The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York on June 9, 1914 · 12
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The Standard Union from Brooklyn, New York · 12

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1914
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... ; :. : r: , , f THE DAILY RT A ttn A irn . , j-jxi i3Kuui..uiiN. xuii.a-UAi. juaij 0 1911 1 s Lr-l , 7 lafe) . "SSf1 -israsw bir ) is5S 'U. fi. B. I SIGNAL CORPS HEV1EWEDBYTHE 9. A. B. Wigwaggers of Grace Church Give Excellent Exhibition. vilEV ,if&-:-K f, I nm-tefv. with I Y A : another: . AMATEUR BASEBALL William A. Rafter, Sportinit editor Stnrtdnnl Tnlon, Brooklyn, . Y. Or. .. .......i .. , . ,u.,n-iCTi an nr- i::,i?n.V- Uiey cr,. Muck I l,o..Vcl ilun. and can.fllcd other, an.l for clolng It as appreciate,!. TI1K ls the sex IlIlII fill iHT. OTX tlA w Oiid time 1 h i. I a,,. Mrirncp in two neok-. for OI) ;,v ;u ,hP I,h l'ond 15. j;. . ,p, ,i. thiiif. Now. r. Knftor, tia. to fret mini out as early at lucivc o l.w I, 7 10 irame in orthx l. set a (liatituml. atiil when 'i - raiiMT ins- oiimjinc: not only lhat. but it makes it kind or I.hp.i i,r .. . M-eure a .,i nS J'H ' ' Z . " ' CN-eiion N"' I :hiek lhat K you ill lend it- vur a, as you lia- done in Hit- .i.iTae nncsiifu,. whitli ii Ri'iir; erv notl ju-l at present, no yillO I .!, 1. e-iiM,,, ,, in ..ify,r lii -t elii'is reliable nr elimi-ll' iM l(i;cl her. )i;.; i.4M)M s. U:l Smith stfeft ' '"- '"" 1 ::. I: ' ' . 1 . ;ray- --v. .:r- ' i t, ..,,, irls ;,H siun. ' hit :,!.1VI -V M e.1 li . Th f IV s f I ( K ' fr.-K. I' " I'.' tjt .. : ! tn.i; f. . ': 'I -; . If.Vls 1 .; t:'1 I'n -I - r -1 t, -;ms , Albert iil, ' !" wi.-thlnet a '1 I ke i.v har . 1 , 1 1 . .11 ll l-ilyn i 'riolcs. i n-, lieijj.s or i A 1 1 stn ns'th. -'il Stanhope Th. f.a r M'titerev A would like V ."';r lr,m a-" teaina. 14-1. actual ictual I - j ...... ii iiuuitt sf.iunis Satur.liy alt-moons and Nil -lav. fir sid,. be- lt, Da- iM-rl ;. V.l,lt. Bushwi- k avenue. Superior A. r. elaim a victory from '. ' 1 Field riub and Arlington A 1 "or non-appearance. Sm-er or 'Uld like f close J.j,.e 14 A yj- anrJ i y . on home prounds. wl'h teams avcrairinsr 12 to 14. actual aC- 'or a e'-e bet and ball. A. Coi.,-: 405 F-'adforrf street. The AthleUc Pleasure Club cla'm a ranie from th Dlnmord S'ars for non-appearance. The AthleUc PleM-ure r'.ub wishes to book cane, with teams: average 7-?. . Buonome. 7oo Berir. n street. --. ." Ki'ires to ,e. T . t v.... The Middle City A. r. wo hrtrilr i-:imn . . -....- v, ,,,, teajit, 14 to 17 ear.4 ta.-.ual sr.-). Joseph id Bene- dettu. 6CH lxirimer street . Peter, ...,1 1 , 0 0 0 , Middle City ..oooiMm . - l""""1 'y- - aeteated the Tre-Tnont F. c. Saturday by the score of 1&-6. Batteries-Saranuc, Mac Given Brown ; Tremonta- ''an and The Brooklyn Orioles would like to closo June IS and M with teams kverawlng 16-18 tactual asre. Games 'to be played on home grounds for JdtJa bet and ball. H. Sa-otakv 597 M arwlck street. The New Havens were defatfcl by the St. Artr.B, score 16-12. Would lilte to book tame, with teams averagine 32 to 15 years old- We. play only on jTome grounds. For further particulars notify Gus IxjUto, 14S Tweaty-rirst street. , The OrlKinal Ramblers defeated tho Internationals by the score of 6 to 1 In a well played same- The features of the game were the one-hand catch of Frause and the pitcJiing of Iloppe. who mm supported hi fine .style. Have. Saturdays open and will exchange, Sunday dates on home irrotinds. For games address u lieckert. ?3 Cornelia street. J. Schlrmer B. B. r. hit ther way to victory over Ihe Street & Smith Pub. K, B. C. Saturday. May 5. winning- by a 24 to 3 score-, lleiily. of the lii'hirmirs, was there with thre double plays unassisted, while Ieavy Verburu and U. Miller each drove the bail for home, runs. Two all-around players, formerly with the Belmont A. C. would" like to connect, with a tram averai-inir 17 to 1! nr old Address Harry Johnson. 64 t ifth avenue. The Klk A. r. would like to book names with teams averairinir 12 to 14 actual age for a side bet and a en-cent ball. Open dates are June 13 "0 -7 July 4. A. M. and P. M. All Sundays open in July. F. W. Mcl.aufrhlln, 759 Lincoln place. Arista 0 1 1 fj 2 Alpha 222 0 2?i 1 - s - - 4 1 VK 'y"nX A- r defeated the Oakland Jrs. by a ecore of 7 to ine line-ups Cyclone A. C Btieh. si: .To n lell, lb.; Price, c.; 1'ete. 2b.; "Saf . rnicK, aD.; lion, ir.; Wimmer, If, caxs, rt. Oakland Jrs. Iefty, rf.; Hence '-ninK. ir.; .Majfee, as.; Oold Bteln. 2b.; Hob, 3b.; Ross, lb.; Har . lyriegi-r, c. A baseball liumn hetwxm .. t ferent deiutriments of the Fred Ornach Manufacturing- Company will tnke place at their annual outlnir which will be held at Hlejcel'i big farm, at Elmhurat A beauUful hand-em ITroideretl pennant riven bv Mia Lillian 8lerl. wlU be clVen to tha wlnnern. Would like to hear rrotn all shop teama wiuinu to play ror a guarantee. Henry Stehle tnanacer. The Norfolk Colored Btara have Tuna 14 opan tt home maSoKera Ad-jesa P. liorrlscm, 23 Butnpter atree.t. Kxcelalora ..0 0 0 1 0 3 g Creaccnu ......,,.0 5 4 0 Ox 0 Batteries Franl, and leavlne; El-fcan, WeUlemen, Steinberg and Ska- Tha Arolyn B. a iroulfl like to book PCio in rcfert-iv to club ho laUert (actual aVrel i VvAn ?h n ' wrgeant-at-arms. Sn,X;,r,U,,iry0,PnKC,Uto0S c"anfonJPl!aK0eVoodftnTh--- tn F. c. reorKaniZed for I n- ',. i i . 'Culw. Can play second base or the : season of "14 by electing the x . 1", .y 1 ,?"d 8tPOnK outfield. Address I'. Kaplan 9 02 follointT officers: John Schneider ,' "U'h.l HopKlneon avenue' I.Bockner. vlce-predent; for side bet and ball. W IS3 Manhattan avenue. Catcher would like to play with a T , """mo, 4o Knickerbocker avenue: phone 2464 team, apo id years. w. Lainaire. """''- The Avolyn S. C. defeated the t-i- n . . . "ticu rx'va dv h. BcnrA or ix ta m r ... " o"ia line to pliy with a unl- i rormerl toam o,oi i . . 1P W1U uril. VUTrri" r"'-- , ok Juno 14 (morning and after - "IK'n w'th 7;9 teams. Address F. - "'.lia, J. II a' r, I E 1 1 I f 1 1 1 II K TCIM . The Shamrock B. 15. C. member lnter-. ny I,. B. Assn., a liht teml-lro. t.'.un, has a few open Saturdavg ar.d Sundays in June and July. Ad- it'ess .'r) lline street. Superiors would like to hear from ii. 'in jl.,-i;i aciuai tirr tnmo r. ferouiids for side bet and ball. t ! 1 onnors, l.i Ttventv-third street .,n, rw... . .. " .... n,-,n,ra street. would like to hear . baseman about 17 or l ,L'1 ' ouki like to hear f.,m aood f.r.,t baseman about 17 or . nia ui agf. j. Kotnstem, 334 ir:.(toi Btreet. The Acctn B. E. C. would like to c'-i.v ja-u remi o, a. -v. 1 ,'l1,J year teams at Acorn Oval Ui.liam J. Kothaug, 764 Herkimer r;r- Ali-Avonla P.. B. C. members of '.r- inier-v ixv A..StiMatlon wnnM 1 like to tlosr, June 21. July 19 dJ a "-j a few Saturdays. v.-,iiri I li!-i.t.. Knn-e ... . . . . , , ,": . uam- - .s- iaiiiiipp sirppr. irhone X977 i-asnvsicn after 6 o'clock. Superior A. C. would like to plar ! .ims 12-14. actual arp n t- i teams rounds for a side bet and' ball Have I .'uno and 27, P. M. u i ' A IT ,N 1 1 ' P-e, rerior A. r. r11 tt',u J- open. Sunday Ru ory A. C. by a score of 1 i to s a v-onen, 405 Bradford street. Fart shortnton :.i. would like to plav th " .TH formed team. Edwin HaBKerty. 117 Fortv-fonrth .ea. BSClLJ, heavy amateur VniforrnTd tealn has nil !,,e,H " - ail Sundays nftar r . " 'nuerItl BrAWe- 610 Jefferson ave- t'V IJKht "mi-pro teams wishing to book a fast team should not fall to book the fast New york Bedford 1 .ub. l-.rnesl A. De Phillips, 421 Lafayette street, New York. The Red Sox would like to hear from the following- team.,: ra? a .... iir-n. atmi m. jiariu, St. Mat-i'"" i ,!'! "'J- jarmere would like to . fi?.nco. A- c- 'xle A. C, Crin-is from 14 to 17 A- c- Arrow A. r BriRhtons . v "" a. i BriRhtons nrt , By "Wife Federals. c W Mackln, 150 Fifth avenue. T"W-, . a few Tt offering .i,.,ki noma teams -.CJ?perA C 'w'ould Ilk to close ward llorsley, 2 Seeloy street lnA.Sod 111 around player would like to Join a uniformed team 15 to 17 waT'N. Tr" M,"er- 1 WeSt Bad" Would like to hear from fast fielders and also good hitters averaging 13 4? Thomas J. McCale. 253 Chauicey The Wilford A. C. has Tune 21, 23 A. M. and P M.. July 4, 5 A. M. and ' M. fur Monarch Trianrrle, Di-, n.Otid Stars, South Brook yn' th" -ins-lea. Blue Diamond.,. Km era Pi Jrs streth BFBT 'i-and t,,ai "'e nue err' 289 Fifth avfc- The International B. B. C. travel to Rayonne next Saturday and day tbnTr W11COS- Have Sunday Ju?y or a aaonable guarantee, al.o Fast v.L v PtmeS- TatepHone 6o7 Kant New York. William Brunner -u-5 Saratoga avenue. ' The, Senator Jrs. U7-19 actual ace) uro;11"-" Hdate8 ' June a"d travel a , ra1?ed ,pam3 wishing to trael. A t-ondlt. m Kuclid avenue ranatna A. C. of Bay Ridge are booiilnr: team. t..,.. J, ?? .are . - '-'i -iuiy. would like 2 t!,0"' H.ust,l'r A- Hilton i tel. . 7 - A-- Gaston F I'elta A. C. Huhhnra n t. c7 ll'llUU ii: 4r4Thirtfd,ir',i:3 Wi,liam ' Hermann 44. Thirty-sixth street Jms, w,,h ,If(!' W0U,d llke ok fctua? tam3 averaSing 16 to 18. and r rtrf.o, S"Prlr- Cypress A. C dress V t " A --'- take noti'-- Ad" MarhaUaA"y''2Ea3t 13Sth 8tre Wet5ernaI.yrVC'ntra,S d"'pted the western Stars by a score nf i i The Engert Field Club defeated the Engert Giants 21 to 14. JL would like to a o ii r " ,f'UL mi-pro. team Wll-S 0 0 0 T "am J. Robinson. 327 West Houston 2 11 x 12 street. Mnh. esl Houston - - . , . .1. 1 1 1 1 .1 1 t.i 11 The Kcho Club have Jan. 0. V , 4 (for two Jun.8 2, July Sunday win II" -r'a.,"'y 6 "Pen. Jun. 21 th " 7-vlf la.h".18 and on fast ren e vr"".nat 'Hh the Vatl'eV Z?- Sn. B-.'cffi? Whltislon- rV; "ayshore. rKo Imat,; Jr.. m7rnlth S he,lar"t,.B- : would l,ke to' " f uii piayern 15 tr 17 ffi.n''( Telephone IfcaVt N w iork 2343, between 7 and 8 P v e addres. Thorn.. Epstrom. 4i3 Van Klelen avenue. n lln0BtflK11-roff0m"'!j ,h Mar-nn B. B. c. of New York, would llkA to connect with a fast home or trav! s8,?; .Address Edward Edwards, 1289 Second avenue, or telephone 4082 Plaza, New York Trenton A. C. 4221 0002 112 Yankee F. C. 48100201 t 14 Batterlea-Fudge and Kotimsky; Raahdorf and Bernstela The Cooper A. C. la now prepar-lns for their fifth annual evening picnic which will be held at Ridge-wo?d Grove. Cypres Hill, avenue ade Iypa A"enutv flatuxday ,vaa. THE VAN LOON FAMILY It's J good thing Father didn't take the whole family. ins, June 27th. "William Scliaefer nas charge of the arraiiKempiits ""Ulle. ine orricers of the clul - xsucnneu. president; J. Schoenleln. vino-nr-,,- tr t!t,.i JDl"'"ins Secretary. A Ilarer cor- treSDonrtln .V tV , , ! ' , or fJJ? f?-"' H- Lichenber- eer. financial ifrrfin" f recording- secretary. A. Itarer rar- .t-ttcTr.,!., . T . ' . i " man- treasurer: W Schoenleln cer. sf..i-at-arms: Edwarrl Ttctoi . eTeant-at-nrm- rr... .. -""' '"i i-JJ o WtU play DPa A. C. a ; -Slff, manager; M Schneider crf'i j tain, U194 Dean street '" vvPc!Her0? t c- defeated the Lake-wood A. C. 14 to S The Ricse A. C. claims a 9 to 0 victory over the Fort Greene MMf-et for non-appearance. Have Saturdays June 1.? ?(" ... ' ' - -- - "."u -. open lor teams a era sine II to u v.ei....i x..... .. 0314 .s xrn flt'onna ine -Pop" Snyders' Rubes, a fast. ",sht semi-pro. team would like to 0,ose June 21 and July 4, P. M.. with tiome ma.natrers nc'-in e. j tro-,f .... .. b tv 1 fctJU fveniw. Jamaica. X. Y ine 111 ion k 11 r :ti 1 e. rr...- t t -, . P'ay tho first frame of a double header wtipp is itr en-. utVee?0 vr Val at A" , t - ' etond avenue. Have all j Proceeding, and to the ownT or n w n r- r s T . ' " 1WI icains Oi line Strength Jack Upset. 471 Seventh avenue. ' The Elroy F. C. a trns. in . c "Iu would like to hear 'wo Rood nfieloers. a pitcher l.l . .. AUiO 7- , v r.insteen, 5S4 -1UftKO -reer The Montauk Jrs.. of PMe. Su"day added two more vie- lories to their list by takine Into I.? the SunsPt Jrs- in the morning r e SCOre of 5 t0 4 and the Hamil- ton Jrs. Ir. the afternoon by tho score of 32 to 4. The batterl oq fer IV.. or 3- to 4. The ilo,tau! Jrs- w"e: O'Rourko and , - J'' "'urning; tsrennan and An uersn, arternoon. Un " A 0 $ 110 1 1 S St Owl Midgets 6 4 4 9 4 x 27 The St Aloieliio -c sc o -eonard's Church defeated the eroet onard s Church defeated the crack f':. thl" -U.n,0rs a at eighth auy . too Tlie Superior F. C. would like to book this Sunday, June 14 A M and P. M., with 16-1S teams. ' Would like to hear from the Crintons, Bay Ridge Triangles, etc. F. A. Granata. lo4'2 Eighteenth street. Would like to form a 7 to 9 team of fast amateur players. Sam Goldstein, 27S Floyd street, Sunday morning. June. 14. at 10 o'clock. Would like to play with any light semi-professional team. Address F Ruppert, 2059 Eastern parkway. The Jehovah A. C. has reorganized and would like to play teams averaging 11 to 13. actual age, for side bet and ball on home grounds. Morris Mailin. Would like to hear from a good 16 to 18 year old battery and shortstop who can bat. to play with the Over-lands, playing on Sundays and holidays. Those with uniforms preferred Call or write Albert Bell, 261 Stanhope street. The Eagle A. C. defeated the Ft Catherines in a twelve-inning game hy the score of 10 to 13. The Ealc A. C. would like to bonk teams that average 11 to 13 (correct ag-e) For sanies address J. Smith, 624 Fortv-flrst street. The Wyona B. B. C. defeated the Lamonts by a score of 21 to 0. Would like to book teams 13 to 16 actual age W llham. Fuge, 1S4 Chauncey street. The St Gabriel B. B. C. would like to close July 4 with some home team wishing a good attraction. R t Graham, 77ij New Lots road. Would like to hear from a first baseman and outfielder for a 16 to 17 year team. J. Albertine. 36S Knickerbocker avenue. On Juno 7 the Shamrocks defeated the Moonlights at Moran's Oval by a scoro of 10 to 2. A, L BURT'S SONS GIVE S1 12.950 A gift of $112,950 from the three soiis of the late Albert U Burt, president of the A. I.. Burt Book Company, to their mother, Sarah H. Burt, of 178 Brooklyn avenue. Is disclosed to-day in the filing of the appraisal of their father's estate There were ten $10,000 notes and one for $S,500 made by the company to Burt. In his will he stipulated the notes bo cancelled Thi ,t-i,..H j.u. 1 l n r - , -'.-ia .jui a urm ,Sa0' tho amount of the notes With Interest which , "ul the .1,1 , ',' v? WI1S owne(l by the sons who each Inherll.H t? Jsons who fiach Inherited ' one-third of r10 shares of the company's The .on. , , ,v, , not to ,T , together and UOt tO take ni VOntm.. e.e ,VSD . . . B"1 ."S-aiicr anu ,H. take advantaKe of the it.ive tne uent Wined out I 'rrnr.r, .. . I .. . L. . . . .-...nrmiciiu) .ne nrm owes the fu ""muni iu .virs. iiur the reslduarv estate Burt, who lioharl.Arl ,- .. ...... Die net value of the estate ls ap- frt w 1191.605.71. Most of It. 1184.842.51. Is personal, consisting of securities. Burt died last De-cember. FALLS DOWN STAIRS AFTER GETTING SALARY RAISED Joseph Amato, 18 years old. of 28 Eiton street, an employe of the Montr, uk Metallic Bed Company at 13 Montauk avenue, received an Increase of salary yesterday. In elation, he started for home and fell down a flight of stairs in the building, breaking a finger on his right hand. After treatment bv tr. Clem-men" or St. Mary'a Hospital he waa tail ax. noma. THEIR MOTHER i i A- e. , ... . . , . . . . i ' w i COlU'UKAo. KOTICKs. PUBLIC NOTICE IS IIEKI BTTnTn. - all uer.on. n.imiB. ... i. .. 1 . lj' Vf"S Jurcrt by a change of grade i ,v " iatin- ana .riSiV. .fi ? Le.2." .. lhe r"- jured by a change r grade l ,h. " 2"" ,;":';"o" present ihh- .-kiim.,. in .tT nVl , I""'" ineir i-Hum.i In writing 1 o 'h Secretary of 1 1: a l;;,rd or A....",1 i Room sn9. Muhi.-.pai Building " ' , ft re .limn 11 iia , t ,i .. . . P.. ' iu "o itrviciiiry or i::a ii:n nr a . ,., v u tiui a. m ' .,l mn" re requegted to make th..; ' t k," DI1"K form i V . ' . I3"'1"1 nl Assessors, rort'e- of which may he obtained upon upollcailon at the above of.'lce. ' '"'aD Borough of lirooklyn. 412?. Johnson Pla.'n from -hurt-h Au rue to Erasmus street. 41S. Mutthews jilaee from Coney Island avenue to rtrotforcl road 4131. Webster avenue from Cravesend avenue to 47th street. Al.rKtl) 1' w SKMAN. WM r no. KT. OEORi;b B TI'CKKP.. Pe--retarv ........ ini r':; ..1 1 ftt New ork, Koroueh of M.-inhnrtnn ftty of May 29. 1014 5 J-.l-ln-lo (c274) NEW YORK St'PREMl! COURT SECOND riPPtRTMEST. tion n n. n i'vl v",? i'.r.rh11-- r THE MATTER Or TIIK APPLICA- .'qulrlm title Vch.r;;;; , , 'S 'n ? been heretofore acquired for the same purpose m fee. to the :.nrt. M-rni., avenue to First avrnu from Th,. v been heretofo-. .i . ... cxt, mr awnue to l-lrst avrnu- . from Third aven.i ! to .seventh Rveniie from Fn-t HnmliiOM . ""'' and from the -tjr,y iZ ' i -1, !r;ri' av,'nM : --'f'l avenue; "enuV Vo vw? .vL...roJn Fort, """"" tiwnue to the ri.,:,. m asterly l:, . ,v. avenue 'e ec r-r.y ntte Of .Ne- t trecht Lt.?p2:.t a.v"" to :x. avenue. In the ' oato. r-.orougn of rook vn The Cir 1 or xw Vn-r. - - houses n.i! if-ro I rt. . uuu',iin " or a . no a TT may c--."crn. , " '"1 lands ,ion,", of F.tim.,. ":""""'"-, I'ommls- I d". thaTr.!. ?!-, TS a. .S- . l V, , , 111 tnis ProrertinE. or in any of ""7 ana frfciitanint una nrimi.i o e 1 ... objection thereto, do f their eaid ohlee-t.ons In wrens duly v.rifte.j with them o:r office. No. km Montague .."-. in the Borough of Brooklyn, in Tne l"t New Urk. on rr before the ;i-h d.v of ers will hear r-artles so oliectln,, an,1 for that purpose will be In attenrtatiee at thel- Second That the und-rtsi.ned Commu. s.oner of Assessment, has completed h's estimate of benefit and that a 1 nersors !r.:ere.-M ,n ,,,,, pro,-e(-lini; or in an" of :-'e4 and- "''""c.cnts. and heredltan-.en-s and affect-d tl.ereb-. havlnc anv objection thereto, do file their a", tions in writ Inn. dulv verified its i-Vm at his office. No 16,1 Mentasue street I the -Ho rough of Brooklyn. In the Cttv' of New Torn, on or before the 2-lth d-'v ,,f June. 1M, and that the said Comml, will hear partle. , obl-etlnr and hU .JH bp " attendance at his said on the ;c,th day of il :ni4. at n o'clock a. m June ThiTd That tho Commlsrlon-r of . scssments has assess, d anv or al o- .,' s lands tenements n h"fedl,ame,; premises as are within the ar-a r.' .. sessment fixed and prescribed as the' area of asiessment f.,r b-nefi, bv ,he n of mate and Arportionmen'to-f 0?fcr'. .th day of May. 111"-... and that the s'aM area of assessment In- ludes all t!,,,. , '5, tenements and hereditaments and ,,'re stuate and b-init in the Hnrouch o" BrooKlyn. in The City of New York which taken tog-ether, are bounded and de -r bed as follows: Vi2. : - r-uf(1 1 Bounded on the north by a I'm. mid way between S.ventv-nrth St'e-t rml ,ly ertty-sixth Street and bv the prolonra- on-of the said line; on the east M ?he centre nn, of First Avenue; on the ' notch by a .ine mtdwav between s-r.e-and Seventy. seventh Street and bv the'oro' lonratlon o- the said :!-; and on & by a l!n. distant 100 feet westerly' from and parallel with th. westerly line ,?f Narrow. Avenue, the said distance beini measured at right angles to Narrows Ave? .. Beginning at a point on -he ti. Of Third Avenue where ! f.fth street and Seven.-sixth S'ree-t ardM? .'w' "'"--"-Hy and souVh'east-wardi along a -.r.e always mUiwnv be. ..vret, Seventy-fifth Street and Seven-v. ? L ?He,,,nand nl0n,f ,h" Prolonttaiion of the said line, to a point distant loo southeasterly from the southeaster v Un' of 1 wentv-seconrt Avenue; thence ni!K wistwardlv and parallel with Twent"-sec" ona a venn. to the Intersection wi-.i, tc proiongntlnn of a line midway bewei'n Seventy-seventh Street and S.v.nty-ci-hth otrect: thence northwestwardly aiong""he ...Id ine midway between S.-.-entv seve, S teet and Seventy-eighth .ir,.t '.-n along the prolongation of the said .7-. to the Intersection with the cntre line o-sixteenth Av.nue; tl.rn.-c North'-. d y alons the centre line of Sixteenth Av-nuc o the intersect, with a line mid war he! tween Sevemy-s-.x-.h street and Sev-ntv-seyen.h sueet; thence northwestward v along the sa'j line midway between v emy-s:xth Street and .seventy, seventh" f,trr" rhe ln'e'rs'--:"n with the centre line of Fifteenth Avenue; thence south Wi-.twardly alonq the centre line of Fir ii.. -i . . k..'"! with a Street and Seventy-Vlghth ' s r "ir."" '.' Ill1 linn mldwav lotti'nan c; ' " . . ,iUnsrruon ... , Northwestwardly along the 'said' line mid it . .. - . . .. lo-nrn-nin s - leer Seventy-eighth Street and alone the 'onganon or ine said line to -he Interie" tlon with a line distant ' lm. " fret north" westerly from and paia'.ld .h ,h. " westerly line of Fort Hamilton Avenue th. said distance being lm-a.ured at ilcht angles to tort Hamilton Avenue thence northeastwardly along the said line oar allel with tort Hamilton Avenue to the to let-section with the prolongation of a'llo. n.ldway between .Seveniy-sixm Street and Severity-seventh .street; theneB northwest warrlly and westwardly alons a nn " ways midway between Sevi-ntv-alxth St-eei and Seventy-seventh Street, and along the prolongation of the said line to the centre line of Third Avenue; thence northwa?d.v along the centre line of Third venua to the point or place of beginning. - 1 u,Wi;iLla or said estl- mateof damage and of said assessment for 7. "... ' OM 111 a-ssessine benefit together with the damag.. .r, ...,.,. .. si, tn, affiuavits ""7";' :-.-. s ami otnor nrcuments used by the Commissioners of Estimate and bv the Commissioner of Assessment In mnk ,..n -..u .....c xc-rit Uepositen In th. Bureau of Street Openings In the Law Department of The Citv of New York No 1 fill Montague street. In the Borough of Brooklyn. In said d.v .h.r ..... ...,,....n,. ,,, tviirougn of Brooklyn, In said city, there lo retnslo until the nth day of July. in14 '"nam Firth Thnt. provided there be no oh Jet tlon. filed ( either f said abstract. th. reoort. , '.'l.. rum Hint, provided there be no oh. lections riled lo either u'e reports as to awut-ds and as to ass o-in nerein '' ""'ii iii-irin win ne present ed 1 Will be presented 1 the State for confirmation to the Supreme Conn of ,s- s-.. . v s-. i. . 1 1 or n-.en, .1 n flnoclnl Te rm h. . t . " .- ...... e..i, to miu in ins i.otinty cnuit House In the. Borough of Brooklyn. In Tile City of Nt.w York, on the 30th day of July. 11114 a, the opening of the Court on that day ' Sixth In case, however, objections are filed to th. foregoing abstracts of estimate and a.sessmeni. or tn either of them Ir,e motion 10 confirm ihe rejiorts as to award, and as to as-essments f-ha't stand adjourned to the date to be hereafter apcrl" fled In the notice provided In ivrielt ......I lo bo given In relation to filing the final j of the (Ireater New York charter u, amended by Chapter n.1S of the Law. or lislfl. ' Hated, Borough of Brooklyn. New Yori June Sth. 1U14 HI-RT I. men F M.ATTIISW SAAUZR .11)11 N N. HARM .V contml,slon.r. of Estlm,.. ,.t-t,T 1. Hli-Il i.uiii'.iie'K.'iri x,. .lamrsnr MRI.Vn.I-F: J. KHAVCK. ClTk Com'.ilsslon.r of Asa.iament J FI1ANCK Cl.rfc U ,r,, - - J ' "The SH,rtln,r Spirit," an enter. tltlnlna: Mory by Gcsorirc llll.bnrd, In 1 titsxt unday standard Vnlon. 1 I CORPORATION XOTIfM . . v.. 1 ! NOTICE IS HEREBT QIVEV that I "if Board of Estimate jnd A poprtlon ment 'he Board of Etln of Th. Citv of x I V """ '"..v .u uo. jropowi to cl:inKe the, map or plan of The, Oty of ' -ew York ,0 as 10 rh, ,h o the treet nystem w thin ih t.e.i. '.t'.pu .5 1","', , " d?- Jropot.e. to 01 in uuy or f w lorx. deeming If rnr : -".iiibc ma ma j or 'inn oi inn ntv n t o i...-. . .wi...y v.,, r.h a. Tn.u . ' ',,lurw rt'rtiur ii-iii street. Kort 1 'Jners 01 Fit rr.are h.... '. Hamllton Wrkwar anrl 73rH !.,. i,?",. m" ! "v romBlfUrl it..,. oush of Brooklyr.: and that a meetlni of n tere.t ed 1 n "p-Jc'e'ed .V ""''' '! Board wl.l he held In the OM Coun I ' 'he ian.i, din or 'n any rll Chamber. City Hall Borounh of MaS- ! .nd premi.e, 3' '"J '"v"1 hattan, City of New York, on June 12'objerton thereto ,n 'i-. X : y- havln r PropoBfd change III be eomldered by .aid it their o'fh. Vn ,c ,, ' w!lh Hoard; all of which 1. mor. panl'rw in Boro .'Vh of B 0ik?vm?K,:rt- ct forth and described n fh, f0owln: ,.t Ne- lnrk ,, or !n;k:" Th 'l:y resolution, adopted by th- Hoard on M.v "f June 1"1 ,, LiT I """ -2n', "' 15. 11.14. not:c, of th. adoption of which l"n-T V ' 1 h fr 'n Jj h.ff Ih ' omm.e- l hereby Klven. vl. : ,r ,ha. :',. ,,r p" . - "'Me tint, aid Reso.ved That the Board of E.tlm.t. ' he. r ,a,i of flV"' ' Vr i' ;' " at and Apportionment of The ntv of J.M4 at 11 o .-lock A M d Jun- ork In l-iirstiance of r' e ....,- . lrMK A -J. " V- -"'-,.n. ,'.r,',r New Vork ion 4.2 of the C.reat-r V..T..,: .. Ollhli.. interest ho to do . . 1 man or n!nn of The CI,, ... l'L""e by haSls the a-raoe. of ,h.' ..:r..,2rk- ! w'-d7;:., "-"Vit. wlth'n th. - Erooklyn. City of New To k" r e- "" rr,ira i, 'y ';ho,n, W?h? Sorit'mT ,h' r url . fhf, m "."I" ,?fnPub"5 WorkAf ' 'L0.. Lh,,Vt. .' meetlnr of ?! upon a map or p:an bear n ih. .. u? , of Manhattan.' n.yrJ'vilei.80' - v. f.h a... ' . ' 0'.--N'w nrk. on o'clock" A M 10' W to rv-r.. Tie" . . .'?r" na notice I aforesaid time and n.iel0 Jl,d . in the city Record ard the ' 1 "na hereditament, and n-en, s ' -mi u.e 1 1 .M'lii-Aoami t.jra-n.wvnjnr. f, , " i."a. 'f corporation ! 8'tuate, and belnir In the l..r i. J. .."' ' nanv f,,r ore. ;.e ..i .ie.hoi.5.-v; ere;r.u?; the 1l'ih 'lay of Jun 114 Dati May 2.. 1914. !u ' -v j II I1A Al. Sis -. . , Building T.iephon, 45C0 WoAh umr,DaI 5-2U.lo-ln (r-Tl NEW VORht SrPKEMKcnrnT " SECOND DKHARTMENT. tlon of The Citv of v.- Tlf "r - vi" ana parallel with the .ou-h.. . , -i acquiring title, wherever th. i. ' ' ?-ere,L':! '.v"1''".'" 'h. ..rnSr - extending of west i:D JtbT ri e- 4 N-;..-.,r.e av,, , tl,. m,i7' i .VT Atlantic ocean. WEST ssYjr'i r.'"r.1V.,",..Pt''n avenue to .Surf IIH a M K a 1-.TU I'Thtsl-leS . . - ' "uo'Hlt7 nr-l-lT, from fanal .v..ur tu run Avenue: VFT tint STREKT. from Canal Avenue to " S i rf ve nue. except ik In en-h cak to. rl,v "-" NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO ALI person. Interested In th. abov.-entitd proceeding, and to th. owner or owner, pccUpant or occupant, of all hou.e. and L,V 'inad 'mrroved and unimproved land, affected thereby, and to all other, whom it may concern, to wit: ne. whom ,fr!-"tr rh n the und-rsigned. Commlsiior.-r. of Estimate, have competed their estimate of damag.. and that all person. Tn 5ne"pliln !h'' rroceedlng.'orn'an'v'of the lands, tenements and hereditaments and premise, affected thereby, having any object on thereto, do file their said oblecl tlons In W'l-lng duly verified, with them at their office. No lt liomaru. .-r..m in the Borough of Brooklyn "n" t", of New ork. on or befor. th. 23rd dsv of I, H anJ ,h' ,h' ""ld --omm1.,lon-e.s will hear partle. ooje-tlng. and 'or that purpose will b. In attendance at their Se.ond That the undersigned. Commli- loner of has completed hu estimate of benefit and that all persons interested In this proceeding, or In an" of the lands, tenement, and hereditament, and premise, affected thereby, having any objection 'hereto, do file their .aid ob- m' 0n,'v,, n ,',r'Uns?- Au'y verified, with him at his oftlce. No. 16 Montague .-reef In the Borough of Brooklyn. In T the ntv of New lorw, on or before the 2.1rd dav J";,! ' ttnd ,h' th. said Coram!.- . .' f, ur so ooiectlpg. and tor that purpose will b. In attendance V? ... ----- e.-. in Hitenaanc. at ii.." , J -"o ,n the J6!h dlv ' June, Third That the Commissioner of Assessments has assessed anv or all of urh lands, tenement, and hereditaments and premise, as are within the area of ass... ment fixed and prescrioed aa the area af '"-at. and Apportionment on th. Jth. day of March. 191 1. nnd that the .aid are. .e T-.. '. . . n too Hoard of aumment Includes all thot. land.. .- . ..,.., . minii aiiicii. s ano premises situate and belntr In the lirooklyn. In The City of New York, which b - T-eelnning at a point on th. .outherl, bu khead l,r. of Gravesend Pay, where It I. intersected bv the nroloes .to. . line midway b-tween West 36th Street w.;. ''l " "teeet ' J.iii .--i.n, ana running thence ene-.w-ardly along the said bulkhead line to the Intersection w-lta th. prolongation or a line midway between West S3rd Street and V est Street: thence southwardly along the said line mldwav between West -3rd S-reet and West Stre.t. .nd along the prolongation ef th. said line to a r.Otllt fli.-nn, 1 1A . . .. th.Tve. point distant L-io f..f northerly ,ro .s- rortherlv lln " '-vriuiic rinie, infnr rnstwart-ily and parallrl with Neptune Ave . f Neptune Avenue- ..- ... . , x-, ,r-, Wnn a. imt Tria- "yA ,'',t 3,St P"t tU West i u .Jinpn outnwKrdly alonjf tht 1 foi i j i ir oimwav netween et 3 at tr- anH - Vs. . . -'-t-v, ionga Won oV , . 1' ,7',,":i,,?J5 . ! hum w -1 h th ,ii a i i, i y, i.-- t .'att'tc Ocean: thence along tl.etn. 1 ou ar- hereby "un.mor?., '"'h ' the mean hlrh wn.r ttn. ... ..!r . s - .unirnon.d to an- p.-ean to the Intersection with the pro- s.rv. a copv of' vour an.wlr r"1 TO s-?h"c..n ?f midway between tVe.t.ti r. attorney ,,, twenty dav'. '"r ...... ...e. au.i .-.est street; h.n't-i nnrthwnrdly along the .aid tin. midw.v northwardly along Ihe .aid line 'midway hetvveeo W ... 9.:.s c . ... .... ...... ....... o.ieei ann west .street, and along the prolongations of tho said lln. to the point or place of h-glnninc- l-nnrth. Thar the abstracts if said estimate of damage and of said assessment .or benefit together with the damage and mat,., aim a i.o an tn. affidavits milni.ta. .rn.r a ... ... and also all the affidavit os and other docum.nts rommlssloners of Estimate nmlssloner of Assessment In evu B .1 used hv .h. r".r...- ......lunri. ot r.stimar. and by the Commissioner of Assessment In making the same, have been deposited in the Bureau of Street Openings In the Law Oepartment of The City of New Tork No. is Montague street. In the Borough of Brooklyn, In said City, there to remain nnt. i the th day of July. 1911 Fifth That, provided there be mt objection, fid , either or said .hstrsrts. th. reports us to awards and as to assessments for benefit herein will be presented for confirmation to the Supreme Court of th. State of New York. Second Pepnrl-'A a Special Term thereof, to be held In the County Court House In the Borough ih.H,re.1kla'n- ln.Th City of New York, on the 30th day of July. 1914. at th. opening of th. Court on that day. Sixth In rase, however, obl.ctlons ar tiled to the foregoing ab.trscts of e.tlmate and assessment, or to either of them ,h. - : ' " "l'"'." n. to awar.i motion to confirm the reports as to awards -,i .s ""''"m.nts shall stand adlourn- ed to th, dat ,n v.. v.-..-..-- ... . . ' tn such c,..s ,oi' MEL NEWHFrS5S SfPREME COURT. A.r.l-A rti al E.NT- .. '".T"? MATTER OF THE APPI.ICA a. quiring tl.l.. wh.r.v.7 ,2.: tn been heretofot. E 1 .'sVA be,n h.r.,-'T' " Ir" " '-m. has no. ., -...juiren ror the .am. nnr. her.dl,sro.;.., J'."1"- tenement, and and exi.nd.n, tTtt'JNtTJ.-W 'Horn N.p tun. ay.n,. ,oTHr.TH STH- c.ptln. , h. 8.ur' avenu., e- e.piune o a,,., ...I '."-" vv.V,;,"1. S'- i? "t Tork U" of Mroohi,n. Th. city .f vvv, I k. ........ ,.....,,.. , .u.-n ca,.s to ........ . " ng .ummon. .. I ,-l ;i; e.1 nct-en. an.l t-er n ,!a. .k- .... i A's-mutu Port., purn, s. : I. n. . .',:; n order of Hon. J oh n l- i-l 1 . V . n 1 " . ' ' .:. ' . .J-i"'. "B'L" th. . '" ""ni M. Penary, the newi. ."- aiven in re at on to ,u .s- i.., .".u upon you ov .in - . ..... . " . -"r i-m ' . ,- ... i'hvrS,r,c,T";k "'- .".end: j .?,"4Vun'' "-teu" ?h."i; n i " puhj.- a" n to tne H,, 'Zr ?!itr". assuming the of- ----- rrrh&Ee:3 --. . sp;:; I ,1- a. oi'iiifr. .;i"'u.:Ti;n;a.ri'' cr?,mf,'ln : i '' .i irm, ' ; ''the. officer, are C.eorce 11 Brittt CSr,?. W"" JjVSX'. IV- 1 AHJth.rlert,',n-n,. wlr.'ef. I "".- Mce-pres:dem. '" Btow VIl.T.K'rPATtSr-te" A...m.n. JJ w ' KM F.RSON. Attorney foe X. I '"",Vr'?. .f ! XT .''l" ' ; Ih- Clerk a I'rosdwav New Vnrw r-i. "". , ... ...', '. .' , . i ,. ". L ... ' ' t y and ! " . -c... . . oirrnen tletle- I vum uiui ua AOTICM " on. In......... .. ei via .. . . : ceedtng. ,nd : ,h. il "'n,,,'l Pro- ' DBnt or r,,-,.,-.. . Y' a-rierm. occu. I n' improved a"nj unlmnrV,.ll!"..a"', lotl an.i improved and 1 lected thereby r J It 4n, -J- 'leered I herehv- .. j ' . iuu ar- Irt ilr- w no;a t i ... 'n unaers inert r. .. '.'ndrlrnr1. Comml.- .loner of .v.. , . .I . -na. COmD.e'ed hi. . . and that al, i,.r,nn. t . .- proreel ti or o. .. .. l". "" ment and hereditament.! '" "'"". " -e te.l th.-iet.v 1, ?-''."n'r,?, -",f.. N.". '. Montage ,.rt New y;.'uK on or yn-.h,n 'h ' j,,n-. .1 ' ,n,hs ' "J.' :.h:. 'J of -,:, 'r, "V," '.'b 'ecM,1 '., l a. I -4,h Jj-V ": Jun.. ' --i-m ;ne .-...-.j da ,. .. 7 ! . Tl,l,," Tkh" 'mm!..1on.r of A.. ' rtierf. ha. assessed .., ..' V ; i n'' .''"r"'-"' . heredi ; . m,n:, 'S "f as...asment for h,.i, .... .CV 1 ?rr c -"e"."-..! tneiu-!.; , i ,'V,,).h: 'l'1 m.j.i:-'!' . -. .ti.T-i, nr wouri' fi art h i a. r ne d. slant ton , ?.: ."""" b.vltis-i- H.mrt... a. 7s ".'"I n.or'er - im- of Neo-une at right angle, to Neptune A L "IT. ' ea.t bv a line mw.-.T. . on 'he. proTor,?;' W;r".,K:7:.h.':"'- .ndTr- by a line always distant locT r.r, '..'..',,,'h I '. .Av,,nu'-. the aU distant 'h.'i.. iatT;. w:.?V "?:r; r t-y th. nreiorg.tion . r tf. .i?d oi ' I mr,Ur.h,;?1 th "'"'" of ..l.,'".. hln.ft?' 5 and..'J "I"1 ""-"oni for I b. n.fli m. ..'..a I . .di";,. ndWhe U Tto, ." V- . .". ' . ' " I dill It .HI a ?. y ' ,4 J a "rnff',aJ other', locl;men ,,;i.d' the ,-omm,;Z",r.f ".. 'i m.liSi the eame. have h-,-, depo.-..,V ln -L re.u of Street Openlngi In -s. iw i" partmer.t of Th. cry of New Yn'Z &W;JirX; B.::'.'L"...0'lrt':nd the wed.nri til th 3rd day of ju'iv im uu" Fit.h -Th,' 7.1-. '!'" . t said ah.'r.;r. jrh; : h ?, h." " ' "-"ment. confirm. ,le. , .s' 7, Presetted for .... 1. v- . . -'rcme l ourt of the State of New Tork. Second Dera r- ro... a. a .sp-lal Term thereo'. -o be h. d In - " " BrooUyn'Th.'VT." '? f 1 "Th " U- h. JOib'n., o'Juiy' .Uo;,.",",",e T by (ieeree Hibhar.l. in of -h. court on thn 'dav " trn'r-. i next Sunday's Standarii I nlon. SIxrh In case, however .hw.i I . . filed to the forego'ng abstract, c' -.'trr.ail and assessment, or to either of t..... .... motion to confirm th. report. a, to ,'w',d. "-"nifiiii .nan stand a,-M, o to the dat. to be hereafter .;!, a tn the notice provld.d In such c, ... to ports, pursuant to Section. ti .,.'.' ",,', rl7 ...v.. in re.anon to riling the '!r, r. ed by Chapter tit of th. Law. of 'mil' he Greater Nc-s- York Charter ., a -n. Vdl intra o rough of Brook. y:.. New y.-i June 3rd. 1914. ' J ' JOHN F CAN AVAN HARRIS G F A M ft H FHNKST K'lC.ERT.' Commissioner, ot Est-ma'a JOH N F v v MFtTlLuT FRANCE f A"' C'"-' f. ITU) SUMMONS NOTICES. COrVTT COURT. KINCS COt NTT Sheffield Construction Co.-np.nv in. palntttf. against Laura A Sml-h " John a" i-hilllp. and Mary Emma rp. hl?V.'-Harriet C. Phillip.. Jn,,ph Wes-.oo. .' a Mr. Joseph V. e.-. w -ood I t, c . w ','1 T ?!' ni Prie.t. K.ien B Punrli. "liura' A' '.'Tr' lotenxa a. oulrnet. Annie Hl,.t ti.l hods.r'rA,nh'::-.. 1 ""ah. -r-. 'o. Olive 0. Bel.ow., Uoymoml iieii io-. and ura. Kaymond N R,'t. k . ivvlfe: Krir s: T-n7... e.iew.. his Bellow.. his "wife Adalt.eV, w -N" j rra.iow?- &"ir. jz?" State ot New York, arid ail de ,.e. . a helr.-at -l.w. of ."laVl... ,h lUnd .Vd -n I n.r.on. who k. "... "4M- U Unce or otherwise, claim , o h ...-r. in,hrlr 1 est In or II. n uooo h. ' ' ;""'"-!:"n, Vpo'ns,n Premises' d?.. ?i .aid "ciarla' Bo land, or hjrdlvl'i".0 heir, at law or through any I -7 hlch heir., "h'erp, If any there b.. and their name. V-l unknown to plaintiff, and all per., A", are or maae any claim .h.(r executor, or administrator, of ,B '.' .on, who may be deceased . s r ', '. living, would h.v. cUim.a nt m -; or Hen upon the premise. .le.rfheV 2 the complaint derived through i. 5 ' i"a Holland, or her deviw. ,Vr vJii-, Hi aw. wh r-h r,r-n. i, - . v jsy lhara , i ., "",r of re.idenc. .-. - t . ' "eirnnat: t T service ot m , ,tim,non. , the dav of s.rvi, . "'raIn-n- 'icil.u e of the day of --rvlcV ind in r.'.V'of'1' fal'ur. 10 ... 'n c""e of your will be taken agaln.t -ouhv' ,J,Ud,imn! the relief demanded if! thlf'e '""."'' fr Hated April 7th. 19?4 ' romp.alnt. I. W. KMFRSON- A.', . 20 Broadway Kew York ci" '"ntlfr' To the defendant,, Mr, .0..,, r.... T To xh defend, j wood, ileorge pr Edith M. Bellows, mond - Bellows. 'est. Ellen u r...."- Oilve .;. B.1IOW.. B,,, lews. hi. wlYeT KH. v .av"'ond - B. iw.urward,.-Hf";BUa.rC P' vr.:i.'.nHd heVrT.-, fcfKZ land, and all per.on. who may bV " ,B"'-or Inheritance or otherwl.?'.,' an Interest In or Ilea upon Vh. av d.scr bed In ,h. complain, h.r.iPa'm."" through said ClArlwnoi,;:"'" 1d""lv.'J visee. or heirs at law or ?K?1 . h,r d-them. which heirs. d.Tl.e .nd ' t's"'1" of .on.. If any there be. Ind n P'r" are unknown to plaintiff and .1, who are or make any claim W ,P"rton executor, or admlnl."ratr. f "?,ry" who may be dec.ed and who ''"', "r would h.v, claimed .n ",tr ' '''r.K. upon the premises"..'.i , ,k r ",n plaint derived throch u,. ''',""-n- - her .lev. "'" ' la.-s.y " " 1 " " "nv 'her. p.. ,n.r , k.T, r.mes or n .e.s of e..,. ' ""'I their which n.r.on. ir ..... neirs a: law P'.mtitr: The forego-nir """.1 IHSTRICT rni'liT PTTT .-r-r Ptat.. K.a.iVrnn,. ?.'ted i re MllSKH . HEKNSTMN .1 Tun . " ... .. . . ' " s. .loing h-tsme.. " FVPtKllRY M -KKI IT. -The ItavKKt it.-ti,. .'V-V.:. '"""M, K ' "..;".,', I,,lT lovin.v. . r-""-r. ot nliova et re. lit. -r. t , ., , ,h. above nam. i ' 1" ' ..un -. i SR'v . h t mVn. ,.f 7 ST," 1 V" T ' ' fflc. Btiiidi... .7 will be held at 405. 4th floor " ..',;:-;;.'. W.tnn.hi .r. .fT'1 I' nn'nc,arTtary: Harry Harra. V iM4.n.;r-i ,.k,in' iisJ- " JvA.lef K,.h..,x'h sTr..r. ",.T m.y ., t'sn'Uvs'n.X,'. rn,.c,,",nr' tmin.Pth. b.nkPun.Pnd ?. KS 'm m"' proper "oJ m - " n rrAtiitnrai 1 - . . J , riTurpimr m'maiiv MIIILIII1IL III llrtLL I WEDS W. y. KERillGIIN Playwright's Daughter and Brooklyn Advertising Man Married in Boston. William V Krr-ran. af' eftl-lna manager of th- H H.terman Company's stnr. wan married this mom- 1-. .. .. .jst. ,-hur.h. .tro.,Kune. m. 1 " f .IFS h H I fl e-' n . VeV.llv : " 1 w . ' ' ' aBh The l.e.t k .v. ' ' K-rr.n was hi; t hrothef, Arthur .?. Kerrigan. an I he brld-mald wan .V,- Mary Kfr 1 MeNally ! th- rlaurhter Of the Olav ... . ' ivr. i a,nii, oaj u , urotner. A rT h - i: t.-ee-i, i 1 hl . J' M"Nl:-. at 'horna 77. tVh.le'i.s ...... u.t, ,: I Ine. a wed d ! r. K br ea k fa t wa, ven Mr. Kerr.rar. h h.n !., . . T-K-'ttk"n rr,,r.ths. HfMous to that iwn .vr, . f d Mr l;s ' i - f the Boston Herald" and the Huston "An, t'!"' r, ",9 flrrt O-.U-T. was wr.h I the Ros.on '-t-r.e.l.l - - r. i . , Harvard College. Slr.ce coming' Z ' i Mro?kl5'n Mr. Kerrigan has dor.eilage President C. Ci. K-ri-r e"--u rrK in the B-IVertlSlntT f eh and has attracted C'-nsidera .' n tention by his ,.r.r.K advertlslc'ii;,' ha- rr.arie many friends in the ror. ! and :hrn.!lr!,o-,t ta- r I v ' Th., . f , v, .',.., i A . . rented t, him silver lad bow! i ,na i ' j r a LJt Ia . urm with a silver ;rav. Mr. nan le-e.-. ,.a many m-tr. idua: pr...,d., ents fr,m h-.s fri.-is ,R ,v.: ,-1 : ' they a,; regret that thev ,-o' .. . mrriirre mornir-g Mr. intends i . '.'''-'. . "-r-r- intrncv - -ri-z ?"'r land. A reception will ! e ir-y. -. fh.I -ouple upon their return. SCMVONK NOTICES. . - - ..... ii. . '17 .SI. I.orta.,1 .'U-hV.un. l-'.rtf .,.,... kl,n. ..r.1 Bog-, d -, r , I'RMV' C.t PT L i.- I No'-r. e.i' s.. . --' ,'."'.'. v-'?"'' .'" i a r d -r mI-c' In - . '.- ..'....-". -. " 1 o-k. -r. sa.,1 nan... -M.rv" tlous th.r t-t:. .-'-...o- . ' ng unknown to t.Air-!'- -a . 1.'. I , stove r.i.n-,e-l ; -.. - . .e. ... ) . . n I any and all pers-.r s -..nka-.v.n 'o ; t.e' p 'a'r. . 'Iff . inlm nc or w -, ,riy . , m .,. vi nn in. cr r'-.- or sp., tfic leal t r-on the r..: fret..-. rf.., rit... ; tb. icnip-.s.n: -s -h; s n thro-jr' us,'.-j any o the at.o.. t a-rt p.r.n, ,its.r-o- any ef them . r, rli.o.n p.-r.. 1 ...leg herein genera' r .e-r'W as.! p. ' Ir.g -.r.-emled to h. in- lu-l.d In rta fo em. I Ing t:inr. tl-.rts t sivn's.',)., h:.psn-l.. d- -.r.s, an - s. heir, at :.w .s,l mints'. rator. . rat.... t-.ll:oi t-tiSte.-s. r . .l.rtora. assign.-f or ,.f kin If .r.v u, t .aid above rs.m.,1 p.-.-i.. or act or eit'-er j or sr.: of them cr f . y p.rmoa .r p.-- ' . i.s rt.-ls-ing ... !-.--.' -n or lies upon ' or to th. -. property thr-a.h . . " ' hrm and the! '"- I: arty. : ..-:. -Sumn.on,- T.:. the above nam. ,1 d.f. n..ant and each a OS" 1 ou serve a c.-ny o: . tlT, Rt-,,rt,.s . ti.e service ot the day of s.rv -.-"-or, t".V;i-; -.ven-y at: s sum mi r... ei.-.-a.H. o ' :1 In case of tout f allti r. t n a pp. a - nn,s-r. -.:.'r--v.e. wl',1 b. lak.n r,gsi-s: you t-r d.f th. r.ll.f dernandet la t-e o-rrp a;o! Kate.', li-ook vc N V K- l-rusrv 4 l-4 1IOVKI.L. M .-!. ItSNEY .. ct.XRKS.l-C A-torney. 'or lM.sln:tf ...'fl-. .rat Fo.-Office A ". dress. ; vi Court s;rr.. Brook- Ivn. N Y To Klct srd Tl -.g . r d i an i "Ma-v" p, gardus. li s w".-. J,,hn Van No; a-d "Marv- 'ir. N-st-.-d. ht. wr. -he s-'d names "Marv ' be nc fl --. ,01-.. tru. C'-rtstlan names leing unkrown to plain- ..... .n .. n 'e aoeve named per- sens b. ed e-v nev . , ..... .-. soss unknown to tie s lalr.tlf'. calming or who may claim hsve an Interest 1:; or I g.neral or spe.-lflc !.en u-,. r, th prop. 1 crty described l-i th. utt.emV, rnitir'i'h! In thts action, thrv.ush or .:o.'..- ,,, -i J tre above pe-s r.p ,.r either o 'I teem. s.i n i ; vr , herein g.neral.y d.s 7i:7";"..h' to oe in. i:,i. ,n the c ..w-. dc, gratlers. Mr the :.., witlna,' ..',. l-amli. des. er.d..n:s. helm a! ,n. a.lrni'rr,- trators. Wgat.... creditors trus-te.e. commit-.-.. ee-nro-s, grant.. s iler ore. 'co.r. or nest of kle i: any of .aid shove narr.,1 s-rson.. or ar.v or either or any of them or any per., n or pe-ons de- . .i. c in- to the sa d res. property. thro-Jch or .roni I " ..-i. ,i .n or t t Ihem or any o: them and their resnectl.. Mtsbands. wives, wide, .no wido..r. if i , h Vr, i-i,. ', - , m. moers pr ary def.nd.nt. -The f.vr.golng rammosi I ' h n'Sht of Cohirrbt:, may com-I. served upon you by I 'h'l atlon pimusnt I le" for thLS Jcho'.arshln to an ord.r of Hon Walter II i.t,. 1 Justice of the Supreme Co.r; of th. Slat ot ,-ew ii.iv, o.'.o .stay lis:, is t W I filed with the amended complaint office of the 1. -k of the c,,- i.y ,,f K'r.cs In the Hall of H.v-o-ds. I-. the R, roar 0' Brooklyn, i'lty of New York, on Mi. -. l'"14 1'ateJ. Brooklyn. N. Y May is' ll'ivm.l. MCHFSNFT a Ct.ARKs.av Attorneys for IVatntlff office and Poat - t-e s.-,ire,j s.i t. aurt S'reet. Brox.k en s v I - 1 LJLL: FXIiKClXJS V RES. St-pttltME COI KT KINC.S COFNTT Lena K.-k. r'sintifr ,c,-. ,j,', i..pp. S.ur and other.. fl, ',,!,., ,. -'..V soar..-, o- a imltni.tit of f- "!., c, -en.-ian., in p.4r. :.d'.l!And'neInt':fr.'d",n T,Vi ss'e dtt le cf i iL-htr-, -sth .... "i.'.-.-uiri.anu i-aniei !yei v. aerreani. tsnt S: (,et vs..-.r from .h. 1 I formevl b the lire rse, tlon of .h. ,tiy .id. ct Kig ..t,-..h s, re.-, '.?" .: i ''' ! " "' '.rave-nd r "T , n n. ih,.,-, .o-t-her r .-... . un- 77 " t. .i. " ng., , . ., , "V. , . . ... . nl. 71l. mi. ' thence northerly again at rl.h, .' tirfl'l' L" ' -r ' IkH.,.. !.:. . ,U -"fs"''" and vfaJP n.aarsA m r hAr nalne "v . ' " , ... w. ,..,..-.,. n ... l..t to ,h lsnln. Jpl.r. ef beg nnlng . retd April J.,0. F n..c nf ha-:nnln. IV- .... . . r-otnt , 1 1 V 1 11 VA- til-DI tvn .u.' .-7. 1"'r, WILLIAM PI n-covvri T for VAH W . BUHUMOAMtTlt aZ l PJalntUt. Ilk Fultoa Iuthl UrZl. ! -N- vV-M-a-M ' Ira. Th- Grare p.ef rrne,i c,,, r-crrv. f",rW t,J r'-e rier.rmed Oiureh. H'-'ifird avenue Kr.d l.:ne0-n roaA Hetbu-h. pave ,n e,hih:tlc,n dri:; and review to Georrje r cre. o. n a. h . u,rt Afr -h prrrad, ir-rer-tton antS i.sital pre-L-ion t,v tf. votir,- wic- flri.l. .pe.l)r(r 01Jt tr. J,;J,haW of th, (ter.eral .n'l,. c,(. ,..,h uw1 .I!, " r-H-'-ar army ar.1 the militia. rh.rerr.;,-,,.;, -hen . demon- v. tr'I' " r'r '" .sir.-. a: !rs. cm-,,.r.,,ir,r; f.atf ,.. err-h. . rti. wire- M7 "f-.-.F.e. .'te and ...-i...Kht. fo:i.,tye-i by a iarerr. dr.ll by A. a .1-1 i rr.anjei acl ext.-r.d-d (tier ar... TT.e feature ,f , w ','v'i'ir k nipht attack or. an out pent :rr.a; a-i.n. aid a. vr.:..y af:fr vol ev e flri from the "lu'inii,!!.!" ttoM Li the a-odi-nre airr.o.t :mrlr.ed iiem-h'ell'.n.V Vera r'ruJt aurt e the recent hOFttlltle!. Among those Inyltel to renew the corps, in addition to rr.erairi of Stror.n Port and other (i-ir.1 Armr orfanlzat'.or.s. were the Rev Oecrr V". Carter. m:n:s:er of ;te "!.r. ari t!ie Cont!rorjr; i--. Hatn N. Hunter, divl.ion corr. man 4r o h ''r.!t1 Boyg" Bri , Ar.r-i' Co!. Thorr.poT). A-!;: : ("',: Wri ter V. Pollarl. ar.1 ofrl ere of various ar?ilry ir,,; 'r.tir.--.- orjak-Izatloc of the d ' . Fra-. H. T-r, Louta A. T :-r sr. ; ::P-i P.:r"l: and 5a!rb'.:ry The review wfaa -..r.d.r ;-.,. d re-t.--. of Capt. Walter C. Darstr ?erfi Jopeph Horraln wan PN IT BftBYLO ii Nineteenth Annual Convention of Volunteer Association to Continue Three Days. The rtlreteenth artr.ual - r. . .r.t'ra cf the Srutherr. New Y-r'.; Yclu-.teei Flr.rr.en's Ass-., -.a::, -, e'.r.r t"-dar t cv; ; Fellows' Hall. P6ic.,3 V:l I " med the Mtitrre. inar.y f r-hora rr. Brockiyn. Te Her. v. , . -v. l;''"1. -TiS. "ever Ad- rjluor.a. we;c--,. ty .s. V.v- J- Bsr!!-rha. 7-T .i'K4 . ... I c-. 'V . . T ' " J' . , . j j .. ad- C"y" '-.'ak.rt. cr. Kr. wtar.4 ' . fer- ''' l"1 r ' ' '"T "' 't J. a d.i Rr.j win. iik i:.. G ;eT r d were the Twc r -r-r i n.ur - n . 'ax- elcetion ' .. legal. en tier, and I the r-'pert n' mmm fees t ..- . iiiit-auiii-na, c,i l.e ?ta:t- r : renter, s Convection. Various er.terti.r.-.nts tare been flamed To-morr"W. ses :-r.a i J cr.s t mainly of addre.sea On Thursday, the Me rami, and tour-amer.t w-111 b- he'd There wjj; ; 1 r.iea. The (Je'iejrate cf the ctjii't Volunteer's Aw:aUra Vs Vi i.liarr. P G---l-l, trea-..r-r vrf the New Utrerht'" As-soc:atic.n. Upper Brooklyn ANGELUS COL'NCIL, K. IX TO HAVEJREE LECTURE anspes ef Angeles Oourc-I K. of C. the P.ev. Francis Heair. aasl-late re-tor c-r fT Jcsserh', R. r-Oiurrh. will deliver a free Isrtsre i. ii i nursinr r.:rr.t at tre Prryok's-e. , 1 ' "' i eTr.TH 0; ( OlCmblU. Bushwirk. .ier.ue ar.l Hart street ? ;h Fa-- ;r"'r-' r.i Th. F-uture" COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION FOR FREE SCHOURSHIPS The trustees f . John's College, have Just nnnUR.-e,i four freo m-hnlarships. "h:- h i': be awr-led through a competitive examination 1.. ' hrUi 'ne m;re. Lewi. aCd a I .s. "....iKiitT avenues, June z 0 at M Two of w.ll be collrj; schclarships for a four-year college course. All high s.-hco'l graduates ' 'l'g'-b to compete. Two ritrh -Vm.-i, -v. L- ' awirded.""orduat"e," '. V s. I-.' v.T i . - - ..,.... e, grades c: the pa''o.h,a ar.d r-Jt.lic 5hoo;. will t t.:fri, to compete. A competitive for t- New Y ork St.-xte Coun.-i; Knight o? I olumbiij. scholarship wtii o K. held at the . s - , ... . ... .... Mriir ime i(lr v h-,h ..h.i ..... 1 son or h,.h... . u ,r? j UNITY HOUSEVARMING NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT The In.ty P.eruthcan Club have a hoi'so-,;.. will home ifl.n : ' ' , t. "".'-s Airaus. me Boneit Mansion, next Friday night I c r4,. Frldav n,Kh: ex-Judge William !-r ., s "w u"r' member of the, Twentieth Assembly Iustnrt. lnstalleu i i I v." , " -V""1 b:r 1 lRl nrC. lruMalleu ne w l elect ed offlcerj of t he F nit . Club. The eti.hVv,, . . uuo. tne clubhouse was fllVrl t.. i iT'Cf- J ' a p p lca tlcM tirrrlos-i . . were received. Alder- l-rms Board of riir-iorw.r..-,4 Tom l rh..l u vr. r Kir- r r-a " "' v- r . Wll-S THHOIUH CAN tt. The steamship Aliianca Ls th flrsrf 1 of her .Hand to paa, .hrourtr . . us trio nrxt me t'anama Canal In a tt ef .k- lmotlve. that handle the shirs. roT . . s ... -w . s . . - In.- h w a w a - SOUTHERN NEW YDHK PgW Of SporUax Sjirtl, by Hlbbard. tVtloii,

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