIth Anderson. JRR Edwin Carlson. Raymond Plairht. ZHM hd ward Shan ley, Edward X Veronica Reardon, Tnensa Molen, Ruth son. 2RG Dorothy Dirk, Margaret Lawsnn r,arson. Irene nisen. Grace Smedley, iRriiiMu. ,iiin(iH U'irin, 2 A B John Davidson, Bernhardt Ahlers. SAG Solveig Anderson, Hrlpp Bross, Dorothy Darling. Anna McGlnley. Ruth Schwartz. 1 BR Nathan Ginsberg, Frank Palisl, Arthur Young. IBM-Harold Bennett, Harry Johnson, May Allnstein. ' I' Dorothy Dansrler. T-lllfan Most, toria A rends, Florence Htlberg. 1AB-Jamj Taylor. lAM-Lilllan Carr, Marit Anderson, Hansen, Tittie Dudley, Ro- Marjorle Max otlne, Nil- Elsie Oiga Vic- Helen PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 5. BG Theresa 'Brooks, Anna Colgan, Kate Cottier, Edna Donau'. Gertrude Gibson. Rachel MitersiWn, Minted Petersen, Theresa SJcoIone, Mary W-dils. RAM Rir-jmrd Dughle, Isidore Schwartz, Ta vid Winter. SAG A 1 vina Iaffertv. 7BM Arthur Ha mil, Stephen Gnle. Jesse Mullany, .Mh"laH Mezler. Nettle lmperiale, Anna Aharon, lsabeiie Junansen 7MG--Elsie Hurling, Helm Jackson, Gor-trudf- iehieh"!. Etliei Tunney. RIB Reginald Adams, Emlle D'AmaiO, Robert Haig, Frank Harrison. T A JJ1 Ijouis Ceville, Henry Hilse, David Wallach. 7 A K2 Sal vat nie Barbera, Harry Iechner, Anthony Pfleirer. 7 AG Josephine Eckstein T"ssie Singer. 7AM John Shea. George siderl". Dora Srhifrman. d BB2 George Fernis. fiB(J Sarah Rarnett. Gladys Ren.tamln, Helen Kiei nan. Ruth Kaufman. Marie Plgna-tar. Minnie Romer, Anna WelwonJ. flAB William Rarwick. George Phlpany, I.e., Ruhins'-n, Joseph Welsh. RABVlncent Gugllelmo. BAG Loretta Brady. Anna Costello, Angelina La Ddee. Ruth Morey. flAM Joseph Citrongola. Dora Barheskv. Theresa Ferrari, Katharine Helfst, Urai-e King. oRRl An ton In Fis'-he'tl, J seph, Leo Hannan Ernest Sreh'in, Wiilinn V.'alfertz. fMR2 Arthur Rnirh er. niin: "itale. Margaret Knott Lleblng. Susie De Rndf -rd. th- M id-' F- V'tire efe. ' Mep Ansreiinw Margaret Gertrude Brawn. John Haig, Ernest pBG MHnraret Biilm efme Bigiiei, Ali'-e cr pletello. f rplnl Mar- Havilrtnd. Beitt. Ethel R'lhinsrr Tral' hf'ii. Tussle 'JU, ARM Frank Jagr'Wk RABI E-luard B' lan. Lik Jidaii". 1 IL' J l ines Doyle, riM Joseph Antoineiij John caspano. Kath. rine Anderson. Ka'herine Brooks, Mane Lu-cmiamo, F-irtunatn Rusd, Anna Tunney. Julia Th'THf-. Adeie Saunders, r.AGi Ir' ne l ng. " G .-(Hiiif-lin,! Dankza. Sarah Workman, Frtf if- M-'srovitz. J-ivtephine Spirciat tl. 4HB2--.Ifi.eph Garbarina. Frank Luonga. Fal-vs i '.t Patinont, 4BG1 Augusta Ford, Pauline Rlzz.l t(. 4BGL'-Kdith Rpdffdlo, Jennie '('ardaldo, Marie Chiusano, Lose ConrilJo, Ang'line Do Vito, Ethel Pollard. iBM Ma L'arun lo, Franccaca Cai'aiKmjilro, PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 8. SB James Rodaers. Lee William. Greenberg, Carrie Donelly. Lorraine Elizabeth Hartley, Florence Nelson. SA Thomas Gaskin, Alberta Muntzer, berta Wisdom. i B Irving Rover. Charles Devlin, Boxill, Agnes Macneilage. 7A Loreita Mullin, Otis Wright 6B Frank Drlscoll, Florence Brown, Marion Chapman, Mary DeNuptiis, Frances Yoltnier, Carrie Welller, Mary Grinder, Mindelle Grinder, p:dith Ford, A Norma Mitchell, Ulysses Garcia, Fred Thorworth. 6B Iuis Stolz, Anna Colleary, Lucy Marino, Gladys Smith. BA1 Lillian Nolan, Ermenta Mezzef. Viola Curtis, Anr.a McMahon. John Crawford, Sam Matassa, Bessie Grosner. 6A2 Edward Corbett, Sylvestar Dalton, Mildred Juceam. 4B1 Lewis Brooks, James Lynch, Margaret Lynch, Frances Jensen. Theresa Rende. lone Schler, Rmily Sohlitchting, Isabelle Swanson. 4U2 Dora Press. Anneta VnttrL Anaelina Toscano, Columbia Tosv. 4A1 Joe Drlscoll, John Groh. 4A2 Dorothy Cooke. SB Ruth Anderson, Julia Cascone, Lizzie Slgnorettl. a A Angelina Affisco, Sophie Stags1. 2Bi Lulu LeGree. Bessie Pedano. Elizabeth Kerker, Mary Thornhlll, Jacob Berman. 2 BS Edgar Crawford. Tessie Farsettl, Helen Workman, Phllomena Mezzer. 2A1 Elizabeth Brambrilla. William Costlgan, Alice Hartley. Gilberte Maroott. 2 A? Matthew Doran, Marion. McDermott, Martha Nelson. i 1R1 Francis Grinder. Victiria Mitchell, i Julia Toscano, Isabel Vlages, Willis. 1B2 iJiwrence Cuccia, Richard de Chateu-neuf, James Florl. Raphael Razilla, Walter I Voltmer, Alfred Wilson. WTiitnev Wllmot, 1 Michael Giglio. Julia pnran. Angelina Greceo. 'lnrenza Rizzio, Elizabeth Sellers, Elsie Lewis. 1A1 Michael Bunting. MK-haM Cervisonl. .Taek Devlin. Bertram Spellons, Herbert Phll- Ipson, Lena Ingraffla. Papline Kover. 1 A 2 Sarah Rocs, Ida Murtacchio, Domlnga Ruiz, Gertrude SHberman. c Adeline Poya, Carmella N'azarro. Louis Provenzano, John Mauro, tialvator Gutierrez. . DEugens Carroll. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 9. HRl George Courtney, Julius French. James Fnigone, illiam Irvine, Mtrhael Pietaro. SBC Ruth Berk. Edna Jjirson, Teresa Sle-brecht. Wllma Westlin. Tleien Burton. Flor- ence Cedrwall. Frances Thomas. hiiil Alfred Ewert. Daniel Zimmerman, Helen Lenahan. Alva Anderson. ' MAI leonard Halstead. James Curtin Neilis, Henry 'MicKman, r.ari Keegan, Mahlstedt. Fred stockham. r A; Gladys Raker, Ruth Folkart, Johnson. Irene Krapt, . Evelyn Lamport, Ohltn, Grace IMerson. Grace Thoniawn Watson, Bertha Mendeison RAH Lillian Frlrdman. Margaret T.andl. RW-Francls Essex, Narclso Roselle, Esther Post. 7Bt John H. Bullwlnkel. Francis Butehorn, John Crane, William Holden, Arnold Hutchinson. John Nichols, Samuel ScHwartz, Denbigh Vail. John Wachter. ; HC Elsl Suter. Pauline Matter, Eleano? Hall. Mabel Ackerman. 'onstance Cedarholm, Sarah 'astle. Lorna Rogers. Ruth Russell, Frances Helmberg, Edna Turn Suden, Stella Smhh. Loretta Madden. 7-R3 Annie Porter, Marie Krancher. Helen Johnson, Elsie Arnold, Harold Thrasher. 7R4 Jacob Teltidman, Hannah Rosen. 7A1 Arthur Adimm, 'Max Ruger, Henry Coors. Walter Durhln, Ira Pennock, Joseph Retalack. TA'J Claire Fitzsimmons. Mildred Greenwald. Ruth Hayford. Ruth Killern, Olga Webster, Florence 7-lngerman. 7 Asstgne Alquist, Helen Bone, Iillas Bar- lAM-Walter Iee. Marion Dorothv nlf BG Jennie Maresca, Myrtle Sowaal, Esther Letfsen, Cella Darby, Thelma Clarke, G'r-trude Dermody, panels Nugent, Margaret Muruhy, Bertha I-auber. 3 BU Harold Anderson, Famuel Purg, Rt-nard Feinberg, Richard Hlggs, Walter Joyce, William Kelly. Arthur Lockwood. James Maxwell, Fred Mollenshott, John Nugent, William Rohrburg. 2AM Bjarna Lei f sen. 2BG Herbert Alien. James Darby, James Gallagher, Max Gordon, Robert Joyce, Frederick Shannon, Emrna Blelltz, Alvin Nuss-baum. 3AM Dolores Galll, Louise Hohfnsee, Julia Spuck, Harriet Toner. Austin Clark, Robert Jureile, George Maxwell. William Schmidt, John Wolf, Albert Oettner, 3 BB George Korrn.Hn, Walter Peterson, Renjamin Raulch, Henry Chaltowltz, Henry Gibson. 3RG-Bessle Cohn, Oladya Snyders, Ruth Shaefer. 4AH IjOuIs Rohrberg, 4 AO Gertrude Kraft, Madeline Hlggs. 4BM-Robert Berger, George Hartop, Daniel Hanley. 4BG Mails Balette, Catherine Joyce, Julia Sundmacher. 6AM Nathan Blankfeld. Eddie Griffin, Thomas Magnire. 6A2 Frank Llpinskl, Theodore Mason, George Van Zandt. fAS fo Kennedy. Henry Stmsz, FrttB Krlckfcon, Antonio Gredder, Edmund Swlnar- 5R1 Stanley Kowalsky, Henry Schnltzler, Samuel Rubin, Hagel Olsen, Harry Blind. SHa Werner Guru her, Henry Olson, Albert Schmidt, Robert Suewer, Hownrd Zolzer. 6AL William Bohn, George Jihannesen, George Ligertwood, Harry Pollen, 6AU George Etter. Julius Kohansky. 6A8 Alfred Eln.quist, William Hennessey, Edward Stuhr, Rowland Troy, George Yutko-wltz, John Kelly. HI -Jacob I'ledman. Harry Quell. B2 Christian Eberhart, William Lustlg, George Miller. Samuel I-avIn, Elmer Nllson. 6B3 Sidnev Raaoh. Frederick Kuler, Frank . Fuclllo, Philip Wolfson, John Wick. 7A1 Walter Finn. Fritz Pierson, John Rob erts, Russell Steinberg, 72A Kingidey Smith, Charles Kelly, Alfred Craig, Samuel Peyser, Luther Summer, August Kllppert. 7A3 Carl Carlson, Richard Joyce, George Nixon. Frank Rieder, George Shilling, John Templeton, John Thlele. 7 Bl Edward Anderaun, Oscar Lineroth, Edward Slbbert. 7BL' Henry Argent. Willlnrn Alfonsln, Irving Fieck, Lewis Cook, William Lieneck. 7B3 Hugh Donnellev. Archie Havell, Randall Nilson. William Isn. RA1 William Ficken. Sydney Goldstein, Henry Immig. Bruce Manson, i..jwelien Ross, Eugene Stokes. SA2 Krlrk Bergman. Eugene Carney, Will-Iain Fischer, Herbert Gnlder, Raymond Hlg-gins, Lester McNulty, Morton Solomon, Edward Woodward. 8A3 (Ttarles Ohenauer. RRlSolomon Cohen. Edwin Donnelley, Henry Hansen. Sydney Hnyman. Edward Pollen, Wilbur Selig. Oscar Wahlstrom. 8B2 Otto Harzendorf. Fred Helnea. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 11. SB George Calhoun, John Feper, Mildred Bamberger. RA Douglas Marsland, Gray Whltham, Mildred Singleton, Lennle Corneilson, Lillian Dun-nelty, Gladys Millet t. Helen Moeller, 7B William Rocker, Donald Turn bull, Edith Cumstock, Lillian Conard, Lillian Fehring, licglna Murray. Ethel Northrldge, Martha O'Dunnell. Victoria Sawver. Edna TietJen. 7 A Edith Cook, lrma Kelly, Sophie Ma-leckl, Elizabeth Sweeney. Florence Walter, W elyn Westerberg. BB William Mahnken. Alcah Wiltsey. Solomon Wertheimer, Elizabeth Good. Mildred Grinnage, Dorothy Jlecht. Florence Marken-dorg. A Hoyt Moss, Benjamin Nadel, William Rolerlson, Reginald Thomas, Frank Stlne, Walter Calhoun, Nelson Hillock Louis Israel, Lewis iJigergren, Walter Marlborough, Ruth Dccy, Ucrirude Moans OB Harry Blackburne, Thomas Gibbons, Gladys Banning, Lucy Eady, Christina blmp SEE TUESDAY'S EAGLE Many Honor Rolls have had to be omitted from the list published today, owing to lack of space as well as delay in their arrival. All those left over will be printed in next Tuesday's edition. 6B3 Rose Doockler, Grace Weiss, Anna Clark. Pauline Jacklitz. Olma Gunn, Marlon White, Ferris Smart, Joseph Herhby. 7A3 Rebecca Aronstam, Phyliss Crawford, Marlon Oroehl, Florence Kadin. Margaret Mc-Goldrlck. ?B2 Lillian Kach, May Geehan, Ida Brisk-man, Rose Blerman, liertha Franklin, Max Jacobowitz, Harry Jacobs. Harry Welsberg, Dorothy Wetze. 8B2 Rose Blrnbaum. Lillian Hunoff, Edna Perlman, Mollie Blerman, John Mjlnney. Mary Jackerson. Emerson White. Anna ast, Miriam Rlckarda, PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 18. SB Henry Relfschneider. Robert Thorn. 8 A Jesse Laearus, Frieda Epstein. Lena Goldstein, Annie Horowitz, Mamie Kravlts, Rose Hlute, Agne Schroter. iB Irving Baas. Harry Knopf. Fred Muniz-ner, John Hupp. Iouls Schatz. Joseph Tatnar-kln, Pauline Druck, Emma Jonigkeit, Nettie Ungar, Bertha Schwartz, Sadie Buaky, Rebecca Jellin, Isabella Hose. 7A Kate Chester. Rachel OolJJe, Eva Gold-farb. Sadie Oleska. 6B Benlamln Edelsteln. Jacob Jajvtbs. Morris Slegel, Isidore Wallerstein. Marjorle Cone, Elsie Feiblcke, Irene Fnote, Dora (feldberg. Carrie Jacoby, Rachel Jacff, Fannfe Kravlix, May Patterson, Lottie Wiener, Sadie. .Wiener, Rose White. BA Charles Bauer, Isidore Zoliman, Harry Katz. Sarah Brotkin. Jessie Falk. Frieda Fle-'k Bertha Glaubman, Ethel K arc her. Marie Lin demann. Rtse Llpsehirz, Lillian Mack, Augusta Meyer, FYleda Xaver.-shafskv. Agns Velth. Kali Albert Schroter, Harry Wolfenhaub, Kate Plncus. f.A Frank Past, Samuel Brlmberg, Isador Cantor, Isaac Klimovltz, Waiter Fmte, Joseph Frank. Mortimer -gel Harold Roesch, Jennie Beckman, Jennie Herold. Sarah Jacobson, Lena v ni le. 4B-Leon Miller, William Siebert. Sadie Dogo-lewsky, Esther Hartman, Helen Habekost, Annie Newman, Margaret Seuling, Pauline Slutsky, Annie Wiener. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 22. fiA Charles Bertsch. Anthony Drlscoll. David Greenfield. Albert Isermann. Edwin Lockwood, El ma RWncke. B Saul Sehreiher. Sadie Rrener, Eleanor Dlgnan, Lfllle Dukenwn, Anna Lewis. ftA Stephen Fodllnsky. Han-v Van Allen, Stanislaus Weatfal. Delia Brewer. Agnea CsJbv Marlon Engel, Dorothv Ma Ire. Olga Moko-wltz, Christina Schweiker, Ebba Valentine B Mary McCarthy, Mary Mullen. Mathilda Muller, Hilda Rink. 4A Stanislaus Smulskl, Anthony Zelenak, Allee Kversnn. Anna Iritis, Dointhy Orrell. .B Blanche Eisner, Amelia Opper. Ruth Bo-retz, Adele Asslander. Hazel McLaughlin, Ruth Sehreiher. Margaret Rreen. 3 A Lilv Bol-kon fiaroh CAhnAl.. nui. Conlon. Gussle Hempel. peter Walla PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 24. (IA M Margaret Brody. Anna Schulze. Sarah PopBlowsky, Hyman Marks. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 30. Frank Henry Sigrld Edna Alice fett . Esther Rwentzel. Kurt Zulch. 7 A 4 Florence Tyherg. 7 AS George Hitchcock, George Templeton, Edward 'IVrrihile. i;Bl-Hh-rt Gorion. R-y Beers, Robert Plrro, Myron MacLeod. Robert Brown, James Steven-sn'n. Emanuel '..ihen. CB': Gladys Barg. Irene Benson, Marie Mohr. maun. Lillian Stephens. TR:i G-eorge B. Dermody. Alexander Cnrhran, Frank Carroll. Joseph McGorty, Gilbert Foster, Gladvs Fragner. e, l Benno Mernheim. Fred Nelson. Maine Ron n tree. Burger Pams'ti, Fred Schaefer, Evan Westlin. fiAJ lOiniTa Dleekman. Florence Lymnn, Florence Leffner, Mildred Snebbe, Beatrice Bennett. FRI--Herhert T'ndTwood. Ernest Arnold. Francis Curtin. Walter Kney, August Danicl-fcon, 'larence Wilkinson. John Oarlfch. r, F- 2 Grace Ba Kr. Anna McLaughlin, E h'd Oman, Beatrice Smith, Stella Carlson, Esther S wnson. ECA Esther Holmgren, Joseph Michaels, ;im. A Nlcoli Berardi. Allen Edmlnster, In-sfng Hunter, Howard Lading. Herman Moller, Helen 'eeney, Grace Northcote, Margery Sa-gar, Nancy Simpson, Jean Schneider, Loretta Monsces. 4B James Bianco. Robert Hunton, Sidney Paine, Robert Rubenstein, Botty NiehofC, Mil-dtcu front ag, Ida Smyth. 4A Elliot Davis. Rollin Keyes, Call Moser, Herbert WeiMger. lAura St.nuner. SB Harrv Aldridge, Frank Kartell a, Paul Boehm, Russell Lowell, Lester Moonia, Paul Price, Robert Grossman, Genella Green, Hazel Farley, Vivian Farley, Mildred Blume, Beatrice Boyle. 3A Ford E. Holmberg. Henry R. Blume, Martin L Browne, Godfrey H. Maurar. Robert II. Peper, William Sambur, Mildred Tiet-jen, Bessie Juneval, Angelina Gagllardl, Lillian Drapkin. Helen Crallle. 2H Charles Unlloway. Anna Rughaase, Beatrice Stearnes. Goldie Steinberg. 2A Joyce Verrer, Antonio Serpa, Walter Jackson, Marcel Woelffle, Ida Maurer, Tessie Koala, Dorothy Reiner, Marjorle Phillips, Elvira Moonia, Marjorle Purdy. IB Theodore Moser, Zachary Nadoolman, Tony Karlo, Milton Schwartz, Alfred Zurhorst, Doretto Deucher, .Marlon Heinen, Millla Moonia. Virginia Moss, Adelaide Oelkers, Evelina Sansevera, Beatrice Sebrlng. Marion Weiner, Stella Wilson, Rose Domenican. 1A Royal Osborne. Albert T. Heyse. Ella Sweeney, Muriel Harrison, Eleanor Brook. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 15. SB Florence Schlaefer, Marguerite Bode, Isabel Curry, Helen McDonald. 8A John Collier, Herman Otten, Frank Tyrrell, John Wilson, Rose Drapkin. 7B Sarah Goldman, Walter Powell, Dora Bloom, Lillian Goldman, Edna Haines, Esther Klein, Selma Rwedberg, Marie Truedson. 7A Coridon Lyons, Arthur Mass, Thomas Ready off, Dominick Serla, John Taylor, Herman Brown, Louis Kckardt, Axel Stolberg, Annie Branch, Samuel Cohen, John Boden. 6B Ivah Donan, Virginia Schlllo, Ieona Olga Madison. 5B Ethel Eilers, August Doscher, George Kapelinan. Charles Ierry. 48 Mabel Million. May Young. 3A Marcus Jacobson, Dorothy Ficken, Etmlly McGarry, Cyril Ward, Alice Boynton, ear-rie Clark, Alice O' Drlscoll. 3A Rodney Given, Arthur Mortensen, Carl Tinim, Rebecca Bershader, Busan Given, Evelyn Million, Mary Malone, Clara Nose-worthy, Catherine Reilly. 1 B Raymond Given, John KImpton, Renjamin Salomon, Katherlne Kimpton, Elsie Marcus. 1A Frank Cohen, William McDonald, Morris Rabinowitz, Harriet Izzard, Catherine Lynch. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 10. 3A Florence Snlffen. Mildred Tonjes, George Halperin, Emily Schaefer. Philip Levy, Philip Busch, John Rea, Clarissa Dzubin, Robert Torrey. 8B1 Marlon Brehm, Mary Foley, Dorothy Koerner, Lillian Anton tus, Florence Regan, Lillian O'Connor, George Latnond, Ezra Packer, Ieo Hoffman. 3 HI' Harold Barron, Bernhardt Rauman, Stella Bauman, Susan Brand, Clay Burnell, Gladys Meisner, Florence Mendelsohn, Harriet Myers, Gertrude Reynolds, 3B3 William liMvein. Irving Speet, Walter Kempner, Lillian Grote, Lulu Harris, Eva Pollack, Doruthea Salge. 4 Al Lillian Iebrccht, May Vradenburg, Dominick Ducca, 1 orothy Marcus, Pearl Feinsteln, Jnhn Walsh. Ernest Aufdemkanip. 4A3 Hertha Rice, Nathan Brlskman, Wil liam Frankel, Emma Schneider, Abraham Kernberg, Aaron Goody, Alfred Pelllgrinl, Minnie Mlschkin. Hitdceard W'fchman. 4B:' Margaret Iaw, Iucy Lurcatt. Emily Gravenhorst, Lulu Bryant, Annie Rlumenfeld. Label Navrinsky, Marjorle Daley, Rone Hirshhorn, Minnie Katzman, Ida Cohen. Helen Cohen, Rachel Kcrnberg. 4B3 Mary Horowitz. Milton Schwalbe, Loretta Harden, Mary Stewart. Helen Bullwinkel, Caroline Schaefer, Fred King. Max Mandel, Ethel Krnvolinka. 6A1 Bertha Skner. Emma Heckler, Dorothy Levine, Bella IJbnwltz. Ida Putterman, Ethel Birmingham. John McCabe, Jerome Epstein, Janirs Marrah, Josephine Catalenallo, &A3 FMna Frederick, Catherine Neil, Frieda Schwartz. IJIlian Deutsch, Irving Martash, lyna Yarniack. Eva Sgritta. Carl Thomas. oBl Kthel Hlnch, Florence Spaet, Abraham Ivlnsoti, Ethel Gibbs. Edna Bell. Esther Swersky, Frederick Kantor, Esther Geller, L-uise Moskowitz. Joseph Thompson. 1 Eleanor Clark, Moses Klnoy, Rita Green, Emanuel Harrism. Charles Stefflns, Lillian Irvine. Gladys Elllng, Henry Schaef-f T, William Peters. 6 Rubert Iaw. Marion Tonda, Marlon Edmonds. Gladys i 'lark. Fritz Comer. Adele Wichnian. Rebecca Stein. Minna Kornberg, Herman Hencke. C, 3 Lizzie Blumenfeld, Dorothy Desmond, Gorge Epstein, Lillian Kallscher, Marjorle Dirkes Sadie Stumpp. Edward Myers. ftlUTrving Greenberg-r. John MoNally. Bella Frankel. Richard O'Brien. Abraham Bernstein, Hnp-dd Brehm. Otto Kinter, Lavinla Dalton. BJ Teresa Sanger. Pauline Deutsch, Norma Van Gaasberk. Lillian Alters. Mabel Clark. Thelma Kope'nian, Balph Mendelsohn. One-vieve Misters -n. Bluma Henigyn. William Lange, Everett Bise. (B3 Malv?l Osgood. Wilhelmlna Nasf, Marlon Brennan. Lillian Brlskman, Vincent Murphy. Eva Shelnker, Hose Grassman. Tessle Goldberg. 7AI Esther Fried. Ralph Crump. OtMlie Rarth. Raymond McXally, Emma Dillman. Harry Fx. Hernille Tetman. Florence A'on Dohlen, Elizabeth Henrv. TBI Hazel Hirragnn, Nellie Lawrence. Cbatlea Walnmnn. Wflhemina Foulk. Gertrude Rothenlw rg. Charles Irvine, Ellis Miller. 7BS Flizalvih Amend. Mildred Tlet.len. Irina Lr-e, K.hor Birnbaum. Haze Pastor-tifld. Ida Rudn-r. George Waegleln, Rose P iliiian, Martha Schwab. SA1 --Virginia Th nips'n, Jeannette Vnft, Harriet MciVj, Motile Henry, Ethel Irwin, Minnie Ahrens. Jacob Harris, Else Klrehert. SA2 Helen Craig. Florence Salzlnger, .Tean-pette H nigs'-n, Harry Welt Edna Frey, Goldie Jost-phson, Irene Hablln, Ray Birnbaum. K AS Irene Fueje, Anna Arpen. J. Bernard Wolf. Idma Clark. Ednah Grav. B1 ' 'hnrles 'loffman, Alvln Rosenson. Hurry Sternberg. Hvinan Klein. Solomon Schwartz. James Sars. i "hnrls Gillespie. s 1 1" ( irace r-evine. Klizabetb Cutler. Mnry ( r.ii ley. Marit a Oelkers, Sylvia Gibhs, Gertrude Rubenstein, Dorothy Melody, Helen St-dtman. 1 A:' Grace Lfttle. j--.lin Howe, Herman Green, Anna H"ltz, Marlcn Koran, ft B J Annie S'heinkman, Sophie Zimmerman, Sarah A pp. I. Edythe Sluttman, Thclina Kircli-jict, tfelig Sf.lzSnger. SB Bessie Callahan. Rtetlu. Kitltu-an uhAi Haase, Meyer Gerber, Arthur Brown. L'nger. . r r , . ba Lily Meyer, ftuth . Olson. Roy Samuclson. 7B Anna Busse, Lillle Harrison, James AI-kens, James Maloney. 7A Intermediate Martha Nelson, Louise Florentino, Cecelia Skov, Anna Schultz, Thomas o'Donovan, Walter Manning, Fred Vohis, William Streb, Lillian Teller. 7A M Mildred Hetzel, Elizabeth Geraghty. 6B Eugene Sullivan, Caroline (.Yollus, Giova Florentino, Marguerite Pape, Alvina Schultze. fiB William Bauer, William Dolan, Morris r(edman, W alter Haase, carl HeUtrom, Christopher Maeder, Albert Mleie, Tony Mattera. KA G Margaret Dinner, Gestae Hlllermann, Immacolata Lynch. Haidiel Winchcoinb. fB B Paul Baldlnl, William Godikoit, Herman Puckhaber. 6B G Esther Anderson, Victoria Avuso, Jessie ifatchelor, Anna Hrower. Edna Hnlstadt. Edna Kearns, Sarah Saplr, Kate Roland. 6A B Walter Fojt, Harbot Nilson, John Schnabel. 6A O Rosalind Coe, Solveig Gul bran son, Alice Harrison, Elsie Huard, Helen McLeman, .Margaret Ransom, Margaret Sharp. Special E George M. Burke, Joseph Leigh-ton, Elizabeth Herman. 4B B Clrro Di Plrro, John Dohrman. 4B 0 Madeline Begley, Marion Kearns, Edna Schulz. Margaret Thornton. 4A B William Bradley, Henry Clark, Gae-tano Piluso. Henry Godigkeit, Catherine Al-brecht, Marion Coldrup, Louis Knudson. 4A O Adelia PJinighols, Harriet Krlcson, Clara Gross, Clara Jensen, Lottie Johnson, Mildred Kley. 3BB William Egan. Ahrendo .Hanson, Joseph Iversen, Charles Loonier, William McGregor, Franceses Pacileo, Arthur Sandberg, Giacomo Schepls. BG Barbara 'Hetzel, Emma Saplr, Mamie Schendelman, Alice Young. 3 AB 'Minnie Bam bush, I5!!zabeth Batchelor, George Hurkhard, Arthur Schultz. SAG FranceH Driver, Catherine Haubreck, Helen Jacobsen, Mary Buffalano, Marlon Kloudt, Irene McCormlck, Violet Olsen, Louiae Stabile, Amelia Hansen. !iAB Emil Busse. Arthur Gerlach. Vincent Kassen brack, eLnard Seeley. ou feari iraaiey, Florence urownniti, u vina Crolius, Edna Dunn. Irene Huard, Anna Schroedt, Grace Burkhard. 2AB Michael Dunn. Antonio Ballerano, Edward Mesfta, Alexander Williams, Lester Wrieden, Pasquale Imperato. 2AG Josephine BeneveHto, Mollie Birnbaum, Thea Stolting, Sophia I-ub, Fannie Tessitura. Anna Scotto. 1AB William Bohland, Abraham Chernoff, Henry Frey, Edwin Johnson, Norman C. Johnson, Herbert Lyons, John McKenna, Patrick Rjan, Arthur Thompson, William W'illschalk. Charles Trefz. 1BG Elizabeth Butler, Annie Green. Gladys Kley, Johanna Mitchell, Vera Ruther. Sylvia Tennyson. 1AB Harry Gunderson, Thaddlus Cox, Frederick Gerlach, William Scott, Alfred Nord, George Davis, Stephani Pordico, Daniel Gunn, William Johnson, Frederick Haubrick, Joseph Ballerano. 1AG Gullo Imbo, Catherine Owens, Jennie Pcotto, Helen KLdfuss, Theodosla Weinberg, Maria Hilpl. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 33. 7A Marie Olsen, Madelalne White, Adalina Dondero, Sarah Clark. 6B Billf Hansen, Florence Allen, Marion Lundquiut, Helen Martens, Kathleen Mc Bride, Helen Rogers, Anna Shields, Alphlld Strom-soe, Marlon Taylor. Veronica Weldon. A No. 1 Domenick Giordana, Jhn do Rosa. flA No. 2 Carolina Brenner, Ella Carlson, Lucy De Lasclo, Dorothy Magnus, Winnie Piper, Gertrude Schultz. flA No. 3 Hymen Koenlg, Andrew Sundt, Robert Johnson. fiB Fred Junge, Janet Yufll, Marie Nelson, Caroline Desiderio, Irene Crowe, Inez Cotter, Anna Manney. Alice Corcoran. BA No. 1 Thomas Ennis. Harold Schaefer. 6A No. 2 Angelina Accors. Mildred McBride, Helen Cohen, Veronica Rradshaw, Alice Kan-trowltz, Anna Reeves, Catherine Flannerv. 4B No. l Peter Englnlto, Alfred Hoffman, Tony Marra. 4B No. 2 Tsabelle Fraser, Phllomena Enge-nlto, Margaret Sullivan. 4B No. 3 Elizabeth Reed, Albert Heaney, Eunice Wlxon. 4A No. 1 Alphonse Amandola, William Rala, Stanley Crystal. 4A No. 'J Florence Petruzelll. Marlon Hart, I Florence Smith. Adele Angeloni. 4A No. 8 Palmlna Deaiderl. SB No. 1 Dominick Roasltto. Richard Ennis, Charles Shields. 3B No. 2 Ida Elchols. SA No. 1 Salvature Glordanl. Erllng Tholf-sen. 3A No. 2 Hazel Busch, Ruth Hansen, Elizabeth Hart. 2B No, I Thomas NatelM, James Donza, Edward Hanley, John McBride. 2B No. 2 Helen Beattle, Isabel Brier, Jessie Currle, Elvira Mignone, Mary Werckmnn. 2A No. 1 Arthur Kane. Charles Keller, Joseph Phillips. Charles Dillon. Michael Jordan. 2A No. 2 Catherine Farrell. Emma Fell, Margaret Fry Catherine Gallagher, Lillian Hurt, Lizzie Silvester, Elizabeth Tomiey. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 35. SB Fmncis T. Cooke, Leon F. Hlrschberg. Frrderklt A. Wenman, T. Marguerite Hulji", Edmund O. Mnrtin, Ethel Calne. Lilian E. Schumann. )oi is M. Kenyon, Emma W. Wendt, Minnie E, Benkler, Helen S. Hausser, Reglna M. Lvnch. SA Jnhn Germain, Mortimer Herrman, Ed-ward Armbruster, Alexander Derv. Arthur Rettstadt, Wllford Smith. Samuel Witkowskv, Helen Bdvle. Emllv Doscher, Henrietta Flor, Lillian Lnwrfe, Anna Mackey. Elsie Muth, Mary Noble, Juliftta Wedegartner. Ethel Freure, Ethel F.ive, Wllbeimina Hoffman, Julia Relllv. Dorothv Wright. 7B William Bisch"ff. Walter Stein, George H owlet t. .lames How let t, Abraham Wedeen, Ethel Buitv-rfans, Hn'Me Deitsrh. Frieda fx1 vy, Irn.a L-vi, Mar.irlte Morgen thaler, Don-thy Whv Vos'ii Hiimnv.nd. Edith McKenna. MiUlt-d Allied, Marlon Godfrey, Flnrence i' n, Ltn ille Unyns. Eilna Sherman, Ad.-I" I'ciitl. 7A-H.lpnrt L. Cdllns, John L. Dlstler, Clifford W Higplns. Finnc:? E. Howlett, Favino PizzI, Willard B. Quail. John L Schr te.lf r. J"hn L'rqubardt, Anna rfz-n-mayer, Sara Janet Murray, Marjorle Wello, Marian E Smith. Dorothy Ha tick, Agnes McAuley. ' Florence J- Martin, Angelina Stewart. B-Ar1hur Gardner. Frank Hfckey. fKrn!,i .1'ines, Liuls Fidelglotz, Rudyard Poii'her, Milton J. Pans. Charles H. Hertzberg. Frede-ri"k c. Turner. Rose Lewis. Jeannette M. i titter. Sadie Friedman, Margaret Fallen, Lillian Ericksnn. f- -William Van Buren, Trvlng Ri-ntst'n. Wililaiu Hcnon, Lea Roncff, Adolhekl Havig- . horst, Gladys Harrison, Roi Kravchlck, fc;'rony "ainrjblL Augusta Ehrllch, Reglna I loud, El&a Hortsman, Irene Iwis, Valerie ! achneider. May btrutzenberg. Florence Hlrsch. I oU Sim Dery. William Morris, Leon Kosen-I baum, Frederick Somnters, Arthur Gibson, i Bertha Harms. Mir.nle Fried maun, Marie Anderson I hum nFIrUi,. a u...nA u Nebot, KateJIe Van Vorat. 5A Thor Lagerholm. Marvin Rlrk. Felix Sttrn. Sadie Fdd, Amelia Sanders, Ethel Wesnage, Janet Burns, Mary Kravchlck, Edna Ryan. Adellna Von Thun. 4 B Francis Grimes, Ieonard Van Buren, Ethel D'Angelo, Hannah Ornstein, Roberta F. Ward, Virginia R. Doing, Ruth Hlrschberg, Elizabeth c. Pearsall, Lillian F. Haines, Florence J. Ttoutman. 4A Harold Green, Ernest Fitter, Sablna Dieyer, Llille Fogel, Henrietta Vullleumeir, Rhoda Resnik, Dolores Schwagerl, Emily Wentz, Madeline Rive, Florence Pook, Juan it a Nebot, Helen Smith. 3B Grace Care v. Mars-are Vnlvev. TVtrnthv c. niiurusier, i'iora uosenoaum, Kiinor . Uehllnger, Lena R. Carbone, Irene Rive, Muriel M. Allen, Alice McKenna. 3A Raymond Wrynne, Francis Besnik, Elizabeth Herbert, Marie Schroeder, Dorothy Kirk, r-uurt, nttviKnorNt, uieien uisney. 2B Dorothy J. Smith, Francis B. Bherk, Rosalyn Carfora, Theresa de Maio, Irene Hughes. 2A Robert Doing, Harry Riloueky. Clarence Goddard, Jules Lester, Sidnev Wedeen, Edward -. Bayley, Julia Toth. May A. Wellock, Agnes (M. I'earsall, Marion Fitter, Ruth 8wen-aon . IB-Rita Flood. Reglna Gillan. 1 A Francis ittgan, John Wellock. Margaret Lalor. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 36. RBI-Otto Lena, Joseph Walz, Kate Breit-Kampt. BB-Llllle Feler, Hattle Noble. tiAJ Helnia Kemmer, Marie Flor, Louis On-dik, John Pasatlerl. A2-Floren.:e Campbell, Mary Fasulla, Dorothy Schleffcr, Louis Ragussa. ii(l etia Hormnk. Sadie Bortunk, Made-lei.. Schuller, Ella Shugerman, Anna Karpel, Herman Schmidt. 7B2-Kate Glaser, Evelyn Healy, Helen Klein. 7AI-Emll Weldner. 7A2 Elizabeth Fruh, Louisa Roth. 6B1 Henry Bcclnold. Mathias Daum. Cath erine Dorst. 6 B2 Anna Augusta, Yetta Harris, Marguerite Hoduni. Victoria Monknviteh Winifred Ma- l"ne. Rose Nmo, John Mittelsdorf. Henry Munck, Edward Pelts. tB3 Frank Adaramo. Marion Bernstein. Eliz abeth Tonns. DAi Josephine Eyth. Emily Riedel. A2 Anna Schneiderkraut, George Green, William .In cobs, Fanny Bruno, Esther Cole, Eva Forschim. Pauline Frankel. Tessie Glaser. Frederlka Kielman, Anna Shulman. Julia I'fts-ter. Rose Rfedel. Rose Maltese, Anna Koop. losepnmo Marlnella. CA3 August Koene, Rose Wahlig. Jennie Centonze, Clara Gewanter. Ionian Smith. fiBl Lena Tell, Elizabeth Breithaupt, Joseph Lessen. 5B2 Gerald Montague, Fanny Bonstgnore, Rose Jahle, Cora Meyer. fB3 Alfred Koemm. Louis Spies, Joseph Battaglia. Ronnie trooper. iiAl August Ino Turano. Pletro Pumo, Rose Caialano, Roslna McCarthy. Llille Schreler. SA:' Grace Rlggio, William Itaumann, Theodora Keller, Jacob Sack, Arthur Schuh iYAo Helen Brown, Mabel Patterson, Ellza-beih Riley. Frances Tambura. 4B2 Natalie Monlagne. Grace Gambtnn, Mar-gi.ret. Gage). Andrew Schuller, George Reldel, Arthur Pfizenmeyer. Hrmnn T,Ingman. Nicholas Glusa, William Brodcr, John BIhu, Teresa Tirpak. Fb-rence Stahl, Mary Sparrncela, Lillian Neelhauf. Ella Meisel, Teresa Klein, OttIHe Glauert. 1 4H3 Iiorenza Fasulla. Amelia Smith. Sarah Bellnskv, Joseph Vetter, Joseph Marrone. 4A1 Dorothea DI Bella. Lucy Rlnaldo. Annie LIngman. Barbara Hane. Katie Hlrsch. Jacob Mnsberg, Michael Pojoi. IsHac Arbettuan. Milton Strome. Joseph Grillo, Harold Graut, Theodore re Castro. August Glaser. Frances Ixmibard", Minnie Wagner, Mary Slegel. Mollie Greenfield. Gussle Galan-tcr, Annie Drillich, Sarah Berkowltz. Isidore Williams, tTaspare Ollva, John Wolf. Thomas Sinacnrl, Philip Hamnu Barney Goldman, Joseph Genna, Paul De Giovanna. 4A3 Josenh Chearmonte, Alfred Farrel, Tony Governall, David Kaplan. George Lochnnne, Edward Morrow. Michael Rosalia, Fred Pkares Delia Deutschert. Rebecca Gerstein, Ma Klonsky, Emily Schmidt, Lena Yunls, Annie Belligeri. Am Gaspare Gulloto, Philip Friedman, Michael (Itroni. Wl Gaetano Motlse, Pauline MetKger. Ethel Flaxer. Elibabeila Bnscone, Bella Olitzky. 3A Thomas Cavanough, Sidney Maryanno, Anna Caialann, Cam ela iorga. Sarah Mehl-rnan, Lillian Schwerdtinon, Francesca Flscl-otli, Adawsi Weiner. Esther Spector. EflHIaa Welnor, Julia Llpperthauser, Sarah Greenspan, Sebastia. Berklna, James Car- CEfi'A Thomas Recorora. Caroline Hage-nievor Emilia l4izzao. Iily Lombardo. Anna Bnizar, Maude Scharnowitzky, Lr'ji Lalabon, Abraham Tlsch. Solomon Kosuskm, Sidney Krauthamcr. Anna Maranz. K4B Henedicta Grillo. 34A Tony Palazetta. Fortunato Casesl, An-toneite D'Amalo. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 42. B-Ruby Meier. Lillian Reld, Louise Leonard Carmela Bnlsano. Conrad Rein, George Dennis, Harry Hill, Theodore Kaufman, Katherlne Brown, Elizabeth Peacock, Teien Rawlins. Edwin Heller, Henry Hohenbeiger, Edmund Watts. a AHelen Applegate. Evelyn Ahlstrand, Elizabeth Addeo, Ruth Kllntenherg, Martha Kltav, Henrietta Meier. Lucia Meronl. Agnes Taylor, Joseph A. Rorke. Gaetano Cutlll, Edwin Sehumacher, John Pandolfa, Harold Thompson, Martin Whalen. Beatrice Clark, Alma Pearson, George Nelson, Jnhn Watts. BB Michael Connolly. Harry Qulnn, Florence Brandr.'th, Alma Martens, Rose Rueckert. Michael Maezocchi, Theodore Anderson, Arthur Jensen, Thoma Moran, Helen Coyne, Sara (irecco, Susie Martin, Walter Parler, Joseph Rothman. , 5A-James Beattle. George Hellstern, John Dalton. Charles Ehlert. 4B Anna Tledemann, Anna Kettles. Elizabeth Leonard. Fannie Michael, James Harvey, Antonio Balsino. Robert Morehouse, Arthur Pick, El wood Stowe. 4A Ranghild Anderson, Helen Fletcher, Ida Pellegrini, Lulu Ixiughlin, Harry Conroy, George Martin. Mabel Nelson, Violet Gibson, Dorothy Rossi, Clarence Collier. William Cohane, Louts Romano, Eugene Schumacher. Cherles Smith. Lucy Maffetone. 3B Mariraret Hegdal. 3A Howard Jennings, Evelyn Ross, Frances Russo. CAN YOU WRITE? CAN YOU DRAW? Many valuable gifts may be secured by young readers of The Junior Eagle for original work. The ideal paper for boys and girls interesting, bright, newsy. A special feature for young people every day. Puzzles, Pictures, Stories, Comics, Handicraft Articles. READ THE JUNIOR EAGLE. Arfstein, Dorothea Callahan, Florence Dunn, Mary Hutchinson, Elizabeth Taft, Edward Bruns, Samuel Lawther, Emanuel Kre'ltzman, Sidney Peterson. James Shea, Melvin Dunham, Julia Carroll, Edith Earthly, Ethel L'deritz, Emma Rohrberg, Frank Bar tie it, George Brady, AJbert McGrover, Irving Monroe, Ltl-Itan itehr, Lillian Bellinkoff, Elizabeth Meais, Floretta Niner, Esther Press. Elizabeth Zang, Florence Hoffman, Thomas Boyd, Francia Carney, Albert Ievberg, Frank Thompson, Joyce Blanthorn, Ethel Clark, Louise Hutchison, Grace Kenning ton, Elsie Weinberger. John Precht, Evelyn Albertson, Grace Ahrens, Carol Cochrane, Margaret Feeley, Minnie Gelcnter, Dorothy Golart, Jeannette Mulrean, Florence The! a. 3B Leonle Butt, Dorothy Jones, Jennie Mann, Flora Micclo, Marjorle Parsons, Sadie Schumer, Marlon Taylor, John Mann, J ullus Pollack, David Greenwald, Easton McMahon, Constance Buttle, Adelaide Goupp, Gertrude Meyer, Julia Muller, Beatrice Thompson, Marlon Kitchell, Harold Campbell, Frederick White, Viola Belcher, Grace Bullencamp, Helen Flecklos. louiae McCrea. 3A Otto Cunderman, Edward Rule, Jessie Macdonald, Loretta McGuinness, Helen Men-necke, Josephine Rausch, dielen Stanley, Thomas Farrell, Herman Southwood, Malcolm Straclmn, Ella Setbrt, John Bergdoll. Henry Blankfort, Louis iB-xer, Gladys Hill, Xlna Mo-dicu, Margaret PMster, Evelyn Schlichtitig. Sadie Schvvarzbart, Nelson Aseltlne, Bertram Asten, Earl Dunham, Lincoln Jones, Leland Kelly, David Levenson, Russell McAllister, Bei nadeue Burke. Hazel Dudley, Jeannette Trische, Julia Goodman, Carolyn Jones, Cora Lane, Margaret McNeill, Florence Nelson. Catherine Prigge, Florence Smith, Mabel Smith, Ethel blade, Helen Wills. 50. Kaufman. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 3AB-PhIIip Fulnsllver, Hyman Samuel Karpoff. Reiiiamln Sulkes 4BB A. Auerbach. A. Kalzantk, S. Cazakor, S. liaber, H. Uilenbogen, H. Smilowitz, 1. Levine, J. Sloninisky, H. Varshefsky. 4 ilM Samuel Beruian, Julius Feldman, Sydney Kanzer, Martin Xulowlts. Esther Blumert, Lithe Frieillander, Marion Leeker. 4AM Louis Epstein, Anna Bellman, Fannie Chartoff, Ida Huffman, Anna Mendelsohn, Edna Salvato, Sarah Silverberg. 3LU Abo blumkln, Ben Herz. Julius Lewis, Moses Metzgar, Sam Offen. Abe Weiner. iBM-Sadie Winter, Mary Verchuv, Eva Sugarman, lillie Kevltz, Frelda Kempler. ilAB Robert Levy. Harry Lowenkron, Morris Nathanson, Kani Sherman, Bernard Strauss, William Wobber, John Bellkoff, Augusta Leeker. 2BB Isador Bohren, Isaac Silverstein. Harold Gold. Sam Silber, Jacob Kornin, Sol Llebo-wltz, Aaron Trugtnan, Charles Windchtwl, Harold Seliattner. 2UB Emanuel Binder, William Coren, Edward Davis, Arthur Demcv, H. Dick, Alfred Frankel, Joseph Florman, Max Goldberg, Harry Grossberg, Charles Herrick, Alexander Levy, Harry Leder, Harry Strachs. Julius Schenker. 1UB Louis Alper. B. Linderwitch, Israel Rashin. Felix Leelike, Bernard Freeman, Louis Maxamer, Nathan Classman, Abe Pomerantz, Jacob Grodman, Jacob Richman, Isaac Goldberg, Barnet Welnsteln, Solomon Gross, Jacob Steinberg, Isldor Hasln, Arthur Clarkson, El-lldt Haresa, Morris Dick, Morris Inglania, Harry Peltzer, Isaac Katz, Nathan Glassman. 1AR Philip Goldstein. Isidor Goldberg, Moseg Sulkes, Gerald Hormey, Jacob Rubin, George Heller. PUBLIC SCH00LN0. 50 ANNEX. Leon Cohen, 'William 8RRI David Goldberg. tu. . John lialPln Tony Messina, Joh 3B-M Paul Llvote, Anna Sparrow. H j ii Ruck. Mildred Lemmermatf oittueune iwis, Martha Marg, Sophie Oil Martha. Tesiut, Mildred Wltenburg, Amam Young. 3HG1' Pasquallna Ambroslo. Madeline vanto. Rose Cava donna, Bessie Rlefsky, Lllllaj SAiHI Theodore Michaels. AA&2 Roger Clancy, Ernest Falkenburg, Eq wara i-xiper. 3AG1 Carrie KelTflr, Olive Kinkel, Llllla n-oiKorsiiy, Irene Kotkofsky, -ther Meltzle i-ena Miner, Kuth Singer, Amelia Robinson. 3AG2 Bertha Borselllna. Emily Dusche Frances Glantz, itose Jordon, Ida Kammu Mary Lendino, Sarah Narbutt, Harri Prince. PUBLIC SCHiOOL NO. 65. BBl Thomas Kaiser. Louis Rush. Beatrli Arniltage, Elsie Bartel, Viola Graeber, Evel ivnocpiei. i arollrie Sliver. Muriel Wllso Myrtle Bryant, Mildred Kroeger. bH2 Helen Wettsteln, Harry Reters. 6A1 Leah Engelberg, Eleanor Blrkett, EL- Deth Bleck, Adele Bradley, Frieda Engelk Arthur Hemnier, Barry Martin, George Schru der, William Flluntl. oA2 Lillian Miller. Dorothy Mengel, Mar .-appi. Clifford England. Minnie Heideklan Arthur I -arson, Paul Wlttlg. Jasper Htevensorj r.mesc Hester, (jctavus Hlltman. Rose Helgei Ruth Pistor. Georgianna McKinley. Margar Mulhauser, Florence Noll. ft A3 Kathleen Merrlrt ITHxnheth Rlinm Victor Bruna, Edward Fertlg. Frank Bauscli 4H1M Jennie Garner. Agnea Cavanagh. IJ retta Buss Clara Kohn. I-ena Fischer. Caths rnie aieizger. ueorge Johnson. Joseph Beaslejl tjunvu Hirer, Mosweil ASLWOOd. 4R2 Herhert Zimmerman. Fxlward KellM Jessie Corbett, Daniel Engelberg, Marion Co Jane Byrne. Hazel Hancock, William Perr; Katherlne Haggerly, Eleanor Porter, Franc-Carroll. Emma Welngartner, Anna Palma. 4B3 James McCarthy, Charles Morstadt, At nold New. Frank Sacken. Carrie Mase. Eff Kelser, Wllhemfna Seekamp, Mildred McKeorj Kisie Meyer, Mildred I. Inch. Edna Klein. 4111 Kail K re mar, Joseph Smith. Walla Smith, Vincent Santer. Roland Batllie. Helf Wulf horst, Florence Walsleben, Dorothy (hat tin, jMiiei wears, Hilda Katzennerger. Ktn Levy, Margaret McGovern, Florence La Salle PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 66. fiB B Isidore Adelson. fiB MS Reuben Kanlan. Lettle Keshner. 6B Ml Julius G-ilinsky. Sarah Lazawatskjj 6B M2 .Tacoh Etkin. Cella Saloff, Elsie Stege flA Hi Ralph Garllck. 6A R2 Joseph Levy. A Ml Nathan Resnlck, Fannie Cohen. BA M 2 James Maltese. 6A M 3 Joseph Davldowltz Mollie Book. fiB B2 Ben.l. Levine 5B Ml Sophie Peskln. fiB Bl-Mar. Rchtldkrout. A p John Bernikar, Atfred Silverman, Sadi Kaufman. flA MS Louis Rifkln. 6A M2-Jacob Solff. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 68. 5R Arlene De Bold, Alice Klein. Estelle Lee Florence Mezick. Helen Murphy, Hatti Schmidt. Janet Stroh. 6A Robert Hyde. Benjamin Jackson, Ralp Todehush. Bertha Elbaum, Lillle Dlspenzere Anna Paring. 4B William Gaubltz. George Schmalz. Fred erlck Tuemm'er. Henry Zuercher, Margare Betden. Nannil Duckman. Anna Elbaum. Ell Haague, Irene Huelster, Edna Knappnian Anna Koop. Geslne Moeller, Katherlne Peter sohn, Sylvia Rubenstein. Anna Schilling, Alic Schmidt, Ruth Schnalz. 4A Norman Gissler, Harry Goldstein, Sad! Anenherg. Frances Dlspenzere, Wllhelmtn Frank Augusta French, Marie Gewehr. Ger trude Gregory. Grace Kammcrer, Helen Leven thai. Roue Levin, Rebecca Salllnger, Isabf Steinnian, Helen Turn Suden. Mav Vogt, IB Rudolph Westphal, Alice Cattle, Minn! Dfemer. . Marlon Erkert, Blanch Forday, Don othy Grimm, Louise Huffman. Edna Marshal; Helen Melnell. Grace Odenwald, Annie Steine' SA Harold Llnnemever, Emit Meyers, Fran. Nowaezek. Lillian First, Harrl'-t Blank. 2B Alonzo Anderson, John Drexhagen,, Herman Esslinger. Marcus Harrison, David ltkof nni.-i..-au. T,.iia unffmnn iTthei t sky. Kavmonn Kensnaw. Herman rcnuitz. JUirl- I lii'ril c'-iiwhic, uciijaiiiui v.iici limn Delia Brown. Kveiyn ivingan. Ainertina rerr mann. Birdie Hershkowltz Marie Konzelman Lillie Iventhal. Elsie Moeller. Katherine Re buth. Emma Sachs. Iena Salinger, Hele; Schneider, Helen Sclioepfler. Txrctta Smith. IB Henry Dr'er. Jacob Hengenberg, Pau Scileppl. Mae Goodklnd. 1 A Pat rick Rn ff a, Herbert Friedmar Charles Grenz, Philllpplna Hoffman, Edna Mel Morgan, Lena Voll, Evely: PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 44. 8B Ravmond Orr, Peter Weaver. Emily Berry, Mabel Dredger, Estelle Dutrdick. Harold Barton. Hattle Gye, Florence O'Neil, Ruth Abel, Stephane Began, Julia Madden, Frances Salsky, Helen Vonderleith. Sidney Schneck, Arthur Taylor, Katherine Goldthwaite Dorothy Poole, Grace Tinsley, Erlna Knebler, Marlon Reynolds, Jacob Essner, Cortland Strang, Harold Sundstrom, August Wilkens, Marie Ficken, Pauline Godfrey, Anna Krum-niel. SA Rose Micclo. Elizabeth Ball. Earl De-pew, lima Anesansal, Gladys Sheldon, Florence Cheatham, Helen Spence. Morris Fier-steln, Saul "Miners, Carlton Smlih. Carl Os-tergren, Martin Kelly. -Harry Schultw. Mflf"rd Smith, Emily Anderson, Elsie Dutemple, Marion Garrabrant, Bertha Ripper, Arthur Milne, Clara dimming. TB-Griffin Ashcroft, Valentine Fischer, Rhoda Baer, Jassamine Burton, Anna Rohan, Jean Wohlgemuth, Frank Can berg, Clarabelle Dlsbrow, Emma Price, Marlon Bayer, Edna Johnston. Milton Forsyth, Mayer Rosmvsky, Edmund Longmore, Blanche Gallnger, Franklin Devlin, Frank Livermore, Robert Donald, Ralph Forsyth, Leonie Adams. Mary O'Dris-coll, Robert Osborne, Marie Einstein. 7A Harold Gaylord, Edward Hughes, Charles Klein, Marshall Richardson, Edith Aukamp, Elizabeth Bedford, Janet Bowman, Margaret Cashman, Dorothy Irwin, Josephine Molt, Catherine Robinson, Elizabeth Worman, Anetta Culllnan, Walter Blankfort, Joseph Egan, Stirling Hunt, Mildred Baker, Aneie Lamp-bell, Marie Madden, Lillian Reinhartz. Lillian Roehrig, Gladys Wolcott, William Friedman, Howard Janton. Russell Kelller. Edward Packert, Esther Baker, Mary Began, Florence Burger, Sadie Leflts, May McDonald, Lester Carr, Mildred Behlen, Angela (TarK. Adnie Potter, Lydla Rpurdle, Josepn uomstein, Har riet Hunt, Ruth Nathan, Aaron Einstein, Brown Jennings, Fred Lutze, James McuTea, Milton Shane. tiR Charles Strenz, Doris Hnppen, Herbert Thomas. Libble Strleber, Norma Tilly. Russell Llttlefield. Anna Friedman, Augusta Folter- man, Mildred 'J nomson, worman Mfmr-i, kjiivvt Davies. Marie fcgerton, ueua rsrig, nose vtru-ber, Thomas Davenport, Samuel Maza, Mollie Dunn. Marion Kennedy, Marie Small. BA Mildred Bindley, Florence Bniffen, Anna Telsenfeld Dorothy Barta, Eleanora Bond, Helen Sellers, Beatrice Parker, Franklin Simmons, Arthur Tamlyn, Philip pollock. Madeleine 'Bennett. Ruth Coleman, Olive Granger, Florence Smith. Abraham Liebowltz. Ge-rge Welterer, Dorothy Donald. Mortimer Donley, Russell (Sever, Gunnar Gustafson. Francis Kehoe, Norma Duecker. Floyd Jones, Newland Prior. Clara Bart, Maud Farmer, Blanche Kaufman. . . 6B Ruth Collins, Marie Kenny, Edna .Tflf-frav Lmise Menken, Clinton Russell, Gladys Anderson. Blanche Appleman, Estelle Denier-est Gladvs Harris. Ruth Hartley, Gilberta Jones, Laurence Epstein, Clayton Griswold, Herbert Poole, wimam uhm, ,n"w i. aV Mary Hnrnbacker. Hazel Tinsley, Bertha Ol-kin Walter Farrell, Helen iHerzog, Muriel Josephs Nlven Richardson, Martha Nicol, Lillian Goodman. Lavinla Cramer, Elizabeth SAFred Haggren. Terrls Hillman, Austin. Tut tie Dorothv Jennings. Barbara Michel, Sam Gartner, William Hanna. Nina Orland'no, Majorle Prior, Marjorle Wright. Arthur Col-born Horace McMullen, Jerry O Brien. Mary O'Brien Catherine Rubly, Louisa Fischer. Marion Helms, Jennie Klein, Alice Raymond. Marshall Shaw, Kenneth Walter, Estelle Pro-c VniRdi Isadofe SCUbach. ELdse Morford, Edna Muller Marlon Van Antwerp, Loretta Wilkens, Douglass Ball. I'Ulu Albertson. Rose Epstein, Pauline Tiersteln, Marion Terry, Isabelle 4R-Dorothy Bedell. Ruth Rlade, Cecilia Cla:re Alma Havi&horst, Helen Peterson. Marie' Shepherd. Edna Vail, Clara Hnlnp, Tensica Waters, Ida Edlln. Helen Mayers, Florence Petersen, Clara Schultze, Malcolm Rarilett Margsret Brauer, Dorothy Clements, Lillian ' LHiman. Theodore Gerstein, Dnnle Hughes. Rov Plant, Jemme Weinberg, Murfe Elwards. Margaret Harrison, Otto Graff. George Kirchenbaum, David Kivaiwanser, A'ivtr Schweitzer, Eva Berasky, Anna Jutjens, Wllma Moore. Anna Souder, Dorothy South- hotiI, Rosa Wolfe. 4A-Sanutcl 1'eden, George Zilbach, Duruthy Ti AIM Yetta Boxer, Koch, Louis Levine. 6AJM Morris Rosenberg, Rachel Levine, Rose Levine, Meatrice Moore. 4BG Yetta Kleiger, Henrietta I,awrey, IJI lian Levy, Fannie Kobulnick, Beckie Levine, Jessie Cantor. 4AG Rose Garflnkel, Dora Haln, Tlllle Hoff-mun, Minnie Kasb, Mollie uch. HBG Ida Goldfarb, Rose Grakln, Sylvia Hanzer, Fannie Horowitz, Sarah Kaimsky, Ruth Opolskar, Frieda Panzer, Frieda Silver, Roso Wasser. SAG Norma Rngdlsh. Mamie Misbinsky. Gertie Bobker, Lucy fccowcroft, Madeline Moore, Yetta Jaffe. 3 AM Abraham Pearl man, George Skloot, Max Ginsberg, Dora Washnltzer, Anna, Ca-za kar. 2B1G Eva Friedman, Dora Grooshkow, Eva Rosenblum, Esther Rosfsky. Rose Scherzer, Ida Senderovilz, Florence Silverberg, Eveln Steckler, Katie Warshawsky, Sarah Zeltler, Annie Green. .'BG Jennie Bernstein, Madeline Fey, Clara Raver. Mary Kursh, Bertha Veiger, Fannie Petzlner, am Stanger, Yetta Yareshefsky. AG Sadie Chalt. Tinnle Lehner, Alice Frank, Tessie Springer, Florence Gross, Hannah Sharman. Gertrude Huber, Tlllle Tepper, Bessie Mendelowltz, Nettie Welngarten, Sylvia 2AM Naihan Rroder, Sarah Kimmel, Joseph La Joie, Rose Szathmary, Solomon Mandel. 1IK3 Tina Balsam, Sarah Nathanson, Stella Broudy, Pearl Pascal, Lillle Gracken, Helen Shapiro, Sarah Helfgoth, Helen Slotnick. IBM Lazarus Ritienbrand, Charles Sparer, David Katzman, Lawrence Brell, Fannie Chof-filck, Eda Dubyrsteln, Ethel Klein, Teresa Lapldus, Mary Zoll. 1AG Ethel Brand, Mollie Bernstein, Esther Citron, Rebecca Cohen, Jennie Enrich, Hannah Stein. Mollie Kassln. Rebecca Golub, Rosalind Frankel, Miriam Horowitz, Clara Lu-bowttz, Gussia Shapiro, Rose Simon, Lillle Weiss. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 61. 1AG Dorothy Bader, Marlon Duffy, Barbara Germann, Lucy Hazel ton, Madeline Kapelsohn, Elsie Schaefer, Bessie Schvebel, Minnetta Wischerth. 3BB Charles Batten, Frank Cromey, Fred Fisher, Edward Doller.dorf. 3BG Stella Blake. Angelina Cavaluzzo, Alice Evans, Eleanor Gordon. Mela Kuck, Irene Noot, Annie Slstl, Hattle Smith, Helen Wichert, Helen Wilkinson. 3AM James Doreo, George French, Harold Fries, Florence Coretto, Mary Engel, Barbara Hartleb. Eva Hearsey, Marguerite Hellshorn, Kaee Lembo, Helen Maditz, Laura Noto, Liboria Pamilia, Alice Walker, Tessie Katz. 3AM2 Elizabeth Aemisegger, Edna Anderson, Rose De Grotola, Emma Kern, Josephine L'Bossi, Josephine Schuler, Anna Singer, Charles Storr. 2BB Harold Taylor, Herbert Goldberg, Frank Coretto, Thomas Clark. 2 UG Florence Meuller, Marlon Rosenberger, Clara Htoppenbach. 2AB Carl Heyser, Charles TJmbrlck, Harold Neill. Harold Wright, Carl Yunkes. 2AG lrma Eisner, Hazel Gamgee. Isabell Garritv, Helen Kennedy, Mary Messino, Florence Mohnkaupl, Anna Van Slclen, Frieda Knauf. IBB John Pilla, Robert Simpson, Dominick Scurzi. Arthur Stenson, William Walker, Samuel Kapelsohn. KBG Edna Aemisegger, Emma Bel fly, Oladys Bader, Frances Ciclvcki, Henrietta De Sandis. Cecelia Duffy. Florence Tannuzzi, Josephine Gradella. Mary lembo. Dorothea Laughton, Anna Pannullo Antoinette Stabile. Angela Tannuzzi, Rosalie Walahorlc. Leonora Wicks-man. 1AM Marlon Kranls, Frances Listing. Paul Salerno, Frank Stoppenbach, James McDermott. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 64. 8BB Jacob Aagew, Fred Buhrer, Hyman Durfman. Isidore Fergln, Abraham Goldberg. Otto Molfer, David Pollack. William Stengel. SUM Elmo SlaVlIng, Rose Klein. Jennie Litchtensteln, Frances Scheffer, Mary Sclmeca. SHG Alice Conlcy. May Corley, Mary Potls, N Hie Humbert, Lillian Dodson. Esther Durfman, Constance Rogers, Wilhelmlna Sellhast, Matilda Seeger. SARI William Stollmack. Robert Scott, Abrani Goldman. Frank Ray, Paul German, Elv Newton. Philip Steen, Isidore Ginsberg. RARE John Farrel, John Hochuli. 8 AG! Lillian Carinody. SAG!.' Agnes cnnklln. 7BB1 Philip Melchers, Louis Meltzer, James Roxby. 7BB2 Sidney Horowitz, Max Wick, Fred Lehn. 7BG2 Pearl Kronenbrg, Gert Mach Lach-lan. 7ABI George Keiber. Mandel Stern, Harry Faxvier, TABS Jacob Bauman, Tagy Berg, James Qulnlnn. 7AA2-Annie Donohue, Tlllle Nenner, Emma Wcnzel. 7AOS -Marie, Bnllcau. Miriam Foy. Rertha Goldman, Estelle Ryan, Jessie Wlllborg, Gladys Wray. (iBB2 George Barnet t, Abraham Cohen, Michael Catido, !ouis Likewise, Peter Reiner, Isidore Stottmack. fiBfil Gazclla Abramowltz. Mary Borman, Grace Rowe. fiBG2 Eleanor Archileno. Ottilia Newman. liABl Fred Plate. GAB2 William Kruse. fiAGI Elizabeth Leutchner. n 0' Evelvn Testut. May Waldhauer. r,BBI Rov Krouse, George Murray. SBM Mary Lordtno, Gillian Drolllnger, Beatrice Gull. 6BG1 Elsie Nenner, Madeline Ray, Annabelle RfiBG2 Cardlne A vena. Ruth Bolnlck, Elsa Hauser. Anna Scrpico. Edna Whltmarah. fiABl-W alter Marshall. RAGi Flora Abramson, Florence Popper. K r,n Charlotte Wolff, Hannah Aronsen. 4HRt Edwin Glantz, George Lehn, Angelo Russo. , . ,, , 4,BBn Max Reckholder, Abram Stollmack. 4BM WUIIam Becker, (Mamie Barucher, Jo sephine Schaefer, 4HH1 .laillul CG Sadie DIcksteIn, Julia Duschek, Edna Maynard, Evelyn McKvoy. 4AG1 Alma Durschlag, Mary Jones, Dorothy Rowe. 4A i S:I Dorothy lirller. Anna ration, Flrencs Rabinowiaji. Herbe Murph: Ender Violette Kiscl Mabm, Mai Schroeder, Adelaide Quick, nell DortJthy Werner. PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 69. 6B Solomon Shajdro. William Kane, Chris topher Mohrmann. Eugene King. Maude Lf stein. Rose Saks, Grace Teahan, Gertrud Eichler. ' BA Herman Beisner, James Angus, Josep Auslander, Charles Damato, Amelia Garbarin! Rita Saafleld, Helen Kuffner, Frances -Bach-enhlmer. ' 6B Alvah Ryerson. Christopher Mohrmanr Thomas Franklin, William Cameron. Gladyei Bennett, Tlllle Beisner. 6A Mildred Overacker, Isabel Overacker. ) 4 B Saul Block, Samuel Edelsteln, Ray mo1 Magnussen, Herbert Conselyea. Rertha Fried, man. Louisa Fischep. Bertha Goldberg. ' 4 A Ada Bishop. Martha Thompson, Belly Landau. 3B Paul Quinn. Robert Hunter. Ellen Robin son, Alice Hoasi. Vineenza Gramante. 3 A Raphael Montefusco. Joseph NatoV Agnes Block. Mary Brandlflna, Annie Edel stein, Bertha Ericson. VA John Ferrogairi, Walter Iooney, "Wllllai Sonneson. Agnes Cameron. IB M James Lee. Edward Grummersbach. f IB GMarga retta Godfrey, Eva Kempler. Id)' llan Schwettman. IE Rnpeo Quoglaurella. 1 2E Albert Anzeione, Philip Klug. Robei' Overacker, Adelia Cogswell. j PUBLIC SCHOOL NO. 70. SRG Lucy Acocella, Oatherlne Baldwll Rose Bauer. Fllomena Cafeiro, Anna Levlt Elizabeth Maurer, Sclina Schoenfeld, Beatric; Stark. SBB Fred Arnold, Harold Corcoran, Martin, Arnold Mosley, Thomas Stephen Sweeney. SAG Florence Bennett, Gertrude Clara Fensk, Helen Helnlein, Irene Karlsruher, Gertrude Nash. SAB Francis Horne, Edward Fletcher, Henr Blume, George Boyd. 7BG lrma Berry, Helen Dort, Marjorle Fo Ruth Glaublnger, Beatrice Glaubinger, Els Kraft. Martha Sorber. Marjorle Mills. Helei Moehring. Edith Parrott, Anna Streep, Edn; Tietlg, Emma Wolfer. 7BB Irving Campbell. Benjamin Powel Abraham Chemick, George Macy, Willian Pabst. 7AG Emma Beckman, Louise Cortelyoi Janet Gahagen, Edna Gnensch, Ethel Fe Helen Tyickwood, Anna Suther, Anna Persici Rose Surhow, Georgiana Wagner, Helen Ye' Lena Relsenberger. 7AB Frederick Borch, David Aeries. ' 6BMa Dorcas Travis. Domthy Martin, VIo. ! Kollock. Ethel Cortelyou, Violet Wood, Matv da Schnurr, Carol Smith. Marlon Vogle;? George Spalckhaver, Bromley Wiggins, Albe; Oraz, George Barrett. 6RM1 Rose Eklund, Dorothy Hopkins, Wll lam Merker Sidney Margulies. Fred Peyse; Hallett Ross. 6AM Lillian Anspach. Raymond Jacobs, Fre Werfelman. fiBM Norma Palmer. Hazel Smith. Ellzabei Connors, Edna Volgl, Ernest Anderson, Will lam Campbell. Adrian Donnelly, Walter SpalcM haver. Charles Riedel. 6AM2 tiorinse j-eyser, unve rrnen ijih-m. K AMI Domthv Buckley. Agnes Coughlir Cherille McCabe. Thomas Berry. Burton Car;; Franee Lvnch John Roberts. 4RM2-Clara SoufreB, Bessie Zeltler, Alexari der Moncher, Charles Miller, Henry Thels. 4BM1 Helen O'Neill, Laura Schleber, Laa rence Mahoney. iivfy Alma Greasier. Mildred Grapes. ! 4AM1 Elizabeth Gast, Dorothy Hecht, Mai ion Kingsbury. 3BM Margaret Corcoran. Sophie Gani. Emma Heuer. Marie Jansen, Genevieve Kinch loe. Wllma Philnott, Harry De Creny, Milto Handler. Leo Keily. 3BM1 Emma Barrett. Clara Malfarth, Hai He sehwab. Irene Tegler. Margaret Yeo, Llr eoln Christ "ph'r. Charies Burns, Wilbur Jut, gens. Herbert Wright. 3A.M2 Mildred Caparell, Hannah Freedmar Jeanette GoldntMn, Daniel Saeer. a v vi i Efa Fensh. Eva Greenspan. Evely Mommel, Gladys Nevins, Yetta Shlndelmaiij George Dittrlcn, itusseu Hawkins, want Teat me ye r. 2BM2 Virginia Smith, Helen Sennlg, Iren j Butt. Lillian Feldman. Gertrude Dillon, Raj niond Williams. 2BM1 Elolse Linton, Edna Meyer, Cath rlne Nash, Ruth Reiss, Ellen Rledell, Natht Canter. 2AM2 Mildred Bowman. May Bresee, Ale Ihnlels. William Aniberman, Otto HofTina Hanford Husted. Isidor Sholemson. 2AM1 Ethel Reisenburger, Dorris Capp Camilla Werner, Evelyn Sprlngmeyer, Els Holly, Minnie Krocmer, William Youn George Plercey. , , ' irui-MIi-Ipih Rosenblum. Hazel W eflr Irene Ebrlich, Gordon Emery, Clifford Seegn Fognne Nevins. . 1PM1 Flvrence CaparelL Lillian CulUmoi B

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