The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1945
Page 3
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F1UDAY, KK15UUARY 23, 19jg BbYTIIKVILLE COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In the I Interest of Farm Families of This); Agricultural Section. FARM NE WS-FEA 7 URES PAGE THREE Enter th» Plant-to-Prosper Contest* sponsored by the Courier | News and Commercial Appeal. Prune Severely For Peach Crop Don't Wait Too Late; Work Should Be Done In Dormant Period It Is essentiul to prime peach trees rather- severely to obtain good fi'uil size and stimulate desirable shoot growth—HIM this immiiitr must be done duiins tlic duriiinnt period, or probably not later llian Marcli 15 in Mississippi CoimU'. The pruning of pencil trees does not reduce the yield us In the casts of apples, bill instead usually Increases Ihe yield of good fruit. The early training of a peach tree should be directed toward obtaining three to five main branches having wide crotches nrrniujcd around the tree about nix to 10 inches it part, vertically, according to Cora LC.C Colcjna)), county home demonstration agent. With good strong nursery trees, this may be accomplished during the first'year. If Die branches are weak, they inny be cut back to short stubs or removed entirely. However, it the branches on the nursery trees arc of strong growth, they inav be retained. • ' . If supplies o( nursery stock are low and il ts necessary to purchase SALE 1 M I'aiiiiiill True-tor tin Rubber I II I-':irm:tU Ti-:u-l«r cm Itublwr I Sets uf (nil-tor Cultivators (one for M ami one for H) 1 Tandem Disk Harrows (one heavy, one medium) McCor- mick-Decriiift 2 Tractor Stalk Cutters, Mc- Oonnieh-Drerhifi 1 set 3-roir niidillcljustcis for M tractor 1 Nil. 25 Tractor Mower, Mc- Cormick-DeeriiiK t IIM 109 planting allacHincnl, for II or M Tractor I Tractor Side delivery rake, Case 1 12 fool Soil I'ulvcri/cr, Vulcan (Double roller) 2 wooden JIGS; harrows for tractors 10 walking rulfivalors, '2 horse, •lohn Deere 2 Walking cultivators, 2. horse, A very 11 Yellow Jacket K" heavy beam Middle liusfcrs, Avcry" 10 9" turning plows, Horse drawn Avcry 1 2 row drawn planter, jMntim- 2 No. 7 JUcCorinick-Dccriiig- horse, drawn mower—5 fool i 10 fool <lum|i rake, Mct'or- mk'k-OecrbiK 1 liorsc drawn side delivery rake .lobn Deere I 1CIA one row horse drawn planters, McCormtck-Deerlnff 'i horse drawn slalk cullers, Mo- small grain duty, John 1 liorse drawn seeder 3 trailers, heavy Deere, on rubber 1 two wheel trailer, on rubber 2 Wagons 3J', Vetcr Shutlcr I two wheel dump carl 1 pickup bay baler, Case 500 bushels of com 130 hales of Alfalfa Hay C sets of -1 up trees 1 3 I I sets 3 un trees Section Harrows, Vtil«n 2-horse Woollen harrow Itlacksmith shop outfit complete 200 Sweeps, all sizes 10 Mules and Harness 2 I'liinlation Walking Horses, Altcn bred 'i Jersey Milk Cows and miscellaneous small tools and equipment. 160 Acres of land—10 miles wesl of Osccola on Highway .10 This land is bordered on the North by black-top Hij-hwav 40. Bwutifiil modern seven room rnck IIOUSD with bafli on this land. Also sin room bouse and four room bouse and store building which is 20* 10. Large barn, Murk-smith shop and several oulhouses arc also conveniently located on (his land. This land will produce a bale and a half an acre. This land is located on school route, and has clcclricilv and running water. A fractional 1GO acres 1 mile nortli of Osccola on alternate Gl Highway with six rental houses having city light and water One seven room house and two lols located one block from 1'osl Office in city of Osccola. House furnace healing with Butane Gas. SEK JL Fred Smith Osceofa, Arkansas Landowner Winner Tops Steer Market Enrl 11. Wildy of Koute 2. l-enchvllle, state landowner champion in the 19-N Plant To Prosper Contest, topped the market with 14 head of .steers at Dixie National Stockyards in Memphis last week. Mr. Wlldy's cattle brought $15.25 a hundred for a total of $2303.33, or an average of $170.05 per animal. They were purchased by Abraham Urotlicrs Packing Co. Mr. Wildy raised the steers on home-produced feed. The lot consisted of four Aliens and 1C Hercfords. inferior trees, llicy should be nit back to a single whip or to n stub about eight laches lilgh. The growth arising from sucli a Irec should be trained dtn-ins the summer lo establish desirable main branches. Bearing peach trees should be pruned lo prevent development of long main branches which are barren of fruitint! wood. Tills may be done by handing back with fairly large cuts—i to l>.'. inches In diameter—rather than more numerous smaller cuts. 1 leading back the main and secondary branches will tend to keep Ihe heaving wood closer to (lie ground so that spray- Ing and picking may be done mure cn.sily. Each cut Mould tie miidc at- a point where another smaller brand) begins,- and no stub should be left.. As with apples, the painting of large cuts is of little or no benefit. On old Ircc.s il is sometimes necessary to make rather large cuts to bring lh e fruiting wood nearer the ground. This may be done hy cutting the i»nii> or secondary brandies below this point should be left on the Irce. Stubs IB to 24 Indies arc usually left, and branches arising from these slubs may be trained as a new tree. Both sour cherry mid plum trees should be mimed uy the same principles as peach trees, but their pruning should be very light—only about hnlf to onc-lhird as .severe as for peaches. Bilbrey Talks On Management Of Swine Herd A meeting- or tlin Go.snell •!-!! Club was held Tuesday, with Ruby Nell Bcvill presiding. Scvcnly-eight club members, Iwo leaders and one visitor were present. The group sang, led by Stella Cain, song captain. The club captains gave the following reports: Buck Swain, cotton captain, reported five in his group; James Lucius, pig captain, 21; ,;, S. Waninston. calf captain, one; Harvey Lanlrip, corn captain, one; Maxine Overman, gardening ami "I buy my farm equipment where I can get service ... You gotta make things go a long way now! Spring plowing season is here and I'm alf set with my Avery Tru-draft outfit. I had Paul Byrum check my equipment early rather than wait for the Spring rush—thus avoiding delays and saving valuable farming hours, We gotta give our dealers this kind of cooperation, if we expect to get good service." Let Us Check Your Equipment Now and Avoid Delays! PAUL BYRUM "Everything the farmer Needs" 118-22 E. Main Ph. 404 SOLO AND SERVICED .BY YOUR HVERY DEALER ciiimliiK oaplain, 21; Kdna Rogers, ••lolhinji ciiplum, 21; Wanda Wrs- lom, poultry ciiptaln, live: Cherle I'revosl. room improvement e&o- iiln, 24. Alter the group captains liiul tiveii thi'ir reports, 2D new members «•<>«• added to (lie roll. Trophies foi- the ( -oinlni> 4-H Olub Baskclball touriv.inu'nl wcic prc- «ented by Mi. Ivy. lip .suld Ihe Iro- phies cosl tin- ,-lub about $101). Alter tin- meeihiK iidjmirncd, lhe boys an,! girls divided into groups for diMiimu-tratluus by the home 'iil and the county ayriciilluml uncut. Mr. Itilbivy led n discussion with Iho boys on good swine management, n,. explained llic knock of picking up a baby pi,; in such n «'i»y dial it would not S i|iipal and dhtuib the sow. He also explained the "hnws and whys" of removing all lint baby pi;|'s 'tusk tcclli. He (invi> an jnicrcslinj; discussion on feeding IIORS a biilmiecd diet. lip. (•xi;l:iliied (hat a "chicken i-ating" tow started cat ing chickens for one iciison only. -'I Mat (he hog was not getthii! all ii.s s.v.slcm i-iavcd In 'tis feed." lie fiiiil cam alone wiis very expensive liog ired :in,| some kind of imitcin feeds .should he added lo Hit' ration. Farm Woman's Column i' of food t 0 sndnfj, ihe iiecil i>r protein lor growth, for cn- ''•slviiiK foods, mill his im- llnto needs for vltumlns and Hlnei-als. IXiily menus conlHlnltig U'lmixlmmcly a ( |imvt, O t milk, one "UM. u serving of lean meal, 2 in- irce vci;etubli>,s- one BITCH leufy ] or yclliiw. one or Iwo servings of '''nil. a scivini; of cereul, butler, md flsli (ill will be sufficient lo iiillsfy the npiietlte of the child." In reference to foods children ot ;>ivsdiool 11(50 eiui digest. Miss Solfniim reminded Unit the child's slomneli is less lhaii one-hull us Ki'lto us an adult's nnd the <iuan- •It-y "I lood given should he ke|>l in proportion. Any excess fill, she ""'d, should be avoided he- ciinsc it Is move difficult to ill- Best and ruins n chilli's iippi'tllo for tin 1 oihrr fowls. "Thi 1 llbrijii.s tniitciliil ol trulls, Vt'UOtubU's. nnd ini'nts Is often dll- tk'iill for i\ ymnij; fhlld tn chew n ml Is not ruslly itltti'sti'd," sin 1 conlhincd. "A |iortlon of tin- rum- ilv'.s food sluiidd be stiulned or Kruiinil fur Ilii' child, hi Hits wiiy lie f.indiiidly lirconirs iiciustiiini'd to nil fhivors of foinl. vet he will hnvo foods eiisy lo dli'.csl. As In- tli-ows older anil Is In-ltcr nble lo I'liew, flbruiis loniLi inuy be uddi'd lo his illrl." 'I'ho ntiotil dlscoihui'c.s fci-dlni: siaull chitdtcn lni');c unumnis ol fills. Minnis. and comlhunils In dddltlon to Illjrous parl.s of tndls. H is important Ili.-u s i,, u ]] ,.|,H. (Iron cultivate tastes for the wholesome food their bullies need lov siiitiible growth anil development, snys Miss Cora Ue Colcmnn, Mls- sissi|i|>[ county home deiaunslra- lion ii(tenl. point Ini; out Hint un- <lcrlyin" |irir,ci|)Ies of ndcqinvtc feerlinj! of cliildn-ii aie (1) .suf- fidenl euliirles; (21 sufficient protein, V||,-III)JILS,, jiiiiipiiils. t'iirbo- byclrales, and fills; Cii iliRestibte ! foods: and !•!> foods free of Irnnn- ful buclerln. "llnrins! lhe. early months of I life Hie netiiiil fowl needs of an ! infant must be Kiitisflud dny by (lay. and he has few body reserves lo cany him sticTc.ssfully' throutili periods that he cannot', or does not, cat" Ihe n«enl exiiliiincil. "He is dependent niion Ins daily in- Spccial Reduction oi> JANESWAY OIL CHICK BROODERS Regularly Priced $25 Reduced To $15 We have but a limited supply of these brooders. Capacity 500 day old chicks. Get yours now. L. K, ASHCRAFT CO. Distributors !/2 Block South of Frisco Depot Phone 493 ctiiblcs, and meats before they lave Icclh will) which lo chew hern well—because these fcxxls end to Inilld the appetite for foods 'SM'hllul to (tie iidrqiintc! did. "II is well to remember lhat -hlldri'ii of pi-cschool n(ju often •at less food tliiin u year-old- jaby," Mlt-s C'olcmnn warned, "bc 1 - :ansi' (illcv lhe first year their [i-owlli rales are lower and they do not, need such a (lunnllty of food lo inalnlain vigor. The fact that this U !i normal trend should prevent some of the-anxiety parents feel when (heir children's nppetltes seem lew keen during (Ills period. The secret of fccdjng n preschool child is lo prepare him to accept n wholesome and varied diet dining his babyhood days." Vou women who suffer, from SIMPLE ANEMIA Here's Ono of The Best Ways to Help Build Up Red Blood! Vciu Blrls and women who Buffer from slmulo iini'iiilii or wlio loxo so nnicli dining monthly periods Iliul you tire, pale, feel tired, weak, "drugged out"— due lo low blood-Iron— Blurt al OHM—try l.ydlD Plnkhum's T A1II.ET8—one of llic orcnlcsl blood- Iron tonlc.s for home IIEU you can buy lo licli) build tiji red blood to give movu strength nnd cncrsy—in such cases. Taken as directed—Plnklmm's Tablets In one of the eery best borne ways lo Ed precious Iron Into Iho blood. Just try PJuklinin's Tablets faithfully for n! least 30 dnyn. Then sco If you, loo, don't remarkably bciiclll. Follow label directions. Pluklmm'a Tnbleta are well icorlli trying. All drugElores This year we are making a complete new assessment and will try to follow, the law in every way, which makes it necessary for each and every property owner and qualified elector to be assessed and the assessment blank be properly signed with his or her signature. With the gas and tire situation as it is you will greatly facilitate matters if you will come into my office and make or give us your assessment as soon as possible thereby enabling you to get your property assessed fair and equitably. We do not intend to continue copying the same assessment from year to year but rather make the proper assessment each year as the law requires. THIS !S THE YEAR FOR ASSESSING CITY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY - ASSESS YOUR PROPERTY AND MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT! DOYLE HENDERSON MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ASSESSOR Sure! Trjuori jjci lircd. Tlicv a.-l,- ;„ ,i '^"ooKJoin.^poo^ii- ' ^*, U • ' W " rn '"•" I "^ : l! ' c > "^ i' .-. . i»d „« of h <,2 " »:r tir n a too "' ad ' c - arut ! ..... > *""'"" job of work. ' y k " S> °" S°' n e- b « ^ "-'I ^ a rc.,1 1 " on ihc i<>h - nrins ..... - - Missco Implement Co. Lydia Pinkham'sTABttTS ASBESTOS Asbestos cement silling provides tectioti from fire, and weatlien Offers decoration, parmancucc, and lowest upkeep.) " 1.50 per Square. Can be financed in easy monthly payments E. C. ROBINSON - LUMBER ; <|0fli friendly Building Service >i.*i- tf the Delta-Implement Co., Blythcville Vol. 3 .'• Friday, I-'cb. 5j:j NCI. h. Kriemls lire congratulating Clem Wltislle <m Itis sticcc.s.s ;tl llic Arkansas Hereford [{reed- cr's sale and show in l.illle Rock earlier Ibis week. His while faced heifer, Ucelfoul llonila, brought lop price of the sale, S2750. He's refused an nffc'r of $10,001) for his Hereford bull, 1C. I',. K. Crinc-e (( f Alixliice, We'll :idd our congnthilalion. DI Colic Mowers, of Dell, has a K;irniatl B in our .shops for inslalhiUon of power lift and Kohl lion 100. 'I'ho response lot-ally to Solution 100 has huen very gratifying—even' fiirnier who has had it )>iil into' lii.s Irjictor lii-cs is eiithiLsiaslic over Hits tractor's in- creasetl pcrfonnance. DI We've just received our annual shipment of rnl(iv;i(or sweeps. Looks like they're jjoiiiK lo be shnrl this year; lot us know if you need them. DI Our pails (lepiirlment is newly remodeled and rearranged and bcUer-llian-ever ready to serve you. We're afraid that we ilidn'l. do ;t 100',' jol) of giving you service (hiring' the past few weeks while this work was jjoinjr on; hut we know the new arraitge- nienl will rnsull in our being able to do u more efficient job for yon. DI Place orders now for DcKnll) Hybrid Seed Corn. We've alrc.'idy received one shipment and have, a lilllc more on the.; way. Check wilh .viuir neighbor on bis success with (his mm—il's proved very satis'Woiory in this area. —DI . We've several Little Dixie 2-row cotton choppers on our floor now. Place your order early. DI There's still plenty of time lo t;ct your equipment in shape for !he phintiug. season. Hriti.if i( itt now and avoid the last mituile rush. TAW OP TOUR ALBUM BOM-t «*«! IT ITVCK HALfWAY WOATI

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