Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 10, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1942
Page 3
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NT A TTO Jtf CK^ D • • • • ' •' ~-• •-'••• • ' " ''- -' ''-V' ngi fogarty Clouting Apple " •' .. ___^ ,.__,„ ' . ' •K^hjl • High -Sohttol Nine . undei' ol 1 Muddy Dunn lia.s. oMtt.blod \\\.m lb' ' . . . luUo o'Vpr. tho thli'fr buKo assignment tVonv iVolilUHon 1 wlib" has' 1 Dociv U'ans- lY.rrocl to Iho'UoyHlono bag, Rudely H anolluu 1 ono of ohaps wlib by mstlon Vand ;v . through tho loiiguo. I'.HicUTy expects 1 to till Iho ,900 nwrU this season 1 . Th'fil 1 'M'unoy 1 dun' 1 'uro'uncl 'first IHIH'U Ik nemo' othmj . tlirtir tho vivacious Hay iiliinloluHlcl \vlio will doubtless LI ID .NauguLuoU advocates Hi 1.4 your with Ills play around th'o AYiolci Hilly Hoblnson, tlitil, oH- , V , in, narration site, " irli-y l> aM lo' (llHtrinl. drive lhu-1 [I pluocul i . 0'•'<•' I ,niuudHhould pro-U"" ' , rv punch lo'oarry 1 ' f '« roy- of; Muddy i.nmn, .-, P- . ',,, ,,,• urrav packn plenty of l "l n, • Inh HH well as " 'M tuko a lo'o'k Hlvo lu'yHlonu .snqKpr, HOOIIIS lo have iKMiomn.iiNod to tjio Naugatuok baseball ulmpHplioro and should be it 'iW'ri Ki'cat onmpnltfiv iSvcn U 1 ho hits ,2SO Ills consistent Inllolfl play will 1 make-up 1 for-his l<iok ol' power. . iiiwt but 1'ar from UiUHl, tho buck- 'bond of Iho iN'iuignluctc pitching stall .is none Ql'Udr Ihn'n'tho luistky "Aoo" OurotUi who .has roundud Into forth In preparedness 1 'for a-groat season on the hill, Aoo Is 'bubbling over w'llh oohlldunoo. ami 'would like nothing nV6r'e-thu\Vto \\\ln .15 games this'year! Aob' Is 'optimistic on that •count-ami'II |p probable ho could do 11 but' thut'B JittU off the record. •Augusta, Ga.; April 10— (UP)—-»»• Rimyuivu little. fe.llo\y. w(io,docsn!t drive; very l'ar v huj Is. deadly. ly, miss a- . . _— , prove to the 'big fellows- that. Jhis opening rajjmf. (17 /n Uio^Maslors gold 'touriuurionl-WAS • not" just' a of luck.-'' In'.any -oilier year .a l G7.>y6iild. i liavc. glvori' luinyu'n 1 , up -undisputed leaf!' 'but this ll'pip, his dye .under., pat' scorn'was matched'by-lanky Horton •Smllhi who has 'lirilshe'd so far down the list In the winter, tournu-. •monts that he; has almost escaped notice. . •• :v -'.-. / .'' • But although' Smith ' said' life' .hap no hopes' of winning 1 his third'Mas- tors ' ti llo—ho -won i t i n' 1WR : and 'J93G —RuliVan was' not.-fo modest.^ ""I don't see why 1 shouldn't kobirtillr- 1 ting them 1 well,", ho said, "and its about time for me to witv., "sbmo- t-hlng." ',•'•• ' '•','--..'"•' . •= rmnyan's- putting- yesterday wafc uncanny and .accounted-ior. his sub par round. ...'.' -V , . v' •> .'celebrated iya : b'y winning •ably more than his v weight^ ' moved' today i h to tiic ; - scpbncl phase pi 1 ' a campaign' lb dup'Hcaib, the J'piil'- : in platinum. Signer .'.Bduardo A|-; : caro,-. who won one KQiitucky : clei-b^ 1 wl lh' Lawri n . an'd' aribthei' v-wl t]i; ..Whirlawny, is heading .towards ,a •lh I I'd- with Devil' DlVeri: '. ' • : r Tlie 1942 turf ..scasorv^opOtfcd;; iv •^ou^Hetl .;t|ic:\1lVlfcin'.';^- c -:'V^^-W fa'' .'Saratoga-'- hopeful /foivli is- big stakp. ; : V i' 'it is 'noti'Vet 1 Rossi'blo^.i'd. detcr.- !l ?." ; Vri ; i«n ir nnv'if •nivni- is;.solid nheal 'mine it Dcyir/'Plycr.-is;.solid ;or .iust^'potalous. That-is 1 , because he hasn't xeljjccir.sent out v; for a race Jon.gojT .UiaiV "'ri'^pi'IiVl. :".]']& ^vill I ', l •••<_•_'••' : '• i V' ' »» .?ii'i .'^ ' K t /^ t» \ o m I TI n |u| ll^'t'l' W 'i«Ji" so Krink l will Whu ft» ll l-'ui'H, his lh , ,b al u high P , , ', mi lv Mook the ol(l ball ( on ve u ,i, m who ! ' " i • Y,, i H -, nuuillon Is batting hi -Uldle IH vo r harley Kovli, covorlHK the Tr.mi!ir^ fur U»« l-'olnyiuun al- "tl"' 1 !'^ 11 ! 1 !;.. 1 ha|| wh( , n ),|H tiHh ; Cnhip Notes <. • ' Tho I'G'giiUu'H' (lofnat'ncl Iho Kixiis' In' quih'p t.lio ibll.ioiv day. to tho Uin'o'oM>0, Clifti'loy 'Kogarly basli- od out two circuit drives which made Ihp boys look on with awe as ho rounded tho sack's, • Charley fjvUlorilly llkos that "Hank Oi'oon- .boi'tf move" to Cho ouUlolcl whord ho has become, an overnight, 'slugger.. Al Schiller also received a case ot LH'obupy' by simulating .Kogurty at Uio 'bat with a home 'run wallop, Aoo Durotlo made' his final exhibition start before, the. opening. ol' the Hoason as lie tolled for. the winners, hhaHey.Kcvlt worked for'.- Iho 'completely outclassed yannlgans, The hoys' had an open date yos'tcr- c'tnY • iHHWiiHO oT snow i'lurrles, bo- llovo ll-or not/ It Is tho typical Now Kngland weather, sweat one day and fi'oow Hie next. 1 don't want' Lo give ' ' they ai-o de'dnltel-y on-the, warm side 1 as the : 6p'nning of Ihe^/campalgn • loqins jusl arountl the. corner.. : .' T!cket's'fbrMlic'ls T dugtxtuck gawcs 'may bo s'ecurpd .at; the Naugatuck high scliool ori'lce; or at Ihe 1 Rccrea- .tlbn'.ne'Ul 'office/Yes v 'fans, .there s nothing'' lik'c getUng >'pur' cluoala- In nf'tvnimn livbrder' lo : watch' the.base- New York and- Kentucky -yesl. v f , nil-oiice again the signer' was:the' o u r-s lar. a ttrac ti on, AVh'i I e- .the 1 ; e"!ife|- - rn horse lov'ers'l'bund little except (5 mi'c relicf at "Janiaica, the,• hai d.; D0b't boy's- who' thrbnged' theMrim vceneland" course atr 1 Lexingtoir vatclfc'd'Ar'carp talio a long, leap to- vards the race 'bt''. the roses., • '• ,lust a few' minutes after, he climbed Into the saddlci the king of Ihb latlon's' jockeys whbopocl:/his ncv>;- cst'bnby honie fo : air .exciting:'lri,- umplV in' the .$2,000' Phoenix.handi- cap. 'Among 1 the h'orses- Devil .-Diver defeated In this first start', of, njfe thVo.e-year-oId career . were . the co- favorite in. the derby future ( l)ooks, i5uh Again, aiid^bld.tii'a'n 1 WHirhiwaV baU'edition'of those .nevcr-say-die OrcyHbunds; as they , go marching ' ' ' along to' .yictory'i ( . " •= ./. .....' This Is' your'Naugatuck. correspon- cient' saying gpo'd'.'bye; for ; awhilt . : •. _ r •. ' » ' ' _ . _ . . '^ «, r\ v\ rt it I M i . j but Til be seeing you . on ...opening day out in the sunny section (rign •Held' bleachers)- with ,a, hot; dog; a hottlc of-.pop, .a bag ofj^canuts anc ',a fond hope'bf taking ,Jn, one o . F o ga V ty ( s lib i ii p i; ii n d r 1 v es . ( i o r a .mciiiorablc sbuvonli 1 . , . ;, get' u-"'bjia}ip;-'tq : . : pioyc' his stamna ; i'n <: the 'Biiie 'Grass "slakc's s 6n .April ' v - '. rect ui i he v answer to' that $32'(iudstion he will L^eape Flag Untied Press Sports Writer Thinks to Finish Likely to' Louisville -''for' the. can ,ro.ll; 'on ^aliow. 1 ,.••-.••• ."' :•, '; ; • -If- '-there.., ;is' ; "' a.'. ;start hiin/r 1 " '~ -is/i ..„ liblhjngv ,, 5A)/ 20; % he-, has earned ,,more than $200', 00(1 'Las t sen so i-j'; ; h c whs. gr o u nd- tljree inontlis, yet he won Ten per cent of .tlie sum Ed 1 to r's Note: G e o rge K i rksoy, United Pr.&s"'baseball writer, liortr with makesV'his annual forecast on -the NationKrleague race. Last yetu he predicted"'the Yankees Ir -.-, , in the AmetMcan league nic down ,that,glpry thclr R ub$eqiienl world series' The, Italian .boy 1)0ry; His ,js a iional league choice, tlie Hods, raif tliird.' „. ' . ncko, -bort, White, Lanier, Pollol, Oum, Lohrman, Sboun and Krlsl represent one of the bast all-round :/)il'cli{iis .si.nJTs' in baseball. \Vilh : fivc loftios on tbclr sliiiff, ihti'Carafs to ecr- for ; ,. ' . .. . I i e kept,.- as -co in iVi 1 ss.l on, , wii S c>b you a-^tip as;' lo: why be hustles. Arcarons'.lycst" known for 1 stccr- thc \Vi.ld' bul',wonderful Whirl- . ihls New Yo,Dr~ glorious" Bums ^Bvooklyn have haci their "claV Tlicy'll* have to come (I Q Wn o-Jt'lh^^ailb^arlGague. throne L1 ls sc ^ 0 n antV^iiiiike'.wny, l.qr tuo . • •• .-. ,.,..•. . v ^ , 1 Tlie v.fctdry was mcmprablc . ana QVGrshaa6wecr every thlng.;else : that li a p pe n'ricT 1 i n . tl'i e ' ' racl h'g- . dy r i n)j;;.in o cla'V: The Irack was deep .in" mu'd ; anU " Wlirla\yay "and favored, bul/ hig-the \Vild; bul'wonderful V/.-hirl- . ihls SC a^ 0 n antV^ijiiike\>vny, lor iny away thr'o.iiglV'tlVe mysteries, of the st ljOU i^Gardinals—a'frisky, snjasn- derby,' Preakness • an d Belmont nuo ^]i,ig. gang' iipbued. with; ''•tney stakes:; bui^ actually be'- has done can '[, isok'-us 1 ' spirit.'" f.':';'•;. ^ ". . 1 I V l^ JWII/JV.O W i 1 w* .» v * • • »-• in » - * j -..-_ --- , .have. 1'hc -bosf southpaw group l.Vi'glfihnmler Mori. Cooper, who' ,l,"o take time out for an arm operation "in'sV-s'eason,' 3s the man lo .wa'lcli: ! 'Hc look's like a v " sure "20- ttmc \yhincr; "''''-. ' . . ' BroolOyin may not be ;ible' lb. save, second place 1 . Th'e n\o.<fs, •'who- from world's 'champs....») to their la'sl, son son, are likely 1,6 hit live coivie-fotfel? I rail, and finish second! ^Cincinnati's 1 pitching bM.ill must be raled baseball', \VaHers, Derringer, Vnntior Meor, Riddle, Thompson, Moore and the surprise•'vct'eran-rooklo" SIarr, will the Rc'ds 'ujv close, three Collier changes 'may lielp Gincinnati— Herald Walker, houjr-lil .'from Cleveland, to piny left 1 field, Vlo'llle Hpmsley behind the bat and considerably-'-'Jiv6 r-e them that.- he Cards' still- think : t!icx;l)rtcl:-tli.o '- hen FJamingp'ah'cV. $50,000.•I Bddie Is smart, - : ; quick arid*' 1 dar 1 - A ti v \J i uv.11 tj ^^ *' * * * *** *•*• • .•_; --.-j-- . ;. ..-"jii Diver on- top aiicl .kbpt-lxlin. there; all the way. Wiili'lawny/y.b'oomccr up fast at 'the end, but'.the. Gjreciitree. youngster, hc'lci>n gamely ,£frid 'won- by'a Head; \ "' ' .;',..,-,'1^.;^ "\.. : ^•: What 'did' he"prqVe?' Well, Ire, d-sr closefJ t-hut'b'o v was n't and that'he has successfully briUgcd:' the^.awej, s'Knih ^an between a'ho'ra'c's.'W.p and lie hn's ;iri uiicahhy knacK'.oi: sld him i rig 'into 7 holes so' small 'that 'you^e'an Hardly^ see- them,,' Ho hns sia.ll '.-ati'd • he'-has th'e make Uie best,po'ssible,. use';• of his skill. :.Rlght\ndw; Wicy'^re calling him another Sarnie,- 'but -.the .dcs'- voic'ed by ' Bbs.ton, ' prll 10-'(-yP)-The ;BO& tbii Braves wcre t schedulnd . ior^ lonA 1 pi'actico session todhy in 1 P'*e.., slU uu u, t , ••"••, prir?Wbn -'for their'cl't:y ; -series with 1 specifically, H,' has bee the Red Sox Saturday and Sunday.. Twenty Grand'was the - ——.,— ,'t~- r. ••? nn.v onh'v and ho had .weathe hot, and cold because Real Estate For Sale Announcements PLANT AV10TOEY OAEDEN /o soil Vig'oro, all grades o; : irUllzors, lime, hydrated lawn and garden seeds, tULIABLE GRAIN AND FUEL 00, oal - Ooko — Fuel Oils. — 1 Grains ' , HOhuroh St, Teh 3076 ONM OK Tm</^AlVai3ST \S N CJONN, N'PIRIO -^TATKS-- PO'R. DEAL- 01 ) SILVBIV JEWKLI\Y, SADDLS, FOH SAtE—NHW 5-room one-family hbiusc, all' modern improvements. Lot 120x120. Located on west s do of town, • For quick sale, price only $6,203,-Also 0-room modern • ono-famlly., house '-'••'""" «^- sbmc : gap between , throc-y car-old careers. He also dropped'a 1 coiiple'of pbintsM'rom Uie 10-1 vanKSng ha was' t'endered Avheii /the future -books' opened. Similar i}, 'Sun Again rose a few'notches/Ir.onj .his 5-ir which ho held along--with :Alsab. ' ' ' , •••'-., 'MA It has' been a ' long, long/while pi'o since a Whitney won, thc t derby.. been 10/ years;, last.. Whit; ncy -entry and ho had two points in ; common with Devil Diver, was bred by the same sire,. SI; 1 , fm-ans, ;iiid he flew'the, colors of '.the 'same branch ;0f the\: : familyr , M I'M; H. P,' Wh i Intjy, owner •o'i-v-tn e .powerful G reentree stable. . ; : Yoir may remember this Bcyil. ;Divor. liasl your he. was one of the best juveniles on thc.Atlantic^coast;. Ho ran 20 times, ho never" finished out of the money, -and- he earned $65,859-1110 . th'ird biggest sum 'won by a b.orse ,of, his age,., With ..the '" ' ,-Arcai'o,, abpard^.he rip lion ;.I like! bes'l- d SS'rll lmowh : ; trainer. "Eddie ' is primarily a money jockey;" he said.- "He. rides-well lit all. times, but he pldes bctte-r ( afe |,hc purses got bigger. . In fact, If ydu ; niake : the. piir'se -big', enough, Eddlb will win' i I/ -if ; ;}ic has-.t'o' pifck his -horse up, •'Ihrow' him over ( his shoulder and', .ca'rry him ;< all 1 the 'a;y 'down- tlie'-stretch. n _ f- Jval Goodman stipes ,a- c< rin'hl field,' tjicl' Reds can Mfelli'j •"•.,'..,.* . -y. ... •. •',.•' be counted serious contenders', •. Tho. Dodger's, will 1 ' be "far iV'oin Kislib\ ; crs but nhnurty : tjvclr. uck charm scorns d man have just been treated- at Johns Hopkins hospital for ailing,. backs, Pcle Rdlscr v National leagi.K'. balling champipiV has been re- ; olnssified-i-X' •ICven/'pvUftl loss oC. anyV : on<j'. of' these' -Mtiy* -mqn wpul<» i'tiuVl'-mo' Dodgers' plenty.- 1 ; : : )3rookiyn, 'ait|ibugh .it /stU'i •romondoim UilUnV 4 . nowfi'v malch eilhcr CJh'oinnutl^oi^St. I hi pitching, l^our' of.;/,UV6: .Dodger pilchers are old 1 men, -a's, pilchers; FH/.s!mmon& is v \^.;-'Johnny- Allen 36,-Oun navis anv;^ nvw 1 :- Froni'.h 31' Any or uU> might : go al the same time. Bvcn \N v hil WynU. who'won 22 games last-season, is coming on to :n and rtilfclil not b) able lo" % carry tho burcVe)i.lic <lt(t a v ' Kirby Hig^e-s •Rookie Bcrl. tb x ' bolster Columbus ^v^^uHaas fi§ur ft o feble Reds' attnck. . Ibis s'pring also lias D;CC> far irom; ' . ^ ,«„ nty of pow- encouraging- Tho Pirnles, with p, er are nevGrUVo.less bi the mark class. They mAvo. no staiv-, outpilcbev an^d tbe left side of the liifltilft'- - vviln -Po^.-'-Cosoarart at-. short and the convorlotl, outf older rtellnuc " . ]y "a problem, privcd them „.,-.. ^- h . for all of but live days-, of Ih.c season! St. Louis'has a better ba I club this season. Jl : has speed, ;pi.lcshins,. balance and strong reserve.'strength.,| I ir nardinals-IVave any weak-, if the Cardinals- ness, it's 'lack of' lbh'g ; distance" jujrao, i u u ....~-- i7 -- . . \j ., punch..But they'may not need Inal..To overcome tlie. loss, ot" MIKC and Padgett, the Gai-as haVe aMdcd;.'speod> 1 ° V ,.. ,..«.. ,A «V,n »< n . ,np,k. consistency; " Btahcl by, t'6r : 'tlie plati hum .short' ''' " age. KNOCKOUT • Fall"Hiver, .Mass., April 10—(UP) —Dave '('.Golclcn ' : Bqy) ,Andrews of Lqxv'ell, '19/ji'..nalioniil' ama'teiir wcl- ; te'rweight' boxing. ; champion, . .suffered' d sligiitoyraMh; concussion last night' ;in -.losing; .by .;,a 'technical • k'noclcput tovy.biingv,By.i\pn 9^• j3.9.slQn .••^••"•iu^'''^Sv'» 1 iV.''nn'nnrr .Qf d-.. 10-TOUlld unci cunsisuuiujj.'. ^« i ". ..:..;<,;.•,. They' have six": .300 bitters .m; their batting order: The-' Cards; never; won ; a pennant with Ato playing., HrAV] and insiders think, tl^at' they 11, be uetter off with'out' him/ Th;e Cards J will opoii'u'p with ,l\yo rqpKies in, the regular lineup-Stan Musml In Jcfl II eld • Ahd'Hay- Sanders at fhbl,.| If cither fa'ils^ .fohnnV, HoplV'v^V hit .303 lfisi:;'year; will; take ovcv. • Tbb tip-off on-the" strength of the,i Cards' is the fact that they nviy. be ( able to keep a man rts fast and able Ss llopp on the bcnclil; The .Cards 1 jnlleld is high; class:., regardless ot who pays Hrst. Orespi and Marion | with a year's experience umlu , their belts, nifty be the leagues best Kcvstone combination. ; I'iul the Cards' main;.strength Mies in their pitching. II- .is --.not only -ood but it's deep.' Cooper, War-. including flro . Gurago; large lot'; Price ?b,150. Sboplcy. Telephone W33, RADIO SERVICE; . -MONK »Y KXI»K«TS— ''-.' AM. AVOHK (JUAHANTMKD,- OTINK ELECTRIC CO/ 8 Ohuvoh Street CO'il't'op Prompt 'NICW I1AVBN, F011 SALIS-Elfilit. roo'"' Iwo-fnin- lly house, practically new,, latest improvements, also 2-oar garage, monthly incdm'e $80, Located in Swede Hill ••Section,.. reasonable price. Also a 10-room . 2-famljy house located -on- North ; .;;Main street, Union City, across from St. Mary's church. If .you" "want' to buy or soil, sce.rPatsy Labrlola, Realtor, 172. 3^58., Motal OeiilngB fi I.pndprfl, Tinnlnrii Hooflnp flfid I'u rn n co Work, JAMES BAKER Tplophonn 2555 Hi; . Nt\tiurtti»€k, Employment Women Wnnloti Ilrrs5< or wallo over -.ii and (ixporlonuod, Kull P'u-l Uini'. IMiuiHunt work, Ad- H-» iiox "i; 11 In euro of Tim Hy NI.-WS. ' /i-Uldilx. Merchandise A ffiMPLKTW STOCK OF ELECTRIC RANGES ^r^s^a^w'fe Ai''Hi>1«s'' WriiiUid- iV Kuy. ):iwo 'iron SAljK—'tnnfc lot, ' nlioiil: J ; wp Horca ^located In. -Millvllle. H Igli)Y sultfiblo. 1 forj'sevoral' buikJng )Y . lo la, Apply Mrs. John Mlllvlllo, ..tclcphon'o../i038. • Wcb^r, rnil.s, five im- r> nio Homo of Quality It'iirnilLiro ' At I{air.Prici)- :; -"- '" ROOMS -; $198,50^ TnbtoH, hrow otu, of ;'" ''Xf'i'( ( ll(i(iHl vaiun ul, u miV- L |f) you whh'ii \v»j rmnnol ho "I 1 ""!!" iiKaln thin yruu 1 " QV |>i " |; 'i>v a vrui 1 lo conin, ' |M-iy I).- Sfi-u Day or Kvo. ul ALi: j ,ERTVS . ''Ii Main St. .NVulorbur, \ t Uf»Mi|)|i-l.f. Slonlt. Ol 1 , . PW GAS RANGES f»r linini'iilnln dnllvory I MKSTir, APPLIANOK AUK l».\VI-Nn KUDM SINMiKU DIIOP MAdlllNKS .>V.HiiUMl,'lo Itoruloy ^Qi'vico 6(1 I'b' iil'JN'I'-rI'Sn-nlHlM'-d room nooplo. Apply at'^00 boo. for JO ,, M •SM-E^ln:«««o«»' ,, rooms and sun parlor. .A' 1 provements; 2 < oar garage. Gen- inniiv in^'n'loLl In A-l condition. Kor qulSk liaji, Prloo only $2800, A.^Sheple^ Tel. 2433. HCM»! "Bstnlc VV«»l«(l •' New ; York, '.April' ,., , _-,... - . , Doylo, tli'e bespectacled Broadway; odcis-rnalter who will s'YP^S;^ price on anything from lurllq;i;atJes Lo President 1 . Roosevelt's. lO-W.^re: .clbctioh, established the New -\ Yankees arid-'the SI. L*""*™***- "tlay'as favoriles in the '•'nb'iiriant I'accs, ,' 'The little irishman, wIio-ji.gui'us •'o'dfls on everyth1ng.j3ut)iors5.rac^s^ jjelleves' the ,\vliole Ppenlng; ,: ; ;Jino may' be' upscl by ''thc.war .efi.Qi:t ; ,unci 'that despite I'll e war ;there. : ^yni-np 'obhsiderablc'..w'a'ger]ng. ........: .-,- • "The uncertainty'of the whole..B .1- uatiori adds to thojuro," saicI'Doye > \vlVo has ^een.quoting.-penn.anl raoc ocfcls for 1 approximately.-;/^; years. ; i iyiy qp'ening 'line'for.; instance may, be shifted 1 conslciorably \y.illT\n'^'-P w ' days ai'tei-' the season ..^ans-...Aiujr all the"pubric ; 'makes tho 'prices and. lo odds I think^should^prcvcu ; f be changed by the amount ot. ESTABLISHED 1885 Wari'« to Sell? . ..' ": Wo have prospects desirous of-buy- ng homes 'I'n : Middlcbury '.arid Vicimty . if you 'do, call us, at onco— ma money yet. WILL FlbllT' TONIGin:':'. Boston, April 10-(U P)-fCons . Guardsman Willie Wembcrg o , Chelsea, New England;, heavy we[Ight and Clarence '(Red) Bur- of Baltiniore, protege of Jack •Oompsoy, clash; at 'Boston .Qarden •tnniiz-iit in the feature bout pi * •fH66 g Sho*:Wp-;iO,OOp ioldloP8,:j.all- v b'rs and marines. "'" '_ 1 _^ u ^____ 11 ild» er lo * Di'al 33 jjcnvcnworth St., 'al ;3-.lli>i'-,Watcrbury FENSE': 1 ^ wlrf Htroct, Kll SL Apply on promises, DAILY and !'.;'. LamliVk,fambVifiy6ar'round >veigJit : , wear and weather re- sieiant fle'ccc-topcoat' etylod for ymi witli' 1 ^ 'military air. Button through and fly front rnodelfi fealiirSd in rtcw gliades' of Soldier Brown de- signed for "rigliolrcsa" with all 'of your'guitis. Get; a'Lam 1 - Bak today^—wear it the whole vcar'ihroiigh.'. , ,(^ f ^t\1,,^V -.••^s-vr.hy"...''.^'.-'-^.^' • •-•••- t! i:!^^nW' w >.'• '.i^m.-^^- : > --, : v^- LET'S LOAF ... . RUBINS Irt a Gabardine oi 4 Wool Loafer Coat , ,Priee<i at , ,*\ % '^ y> "' C ^ *.'**& &£l 1 At \\ >Xk ^^vv^BRflB / ' llf W P *tW i«3 v-*::.-:>:<: ^i i*^ r^i P£? •'Aty'ii;^ tm ..SWEATERS: Slacks ;$3t.Wto i ^ '; • ' ill m mm mm m& m ii,i II in SHIRTS and SOCKS Upi Your Leisiire •-•-j-*^B ^••••Tv.v'.vM ijStfrJt -: s .:::::-::: :::=a £&&$& (#&$&# '"$$$ &&\ **&m ($*&*H e>:<«"«c.:i»s; to mt&%?m f(*y: **•• '- f i:<* g>^-, ^ &s&^ •^ #M m*

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