The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1936
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VOL. XX.X11I—NO". Blytheville Courier niythevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA^RKANSAS AND SOUTn^"orai Blytheville Dally News j \ — Mississippi Valley Leader BM 11IKV1|.I,K, ARKANSAS, SATUUDAY, SKI'TKMIWU 12, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS REBEL ARMY LAUNCHES DRIVE ON MADRID A Hint Eleanor May Turn Pro Resull Will Be Taken as Index to Trend of National Senlimenl PORTLAND, Me., Sept. 12 (UP) —Maine' voters elect'/a United Stales' senator, a •^governor, and three congrcssmeurMomlny, wllh rival jiarties ready and ctiger to pounce on victory In this state as the forerunner of national tri- uniDh"in November. The Maine vote In September has forecast Hie Presidential vote in ciglit of the last 10 imllonnl Gov. Landon Promises He Will Continue Relief ABOARD GOV. LANDON'S TRAIN. En Roule lo Portland. Me.. Sept. 12 (UP)-Gov. Air M. Landon. speeding through i scries or political dcinonslra'- ilcns in New Jersey, New York .iml New England, promised to:lay lie wonkb provide relief for ill those who need relief until recovery is complete. •'• Greeted by eastern party leaders, cheering crowds and blaring bands, the Republican presidential nominee broke his journey lo Maine lo make brief appeals in New England cities for real work for Hie unemployed. FLASHES BABY REPORTED WKI.I, DETROIT.—Federal aftnis entered (he case of; kidiiiptd 20- mondis-olil Harry Hrotve .today as j:olire sought to (nee the i .srtidrr cf un unslj^ht-d nole re- pnitiiif the baby ativn and well. I HEATS 11EI.KN JACOBr"' FORKST IIIM.S, N. Y.—Alire Mi>rl>)« or San Kraili-iseu loilay, won (he wgilifn's natiuiuil ten- I'.i.s I'luiniu'oiishlp from Helen .larclis tif Herkeley, CaL,-by ile- ffaline the four-lime•'li'lle Imld- cr in (In- linn I mulch, 4-6, 6-3, Sisters, Shipwreck Victims, Saved |Sa ys Workers Suffer Through NRA's Death AliiMV FI.YERS KILLED MARCH FIELD, Cal.—Two' army avbtors wore killed, when 1 llielr sueedy attack plane crash- id a hair mile from the, army liase today. . The viefiras were I.t. James T. Curler, the pilot, of Sparian- ture, S. C., and Ills nierhanie, Demand Fu'rell Furnish Armed Guards for Party Rally Monday Afternoon EARLE, Ark., Sept. 12 (UP)— The Socialist party of America lodny demanded (hat Gov. J. M. Putrell of Arkansas furnish armed guards for a Socialist rally planned lierc Monday afternoon, The demand was made .'by ciar- encc senior. Socialist i»rty .campaign manager, who 'said:' "We feel this precaution Is necessary. because of recent • events. Two Socialists the Rev Claude- Williams and . -Miss ', Wlf- recently i-leclimis. giving rise lo the adage . that. "As Maine goes, so goes Ihe nrilion." -' With'"* independents,. ..miiiprliy . group endorsci>ienl.s, -and/'iTcrsonal "' "popularlty-'of "the nominees complicating the looked-for test of strength, a sweep ror either Republicans or Democrats seems unlikely. Democrats now hold three! of the live pasts up for election —the governorship and two of the three seats in congress. G. O. I 1 . Appears Confident Opponents for the governorship are the Republican secretary of state. Lewis O. Barrows of Newport, and former Mayor' Harold P. Dubord, Democrat, of Waterville. Republicans predict that Barrows will win by n wide margin. They point out that only a few Democrats have occupied the Maine governorship in history. Louis Jefferson Brann. Democratic incumbent, was elected because ol personal qualities, they say. this abbreviated costume resembling a swimming suit shapely Eleanor Holm Jarrett appeared with her husband's orchestra in a Chicago theater apparently giving, notice she will not seek reinstatement In the ^A-iAi U. She was suspended for breaking training en route to the Olympics', and tmtil novv has been careful not to capitalize on her swimming ability. Former Champion Pugilist Makes Debut On Pdlili- - cal Platform Millm J. Ciillinr, of lUywaid,' I "[j f™ Blmjden, were Senior said George A Nelson, candidate for vice-president ."would. be the principal speakei at the meeting, scheduled to begin at 2 p. in. It was aLw learned that J; R. Butler, president of (he Southern I Tenant Farmers Union and Arkansas candidate for: governor and the Rev. Williams or Little Rock, Declines -to Rescind Orcli- imice Extending Chick asawba Across Tracks The- Blytheville city 'council Inst night refused to rescind its recent action in passing ordinances ordering ' Chlckasawba Avenue , senatorial' candidate. .- also '• may " •' speak. In. a telegram. (o-Cioveniof/ JFMt- rell "Senior said: '"'..'•...••;•; "George- A. Nelson, candidate fot) vice president of the United States on' the Socialist ticket, will make several : speeches •• .in Arkansas A federal .Investigation which may.lend to criminal charges, has been started us a result or the collision ol (ho excursion simmer Romance Monday' and Tuesday., one of and (he S. S: New York, off Boston Harbor In darkness aivl Honse them in Fnrlo u,HoT-n I...A c?«x l i-- ...... . .. _ . ' them in Earle, re two Soc- WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. (UP) —The American Federation of Labor's moiilhly survey or business Kday .reported widespread .undernourishment • among the nation's, wage callers and blamed 'Ihis! condllloyij: 1 upon (In- . sus:ro:i comt's Invalidation of thc.NKA. larll'i'icn^''? f if'-"'*' tly , Uw ^"iDcfeal mslvely low rood budgets In bothj Put the North and South, the Federation said: "The ! widespread undernourishment among employed wiige earners lays; a heavy responsltlllly all (he door of the supreme uourt. i>t>>.iB *jiNt.i\usuwuii Avenue ex-, i«n,... ., , , tended eastward across the Pi-Is- s ,, cre recentl V beaten and eo right of waV to SecondI'street nFmc ?^ er ° f ' hc Southern Tenant and in condemning a nulcftof EL™"' ^L?™^'?"™: ng ... homes and ordering them razed. Frisco railroad •' representatives strangely disappeared. ^- demand of yon as .governor pf the stale of Arkansas art armed guard to nell, K. C. Douglas, her .attorney, and a contractor appeared iivsup- pprt of Ntrs. ; Gpspell's plea that the council rescind;. its action in condemning a house she owns. The council passed through first reading an ordinance providing a license fee for the privilege of installing awnings -and setting forth requirements of such installations.' . - . : H. P. • Busch. . Chaffee. Mo district engineer - for the Frisco PORTLAND, Me., Sept. 12 (UP) . , road .doesn't .. believe there Is any reaj necessity for \heChick- osawba extension and crossing. He declared opening of such a cross- w< ™'d require an outlay of ' Dilbord, however, cannot, be re-[ t | c))|lt gnrded as a weak candidate. He',(„., [,,. , ., . —Jack Dempsey's new •' r ing"| nbo " t $1.600 on the part 'of the as voted a big success to- Hale tor the. senate In 19M and lost by only 1,200 votes. Benjamin C. Bubar or lilnlne, Townscnd Plan supporlcr and onetime B»P-1'riends ' list pastor, is running,' for governor as mi independent. j p0 | Brann seeks a promotion from the governorship to the senate, and the contest between him and who listened to the old Manassa Mauler during his two days barnstorming trip in behalf of the candidacy of "two deal. , .. the the two-fisted advocate of Gov. Louis Brann. Democratic candidate for Wallace H. White, Jr., of Auburn, j cr to be close. While has a record ol United Slates senator, and form- tlayor F. H. Dubord, Demo- day's election, Dempsey was his election in 1032—when Herbert Hoover carried Maine by 31,000 his"friend,'Jack"^ade"Thi votes-and his reelection two years j hls rorthright conlmml , c r ' ,. ' „, I in breezy language. Congress Race Close Sitnou Moulton Hamlin, Dcmo-i crntic incumbent, of South Port- j Cream Pllffs EntlCC land, is opposed by James C. Oliver, Republican and Town.send- Plan endorser, also of South Portland, for congress in the first district. Hamlin unseated the 'veteran Republican representative, Carroll L. Beedy of Portland two years ago. Republicans point out, however, that his margin was only 1,600 votes. They claim ihe election of about 5,000 over his nearest rival in the primary. railroad for lastallatlon of protective gates. He said further .that the proposed crossing was in . a main switching zone and consequently more dangerous than another crossing might be. He suggested that if another crossing must be opened up^hat the private crossing "at the west end of Kentucky Avenue onto the Sternberg gin property be turned Into a public crossing. V. G. Holland, attorney representing parties particularly interested in extension of the street, 111 Two Children'.Stricken i Number < : Eighf Coi ; 'munity in'Pemiscot -;COOTER,' Mo!—Two additional cases of infantile paralysis have been reported in southern Pemiscot county this week, bringing the total to four, one of. which has resulted in. death. Most critically in j s Grady, 5- year-old son of Mr. .and Mrs. Elmer Evans of the JSumber Eight community three miles from here. The child, who had been suffering rrom blood poisoning leSull- ing from an infected foot for two months, developed symptoms of Infantile 'paralysis early this week and is now almost completely paralyzed. : Less seriously affected Is the log. Jean Laiiritauo ttelt), 7, and Madeline Lmirllano. •>, of Jackson C ™,t' i , i .!]| ! ,; Heights, N. Y.,- were umong the 212 pawengers rescued bcfoie ihe Romance, rammed amidships, sank. Jean Is shown still wearing the S, S. Romance life preserver. Her mother snld she hoped ihe e,x-. perience would be a "lesson hi coo]wrallon." Twelve persons were injured In. the collision,- but'no lives lost. Political Activity Costs WPA Employes Their Jobs WASHINGTON, Sept. 12XUP) —The Works Progress 'Administration today, announced dismissal or five' employes. In Tennessee for political acidities. • , ' .: ; Corrington bill', acting administrator of WPA, announced he had requested ,Col. Harry. S. Berry; Tennessee state' administrator, to discharge five- ^employes ' at Coqkeville, Tenn.i' because they sollbiled political contributions' in the Cookevllle office prior to the recent- Democratic primary campaign in Tennessee. said that the Sternberg property 1 5 -year-old daughter of Mr.- and on the west side of the Kentucky!, Frnnk Dis hop,.also of Numis private property where- I ~" . Ei "" t " ««'right leg Is para- Tells Germans WKat He'd Do for Them If He Had Russia's Raw Materials A. C. C. A. Compares Cotton Samples Taken from Same Field in Mississippi NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 12. (UP) —Machine-picked cotton received and classed by the American Cot- Ion Cooperative Association is Inferior to the hand-picked product, according to a report by James Matthews, A. C C. A. supervisor. j Tho samples came from alternate rows of Die same field on the plantation of J. L. Wlcldmnn at Slonevillc, in Washington county. Mississippi, and were ginned at tlic same gin. The report said the hand-picked sample was strict middling while (lie machine-picked sample 'was described ns "strict good ordinary leaf," Indicating the machine had picked up milln n bit of leal. . . Sparring, oratorically s(>eakine, crossing 15 pnvnie properly wnere-t.;" .~ with the Republican opponent orl ns there is a paved, public street] 5 ed Grizzly to Leave Zoo HONOLULU. (UP) —'When zoo keepers wanted to coax Bruno, huge Rocky Mountain grizzly bear, out of his cage, [hey turned . to cream puffs. For 10 years Bruno was a resident of Kapiolani Park zoo. Transfer of the bear back to his j native forests in Colorado was oh the west side of the proposed Jerr y Hamra, of Sleele, whose Chicknsawba crossing. He " said illness was diagnosed as infantile years and were entitled lo use of Ralph Hall Jr., also of Steele, died the street as something more than OI Infantile paralysis last week. [>erty owners had been - pay- • Paralysis some time ago, is now taxes .on this 'pavement for!8 eUin B along well. .Three-year-old Ernest i,. McLean' of Augusta,! agreed upon. Attendants, knowing Democratic candidate for governor In 1920. hopes lo succeed retiring Hep. Edward C. Moran, Jr, Dem., Bruno's likes a.nd dislikes, laid a trail of cream puffs from his cage lo n waiting car door. Bruno fol- of Hockland. in Ihe second • dis-] lowed them and soon was whisked trict. McLean's chances are regarded as good, because of Ihe tcher (hat two independent candidates will take many votes from aboard a ship and sent on his way to Colorado. mmEMBERO. Germany. Sept. 12. (UP)—'.'If I hud the Urals anil if I had Russian raw 'materials, Germany under National Soclal- for Loyalists Would Spanish Capital in Grave Danger , : BV I.OUIS1TKEEMI.E { llnittd frtm Cable Editor will,.), i,.'r,,ii,»,ir i KM,', ,i '' cbcl drlve '" tllc Talavera * i ^i i , Nl! '\ lhe "««'?- reBlon ' s< »"»w«i '°f Madrid *nd cy through which workers • could [Toledo, was In progress today with have kept their Incomes rising pro- n, e possibility (hat 'the turnhiK '•' norlonalely with business gains,'; point of the war may be ap- , The sumy said business activity m-nachlng • has been well sustained during - n , c B0 'vcrnment recognized its ' the usually dull monlhs of the importance bjpourl™^cenforcc' ;' nients out of ihe .capllal to stem' -. the rebel diive some (55 miles «way. f ' The rebels apparently were successful In the first flush of their ' ullaek and authenllc dUpalches Indlcnted they had advanced eight miles or more. The loyalists rallied and seemed to be holding their.' •lines. If (hn rebels break through and take Toledo Ihe capital would be In grave danger of capture. The government forces would be so preoccupied wllh stopping, the southwestern Invaders that a slm- ullaiicous attack on Madrid could' ' be made by the Uo other lebel armies In the Quadarrama moun- • tains, north of the capital, and the ZaraKoza-Huesca region to the "orlhcast. 'On the other hand If the government can drive the rebels back at Talavera or even effectively block their advance It wl|l have won an Important victory ami be' In u strong position'to cope w|th the revolt elsewhere. Roosevelt Will Enjoy Chriw Qver.Week End ' WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. '(UP)"" —President Roosevelt planned today to embark upon the yacht Potomac for a week end cruise on ' Chesapeake bay. The chief executive, who In the last, week traveled 1,000 miles through Tennessee and North Carolina, delivered three speeches and handled routine affairs of government, will not return here Ohio Girl Firsl Civilian io Get Legion of Va 1 o r A\i'iml • WASHINGTON. Sept, 12.' (UP) —Sh>','••little 12-year-old kuliiryn Van Horn or Fullontmm, Ohio today received (he army nnd • navy legion of valor Rold mwlnl rrom President Roosevelt for saving the lives of two small boys at a grade Uewllderal by the innn, bustle and binra of the capilal, (be. little flrl, who until a rew weeks ago had not. Ixien more than u dozen miles from home In her lire, said sue was "glad .that IL Is all over so that I can return home to study." . . . \ , : - She • -In the first 'clvlliati ever honored with (he legion ''of 'valor iiiednl. • • ' ' - : i Escorted by 'officials".'of the legion—men who have been decorated for gallantry under fire— Kalhryn went to the White House to receive the medal. > She was so embarrassed she scarcely, could say "thank you' when the president handed he: the medal. "That was not as scary as you thought It was going to be," the president told her smilingly, at the conclusion of the ceremony. She admitted It was not. "Thank you," she said, then marched out of the executive or- flccs wllh her escort. $5 .a Hale Difference Strict middling cotton is worth at least 100 points, or $5 a bale, Co. consider Its action Mr. Busch said , the matter would be taken upl wllh his main office but asked' that the city allow lime for him to try lo get the railroad's approval. The council and Mr. Holland indicaled there was no par- Pemiscot Republicans Complete Their Ticket CARUTHERSVrLLE, Mo., Sept 12 — The selection of John H. .... ... ... Henderson to run on the Republl- licular rush and also promised to jean ticket for judge of the north do all they could to see thai a'district completes the G. O. P. PWA project for graveling the county ticket for the general elec- block from the railroad to Sec-1 tlon •* In November. Henderson ond street Included graveling of served in this capacity a, few the proposed crossing grade. Mayor Cecil Shane and Cliy Attorney Roy Nelson disagreed as Ism would be swimming in plen-j more than cotton which c tv." Adolf Hitler said today in ad- " " dressing the fourth annual congress of the Labor Front "nl the Nazi party's annual 'convention. I Attacking Russia's economic sys- I tern In a renewal of the anti-Soviet drive which has marked the conyention. Hitler said: '•'' : "Life in Hussla.. Is., looj-flne, for bureaucrats but not' for workers. I believe a system Is good only If it gives the t>eople bread. Otherwise H has no purpose." British and Arabs Clash on Mt. Carmel's Slopes JERUSALEM, Sept. 12 (Ul 1 )—A British Infantry sergeant and five Arabs were killed In a five- hour right, on the slopes of Mt. Cnimel, where Elijah destroyed (he prophets of Baal, a dispatch said today. As the result or the Italian con- nil's warning yesterday to Italians (o have their |Hi&<jg>rt£ ready In case It was necessary" to leave Monday. tomorrow night or early Friends Indicated that his cruise probably will be the last until after the election; Arrangements have been made for. a vigorous campaign tour that will keep Mr. Roosevelt nway from the White House much or the time between now and early November. ralctinc, a rumor that the German consul had given a similar warning to Germans, sonic Italians and Germans prepared winy, , . . - • ---lasses! IM " J , lo lnkc vacations In Italy years ago. The county commjtlce has decided to open county Republtca - - -, - — - L* .~ «Kvii »-i/uin,y f\c[muui;iUl to legal asiiects of the cit.v's pro- headquarters In this city The of- cedure In condemning a number flees will be established In the Friends and Relatives Attend Morrisett Rites , strict good ordinary Icar ,accord-i cr ''<™non. ing to W. I. Osbornc, local man- Mnny Germans nnd Kalians agcr for Anderson-Clayton nnd!"' cw ""dnxes on doors and gales MIHoi New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 12 (UP) — Coition' closed sleady. open high low close Oct ..... '1215 1210 1205 1215 Dec .....' 121G 1220 1212 Jan ..... 1212 1216 1203 Mar ..... 12M l?y 1202 May .;. :. 1205 1211 1200 Jill. ____ :'1200 1205 1195 Order Halting Yarbro Road Work Is Lifted A temporary ortler, granted illon Bunch, Yarbro farmer, to restrain A. D. Brown, road foreman, from proceeding with the filling of a ditch and widening of a curve at the junction of Highway Bi and the Number Nine road lias. been dissolved and work Is • proceeding, it Ls understood. The temporary order was dis-', solved upon final hearing by Chancellor J p. oaulney at Jouesboro, who held that' the road work was being done pursuant to an order of the county u court and that his court was j of their homes, hoping that" the | without jurisdiction to restrain i symbols would protect them lll c work. against Arabs attacking Jews. Bunch had alleged that irre- _ parable damage to his propertv Activity of Rats Arouses I™"" r " ult from the WOTk - ' 1217 1210 1209 1207 Spots closed stearU* changed at 1255. ' 1205 and A number .of relatives, and | friends .from here attended the ri n oj nil funeral.of Q. I. Morrisett at In-,<' toa '".'/ Fear of 'Volcano Fire dlan Creek ccmelery, near Brlgh- of houses recently but agreed that! Roob Building, ton, Tenn., Friday morning, Mr. Rep. Ralph O. Brcwstcr. Rep., 1 of Dexter, is a candidate ror re- dection In Ihe .Ihird district. He TOLEDO (UP)-School pollce- h opposed by Wallace M. JVfabce man Andy Dugan boasts he Is the nf T7nctn/*,-f \TrtknftV n l.t.c . . ! . .- - . 3 ""a -" ' '>"- . of EAstport. Mabce's chief hope best- fed man in Old Orchard seemed to be the possibility, school neighborhood. During the years lhal he has y, laughed at by the O. O. P., that lional administration for present high prices and vote Democratic. Toledo Cops Get Clubs TOLEDO (UM—After 15 years without clubs. Toledo policemen have been ordered to carry 18-Inch wooden night-slicks. at the out an accident, he has won the hearts of Ihe 300 children. In fact., he says, one of his gretasl problems Is lo prevent their stopplnj i" the middle of the street to embrace him. .' DUgan said he daily receives apples, oranges, candy and Invila- Uoiis to birthday parlies.-' findings In regard to condemnations. Weather Delays Take-Off of Richman and Merrill Poll Favors Roosevelt in Two Mid-South Towns ,NEJV YORK, Sept. 12 (UP)- Iiicomplete flgu'res from cities In i ^~ ( -.~.%, "BUI CO I1UJII ClbkVO III the Literary Digest presidential LIVERPOOL, En?., Sept. 12 poll were' announced' today They (UP) — unfavorable weather, tp-'include; • day forced Harry Rlchmon and Dick Merrill to postpone the t41ce- Colunihus, off of their return trans-Atlahttc Miss, night, to New York until dawn Conway, Sunday. >•••;•;, A 1 *- Landon Roosevelt Lemke 9 84 83 until he became l]l_ from cancer last wlnlcr. He was"~Sfl years old. Those.from here who attended the services were: Mrs. Morrisett, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Ashley and daughter, a son. L.'D. Morrisett, of Edinburg. Texas., Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Smllh, Mrs. J. M., Mrs. R. A. Eades, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.' Ashley, Mr and Mrs. J H. Smoth- «rm»n, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Smothermon and James Smollier- ;nan, ,. A number of relatives living in Memphis met •• them there. YOKOHAMA (UP) — A Pied Piper Is urgently needed In the nearby Hakonc district. An Invasion of wild rats has caused vast damage and brought talk of renewed activity of the Hakone volcano. There Is a superstition among Ihe rural (oik that rals multiply In the vicinity of a volcano. Pric,f!S\ Tl>c rnts ' 1!Ue destroyed bam- I boo, cherry nnd orange trees, and A. T. and T I....178 1-2 Anaconda Copper 40 Belh. Steel .....'. 10 1-1 Chrysler Ill 1-8 Cities Service 41 1-8 Gen. Am. Tank .; 57 Gen. Electric , 40 5-8 Qen. Motors tl 1-4 Int. Harvester 7S 1-8 McKessou-Robbins 97-8 MontgomcrJ WarH v 49:1-4 N. Y. Central ..-.' 45 Packard 12 3-8 Phillips Pet 40 7-8 Radio ., 11 1-8 Simmons' 'Beds —..... 38 1-2 Standard.of N. J. ..... 62 1-2 Texas Co 311-4 U. S. Smelling 77 U. S, Sleel 72 1-4 Warner Bros. ........... 13 3-4 7onl!i' ,,, 1 Hearing f 0r Brifgance Set for Monday Morning CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Preliminary hearing for Thomas Brlggance, 22, held on first degree murder charges in the fatal shoot- Ing of Bill Monan, 50-year-old night club priprletor, has been continued until next Monday morning. Briggance, for several years a „ _ waru ' ° r Monan, shot and killed prefccturni authorities have de- ntm as he sat at a counter in the elded on extra appropriations to r '' ont P art of his establishment, light the menace. | Brlggance has advanced no mo- Weather bureau officials at- tlve ' olner tha » 'stating they "did tempted to calm the fears of volcanic action by announcing that It would watch Ihe situation, but thus far could see no likelihood of an eruption. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept, 12 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low close Oct 1211 1S12 1208 1212 Dec .,,.. 1212 1215 1209 1213 Jan ....... 1207 1212 1207 1211b Mar ..'...- 1201 120fi 1198 1206 May 1200 1205 1199 1204 Jul .1194 1201 1194 1201 Spots Closed steady and (m- changed at 1252. not get along." For five or six years Briggance has been .practically reared by Moran, who afforded the youth employment in his. place of business. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy to unsettled tonight and Sunday. Memphis and vIclnlty—Fnlr tonight. Sunday partly 'cloudy. Not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was »5, •minimum 69, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official wwther observer.

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