The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York on November 17, 1888 · 1
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The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York · 1

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1888
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1 - ' IX -v s v-Y iLia, . l Lgigr'!'";,; 4i-:, , f. . rj - sr.." Y1isl4 JX A 'v .. SSlvgC N'AArVr - f Vgjiv-' j?L!l--tV-' VOL. XXV., NO. 244.-FOUP. O'CLOCK P. M. BROOKLYN, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 18S8. PRICE TWO CENTS 0 PAGES 8 PAGES JUSTICE OR FIGHT. "The Ultimatum Served on Boss Mc-V Laugalin By Germans. Thrry Insist If Kaiser; la Counted Oat They Will Vote Solidly Against tbe Pemocrnts Next Year IlepubJican Gossip About ilia Next General Committee BROKE UP THK K. There Is considerable excitement over ths County Clerk count, and the evident desire shown by rumors started by Democrats to count out Capt. Kaiser has created gi-eat indignation among tbe Germans. They have decided by the returns that have beau exhibited by Cant. Kaiser, tbo police and the Federal cClcials, that the Captain has been fairly and honestly elected, and notice lias been served on Boss McLaughlin that if he permits any trick to lc used in canvassing the retnrns which result in Riving Cottier the certificate, he will have a merry war on his hands next fall which will result iu the -defeat of every nominee on the Democratic ticket. This has frihtenei the Democrats, and the y are le.itatmg over co urn. tt in? any act that will arou the anger Oil the German voters to a retaliatory deg-eo. It is on this accouut that Cant. Kaiser's friend stand firm in the belief that v -n u-aJly fustic will be done th"m. It i qu te evident by the rumors io-.lay Ih it tlic fr.-. ni of Cottier hope t lvve mutorial altera'ioj.s made in the County ') own vote, and Flnlbush s being nientione-j as thj most likely place where alter- 'jaas are lo Le made. The gossip about the Chairman of the Re publican. General Connujttee for next year continues apace. Tbe frieAs of Franklin Wood-rruT are pushing hLs claims, and it is said if be succeeds in gettinj tbe position that men of weulth will come forward and subscribe funds guflieicnt to enable the General Committee to urcha- property and establish permaneat eidquarters. The secretary of the General Committee, Clarence A. burrow, 1ms completed the apportionment of the additional delegates to each ward association, and he finds that it is almost . the same oh was announced at the last meeting of the General Committee. Tbe Twenty-fit to ward delegation remains the same as it did the nitrht of the meeting, despite Mr Onsen's exception to The c-tandabb-Umoh figures, which he compared with the incorrect returns ot a democratic paper. The following table shows tbe additional del egates in addition to those whose terms expire, In wards' where oni delegate in addition is elected he will servo three years. In wards where it is four or mor e half of them will serve lor three years, halt of tbe rest lor two years and the others one year. Thev run In this way: First ward, lid nrional (lelesrntes; Ferond word. 1; 1 wnid, 1; Fourth' ward, 1; Filth wai-d, 1; Bixili ward, 3; Bi'venth ward, 5; EUhtli wurd, 4; iNintli wurj, '; Tenth wurd, il; Eleventh wurd, ; Twelfth warl, 2; 'l'llineenth waid. Ii; Fourteenth ward, 1: Fiflt'enth ward, 4: Sixteenth wttrJ, 1; Sevr-n-tcentii wwid, ; lOiff nteentli wurd. Ill; Nineteenth wm-u, 4; 'i'wen.ietu ward, 3; Twenty -first wur l. H; Twenly-recoiid ward. 10; Twcul y-tlnnl ward, 7; Twenty to'.u tli ward, b; Twenty-til th ward, ID; Twoi'ty-sixtu wurd.U; M;itbnsj,2; FlnthtniU, 1; (liuvesend, 3: Ni w Lttecht 1. In the table publino'cf yesterday showing the oflielal canvass of the returns for city officers, the tot il vote of Livingston, for Controller, whs given as 70,2'JO. According to the .llicjuUy.irfcs oreparwl by the City Clerk when A!deriiieri'cn!iva:;sed the return, Livingi- ' ton's vote was 77.3J0. The error arose when ' one of the a'bi 4ants in -tLo City Clerk's ofHce called oft' the vote from the Tweltlh ward, pa Juivmgston, , iM7; ferry, Dill, when the vote tu tho former should havo le'.'o ',ft$. Livingston's plurality over Andrew J. Perry, Itepublicau, wan therefore ,7K, and ho received thirtv-three votes ltss than Kutati, the Ilemtkiratie. caiiilidato for Auditor, instead of I,0U3 less. The Fslics Interfere Witli ma Enjoyment nt Three !jorts In a Stable. Two big white bulldogs, weighing about thirty-five pninda apiece, ware tearing away at one another in the hay loft over the stable at 191 State street at 12:03 this .morning, when the threo gjntiemen who were enjoying the sport and such refreshment as a moderately sized flak alforded, heard the outer gate burst ia, an I ia a moment afterward a creaking son il at the frjiit door, as if that last refuse aiinst the mbions of :he law were being forced. The three gentlemen were John J. Keliue, of 301 State street, who ov.-ns the stable; John Bohanna, of cSi Hamiluja avenue, and Marqui3 D. Moore, or 709 II cm street, aad without making ar;y effort to separate the dogs they rushed down tiie ri t ' y stairs to the stable benaath. When OfUj-r; 3iiield3, McDonald, lVsdeil an I Collier burst in toe stable door they found threi as thoroughly scared men as there were in Brooklyn eroucuini' under hay-racks and endeavoring to eseape no-tiea in ever,' noiSiblo way. A boy named Tcomas Majanre. of 621 Clinton street, wno had brought tne dos to the tiht, was also cap tured, and the prisoner, were raarched to tne Ati'ims street station houe, where they passed tne tiaiance ot the night. ' Tue doirs were vicious brute3. and evan the police oould not separate them until, fortunately, the pair fyll through a hatchway m the flixir and broke away in tbe descent. fiasonerj and noes looked aoout equally happy in Justice Vv aish's court this raoi-uinj;. Tiie caae against tae men, capiurea win ue heard on the 2ta. A THEATRE IM M UPROAR The Electrician Pats Ont tlis Liglita and tae Clown As32rts Himself. HAT TOBH OUT A HDRDBR The Stranze Death of an Old Ger man in the Brooklyn Hospital. His Eyea Were. Blackened and His Skull Fractured When Ho Was Hrouaht There, Hut the Doctors Thoinrlit Ha Was SafTorin": From Consumption. CATUOLlC TKMl'EUASCH jrATTERS. The Vlce-Protddcnt of tho Provincial Council tif the Soelelle Hjicakx, The Provincial Council of tho C. T. A. Societies ofNew York, Brooklyn and New Jersey, will hold on Important meUnj to-morrow in Bt Paul's Hall, Warren street, near Court. A number of priests have been invited, amongst whom are Fathors Elliot and McMillen, of the raulistsitho Rov. J I. J. Kdly, Custh Garden, an I the ltev. Fathers Hill, Mt-alia and Jlac-Krlain, of Brooklyn. The lecture recently delivered by Archbishop Irelund, in Dronulyn, has been put in pamphlet form by the Council and tlioiitands of them will bo distributed ut the mucuns. A committee to organizi temper a nee societies in New York will l appointe 1. The Council, to redeem or fulfil us promises, will visit every parish in Brooklyn to consult with tho pasturs, The Council will do iU snare, and if not successful the reMvmsiliility will bo placed where it belongs. V. II. Downes, Vice-President, fcays that intempuranm amongst Catholic young rueu is increasing to a raii.i extent through the growler system. lie thinks it can bo stopped by the priest co-operating with the laymen. Tbe Council will toon establish a pnper to boom the c.iue. A reporter of Tub Standard-Unioji asked Mr. Downes why he didn't take some part in politics during the last campaign iu the tem perance cause. 1 was very sorry," said Mr. Downes, "that I couldn't speak publicly against the rum element which saturated the Democratic ticket. I wouldn't be worthy the name of a temperance advocate if I voted for Hill, who was backed by the brewers and liquor men. Our people, are eisily led astray. They think liecause we are Irish and Wac holies wj muse be . Democrats. I for one do not think so, particularly while liquor meu tonn the tone and smew ot that p.irty. This is the element that has ruined, and continues to ruin, cur Irisn peonle, aad why should Ibe found iu sympathy with such men. Tho police ars still investigating the strange death of tho oil and unknown German who died in ths Brooklyn Hospital on Tuesday with a fractured skull. The physicians thought that the oil man was sufferin; from consumption wh?n he was brought to the hospital on Friday last by a Tenth precinct policemiiwho had found him wandering around Prospect Park. He was poorly dressed, his face was swollen and his eye3 had been blackened apparently in a flight. Articulation was a difficult task with him and the (acuity oC putting his thoughts together in another communication was also gone. The old man was brought to the Adams street station house, where llliam Sieyers, a German, attempted to hold converse with him. No result followed, and, to a written request tor information concerning himself, the old man made a reply that no German to whom it had been shown can translate into inteliigib'e English. The words that can be mail 3 ou are inubtly in German and this is how thev read: Bierhng murder out too sadden 6-1 or 71 Decatur street there there how what et3., ina jargon that showed at once the mental condition of the man. At thi hospital the na:ieut lay in a S3mi-comatose condition untU Ilia deat'j on Tuaslay, and the dtictors were surprised when the autopsy showel that death resulted from fracture of tae skull. Coroner llooney bean an investigation, and sejured tho evidence of polioem a and others who had seeu the old man. 1 he most important witness was f ark Policeman Michael McLaughlin, who saw the old man staggering up the Coney Island road toward tho farlt entrance with both eyes blackened, his clothing stained with mud. and beiu Lug every evidence of having been through a tight. McLaughlin tried to get soma Infor mation from the old man, but was unsuccessful, and pointing' to tho gate inviced him to get out. The visitor aid, and a little later was brought to the station house and from there to the hospital, wluire he diei. DEATH OF Fw K. RAYMOND. at Hli Tlie I.ate Oen Rrownetl. The following resolutions were adopted last evening at tbo hcadquartera of the Forty-seventh Regiment: Whrhras, Tb j Council of Officers of this raiment having leueivai the sad mietliiue;? ot tng neeeaso of their 1 onner coiucn..u iunt, itu. Wiu. II. Browne!!, whiea occurred on Weduesd.iy. tue HthinsU li Is tu ivby Kejotei'd, That in tae death of Gen. Brownell this reinment has lost a valued friend, a w s counselor, Hnd one who wns ver ready to aid them In any mid exe. y emorjreiicy. .diix'd, Thiit we ri-cowmza that whatever eilicieiev un.l merit the raiment may ut p:-"E ent couiniiiud is auelarueiy to his uuo -asiu,; unl unttnuif ellorts while its conuuunuunt to iutiii in.o both ollicers and nioa the houoraule culling oi a soldier. Kco(if(l, That we appreciate the personal. efforts which couti ibuuM so much in procuring . the present bei.utiful an I spa. ious buiidiug iii which tbe reinuieiu u oaart. red and wmeh iviil ever stand as an euauiiiij; mouuinent to his care and itnection lor us. H'vuiveu, auai we snnll cherish his memory while life phidl lust. ao cnu safely po n. to ins examine lor our tuuire guidance as a model niwnbor of the ititu mil (juard. ivYsoirert, That we te.jder to ths family of our uevcusuu muiucr oiuctr Olir WdfUlL'SI UQJ tlO;U"t i oi i wj iiifnituy una comnistni ttu m to n at all wise utin ue tveniy rather who promises to oe ever neHr me iuow ami futue-less. iiraod'cd. That the ollicers ot tn'a icgimeut attend the tuucnii ot our uecc s.-d luend in a body end wear tue usual Dadaeof mouruiug for thirty d.iys ti'.iottwk. That a copy of these resolutions suit- aoi.v CII1W!;.'(1 le lurwuiMea to vbe family oi the deceased, nuu a c-oiy be sent lo tuj oaily Lisui.-t'ol. Fred. S. Bensox, C;iiu. w. II. Eddy, Cupt. r. J. Vehiizax, . Committee. Demise of the Well-known Citizen Hume on the Heights. Prof. Robert Raikes Raymond, one of Brooklyn's oldest and best-known citizens, died last night at his late residence, 123 Henry street. The deceased was one of the founders of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Club, and has been a director of it since its origiu. Years ago, when it was the custom to distribute de scriptive programmes among the audience con tabling criticisms of the various numbers, Prof. Raymond was always chesen to contribute the literary portion of the work. He was also a director and stockholder in the Academy of Music, and was a member of the Hamilton Club of this city and the Century Club or rsew yorit. lie was born in New York City, Nov. 2, 1817. When an infant his faxifily removed to Brooklyn. He gradu ated at U mon College and studied la w in Cm nati. Instead of practicing law, however, he entered Mauison Lmversity and went through a course of study tor the ministry. In lSCki he entered the Polytechnic Institute as Professor of i.iighsh literature. He had always been a profound student of Shnkjspeare. and devoted muca time to the arts ot dramatic expression and oratory. Ex-Mayor Seta Low, Dr. Rush- more. 1' rothmgham, Uuf us Cowan, Robert Grannls and other citizeus were his pupils, and remember the instructions received at his hands. In ISTtS Prof. Raymond was appointed Pro fessor of Shakesijeai'e iu the School of Oratory of the Doston University. Wheu this branch of study at tna University was abandoned, he opened the Boston School of Oratory as an individual enterprise and made a great success witn it. Lmnn. uis stay tnera tie lrequaatiy appeared in public as a Shakespearean reader and m-t with such an extraordinary success mat ins appearance was requested in various tortiods of the Union, boar vears aso his health began to fail and he decided to return to Brooklyn.' The funeial will take place Monday afternoon at. 2 o'clock, and will be private. The Rev. Dr. Lyman. Abbott will conduct servicos at the house and the inter ment will be in Greenwood. Prof. Raymond left a widow and two sons Rossiter W. Ray- uoud. a member of tue Subwav Commission, und Major C. W. Rayraoad, of the U. S. A inere were many njrai tributes sent to tee house this momiu, which demonstrated to some degree the aiiection in which tiie deceased was held. All the Actressss Screamed, and the Two Principals Kngags In a Terriflo CombatThe Case Aired in Court To-day. The case of - Thomas S. Dare, who takes tte part of one of the clowns in Kiralfy's spec tacular pantomime, "Maralm," now being pro duced at the Amphion Academy, and who was char? el wit'a assault by Ira E. Way, ttie eliC- tr eiia o! the same place of. am usetnsat, cams up b:foro Juttiie Naeher this morning. The caurt loum was crowdelwith Dare' ossoci ates in the pantomime, the fair members being present Li 1 it e nimbors. Th evidence that wa taken showed that the action of the elec- tr.eiai in nutting oni tin lighis while the p r- f or utera weie areaing caused a great uproar an tne ttatre. Ira K Way, on taking the stand, told this storv: Ha struck ma in the face and bit mo In the thumb. His fist was clenched and drew blood. He struck me only once. I threw up my hands to ward oil further blow, not knowing what was coniin. and he graob3u my thumb be tween his teeth. It happened in the passage way leading to tne. dre-rinr rooms m tne Ani- phioa Academy. 'I did nothing to him except in words. After the pertormanco it is our custom to turn off the tdectnc lights and turn oa the gas. I went to the neat of the stairs and said that the electric lights would be put out in ten minutes. Then some ladies asked me for matches. After I gave them soma Mr. Dare came out and said, excitedly: "What are you putting these lights out lor F , '"I told him that notice had been given by me. and be disputed it. l nen be cauea me liar. I gave it to him back. He then colled mi over to him and asked me to repeat what . I had said. 1 did so, and he struck, me." Dare What were my words in calling yon over to msf Way You said come over. Dare Didn't I daro you to come over! Way Yes. Edward Leighton testified that he saw all the trouble.. Mr. Dare-wanted to know why the lizbts were put out, and asked wbv War didn't go around and light the gaj. They had a few words, and Way went over to Dare. He didn't see what followed, but when Way came back bis lips were swollen and bis thumb was bleeding. Dr. William D. Waterman said that he found Way'3 thumb lacerated, and that there were three incisions in it that might have been made bv teeth. Tnoinas S. Dare then took the stand and testified as follows: I was sitting in nay dressing room when the ga3 went out. Hearing the lad es scream I ran out of my room to see what the matter was, and the answer I got was was ''You ought to know." Way spoke verv sharply and 1 disputed with him the tact that I had oeen notified that tha light were going out. He said that 1 had ben and I c-Uled h m a liar. He called me one, and i told him he would not come to where I was and say that. The place was in total darkness. I could see him, but be could not sje me. He rushed over to me and struck me on tbe head. Then he tried to get his finger in my eye. I caught hold of his hand. In the tussle he sbpped uis finger from my eye and got it in my mouth. Wuea I found it there 1 naturally bit on it. Laughter. Ho then broke my tooth out. 1 nere was a cavity next to the tooth that be pulled out, and be inserted his thumb in that. we were all excite.i over tne iignts going out. The whole company didn't know what to make out or it. I bit bun alter he struck me. Miss Minnie Dixon. (a beautiful blonde, who spoke men an tnulisn accent, and wno is one of tne members of the company, said that she saw tne whole trouoie. Air. lare askod why he was not told whyhe gas was nut out. 1 he g-amnai sail that be had been toLL : Mr. Dare called him a bar, and' the gasman called hun one. Mr. "pare said "You won't come here and say that." The gasman then ran over and they cuncheu. ne saw blood coming from Mr. Dare's mouth. She tried to separate them. and tbe gasman said: "He won't go out of here alive." xhen she saw tbe gasman try to get a hammer. Mrs. Ada Dare, wife of the defendant, gave similar testimony, and said that Mr. Kiralfy iriea w separate tne two. air. Dare went bacit to his dres-iing room, carrying a tooth, to which was attached a piece or lawooue. m his band He said that Way had pulled it out. Way swore that Mr. Dare would not leave the theatre alive. ay, reoaueu, saia tnai ne oiten got into a wrangle with theatre people about tha liehts. It was dangerous to leave matches around, and when they didn't find any they gave turn nts. Mr. Dare came, however, every one had accepted his explanation wuea it was given. Dare was found not guilty and discharged. An Italian aad Hi Armory Captured Other Robberies. Ancelo Aneto, a repulsive-looking Italian, was arretted at his home. 57 Fieet alley, last evening by Detective Jonn Dowry, of the Cen tral Office, oa the charge of hving stolen $109 worth of clothing from, tha home of W. J. Kelly. 3 Cbeever place, on the morning of 5. When Aneto wai captured Lowrey TIIE SNEAK THIEF ABROAD. Nov. also sectrred a murderous-lookiag stiletto and another knife that tbe prisoner had concealed carefully u ruler the tilthy mattress on which he slept Aneto this morain; d-med all knowledge of tha robbery and said ths clothin; had been banded him by a tramp whom he met ia Caeever plaoe tne day the articles were stolen. tie spent last night in th t irst precm? station boose and will be brought before Justice Walsb on Monday. The sneak-thief got in bis work on tbe house o Auton Sehmi It, at 204 Sixth avenno yester day evening and got away with $176 worth of property. Victoria Savage's borne at 64 Sterling Pbv, was also the scene of a robbery last nignt. Mr. Savage laments ths loss of $J4 worth of silver ware and clothing. Even the boys in the Central Grammar School at the corner of Court and Livingston streets, do notescaoe the ravage of tne sneak-thief. Two of them, Sacor Cole and C A. Lack, Jr., lost their overcoats ia tbe recess hour yesterday. MORE OF SMITH'S WOI. He is Wanted for Forgery in Chi cago and in Other Cities. WILL KB. ASPHIALL fflll? Kings County Bepublicins Uniting To Boon Him. THE "AMATF.l i; AV.tSESJENT" lade His Coolneea In Conrt Hla Father Got Him Oat of the Connecticut Scrape, But Found it TVaa of No Use, Frank C. Smilh, charged with forging the name of the Rev. W. W. Pratt, of the Bedford Heights Chapel, was taken before Justica Mas-ssy this momirg. He waived examination, and was held for the Grand Jury. Smith was taken from the Tombs by Detective Roche, of tbe Headquarters Smid, yesterday. He had been detained in that institution on the a IU la vi t of Mr. Small, a merchant of Waterbury, Connecticut, woo swors to tho fact that tho prisoner had obtain-4 t'i.K) from hun by forged checks oa thi Garfield Bank. Smith's father, who lives in Boston, and is by no means a wealthy man. settled with Mr. Small, and on that charge, at least, bad his erring son liberat-d. only, however, to find him seized for tha Pratt forgeries. It seems that his tamil V are mslunz strenuous etforts in uiis airecrion aiso, out 1 1 uie-y nuaTwi in spector Byrnes, of New York, ii anxiously wau:ng lor mm on similar cuai'ifM rmm van ous parti of the country, including Waslung ton and Chicago. The Kev. Mr. 1'ratt was aennamtel witb. Smith and his fainiiv in B.ston, and when the forger called upon him hire ha received him cordially. Mr. Pratt is iu ctiarg3 of the Bap tist chapel at tho corner of lleren street and Bedford aveuue, ani Lag it. o S. Blackford president ox. tne Bed tori National Bank, t nucn interest eu iu tne wort. A very success ful bazar was held in aid ol the builnng 1 recentlv, and Santh was present. met Mr. Blackford, arul was intro duced to him by Mrr' Pratt. When, therefore, Smith cilled at the bank to ca-h check with Mr. Pratt's nAiue forml to them, he was identified by Mr. Blackford himself, and after this had no diihVulty in doing busi ness, lhe forged chci tor wtucb. ne was ar rested amounts to $0J, bnt then that was only t;ie fifth of a series. Th3 imitation of Mr. Pratt's chirography is very fine, and Smith is a perfect penrnuu. Smith s wife apieared In court witii him this morning, and was very much ail -ctl, far more so than be, in xact. lie is a sin ill. pile-faced man, of about 35, and were oil t- guage' bt his fluent speech an J nonchalance of man ner under what are usually trying circum stances, ne is utterly devoid ot moral con sciousness. Smith is a lawyer and had an offlm at 37 Perry street. New York City, bnt is not known to have any prirtice. lie will lial it hard to escape from the meshes thac now surround him. we was, it is slid, a very eloquent stump speaker, and was on the lWt of electors onnha Prohibition ticket of Massachusetts. Gen. Hasted Weighing Vp Hli Chancy to See What Position Ho Will Take-Some of the Patronace and Power Attached to the Position. The boom of Assemblyman Joseph Asptnail for the Speakership of th coming Assembly is trowing apace, and within a few days be will know exactly where be vtarxl m the rare fr this splendid position, with all of its honor and its patronage. - Gen. Husted immediately after his Interview with Mr. Aspinalt, in which it was agreed that all his strength should be thrown to the vide of Mr. Aspinall in the event of his failing to get sufficient votes to seat him in tbo Speaker's cuair for the sixth tune, which woald varpass any previum record, cent out notif- to every Assembly man-aect of the ItVpuaiu-aii p.-r-wmoo, formally aauounnn t tliat h had tablLbed Headquarters at PtvksLiil, stating he was la line rae lor tho S.Jienuip and requesting those who favored hi eUvt.oa to notify him forthwith. By this action Uie General in a few days will know exactly th groun 1 on which be is ktanding, his actual Wrench, and bis itle ciiaoca ia the ra.-e wita Mr. Cole, who naw steads with Mr. i' ln-hml him. and who believes that this wi'lrnal L- biut to win. Certain it i thati Mr. Piatt his uo kindly ferlin tor Mr. Uust i, aad to thr fa-t, if Chauncev M. IViw tfiutts uptin ptLsuia tbe claim of Gen. UiuteiC is due Uio prirwj unity oi Asseuibij man iupnuui My-'inng e pnac. AH of the K1U2S Countv ItcDuu i nrii nnre beoomo deeply interested lu tne success of Mr. Aspinall, and a lare nuaiber of tbe m t promiuent men In tin party csl.ed on Mr. A'ptnall yesterday, wl-Ji1 hun sucvass in hut race, and proaib! to give hiui ad tha aas.-t- ance in lueir power. Mr. A;:iaa!l niO'ttlv reznrds his chancsi as fair, and Udhingly taw be is all his attention to w tu rns a b l d i'iation mrsi Kings, which is himself and Mr. fpe.ry. h tuinks be can get. The patronage attached to this position i great, f r the Speaker hai the appoiutaicut t'f all comBiiitfos. among th- iu sucn imixirUGt OOOi as Ways and Moon. ApjuvpriauJis. Judiciary, Genera! Uift, Lana's. AHairs of CiUr-a, R&ilroad-s, Coiumeroe aud Naviiii n. Kxtise, InLerual Affairs, State Privm.. Tu" duties of ihoe committe.-s are trvuH-nduUs. and tha power to select, not only x!inmiit s. but to name the cuairmsn. makt the Sp a.T a man oi alm-.t autocratic jiowers, and al-o enabli! hi:n almost to form the churacter of lesi.slatioa for the year. If Mr. Aspinall is st-l.H-t.-il he cun be depended U)Kn so far as be i onovrDii to mile the coin iu Le'i-latare. which, by the way, rs more largely Kepuoti .tu tiiau any prt-f-l n ; Iygi-siatui-e for years, aivd w iikti' braiav iiuui uuy thaths sit iu tne leculativo bail lor years, a clean tuid pure one. C-l In fcy X'ir tMitUfwf Fnaltw T" Mat-ra-iit f KdwarJ J, "hrpsri Prc;-JList Saepaxi.of C C rvl Ss-ri? Coo. rru.ilc?. pva-l-tha .:aa:-at to-Ja ea.rBi'j; he ritKo taLsa by Pj-;- CcniT;i:.3r Ern tovarj the ell ar.J nrw th;tV.s lU: "An inprcbs.oa ev-J U ir?ra.l tfcit the Fire Coairal't :c nrr hz: Iku-!t nu V n appc.nt-ment oa tb fire forve f ro: a ua oil at! r- o'e-l e'liMo list, whi -h w ;l i !vm a;-ictrr-rt la viAfion of law. Tuis inpr;-ju u a tai-t.k. o 3ii-li a- v iv.r.n ft hu nude. If it I a t bfMi rra ie it tnitd be a v;np ib-e'.f, and n as has t-ni sr. i I. a Tui.i- Cc-.h'Ki' of la- Civil S rvt.-e Itw. X je itnprre- I fc.oa lo have ri5i irn lhn iT-.ciiut cf f a r" .i- i, i:cr a c rat-r of !!; lorcr. aad : f c. r . lift, in uiiit'iriii xc 1 n-K umler Py, I U 1 1; r,i.i;..! to prae i- t tre ju in o.w I t t e.:gi.x hoirsta. AVt-:lier taf K;re t ra- j nui.imT, bav tho power to p-rm.t TOL-b a ! l it tf nmi;ur otiiii-.:eii:. I u i it ka ; n r I i it w it..;i niy odinai -.v.a-e t in Wi-a, however, a o-'.i!,i as u-;-jil t tua r i n tb-' sub jiv;, 1 I n n i: jt to t inacul as i ed-L "The Fire C flimiiiwr, I am adri-nt. re-I C"rr..r, r.s n.u -t eerv lw;,.li m oi;j.-n, : that t'-.eoll f;;- li t is I rrt-x' .! iH-a.1. On ! his ne-:t n)'j.".t ( crrti.U-at A txrt nds -for r i int-Tieut. I hr d i!y rrr'.i:! -i u. l..m ; lnelv- niai3, l-;i'g the fi.-t t,'lr rvm o.i ! the new Ust. And hmi;i t 'i.i;.i -s u u t.-k -n i f rum t!n iuw li-t. bo rife..:., a 1 ur.i, wi THERE IS ROTHDiG IN make ten appulninieuU l.'..: nunth." o:k1 uf thu Ccissi3cr Bcn lie "WcrU's" a 4) f The r.iir Sfwcr IiiJ on Solkl dai ton Chanty Ccrnoiiututrt ilum lis Smcthinc SJ. , The fSarti mr. hr a ra-T- z. - ra-r to .. cniil tbe wnri t r C.utr.-tw Prtrl the Cooty Fj-ta at Si, -i .-hslul ere ea prMt Uiaa U: efT cr X ti j.! i - J s- 1 e 11 tbe VH-!.rns it -r t .-i i-i t-rraof ;ra. i;j ptc'.il ia nins. i' t': r.i.u f.--. tc - V hrn t'i;:. C Trti.-r j;)-r iii vn ael t.-si-iy f h:i rji o;-a V V: a'.; c o -i'ta,-. n;! l.v Sr. r:n.' Fr.s-' in t'.f ii.. i-ir-j. t ..-.: -( th- i nf lie r-r n m C-ny r '".. S ji .'-t-- i-rv ri'i::iij in lo-it urr. i .. j i s ; Kv r' ISM.t.TK ,: to a .... i er . 1 - a th-Tv, Vat a'.l i t r - -I i ; niri.::; to . : ... I , ' 1 , ', 1 . i! Q f - re' v. ij. 1 h-u(.(t . y w - 1 "Wt'.l Bt:v (l iTi.ii t'. nk us.jvrr- ti. j atMeLif J "It ..k?. to B-e liie !be ock uliJ. uovi! (W,Tl.r.if." l..-.nmi ;, M.T. I ll - J u I if nrr TRIAL OF H. NOMA GILLLilfrH I crib ou m h n ie 1' w a - u-r- ik t au - l'f tr- n- is hj,m crib t.!i.l r. u If tfi-y t.iK Uv ajsrr away the crib ou U- a aewsv in it If." Cbnr.ty C-'Siitriii. xvr T. W. Hn, w, k-ol al.'iil U aewer en-as! Vt, J.-a-j. 1k1. So fj- M l know." m Kl Mr Hti. '"V&e -o-k Wf3 pc and w'.! 1 i ail if It l rt It u lh fiu!l" tte S,:tmt.xi' c the Conecrvativr-s Shout't Settle the1 ra.jiu , aim u en-i(-Te-t ly t:ie iv t , t hi -rnnal ittmtt.m. 1 he t 'i ai i t t . 1 i1.m .jim a-n fi 1 r .1 vj - Krl tu J if f .i.rix t ir l kxkji.Iu . , The Door3 of ths Conrt Boom Erokcn i in By tha Crowd. Mr. Gladstone Perfertlj Willing That Iritli (Jucstbin 1 he t'.in litivn of f r. John linght A tiige 1'lre it I'm-ton. Pari, Nit. IT. T'.is till of M Njina ")', a Ilui.rsl !':fui! er ( th Cb.tni! r f f r Intel. u U-;i!n t ,lavt N.ri. ( IViiu':'- Gilly h ct'irrup; had d !ar Wil.t!i tn . was broo-'.lt d rr.s.b rf ar.-- m a.-a.n-l the H bv M Air..-ji. of r.i:f.iriv 'k -t Coinnntt.-e I in a ".(-vch t nt tiiorewere t th I mm:i:. n.i I thst M. M :ii a .1 Ml! V Atl- Iri'-ux a ai-ting m ixijiin t i n with th. m. li'l"r. t'jrt nv wii. o,.'ii-t V- isiv a ri. er.w i a 'nii..el m tr"?it t tii I'.im -! J HE IS INSANE. DIDX'T -WANT TWO HUSBANDS. Frederick Bettinger Married a Woman Whose Husband Was Living. Fredericlii J. Battinger sued Cecilia Schaff- ner, whom he married oa April 2, 1SS3, for an aanulment of their marriaga on the ground that it was unlawful, as Cecilia Schaffner, was a married woman, and her husband, from whom she never had more than a mutual sep-r. 'atioa. was still living. Judge Clement, of the G.ty Court, bciore whom tae case was taken, referred it to Lawyer Anderson, who returned uis report yesterday in favor of the plaintiff. Juige Clement gave judgment for .he plaiutirf '.his morning,' holding that the marriage ot the plaimiff to the deiendant was null and void, a the man to whom she was .liurrijd m 1873 never had a divorce fro.n her. 1 he testimony as taken before tbe Referea tuai ou ,nav. as, isia, tne A Brooklyn Man Who Tells Lone; Islanders a Startling Starr. Jamaica, L. L, Nov. 17. David O' ConneU, aged 46 years, of 213 Gold street, Brooklyn, arrived at the Town Hall, this village, yester day, and said that his wife and children had been murdered out east. He was much ex hausted and travel-stained, and wanted the police to go with him. Ha gave a circumstan tial account or the butchery of his family. His eyes were wild and bioodihot, and ho gave evideno of laboring under groat mental ex citement. Justice Hendrickson, after order ing him locked up. sent cn otlicer to the ad dress be gave in Brootlyn, and last evenmg bis wife came up. She states tnas he was injured some time ago on the heal, and on Thursday evening last complained of his head and shortly after became violently insane. He will be taken to tbe asylum. stabbed in the Neck. Patrick Flood, a sawdust peddler, 20 years of age, of 113 Roeblins street, was arrested last Naight by Officer O'Connor, of the Fifth pre cinct, ou the complaint of Thomas Dunning, of xentn avenue, new Yort, who charged him with stabbing him in the neck with a knife yesterday afternoon. The two men had a quarrel in a stable m North Second street Dunning was taken to the Eastern District Hospital. Flood was held by Justice Naeher this morning. He dimes having stabbed Dunning. The Appointment of Colonial Governors, London, rov. l". Dispatches from Aus tralia show that the people of New South Wales and New Zealand are of the same Mind with the iJeople of Queensland cn the right of a colony to be consulted regarding the choice of a Governor, and that they approve the stand taken bv Queensland in protesting against the appointment by the home government of a man wao is held by tbe colonists to De nnnctea ior tue otnea. MARY ANDERSON'S CRANK. Taken to tbe Ward's Inland nne Atrium To-day. Love-crazed James M. Daugherty, whose in fatuation for Mary Anderson has caused him to be confined in the pavilion for the insane at Bellevue Hospital, New York, was taken to the Varus Island Insane Asylum at 1:30 this afternoon. He asked for another quire of foolscap from Clerk Pickard this morning, and after receiving it proceeded to Enish his crazy statement about his love for the famous actress, and how it has been reciprocated. Dr. Douglas said to-day that Dougherty had been pronounced insane, and all that was necessary now was the commitment papers, which were expected hourly from one of the Judges of the City Court. A postal telegraph lineman callei at the hospital yesterday and told Dr. Douglas that he had known Dougherty for a long time, and that he (Dougherty) had been a love-sick crank long before ha heard of Mary Anderson. tlis fellow workmen had frequently twitted him on his peculiar ideas of love. He will not come in contact with Fellows, tho other fellow on Ward's Island who also loved Miss Ander son. In six months or so they may probahly have an opportunity, of swopping stories. Those in charge of the Vrank at Bellevue will be heartily glad to get rid of him. Two Important ervlcii. To-morrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock a Sun day school service will be hell in St. Ann's Church, Clinton street. Cea. Annstrcrig, of the Government school at Hampton. Virginia, ith a band of Indian and colored students. will be present. A most interesting programme will be given by tbe visitors, which will iieTmit .people to learn the methods and importance of the schooL At 7:o0 o clock in the eveninz the resmlar monthly musical service will take place. Thata services are attracting much attention. Tue surpliced parish choir wdl be assisted in tha service by the well-known soprano. Mine. Eloise Dykeman Clarke. Portions of the choir festival music will be given, together with Rossini's InHamatas, Spohr's "As Pants the Heart" and Mozart's Gloria. The Rev. Dr. Alsop will continue his series of sermons on "Scenes in the Life of Christ." THE SAME OLD TUSSLE. Two to One In the t hanty Hoard on the Appointment f a 1 lrrma, Edward R ed, a fireman on tbe County Farm at St. Johnland who had twn fbrre lim.. us peaded for.wlnct of duty, was summarily "bouuoed" to-d.iy at the me-ting of tho Char -itiisi Commissioner. Col. Golt mntt -red hw ili&sent, and was on hand with a pmt.l lw:i Commissioner Hynes moved for the n;mit-mcntof Michael Hogan in his place at (.'i a month. Col. Gott Has Ilogan any ei)'netiri a a nr manF Commissioner Ray He told me ttut hi; had. an l he ;s one of our cmpioy.-. Col. Gott 1 taove th" timt-er 1 laid over. CtramisH.otier Ray We arj g ui to put another boder In, and we n d the inau at oin-e. CoL Gott We have n t got toe otaer boilr yet. I ni-'gest as a sr.ltttute tho name of Thomas Ferris, a practical firrmun. Commescioner Ray He don't work for ue. Commumiorier Gott No, be do not work for us, but I think we are running" grat nk in appointing a man woo does not know anything about it. Craimsioner flay 1 think w should have Hogan. A firemin na ouly to wat' h ms tire. That is all Do has to do. "Kvt ry flft-man we have in r latbusu was a srfnborn. Commissioner Hynes pr-sl hi motion With the tima! result. Commissioner tijtt' naonio.i to snbKL.tute Ferris for H tgan rtse -iv.i only his own vote, and Coainnoioner Hynes' motion was adopted. CommiSMouer Gutt did not seem plna&ed. The discliarg; J T.-yl had leen a lrien 1 of hn, too. tt-. tttld Ml. tl w.. 1h Thrt ei.u.'t-ltM.tu taut itur-. - liUdntonr J rf. i l y IorHiN, No. It. M.-. (.' 1 1 Im u. i-rt.-.-il v wi .ltii. t uat th 1 nil I tlie lhe In--i i i l.lxTa.K. !b Miy, to" t ;u;. r l iiioMi-t. in !:ie unvi'.f iii-!.:i" the a tju-l in- ot ol tlie i.i!i u': lt.i.i:. liit i t ue itrtd H' r- of it li t.Hl f. faul: i '. t.'.l I know of." Fr,-.-i.--r ('...v v, th' ..t r . i' t itlt mi f t .nt t nrtii ni J l.n.ial,l, w n -e-i tT T n ;. R ; I r5 rxr aii . i t itu t . .i .. .i . . a i wt i- a le 'I awl t i i;.a. , , li - i. i . tuitoTiV ' I tail1 nt).it t.itit ..Ue I ih. ii'ale r tin' :1 I make tnv t ail '.i .-.,.ut g.-i Mr. KrN-. i-.i.u. i, ai.ieii w i 1 l u a a i or P tl ll i a, " A PVCAM U M;!MT. W i li n s . '..itiP r.t-. ; .nK i ' f A t ' . iat'-a 1 the toe i.l! ,! . - u, tu u n Th. ttat o,lr -f l.t.laaa W n ft .1 tn II-f liw Till (, tn- of t? t- i '.i 1 1 '.. ) 1 trl r alio t.:rtl .;ii t f r r ! . i t. ri'i t a !.. tn. til i ( rv.tut ln l l.-re )..: i.n. ii r i l lo : t.u- i t.. tn . t t 1 H. tartt.r.. o;i tj - m f frrt, at u f i I'ltrnrll en. to ltt.,ri. IT Th IVntcil t'oma l Lor t.v. N is U-et.iiiti.g tli. aut.j t of riion il i th" put t ani in !)" n i ts Mil Irni.s v ( 1 i-t!e thr. tin- in ue. t i iii n i rv i p-w-;-..j r tlan.t not. fot the n -i" t h.- if itr.v ;i-o,l. .'ns i r if thev fear lb it au'litnarv ,niil- inrl;.,;-l u..u tiie.n for r nu altiiou-ti " -.j I'jerr.jtt 1 pi ,il.! lit. I n.j; -i iilinwiit (or a court cuit l.te! .-eltei c.e-II 11. 1 1-. tl. Ilet ' Ln.-bh Itw 114 l.uie. "l'.ir t p-ft. rrit; t it J y ti t .ri-i t i..i 1' o.p; . t - 1 1. : it-1 a- if.. I I. -iv a ; f r- ::iv 1 ui l!-i in- 'ri,.:: t ". .-1 I n . 1. . ii V'-:ti o i lie be i-i hi '. TV . He v. : of a w i .ir ' "! tij r. p nt-.t, It V i ti nt l!r- w. .M. dtiL-l "T A (-it;t tt a 1 t, m le 1 .1 T :. t ..'Il 1- . . i ; i a tt.itu .m. Ill w- rut 'lei o k - r . : J tt-l 1 1-tr.- I fcii 1 .- r.-1 t !.e 1 .1 -i -d '.!.tr ill I 1 K t .1'. I (.11 A i, 1 J.r ' I. 41 INDlSiiUAL tlUCATION. An Important Kepurt to be Preaented lo tha Hoard Nrxt Tueaday, The Special Committee appointed by the Board of Education to constider toe question of industrial elucation, cons. sting of M.n, McUulty, Gates, Teitle an.l Miiler, hive made a beg.nning in their work by deciding to present a av-beine for the introduction in the schools of for girls. A detailed report on the aubjert wiii be submitted at tho of the Btturd next Tnes.lnv aft -rn tn. Toe -hooKiouse Ctimmittee will on Tu"slav next ask the Bo,ird of Education to d ignat" the grades of three or four of the tvw fru.xils, i the committee can funu-h the budding with seata of tne right sort. s. . d'..u-'h'ut iim oi-atrv. no. .i .1 .i a.. 1-Lg tbe Bile;.'-"- ol t!l-! p(f-, liir jj l a; j-ta--ciaie Uii iitt;ai uly and .-v-ly unjat U.-Ivavior of Ui" Court, and tne rmr t ilrn t y tha pro-mUt.Ni ani aided ami aUttl by Justice liin.ien, alreevly liiteujs to ctil.sjiin tae lim1 in the ey-s of all Just i r-Hona. It ia felt ntLin; aulatutn- U-l Ilea la-lund tbe rtKtiele end I. . j. j i li t-1 -11-a u rts m ..1" aittr.t ttae l&ad b-au.. unj ittr larrtcilu aiu.-e tht-r-ba b" and it prom.--! Co prt'iurl ', n of rviJetwr df any soil irtfn r th m Id.- Male and liccaynj a,--e. L hl mi.!) 1:1 U.e artu i. on ' 1'arthlditil and t'tiHH'," abi.-h a ! nj. a 1 dituziLri ''I frofu lL" inliC mini it iinoriiiv even of rei uit too. r.te ar. tn uu-i wii-t th... ilaOliy, mmi.t-t-re an I Uittrue it T-e ot tiie prii-4t'U,i.:i , anl rini tue jil ix s til lu !.. irr.t.'i.el ly the Itiatii .- -I fittili y an 1 lalitiJi of" the run i.u ul .n:i l tin" I'ariw'iiu-a. b r-t-u'.d y eni n-ai.Hl Sir K.t hartl Wt-ii-t, r lo t.h.-riea 1.1. ii-iili Sir J urn- llai;:t'-u ei iv.-tl: 'lf thi on we Ht.jil If I, ere t!.rie" It is a M' t, iti- ri ti r, that if f n,n-l in the a iii not tni"1 to inM- until Ivt-tcr. Ttie general public hav-t to ukti any m!ervt iu til. pr-. t . J u-, ani very n-w - .1 vi.i inei I.- .1 ti -.1 rn-nt iit th- 1 1 . while tan Jn lg., irri tUe and evi.l lit , v ( urt :m. are rt.,t iidau'y (UUty of conduct wliien i- at l"nl uiiar. I t t '-et t iillHi i.ii (. - U . --1 k ' r. i-t.r 1 . -I h JciaiN ia. t I'l l,!el JtiiOtiii ts a t-n. her f ' mi 1 ;Ti, mtl l-'.rti't j t ite 1 lith I te .11 !, lnui tt. a iuiriiir, tint 1 irft f.t j-. I' SO 1 f -I ! h. ma.Td 'rt 1 1, t - . . f ah) i ....U'l k. rr . .I'..; r'tnut 'h"1 Tt. t Mrgaja introih, .Jy Ui-i-t. in 1 lit Jrrt inn of lite T w eatt T l It I rl Kr-lirtrnl Tbe annual intt-tvm .4 Tw-nty rl P-Vl'itrrit l.T CoL I'aj-trti. l-t. pi ,e la. l rt; at Uie Ann n on C ui . it a u . A i.iro atil eii tr a ,1 jh- M. I j-sl r (i'-i,nl KiiiJ n i,a oi (; ,y hi,, .-j,::, rtTti'Weil !li reiuttinl pret l.iij It." Jrta -ti-.n Ibe " rt-? iii'tTeoi'-Til. i i'.- a. ) it r t it "It.-. : . -tu l ie- ft, a r 'r e re,;; .. -ut ." . it i ;a 1 ( tt . o . - : u-; t. It l.ttea Ailttal lr. he. The t siM- .f Eli. ofl teas in i r it, rtit'l iio u'-d at a" iii iit-n! . ,ii w ti nil." lin. . lo it. la" tntiiui It'it"ti " 1 ! tu t em i . tn- n! and a j.i y in tit.' ( i-. i diy "1 he J i i i.ntrr.,.t aitl with tlit . j - t I'll down. ' til r I tdi 1. ! f '' ; il .it. I'-' Ji.-V' urt o:t ! i I U.f tit f tt 1 What's the Matter With Count Cimlttra? Count Petro Cimbnrs, who was Ixtrn in Itiiy, and mamei in Holxtktvi, had a ta'.k with bu wife, who is prrifcutiae him for attan-lon-nent in Juscio? Wal-h 3 Court. !.- lay, att-1 y i,. e.-.u-senteJ to witnlrj w tr.a ..-ttnielaiau 'I h - Ci:at, iu tb9 m-autim j, is st idyiu tho fail fa-tr,j;i in IUymoalsirw'.:t jail. Tri laiit all wrt tu:. ilrtt a? Inna. -. A W. f I r. Itrlghl 1 tn trctv in Loxdcn, Nov. IT. John Bri.t.t pavi-l a gov! uigbt, a l continue, to improve. A I M-ll Horned. Losdos, N-..V. IT. t'r .tbert.rj oct ton mill at 1're-ten has tteen d at.-'.ii i.-l by tire. TLe lo u iW.tW. takhi: 11. )iu;iv. Ilia Foneral Tn-hav lrra I'ritlin ttrttt t Chri-t Ch':r- h. fit the .-jv 11 .n imtii s:r.--1 - ajtrf.ii-i :i:'.uro a l:-n iia p ii'jj, Dr lii.i'Tef; I'-'in tie hriat hnretiM I r if t "i i-i t tn a ivl i a". J cj'eell ti.a t." Jx. fun ra! v orltle t'ref Nortnt rn l'i ii N .-n n I'a. i :it d IM.h. t 11m tr 1 t tnlan.t t tr j, t .jrnt n 4 If t f Jt tl " '4. Iii le U.l I'.. I. I 14- I!', k I em it- .i : fall.. UV UT. - I I tr.l m. I'n' j r - .. i: m , i-j. . i r Ina - i A met O. n ' t I i.iti A V -' . i m ti i i.. t M it. I I.: rt 14 . "a I '. . A I . t .--tU-it iiie-tt."' I U 1' . i r . , le ' t tt A it. t . e It l . a w"i-i n I, ' , I i A 1 1 let. t AuAi x I -r .- I r .. j-r f I r ' A v - ' -r-t ' Ire v, , -.. t t. r v . a .. , I - I t It At in ;.f I "i It A . .' i f I- -1 - i r- .1 J- 1 V. .-. r.i M ,1 mI' . 14 i it: t ' I' 1- -. a. a i A I -Cl I t .t 4 N !-. 1 . ..i I . mi 1 -. Ml 1 I e ; i 4' Qneena Cavatr Affrirtmlttirml tK-liy.. MlvkoLa, I- I., Nov. 17. Th Q-jtv.-is County Agricultural Sx-iety held their rrrnual meeiins at tnj rair irroaua this a'ternoou. i for t i l.i -L.kep fs tu-' ..rvtn. th -.r eiltiemiU in Lis 1.1. liiu-. rt?:--i--d far ami iterfr. f t a't't p. l tr 1 -ni-t nurk (( n! ", ti hi ne-'nt rr t.-irrt" fr ii a i;-:.iii e, tli tu .;h, of t?a j:r-i i it.r.t v nfi j tm m-il.b r t r r. J t- 1i: i.i !IlKe-l J-rr f M V ttr . . u - : . l .f- llt- t. t dr. 4 ! -. . V . 1 . li . S V A I.attrt 0 Will !r t, N M frrail.. r Vora. .!' . (-r -" and re-flecte-1 the olJ otii.w of the society for 1 -ty of u 'n -js -re neU:.b -r . r r-l t. the ensuiii - vear ; tiv -s. and wi r-f r lhe m t part r t,j the ensuin,, tear. , ,lt. c in.ri.,nt!,m of Ctin. , ei)urT ;, to .-,1U.U , i A f ... l mt ijt i f ilrt.kl .'it, ot'oe-i in lie ri t t tv ii, , r .. 1 1 Mik it i. ri J tlo.i I- ani oli -.- rrtl- '.i.iit-.r ni at-u '.ti - :-! ti.t-ni.-i ..a I -n - or. stuil I.. iiAfwe f-tf co or it sua-t a. Tf Beat HI Aeetl 1-ntlier. John Rorke, 33 year3 old, of 13 Grand avenua, had some words yesterday with bis aged father on the siue-vialk in frout of his bou?e am with a brutal blow knocked the old man down and, leaving him inousible on tae sidewalk, started to walk away. I'oliccman McIXua.d, of the F.turth precinct, hapjiened aiong" an! arrested F.orke. I lu oid man was token into his house, whero lit whs attended by an ambulance surgeon. Two charges, one of intoxicauon and the other assauit were preferred against R..rke in tbe Qnt38 Avenue Police Court this mornin by otlicer MelJonuld. Tho prisoners fathir was unable to leave his houe to testify egamsi. ins sou. 4 The charge of intoxication was proven against him, and Justice Naeher sentenced him to six monttiS iu tho Penitentiary, and adjourned the assault case until this term expires. The State Hoard ( oiuiug to P.roaklyn. ROCHESTER, Nor. Tha State Board of Arbitrat.on will meet in Brooklyn on Tuesday next to hear and decide matters involved in the acent street railroad strike. detetiuant, Cecilia ocnatiuer. was uarried to George William Schaffner. by tho Rev. Dr. Waguer, of 315 Greuam avenue. Cecilia, at the time of her marriage to Schaffner. was living atl serviea ou Eusuwicit avenue. In April, lSiS, tlio coupb had a serious disareemeut, and id consideration of the payment of $100 the wife agreed to leave aim and not expect him to contribute to her oiipport and would not s?ek a leal separation, ibe agreement, which is very voiulninous, i as drawn by Lawyer Levy, and signed by the nan and wile. Cecilia, w-hose maiden name was .Sauer. met and married on A aril 2, 1SS3, Frederick Betinjer. They lived together jntil 1S?3, wnen lie learned that she had another husband living. He tuen left her and has not lived with her since. Great port. Manor, L. L, Nov. 17. Large numbers of quail and partridge have beau shot in this vi cinity during the past week. Scores of rabbit-hunters have been scouring the country withm the last four days, and the cotton-tails have been shot by tbe hundreds. Probably HI Last Tote. Otstek Bat, L. L, Nov.' 17. Robert Lud-lum..of this village, aged 89 years, and always a. Democrat, walked to the polls on election i day and cast a straight Republican ticket, say ing: i nis is prooaDiy my last vote, and 1 want to be right ones before I die." Swedish Songrstprs l D3 scama. oiavonia, whrcn irriva on Tuesday next, wil raUd N ttional Bwelish Laj; any of Stockholm. The bweuish Glee Club o tender tne.-n a reception con evening, otb mst., m the Bi arior to the company stAVrtin Lom-. Com n. s expected to i c the cele-cert Com- B:-ooklyn will rt on Saturday ldyn Atheneum. m an American Will Expire lie fore March 4. Svteial to the Slandird-Uru&n. 1 "Washixgtos, Nov. 17. Of the eighty Presidential postmasters appointed by President Arthur, whose commissions will expire be tween now and March 4, fifteen are from New York. I heir salaries are all small, ranging from SI, 000 to $1,600 per annum-Gen, llrownell's Funeral. Col. Taylor, of the Forty-seventh Regiment, sid to-day that more than 300 officers of the First and Second Brigades, N. G., S. N. Y., would attend the funeral to-morrow of the late Gen. Browne!!. The Amaranth. The Amaranth will give the first informal ree; t on of the season, for members only, at their headquarters, 40 Court street, r.e xt Wednesday eveaing.- Efforts have bern put for ward to mace tne eveit oi mucn enioymenL lie D.xtnrnine will enbst the serviees of Miss Jennie Flower, contralto; Mrs. Cooper, soprano; Misses Marie Lamb, Laura Sedgwick Collins and Dell Thompson, in recitations; Charles H Thompson, in tenor solos; Percy G. Williams, in humorous selections; Messrs. J. J. Carolan t and W. P. Macfarlain, in recitations; ; Mr. Howard Enudaou. in a snecialty. and I others. These receptions, which are of monthly occurrence, hive become very popu lar, and and the indications are that this sea son they will become more so than ever. ;A Tnboat on Fire. The tugboat Tulcan, lying at Pier 10, East River, caught fire just after daybreak, and the firemen bad a job. They cot the best of tbe flames only after the tug had been damaged to the extent of $1,000.- Capt. D. W. Lexow, who sails the boat, is its owner. The Terrible Se- Weather. Reports continue to come in of the unusual rough weather at sea. The steamship C.ty of Exeter, f torn Bristol, which arrived this morning, reports having encountered strong gales rod high seas from long. 21 to long 62. On Nov. 8, ia lat. 43.05 and long. 44, the Exeter encountered a violent storm with heavy rolling seas, and the vessel was obliged to heave - to for thirty-six hours. Three of the steamship's life boats were stove in and a portion of the wheel-house was torn away-. One hundred and twenty-six miles east of" Bandy Hook the Exeter passed a State Line ship going east. A Chinee Gets S1.OO0. James P, Gibson, the Americanized China- who sued the crptaia and recover MuimI.t'a Ctelar. Crrv CotniT Part I.. Ju lie Van Wyck. Part II Cnief Judre Clement. Holme, an loft., j v. the Atlantic Avenue fluilrtwd Ounnanv, Donnelly, in infL. tt. Morrow. Ib-Tar it vs. 9uydau et sU Carroll vs. Brady. Ilurc s. L.t iman. Huifoe vs. h'oiier.v e-sert vs. Mon-alian. An.ierno vs. Amen. Ja.oba 11. Mernt- --. Irlavin vs. fctvarew, tiuldeokimeb vs. the I.', s. ; Mutual Acci.lcnt AsaOvWtttoo, ltm no.7 vs. ! Scbulz, Dorman, aim-va tbe tlroaiwav Uni-i Wilkea it. Monoa. HsywarU vs. talanan. Howard, bv sunnllan. vv Bnd-t- Jones vs. e Hirt. M Jor vs. 1 htemann, Oo- iwnlttr va. toe Atrnn-tio Aveou.5 Hinrjed. Dockwciler va. tbe Atlantic Avenue Kiiiroad. I v. tue Ne Wulair.s-banfand Flutbu-h RaiiroiX B.wortii vi. lyi one I et uL, Carter v. Mouaaan, hOiM rs. tne fj.-ook- 1 n L'rosstowu Riuroa., lift.-r v. Meyers, WYr-muth vs the City of lirot.kiyti. titt-eotune v. toe Cowperiowait Cympjnt. ?it.ri,m v.. titn. Hijfhest iiM'noer reach d oa the regular call. iJU CocrtofSejsioni ilenry St k and An. hour Stack, fraud larceny; Rotx-rt ltttiniti unl John Casev. arand larceny: Theo. .Ltuui:nr, ourslary; An-jeto ciiiioraii. Marccis-) L-xitit no and ViEzio Graxit-ka. asnuit. Circuit tocaT ltu-u.-iu J- Part I ; Irk-n in. J Pari. 11. Totter vs. Meyer, Zia m-r-maun Die-'a -motl. oTint-n j. B. C R. IL, Teny r-aioa, .McS'ulty s. B. a R. R.. l,r and ano. vs. Mooohtui aai an ... lori vs. Kelly. Wilson -s. Maobjitau Hu;1k-v, Har-bensi-n va. Hoit. KoOwell vs. M'Mtre. Slo--um t. Welt, Tyler vs. o'Ericn, Guff v.v. S.nivn, Mcsjua ie vs- AHai-s Toj-arty vs. ua and otbera. J ittsm vs Dun, lieniricksin . Boirort and anot icr, Wolff vs. run-- Irania Railroad, Kink vs. Jurt-ens, (too vs. Itrttj-nn MiDulai-tuniu Company. Durst v. Cua'iin. Orr vs. Greaham, Concyea vs. tfwift, U:ven"on vs. -Id and aao nei, Heliou.-s vs. Kmir Xanty Elevated Kaiiroad. Highest nuibj.:r reached, bM. niAiHbi; Miou.jiu.iru:- tjy0 n.x. The bttioan.-- wat ti ta! boars. rl l.lf Hit-rutieer u in fc ..:rs alr namesf t r.i -t axij lo-ilar ''d at ttr cia.a cJ5j W xg Colder rT4JlJAAU-Lio- l-AJR ium. P. M... r.M MlU.,.'3L . l-longc 1. Am' n;l the j. r riimenv j St. -.tie rifii in tLe church ounn; acrvtc and I wiioj 'tu-1 the faneraJ ct.i ij npTaiM j were it C. Dimv.J.C. Writ- Jr. ilr ti.- wx A. Mmin, I U-v. Mr. Hvdi . .-ti.Jotn H'inie, o irni -ri y asM.tai.t p:-frir tf tr-; cit-ar. b; Atex O.r. A. -V. Iii, Jini's A. Te-i, Mr. 1 .yd, silent partner in Jtur7-- Ai Hurn-ham, C. A. D,:itiV, I'mi-b-nt rsosito fcrooklvn fsavii: , ln.k; Joi n D Howard. Edward T. HoatI, U. W. B. Howard. Gs-irge C uarch, Jiwt r. Hcnnl, Akierman VV ra. Wallace. Ct.arii t. Howard, Wm. A W hit-, J antes It. Tavktr, taen. Horauu C. King. Edwtrl T. bart-lt tt. tbe aaretitKrv-rnan; M. Miu bie. Ik-lcstiOtH w.-r.! r nt rvmr'DVr.ijc tie New 'wk Sua-k ErciiAiuje, Mart-ut-le Library, tbe Yoaiii Mj-cSi A-xtcua-t.on. the r'acltcr Ics-.ita'e. tue Polyts-n-mc, aiKl nianv otin-r i:'iic inat'tut.oiia b) allien Mr. 51-irvm hsd nva a r-un-r-jus lneii-1 in hwti.tie. ) Th,,.Mwi Ut, I1! Lttrv 2 o clock t,io portiorisi of Cha- i hn e-sl f .tr-crae m iii;.-a.u toil aiel Hani-KiD mr-s..! iji- c.iurea ,re ; it.- i.j- cs.tveie.1 w-t'i rafruf i ami utore atifu t'in- to inin'rinf f T1 rs-4 in . ifK-b-t baif ttat tae Ijii-'ral wb, "-in- ta '" ' " ' I tr.i tn tu .-, j-l tttl th ! ti It 1 A. M ' Nosto tli 4 f. SC. TO-PAT. 1 M Tbe mart to a:a dar was an. temp -rmxure one f ni tt li KV YOltK HHIKPJ. man mate of the bark Lincoln $3,000 damages, got a verdict aga. the City Court yesterday for fl.oOv was trnt they brutaily assaulted out :-u. st them in tils claim im with- Orphaa Aaylain Fair. The Orphan Asylum Fair at the Academy of Music will close this evening, ani th jsa that have not already atten-lad should avail themselves of the opportunity of contributing to a worthy came. The attsndaace has besMi very good so far, and it is expected that the handsome su n of JJj.OJO will be realized for tha institution. inlT. ! ititg be v. i t lar. Tue rhoir quarb't lu -h rf:iier."i tue fa- nt ral chirts rrr-r-; tl. ti i-ii-wit, di-e.-tor: Mr. Crelapjcrre, fojtroni. Mrs. aad iLr. Httuao-J, ali-Ji 3ue j i vw y was tbe orHTtisnt. nivl tna hvnic Uv t fa-"ig w -re a burial c-haat. "Asl.;e-r in Jesus," kit s "iarxr. My li to Tiiee. Dr. BanTroft dci:Tred an impr-wjve rra'iti, wherein be retern-d with t,iu- a ;.j virtu of the decea' 1 icntl"ajan. Tbe funeral (,roeenst..u d.d b s".art from the cbarch uatd 4oci' i'. M. ilr. ibxrvm ws itt-r red in the fanu'y vault In Greenwood, where rest taj muiiu u( n wife and son. fr a I fv-rpsl. ti c.tio- Oti-1 a f e f V rs. ) . .1 1 i i t 1 1 le lu A f, -St :if .- ii L.'-1 .n at s very hjt tsuata a i . . low r,. ai tl3t. H. A. TCCK.RB. M. D-. J3 Clinton st A et corner of Cnioa Consultauon days: Turadoys anj Fridays, office hours. i A A. to 3 P. M.; Mondays and Saturdays. oce hours, 9 A; H. to ti M-; Sundays, 2 to 3 P. M. Leuoaii from the Ciunpalra. Leatons from the campaign of lS-5" is tbe topic of Dr. A. S. Walsh's sermon for to-mor row evening at tbe Noble Street Daptist 1 jury 10' t.iu tm Church. Dr. WaKb spoke frequently for Har- i (m-urt uisea-. rifon, Morton and Miller diinui the lata caai paign. JOTTINGS OK CITY NKWS. H'sse. II ycai of atrc. wt cii d by his atej f it ner, r-'p-r1ek R -action, of I-1 imrvj sirret, befo.-c JiL-tite S-:.-r tt-iay. wuti it -a'-ina-an over -eat awl it. Hew,, n, nr.t.i t ie Cuilarva tsci:- could inTt-stUaio tne esse. Kraft, a fanntr on tbe New Lots roil n -.,r itx.iro 1 ttcjii'iu IVs; fwpiT-t.iinw.Kl, went ;u dm b ro la-l evening t t :r-a.s ,:--v.e- m! a c :.ij-- of ho ir miet I-. l h .it f pirn LO r otad. toro:n-r ijl.str nl a ortur.- toot C'-ji.i a Oaj to iwsrd J'-tra, a coloned bor, 13 vtnn ot 1. re- tr ,lx.r T wet p.j,-e ct Ui- Tirt-tj r--- .n t n---- t Ih.t Dr. i'Ttsr: I ;1 l!i-o. el . e- t tl tl et. it I rtt 3 it't sr-- k i a s tt .f- t - j :Q i . t -r'-- -I't...-', S .Ne .. . - s j - .t ..o. if .-.I a 1 i.ur Wol t' l'Si'T l. I tt p -tt - l. ' -;t Ttw G..t::e..r T a cj cl t' a -1 a . ::. . t.- t. r.rt -n-vea.- -.! J.-'T'- D't-. a I.'ist-ict M. -e--ri.-er txj". was h.;-i I at : t.eii.s t ., r- -a i.ijr.i.iii" i"T ti--.. - j a wt'-a f.- - jsr. to. . a.i.t-. if . i y i 'i i e t. tut ... it.j. l.i a tt.'-uis l a ri'si tttt.. W.,im ..if I. I. An '-'-( ww nr- fr.r t eir'y t in. ra t- 1-iJ in I 'urit 11 --. a pit ana - t... u " a i I r -t a l ti 1 tt.t ,- - raj 'i nj.-rrl ,ti I -te 1 i.t -u' a . '.'. a . .- -. ' I at t i a . . - s ,! i tn w .f.a cf Uut. tte i c j s-r- i.i. r a. V.'ra. W. !e - r. k T. W.-a ' r1'''! tl III T A .- I ' lie.i-il i..r .1 ', : t. t-i . .., t , 1 wt i I t.Ol'ii; t . l.l-TH'4 to ' . ! 1 j e f a Tt-.n -1 at is ut l i tit . - t -1 - n - r.-i l I'HT tr.1 c J .i t i.'.i .a ita .t ti J. LAttt . Te4-T-r-f,' J Ci-v"' V. n ' J t 43 wi f- e:. i -..t-1 if. i ' e.lirr a lit .?, o; si rlil 1 ttj tI ii C . ll.'M'U t.-ral .jf v t i.-.w .( I .-eve it -an. st '1 t- f t -. t 1 1 ta atrt "- ct. js- ' --u - "- t t.u. t'- r-. sit...,,.,,..- 1 It.--. a. - i t, P!i t- r. f a' .-t-f tl j -: ). 1 Brooklya Time. Wechsler A Abrjbaa's time bill fcl prs-iisi at 12 l, -a to-d ntnst 00 tc avenue w.r .l:-i.U' , ir- ,.1 rll.a . miwl iwit I' itt t-st.p r--lcM oa a ci.sne ul ia re oy in b i-i N-w or I en 111 frtw It . iio-1. H tu X. i-. Ji-jevenntt. He try.riif to .-; so 01 1 lor- ter tn t'.- b -ai a a-! be i--.i sa:n.- .1 m. li? -a- r. Tor li lni morpir.t Jusitee Nt. jir tofi.e l 1 most l 10 1.., Ato:r-. at u .-re 11 w a r-tt.i--l 1 'ma over to ths Society i u.e fievc.:iA uf I m-.t ne ba 1 ir.tiuicot taa rtauo. iuuu.- kaataiT to Chadrea. Lt-.a ww ax rctiw

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