Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 13, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1895
Page 6
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FOE TENNIS HON0KS. INTERNATIONALCONTESTS FOR COMING SEASON. ,( •H fit", o/t w'tt- .sl'irch ami y'.o™ '/'/I/ 1 /i/ifii an!Irr starts Ilia i/ior/i,- full i,fl nt'nta.nt.inlr it U Kf.cn Alt wilted, uifiiikted und/orlorn. Thai's v,li:if. you must expect of I such ;i coll.-ir; it's the linen of it. M ;<!-np collars won't stand B 1'hc sUw np, r.:id the turn-down collars will f'! wilt down. The cnsy, cheap, and F| ploasunt way out of this 13 to wear ij " CKM,rjLC>jr> " COLLARS AND p Cort-'S. These goods are made by c'-v^rini; linen collars or cuffs ;_ on belli sidoa ivith"Cnu.Ul.oiD," |_ thus mailing them strong and i-| ti-cl !>••• heat or moisture. There l| : !i fire no otlior waterproof goods | j Jl iii:idc this way, consequently none jj •'] 'lint. cira-vvcJirsowclI. \Vhea soiled J ij Dimply wipe them off with a wet U it r\r*\i. Hv'"-y piece of the genuine M ' oiat liSS guinea sum A strong lootnoia ' hbrdad of our Inferiority. This was i augmented, rather than • diminished. ' last season, by the playing 1 abroad of E. F. Hall, and J. F. Talmar;-, Jr: Hall used to be one of the best players in America, but he has fallen off badly and his play last year did not by any 'ho Cmch Fliiycrx of America Will Go j meilns susta ln his reputation. Foreign- AbroaU—Goodby. the Irish champion, ! ers could only judge him by his form Till* Side of tlio I at that'time, and knowing he was one of the best men we had, they naturally upposed our other experts ranked with Jm. As a matter of fact, Hall was INTERNATIONAL ' beaten several times by second class competition will be wen when he returned in August, the feature of the j Talmage, too, had been playing for _ MARK- •'•i fi.-bt «T"v.i goods so miiH.-C 1 -': H jr-.T.t.i o--:i>'':i:t full satisfaction . :,:;•! | f ' ::iail sample. SUil': \ J , ::-i.'iier a Eta ml- up 'T 1' i collar is wnutcil. ,'] -oli. Cuffs 500. pair, f | COMPANY ;; rowin.fr THE TR1CCER. At a reffi.t Oi rectors' meeting of the fisHaplussctts Klllo association the fol- ere r'"ctetl ofllcors for 1SD5: J. B. Fellows; executive oili- cer, J. T. Humphrey; statistical officer, Henry S. Hsirrls; counselor, James E. luoach. The '.•'•!");rii.plilc rifle shooting contest 'foetwvn the St. Louis and Cincinnati . Eharp.-'hnnUT:; will take place the 10th of hf.'jtl 1'iionth. Both teams arc to have 1 twelve men. The X;.!'onnl Rifle Association Of 'AnK'rifi. Is now composed of twenty- seven rifle clubs, with a total member- I Ship of H.M". Tho finrui.-il shooting tournament ot the NiiH'prnl liifle Association of America will be he 10 at Glendnlc Schuewcn park, X'.'w York, on June 20 to July S, JTI/>J,I...;..(._ 'i'|.A fh-st prize, known as the target of lH«iior, will be $500. coming lawn tennis S season. At lenst one, and perhaps two or three, crack American players will visit the other side next summer .and play on English courts, while we have assurances 3f the presence of strong British representatives at the championship meeting In Newport next August. American experts had been 'held In 'ather poor esteem abroad until last year, and the popular impression .had been that the English standard of play was far higher than that in this country. That was no doubt the result of Ill-advised foreign trips of American xptrts who did not begin to show the r orm on English courts they had displayed here. Such players as Marion R. Wright, Deane Miller and John F. Talmage, Jr., went abroad'and were beaten repeatedly by second class English pUiy- TS, But they are only second class (nen in thla country. The Britishers mistook them for representative American players and judged accordingly. "OUlu" Campbell, formerly champion, j Is th(: only really representative play- j sr we have had on English courts in many a ywir, and when he played abroad in 18!>0 he was ranked among the lowest first class men there. Hue M.S he had been our champion. It was supposed that he was our best man, ivhereaK h(> was noi nearly so good a representative us three or four others would have been. His style of play was entirely too radical to succeed against such experienced players as the leading British cracks, and he was beaten repeatedly by them. j M. I 1 '. Goodbody, an Irishman, and one I of the strongest tennis players In all j England, came over to this side last , year, after a most successful season at several years with the best men in the country—or, they have been playing with him—and this has given him a reputation far greater than his skill warrants. When he went abroad last year the Englishmen expected much of him, but he did little of note on the other side. In the championship in July, he met Baddeley, formerly champion of all England. A Good story is told of this match, which shows the spirit abroad. Baddeley had expected a hard match and he found Talmage "very easy fruit." As another American who saw the Incident told it: Baddeley was simply playing horse with "Jack" Talmage, and after each stroke he would comment on the Am«r jtiomc. He found It a very different thing from, beating the American players he had met abroad, He was beaten by Vv'rcnn and Chace In Nordood Park, by Ln.rned In Longwood ar.d Southampton, by Howland In Narragansett, and In the final match for the American championship In Newport again by Wromi, our doughty little champion, nnd tho crack quarter back ot Har- ROBERT D. WRENN. lean play. He kept up a running Ire of amusing remarks as he drove the balls by the Yale man, and finally convulsed the British onlookers by remarking after an easy pass at the net, "Well, is that- the best the Yankees can do; they will have to send over-a better man than this to beat our third- raters." Talmage was beaten In three straight sets by Baddeley, and hurt America's tennis reputation by his poor showing. i The first open event he played in after nnd the crack quarter LiacK 01 J-IHI- aim juni. ^.,=1. ...*..... ..- n— .,---•• ----- • yard's 'Varsity football team last fall. | returning to these shores was In ISyack When he left for home in the fall, i early in September, where he was beat- Sooclbody complimented American play- [ en In three 1 straight sets by J. Parmley cts ighly and assured them that they : Paret of the Morns Park Tennis club. laers D O not be deceived. The following brands of White Lead are still made by the "Old Dutch" process of slow corrosion. They are standard, and always Strictly Pure White Lead The recommendation of "Anchor," "Southern," "Eckstein," "KedSeal," "Kentucky," "Collier," to you by your merchant is an evidence of his reliability, as he ca:i sell you cheap ready-mixed paints and bogus White Lead and make a larger profit. Many short-sighted dealers do so'. FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s lYre White Lead Tinting Colors, a one-pound can lo a 25-pound keg ot Lcrad and mix your ,.wn paints. S.ivcs_ time and annoyance in^.tu-!mi£ shades, and insures the best paint that it is possible to put on wood. Send us a postal card and get our ton:; ™ paints and color-t'nrd, free; it will (jroljilbiy save you a good many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO , Nw Y'irlc. Cincinnati Branch, Seventh and Freeman Avenue, CiiKi:)na;E, man ever tx-rore, and tne British championship meeting will assume more Of an international character than any other tennis contest ever held. GoodboJy will be over again soon after the Wimbledon tournament. He played In all the most Important tournaments last 'year from the time he reached this side until the end of the season, and he is expected to do so this summer. He will be invited to take part in all the big' invitation events and In Newport, for a rule of the TJ. S. N. L. T. A. permits foreigners to compete for the American championship only by invitation. He has promised to bring 1 with him some of the other English cracks, but past experience has taught Americans how hard it is to get the Britishers to come. They usually back out at the last minute, and many fear that they will do so again this year, though Goodbody Is almost certain to come, even if he has to come alone. Those whose names have been mentioned as possible companions and fellow "Yankee beaters" to come over with Goodbody are Ernest Eenshaw, formerly champion of England, and M. S. Mahoney, formerly champion or Ireland. SWIMMING WONDER. Australia Comes to the Front With n Spocdy Man. Australia has a new amateur swimming 1 champion, who bids fair to become a wonder In his line. Ho is equally gy an ______ -c much more skilful than the Eng- j Paret is one of the best local players _ eood at long or shor _ distanees as will »^lIlLl^.lllll^*v->- J '''» ___ _ - __ -VT — »,1.. nv>rl TUftrtJ-ilrllJTl h 1 1 ? i i - — * _____ _*. *!-„ V_1 1 ^™.J», ™. OJ'll •H In the world. 1 ),ot at all grieved over ilM'eut he received at the 1 ', the Kansas City crack. :i likely that Pulford will r" uiijf another series of decided next fall. . were muen mutw OIV.HLUI ....,...* -..~ — £ - : „_.! Tj^^^iriirTi :n J. f,;,,,j».on. Reliable Bill, of u sh authorities gave them credit for be- about New York and Brooklyn .M,I Gun club, it, now in North- | , nj? . He said he should, come again this | cannot be rated as a first-class CM f'M-riin. where he is the owner year to try once more for the clianiplon- of one oC the finest . K hlp, and ho thought he should have no I trouble In getting several other crack Britishers to come with him. when he } told them how well he h;u'l been received, and of the excellent opportunities they would have for good play. '< It will need much praise from Gnnd- Vo'Jy. ho™?v»r. lo offset the Imuression COLUMEIAS— THEY ALMOST FLY. wopt Cure you Neither will medicine. Bicycling will. All you need is to get outdoors and let the tonic of rapid motion put new blood into your veins and tissues, I $100 a HARTFORD -*SO,*60. Boys' or Girl*' Hartford*-*50. be seen by a glance at the following records which he holds: One hundred yards 1.022-5; liOO yards, 3.H9; one mile, liT.OiiM:. The Sydney Referee gives the following interesting account of him, his name being Walter Gormly. His physique, to a casual observer, has nothing: about it that might indicate the possession of such exceptional powers as a. swimmer, but closer scrutiny would disclose the fact that Walter's chest, leg and shoulder development, although not remarkable^ is sullicient- pood to reveal the source from which his staylnc and propelling power is obtained. He is passionately fond of swimming 1 , and while residing at Sydney,spent the greater part of his spare hours at the natatorium, where he could be seen for a long time, morning and afternoons, throwing 1 lap after lap behind him in great style. The strict rules of training were unswerving followed, and as natation was an only bobby Indulged in whenever the slightest opportunity presented Itself, 'tis small His decisive victory- over the Yale man wonder that G orm!y should have ad- BO lately returned, from English court* vanced to such a prom inent position In showed the latter to be a very poor, the athletic wor i d , and one which unrepresentative for America abroad. doubtedly owes a great deal to perse- But we have several reliable first- verance and flxlty of purpose . H ls pe- class players on this side of the At- culiar mocle of propulslon has frec _ uent . lantlc, in Wrenn. Hovey, Hobart. been ct ^ comment amonf? Lamed. Chace and one or two others. and ot] _ ers Hc swljns on the If one of these were to visit the o her slde and draw , hlg , egs back side and train long enough to get nto gtroke -^ ^ one clear hto best form, the resut might be very knee dQw ^^ different from that which has fallen to other American playera abroad. Wrenn and • Hobart made a conditional plan last Bummer to go abroad together this spring, but this has been abandoned, and Hobart will not be able to go, on account of business. Wrenn is working hard at his studies at Harvard, and he, too, says he does not believe he can go over this year. Many of his friends, however, still believe that he will do so, and return again in time for the American championships In August. The English championship event takes place In "Wimbledon in July, so playera can take part In both. It is certain, however, that "Eddie" Hall will go abroad very soon, and that ta will play tennis there a great deal. It would be difficult to find a better representative for American players than Hall If he were In his best condition; but he was not last year, and it is doubtful if he will be again this summer. He was placed fourteenth in the official ranking of American experts at i the end of 1894. "three-quarters fifteen" i below Hovey, Hobart and Larned. At his best a few years ago he was equal to any man in the country. If Wrenn decides to go, however, America wriU .be better recresentcd IB •it a Free »t my Coir umbUtj«ney: by mill for two ;-c:nt sumps. •RAMM rroum •••too Sao L. W. PILLING, <\gent lar Colambla and Hartlord Bloyclw, Logan sport, Ind. Easily, Quickly, Permanently Rwtired. Beblltty, nod all tio trxln p f cril-'' from early errors or v Liter oictises. the results of Fa.ilar* impossible. L'.OT) ^ercnces. Boot, erpl:uiaLion »nd prooit iuiu!e«J (acalod> free. WALTER GORMLY. brings It back again -with a loud splash. How much faster or glower he might have been had the ordinary and gen- eraly accepted method of using th» nether limbs been adopted can only be a matter of conjecture, but men qualified to judge are fairly unanimous In the belief that if nothing is lost by the champion's peculiar stroke, the benefit, as compared with that derived from the usual manner of forcing the body through the water, is and further, there can'be very little doubt in the mind of a thinkinj; person that valuable force is" expended uselessly every time the leg breaks the surface. THE RING. Charles Gehrins, the • ei-Ilghtwei»ht champion boxer of the American Athletic union, boxed a six-round draw with Stanton Abbot at Baltimore recently. . Owen. B. Zeifler of Philadelphia, btf expressed an .anxiety to con test \jvitn Young Griffo In a boxing 1 contest, and offers to wagi?r $5,000 that he can defeat the Australian in a 20-round bout. •William Smith of Philadelphia, defeated Edward Vaughn of Trenton, in a four-round boxing contest at Balti- moreonnli O'Dsbzfimzhnmzhfimilfzffl more, last week, and James O'Donnell of this city was bested by John Chancy of Baltimore at the same time arid place in a similar number of rounds. "Jimmy" Murphy of St. Paul and "Jimmy" Schrenborn. of Minneapolis fought thirty-four rounds recently near St. Paul. Minn, Time was,called at 10 o'clock, and after two hours of hard fighting Murphy grave his man a knockout blow. Frank P. Slavin has again challenged Peter Jackson, the colored pugilist, to make a match with him for Sl.OOO a side, Slavin objects, however, to the flght coming off under the auspices of the National Sporting club, believing that that organization would favor Jackson. A Tonne Clftdlstor. Probably the youngest known imitator of the world's-greatest tragedians In the role ot Sparticus, the gladiator, Is a boy of 4 years, living in Davenport, la. His proper name is Roy Kindt, but since E>e Koven's latest operatic success he has been known as '"P.ob Roy." His father is manager of the Burtis Opera house'at Davenport, and the family are all talented in a histrionic way. The parents of this asplr- The Spine 7 is one of the most tender parts of the body. Inflammation there results in weak nerves everywhere. Allcock's Porous Plaster will be found to have a beneficial effect in allaying the inflammation and restoring strength. It is invaluable in all sorts of lameness and congestion, XcYer put up with " Ju*t « food u ALLX>CK*!»." Insiil upon having the genuine. Allcocfc's Corn Shields. Allcock's Bunion Shields, Have no equal as * relief and cure for comi and bunion^ Brandreth's Pills not only cleanse, but tone up the system. Tliey can bo depended upon. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. fS% THE YOUNG GLADIATOR, ng young gladiator confidently expect that some day after he has reached man's estate, he will play the role. It May Prove l*onny-VFUfl. A general movement has been Inaugurated among the league clubs to curtail the number of "dead-heads" who for years have received curtesles at the hands at the various clubs in the way of season tickets. Many of the re- • cipients of such favors have abused them, not only by transferring their books, but by back-capping the club management in a. scandalous manner. This subject was fully discussed and adjusted at the recent spring meeting. Hereafter each club will have twenty- ; five Instead of ten "souvenir tickets" good for grand stand admission to all league grounds, but the number of local books' and passes will be greatly reduced. The wisdom of this move, is, however, questionable, except from the standpoint o£ very cheap economy.— SportinR Life, protlucos tbo lihavo ro^nllH in ;*"ri:tyy. jiowi'r.'iilly aiid ouiclilj-. Ctitvn vl.i>:i nil ottiors (nil. I'ounc mou will retain tlioir lost )m:ilu<ci!. iiiJ 014 men will riKoviir thvir yoi:tliiiil vijto: by using 11EVIVO. It quickly r.ud ,sun:]y rc.^toroH N^r^'one- H06R. Loc^t Vitality. Imiioci.-!!^'. NiKfitb' Miii^sion*. Lost Power. raili:ijt Jlimory, WnsjiTir WM'SSI'K, snd all oiTccts of rJt.-lf-.ibiib.rt or i'5,'i't-sn:;d iinlihcrctioo. vhicli uulitti ono for BJUiiy, bnsiuoss <ir )*inrrin^e. II not ouly euros by siartinc n". il:o ^':it 01 disvaso. b;H itiajrrcat nerve tonic .1:11! I>lood l>uiii)rr. brinjy- iJiC back Iho plolc ptoir to T>M;. clirnkHniid rft- storinp tbo fhvr of yAnt.h. ic \vn:-,li. oir insanity iDj Consumption. l°nsii;L on !i:vli:« RBVIVOi n» otlicr. It can be- cii-rk'd in vi'st rocket. By null, Sl.OO per pr.ckase. or iii\ lor S.^.OO, V.'UU a poil* tivc ivrll.teu Kiw.niuU'C 10 rare or refund tho money. Ciri-'larirco. /.Oilrow ROYAL MEDICINE CO., E3 Hlvor S!., CHICAGO,/^ -\ FOB SAI/E «5T B. F. Kee&llut, DrugKlst, Loeannpurt. WEAK ME* VI80ROUS. What PEPPER'S HER VIGOR Ml! It RCU poworfullr nnd quickly. Cure* »b(in all olhoro fall. Young mon regain IOKI munhuod: old meti n>covcr youthful vigor. Ab«nlntoly «n«r- •ufctecd toCiirefterroiiBiieBi. X^oat Vitality. ' *, I.n*tl*wr«r. cltlicr BCI, Fullln* llrraorr. Wa.tlnc »l»- «AkB*t an4 all rffrcti of if If atrnit or rxctnn ana . inditcrttion. Wftrdi off Innnnlty Bnd conmimpUotL Don't IctdruflKl^t impose n worthloKBI»it}ittltut4> OTk you bocmi^o it rloldHagrPnttT nniau Uii^tKtonbaT*. Inn PKEFKlt-M NKKTKiOK. or ticnd for It. Can So ciirrlea la vuiit pockat. J'n'pnid plnln wr»|>- nor. »1 per box, or O tor '"•t with A 1'o.lllv* , written 4Auarant«e to Our« or Keftond tkio Sold by B. F. KeesJing aod Bsn Fisher. Gworrkat, OlHt, tncorrklK* 8p»n.lt=rrbo«, . ?»in. NoBtain. PrcTonti Stricturiyini fit T Private Biu»e« of both Halo and Fcmui. BruotlMi. or .MI to »ni addrr.., lor al.Oot ^ cUW HUjior ll < Tim Bot' or .11 nlmllir rnocdlH.* DR. JIK.M1Y KENT, Ulildetonl, M*. MALYDOR MFC. CO., Lancaster. Q.. U.8 JL C3*Fo fornu o ™ I Consumers of Aewinjtokccowb arewilhj to paj a little more tk fte price dranjed for fie ordinanj trade tokccos. willjmdfe trandsuportoal! others BEWARF CnMITATFOWL Train* Run by Central Tttna jkK >'OLt,nWK i ' •Dnilr. t Dully, oicrot Random, Leave. Bradford a;id Columbus ...... -'12.40 a m • 2.46 » m Philadelphia &N Y ............... »]2« Bin' 2,45am RlenmODd i Cincinnati ......... * 1. 00 a m » 2 50,'-^ IndlsnupoliB * LoaJnvlllo.... •l'2.Maiu« 21' -.5) EttnerAPeorlii. (oe« traln)._» 2 M a m «U a,.. .__/ Crown Font <t Chlc»«o ------ * 8 15 a in *J2.80 »T» SPANISH TflBTM£NT G»rub*d Cur* _ OUHflf •eod men Mid women-Tha nwfulKTectsof YOUTHFUL Remit, of treatment ERRORS, prodndcir wimk- ,tm, Knrow Debility, Nlirhtlj EmlwIoM, CoBmmpUon, tiituutr, Eihw»t4>>E dnlni and low of power ot tbe Ocn- er&tlTeOrvtnaunfitting one for vtndj, DUXIDOM and ra*r- 1 dcklTcuredbTftr. tto4rlne«$p*Bl*fcBlenra Tbe/iu* onlr <mro far itariunir u U» Hat ot 41*- itarearreatMiKVETOino art BLOOD lEK, brlmnn* back the pt.k «ljw _• M!» tkiik. anTrMtorlntr Uw FIKE Vtl> YOUTH to lb» patient. Bj mall, »l.oo per boi or • for •» with write ' • cure ar rttmm* Ike M«KT. Book 8»td br Be* FUh«r. Pourtb 8«re*t. INDA nn sun HINDOO REMEDY RUULT* In SO DAT*. Cart* Kerroai l>U«»e». Ftliln* M*mor; P«retJ»,8l»*plai«n«»«,.; to ibfuiikeil ofcuu, aitd'qaii K>dcot. iTica •!.<>• a pack«gi »,o»*S((aTlo«,l»qt ta!iit*o!i**h»Tiiig 1N0APO. U - irdnminhunotroc It.«» will «rad It prepaid. M<illi«a1««lr».rriM . cmni>HL,-araKaiMI»> SOLD bf-Ben-'-Fisber, Wholesale DrwiKitt. Jit Foortk St., Sole Agent for uJ« ot INDAPO is ------ Rlcbmond * Cincinnati ........ .+ 5 45 u m t Crown Point * Chicago ......... T fi.oo a ro • Montlcello * Uffner ............... t 7l5amf Braorord ft Columbus ........... t '.50 a ro • 6.30 p m . Effner lo«l freight .t 8.»> a m • i L«l p mi:;, H • 7 as p m )2«pm ll.Mpm i IndlanapollB at Louisville '12.45 p m * L!» p m Blcbm«M,<l & CInclnnMl « 1.55 p m • 1.35 p m. BfBdtord 4 ColombOB _....* 1.50 y m • 125 p m Philadelpnla A New York * 1.50 pm« 1.26pm Mont1«ello 4 Eflner 12-2" 1 p m t 7.-J6 a m Cblcaco - * '- 30 P m J-* 5 P " Chicago d: Inwrmedlaie _• J.» p m •12.SO p m KoHomo a; Richmond 1 a.(K) p m tn.uo » m Wliuunae AccomodaUon t 4.00 p m f O.*6pm Mailon Aoomodatlon..._ t 5.50 p » t 9 « • m J. A, dcCDLLOCGH, A«ent, LoganspOTT. E1ST BOCSD. N«w Tortt ExpntH. d*llT S.U a I Ft Wajnn Aocm,. *ioept Sandsr 8.20 »I . Kan. City * Toledo «t, except Son<S«jr~U._B • U. Atlantic ExpreM, tallj J-fJ P » Accommod»tloD for Kut. — 1.16 p m WE8I BOU5D. rtfOBfumu.enij 10^7 »m Aecomodatlon for Went— liOO m KantM Cltj Bt, except Sondv _f_« P » Lftr»7«t»AecBi..«ioept8tiD<J»7 — '-SS 1 "* 8t Laalt Itx* dlJOT . -.10* P •» Bel River Dlv M Logansport. West | Side. Between Logansport and Chili- XAHT BOtXD- ioa»Uon, lean czecpt &ocd»r_ AMommodavtlon, urlre except onnd«y " •• •• • C. C. ..4.00 • i VAN DAL! A LINE. Trains Leave Logansport, i'Ot THE KORTH, No. 2.> For St. vOi«pi...— Nn. W yorSL Jowpb FOB THE KOCTH. No. M For Terre B»trt»—„ Ko. « toi Tene Bmrnt •Ml* of**mpa, •tavlloDf, *oa In foU lniom«.lon-•• » tkm«k on. «H;. •adMH.

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