The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York on April 10, 1930 · 8
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The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York · 8

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1930
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STANDARD UNION THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1930. pLfepoods WW iU. WW ,:. t v- ve r I ' "I ISLE KINGDOM IS PUT OH SALE JUSTOFFU.S. Paradise for the T. B. M. It Sixteeli Miles From Carolina Coast ' That there exist In these democratic United States spots, where man can. If he so wUls make his own laws, fly his own flg and be .truly monarch of all h surveys, ' is revealed by a unique "ad In the magazine Fortune announcing an 'Island Kingdom' for sale off Atlantic Coast sixteen m!l?s Irom Charleston. South Carolina." - The Udy little .principality is - Dewees Island, the throne of which Coulter Huyler of candy fame said to contemplate abdicating not to give up his regal ways but merely to assume Immediate suzerainty over-Capers Island, a short distance to the north. Dewees Island, 2 by 1U miles in extent, is a complete kingdom in every detail except subjects, having well-stocked game preserves and a thoroughly modern palace. . , . Its sale serves to call attention to the brisk trade in "Island Kingdoms" which has sprung up in the last few years. Apparently tired oi such imposing though meaningless titles as "Tin Plate King," "Coal Baron" and "Financial Prince," America's big business men have been seeking some more tangible symbol of their wealth and power. All along our coast are privately-owned kingdoms similar to Dewees Island on the shores of a democratic mainland. Far north in Maine Is John's Island, retreat of the steelmaking Lauders. In Boston horhvr is TtiimlHn Island, retreat of one-time , coDDer king Albert C. Burrage. Off Virginia Samuel B. Field, Baltimore clothing manufacturer, rules over Assateague Island. Joseph Palmer Knapp, chairman of the executive committee of the dwell Publishing Co rules over Knotts" Island, off North Carolina; Howad E. Coffen, Detroit automobile power, over 6a-pelo Island. Georgia; John Ludwig, the terrapin king, over Grand Isle, Louisiana. - Along the Pacific too are strewn the kingdoms. Mr. Wrigley's Cata-lina, and William' Pitt Trimble's Trimble Island. More and more our wealthier and retiring citizens are coming to realize that in this industrious age there is only one means of living to one's self, to retreat , j a body of land completely surrounaea uy coiu, ueep wuii. m a symbol of great possession the' privately owned island may yet supplant even the steam yacht. D'AMATO BACKED FOR LEADERSHIP q Roosevelt Club Head May Succeed Ralston ' Friends of James J. D'Amato, executive member of the Roosevelt j. Republican Club of the First Assembly District, have decided to ad- vance 'lis name for the vacancy in the district leadership. Anthony ;"' De Btefano, president of the club, ' has announced that a boom would be launched to have Mr. D Amato named as the successor to the late D. H. Ralston, who occupied the leadership for many years. ' The Roosevelt Republican Club 13 located at 148 Gold street. - Mr. D'Amato is one of the vice-presidents of the organization club at 21 Schermerhorn street. He was one of Mr. Rais ton's alliesT- - ; RESERVATIONS MADE FOR GOWANUS DINNER ' iW:'.. Approximately 1,200 reservations "chave een made to date for the an-, nual beefsteak and dinner-dance of ""t'a'the Gowanus Democratic ' Club on " Monday, May 5, at the' Elks Club, according to an announcement by the committee in ' charge to-day. i,, a Pa trick J. Diamond, Deputy License , Commissioner, and Mary B. McOuire -sare the club's executive members. !X- Major Edward Callan, president , of the club, is chairman, John R. ,,., Boies, treasured, and Richmond A Higglns, secretary of the arranee ment committee. They are assisted by William Grady, Myles Fallon, t.aut. Thomas F. Walsh, Anthony F. v Mayo, Thomas McKamara',' Frarik , ; Smith, Mrs. Mary Brophy McGuire, . - Mrs. Cecelia D. Reynolds, Mrs. Katherine Cotte, Mrs. Mae Morrell, Mrs. unnsuna uegnan ana Mrs, Lil lian rocci. . . KILLED IN. WRECK. ALVIN, Tex., April 10 (U .P). A negro Dratteman was killed, an en gineer is expected" to' die, and 'i dozen persons were shaken to-day when the Missouri Pacific's fast Rio Grande Valley passenger train ploughed Into the same line s ex press Irom the valley at Alvin. Some " People Are Always Attractive NO PLATES ..REQUIRED l When they flash their smiling teeth the victory is half won. . - : No one can wholly resist their charm. ... The marvel is that so many people retain faulty teeth to mar an other' wise attractive face, when the rem- i edv is theirs for the asking. We supply beautiful substitutes . that rival Nature's, own in regular- ity and coloring. Examinations are free of cost and ' our always low price quotations and expert advice are yours for the asking1. , " . lloart, 8 to Suodir 9 la 1 DR. S. C HART, m Fulton Street, Corner Hort Street, EROOKLYH Over V;;. r,,r r.:n.!- Stor. . . ... i . -:';. " s nt Our Poor, Only advertisements of products that are free from, adulterations and, that comply with the high standards of this department are accepted under this heading The Diet of the Nursing Mother -. ,.' t SHIRLEY TV. WYNNE, M. D DR. T. H. Health Commlaaloner of New York TTVERY. CHILD HAS A RIGHT fj , least the first three months. The sacrifice in personal amply rewarded by her baby's health. A breast fed baby has a winning'' start In the battle of health, over the child who must struggle on cow's milk from "the beginning of his life. With our present knowledge of diet and its effect on milk production almost any mother can nurse her baby for the first three months. She must, of course, for this time forego an office job or a continual round dr. siiiklei 0f social en-w. winnk gagements. She must consider her own health for the sake of her baby as she has done through the past nine months. However, a nursing mother may early receive a -formula from her physician for one bottle a day to give the baby. This bottle of prepared milk will enable her to accompany her husband occasionally to the theatre or a party. The baby who Is accustomed to taking milk from a bottle finds the process of weaning easy. It will make no drastic change in his manner of eating. The idea that any particular food has a marked effect on the mother's milk supply should be discarded since all food undergoes a change as it passes through the digestive tract. Of course, a certain food which has disagreed with the mother in the past should be avoided. The increased demand upon the! digestive system calls for food that is easy to assimilate. In general, the diet should be as heavy as that eaten by a woman who is doing mascular work. Three ample . meals should be eaten regularly with the addition of a glass of .milk or malted milk before the nursing hour in the mid-morning and mid-afternooh. Since the liquid requirements are great a glass of orangeade or a cup of weak tea may be drunk in the afternoon. The nursing mother should pay particular attention to the amount of water she drinks. A good rule is to take a glass the first thing in the morning, one before each meal and one before going to bed. Milk furnishes the basic need c" the nursing mother's diet. It need not be taken entirely as a beverage but may be consumed in custard, junket, sherbet and cream soups. Buttermilk or kumles may be substituted for milk if that is distasteful and it is convenient to remember v v .: V: CARL H. SCHULTZ CORP. " SPARKLING BEVERAGES FAMOUS FOR PURITY AND EXCELLENCE FOR 70 YEARS PHONE GREEXrOLNT 4901 BROOKLYN, N. T. TABAK & CO. ESTABLISHED IN RIDGEWOOD'S LARGEST RETAIL MEAT DEALERS . MAIN STORE: 446 KNICKERBOCKER AV. Xtmr Mjrtlt Are. Better Meat ' for Lest Money PHONE SHBKFSHEAD 7143 SHORE DINNER JOE'S RESTAURANT JOSEPH O ACIINTO SEA FOODS W Cater to Sptcial Partltt 2228 EMMONS AVE, Sbr.k..d Bay J PHONES, BDQUENOT 784-UM ! STAR SANDWICH SERVICE i FA5T0R BOX LUNCH i i 5 THUtD AVRKCK, Braoklra Sandwlcbea for All Oeouhni ESTAIUSHID Ull tel. BrCkraliuter M74--FLAthuih UW BEVERLY INN RESTAURANT AND DELICATESSEN "From a Bitt To a Banquet" CatarlM t Vr HM Oi .Praslm 44 FLATB18U AVE.. BrooUro, N.I. TEL. MINNESOTA tSS "RAINBOW" , GR0CERT CORPORATION Sptrial Sain ThU JVh 1113 CT AHKSOM AVENUE Urookly.. N. Y. TEXEPBONE 8TACO 1813 SO-LITE DOUGHNUT BAKERY 155 HOPE STREET BROOKLYN, N. V. TO HIS MOTHER'S MILK for at freedom that the mother must pay Is that milk may be flavored with spoonful of coffee or chocolate. Since constipation is to be avoided green vegetables should be eaten twice a oay. Vary the monotony of vegetables by. eating them raw, as weu as cooKeo, ana in simple sal ads with a light dressing. Lettuce ana celery should ue eaten freely. jum, iresn or anea iruits every day, especially apricots, raisins or prunes. If you find difficulty in digesting whole fruit try drinking uuiii juices. 1 ' The mother's fuel intake should be high. Add butter and oUve oil to tne menus. Eggs, meat or fish should be eat en once a day. The baby grows rapidly and his iooa requirements Increase day by day. A twelve-pound child takes about zb ounces of milk every twen ty-four hours. Thus it is easily seen mat me nursing motner needs to eat more food than the usually would require. The ' nervous condition of the mother has an Immediate effect on her milk supply. Strain of all kind is to be avoided. - Excitement, anger, worry and fatigue diminish the supply of milk. The family of the nursing mother should do all in their power to provide a wholesome and congenial environment. , Because the mother is nursing her own baby does not mean that she should abstain from simple diver sion. On the contrary, recreation, if it. is nor, too strenuous, is good lor her and it is good for her baby. She should spend several hours every day in the fresh air and should pursue her favorite diversion whether it be piano playing or reading detective stories. Swimming or other sports should not be undertaken without the advice of a physician. The nursing mother should see her friends and keep in touch with contemporary affairs. Likewise she should spend some time with her husband. The first baby all too often causes a 'mother to unduly neglect her husbandI, i A wholesome mental Attitude is secured by leading s -normal life so the nursing motherwhile adhering to a regular schedule of living should not become a recluse. She ought, however, to retire early and rest for a while in .the after noon. . For the sake of her. child's health both now and in the future, every mother should if possible nurse her own baby. This' article in' ho' way Implies a recommendation of any Individual advertiser. ' Demand fht Genmnt' fcS GRUYERE MADE INI .SWITZERLAND Btwtne op ' mmsrioMS A PURE. WHOLESOME . BODY-BUILDIN6 FOOD THAT SHARPENS THE APPETITE Sonny Boy Save wrapper for this contest A trip to Washington, D. C. X For Your FRIDAY DINNER S . u. s. Pit oft. - OYSTERS $ FOB SALE AT LEADING CHAIN STORES AND $ " THE BETTER MARKETS CAM. NTAOU KIH. 1197, 7SO or Bervie Kvry Hour in thm ay PERFERIICO "A" PHOOUCTS ' Rotheaberg Cruller Bakery In. Wh.lmU Ml.h Ortil litm DOUCHNUTCRULLERS.CUP CAKES 1 1 9 -M m I m I I k 1 ft I. MAKER OF FINE ITALIAN SAUCES Romolo Company Tempts Epicurean Palates With ' Tasty Products The tired business man often finds that his. Jaded palate needs -some thing to cumulate it and make it enjoy tne foods that It tastes. He finds that much of what he eats has little about it to distinguish it from anything else." With this in mind, the Italians have pioneered in making sauces that tempt the most sophisticated epicure with their piquant flavors and delicious odor. Of these sauces, the tomato sauces made by the Italians have enjoyed a popularity that Is Justly deserved. A Brooklyn organization that specializes in the making of these tomato sauces is the Romolo Italian Products Corp., oi 4821 Seventh avenue.- This company, whose product won the gold medal and diploma at the Florence Exposition in 1929, has in the year and a half of its existence risen to the front ranks to its field by virtue of the quality and purity of the various sauces it makes. NUMEROUS CUSTOMERS Its customers are located all over the metropolitan district, although. of course, they are concentrated m Brooklyn. Countless independent grocery stores and delicatessens have found that the Romolo sauces are the kind Of product that sells be fore anything else similar. ' In prac tically every case, u store laying in a stock of the sauces has cleared the supply quickly and found that re peat orders were necessary. Demand has grown wherever , introaucea. The company makes three kinds of tomato sauce; a meat sauce, a mushroom sauce and a plain Mari-nara sauce. The ingredients for these sauces are imported from the finest sources available in Italy. They are absolutely pure when delivered to the company and during the process of being combined into the sauces in the plant here, there is absolutely no possibility for auy impurity to creep in. UNTOUCHED BY HAND Everything is done by machinery so that not a human hand touches the food until the can in which It is packed is opened by the consumer. SCHNEIDER'S .tartfed Ormixl Frlu, Llifi Blclna, 1IM BEVERAGES 171-183 STOCKHOLM ST. Bmtlra, N. V. TILIPHONI F0XCROFT S440.I I am proud to bring to your home, already . cooked, the famous RMIL TOMATO SAUCES Ragu, Mushroom, Marinara ffifiiou tl Hoauwlott are Serving Dtliciout Dinner With No Lou of Time tnd Without Labor ROMOLO ITALIAN PRODUCTS CORP' Pi BROOKLYN, NEW YOBK Tht Oldett Place la Thit Section Telephone: III) LAFAYETTE THE ALPS RESTAURANT 1297 FULTON STREET Near Noatnud Art., B kl-n, N. I Braaakl Parkway' KatlitirK, 111 Ntatraaa A. Rubyettes V Dainty ana colorful Imlt rleltrarr pr rwred from peeled California aaedleia rrapas Ideal for irarnlihlns Hladf, trull cocalalll tnd daaaerta. Decoratira Deliciont "Meet tne CHOCOLATE COW" THE CREAMY CHOCOLATE DRINK larMowra Carp. L TASTY POTATO CHIPS At All Delioatraeent IHVMH DAILY NATIONAL POTATO CHIP CO. Phone) Applet-ate 1147 BROOKI.TN BROOKLYN'S WSr DEUCA T ESSEN G.POLLI0& SONS, Inc. at COLUMBIA T.-Pkaaa Canabertaae' ton ITALIAN DAIRY PRODUCTS corrre ROArrto daily EGGS DlRfCT FROM FIRM FRUH PORK PROOUCTS EASTERPASTRY - v , LINE OFFERED Finkeldey Bakeries Making Effort to Help --'MotiicrsV "'The Easter season, with all that means to the children of the land. is often" a burden to the mothers who have not the heart to disap point their children by failing to give some of a party. A party means, that special pastry must be baked, because the whole spirit of the season would be lost If ordinary pastry were to appear on The tomatoes, which are shipped to this country In cans, are put into an electric strainer which reduces them to pulp after being taken out of the original can by an electric can opener. They are prepared in aluminum steam jacket kettles which are kept scrupulously clean and polished. Then they are put into sterilized glass containers and sealed - by machinery and then labeled. The plant itself is kept spotlessly clean and is exceptionally well lighted and ventilated, so that the workers perform their tasks under the best conditions possible. Every effort is made to see that every- tnmg tnat contnoutes to tne mating of the sauces is as near perfect as possible. Much of the success of the company is directly traceable to the business ability and standards of the officials. James V. Auditore, chairman of the board; Carl Audi-tore, - treasurer; Armando Pornari, president, and Louis J. Altleri, secretary, have devoted all their time to making the company and its product what it is to-day. Their knowledge of the business and of the needs and desires of the public they serve have served them in good stead. 1 P-U-Ril-T-Y Try Oar DANISH BUTTER TWIST A Finkeldey Bakeries Q - U - A - BROOKLYN'S: aK,,tfaai-4 Ftmjatz aamXe. - i - )ti - .tsL Ol'EN DAY AND MUUT 629 FULTON STREET Opposite the Intersection of Flatbnsh Ave. I For Those Who Appreciate Good Food AND IN NEW BROADW1T. at Itna int. STH AVE., opp. Mad. 84. Oardra. ITU AVE., near Penn. Station. I,KXlM(;XON AVE., acar 82nd it. UHITKHALL HT.. at South ferrr. aisr sr., mi. tin m iia Art. Otnc and Commlaaarjr 15 Does your food sparkle with that Pleasant and Wholesome Taste which OTHEI. : ICS gives? Be good to your ice box and give it ' that Ice-Berg Flavor which . RUBEL ICE is noted for The RUBEL COEPOBATIOII (Ice Division) Main Office Fulton Street, cor. Waverly Ave. TELEPHONE PROSPECT 9000. "Thtrt it a Rtxbtl Branch ntar year homa or offict." r rEL. INGEllSOLTj 1562342 LUNCHEON, DAILY, 60c . DINNER, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY, $1.00 Bedford PlazaRestauraht 1268 FLATBUSH AVENUE Jaaetloa of Flalbaah and Newklrk, Brooklja, V. T. , Reeervattont can ot moat lor tht amllv or par tic 1 desired. MALT BREW OCTOBER BBEWDrRKLIGH7 Hade from Imported Mora-vlan Malt and certified Saazar Hope, which give It that full-bodied, distinctive flavor.' $o&n &tli tnrn A4, Sin the table instead of an assortment of chocolate bunnies, chocolate wheelbarrows, and various other things that are so dear to the hearts of the children. Many mothers dread the wdrk and care that is necessary if these things are to be prepared at home, but a great many more have found that the best thing to do is to call up a oakery and order whatever is needed, for " this is no more expensive and much less trouble. SPECIAL EFFORTS. The management of the Finkeldey Bakeries has made special etfoit to give this service and has put In all its eight conveniently located stores an unusual line of Easter - eggs, bunnies and other things of a similar nature and here they may be purchased and all the worry- of the party spared. i ; . Cleanliness and purity has been the motto of the Finkeldey Bakeries for twenty-five years and the man agement takes great pride in tne fact that no substitutes or adulterants are used in any of their goods. The Banish butter rings, as delicious as even are one of the biggest sellers of this well-known organization. Pure almond rings'and French almond cake are still in great ..demand, and as , tasty as usual, as. well as the sand tart, better known as French cream, cake. The rikeldey Bakeries continue to make thousands of new friends each year. - The management is al ways ready to lend a hand to any worthy charitable institution or benefit, and has done so for years. lei. Cumberland 7227 Flower Garden Preserving Co. WK CATER TO BAKERS Manufacture of Pure PrespryM, Relishea, Jellies, Orange Marmalade, Conaerven. Rpecial Fruits. flperrjr Uyroscope nifla;., 40 Flatbnsh Avenue Extension ' Brooklyn, N, Y. WALNUT WHIP CREAM LAYER CAKE 'If-jgjj MAIN STORE i 655 Vanderbilt Av. TELEPHONE NEVINS 2364 Orders taken here for all stores . A Quality Stor N tar by to Strut Youl Hot Cron Bant and Easter Specials Sptcial Exptrli for, V tiding and . , Holiday Party Cahtt .. L - I - T - - j. - v - v - .ir - ti1..t i. YORK. AT: 7TH AVE, cor. Slth St. 3;M) T., opp. .lnibi.l'i 14TH ST., near 3rd Avr. Fl I.TON ST.. cor. Wutr St. PKARI. RT at llnnovr So. 42.ND ST, opp. tirand Central Bta. WEST 1DTH STREET. Vtw York ESTABLISHED 1916 TELEPHONE 6TAGO TonyTkurT productSToPtT SOMETHING NEW For Homo Cm Dolly Fniitv and Nuts IN SYRUP Tor Salad and Sundara (Id It All Bnnt FauaUlaa ajtif erawlet 323-329 SCHOLES STREET BflOOKLT', H V. XJb5ri5l)t! 3 Become Food Wise Learn more about the food jjrcj eat through the series of articll . page Tl C . C innn iuc jisn oi luvvo TRADE UAHK LUST'S GENUINE ORIGINAL Stamina Whole Wheat Bread Mailt froa 100 htim (round ADtoluttl; low pr nnu pure mil poftHivelj iutu iiiiue lur nn. iibkwi id m iu, loarei Only. rnlliE 20 CENTS Spwid It IUHreili dairy Bullrr or atlll toiler old LUST'S Natural unround roauut Bull- LUST'S HEALTH FOOD BAKERY, INC. Villi r Ratal; Health Fd SMwreem at SI I Eait ssrh St.. N. V. C. ask us ron nearest siohs to vou ' Temptingly D&ltCiOUBI CrOL-DCK 3OWJC CHIPS " riw jmaws. . t ana mineral on combined to relieve constipation. Gende lubrication of mineral oil. .Natural laxative value of pure Grape Juice. Safe, non-habit forming; H T. OcwtT ft Sow Co NtnrYocfc 22 iLiulV Scientific Supervision bp Food Experts cioiogiciii ana (Jtiemicai LAboratoryTUardpn-s'resti vegetables exclusive served with Govern ment -Inn pec ted Meat and oean-frenh Fish all cookln m aclentlflrally controlled to retain life-giving food elements Acidophilus Mil produced In Wll-Low's dwn laboratory t how are a few of tha arpasim - innovation made Dnulhto hv Wll.l hunm min-hniiliiaT nnwir Thoui-andi of Intelligent people ar iu yvvu iivbiiu uy ini;reasiiia jJmrantMjv , Too, too, are cordially Invited to Ssrva Your id f to Health with "A Travfut c . vwi,y u jr(e tOSI . ' WIL LOW CAFETERIAS IN BROOKLYN 268 BROADWAY 766 BROADWAY 043 BROADWAY it Htvemeyer Street WIIHansburi Bridge Plan Imparting the Tht Per.ect Cleaner IIMIVCDCAI Crtl VCMT mMDAMV FOR Will f LllXajnii UUL l-ill 1 vvnuniii MotomU. Meclauct 203 and HomtWd lit Certified ICE Ton are careful about the butter, milk and etszu that you buy. When you are extra particular you get brands that are certified, A nd now you can get ICQ mo pure, no clear, mo hlfrtt In quality that it could well be certified by any public health department or any pure food agency In the country. Keep the ice compartment of your refrigerator at least two-thirds full of Knickerbocker Ice at all times. . s" Telephone NKVIna 6400 I-LAra 0326 JAMaica 0840 Knickerbocker) ICE Compjany TBI,. WILLIAMSBURG ISM Jersey Maid Ice Cream 777 KENT AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. I. UihillJluiiiUiilillUilJiiU.iUUIiUiiiiilC Atwrs BUY DEBT-1TET Home Made BREAD HYNES BAKING CO. 107-103 8TABR STREET, Brooklya Alway A$k for 8 HARRISON STREET s Haa Vara, WALKER 8824 Sweet Cream BUTTER A PHONE 1788 CUMBERLAND PEGGY HORNER, Inc. MANurAc-rmsR Mt Hanw Braaa Haate Maaa fradeata PRESERVES JELLIES JAYS 33-41 iUKa SllU.t.I, Brueal;a Tit. ii0iii yk m D..!i.. and non-fatunlnit' rumy whole wheat uhe.u COPVKIUUTED utirtl cleaned WHOLE WHEAT GRAINS fret frmn any nlml rati or ihflrtrnlnKfl. Keed FOR, QUICK MEALS aj S u tiara I our Health EAT WHEATCRISP BRITTLE WHOLE WHEA BREAD AIDS DIGESTION At All Foodstormt 3l MADE BY S United Swedish Baking Cot Loug Iiland City Tal iSPIaaaaa M2I EVERBEST CAKE CC INC Poanel Cakei of Nonpareil Quail -rUBITV - SERVICBi 107I-7S ORA VESKXI AVE, Brooklyn CaSetei'iar Continuous teatlntr !n Wlt-Lofr'a owi recovntunt tha vital connection w6ri gov FlnhiRi Annus . 7 Myrtle Aviin THE HEALTH CLEANSER melhlng entlrelf n In the line ef clflintng Vreparttlonir-cnm! tlnr- )p me artlfle l iwrroct rleanner, a daoder-nt and ail! tnti ieptltj. Bmn in nmu, qimrti arn mllonii anil Inrc-r ilKei. - UNISOL WATER , SOFTENER : Boftena the hunlnit water: eaies the hef1et work. V ' PINEOIL DISINFECTANT - A Hew, wrkolaaom odor of the pine-rind tllli, 37TH STREET, BROOKLYN ruuiir blisiiT J3S A TREAT TO EAT AT ' MENTZ DELICATESSEN PERIOD RESTAURANT ALSO " " ' QCICK COUNT JCR bEItVICK Milk, Orangeade and Ligh Lunch v MENTZ STORES GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL NEW YORK CITY TEL. BUSHWIOC 08S2-MI1 4 1 ICE CREAM CORP. 1046 MYRTLE AVE. BROOKLIN, V. J. '" Wttn t Wt mm wmtwt fl mt nmm aaaa aa aaai , Stird'Tichaa Sandwicaes SaitawicI Salads Coffea or Tea Ctkei Soft Drinks or Pnacfc ;. Individual Service i ' Cttan, ycholcnom food, when n irhffre ou want it, at a price vh forbids vow putUnff it up pQHTBei, and without th9 bother. I j .t Mid wood Buffet Servic "A HOSIU SBHYICK" , I TELEPHONE MIDWOOD 9900 f i NrJW VORK AV B'KLVN, N, TELEPHONE MANSFIELD MS COLONIAL MAYONNAISE COMPANY 150 ALBANY AVENUE, I Brooklra, U.S. I Try Vt tor Real Food TKI.I SOCTB tlSft . joe's v; ITALIAN KITCHEN 262 FOURTH AVENUE Car. CarrPlI St., Brhlvv M. V. ntVATE PARTIFS f.A.FRPO in a a a a m I a

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