The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1934 PRESIDENT (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS PAGE tnHEE Bridge Leap With Son Frustrated Digest Poll Shows Roosevelt 5 Per Cent Stronger Than in 1932 Roo;evell comtmifs to lead bv more than 3 n '2 in tlie £cmillnnl ret inns of The Literary Digest poll on the New' Deal, according to the tabulations lo IK published In this week's issue of Ihe magazine. Vermont Is the only one or tl:e forty-ei^lil states winch votes majority against the inx-sklent's nor. anil' policies. Sixty-one per cent of tlio ),- 508.8C1 voles now wtlitM express I'.ppt'ovfil of Rco^pvoli's program. The vote so fur Is 920,357 for the New Deal to !J88,M4 against it. An "Analysis of How Voters in This Poll Voted in 1DM nml Ilo'v They Vole Now" reveals lhat Roosevelt still liold" •! oia of 5 of his lormrr iirtluwnts and eains more than I out of every 3 Hoover voters lo las' support, which gives Koo:cvcll a nut gulii of S.fili per cent from the forty-eight states us a whole. A comntirison of Hie cuiTeia re. turns with the previous week's tally shows lhat the president's majority in ihe poll has been reduced, in the District, of Columbia and in every state except Louisi ana ami Montana though the| lo-Tes in ratio are fractional. Eleven states give Ihe New Deal ri majority of 55 per cent, or less. Einhtson states and the 'Dislrict of Columbia show a 55 to 05 per cent affirmative vote In the poll. Twelve other states show a majority for tlie New Deal of from fin (o 75 per cent anil seven additional states, all In the south, Five the uresiilent a voie of confidence of from 3 lo 1 to nearly 6 to I. A comparison of Ihe ratios in [his Nciv Deal poll with the official vote Roosevelt received 1932 indicates that he has gained favor in twenty-five slates while he loses popularity in twcnly- three oilier states, which are mainly in the soiilh and midille- weslern agricultural districts. The second report of the special poll conducted amone the lawyers, of ihe nntion fives a vote, of Iti.- 869 for ihe New Deal lo 1-1,785 iigninst it. However, a majorilj vote of disnpproral Ls noted Ir twenty-four states. The second report of the special j clergy [Kill shows that the minis-'. ters continue to vot? in fav-r nf I the Nc\v Deal hv 12,318 "Yes" bal- lols to 10.089 "N'o" ballots, which is a slight decrease in ratio for Kcosevell's ads and policies over the prior report. The first, returns of a special |x>ll among the educators of Ihe nallon Rive the president a majority vote in all forty-eight states and n combined majority hliher than In the main poll or any of the several Literary Digest special polls. This expression of approval, it. is stated, is "five times as strong as was the mar- Kin of disapproval hi the banker-' ballots." ] Of the 12.267 ballots received- from educators and teachers, 8,-! 220, or 07.CC per cent, are marked' "Yes" for the New Deal while •!,HI arc registered "Ho." Mao, 71, Climbed Mt. Rood PORTLAND, Ore. lUH)-St«ep ridges and rugged rocks of 11,225,foot Mt. Hood hold no terrors for Judson Allen, Cottage drove, 13. Just 10 prove he was "73 years young," he climbed ihe mountain Kith thiee younger coinpaiiioiis and was the first to reach the summit. Yoothi SUrt Nenjnptr PARKVILLE, Mo. vUP)-Fift«n cents capital, a Jol^prcss and several fonts of type plus Iwo energetic boys and you have Ihe start of the Summer Spectator, n biweekly newspaper. The publication reported a good profit for Ihe flvsi month and Ihe circulation has readied the 200-mark. Borum's Great Pint Event Phone 122 'J'lie eficil of .Mrs. liaolifi Kutlon (iiliovfil. author oT iKo .liiilj Bollon uiVL ii'iy Mm K-S for Kirls, tn i-otiunlt suk-iilo with tier three- p ed (.'.•>! rUns rostrninec) iier Just aa she \v:is uliuni lo leap froiti New York's Munh:ii(niL Hnd^e with licr child tit lior Ki-ins. She w:m ills* liiicti'd, pntieft .enid. liecnusu pliy- Bicinns £ftirt tec? son's muteness W3* i»cural»!e_ " Held as Robles Kidnap Suspect Snspooted or the .lime Roblea kiilimping in Tucson, Ariz., Don Rodriguez. 23, Olobc v Ariz., 1s sliown hero in I.aJunta, Colo., an lie was held for .questioning by Arizona officers. Rodriguez iraa captured In Rockylord, Colo., by a banker wlium h9 tried to kidnap, police say. Buffalo Skulls Found GREAT FALLS, Mont. (UP) — Hundreds at blenched buffalo skulls, found on high reaches of Hie Rocky Mountains belie the contention lhat buffalo were hab- lUinlly a plains animal, according to Forest Ranger L. J. Howard. 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Kull Dressed 4 "f 1 ^ IlilniJ Pound L izC ENGLISH PEAS 12ic COLESLAW Mmll '^ shI) S t ISc POTATO SALAD Mmk ' Krest l.S ily IS c BARED HAM """" 4Sc LIVER CHEESE BOILED HAM Murre! 'V;± CHEESE ' I'onnd Wist'onsiii No, 1 Co u nil 18c 37c 17c WEINERS FRANKS or R01 S A 12c PIMENTO CHEESE OCTAGON SOAP 30c lOc STERLING a « te ««" M -- 1 3i. c TUNA FISH COFFEE VmnAm8mmy SS t 29c HAM slirc(i Kn " Cllt mil( , 20c CUCUMBERS Cri ^un d 4c BLUE BUNNY FLOUR TOMATOES " ;xtr!l rancy - H ,"oT n d (:rown 4ic : t SHORTENING WW|C " lllmc K;! 1 , : £' DUCKS ""'• 18ic JELLO A " 5c CORN * CMUm lOc ASPARAGUS TIPS 1Jbby>8 S? k l^c Jumbo Sodas (The Orieiral) C 1AC IU Summer Plate Lunch • iDutch Sijk) Meals, Cheese, Sal»a, To- mitoes, dives, Pickle. 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