Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 29, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1897
Page 24
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DAILY PHAROS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 28. 1897. _ GITY NRW3. Bead our new story. Louis A. Elchhora Is visiting at Bluffton. MUs Kate Strecker Is visiting at South Bend. John Hoffman is down from Chl- eigo visit log hi* mother. Born to Mr and Mrs. Dinlel Den nehey, of Washington street, a son George Carter, colored, returns today Irom a business trip to Indian spoils. Mrs. John Dobbs of Kok:moi3i guest ol Mrs. Al Deweeae, on Mlam street. Miss Gertrude Dolao Is entertain log Miss Frances Kussell, of La rayette. Farce In one act. No cure no pay at, the G. A, R. hall Dec. 3lst and Jan. 1st. Try McHale's for a pure drink o McBrayer, seven years old, 108 per cent proof. Up to last evening the drill ID the Burnett oil well had reached a depth of thirty feet. Thomas Roth, driver of one of G Strecker's bakery wagons, spent the day In Montlcello. Earl Chappelow, advertising manager of the Galesburg (Ills.) Mail, Is visiting ID the city. Courtlag of Mother Soose at the <J. A, R. hall Friday and Saturday. Admission 10 and 15 cents. Pr»f. F. M. Spraker Is at Indianapolis attending the meeting of the State Teachers' association, George Peters, whose left leg was brokep between the knee and hip, Is able to walk about on crutches. Grand ball Friday night, New Year's eve, at Dolan & McHale's hall, by the Eaitond Pleasure club. Mrs. C. O. EefBey returned yesterday from Indianapolis where uhe visited her sitter, Mrs. W. D. Pratt. The Indiana historical society will meet in its rooms a't the state capitol Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Herman Schmitt, of Danville.Ills., Is In the city today. He came to attend the funeral of his nephew, Otto K'raut. Mrs. Christina Sb.ea, of Indianapolis, is in the city visiting her mother, Mrs. Anna Peters, on Nortn Sixth street. The Westside Pleasure club ancl their friends will dance at Dolan & McHale's hall on Monday evening. Tickets 50 cents. Frank Hasson, wife and SOD, Howard, of Louisiana, are visiting Mr. H.'a sister, Mrs, J. H. Walter, on eaot North street. Dr. W. R Francis and wife, o Marion, who ware visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hagen back, returned home yesterday. The Epworth leagues of this city held the third of their series of meet ings last evening at the Wheatland •treet H. E church. It was well attended. Little Myrtle Walter, of Columbus, O., daughter of John Walter, is In the city visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Walter, ol the Eas tend. Mr. Dwyer, who recently sold the saloon at the corner of Third and Broadway, hau removed with his family back to their old home at Charleston, Ills, New decorations and paper are being placed on the celling and sidewalls of the county surveyor's office, much to the delight of the bosci, Harry Troutman. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Gross of the Weatalde are entertaining as their guests Mrs. Hairy Williams of Chica go and Miss Amelia Scheiblen of Huntlngton, sisters of the hostess. An entertainment will be given at theG. A. R hall by St. Mary's and St. Cecilia's guilds on Friday evening at S o'clock and Saturday afternoon at 2, Admission 10 and 15 cents. The Golden Rule dry goods store was closed this afternoon on account of the funeral of Otto Kraut, nephew of Mr. Heronn Schraltt, one oj the proprietors, aud Mr. E. Schmitt, the manager. Attorney Q. A. Myers is at Indianapolis attending a meeting of the Indiana Library association. He delivered an address before the association yesterday, his subject being "The Responsibility of the Trustee to the Library." Holy Innocents' day was observed kt Trinity Eptscopil church last evening by the giving of a Christmas treat for the children. There was a large attendance and the distribution of presents from the Christmas tree gate great pleasure to the little ones. Idavllle Observer: "Joe Hall, of Logansport, Is visiting his parents.. Mrs. Wilbur Swartz, of Log»n«port, it the guest of Mrs. B. E. Mo Oully Clarence Wilson came down from Logansport, where he Is attend- icg school, to pass the vacation at home Mrs. Charles Dalzeli is -visiting rtUUves la the vicinity of Logansport." I WHO WILL GET IT? Is (.'ongmsnmn Steele Confronted Wit a Pcstofflc* War.' He Stands by Both Snrejer Bot Other Fellows are Dissatisfied, tn Congressman Steels bas rtcom mended the appointment of HOD. A R. Shroyer for postmaster to eucceed Mr. Hanawalt. Tne present post master's term expires in February An effort is now being made to de feat the appointment of Sbroyer. H has been sick lor some timi and the other aspirants fo the position are trying to con vicce Congressman Steele that Sbroy sr Is physically incapacitated am' will not be able to perform the dutie: of the office. Chairman Powell o the Republican central committee has strenuously opposed the appoint ment ot Shroyer.. He want Sol D. Brandt,, who gesticulated so gracefully while singing sound money songs, appointed, Bat men like Ben Keesling, Capt A. H. Hardy, J. T, Elliott and others have more InflU' ence with Major Steele than Dr. Powell and 'Billy Wilson. Major Steele Is more liberal in his ideas than Dr. Powell or Mr. Wilson. Steele plays poker and drinks good liquor while Dr. Powell never tasted the sweets of either. It is learned from unquestioned sources that Major Stetle wanted the Influence of ex- Sheriff Adams in future campaigns and his recommendation for the appointment of Shroyer was coupled with the demand that Adams be made deputy postmaster. This the rienda of Mr. Shroyer consented to, and if Mr. Shroyer Is made postmaster, Mr. Adams will be his deputy. Mr. Shroyer is afflicted with a physical ailment, from which he irecovers lowly. The other fellows who want the office are telling Congressman Steele that Ihroyer will ne.ver get well and that somebody else ought to be appointed. Dave Bender, a.mighty ood fellow, who ran for county clerk a few years ago, wants the office, and Your Uocle JDaniel Tomllnson would gree to serve another term in such Capacity if Mr. Steele wants an ex- lerienced and capable man to have barge of the office. To a man up a ree, looking down over the hands held by the men In the game, tt would seem that next to Shroyer, the man from Galveston—the late sheriff —holds the best band. YERi: FDNM' 'ffhat the days the Latest Comedy Snccesie, ' Happened to Jones." 'What Happened to Jones,' latest comedy success in these of municipal upheaval, wars and tariff results Is a good aatidote for tboaght. Broadhurst's capital farce, which had a three months' run at the Bijou theatre, New York, and comes with Its splendid cast to the opera house, Thursday evening, Dec. 30th, is described by a well-known metropolitan writer as an IS-karat comedy without a Haw. The company Includes, such clever players as George C, Boolface, jr,, George Ober, Wm. Bernard, Reuben Fox, J. W. Cope, Cecil Kingston, Harry Rose, Anna Belmont, Kathryn Osterman, Mattle Ferguson, Florence Robinson, Mrs. E. A. Eberle and Rose Stuart. Booi- fe.ce handles the lines and actions of Jones with a humor and fineness that) makes the part a delight. THE FIRST "8MOEER" Pronounced a Success by AH Who Participated. When Charles B. Stevenson was chosen president of tbe Pottowac- tomie club he conceived the idea of holding occasional meetings, at wh'ch topics of a character should be informally discussed, in which, all members of the dab would likely be interested. These meetings are to be known by the original and novel name of "smokers." Each member of the club is expected to attend and bring with him one Invited guest. Tbe first "smoker" was held at the club rooms last night and was attended by nearly the full membership of the club and many invited guests. It; was an informal a'lair throughout, in wblch business cares were forgotten and the entire evening devoted to social enjoyment. At 9 o'clock the assemblage was called to order by President Stevenson, who stated the purposes of the club In auguratiog the smokers, and called upon B, F. Loutbain to introduce the discussion of tbe topic of the evening, "The Present Commercial Condition of Logansport." He was followed by Dr. M. A. Jordan, E. B. McConneli, Dr. C, L. Thomas, J. T. McNary, HOD Peter Walrath and Walter A Osmer. Hon, Rufus Magee closed the discussion tiabrief review of the commercial progress of Logansport in tbe past quarter of a century, and presented many valuable suggestions as to the methods to be employed In bettering commercial conditions. Tne remainder of the evening was spent in social enjoyments. ALL REMAINING -HOLIDAY GOODS- To be Sold Regardless of Cost. CHICAGO MlRKt'CS al: Notice. The Ladles of the G. A. R. will be entertained at the home ot Mrs Earl Stewart, corner of Fourth and Canal streets, Wednesday evening, Dec. 29th. A donation, and holiday offering will be on the programme. Members are cordially requested to be present. It Is requested that all who desire will wear masks.—President. Do Ion Want to Do Q<K<1.' Will some of our citizens, who are looking for an opportunity to do good, please send some clothing for the poor children who attend! our Sunday school, many of these little folks have no shoes, and clothing of aoy kind will be very much appreciated and acknowledged—Captain and Mrs. Murphy, 3U Third street. Received Dally by W. W. Mllner, 6. A. B. Building. Chicago, Dec. 29, 1897. Wheat— For Dei;, opened. 99c; high, 99c; krw, 96Jc; closed, 96}c. Wheat—May, oriened 94J@94c: higl»i 9*lc; low, 92|-c; closed, 92fc. Corn—For May, opened, 30J.@30c; high, 30ic; low, 29fc; closed, 29Jo b. Oata—May opened, 23j-c; high, 2He ow, 23Jc; closed, 22fc. Pork—May opened, US.87; high, —; low, —; closed, 19 00. Hogs—Market opened 5c lower; losed steadier. Receipts of bogs, 1,000; estimated tomorrow, 35,000 iead. Mixed, I3.32@3.52; heavy, 3.37@I3.50; rough, $3.25@3.30; ight, 83.30@I3,47. * Calls, 92-91J-91f-jRc; puts, 93f- -93J-*c; curb, 92f-Jc. THE GOLDEN RULE. The Girl From Paris. One of the largest audiences of the gjason witnessed and enjoyed the presentation of "The Girl From Paris" at Dolan's theatre last night. A description of the big burlesque is out of the question. In a few words, it is simply a conglomeration of highly amusing absurdities, each with a decidedly French flavor. The company is one of the strongest that has ever appeared bjfore a Logaasport acidieace'. Logan Lodge, I. 0. u. F., Officers. Logan lodge, No. 40, Odd" Fellows, has elected the following officers: N. G.—L. G. Hanna. V. G.—A. L. Merritt. Sec.—E. E. Williams. Fin. Sec.—C. D. Rerrick. Treas.—John Hawkins. Trustees—John E. Barnes, George R. Valle, William Cassube. AS TO THEATEES. l)r. Hunter Says AH That is Needed is Discrimination. Rev. R, V. Hunter,of Indianapolis, appears to have struck the nail on the head! in a sermon delivered by him ihere Sunday. He says: "As to attending theaters,! am persuaded that the word we want Is discrimination. We should discriminate between those which are cunt on a low plane and those which'are works of real merit and acted in decent garb and manner. A bad novel is an evil thing. We must discriminate in our reading, eating,, associations, everywhere. The same rule applies to our amusemeatj. All Intelligent people agree now that It is proper and healthful to read aa expurgated copy of Shakespeare. Is it any worse to see a chaste exhibition of those plays. GEE=WHIZ! That's what the man said when his laundry came home yellow, orn and faded. Then he concluded to try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned as white as snow ancl without being torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wagon 'Stop for your work. THR TAILxOR Can Suit You in Style and Prices. * Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAJR.CHICAGO, 1893 issault and Batter j. "Buck" Finu, proprietor ot the sa loon at tbe south cod of the Third street bridge over Eel river, plead guilty this morning in the mayor's court to the charge of assault and battery preferred by Patrick Healy, residing south of the city, acd paid a fine of 15 and costs. The assault occurred on Market street about o'clock last evening. Dr. Hermann dressed Healy's injury, which consisted of a gash on the forehead. Healy then told his troubles to the police sind was locked up. Later, when Finn was taken into custody, Healy identified him as his assailant. It is said that, although he had plenty of money, Healy refused to pay Dr. Hermann for dressing the wound on his head. Tolanteers of America. A grand jabiiea will be conducted this evening at the Volunteers' mission on Third street, at 7:30. New S3ngs, duets, quartets, and instrumental music will be a special feature. A. pleasant time promised to all who attend. Admission free. Lo- S»tic8. Only members of Menisee and gan Councils and their families will be admitted to social given this evening by Menlsee Council, No. 66, D. of P.—Alice Jackson, K. of B. Innice Bwtkf, Ledgers, Jmnuk, Cash, day, copying books and all stationer's supplies.—Longwell & Cummings, Masonic temple. // Ifou Want lc?J)& inlthe Swim You had better le HOOLEY —Mttke Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat He will Fit You Whe* all others fail. HOLIDAY Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippersfever shown in the city. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green,red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. i FALL AND 5 I; Winter Woolens, j The most complete assortment of Up-to-datcl Fabrics; in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and in| fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. F- Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, \ Annual Gas Rates A RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themselres of the Ancual Rate, commencing December 1st ,can do so by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. Talky Gas Co, THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ...FOR . . . Dysp.psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney CooipUiiftt, Shenmatism, Kenralgia, Catarrh, Kerrcns Debility, Sick LOBS of Appetite, Blotches, Pimplee. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rhenm, Eczema, "Weak Back, Fer« Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of tb Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO NEW YORK.

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