The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1931
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Served by the United Press BETTHEVILLE : €»BKIER.'KEW5 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORfUJSABT AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHZA8T MISSOURI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 87 courier, • Bljthsrilte Dally New», _niythe\me_Hersld._ Mt-slMlppI Vnllcy_Leajer._ HOME EDITION U1AT]IKVH,U<;, ARKANSAS, KUIUAY, JUNK 26, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO PRICES UP OF WITNESSES-IN ;ST Seekers Al'lc-r Treasure IT Police Kan . LITTLE noaiC, June 26. (UP) — I Treasure hunters were barred lodav [ h - v Mif orders from dicing In • - •) ' |lhe Military Hpi 3 lus scdtnn of rormcr oliceman lells 01 |No ™' Ijtl1 ' R «k following an ,-;>!.: socle early last night. Several white men, negroes (old ; K>l:ce. began dlqgini; by, a vacint IO'.:';P and nfler hours of such work ons of [hem shouted "There Is n big chest and two sacks." Thcs:: were loaded in a cnr and driven away, the negroes said. The negro district became suddenly alive and because of the find picks and shovels were at a premium. When police arrived there no:hinz to show for the hunt except a number of holes anil one omild be found who actnam saw the "biR chest and two sacks." but it hard to»rn mind, excent with a police orc!er which road. "No more um'ipcrin- tciidcd digging for treasure." Agreement to Use Fund lo Buy Poll Taxes. De-positions of plaintiff's witnesses in the election contest suit brought by A. n. Fiiirficld nsaimi Mayor N'eill Keetl were practically completed in a two hour session .at the county court house this morning. The case will 1)2 heard hero July 2 before a special trial judge. The litigants and members of their counsel were present. Cecil Shane conducted the examination of -witnesses for the plaintiff anrt Judge W. U. Oravctte questioned the witnesses in behalf of Mayoi Reed. Falrfli'M Testifies . ' Mr. I'airfield, who wns defeated bv Mayor fieed by a six vote margin in the April municipal election on the certification of the election committee, was n witn?as In his own behalf this morning. The defeated candidate lc.stin.ed that he had checked the poll books o! the clcclion against a list of qualified electors prepared by the sheriff's office and issued to election officials. The ijlaintilf stated that, lie had been unable lo find where poll tax receipts had been issued to certain persons who were listed on l!:e poll books as having voted in the elcc- tion. Mr. VairfieUI named same SO ,.. LIT 7 ljE HOCK. June 20 (OP)—I persons v.-hose mimes were listed in Flvp • 1 " r " rs h! > d >>™> sMecled by | the, poll books .but were not listed 11! 0 ™ IO(lrl >' to > 1! ''> r Ihe rase of A. I in Ihe bock containing names of Reservations Would Prevent Full Rciic!iU From Moratorium Says Stimson TBIHl OF udoe Ahnev McGchr-p. Denies New Defense Motion for Continuance. -Tim-* ?r, djpi •^"•relnrv of Kin!" Stiimnn said 'n'inv thai uc mm ni i Outlet of OH; full measure of relief soul-til 1>v Pres'ilent I!onv>r's donors |'nii.i lv imv'rn'n would mnihe u;o:litV."i- tion of Hie Pi-pnrh siissivitlon for mnkiiis it effective. Fiimsin's staleiivnt was made nulilin bv Ihe s!at.-> t'en-nrlmont i>—vOTijanind. li" a Irnnshflon of (he French rely lo Mr. Hoover 1 ', proposal. The nature nf the Frr-nch answer hid been discounted at Washindon in ailvautv nnd wa« not considered fundamentally lo have altered tlie e-.iml ->lr if optimisin amont? infotmoil'officials. After discur-sins tl-.e French al- litiit'? yesterday with Paul Clnudel. French ambassador, Sllnison said l" he had obtained encouragement nnd today he paid the evidence of cooperation in the French noto "gives every lio(ie of success." Slimson explnincd fmihcr ne- rctiations would lie necessary and that Secretary cf Trrasutv Mellon and Walter E. Ed&o, American am- Wust Arch Answer ; for Horse's Condu.ct? Arch Umtsey, well known :!opuly sheriff iiml biggest jok- rr In conn circles, was telijc, "soiiKhl" today 'bv nffleers <:l Constable Hurry Tnylor's office who suiil l.lnclscy lurl "Jumiicd bond" on charges nl "disorderly ronducl" and "<lis- ihiny the peace." The chare?*, officers said, arose from nn incident thai <K- ciinvd rcvenil daj'i.uKO when I.inihcy Ls said to have shovt-rt blind horse Ibiuuijh Ihc rour dear ot nn uptown btorc. Th^ "disturbance" chnrge placed directly ngninst I.lnd- sey, It was slnled \vhllc the "disorderly conduct" chnvgc \va.s lodged because of various aili overt' nets on the part of hi companion, the blind -horse. Danes Who Flew to Copenhagen were engaged today in discussions wish French officials in Paris. ,1'HnsnK Swelters With Rest of Counlry Under Temperatures. Bulls Again Are Active On Market fi! FLOS ft HMI I-ITTI.F. nOCK. June ?li ftllli — One death from bent, nroslratinn had l v ?en reported lotlav following nl-r rt-to ahlicd elutors Defense counsel m erposed objec- Banks. ,\: >hco it thn bent wave which spread ovtr Arkansas ypstcrdav. ; A hailstorm nnd rainworm] visited Cnmden and vlcinitv bul. no PARIS Jm:= 2G (UP)—Tlie Am-1 dniiiaee reported and fanners siirt llieir rrnni; wore henerill"d.j Al Stutt^ri F.lmer Pnbson, I n7.| NRW YORK, June 2S (UP)—A gain of moro thnn (2 u bale wns sewed on the New York cotton cx- ciuinue today In Ihe most bullish market witnessed OH the e.xclmngi! in almost a year. Heavy generul domestic nnd for- n miylnic and urgent short covering brought trading In ft kession which was singularly reminiscent ol the bullish upswing In the summer of 102D. At the close of the list, was 43 lo 45 points higher nnd within a iinlnt or U'o of Ihe lops for the session, Otto Hilllg, left. New York photographer nnd 5G-ycar-oid aviation enlhusinst, and Holgcr Holrils, rlghi. pilot, wl'.o reached Copenhagen; Denmark, today after nn eventful nir journey from Harbor Grace N. F. LOUR overdue yesterday, hope for their success had virtual!) Ucn abandoned when they finally landed In Germany. They nrocecdect lo Copenhagen tills mornhie. iurumre et ' n ' "' to .ti:rti!t> Mf.'lcricsn position on the Hocver war If tortny'or to-' debt plan, Ihe complete fulfillment lions lo Mr. Fail-field's entire Ics- "timony on the grounds that the purported list of qualified Mectors va.-, not a correct and perfect It?;. and the tra' wPI - W!u . * u y ; mi[ , „ which has bec-n r-n French re.servatio cntj , d to u , c pencil government son Hv Tieasurv Secretary Andrew W. ™ \ Mellon at a luncheon with Prcm- dangcred by farmer, died ye.-terdav from a heat, ns. was pro- 'Irnke which h" suffered Tuesdnv., . wai not a correct and perfect 1 5!. presented a motion for con- 1 \.'.r Pierre Laval and members of Specific objections to various, state- , tin ;, an ' ce jn . ,^ > 10 c ™ . ^ cahir , el . -menu were also entered. . denied — ' •»•-'»• - — • _ • • - ... 'EXPECT \\i , , ° lmcnl '' s Wi |"f s ! n J. Z. "Jack Ozinc-i.. former po- clOEed lice officer, testified that while a 5. former prp.-idcr.t of Ihe American Exchanra Trust faces eieht indictments. Labours workin°: on a. rice mill n.;ar there wore forced to quit because of the terrific heat. six of which charge Banks receiving deposits after uiember of the city police force he had agreed to the use of certain reward money, which would ordi- tution W nr insolvent niirily be diviclsd unions the mem- chmgc him with t?ln'g .......... bers of Ihe force, lo "buy i»ll tax ] RDry ; 0 recrivinn (he deposits. receipts for our friends." He (es- carl E. Bailey, prosecuting attn:ed that with Ihe chief of polic and another officer he had ayr^e Ihc insti-: \vhilf two I arces-j that S75 in rewards for the capture torney, has not announced which of the charges Banks be tried. of an army deserlcr and stolen car be used to purchase poll tax receipts. One ol the allegations in the chief out of some reward ' are ,1. H. Stanley, John M. Davis. C. Conway and R. H. Thoinp- More Cotton Blooms Are Reported Today More than 100 witnesses have beei; summoned. 'The prosecution inu'icvated they expect to use as latest complaint of Fnirlield was j witnesses the four other officials that poll lax receipts for various i of the American Exchan:^ who citizens had been purchased by Ih2 | were indicted with Banks. They polirc -._-_. funds. On examination by Judge Grav- elte, Mr .Ozment admitted; thai hs had been discharged from the police force. His discharge followed conviction in police court on a misdemeanor charge. The- officer also admitted (hat Mayor Reed was not present, during the conversation hj claimed to have had ivith Chief M. G. Goodwin and Officer Gwyn about the use ol the reward money. A number of cltbens made depositions o.s to their residence in the city nnd identified their poll lux receipts in statements purported lo explain various discrepancies in the list of qualified electors and tr.e names recorded in the poll bonks. Defense counsel did not, disclose this morning when deposition of their witnesses would be taken. CHICAGO. -.June 26 (TIP) WVI shlniinerlns heat wave which ktned upwards of a score of persons and scared growing crops held tlio country in its prip todny nnd little relief was nromiscd soon. _ | The heal wave centered in the T j middle west and was creeping cast 1 • ward. Extreme heat also prevailet , i on Ihe weft coast where Iher Fiflli District Conference Open at Armory at 10 a. m'. Sunday. The 150 Legionnaires expected lo be cue-its of the Dud Casou r>cr,t of thr> American Le?ion here Sunday will spend tl'.e day heaving addresses by speakers of interest, in n business session, and enjoying (various kinds of entertainment. Th; Fifth district will convene for its annual conference nt Ihe Armory at 10 a.m. Date of Crowiey,Ridge Peach Festival Moved Up FORREST CITY, Ark., June 2G. (UP)—Because of the advanced maturity of peaches in this section the annual Crowiey Ridge peach festival, one of tlie most colorful cclc- bralions In the state, will be held one week earlier than usual Ibis Colion apparently is rapidly coming inio bloom in all par;s of the county. C. E. Johnson, who farms Judg; J. E. Keek's place at N'umbrr Nins. brought a stalk of Rowden 40 with a blossom over a day old to th? Courier News this morning. Th? cotton was nlanlcrt April 13. Mrs. B. S. Simmons te!eoho:i2t! from Tioseland that a number of blossoms hnrl appeared on the Simmons plantation. Yesterday reports of cotton blooms came from Ihc OilchrM farm near Hiirtir-ttc. the Meadow? farm, near Luxora. nnd Lcc. Wilson farm Ko. 3 at McFcrrin. lied re fraikisli were numerous and storms. Chicago anrt other cities around the Great Lakes, where temperatures vostcrdny rnnpcd between 95 and 100, were assured some relief by lake breezes. With the excep- lion of the eastern seaboard nnd parts of the rocky mountain areas temperatures yesterday were above CO. New heat records for June w:>re set in Illinois and Iowa where the mercury In many cities climbed above 100. We Call This Doing Things With a System SANDIMAS. Cnl.. June 2C. (UP)— Lightning which struck lhc^feiidjmf,5 praiy^G/jmrar/ Association building crlnMn-? 5 ^* e'.c-clrica'i storm late yesterday nred the building mid set off th? aitlomntlc fire nlann. then having started the fire and summoned the fire department, the str.rm unloosed n downpour ot rain which extinguished the bin?? before the fire department culii arrive. cc Victors in Last Month's Contested Vote All Vic lorious Yesterday. DASSETT, Ark.. June 20. —Th special election held yesterday 1 Shawncc Spcclnl School District No 10'to name six members of the tils trlcl school board resulted In Hi election of the six men who pollc the heaviest vote In the rczuh election Mnv 16 which was declare invalid by the county beard ot cd ucatlon because of irregularities. The vote In yesterday's election follows: Leslie SpccX. 00: S. E. Hnrrlson, 65; E. Tl. Dell, GO; John Wilson. S8: Dr. R. N. Hoscy. 56; L. B. lirownlee. 56: Dr. R. it. Johnson, 5-1; L. P. Bowden. 49; E, M. Norlnn. 40; W. D. Burkett,18; J. A. Muslck, 43; and C. C. Speck. 40. The slit highest were the suc- ftil candidates, } ost and Gatly Make Good w| Progress:. Den rh a r k /I Cheers Hilling, Hoiriis. NOVO SIIimSK, Siberlu. Juno 28 ~>t UP)—The Winnie Mna was neirlvr'J nlf ll.i Journey nrannd the world, hen It arrived hern at toscow time, or 8:30 a.m. eastern tandard time totlay. Th« fivers. W!!cv "ost ond H-ir- x . ild Catty, stooped here-to refuel-<j| ifter flylin; the 1700 miles from; I Moscow over the Ural mountains -yl anil wooded plains of eastern Si- lerln. - ,-.-•• Their next scheduled stop Is Irk; .ii^k. They will hnve covered 7100 iillcs from New York or about haUi' distance ot their scheduled IS,WO mile Journey-on the. northcrri' •oute around the world. Graveil* Returns to Police Court Bench One man was charge of public fined $15 on a drunkenness in police court this morning. Tho fine was susmndcd pending good be- Murder Yesterday of Sheriff Guy Jarvis. CLEO SPRINGS. Okla., June 2'5. (UP)—Search was renewed early today for a negro slayer liellevjd to l>e hidden in the rough country along n branch ot the Clmarron river near here. More than 500 heavily armed men who laid siege to the tlmbcrland region into which the negro had fled formed n line around the area. It wns believed, however, the ne- gro hart escaped. COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June SI. (UP)—The . Danish-American ' lihotopranher, Otlo Htllli; nnd his'! nllot. Holgcr Holrils. from Liberty, ~| N. Y., came down to a clamorous 'I demonstration from the crowd at »| (lie nlr field here after an anxious.., dnv of waiting. .: • > '*They had about been o/lvon uo ' J J for lost yeslerdnv when they turn- ^ cil un in Krefcld. Germany, driven off their course bv bad weather t. Twenty thousand cheering m'n women nnrt children were tit tli«' nlr Ilnkl. Tho dyers were escort"-!. In'" Conenlmcen by fifteen Danish ixllitarv nloncs. Kolrils 1 mother nnd' sister'were near the airdrome wlwn % It came to a Inhdlnc and hurried foru-ai-d lo kiss the pilot. . . "I'm so hariny to see my boy" ^ hk mother said. ", The two fivers received the ncror nauticnl. soclclv'f ..cold medal an<5 0 then were carried on the slibuldcrs' of their admirers to t'na flwor cov- er-xl nlr st-nilon. Tile crti-rrl vns chcerlne. slnelns; the" national an- , them, pud wavint Danish and American flairi as (he two triimrohant nviitors were carried across (he field. Offir.m Keen Secret Name of First Victim of Anti- Gambling Drive. Tlie. first man arrested In the drive afiainst .Inck-pot ^ t . peeling "ma teiiie npiinst Ihe no- mncbincs cnlere<l n nlca of auilty illor Davis, who shot down ° ft chnree of operating a gaming fro. Fillmorc Davis, who shot down Guy M. Jarvis. Blaine county sher- . - lnvior nr ordcr 0 , Jmlgc Gravelte. lrr ' y c5le rday. Violence, however. . .,_, , ,, __ i i._ ...*_ i.^i^i n .. 1 ' * Gulf Storm Krcwlny WASHINGTON. June M. (UP) — I The weather buraan totlay rcport- Jrss Bradburn of Jonesboro. com- | c d a tropical disturbance of mod- maniier of the district, will call the jeralc intensity apparently centering meeting to order and the visitors j in Ihe south central part of the be welcon'?tl by E. A. Rire. jciilf of Mexico at 10 a.m. and art- year. The date July 23. has been set for commander of the Blvtlievills R. W. SiEson of Little Hock, nd- iulnnl of the slate rVpa'lTUit v.-ill mafcc the re.spcnse to be fol- Imvcd by the introduction of visitors. "Wha!. French Deputies Vote Huge Sum for Forts PARIS, June 26. (UP)— The chamber ot deputies today vo'.ed additional credits totalling 2.400.000,000 francs, about $96.000,000 for the completion of frontier fortifications. The government's program calls for a total of 3,815,100.000 Refuses Extradition of Ali??ed Deserter LITTLE ROCK. Ark—A requisition from the governor of Tennessee asking that E. C. Klnintnonth be returned from niythcville to Memphis on a charcc of wife desertion was denied by Governor Parnell yesterday. The requisition was denied on rfproFcntst'on of lawyers for Kin- Inmcnth that his wife lias ncrrecd to move to Blylhcvile and withdraw charges aijaliut her husband. E .E. Alexander ol niythcvllic is counsel for Kininmonth. francs for fortification. $152.000,000. or about American Ix'frion Is vised caution to all vessels in that vicinity. The disturbance was believed to bs moving toward the northwest. crola. who is o'clock. Luncheon will be served Frog Pond cafe. Watrrsnonl Iliis Cleveland CLEVELAND O.. June 26. (UP) —A waterspout accompanied by wind of cyclonic velocity struck Cleveland shortly before noon- ( to- PrelimiiiRry reports snid heavy damage was inflicted in Ihe residential srciion of the metropolitan to speak at 11:20 i area. Hundreds of cars were stalled | as traffic became pnrnlyzed by the at tha I torrents which the weather bureau 'officials said was believed unprece- Doing in Arkansas" will be the theme of an address by Oran _ Vaughan of Eearcy. department j Clcvi commander. This will ba followed jday. with son-is led bv Willinm Trot'er. Mayor Neill nerd will Inlrojuca Congressman W. J. Driver, of Os- wbo explained tlmt he was holding ,l:e fine un because the man's wife and six children needed the mcney more than the city, adding, "and the city's broke." Judge Grnvelte returned to the bench this mornlncr after a 10-day vacation snent at Hardy. Ark. Homer White was fined 510 on a ohartrc of disturbing the peace by Claude F. Coooer. ncllm judec. yesterday. One man was fined S15 for public drunkenness. wos not expected as the posse was commanded by sheriffs of several counties and national guard offi- Slock Prices The Boy Scout Drum and Bugle corps. STOnsore:! by the local post. will entertain the ex-service before t!:e afternoon business session. Claude Brown of Little Rock. of the Arkansas Service Bureau. \v:ll discus "Duties of Service Officer." "The U. S. Veterans Bureau" will be I£u?h Wicker's subl?ct. and Jac Kin?, commander of (he fourlh dis- dcnted. ; j Invite Caraway, Parnell to July Fourth Picnic trict. will tell of Parawuld's rp- A. T. & T Anaconda Copper ... Auburn Caterniller Tractor ... Chrvslcr Cllies Service Coca Cola Continenlal Baking . General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward ... New York Central ... Packard Radio Corp Simmons ) Standard of N. J. ... Texas Corp U. S. Sice! MANILA. Ark., June 20—Invitations have been sent out lo such prominent Arkansas men as United States Senator T. H. Carawav. I Governor Harvey Parnell. D. H. | ouest for (he 1932 state conveii- I Binckwood. slate highway commls-! lion. The election of a new district | E :onor, O. L. Eodcnhamcr. former I commander will dose the business national commander of the Amerl- Cotton closrd steady. session. [can Lesion, and Znl Harrison. MIs- As a part of Ihe entertainment 'slssipp! county judge, and Donald! Jan. .. 182 1-8 .. 31 7-8 . 19fi .. 27 1-2 .. 22 5-8 .. 13 1-8 .. 147 .. 14 1-2 .. 45 .. 39 1-4 .. 22 3-4 .. m 3-4 81-8 .. 21 1-8 .. IS : .. 41 .. 24 .. 102 NEW YORK. June 2C. (UP) — Negro Who Defrauded Col- orocl Home Aqent n{ $1 ,800 Arrested in Term. lo n chnrec of operating a gaming device Thursday. The identity of the man wns not revealed but a came of hid? and eck with various officers anil officials disclosed (he Informntlon that he. mnchlne wcs found In n drug store nt Armorcl. Reliable renorM; also stated thai rhnn from Wilson entered the n]r»n here ves^rday. The lack-pit machine was Ihen turned hnrk lo l^i fl'lmttfn'l operator. nccTdintT rcoorls. The man was referrort it bv n varHv of names, none of whirh roulH he found on justice cenrl. rernrH*; ii«re. Mi" first score re?Es- California Has Bad Luck With Attempts at Suicide PASADENA, Cal, June 26. <UP> v . , D -. . |—Desiring, he sold, to die. Honry NentUCKy Boy Lhampion JBreucr drove hi? automobile alhigh Marble Shootei; of U. S. spccd °" the tank of ftn app? ° ncl1 "Sunshine Spreader" of Harriiburg. will be in charge of several at'.rac- tions OCEOM CITY. N. J.. June 26. (UI'i—Johnnie Jeffries, 12. Green- to what long has been known ns "suicide bridge." Tlie car struck n IIMVV wire fence nnd was stop|«d on the brink of B Arkadebhia Girl Wins MacQueen. Jonesboro. who Ls active In Boy Scout work, to sneak, at the Boy SCout picnic en July 4. at Big Lake. This picnic is bclne conducted by the Manila Boy Scouts, under the Ku!dt>nce of the local Ll- ni . n • oils club. The carnival features will LhemiStry rriZelbo directed by Jimmle Boyd of Bly- thevllle. ARKADELPKIA. Ark., .June 26. (UP)—Elizabeth Dsw, 15. high school student here, wns awarded r. first prize of four years in any ap- Ky.. won -the national mnr- 2CO foot cliff. Brcncr climbed from j proved college and $500 a year by hie championship todny by dclrat-ilhe cnr, ran up the bank. i|he American Chemjcal Society for im tlariey Conun. Louisville. Ky.. over the bridge railing and jumped, j her essay "Chemistry In the Arts." five out of the eight games, ,'olnv There Is only one tree In the can-;lt was announced today. Hi:- was presented with n SIM waleh lyon under the bridge but llrciirr| Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Garvin. as tho emblem of his victory. Har-jhit il and landed safely in ilslNew York, wore Ihc rtorors of the Inv was presented with a $50 watch.'branches after falling forty feet. I prize. SNAKE PLAYMATE BITES CIHM) MT. CARMEL, Pa. (UP)—Ed- rr.ond Serfnss, aged fo'.ir. chose a copperhead snake for n playmate an! was trying to pick it up when horrified adults rescued She child. Tho snake drove Its fanes into the 'child's thumb, but there were no harmful results because of prompt medical altentlon. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Open Hish Low . 1043 1005 1040 . 15B8 1113 1CC7 . 1088 1132 . 075 1021 . 10H 1059 1031 1CUW 1088 975 1013 1037 Close 1093 1113 1132 1020 1059 1082 Spots steady, up -15, nt 1035 Orleans Cotton OSCEOLA. Ark.. June 26.—Waverly Jackson, ncero confidence man. is in the Osceola jail and officers today wfre seeking requisition for John Grlfftn. Jackson's comoanlon arrested with him in Dresden Tenn.. Wednesday. Jackson was turned over to ficti- uty sheriff'; Hale Jnckson and Homer Quinn bv the Tenn n ssee officers nnd rcttirn"d ti Osceola It was oplv after he reached the Osceola lail thnl ho revealed hi 1 companion in a confidence came for whtcli thi'V w?r n both anrested in D'-esden was John Griffen. nho wsn'ed her" 1 , bnt r iirt i-nting in Tcn- nos-ci' under an alias. Jackson r.nd Griffen were convicted in Hrcult court here of do- fraudlnz Mary McCritn, neffro Vionif demonstration B^ent. of 5180-1 in money ar.d n diamond ring In P bond sale, and were released under bond uoon their agreement to renav the nionev. A forfeit nn Ihc bond was taken «'• the next term of court, and Orlflen has smce been at Inrge. arrested several limes in Memnhls, successfully fought exL-,>- ditlon tintll yesScrdiiv when he «-111- J. D. Dudlftv, Pioneer >~ Manila Farmer, Dies ; MANILA. Ark., .-June 2S.—J.-.D.' Dudley, 71 yenr old farmer was buried In the locni cemelnry \es-' terdny nftcrnoon. Mr. Dudlev who * cnme to Manila ov?r t.wenlv-flve" years apo was. amonp the town's ^ earliest settlers. He died on. his* farm five miles south of town. He Is survived by his wife, nnd a tgn vear old son. .Buddy. There arc: three older children who were • nn- able lo attend tbA funeral, as they live In California. Denver, Colo, and Kansas City. Mo. The funeral services were conducted bv- the Pcv. G. R. Tvlcr, Camobcll, Mo:, at the First Baptist Church Manila. The stores of local merchants closed during the services., Mr, Dudley was born in a srnall town in Ga., Oct 15. 1854. t"red fn t'ii "dri"e" made in ccns'pMe'. 1 ; office. Th •Tire, whlcli orMnntod Ihe rlriv. •as nil r»inrfi> .inv arresls ns yd. o far ns is known. Fire Damac* Fn Office of Justice Court records were narilallv dc- stroveri and office furniture dnm- whoti firn of "nknnwn orlcin Negro Rental Properly . j Destroyed by Flames J An empty house in the negro'sec-,' jtton at nth and Charlene streets, r rental property of Emma Hicks, ne- gress. wns entirely destroyed by ftrej: l>roke out this morning in NEW ORLEANS. June 28. (UPi —Cotton closed steady. Own Hlah f071 1M2 Mar 1070 1114 lllfi 1132 075 1021 ion wn 1039 103-1 Jan. May July Oct. Dec. Low 1070 1063 1115 S17S 1012 1038 Close 1092 1W2 1020 1058 1030 Spou steady, up 47, at 1015. the office of P.. I,. MrKnlrht. ius- tlr,? of mice. In the Hale buildini; on Second street. The fire was divovereci al»ut 7iJS o'clock and frunicn- extini;- nlsiwl 1'ir bi<"i- with chemicals. Maehtrn'o McKnleht could not be reached for n slatcment today jhut firr-men said thai an Investigation bv the Justice showed that his office had apparent! bwn unlocked. Whether articles In the office were tampered with could not be ascertained. Injured In Dive at Osceola Swimmnig Poo] Vernon Wleptns, young national snnrdsmon of this city, who sus- tnlneri an tnlurcd collar bone In a - •• "••»•• .-<-'-^-« '•> "^ ^-.. jdlv.? at the Osceola sw'.mmins pool Intlv came with officers to the Os- Wednesday evening was reported ceola (all. Jackson and Orifffn were •• belter today, arrested In Dresden after (bey «r->l According to reports Wiggins alleerd to hnve fllchc.1 J4SO from I aggravated an Injury 'received dur- a negro woman there In the same ing llv football season last fnll At sort of scheme thev used in de-ithe time of the accident at the fr.iunin? the Mississippi county ne- Osceola pool, his condition wax gro home asent. believed serious, but U Is under ——— flood he has improved. He n-il Taxes were levied on windows' probably be given special treat- frir A Ion? prrlfd In Ktiglftnd, I m?nt nt M?inrrito FN^i of an unknown origin early this mornlnz. The loss was estimated J at 51,000 by Fire Chief Roy Head.;'; It was covered by insurance. • , -; The blnzo was the second at the-', empty dwelling in the -past' few, : months- T.ate last winter a ^iillt.;- wns discovered ablaze in the house 1 ' and the fire extinguished .trith'i slicht loss. The alsrm wns not turned in-last > night until after the Mm had gain- • ed full hetvdwny and tho walls of;' the structure were falling in when';: firemen arrived. Trader Horn Is Dead WHITESIDE. Kent, Ene.. June 28,'j (UP)—Alfred Aloysius Horn, pic-- turcsque character in the book, Trader Horn, died here today, the.'. Central News reoorted. Horn hnd been In 111 health for some time. He was 82. . WEATHER ARKANSAS-Falr tonight, Sunday unsettled. According to the official weath- sy obsen-er, Charles Phillips .fr^ the maximum temperature h*ra yesterday was 05 degrees «ud tl« minimum, 17 degices. Ttnlsy a; yijar ago the niaximunj was S3', ' 9

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